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Dodge County
Washington Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Achammer, Glenn C
Achammer, Glenn C. and Rita M
Albrecht, Eugene C. (Gene) and Marjorie E
Albrecht, William and Gertrude W
Albreght, Arthur J. and Mary
Aldinger, Clarence and Ethel
Aldinger, Robert L
Allen, Robert W. and Jeannette
Anderson, Chris G. and Avis M
Appenfelder, Heinrich
Archie, Albert
Archie, Arthur James
Archie, Bertha
Archie, Bessie May
Archie, infant
Archie, James and Martha Hoffman
Archie, James J
Archie, Mary E
Austin, Emma and family
Bakken, Roger D. and Susan M
Ballentine, Lloyd H. and Dorothy
Bartz, Carl and Babe
Bartz, Julius A. and Mary E
Bartz, Nancy L
Bartz, William H
Baumann, Otto
Baumann, Edwin H
Baumann, Harley J. and Leona V
Baxter, Narcissus and Elizabeth
Behling, Oscar and Emma G
Behring, Carl and Sophia
Behring, Rudolph C. and Adeline A
Behring, Wilhelmine
Behring, William F
Behring, Wm. G. and Rose A
Behringer, Raymond A. and Lottie
Berndt, Arnold E. Jr
Berndt, Arnold W
Berndt, Charles Paul
Berndt, Marjorie L
Berndt, Robert A. and Joan M
Berndt, Russell L
Betlach, John E. and Eleanore
Betlach, Susan Kay
Betry, Charles
Betzold, Rosalie E Bibow
Beul, David
Bibow, David L
Bibow, Lawrence
Bibow, William E. and Mary Jane
Bierchen, Robert and Pearl
Biesop, Arnold
Blank, Carl A
Blank, Earl
Blank, Edna and Mary
Blank, Edward and Elsie
Blank, June E
Blank, Otto
Blank, Theodore C
Blank, Theodore D. and Betty Lou
Blank, Viola Clara
Blank, William D
Bleifuss, William and Elsie
Blinn, Caroline
Boese, Ervin F
Boese, family
Boese-Zieroth, Luella M. and Pauline L
Boetcher, Edward R. and family
Bowman, unclear and Mabel
Briggs, George M. and Minerva
Brist, Lemuel C
broetzman, Oscar and Phyllis
Broitzman, Joanne B
Brookins, Aaron
Brookins, Emmet
Brookins, G. Fred
Brookins, James
Brookins, Sopmbomoa
Broome, Arthur A. and Margaret A
Brown, Edward H. and Helen A
Brucks, Robert
Bruess, Friedrich and Christin
Brumm, August F.W. and Lena A.
Bump, Catherine
Bump, Walter
Bunts, Donna Mae Callies
Buss, Emil F
Callies, Cecelia C
Callies, Walter
Campbell, Donean
Campbell, Duncan A.
Campbell, Henrietta D.
Capelle, Lorence and Lillie
Ceske, Carl
Chapin, Horace and Melissa
Clark, Dearborn
Clark, Gorder
Clark, Jennie L.
Clark, Mary
Clark, Adams and family
Clark, C. J
Clark, Charles Cyrus
Clark, Charles Joseph and family
Clark, Dearborn
Clark, Ida C. Gorder
Clark, J. A
Clark, Martha Charlotte
Clark, Mary J. Hughes
Clarke, Harold D. and Adeline N
Clarke, Janet
Cone, child
Cone, George M.
Cone, Mary L.
Cone, Sterling G. and Willie
Cone, George
Cone, infant
Cone, Merril
Conklin, A. Rita
Conklin, Earl A
Conklin, George F
Conklin, Ralph L
Conklin, Tessie V
Czaskos, Mia Angel
Dahlke, Herman and Caroline L
Dahnke, Bertram W. and Beatrice M
Dallman, Kenneth C. and Martha A
Dallman, Ray and Elise
Dallman, Robert R
Dallman, Wayne II
Dallmann, August and Christina
Dallmann, Augusta
Dallmann, August and Christina
Dallmann, Augusta
Dallmann, Ferdinand J. and Mary Hoffman
Daye, Vivuian M
Dell, Allen
DeLosh, George A. and Millie
Dempsey, Merril A. and Marilyn A
Deppe, Karl
Deppe, Regina
Deppe, Sophia R.
Deppe, Ervin and Doris
Detert, Herman and Louise M.
Detert, William F. and Louise.
Detert, Anna B
Detert, Herbert and Irene
Detert, Lyla Riege
Detert, William F. and Louise
Dickinson, Harriet
Dietz, Elsie H.W
Dietz, Frank J
Dobberstein, Bertha Roloff
Dobberstein, Emil
Dobberstein, unclear
Doering, Carl
Doering, Ernestine
Doering, Raymond and Jerofine
Doering, Walter and M
Doschades, Charles E
Doschades, Minna
Doschadis, Carl
Doschadis, Caroline
Doschadis, Harold and Alice A
Doschadis, Salma
Draeger, Earl A. and Gladys V
Dressler, Erwin
Duessler, Bennie A
Duessler, Harold
Duessler, Norman
Duessler, Paul and family
Duessler, Peter N
Duessler, Rodney E
Duessler, Violet Joan Schwartz
Dumke, Carl and family
Dumke, unclear
Dunneisen, Frederick and Frieda
Dunneisen, J. Fred (Fritz) and Betty J
Ehrke, Lawrence F. and Ruth J
Else, Henry and Hellen M
Everson, Gordon J. and Shirley A
Faultersack, Leonard W. and family
Feldschneider, Minnie
Feldschneider, W.F.
Fentzlaff, Fred and Minnie
Fentzlaff, William F. and Emma
Fentzlaff, Emil and Aden
Fiebiger, Joseph C. and Bernice
Filter, Carl F. and Anna M
Filter, Robert E. and Donna M
Fischer, Charles A. and Hilda E
Fisher, Minna Valleske
Fisher, Pamela K
Flaherty, Michael J. and Jennifer M
Fleury, Clarence H. and Hazel E
Flint, Joseph and Jane
Follensbee, Frank W. and Marie A
Freund, Robert J. and Mae L
Frey, family
Gaffney, Norbert F. and Mabel M
Gasner, Jay Eric
Gassen, Anthony H. and Arlene C
Gassen, Robert W. and Mabel I
Gay, George H. and M
Geise, Frederick and Martha
Geise, Henry and Rosina
Geise, Alma
Geise, August H. and Frederike
Geise, Fred A. and Elsie
Geise, Harley E. and Martha C
Geise, Robert H. and Lorraine R
Geise, William
Gerbitz, Willard F. and Betty R
Geske, Caroline
Glasgow, Delbert W. and Marilyn A
Gorder, August and Mary
Gorder, August and Mary
Gorder, August F. and Sarah D. Pankow
Gorder, unclear
Gorder, William E. and Elaine
Gottschalk, Bruno H. and Lena
Gottschalk, Carl and Wilhelmin
Gottschalk, Elmer E. and Ailee
Gottschalk, Emil and Arthur
Gottschalk, Henry W. and Helen
Gottschalk, Robert W. and Mary
Gottschalk, Arthur C. and Helen S
Gottschalk, Bruno H. and Lena M
Gottschalk, Carl and Wilhelmine
Gottschalk, Dean
Gottschalk, Elmer and Aileen S
Gottschalk, Henry W. and Helena E
Gottschalk, Robert W. and Mary kay
Gramdorf, Augusta
Greggs, Daniel
Grossman, Eugene R. and Helen M
Gruchow, William and Edna M
Grunewald, Christian and Gusti
Grunewald, August E.W
Grunewald, Augusta J
Grunewald, Carl E
Grunewald, Carl E. Jr
Grunewald, Christian and Gustine
Grunewald, Clarence E
Grunewald, Harold and Gertrude J
Grunewald, Norma M
Grunewald, Otto
Grunewald, Victor R. and Herta F
Grunewald, William and Emilie
Haberman, Martin
Hacht, Frank
Hafenstein, Doratha S.
Hafenstein, August and Caroline
Hafenstein, Edward
Haght, Raymond and unclear
Hahn, Anna
Hahn, August
Hahn, Augusta
Hahn, Clara
Hamlin, Christian
Hamlin, E. Wilhelmine
Hamlin, Fredrick
Hanefeld, Wallace M
Hansche, Floy Bennett
Hanson, Kristian D
Hasele, Louise
Haseleu, Charles and Ernstine.
Haseleu, Frank
Haseleu, Louisa
Haseleu, Mary Klecker
Haseleu, Otto
Haseleu, Edwin C. and unclear
Haseleu, Lillian E
Haseleu, Louisa
Haseleu, Mary Klecker
Haseleu, Otto
Haseleu, Rose
Haseleu, William
Haselew, Johann David
Hayes, Henriette J
Heger, Frank
Heiman, Albert
Heiman, Chris L
Heiman, Du Wayne S. and Dora Helen
Heiman, Larry and Janet
Heiman, Lyle R. and Grace H
Heiman, Marie E
Heiman, Stanley and Lucille
Hein, Edward and Frieda A
Hein, Eugene D. and Marjorie C
Hein, James E
Hein, Jane M
Hein, Richard R. and Barbara A
Hein, Ronald R. (Papa) and Sandra L. (Nana)
Hein, Walter H. and Laura
Heitz, Alvin P. and M. Dorothea Amborn
Helbing, Henry
Heller, Carl and Christine
Heller, Carl C
Heller, Leo
Heller, Theodore Roosevelt
Heller, Victor and Selma
Henke, Frank A. and Caroline
Henning, Erma Orton
Henning, Robert C. and Florence L
Hensler, Andrew
Hensler, Augusta
Hensler, Bernice
Hensler, Carh H. and Ilse E
Hensler, Carl W. and Lauretta K
Hensler, Don W. and June J. (The Mrs.)
Hensler, Donald W
Hensler, E
Hensler, Father
Hensler, Gilbert E
Hensler, Henry and Doris
Hensler, Herman
Hensler, Herman and Ida M
Hensler, Ida
Hensler, Kardel F
Hensler, Laura E
Hensler, Leon
Hensler, Leslie D
Hensler, Mother
Hensler, Roland H. and Dorothy A
Hensler, Ronald P
Hensler, Walter H. and Shirley M
Henz, Wallace David
Hildebrandt, Clarence L. and M. Catherine
Hildebrandt, Earl W. and Lucille G
Hildebrandt, Herman O. and Elsie
Hinz, Ferdenand
Hinz, Louise
Hoard, Bernard and Gertrude
Hoffman, James E. and Virginia A
Hoffmann, August and Augusta
Hoffmann, August and Augusta
Holzhueter, Irvin L. and Grace
Holzhueter, Carlton M. and Dorothy A
Holzhueter, Elmer and Ella
Holzhueter, Irvin L. and Grace L
Holzhueter, Melvin and Betty
Horn, Alph and Arvilla
Horn, Arthur and family
Huebner, Arthur
Huebner, August
Huebner, Mary
Jacobs, Lestle A. and family
Jacobs, William and Adeline
Janisch, Cyril and Alberta R
Janisch, Henry F
Jenni, Walter F. and Lorena L
Jischkowsky, Gloria A
Johnston, Margaret Ellen
Johnston, William C. and Marie E
Kalbovsky, Nathan Jay
Kannenberg, James A. and Joan P
Kanzenbach, Harold P. and Dolores E
Kavanagh, Thelma N
Kayser, Allan Clark and family
Kegler, Albertine
Kegler, family
Kegler, Frederich and Wilhelmi
Kegler, Alberthe
Kegler, Arthur and Lenore
Kegler, Edward and family
Kegler, Frederich and Wilhelmine
Kegler, Frederick W. and La Vern G
Kegler, Herman and Alma
Kegler, Lloyd and Ruth
Kegler, William and Meta E
Keller, Jacob and Jacobiena
Keller, Grace
Keller, Jacob and Jacobiena
Kidd, Leslie L. and Alzena L
Kiesow, Edward and Lydia E
Kiesow, Patrica and Donna
Kiesow, Wallace J. and Hazel D
Kilian, Charles and Rosine
Kilian, Norman
King, family
Kitelinger, Francis L. and Marie E
Kitelinger, Mary Sue
Kitelinger, Raymond and Evelyn
Kluetzman, Ernest
Kluetzmann, August C. and Martha M
Klug, Arnold
Klug, Harold O
Klug, Joyce S. and Helen A
Klug, Price and Anna B
Klug, Richard J
Klug, Rosie H
Klug, Victor and Lyla L
Knowlton, Alicia
Knowlton, Daniel V. and Chloe
Knowlton, Jennie and Fannie
Knowlton, Everett
Knowlton, Josephine
Knowlton, Ruel
Knowlton, Tannie and Jennie
Knuppel, Calvin and Myrtle
Koehn, August and Sophie
Koehn, August and Sophie
Konsoer, Leslie and meta
Kopplin, Auguta Helmer
Kopplin, Emila and Ida Heidema
Kopplin, Julius
Kopplin, Nadine Marie
Korth, Herbert W. and Dorothy
Koska, Fredrich and Wilhelmine
Kottwith, Christian and Alma
Kowski, Charles S. and Mildred R
Kraak, Roelof and W. Wilma Feenstra
Kracht, Gloria A
Kramer, Roland
Krause, Emil
Krause, Wilhelm
Krause, Delores M
Krause, Lawrence and Dora
Krebs, Charles and Alice
Krueger, Auguste
Krueger, Charles F
Krueger, Eugene E
Krueger, F. M
Krueger, Grunwald
Krueger, Helmuth G
Krueger, Nathan Howard
Krueger, Robert W. and Louella
Krueger, unclear
Kucera, Esther E
Kucera, George
Kuhl, Alice M. Geise
Kuhl, Lawrence L
Kuhlow, Roland C
Kunz, Bertha M. Gorder Clark
Kunz, H. B
Kuzdas, Charles D
Kuzdas, Charles D. and Nonavee F
Kuzdas, Roland A
Kuzdas, Roland Alfred
Kuzdas, Tommy D
Kuzdas, Tommy David
Lanckilde, Rose L. Kimball
Landsee, Richard and Eleanore
Langer, Vincent and Elizabeth
Lark, Betsey L.
Lau, Marvin W. and family
Lee, Christian
Lemke, Harold H. and Joyce H
Lenius, Lorna Mae
Lennon, James J. and Marianne L
Lenz, Albert and Wilhelmine M
Lenz, David
Lenz, Denver D
Lenz, Edward W
Lenz, Eugene L. and Mae M
Lenz, Gilbert and Martha
Lenz, Loren
Lenz, Wallace D
Lenz, William W. (Wild Bill)
Lilley, Mikel J. and Kenneth L
Loeffler, Robert and Richard
Loeffler, Robert E. and Hazel G
Lord, Joseph and Elizabeth
Lowe, Alexander
Lowe, William H
Ludeman, Larry C. and Cynthia S
Luther, Marvin and Vivian R
mather, kenneth L. and Susan
Mattson, Victor
McBride, George E
McBride, Joan K
McColl, Mary E
McGovern, Harold W. and Celia A
Mead, Philip J. and Maud
Mead, Philip J. and Maud
Medenwaldt, Brett Charles and family
Meitner, Howard and Mildred
Meitner, James L. and Juanita M
Meitner, Robert F. and family
Meyer, Albert and Mathilda
Meyer, Herbert L. and Grace
Millard, Durward Sr. and Fern L
Minsch, Hans and Margaret A
Minsch, Kenneth D. and Ruby C
Mosher, Ronald M. and Dianne J
Moungey, Elmer L. and Violet B
Moungey, Glen Ross
Moungey, John D
Moungey, Julius A. and Hulda M
Neitzel, Clarence O. and Jeanette A
Neuendorf, Frederich
Ninedorf, Elizabeth and Daves, Fiona
Ninedorf, Frank
Ninedorf, Minnie
O'Quinn, Joyanne J
Pankow, Bradley R. and family
Pann, Hubert and Donna
Park, Bonnie L
Patten, Joseph C. and Margaret M
Perry, Cyrus
Perry, Diadama
Perry, Morgin Paige
Peterson, Roy E
Pixler, James A. and Blanche M
Pixler, James A. and Blanche
Powers, George W. and Julia El
Powers, Leander
Prentice, Diantha
Pugh, Walter W. and Oliver
Quamme, Brenda L
Radke, Fred
Radke, Howard William
Radke, Irene
Radke, Mabel I
Raether, Larry and family
Ralbovsky, Joann C
Randolph, David R. and Klee H
Renneback, Dean V
Rettschlag, Augusta
Richardson, Marion
Rider, Herman L. and Pearl
Riedeman, Marvin and Patricia M
Riedeman, Rudolph H. and Emma A
Riege, Ferdienand and Carolina
Riege, Ferdienand and Carolina
Riege, Alvin H
Riege, Carl and Martha
Riege, Carl Ludwig and Wilhelmine
Riege, David E. and Mari-Jo
Riege, E. Herman and Maria H. Hahn
Riege, Eldon
Riege, Gilbert G
Riege, Harold and Jean
Riege, Helen
Riege, Jerome G. and Violet E
Riege, Junior Herman
Riege, Lorraine C
Riege, Norman C. and Adeline
Riege, Pauline
Riege, Raymond L
Riege, Robert E. and Shirley A
Riege, unclear
Riege, Wallace H. and Bonnie L
Riege, Wilhelm A
Riesop, Herman R. and Augusta.
Riesop, Charles H
Riesop, Edward A. and Marcella J
Riesop, Lawrence and Marvel
Ring, David
Ring, David A. and Mary J
Ring, Minetta P
Ristow, Evelyn Yanke
Robertson, Oliver and Lois
Rogers, David P. and Kris M
Rollert, Richard A
Rollins, Edward L
Rosch, Ronald O. and Diane M
Rounds, Olive
Rund, Thomas L
Samp, Harold C
Sauer, Lawrence E. and Genevieve C
Schaller, Albert and Augusta E
Schaller, Betty Jane
Schaller, Ernistine
Schaller, Fred
Schaller, William O
Scheel, Ada
Scheel, Arthur
Schleusner, August and Anna C.
Schleusner, August and Anna
Schneider, David C. and Connie L
Schoechert, Dorothia
Schoen, leRoy and unclear
Schreiber, Elmer E. and Rose M
Schroeder, William and Emma
Schuhmacher, Albert
Schuhmacher, Alma
Schuhmacher, LeRoy and Evelyn
Schultz, Arthur and Alma
Schultz, Bertha
Schultz, Debra L. Stebnitz
Schultz, Ervin E. and family
Schultz, Frank
Schultz, Harvey E. and Marilyn D
Schultz, Sharon L
Schultz, Tamara Lynn Strauss
Schulz, Carl
Schulz, Walter F. and Augusta C
Schulz, Wilhelm and Elizabeth E
Schumacher, Edward A. and Donna M
Schwark, Daniel S. and Audrey E. Maertz
Schwark, Timothy J
Schwenn, Leroy J. (Pete) and Helen M. Gottschalk
Schwoch, Harold E
Scranton, Billy Joe
Sears, Dun
Sears, Dun and Leha
Setz, Francis L. and Barbara A
Smith, Jediah and Chloe
Smith, Alyce
Smith, Amelia C
Smith, Donald A
Smith, Edwin
Smith, Joann F
Smith, Yvonne M
Soldner, Oren W. and Bernice M
Soper, Elizabeth
Spittgerber, James A. and Dora
Splitgerber, Albert H. and unclear
Splittgerber, August R
Splittgerber, Elsie Steckhahn
Splittgerber, Walter E
Splittgerber, William H. Jr
Spring, Paul A. and Irene V
Stebnitz, Ted V. and Maria C
Steckhahn, John A
Steckhahn, John A. and Erna E
Stewart, Janet B. and family
Stewart, Walter E. and Flora E
Stippich, Joseph E. and Mildred A
Stokes, James and Marian
Stokes, Hugh Bourne and Louise Verges
Strauss, Carlion A. and Gretchen M
Strauss, Lawrence and Racahel
Strauss, Reinhart C. and Ella P
Streich, William F
Suckow, Edgar D. and Marian E
Sullivan, Eddie James
Sullivan, James G. and Susan J
Thom, Herman E
Thompson, family
Trapp, family
Travnick, George G
Trieglaff, Emil A. and Emily M
Vogel, Wayne L. and Nancy L. Conklin
Voight, Alfred C. and Lydia L
Voss, Ewald and Dorothy
Wage, Adeline C
Warber, Rudolph A. and Mathilda M
Ward, Ernest D
Ward, James A. and Janet B
Ward, Paula Jean
Warweg, Philipp
Washington Cemetery Sign
Webber, Carl and Emma Kindt
Webber, Raymond H
Weber, William and family
Weber, Austin J. (Buck) and family
Weber, Edwin and Alvina
Weber, Ester
Weber, Gerhart and unclear
Weber, Harold E. and Beatrice
Weber, Harris J. and Beverly J
Weber, James H. and family
Weber, Royce H. and Roberta J
Weihert, Arnold M
Weihert, Barbara Jeanne
Weihert, Catherine
Weihert, Edward and Elsie
Weihert, Hermine
Weihert, James E. and Audrey E
Weihert, Johanna and Meta
Weihert, Leonard M
Weihert, Merle B. and Ellen E
Weihert, Rita J
Weihert, Sarah
Welhoefer, Philip and Edna B
Welhoffer, Robert V
Wendt, Fredrick G
Wenger, Carlo J. and Ruth M
Wilke, Dennis W. and Kristine
Wilke, Ernest C. and Clara A
Wilke, Wilbert C
Will, Carl D. and Lillie L
Will, DuWayne A
Will, Frank T
Will, Gustave G
Will, Ida W
Will, William F
Williams, Adbison
Winkler, Arthur and Anna E
Winter, Walter F. and Janice C
Witt, George and Mary A
Witt, Vernon G. and June M
Wolff, Anna
Wolff, Clarence L. and Loretta H
Wolff, Fred
Wolff, Herman
Wolff, Lawrence C
Wolff, Marie B. and family
Wolff, Mary
Wolff, Otto
Wolff, unclear
Wolff, Walter and Verona
Wolfgram, George D
Wolfgram, Raymond T
Wolfgram, Robert C. and Loretta A
Wright, F.A
Yanke, William and Dorthy
Yanke, William and Annie
Yanke, William and Dorthy S
Yerges, Henry O. and Ruth E
Yerges, Timmy
Youker, Amanda M.
Youker, Arthur and Margret S
Youker, Florence M.
Youker, John A. and Helena B
Zak, Wayne A. and Beverly A
Zibell, Erich and Alta
Zich, Christian and Wilhelmine
Zich, Christian and Wilhelmine
Zickert, Robert L. and Patricia D
Zickert, William J. and Irene J
Zielke, Esther C
Zubke, Douglas and Fern

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

ProjectCopyright Notice: These generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery. The source for many of the cemetery names and placenames on these pages come from Cemetery Locations in Wisconsin, 3rd edition, compiled by Linda M. Herrick and Wendy K. Uncapher. The book is published by Origins at 4327 Milton Ave. Janesville, WI 53546. All files on this site are copyrighted by their creator and/or contributor. They may be linked to but may not be reproduced on another site without specific permission from Tina Vickery [] and/or their contributor. Although public information is not in and of itself copyrightable, the format in which they are presented, the notes and comments, etc., are. It is however, quite permissable to print or save the files to a personal computer for personal use ONLY.

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