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Kenosha County
(Bristol Township)
South Bristol aka Westley Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Achen, Adella
Achen, Moses
Ames, Elbert H.
Andruss, Alice E.
Andruss, Esther Ann
Andruss, George E.
Andruss, Mary B.
Andruss, Mary Jane
Andruss, Rossen and Pamela
Andruss, Rossie
Angel, Wayne C.
Bacon, Timothy William
Barber, Hattie E.
Barber, Lee F.
Barber, William H.
Barter, Albert and Emma Lieber
Barter, Craig M.
Barter, Donald
Barter, John
Barter, Thomas W. and Maryln J.
Barter, Will L. and Amelia
Barton, Alpheus
Beckman, Charles A. and Helen D.
Bell, Lillie Dell Flora
Belle, Shuart Ward
Benedict, Lee G. and Lizzie A.
Bennett, David E. Sr. and Margaret Eunice
Bohn, Arthur W. and Lova A.
Bohn, Harvey H. and Elizabeth
Bohn, William F. and Laura
Botz, Wynne A.
Bristol, George and Sarah Ann
Brooks, Hannah
Brown, Floyd W. and Erna E.
Burdick, W.W. and family
Burns, Cecil H. and Florence L.
Burns, Darrell D. and Irene D.
Clark, A.
Clark, Adaline
Clark, George W. and Adeline
Claxton, George T.
Claxton, Wayne and Maurine
Coffeen, Dwight B. and Laura E.
Cole, Dorothy A.
Cole, Gertrude Belle
Cole, Laura Anne
Cole, Mary Jane
Cole, Sarah U.
Cole, Ward Burton
Cole, William Sanford
Cole, Wm. Sanford
Cone, Harold C. and family
Crawford, Wm.
David, Aaron and T. Bartlett Davis
Davis, George D. and family
Davis, Susan
Davison, Allen Lee
Davison, Clarence P. and Luella
Davison, Jacob L.
Davison, Marguerite M.
Davison, Mary Clare
Davison, Samuel S.
Day, James T. and Eleanor L.
Delware, Charles Beals
Delware, Everett Henry and Grace Benedict
Delware, Mary Jo
DeSotell, Denny G.
Edwards, Donald A. and Edith M. Jurs
Edwards, Earl N. and Irma B.
Edwards, Elmer D.
Edwards, Harold
Edwards, Howard H.
Edwards, Ida Burdick
Edwards, Merrill E. and Yolanda (Betty)
Edwards, Raymond and Ada
Edwards, Russell L.
Eichelberg, Henry and Irene
Ellingson, James A.
Ellingson, unclear
Fellows, Alsie S. Davis
Fellows, Henry and family
Fellows, John
Fellows, Joseph and Mary Ann
Fellows, Lavina
Fellows, Richard M.
Flament, Mary Lee
Fowler, Germond V. and Alice A.
Fratrick, Vincent and Lillian June
Frazine, Mary D.
Gallman, Elizabeth
Gallman, Henry
Gallman, William H.
Gallman, William J. and Jeanne P.
Gates, Clara A. and Clara B.
Gates, Frank H.
Gates, George
Gates, Irving F. and Reba G.
Gates, Irving F.
Gates, Lorinda A.
Gates, Raymond and Della S.
Gatts, Henry and Rachael
Gatts, John
Gethen, Edwin R. and Julia A.
Gethen, Frank
Gethen, Lizzie A.
Gethen, Nettie E.
Gethen, S.D. and Louise
Gethen, Wesley
Gillingham, Paul B. and Frances
Gillmore, Charles P. and Margaret P.
Gillmore, Earl H. and Ellen
Gillmore, Edna
Gillmore, Evange J. and Elsie H.
Gillmore, Fred R. and Anna
Gillmore, George and Hazel I.
Gillmore, Glenn and family
Gillmore, Kenneth L. and Sandra J.
Gillmore, Leo R. and Anna Belle
Gillmore, Leroy E. and Edith H.
Gillmore, Russell D. and Helen L.
Gillmore, Ruth M.
Gutche, Harold E. and Fern L.
Haeusl, Friedrich and Theresia
Hale, Wesley and Margaret
Hansen, Clarence B. and Amelia C.
Hansen, H. Peter and Louise E.
Harrison, Aurora Anna (Anne)
Hawkins, Frank D.
Hayward, Franklin and S.B. Davis
Hayward, William
Hedrich, Charles J.
Hedrich, Francis V.
Hedrich, William M.
Heigl, Frank A. and Ida M.
Higgins, Charles T.
Higgins, Freeman P. and Lina B.
Higgins, Homan H.
Higgins, Howard H.
Higgins, Jennie J.
Higgins, Mabel Benedict
Higgins, Malesta G.
Hill, Arthur and mary L.
Hill, Loueza M.
Hill, Sylvester J.
Holbrook, Anna Powell
Holbrook, Arthur
Holbrook, Giles and Laura R.
Holbrook, Henry H. and family
Holbrook, Leslie H.
Holbrook, Marjorie
Holbrook, Mary J.
Hollenbeck, Carloss S. and Agnes C.
Hollenbeck, Clarence and Flora
Hollenbeck, Harmon D. and Capietola K.
Hollenbeck, Hollis D.
Hollenbeck, infant
Hollenbeck, John
Hollenbeck, Maria
Hollenbeck, Marie J.
Hollenbeck, William K. and Agnes Adella
Holst, Brent F.
Holt, Burdette J. and Eva W.
Hubbard, Katie M.
Hubbard, Mead M.
Hubbard, Milton and Addie Hollenbeck
Hunt, Frank J.
Hunt, Thankful Ann
Hunt, William A.
Hunt, William
Husted, George A.
Husted, Henry M.
Husted, Parmelia
Jackson, Charles Eugene and Mabel A.
Jackson, Clarence and Eleanor
Jackson, Kenneth James
Jackson, Roy H. and Lois M.
Johnson, Mattie Diamond
Jones, Cora M. Higgins
Jones, Edw.
Jones, Edward
Jones, Jane M.
Jones, John E.
Kaminski, Thomas M. and Janet M. Hansen
Kemble, Robert T. and Addie M.
Kempf, Charles S. and Diane J.
Kempf, Joseph and Esther E.
Kempf, Samuel P. and Laura M.
Kempf, unclear and Mary
King, Charles Edward
King, Ida N.
King, Joshua and A. Janette Slocum
Kirchner, Walter C. and C. Grace Waldo
Knowlton, Leo Grant and Lillian Lange
Krahn, August and Amelia
Krahn, Edger H. and Josephine W.
Krahn, Eva Alice
Krahn, Leslie W. and Mabel
Kuchenbacker, Arvin D.
Kuchenbacker, Jack
Kuhlmann, Jonathan C.
Kuhlmann, Patricia R.
LaCombe, Wilfred M. and Janet A.
Lambert, Darlene A.
Lamping, John A.
Lamping, Paul and Elizabeth
Larabee, Belle
Larabee, Betsey
Larabee, Dolly
Larabee, Elenzer and Elizabeth
Larabee, Lyman and Catherine
Larabee, Nathan
Larabee, Orrin E. and Susan F.
Larabee, unclear
Larrabee, nathan R.
Larson, Gunnar A.
Leonard, Frederick F. and Kittie A.
Leonard, George F. and Ophelia
Leonard, Leslie G.
Leonard, Matilda Herronton
Leonard, Samuel R. and Saphrone
Lester, John N.
Lester, John P.
Lester, Martha E.
Lichthardt, August J. Jr. and Edna A. Buesing
Lichthardt, James W.
Ling, Charles H. and Marion B.
Ling, Harold A. and Beatrice E.
Lisanti, Arthur L.
Lockey, Elizabeth
Lounsbury, Lucy Burwell
Macik, Clifford
Macik, Keith D.
Macik, Vladimir J.
Marsh, Elizabeth
Marsh, Morovia
Mason, Lucy
Mason, Thomas
Mauer, Henry R.
Mauer, Margret
McCarthy, Helen
Mead, Edward
Mead, Jeanette Downing
Memler, John H. and Mildred G.
Merville, John H. and Emma L.
Monsler, Eve Holt
Moon, Ansel
Moon, Jennette
Moreau, Marjorie A. Newyear
Morehouse, Frederick
Morehouse, Maryett
Morehouse, Polly
Muhlenbeck, Carol J.
Myers, Everett E.
Nauta, Harold P. and carole N.
Nauta, Peter G. and Unclear
Nelson, Alzo and Aurora
Nelson, Dorthea
Nelson, John and Mary
Nelson, Ole and Emma A.
Nelson, Otto C. and Mary O.
Newyear, Arnold A.
Newyear, Jessie
Newyear, Lewis and Augusta
Niles, Carl A.
Nyholm, Alfrida
Nyholm, Einar
Olsen, George J. and Dorothy F.
Olsen, Kathrine P.
Olsen, Simon
Olson, Irma Wienke
Oskins, Elsie S.
Oskins, Lemuel N. and Bertha E.
Oskins, Robert D.
Ott, August C. and Ida A.
Ott, Carl F.
Ott, Frank and Huldah
Ott, Helmut C.
Ott, lena M.
Parker, Christine E.
Parker, Harry
Parks, Alpheous and Philinda
Parks, M. Westly
Parks, Mahetable
Parks, Reuben
Parscenski, Adolph Geo. and George
Pavlovich, Amelia
Pavlovich, K.
Pavlovich, Katherine
Peirce, Alzo B. and Phoebe S.
Peirce, Charles
Peirce, Charlie
Peirce, Ira and E. Belle
Peirce, Julia Townsend
Peirce, Phebe Stevens
Petersen, Fred F. and Minnie
Peterson, Herman and Hulda M.
Peterson, Hjalvar E.
Peterson, S. Oliver
Pickens, Barker C. and Ellen Brooks
Pickens, John
Pienkowsky, Thadeus E. and family
Pienkowsky, Thadues S. and Emilia E. and Norton, Elizabeth
Pienkowsky, Willie and family
Pierce, Anson Edwin
Pierce, David E.
Pierce, I.E.
Pierce, Irvin Earl
Pierce, Mary J.
Pofahl, Aurora M.
Pofahl, Carl
Pofahl, female infant
Pofahl, Freddie
Pomranke, August and family
Pomranke, Emma
Pomranke, Herman
Pomranke, Willie
Poor, Mary A.
Popfahl, Charles and Aline
Post, Abram
Powell, Edward and Hattie
Powell, Elzena A.
Powell, Evan A.
Powell, Evan and Margaret Jones
Powell, Gordon J.
Powell, Kenneth E. and Gladys L.
Powell, Lewis W.
Powell, Raymond G. and Daisy V.
Powell, Rhoda Lucille
Powell, Robert L.
Powell, Talford W. and Belle W.
Powell, William and Lester H.
Price, John and Elizabeth
Pringle, Fanny J.
Pringle, James Robert and John David
Pringle, Robert D. and Florence B.
Reed, Penny Ann
Revers, Anton R.
Revers, Helen V.
Richards, Daniel U.
Richards, Jennie
Richards, John W. and Fanny M.
Richtmyer, C.
Richtmyer, James H.
Richtmyer, Jeremiah
Richtmyer, Leander and Eliza C.
Richtmyer, Margrett and Woods, Bahama A.
Richtmyer, Nicholas
Richtmyer, Oscar and Mary Jane
Risch, Belle A.
Risch, Carl I. and family
Risch, Frederick
Risch, Russell C.
Risch, Walter H.
Rochau, Mildred Ella and Donald Lloyd
Rockwell, Frank H. and family
Rockwell, Morris E. and family
Sabin, Betsey A.
Sabin, Carloss
Santee, A.
Sanville, Gilbert S. and Genevieve M.
Schladitz, Catherine Powell
Schmeckel, Alice May
Schmeckel, William A. and Helena A.
Scofield, Belle C.
Scofield, Chester A. and Frances
Scofield, Cyntha
Scofield, J.
Scofield, James
Scofield, Wesley L.
Scott, D. Marshall
Scotts, David Marshall and unclear Ann
Seaman, H.V.V.
Seaman, unclear
Shuart, Biram and Mary
Shuart, Charles and Margaret
Shuart, Charles Gardner
Shuart, Eugene M.
Shuart, Frank Richard
Shuart, genevieve Peirce
Shuart, Margaret R.
Simons, Linda A.
Sisson, Anna
Sisson, Lemuel and Anna
Smith, Arthur G. and Ruth W.
Smith, Charles and Florence
Smith, Emily D.
Smith, Harry E.
Smith, James and Elizabeth
Smith, James Robert and Effie Adell
Smith, Lila M.
Smith, Lyman and Maria
South Bristol Cemetery Sign
Spence, Donald H.
Spence, James L. and Lenora B.
Spooner, Edna Yates
St. Clair, Mary Hunt
Stannard, Delia and Augusta
Stannard, Edward M.
Stannard, Edward S.
Stannard, Hiram P. and Dolly D.
Stannard, infant and Albert C. Hill
Stannard, Jessie Nivison
Stannard, Mary C.
Stein, Brian A. (Freight Train) (picture on stone)
Stein, Brian A. (Freight Train)
Steinbeck, Myrtle P. (Midge)
Stratton, John Ayres and Ellen Waldo
Taunt, James
Taylor, Barnbara
Taylor, Dean H.
Taylor, H. Wendall
Taylor, Howard O.
Taylor, Mary E.
Taylor, Samuel and Mary Ann
Taylor, Warren J. and Dorothy G.
Taylor, Warren L.
Tourellotte, Alvah G.
Tourtellotte, Almeda
Tourtellotte, Augusta
Tourtellotte, children
Tourtellotte, George H. and family
Tourtellotte, Henry A.
Tourtellotte, Julia
Tourtellotte, Martin and Julia
Tourtellotte, Matrtin
Tourtellotte, unclear female
Tourtelotte, Bertha
Tourtelotte, Frank
Van Slochteren, Cornelius
Van Slochteren, Elizabeth
Van Slochteren, Nettie
Van Slochteren, Richard and Carol M.
Van Vuren, Cornelis
Van Vuren, Johanna
Vincent, Maria
Waldo, C. Day
Waldo, Charles D. Jr.
Waldo, Charles
Waldo, Eva Shuart
Waldo, James W. and Adele M.
Waldo, Laura Stratton
Waldo, Magdalena K.
Waldo, Richard F.
Waldo, Shuart W. (Barney) and Natalie P. Evers
Waldo, Shuart
Walker, Emma A.
Walker, James E.
Walker, Joel A. and Maude E.
Walker, Joel
Walker, Josephine Mead
Walker, M. Belle
Walker, Michael Aaron
Walker, R. Meade and Lois E.
Walker, Richard J. and Marie E.
Walker, Robert Day and Rosemary A.
Walker, unclear male
Walker, unclear
Walker, William M. and Mildred W.
Walker, William
Walker, Wm. M. and Mildred W.
Ward, Emma
Ward, J.M.
Ward, Obed M. and Sarah D.
Warner, Gertrude
Washburn, Stephen E.
Webb, Leonard A. and Lillian L.
Weidman, Harry and unclear
Weidman, Lawson A. and Beatrice A.
Weidman, Paul E. and Nellie B.
Weiss, Gottfried and Bernice D.
Wells, Nina
West, James Alton
Westman, John and Sigrid M.
Wienke, Amelia
Wienke, August and Mary D.
Wienke, female infant
Wienke, Frank
Wilson, Brett Michael
Wilson, Carol L. (Bama Sunshine)
Woodward, Frances Lester
Woodward, William F.
Woodworth, Charlie S.
Yates, Clara
Yates, Guy Welton
Yates, Maud
Yates, Thomas
Yates, Verona
Young, Sarah N. and Buckley, Minnie E.

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

ProjectCopyright Notice: These generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery. The source for many of the cemetery names and placenames on these pages come from Cemetery Locations in Wisconsin, 3rd edition, compiled by Linda M. Herrick and Wendy K. Uncapher. The book is published by Origins at 4327 Milton Ave. Janesville, WI 53546. All files on this site are copyrighted by their creator and/or contributor. They may be linked to but may not be reproduced on another site without specific permission from Tina Vickery [] and/or their contributor. Although public information is not in and of itself copyrightable, the format in which they are presented, the notes and comments, etc., are. It is however, quite permissable to print or save the files to a personal computer for personal use ONLY.

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