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Fond du Lac County
Marshfield Township (Mt Calvary)
Holy Cross Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet !    Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Abhold, Agnes F. and Leander J
Abhold, Martha
Abhold, Ottilia
Abhold, Peter J
Abhold, Steven J
Abler, Gregor
Abler, Alexander M
Abler, Alois E
Abler, Aquilin and Lillian
Abler, Aquilin J
Abler, Armella M
Abler, Clemens and Genevieve
Abler, Clemens N
Abler, Flora
Abler, Gregor
Abler, Irene
Abler, J. Joseph and M. Rosina
Abler, John and Family
Abler, John and Johanna
Abler, Jos
Abler, Kenneth G
Abler, Lawrence A
Abler, Mary Helen
Abler, Mathias and Catherine
Abler, Myrtle
Abler, Nicholas J. and Gertrude
Abler, Nicholas
Abler, Nicholaus
Abler, Norbert and Marcella
Abler, Norbert J
Abler, Norbert V. and Irene
Abler, Norman J
Abler, Patricia M. (Stone Plate)
Abler, Philip J. and Christina
Abler, Richard and Erma
Abler, Stephen S. and Rosa A
Abler, Sylvin and Rose M
Aigner, Frank X. and Augusta
Annen, Peter and Katharina
Apfelbeck, Eva
Apfelbeck, Martin
Apfelbeck, Theresa
Aspirant, Sophie Puetz
Atkinson, Max and Myrtle
Atkinson, Maxwell and Pauline
Atkinson, Willard and Lotus
Baasen, Dr. John M. and Caroline
Baker, Jacob
Baldock, Brenda
Baldock, Infant
Baumgartner, Evelyn
Baumgartner, John J
Baus, Angela
Baus, Martin and Family
Beau, Agnes
Beau, andrew
Beau, Anna
Beau, John L
Beau, Leo J
Beau, Orlena A
Beau, Otto
Benedict, Mathew and Flora
Berens, Lorenz
Berenz, andrew and Rose
Berenz, Anna
Berenz, Joseph and Family
Berenz, Richard L
Bergs, Peter and Mathilda
Bernard, Anton
Bernard, Elizabeth
Bernard, Magdalena
Beyer, Albert J
Beyer, Anthony and Agatha
Beyer, Carl
Beyer, Edmund and Lorraine
Beyer, Emma
Beyer, Gertrud
Beyer, John
Beyer, Kunigunda
Beyer, Laverne A. (Vern) and Mary Jean Thome
Beyer, Marian
Beyer, Peter and Family
Beyer, Rev. Joseph
Beyer, Thomas
Bierschbach, Johann P. and Elizabeth
Birkhauser, Adolph J
Birkhauser, Johanna
Birkhauser, John J
Birkhauser, Margaret R
Birkhauser, Ralph J
Birscgbach, John P. L. and Mary A
Birscgbach, Robert and Clara
Birschbach - Hilt, Nick and Family
Birschbach, Agatha
Birschbach, Alfred and Florence
Birschbach, Aloys P. and Olive F
Birschbach, Anton
Birschbach, Clemens and Stella
Birschbach, Donna Detorre
Birschbach, Gertrude
Birschbach, Jerome B
Birschbach, Joseph and Family
Birschbach, Lawrence and Family
Birschbach, Lester J. and Family
Birschbach, Raymond G. and Family
Birschbach, Simon and Rose M
Birschbach, Walter J. and Antonia R
Birschbach, William and Anna
Bittner, Benedict and Julia
Bittner, Edward
Bittner, Julia A
Bittner, Leo
Bittner, Susan Marie
Bittner, Theresia
Blanck, August H
Blaylock, Donald E. and Joan M
Blaylock, Joann
Bleuel, Family
Blomfeldt, Forbert and Dorothy
Blomfeldt, Keith and Kevin
Blonien, Felix P. and Nellie O
Blonien, Marie
Blonigen, Alvina
Blonigen, Anna
Blonigen, Catherine
Blonigen, Engelbert and Anna
Blonigen, Fred J
Blonigen, Harvey A
Blonigen, Henry and Family
Blonigen, Ida L
Blonigen, J
Blonigen, Jacob
Blonigen, Johann
Blonigen, John
Blonigen, Regina
Blonigen, Unclear
Blonigen, William
Boehlen, Joseph and Mary
Boehnlein, David and Esther
Boles, Susan Miesen
Bord, Bartlie and Mary
Bord, Edward
Bord, Fred W. and Josephine
Bord, Katherine
Bord, Marcella
Bord, Mathias and Mary
Bourgeois, Maria
Bourgeois, Mathias and Family
Braun, Arnold
Braun, Charlotte M
Braun, George
Braun, Margaret
Braun, Maria A
Braun, Michael and Bertha
Braun, Orville
Brenner, Albin
Brenner, Anthony and Mildred
Brenner, Anton and Katherine
Brenner, Benno and Adelaide
Brenner, Bernard N. and Jeanette T
Brenner, Conrad
Brenner, Delphine
Brenner, John and Rosa
Brenner, Julie Lynn
Brenner, Mary Ann
Brenner, Walter and Albin
Brenner, Walter N
Brenner, Zenz
Bruett, Joseph
Bruns, Gilbert and Arabelle
Buechel, Elmer W. and Verna M
Buechel, John and Louise
Buechel, John P. and Anna M
Burg, Jodi
Butz, Unclear and Unclear
Carter, Maria
Casper, Camilla E. and Abler, Patricia M
Cemetery View
Cross, Maria A
Dais, Elmer F. and Eileen E
Darnieder, Eberhardt
Darnieder, Katharina
Darnieder, Mary R
Del Vecchio, Peter and Jean
Dietzen, Mathias and Unclear
Dietzen, Mathias
Ditter, Family
Dreifuerst, Albert and Family
Dreifuerst, Anton and Alma
Dreifuerst, Daniel and Louisa
Dreifuerst, Eugene L
Dreifuerst, Ferdinand
Dreifuerst, Phillip and Catharina
Ebertz, Gregor
Eberz, Katharina
Enders, Boniface and Catherine
Enders, Francis E
Enders, Frank and Joseph
Enders, Joseph H. and Christina
Enders, Joseph P. and Clara
Enders, Margaretta
Enders, Sylvester and Marcella
Engel, Lawrence and Family
Ering, Johann
Foy, Joseph and Family
Foy, Thomas M. and Laura M
Fritz, Albert J
Fritz, Carrie E
Fritz, George and Walburga
Fritz, Henry Edward
Fritz, Henry
Fritz, Jerome Anthony
Fritz, Mary Rose
Fuchs, Barbara
Fuchs, Christian and Anna Eva
Fuchs, Henry
Fuchs, Kathren
Galligan, Beth Ann
Gerhartz, Franz
Gerhartz, Josephine
Gesellschen, Gertrud
Gilgenbach, Mathias and Maria
Gilles, Gertrude
Gilles, John
Gilles, Peter S
Goedbeez, Unclear
Gresens, Herman
Greuel, Anna Maria
Greuel, Heinrich
Gross, Mathias
Guelig, George C. and Laura A
Guelig, Margareth
Guelig, Mathias
Guelig, Vernon
Guiden, Victoria Leigh
Gundert, Edna
Gundert, Gerard
Gundert, John P. and Kathleen E
Gundert, Mathias
Gundert, Peter and Family
Gundert, Peter
Habermann, Mathias H
Habermann, Matt H. and Clara C
Hacker, Nancy B
Haegenbach, Nickolaus
Haensgen, Anton and M. Elizabeth
Haensgen, Elvina
Haensgen, Eugene and Georgine (Infants)
Haensgen, Joseph and Catherine
Haensgen, Margaret
Haensgen, Margareth
Haensgen, Michael
Haensgen, Peter and Gertrude C
Haensgen, Peter
Haensgen, Robert A
Haensgen, Unclear Male
Hahn, Clarence and Henrietta
Halter, Alphonse
Halter, Rose
Hansen, Cornelius
Hansen, George and Anna M
Hansen, Joseph and Elisabeth
Hartogh, Bernard and Agnes
Heansgen, Harold E
Heimermann, August
Heimermann, Ludwina
Heimermann, Rita
Heimermann, Thomas
Helf, Gertrude
Hellman, Emil and Marie
Hellmann, Emil F
Helz, Alfred
Helz, Doris M
Helz, Leander Frank
Helz, Stanley A
Hennen and Lafontain Family
Hennen, John and Katharina
Hennen, Peter Joseph
Hess, Margaretha
Hettwer, Ida and Alvina
Hilt, Leonard
Hochrein, Susan
Holzmann, Anna M
Holzmann, Beverly R
Holzmann, Clarence M. and Family
Holzmann, Darrel R
Holzmann, Elizabeth
Holzmann, Elmer H. and Helen M
Holzmann, Frank E. and Dorathea M
Holzmann, Henry J. and Rosa G
Holzmann, Johann J
Holzmann, Mathias and Catherine M
Holzmann, Ralph and Lucille
Huberty, andrew
Huberty, Anna M
Huberty, Anna
Huberty, Clarence and Marie
Huberty, Joseph L. and Terry L
Huberty, M
Huberty, Margaret
Huberty, Milton C
Huberty, Raymond and Erma
Jacobs, Catherina
Johannes, Albert Wm
Johannes, John (2)
Johannes, John
Johannes, Nicholas
Johannes, Peter J
Johannes, Susanna
Johnson, Berniece
Kaiser, Dick P
Kaiser, Eugene and Nicella
Kaiser, Gerald and Julia
Kaiser, John J
Kaltenecker, Frank and Mary
Karls, Nicole
Karst, Albert C
Karst, Joseph F
Karst, Josephine
Karst, Louis
Keifenheim, David A. and Family
Keifenheim, David A
Keifenheim, Gary Elroy (Whole Stone)
Keifenheim, Gary Elroy
Keifenheim, Gordon J. and Winifred
Keifenheim, Gordon J
Keifenheim, Howard and Frances
Keifenheim, Mark W. and Michele Schmitz
Kempf, Daniel
Kempf, Fridolen and Anna
Kempf, J. Adam and Unclear
Kempf, Unclear Theresa
Keuler, Alvina A. Weber
Keuler, Anton
Keuler, Erna E
Keuler, Henry J
Keuler, Louis
Keuler, Margaret
Keuler, Marian
Klensch, Kathleen R. (Leany)
Knaus, Anton and Regina
Kobelke, Oscar P. and Loyola E. Haensgen
Kobelke, Peter P
Koch, Catherine
Koch, Theresa
Koch, William
Koehler, Mollie Claire
Koenen, Albert N. and Julia M
Koenigs, Abbie
Koenigs, Albert A. and Martha M
Koenigs, Anna Adeline
Koenigs, Anton
Koenigs, Father and Mother
Koenigs, Johann and Anna K
Koenigs, John J. and Family
Koenigs, John P. and Marie
Koenigs, Joseph and Gertrude
Koenigs, Maria A
Koenigs, Mathilda
Koenigs, Ottilia
Koenigs, Unclear
Kohli, Adolph and Ella
Kohli, Maria M
Kohlman, Felix M
Kohlmann, Benedict and Victoria
Kohlmann, Benedict
Kohlmann, Felix M. and Clara L
Kohlmann, Karl F. and Johanna
Kohlmann, Richard
Kommers, Adolph
Kommers, Joseph M
Kommers, Mathias and Margaret
Kommers, Unclear
Konen, Peter A. and Anna M
Kraemer, Margaret M
Kraus, Jerome
Kraus, William V. and Family
Kronec, Unclear
Krones, Elizabeth
Krones, Johann
Kummer, Franz
Kummer, Mary A
Lanser, Mathias and Family
Lanser, Peter and Family
Lefeber, John J
Lefeber, Gary Lee
Lefeber, Hubert
Lefeber, Peter and Apolonia
Lefeber, Theresa and Margaret
Leon, Edward C
Leon, Harvey
Leon, Joseph and Cornelia
Leon, Joseph Mathew
Loehr, Anton
Loehr, Daniel A
Loehr, Elgen
Loehr, Henry and Family
Loehr, Mildred
Loehr, Raymond H. and Loretta E
Maerz, Theresia
Mahnke, Gertrude W
Mamer, Sister Mary Theodore
Mand, Peter and Eleanora
Mand, Stephan and Maria K
Mannenbach, Aloysius P
Mannenbach, Elizabeth F
Mannenbach, Frank P
Mannenbach, Jacob
Mannenbach, John and Gertrude
Mannenbach, John S. and Family
Mannenbach, Leo
Mathewson, Bruce C
Mathewson, Moireen F
Mehler, Adam and Family
Merten, Clemens and Family
Meuer, Magdalena
Michels, Anna M
Michels, Anna
Michels, Henry
Michels, Johann and Unclear
Michels, Johann P. and Elisabeth
Michels, John J
Michels, Katharina
Michels, Louis
Michels, Mary
Michels, Peter J
Michels, Peter
Miesen, Frank and Marie
Miesen, John W. and John
Miesen, Marie A
Miesen, Mathias and Margaret
Miesen, Mathias J. and Maria
Miesen, Mathias
Mieson, Charles
Mieson, Christina
Mieson, Veronica and Family
Mihm, Albert and Clara
Mihm, Alfred B
Mihm, Ervin A. and Barbara
Mihm, Joseph R
Mihm, Mary A
Mihm, Odelia Rieder and Carol Jean
Miller, Dennis
Miller, Jos. and Viola
Mischo, Jacob and Katherine
Mohr, Alfred M
Mohr, Benedict F
Mohr, Jacob
Mohr, Maria K
Mohr, Mary A
Molitor, Nikolaus and Anna
Morgan, Claude W
Morgan, Eileen F
Morgen, Anthony and Family
Morgen, Julius
Morgen, Nick and Josephine (2)
Morgen, Nicklous
Morget, Earl and Helen
Mueller, Arthur H
Mullen, Rosemary A. Helz
Mutz, Dolores Braun
Neis, Anna M
Neis, Anton
Neis, Emily Mary
Neis, Gregor
Neis, Henry and Amanda
Neis, John and Margaret
Neis, Marian
Neis, Mary
Neis, Mathias and Anna M
Neis, Peter
Neis, Wilhelmina
Nett, Arnold J. and Lucille A
Oakley, Chester
Ochs, Georg
Ochs, Johann
Ochs, Katharine
Oherr, Nicolas Cordus
Olig, Anna
Olig, Ervin R
Olig, Frank and Amanda
Olig, Nicholaus
Olig, Shannon Lynn and Ashley Patricia
Olson, Bennet
Petri, Anton
Petrie, Anna Brenner
Petrie, Anna M
Petrie, Frank J. and Dorothy E
Petrie, Marvin and Dorothy
Petrie, Walter and Catherine
Pfeil, Allan D. and Ruth N
Pickart, Albert and Mildred
Pickart, Engelbert and Anna
Pickart, Ernest J. Sr
Pickart, Evelyn C. Schneider
Pickart, Harvey A. and Ann A
Pickart, Harvey J. and Irene E
Pickart, Isabella
Pickart, Jerome and Dolores
Pickart, Joseph
Pickart, Laverne C
Pickart, Louis
Pickart, Michael
Pickart, Rosina
Pickart, William
Pitzen, Joseph and Esther
Pizarek, M. Giovanna
Pronold, George and Family
Quackenboss, Allen and Catherine
Rahmer, Charles A
Reis, Theodore and Family
Reuter, A
Reuter, Bartholomew and Family
Rieden, Albert and Agnes
Rieden, Anna M
Rieden, Anna
Rieden, Hubert and Katherine
Rieden, Hubert
Rieden, Johann J
Rieden, Peter and Julia
Rieder, Hubert
Rieder, Katharina
Rieder, Katharine
Rieder, Martha
Rieder, Nicholas and Family
Rieder, Peter and Family(1)
Rieder, Peter and Family
Rieder, Rudolph and Family
Rieder, Unclear and Frances
Ries, Joseph
Rohr, Mathias
Rolman, Seurer, Abler and Heimerman Family
Rothgery, Anton and Mary
Rothgery, Ella
Sabel, Edward and Elizabeth
Sabel, Edwin J. and Valeria M. Holzmann
Sabel, George K
Sabel, Nicholas and Agnes A
Sabel, Nicholas W
Sabel, Pfc. George K. and Pfc. Nicholas W
Salchert, Ambrose E
Salchert, John
Salchert, Margareth
Schaefer, Francis F. and Family
Schaefer, Frank and Family
Schaefer, Fred and Emma
Schaefer, John
Schaefer, Mary
Schaefer, Peter and Elizabeth
Schaefer, Peter J
Schaefer, Sister Mary Fidelis
Schaub, Appolonia
Schaub, Benno F
Schaub, Joseph J. and Anna M
Schaub, Killian and Franziska
Schaub, Margaretha Mihm
Schmidlkofer, Frances
Schmidlkofer, Mathew and Family
Schmidlkoffer, andrew
Schmidlkoffer, Frank
Schmidlkoffer, John
Schmidlkoffer, Mary
Schmidtz, Eva
Schmitt, andrew
Schmitt, Ronald J
Schmitz, Alvina
Schmitz, Anton and Agnes
Schmitz, Dorothy
Schmitz, Elizabeth
Schmitz, Elmer and Ludina
Schmitz, Emily M
Schmitz, Ermine
Schmitz, Ester Earl Marie
Schmitz, Gertrud
Schmitz, Herman J
Schmitz, Lois
Schmitz, Lydia
Schmitz, Mathias and Eva
Schmitz, Mathias and Ottilia
Schmitz, Melvin M
Schmitz, Peter
Schmitz, Wilhelm
Schmitzberger, Magdalene
Schneider, Bartholomaus and Mathias
Schneider, Jacob L. and Anna K
Schneider, Johann and Margaretha
Schneider, Joseph and Rosa K
Schneider, Leroy F. and Arlyn J
Schneider, Norbert C
Schneider, Richard J. (Ricky)
Schneider, Unclear and Marian
Schrage, A. Barbara
Schrage, Albert and Family
Schrage, Albert L. and Emma J
Schrage, August F
Schrage, C. Ludwig
Schrage, Charles A
Schrage, Conrad
Schrage, Cornel and Anna
Schrage, James and Rosemary
Schrage, Joseph
Schrage, Juliana
Schrage, Karl P
Schrage, Neal and Virginia
Schrage, Richard
Schrage, Sherri Lynn
Schroeder, M. A
Schulte, Mother Mary Rose
Schumaker, Peter H
Schuster, John
Schuster, Martina M
Schuster, Matthew and Family
Seibel, Amy M
Sesing, Alois and Margaret
Sesing, Charles (Chuck)
Sesing, Corey J. and Family
Sesing, Reynold and Leo
Seuirer, Phillip and Antonette
Seurer, Joseph and Alma
Seurer, Joseph J
Seurer, Michael
Seurer, Unclear and Margaret
Shoemaker, Peter H
Simon, Stephen and Caroline
Sippel, Alfonse and Virginia
Sippel, Alfred and Clare
Sippel, Amelia
Sippel, Anna M
Sippel, Anna Maria and Family
Sippel, August and Isabella Lefeber
Sippel, Benedict F
Sippel, Eleanor
Sippel, Father Felix
Sippel, Felix and Helen
Sippel, Ferdinand and Gertrude
Sippel, Francis R. and Rose
Sippel, George and Elizabeth
Sippel, J. Adam
Sippel, John
Sippel, Joseph
Sippel, M. Barbara
Sippel, Raymond F. and Lyda A
Sippel, Robert F. (Bob) and Virginia R. (Ginny)
Sippel, Robert G
Sippel, Unclear Female
Sippel, William and Frances
Steffes, August and Frances
Steffes, Benedict and Virginia
Steffes, Donald and Martina
Steffes, Edwin J. and Catherine
Steffes, Johann
Steffes, Joseph and Maria
Steffes, Katharina
Steffes, Louis A
Steffes, Mildred and Leona
Steffes, Ralph J. and Eileen H
Steinmetz, Marie
Steinmetz, Nikolaus
Stephany, David H
Stephany, Esther
Stephany, Henry and Frances
Stephany, Raymond and Family
Stiefvater, Ben N
Stollenwerk, Albert and Catherine
Stollenwerk, Joseph and Mary
Stroberg, Henry A. and Edna M
Suprenand, Eucled and Marie R
Thelen, Peter
Thome, Alois V
Thome, Dennis P. and Caroline G
Thuermer, Anna
Thuermer, Joseph
Thuermer, William and Catherine
Thurmers, Gertrude
Tiemann, Ted Jr. and Rita Camille
Tiemann, Theodore and Rose
Tober, Duane G. and Diane M
Tuepper, Henry
Tupper, Anna Margaretha
Tupper, John
Unger, Richard J. and Jean M. Brenner
Utschig, Anthony F. and Christine W
Utschig, August
Utschig, Oliva
Vanderbloemen, Anton and Margaretha
Voell, Norman F. and Donna L
Voell, Paul
Voell, Peter
Wagner, Agnes Helz
Wagner, Albert and Cora
Wagner, Anna Maria
Wagner, Anna
Wagner, Anton and Cecilia
Wagner, Barbara
Wagner, Children
Wagner, Christian
Wagner, Clemens J. and Serena E
Wagner, Edwin B. and John
Wagner, Elizabeth
Wagner, Johann and Maria
Wagner, Johann
Wagner, John and Gertrude
Wagner, Joseph L
Wagner, Nick
Wagner, Norma
Wagner, Peter and Anna
Wagner, Raymond and Estelle
Wagner, Timothy
Walber, Germaine
Walber, Marie
Weber, Albert and Alvina
Weber, Anton
Weber, Donald C
Weber, Harry and Olive
Weber, Leroy H. (Military Stone)
Weber, Leroy H. and Rita M. Blatz
Weber, Merle A
Weber, Nickolas and Julia
Weber, William and Barbara
Weinreuter, Herman
Weinreuter, Victor
Werschem, Elisabetha
Werschem, Wm
West, Sister Jeanne Marie
Will, Gregor A. and Leona
Will, Odelia
Wingers, Leo and Veronic
Wirigs, Gertrud
Wirigs, Unclear
Wirth, Bertha M. Schrage
Wirth, Eugene Joseph
Wirth, John A
Wirth, Joseph and Clara
Wirth, Louise
Wirth, Michael J. and Mary A
Wirth, William M
Wirtz, Herman and Regina
Wurm, Anton F. and Mary

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

ProjectCopyright Notice: These generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery. The source for many of the cemetery names and placenames on these pages come from Cemetery Locations in Wisconsin, 3rd edition, compiled by Linda M. Herrick and Wendy K. Uncapher. The book is published by Origins at 4327 Milton Ave. Janesville, WI 53546. All files on this site are copyrighted by their creator and/or contributor. They may be linked to but may not be reproduced on another site without specific permission from Tina Vickery [] and/or their contributor. Although public information is not in and of itself copyrightable, the format in which they are presented, the notes and comments, etc., are. It is however, quite permissable to print or save the files to a personal computer for personal use ONLY.

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