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Green Lake County
(Mackford Township)
Mackford Union Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Abendroth, Allen E. and Helene M.
Abendroth, Allen E
Abendroth, Allen E.
Abendroth, Helene M
Abercrombie, Flora A.
Abercrombie, Loren T.
Abercrombie, Unclear
Abercrombie, William
Abercrombie, Flora A
Abercrombie, Loren T
Abercrombie, William R
Backus, William and Kate
Backus, Kate E
Backus, William A.
Bahr, Elsie A
Bahr, Harvey E.
Baker, Henry A. and Thirsa W.
Baker, Ira Henry
Baker, T. Ross
Baker, Thomas and Margreat
Baker, Thomas H. and Eleanor M.
Baker, Eleanor M
Baker, Henry A.
Baker, Ira Henry
Baker, Margaret
Baker, T. Ross
Baker, Thirsa W
Baker, Thomas
Baker, Thomas H.
Ball, Anna
Ball, Anna Briggs
Beardsley Lucille E
Bedell, Edwin R.
Bedell, Elizabeth
Bedell, Elmina E.
Bedell, Ernest E.
Bedell, Jimmie E.
Bedell, Minnie A.
Bedell, Timothy
Bedell, Amie E
Bedell, Edwin
Bedell, Elizabeth
Bedell, Elmira E
Bedell, Ernest E
Bedell, Minnie A
Bedell, Timothy
Beer, Oscar
Beer, Carl and Ida
Beer, Harold E.
Beer, Maxine
Beer, Oscar
Beers, W. Avis Krueger
Beers, Margaret W
Beers, Samuel G
Beers, W. Avis Krueger
Berg, George C. and Florence B.
Berg, Florence B
Berg, George C.
Berg, Lorraine M
Berg, Wilson R.
Berndt, Bessie
Berndt, Carlton
Berndt, Frank
Berndt, Harold
Bharnes, Ella Louise Stenzel
Bidwell, Caroline Burt
Bidwell, Caroline Burt
Biesenthal, August J.
Biesenthal, August J
Biesenthal, Louise M
Biesenthal, Orville W.
Biesenthal, Patricia A. Guderski
Boelter, Arthur E. and Anna L.
Boelter, Clarence A.
Boelter, Anna L
Boelter, Arthur E.
Boelter, Clarence A
Boozer, Harriet
Boozer, John and Unclear
Boozer, Fanny
Boozer, John
Brown, Alonzo
Brown, Cyrus and William
Brown, Irena
Brown, Alonzo
Brown, Cyrus
Brown, Irena
Brown, William
Buhrow, Beatrice I. Van Doren
Buhrow, Wesley R.
Burt, Susan S.
Burt, Susan S
Butler, Amy W.
Butler, Eunice L.
Butler, Louis C.
Butler, Amy W
Butler, Eunice E
Butler, Louis C
Cemetery Statue,  
Charlton, Pauline W
Charlton, Ralph E.
Cluppert, Emery
Cluppert, Twila
Cole, John C.
Cole, Seth
Cole, Jennie
Cole, Jessie
Cole, John
Cole, Seth M
Cole, Theodosia
Cotterill, Dale H.
Cotterill, Darrell G. and Joyce M. Braun
Cotterill, Dale H
Cotterill, Darrell G.
Cotterill, Jess H.
Cotterill, Joyce M. Braum
Cotterill, Lawrence J.
Cotterill, Mildred A
Cotterill, Ruby J
Craidon, Jane Turie
Craidon, Peter
Craigen and Weber Family,  
Craigen, James T.
Craigon, Jane
Craigon, Peter
Crook, Karen L
Crook, Roy L.
Cross, Celia Manley
Dahlke, Annice M. Grams
Dahlke, Herbert A.
Dallhman, Flora Bertha
Dallman, Fred C.
Dallman, Ida
Dallman, Unclear
Dallman, Ella E
Dallman, Fred C
Dallman, Ida
Dallman, John G
Davids, Claude
Davids, Edward E.
Davids, Electa
Davids, Emma
Davids, Ira
Davids, Ira Jr. and Maud
Davids, Irving
Davids, John and Margaret
Davids, Lovina
Davids, Myrtle
Davids, Claude
Davids, Edward E
Davids, Electa
Davids, Emma
Davids, Ira D
Davids, Ira Jr.
Davids, Irving
Davids, John
Davids, Lovina
Davids, Margaret
Davids, Maud
Davids, Myrtle
Davis, Male Sons
Davis, Sallie
Davis, Stephen
Davis, Barlinda
Davis, Lyman
Davis, Stephen
Day, Fidelius A.
Day, Hubert J.
Day, Samuel
Day, Fidelius A
Day, Hubert J
Day, Samuel
Dean, David A
Dean, David Allen
Dean, Henry C.
Dean, Myrtle M
Dean, Raymond E
Dean, Raymond E.
Dille, Sarah
Dille, Sarah
Dillie, Guy E. and Susan M.
Dillie, Blanche I
Dillie, Charles A.
Dillie, Frank G.
Dillie, Guy E.
Dillie, Harley B.
Dillie, Janette M
Dillie, Marge A
Dillie, Minnie F
Dillie, Roy E
Dillie, Roy E.
Dillie, Susan M
Downey, Homer G.
Downey, Loren A
Downey, Marvena O
Dudley, Elizabeth
Dudley, John C.
Dudley, Susan E.
Dudley, Unclear
Dudley, Elizabeth
Dudley, John G
Dudley, N
Dudley, Susan E Wellcome
End, Cora A
Eno, Cora
Fenske, Carl
Fenske, Eileen E.
Fenske, Fred E. and Helena B.
Fenske, Male Infant
Fenske, Sophia
Fenske, Carl
Fenske, Eileen E
Fenske, Fred E.
Fenske, Helena B
Fenske, infant
Fenske, Sophia
Flack, Esther Bedell
Flack, Esther Mable
Flack, Esther Bedell
Flack, Esther Mable
Folsom, S.P. and Polly
Folsom, Addie Burt
Folsom, Bert James
Folsom, H.P.
Folsom, Polly
Folson, Hannah
Folson, James T
Frost, Viola Marks
Frost, Edward W
Frost, Viola Marks
Gaastra, Samuel
Gaastra, Joan
Gaastra, Samuel
Gaastra, Samuel.
Galow, Earl R. and Eloise L.
Galow, Earl R.
Galow, Eloise Daleman
Galow, Linda K
Garlow, Duane (Hook)
Garlow, Gerald K.
Garlow, Henery H. and Frances M.
Garlow, Bertha M
Garlow, Duane
Garlow, Edward J.
Garlow, Frances M. Ter Laan
Garlow, Gerald K
Garlow, Henery H.
Geoffrion, Michael J. and Vivian C.
Geoffrion, Vivian C
Gilmore, Carol Amd
Gilmore, Infant
Gilmore, Mary E.
Gilmore, Ralph J.
Gilmore, Una G.
Gilmore, Carol Amo
Gilmore, George M
Gilmore, infant
Gilmore, Mary E
Gilmore, Ralph J
Gilmore, Una
Graff, Patricia E. Schelter
Graff, Norman W.
Graham, Benj. S.
Graham, Mary
Graham, Benj. S
Graham, Mary
Grahn, Elmer J. and Anna A. Biesenthal
Grahn, Alden E.
Grahn, Anna A. Biesenthal
Grahn, Beatrice Mildebrandt
Grahn, Elmer J.
Grams, Elwood E.
Grams, Ferd
Grams, J.F.
Grams, Joseph
Grams, Lewis
Grams, Mary
Grams, and Ella
Grams, David
Grams, EDella L. Ruenger
Grams, Edna E
Grams, Edward F
Grams, Elmer H.
Grams, Elwood E
Grams, Emilie A
Grams, Ferd
Grams, Frank A.
Grams, Joseph
Grams, Leland L.
Grams, Lewis
Grams, Mary A
Grams, Myrtle M. Mathweg
Grams, Rau Ann D
Grams, Richard H.
Grams, Rita E
Grams, Walter J
Grams, Wilhelmine
Grams, Willis C.
Greive, George
Handshy, Martha H
Handshy, William F
Handshy, William F.
Hannar, Unclear
Hare, Charlotte
Hare, Elmer W.
Hare, Esther A.
Hare, George A. and Minnie A.
Hare, George W. and Savilla S.
Hare, John C.
Hare, Lela H.
Hare, Lila C.
Hare, Mable E.
Hare, Marvel
Hare, Maurice A.
Hare, Unclear
Hare, Wm.
Hare, Anthony R
Hare, Charlotte
Hare, Elmer W
Hare, Esther A
Hare, Geore A.
Hare, George W.
Hare, John C
Hare, Lila C. Cuff
Hare, Mable E
Hare, Maurice A
Hare, Maurice A.
Hare, Minnie A
Hare, Savilla S
Hare, William H.
Hare, Wm
Harmon, A.L.
Harmon, Jennie
Harmon, Lydia
Harmon, Nabby W.
Harmon, Ruth W.
Harmon, Z.B.
Harmon, A. L
Harmon, Jennie
Harmon, Lydia H
Harmon, Nabby W
Harmon, Ruth W
Harmon, Z.B
Hart, Lela
Henke, Rebecca Ann
Henke, Arden L.
Henke, Elsie M. Meyer
Henke, Eugene D
Henke, Harvey H.
Henke, John W.
Henke, Loretta J. Kranz
Henke, Margaret M
Henke, Martha L. Prill
Henke, Marvin W.
Henke, Rebecca Ann
Henke, Walter J
Henke, Walter J.
Henslin, Arden
Hildebrandt, Dennis A.
Hildebrandt, Ernestine L
Hildebrandt, Frederick C
Hildebrandt, Frieda M
Hildebrandt, Herman F
Hildebrandt, Otto P
Hildebrandt, Sharon L. Lang
Hildebrandt, William F
Hildebrandt, William F.
Hodgson, Clyde V. and Virginia S. Schelter
Hodgson, Clyde V.
Hodgson, Virginia S. Schelter
Horne, Edwin J.
Horne, Edwin J.
Horne, infant
Huitema, Nelson R. and Roma M.
Huitema, Nelson R.
Huitema, Roma M. Husband
Hutter, Arloene R. Henke
Hutter, Elmer L.
Hutter, Florence M. Henke
Hutter, Harvey R.
Jenkins, Natalie R
Jenkins, Orris D
Jenkins, Orris D.
Johansen, Jane Kerstine
Johansen, Anekerstine
Johansen, Frederick
Johnson, James B.
Johnson, James B
Kaiser, Anna Lund
Kaiser, Harold R.
Kaiser, Anna Lund
Kaiser, Harold R
Kantorowicz, Anna Grams
Kantorowicz, Anna Grams
Kantorowicz, John
Kauffman, Anna
Kauffman, Gusta
Kauffman, Otto
Kauffman, Anna
Kauffman, August
Kauffman, Gusta
Kauffman, Henrietta
Kauffman, Otto
Ketteler, Emma E. Scharnberg
Ketteler, Henry A.
Killam, Carol A. Veenendaal
Killam, Glenn H
Killam, Kimble P
Killam, Kimble P.
Killam, Lori Ann
Kirst, Lois L
Klavon, Bertha
Klavon, Gottlieb and Caroline
Klavon, L.J. Marie
Klavon, W.F.
Klavon, Bertha
Klavon, Caroline
Klavon, Gottlieb
Klavon, L. Marie
Klavon, Rosna M. B
Klavon, W. F
Klavon, William Jr
Klettka, Male Infant
Klettka, infant
Klettke family stone
Klettke, Edward W
Klettke, Hazel
Klettke, Minnie
Knight, Frank B.
Knight, Jessie M.
Knight, Sarah Frances
Knight, Frank B
Knight, Jessie M
Knight, Sarah Frances
Kohn, Arthur
Kohn, Walter E
Krenzke, Ethel L
Krenzke, Louis F.
Kuffer, Elmer and Florence M.
Lacy, Dow
Lange, Henriette
Lange, J.
Lange, Henriette
Lange, J
Larsen, Nels Christian
Larson, Mary Anderson
Lawson, Henry
Lenz, Herman and Alma H. Jahnke
Lenz, Alma A. Jahnke
Lenz, Herman L.
Lohry, Annie B
Lohry, Elsie Ruth
Lohry, Ernest L
Lohry, Frank G
Lohry, Paul G
Long, Alfred H. and Elva F. Lenz
Long, August and Ida
Long, Edward E. and Marian A.
Long, Fred
Long, John H. and Ella E.
Long, Minnie
Long, William A.
Long, Alfred H.
Long, August
Long, Donald E
Long, Edward E.
Long, Ella E
Long, Fred
Long, Glenn A.
Long, Ida
Long, John H.
Long, Lillian Hughes
Long, Marian A. Van Doren
Long, Minnie
Long, William A
Long,Elva E. Lenz
Lovejoy, Albert C.
Lovejoy, Eunice S.
Lovejoy, Mary A.
Lovejoy, Albert G
Lovejoy, Mary A
Lowe, Laura M
Lund, George
Lund, Unclear
Lund, Abbie
Lund, James F
Mackford Union Cemetery Sign,  
Malitzke, Martin and Pauline
Malitzke, Martin
Malitzke, Pauline
Manley, Amasa M. and Family
Manley, Sarah
Manley, Amasa M.
Manley, Cephas
Manley, Phebe
Manley, Sarah
Marks, Harold and Harry
Marks, Frank
Marks, Harold
Marks, Harry
Marks, Ida
Marks, Joseph F.
Marks, Tena F. Feldt
Martin, Brianna Lynn
Mccracken, B.
Mccracken, Harriet
Mccracken, Maggie
Mccracken, Unclear
McCracken, Harriet
McCracken, J. H
McCracken, Maggie
McCracken, R
Mcdonald, Samuel
Mcdonald, Unclear
McDonnald, Samuel
Mclarson, Mary
Menke, Frank W. and Edna W.
Menke, Russel R.
Menke, Edna W
Menke, Frank W.
Menke, Russel R
Meyer, August and Albertina
Meyer, Ernest H.
Meyer, Helene
Meyer, Walter E.
Meyer, Albertina
Meyer, August
Meyer, Edward A.
Meyer, Ernest F
Meyer, Ernest H
Meyer, Helene
Meyer, Henry R
Meyer, James E
Meyer, Mary Ann Hare
Meyer, Walter E
Mielke, Evelyn E
Mielke, Frederick J
Mielke, Minnie M
Mielke, Roger
Mielke, Wilbert F.
Miller, Cassandra Lynn
Miller, Donald E. and Lisa M.
Miller, Howard
Miller, Donald E.
Miller, Howard
Miller, Lester E.
Miller, Lisa M
Miller, Lynn
Miller, Mildred M. Mielke
Ness, Alice D
Ness, Gilman C
Ness, Gilman C.
Ness, Nels G.
Ness, Virginia R
Neuman, Arleen M.
Neuman, Arnold H.
Neuman, Herman C. and Mary A.
Neuman, Arleen M
Newman, Herman C.
Newman, Mary A
Oliver, Cordelia W
Oliver, Eileen J
Oliver, Gary L
Oliver, Shirley A
Olsen, Anna
Olsen, Augusta
Olsen, Ferd
Olsen, James
Olsen, John F
Olsen, Kate
Olsen, Marie
Olveda, Estela Morales
Olveda, Raul E.
Orvis, Maryann
Orvis, Oliver
Orvis, Wm. S. and Family
Orvis, Hiel F
Orvis, Oliver
Orvis, Servilla C
Owen, June
Parks, Unclear Female
Parks, Carrie Belle
Patchett, Donald F
Patchett, Frank
Patchett, Ruth M
Paton, Mary
Paton, William
Paton, William
Perrine, Adelbert
Perrine, Mary A.
Perrine, Myra D.
Perrine, Nancy A.
Perrine, Unclear and Catherine
Perrine, Adelbert
Perrine, father
Perrine, Mary A
Perrine, mother
Perrine, Myra L
Perrine, Nancy
Perry, Ellen Davids
Perry, Ellen Davids
Porterfield, Bruce E.
Porterfield, Edith G
Prill, Fred W.
Prill, Irene A
Prill, Lloyd F.
Prill, Patricia J
Prochnow, Infant Girl
Prochnow, Milan Helene
Rabehl, Augusta
Rabehl, Elmer
Rabehl, Frank F.
Rabehl, Fredrich M.
Rabehl, Augusta
Rabehl, Elmer
Rabehl, Frank F
Rabehl, Fredrich M
Radel, Lillian R. Lohry
Radel, Raymond J.
Rasmussen, Lars
Rector, A.L.
Rector, Caroline
Rector, Catherine
Rector, Harriet
Rector, Sarah M.
Rector, Scott
Rector, William H.
Rector, A. L
Rector, Caroline
Rector, Catherine
Rector, Harriet
Rector, Sarah M
Rector, Scott
Rector, William H
Reid, Harriett
Reid, Peter
Reid, Harriet A
Reid, Peter
Rhode, Doris A
Rhode, Herman F.
Richards, Emily
Richards, Lizetta
Richards, Lucy Etta
Richards, Thomas and Wives
Richards, Unclear
Richards, Ann
Richards, Ann.
Richards, baby
Richards, Bert
Richards, Gladys
Richards, Hettie
Richards, Jay
Richards, John
Richards, Lizetta
Richards, Lucy Etta
Richards, Maude L
Richards, Susannah
Richards, Thomas
Rick, John
Rick, John
Rinshaw, Thomas
Rinshaw, Thomas
Rivers, Rebekah Sarah
Robinson, Carl W. and Bessie M.
Robinson, Fred A. and Family
Robinson, Jane A.
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, P.
Robinson, Paul
Robinson, S.
Robinson, Bessie M
Robinson, Carl W.
Robinson, Edwin
Robinson, Jane A
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Paul
Robinson, Paul.
Robinson, S
Robinson, unclear
Robinson, Williamy
Rockafeller, Mary Jane
Roll, Glen V
Rowe, Ella M. Ruenger
Rowe, Merritt L.
Ruenger family stone
Ruenger, Louise
Ruenger, Richard
Ruenger, William
Ruenger, Bertha M. Biesenthal
Ruenger, Carl W
Ruenger, Christiana
Ruenger, Gustav O.
Ruenger, Herman A
Ruenger, Louise
Ruenger, Louise.
Ruenger, Ludwig
Ruenger, Myrtle Grams
Ruenger, Richard H
Ruenger, Roy
Ruenger, William
Rupnow, August
Rupnow, Fredericka
Russell, Bessie
Russell, Unclear
Russell, Abbie
Scallon, Leo F
Scallon, Leo Francis
Schafer, Pollie E. Folsom
Schelter, Joseph P. and Hazel B.
Schelter, Joseph S. and Elizabeth Bernke
Schelter, Elizabeth Bernke
Schelter, Hazel B
Schelter, Joseph P.
Schelter, Joseph S.
Schmidt, August
Schmidt, Friederik
Schmidt, Henry H
Schmidt, Molly A
Schmuhl, Lloyd
Schmuhl, Marcelette Berg
Schoschnik, William
Schosghnik, William Jr
Schram, Richard L. and Roma A.
Schram, Richard L.
Schram, Roma A
Schultz, Joyce M. Koshnick
Schultz, Sheldon H.
Schulz, Ronald A.
Schulz, Vivian E. Monroe
Shaler, Ansel
Shaler, Clara
Shaler, Clara A.
Shaler, Sally
Shaler, Ansel
Shaler, Clara
Shaler, Sally
Shaw, Matilda
Shaw, Unclear
Shaw, Unclear Female
Shaw, William J.
Shaw, Abbie B
Shaw, Matilda
Shaw, Wm. J
Sherwood, Anna Grey and James Pratt
Sherwood, Blanch Adell Stewart
Sherwood, Blanche
Sherwood, Chas. W.
Sherwood, George
Sherwood, Harriet
Sherwood, J.
Sherwood, Lorinda
Sherwood, Moses W. and Cynthia
Sherwood, Olin
Sherwood, Unclear
Sherwood, Anna Grey
Sherwood, Blanch Adell Stewart
Sherwood, Blanche
Sherwood, Charles W
Sherwood, Cynthia
Sherwood, Eunice S
Sherwood, George W
Sherwood, Harriet
Sherwood, James Pratt
Sherwood, Jennie B
Sherwood, Lorinda
Sherwood, Moses W.
Sherwood, Olin
Sherwood, Wilber
Shillinglaw, David Thomas
Siewert, Herbert and Dorothy J.
Siewert, Michael and Debbie
Siewert, Dorothy J. Ebert
Siewert, Herbert L.
Siewert, Jeffery B
Siewert, Michael
Simmonds, Eleanor M
Simmonds, Robert E.
Smith, Cora A.
Smith, Dayton L.
Smith, Henry D.
Smith, L. Ellory
Smith, Lucius E. and Family
Smith, Cora A
Smith, Dayton L
Smith, Donald V
Smith, Henry D
Smith, Inez
Smith, L. Ellory
Smith, Lucius E.
Smith, Sarah S.
Sorenson family stone
Sorenson, Clarence H
Sorenson, Dora
Sorenson, Nels C
Sorenson, Sena B
Soule Josua,
Soule, Hannah
Soule, Henry A.
Soule, James A.
Soule, Joseph
Soule, Joseph L.
Soule, Joshua
Soule, Judith H.
Soule, Mary H.
Soule, Willis B.
Soule, Hannah
Soule, Henry A
Soule, James A
Soule, Joseph
Soule, Judith
Soule, Mary I
Soule, Willis E
Stapes, Clifford G
Stapes, Fern
Stapes, infant
Staples, Dorothy
Staples, Frances I. Bharnes
Staples, John D.
Staples, Marvin W.
Stewart, Chas. B.
Stewart, Clara May
Stewart, Naoma
Stewart, Charles E
Stewart, Clara May
Stewart, Naoma
Strelow, Joyce
Strelow, Joyce
Sturtz, Bernice L. Van Doren
Sturtz, Reinhardt
Sturtz, Reinhardt.
Tagatz, Arthur R.
Tagatz, J.
Tagatz, Arthur R
Tagatz, Jul
Ter Laan, Allen L
TerLaan, Allen L
Theune, Raymond P. and Winnifred A. Baker
Theune, Raymond P.
Theune, Winnifred A. Baker
Towle, James
Towle, Mary Arvilla
Towle, Theordore
Towne, James
Towne, Unclear
Towne, Unclear Arvilla
Vader, Meritt
Vader, Meritt
Van Doren, Lyle L.
Van Doren, Sam N. and Rose L.
Van Doren, Delores E. Briese
Van Doren, Gerald
Van Doren, Irene
Van Doren, Rose L
Van Doren, Sam N.
Van Doren, Samuel J
Van Dorn, Lyle L
Vesper, Ella
Vesper, Ella
Wadleigh, Samuel and Lucy
Wadleigh, Edith
Wadleigh, Lucy
Wadleigh, Samuel
Wagner, Clara
Wagner, Edwin
Waltenberry, Shannon C
Washburn, Henry L.
Washburn, Henry L
Weber, Gustave H.
Weber, James
Weber, Martha Craigen
Weigand, Unclear
Wellcome, John and Hannah
Wellcome, John B.
Wellcome, John B
Wellens, Bernice E
Wellens, George M.
Wendlandt, Nova R. Yerk
Wendlandt, Raymond E
Wentworth, Clarance
Wentworth, Clarence A
Whitney, John C.
Whitney, Joshua S. and Harris, Phebe J.
Whitney, Lucy C.
Whitney, Harris
Whitney, John C
Whitney, Lucy C
Whitney, Phebe J
Wilke, Amos Herman
Wilke, Josephine
Wilke, Amos Herman
Wilke, Josephine
Wilke, Mark R
Willard, A.
Willard, Ambrose
Willard, Ella A.
Willard, Olive
Willard, Eleanor M
Willard, Ella A
Willard, Julia B.
Willard, Olive D
Willard, Olive E
Wolf, Stephen Paul
Wolf, Stephen Paul
Wolfgram, Frederick M.
Wolfgram, Sophia and Bertha
Wolfgram, Bertha
Wolfgram, Sophia
Wolfrram, Frederick M
Wood, C.
Wood, Norman I.
Wood, G.A
Wood, Julia
Wood, Norman
Yerk, Augusta
Yerk, Fred
Yerk, Henry
Yerk, Marvin C
Yerk, Wilhelmine
Za Pater, Wilma
Zabel, Bernard L.
Zabel, Verlynn L.
Zabel, Wilma Pater
Zabel, Bernard L
Zabel, Verlynn L
Zick, Albertina
Zick, Charles
Zick, Friedrich Wilhelm
Zick, Herman
Zick, Albertina
Zick, Charles
Zick, Frederich
Zick, Herman
Zick, Herman.
Zick, Wilhelmina
Zuhlke, John W

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

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