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LaCrosse County
(Onalaska City)
Onalaska Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

Surname K - O

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Roxanne Munns!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Kastenschmidt, Fred
Kastenschmidt, Henry
Kastenschmidt, Wilhelmina
Kaufmann, John C
Keizer, Aaltje
Keizer, Charles W
Keizer, Elma L
Keizer, Emma
Keizer, Harry D
Keizer, Mary R
Keizer, Reinder K
Kelley, F. Donald
Kennedy, Bernard A and Therese A
Kennedy, Brandon G and Christopher J
Kenyon, George
Kenyon, Gertrude
Kenyon, Henry Wm. and Eva Mae
Kenyon, Kathrine and Edgar
Kenyon, Matilda
Kenyon, Vivian L., Richard K. and Ronald G
Kenyon, William
Keppel, Bertha I
Keppel, Clara
Keppel, Henry A
Keppel, J. G.
Keppel, John G
Keppel, Katherine
Keppel, Val S
Kezier, John H
Kibbel, Henrieta
Kibbel, William
Kimball, Charles D
Kimball, Ethel A
Kinnick, Leo C
Kinnick, Lorene M
Kinyon, George W
Kirvan, Eleanor
Kirvan, Washington J
Kittilson, Herbert
Kittilson, Nickolie
Kittilson, Regine
Kjos, Mary
Kjos, Nellie
Kjos, Olaf and Mary M
Kjos, Ole P
Kjos, Olive
Klandrud, August
Klandrud, Eleanora and Odin
Klandrud, Ida H
Klandrud, Lottie
Klandrud, Wallace Odin and Lavonne Joy
Klein, Janice I and Albert L
Klein, Wendy L
Kleinschmidt, W. Carolina
Kleinsmith, Albert
Kleinsmith, Elmer H Jennie O
Kleinsmith, Emma
Kleinsmith, Juliane
Kleinsmith, Margaret and Richard H
Kleinsmith, Willie
Kletcka, Alfred Leroy
Kletcka, Wilhelmina
Kleven, Arthur E
Kleven, Gertrude L
Knapp, Bessie
Knapp, Clarence M
Knapp, Cora E
Knecht, Gabriel and Wilhelmine Moore
Kneen, Nadia and James
Knight, Henry F
Knight, Theodosia
Knothe, Henry V and Ann M
Knudtson, Adah B
Knudtson, Edwin B
Koenig, Esther
Kohlwey, Elizabeth H and Emma M
Kolasinski, Edward L and Evelyn M
Kommerstad, Anton W
Kommerstad, Elizabeth
Kommerstad, Ida C
Kommerstad, Irene A
Kommerstad, Lester M
Kommerstad, Mabel A and Arthur F
Kommerstad, Walvin Morris
Kommerstad, Winston M
Komperud, Archie E
Komperud, Son
Konkel, Jerome C
Kopp, Judith Ann
Kosby, Carl F. and Frances
Kosby, Frances Augusta
Kosier, John and Carolina
Koss, Fred W and Emma S
Koss, Irene
Koss, Reinhold and Marie
Koss, Terry Lee
Koss, Terry Lee [Mil]
Kramer, Fred C and Minnie
Kratzer, Frank J and Mae A
Krause, Arthur F.G.
Krause, Augusta
Krause, Carrie H. and William A
Krause, Edna and Harry H
Krause, J
Krause, John F
Krenz, Augusta
Krenz, Frank
Krenz, Louis
Krenz, Louise
Krenz, Louise F
Krenz, Otto E and Louise F
Kriesel, Fred G and Della R
Krueger, Alfred, Hermine and Gustave
Krueger, Charles
Krueger, Clara S and Richard W
Krueger, Harriet L
Krueger, Henry R and Minnie G
Krueger, Margaret
Krueger, William
Krueger, William H
LaBossiere, Irene Maxine
LaBossiere, Ronald
Lachman, Robert E and Elizabeth
LaDue, Bert
LaDue, George
LaDue, Lillian E
LaDue, Sampson
Lambert, Cyrus J
Lambert, Hurmey R
Lambert, Maud L and Lloyd K
Lambert, Pearl S and Steve G
Lambert, Stephen and Dora
Lambert, Stephen G and Dora
Lamke, Albert
Lamke, Augusta
Lamke, Edward
Lamke, Wilhelmena Hoffmann
LaPoint, Frances
Larsen, Oline Sather
Larson, Amund, Agnette and Mary Granum
Larson, Andrew and Emilie
Larson, Antonette C
Larson, Axel and Edith
Larson, Bernt and Nettie
Larson, Carrie Ole M and Berg, Martha Hogan
Larson, Edna C and Lewis H
Larson, Edwin
Larson, Elmer H
Larson, Elmer H and Frieda H
Larson, Flora
Larson, Hamilton E
Larson, Helen
Larson, Jennie
Larson, Johanna
Larson, Joseph
Larson, Karen
Larson, Lena
Larson, Luth J
Larson, Martin H and Clara
Larson, Nels
Larson, Norman
Larson, Norman Jr
Larson, Peter A and Jennie
Larson, Peter, Agnethe and Alexander
Larson, Z. Alice
Laubaugh, Elizabeth and Levi
Lawrence, Charles B and Ida E
Lee, Alton P
Lee, Alton P and Evelyn L
Lee, C.L.
Lee, Clifford L
Lee, Frances
Lee, Kittie Lynn
Lee, Laura and Peter
Lee, Olga
Lee, Warren
LeFebre, Mark A
LeFebre, Mathew Michael
Lemke, Alice
Lemke, Alice H and Leonard C
Lemke, Carl F
Lemke, Donald A and Erna W
Lemke, Edith and Ernest L
Lemke, Edward L and Bonnie L
Lemke, Harold E and Julia J
Lemke, Mary M
Lemke, Minnie
Lemke, Rita E
Lemke, Rosemary Ellen
Lemke, Roy E
Lemke, William
Lemke, Willie L
Lindvik, Eric, Joan and Allan
Lintula, Lyle F and Carol A
Lockman, Barbara
Lockman, Isaac
Lockman, Ludwig K
Loge, Roland R and Mary E
Loomis, Carol Ann
Loomis, Clara M
Loomis, Richard A and Barbara J
Loomis, Stephen Allen
Lovejoy, Patricia K
Lovejoy, Wendell A and Patricia K
Lubke, Eric C
Lubke, Gladys and Carl F
Lueth, Clinton D and Mattie
Lueth, Esther and Henry
Lueth, Milton H
Lueth, Minnie Ogle and Mildred
Lumley, Elise and William P
Lund, Frances M and Everett B
Lund, Jewitt O and Herbertina V
Lund, Pearl J Bentzen
Lundgren, Dylan C
Lundgren, Sally Ann
Lundgren, Stanley E., Sally Ann and Vivian M
Luthe, Emmett R
Lyons, James W
Mackenzie, Robert and Esther Krueger
Mackey, Cathrene Grace
Mackey, John Love
Mades, Dean J
Mades, Dean J and Beverly
Mades, Dean J Beverly [Back]
Mahlum, Adelaide
Mahlum, Alma M
Mahlum, Hazel A and Harry A
Mahlum, Leif T
Mahlum, Minnie and Edward
Mahoney, Allan John and Delores Mae
Mahoney, Allen
Mahoney, Edna and Earl
Mahoney, John
Mahoney, Myra and John
Mahoney, Samuel
Makowski, Edward E and Virginia M
Maria, Anderson
Markey, Margaret M and Benjamin H
Marshe, Judith L
Mason, Bennie and Bessie
Mason, Marcellous
Mathewson, Ellen
Mathewson, Hilda and Arthur T
Mathewson, Lee
Mathewson, W. L.
Matthiesen, Irene Poller and Ralph Roger
Mattison, Jesse A and Garnet M
Mattison, Joan Marie
Mattison, Sharon Ann
Maynard, Abner and EstherM
McFarlane, Lillian May, Oscar A. and Eva L
McKinney, Earl S
McKinney, Earl S and Jessie E
McKinney, Ella Metta
McKinnon, Clara J
McLaughlin, Anne Elvira
McManus, James
McMinn, Earl B
McMinn, Earl B and Hilma
Meier, Charles M
Meier, Elva M and Carl J
Meier, Fay M
Meier, Karl
Meier, Mathilde
Meier, Nellie and Charles
Meier, Pauline
Meier, Wilhelm
Mendez, Gene I and EstherG
Merrill, Abel
Merrill, Nellie
Merrill Family,  
Meyer, Anton
Meyer, Tietje Borger
Mickelberg, Caroline and Ole H
Mikkelson, Anna
Mikkelson, Erick
Milbradt, Emilia Loise and Cristina Maria
Milbrandt, Fred
Milbright, Alta
Milbright, Frank and Amelia
Milbright, Sylvester
Miller, Barry
Miller, Cecil C., Janice A., and Mary K
Miller, Esther O and Cecil R
Miller, Flora
Miller, Florence E
Miller, Fridericke
Miller, Gilbert F. Jr
Miller, James H
Miller, John H
Miller, John H
Miller, Jordan Lee
Miller, Lyle and Doris
Miller, Mary Kathryn amd Susan Beth
Miller, Matilda
Miller, N. Lloyd and Ada
Miller, Pearl E. andn Gilbert F
Miller Family,  
Mittelbach, Hilda M and Otto F
Mitweide, Meta
Mlsna, Caroline N. and Jacob F
Moe, Alice
Moe, Andrew
Moe, Clara
Moe, Earl A. and Nels, and Anna; Cash, Myrtle Moe
Moe, Edward P., Martha, Thora E, Helga S. and Edwin M
Moe, Gurine
Moe, Hans M and Anna S
Moe, Helga Aleda
Moe, Herman
Moe, Inga G
Moe, Kenneth L and Dorothy C.; Hosford, Ruth
Moe, M.H.
Moe, Martin A
Moe, Martin Adolph
Moe, Martin H
Moe, Peder A
Moe, Peter M
Moe, Robert and Sarah
Moe, Russel
Moe, Russell E
Moor, Frank
Moore, Anna R. and Abel N
Moore, Arcelia D
Moore, Carrie Spring
Moore, DuWayne R. and Phyllis A
Moore, Francis G
Moore, John A
Moore, John G (Military)
Moore, John G and Mary A
Moore, Nellie
Moore, Perley
Moore, Sidney C
Moore, Warren C
Moos, Carl
Moos, Carl and Marie
Moos, Margaret
Moos, Thresea
Moos, William
Moran, Tamzin Saunders and Alexander
Moran, Wilson A
Mosher, Christian
Mosher, Louis G and Frank
Mosher, Margaritha
Mosher, Peter
Moss, Albert
Moss, Lottie L
Moss, Mary
Moss, W. J.
Moss, William
Moss, William and Patricia
Moulton, Citana
Moulton, Clarence P
Moulton, Kattrine
Moulton, Maud May
Moulton, Powers
Moulton, Willie H
Moulton Family,  
Moulton Nesbit, Jennie E
Mowry, Aaron
Mowry, Ariadne
Mowry, Samuel
Mowry (Military), Aaron
Mulder, Blanche E
Mulder, Bronno
Mulder, Byron J
Mulder, Edith Teale and John B
Mulder, Fred and Grace D
Mulder, Gertie
Mulder, Harold
Mulder, Harry
Mulder, Hazel
Mulder, Infs
Mulder, Ione W
Mulder, Johannes and Tryntje Brons
Mulder, John and Anna C
Mulder, Lloyd V
Mulder, Yetska
Mulrine, Thomas and Marlene
Munson, Andrew
Munson, Dahl O
Munson, Helmer C
Munson, Jacobia C
Munson, Jonas M
Munson, Jule H
Munson, Martin C
Munson, Nettie and Ole
Munson, Tedeman
Munson, Tedeman A
Myer, George and Lillian
Myer, George C and Lillian L
Myer, Richard G
Naas, Leonard C
Nagle, Vera J
Nash, Marie and Holthaus
Nelson, Carl
Nelson, Caroline
Nelson, Emil and Nordahl
Nelson, Emma Thomine
Nelson, George W
Nelson, Gertie
Nelson, John and Nellie
Nelson, Jorgen
Nelson, Mabel C
Nelson, Nels
Nelson, Olga J and Knute P
Nelson, Otto C
Nelson, Theodore
Nelson, Tobias
Nelson, Tonetha
Nesbit, Joseph
Nesbit, Roy A
Nesbit, Sergt. Jos
Nesbit Family,  
Nesler, Doris A
Nesler, John
Nesler, Matilda C
Nesler, Rudolph and Louise Moos
Nicholas, Alvah
Nichols, Charles H
Nichols, Charles Mason
Nichols, Charles Mason (1799)
Nichols, Dau
Nichols, Dora F
Nichols, F.E.
Nichols, Frederick E
Nichols, Helen M Farrand
Nichols, Jane Ann
Nichols, Jane Sarah A
Nichols, Plato F
Nicholson, John F and Marie P
Nicholson, Louis M and Martha M
North, Addie J
North, Mary and Fahey
North, Samuel Wade
Nutting, Abel
Nutting, Abner and Mary E
Nutting, Adelbert S
Nutting, Byron
Nutting, Charles W., Alice M. and Adelbert S
Nutting, Clarinda
Nutting, Infant
Nyhus, Luella F
Ogle, Mildred Lueth and Minnie
Oliver, Connie and Leslie
Oliver, Marjorie D
Olsen, Bertha
Olsen, Mathias
Olson, Albert Julius
Olson, Anna
Olson, Gunhilda and Lloyd H
Olson, Ida
Olson, Jennie A. and Ole C
Olson, John
Olson, John A
Olson, Karen and Christian
Olson, Oline
Olson, Oline O
Olson, Raymond B
Olson, Roger W and Mary K
Olson, Stanley L and Nora S
Olson, Sylvia M
Olson, Timothy Gordon
Olson, Victor
Olson, McCleery, Gust and Rachel
Oppermann, Anna M and William F
Opsahl, Ole and Lena Jorgen
Osgard, Lizzie and Julius
Osgood, Anna M
Osgood, Eugene H
Osgood, Eugene K
Osgood, Eugene P
Osgood, Ilamae and Eugene
Osterhout, Jacob
Osterhout, John H
Osterhout, Sarah A and John H
Osterhout, Victor A
Otto, Elsie H
Otto, Henry and Walter
Otto, Herbert F
Otto, Louis and Frieda
Otto, Marie K and William A
Otto, William A

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

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