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Dodge County
(Fox Lake)
Riverside Memorial Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Adams, Frank
Adams, Frank
Armstrong, James T
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John (2)
Armstrong, Margaret
Armstrong, Margaret Stevenson
Armstrong, Thomas and Julia A.
Arnold, Christopher and Eliza
Arnold, Christopher and Eliza
Arnold, Israel
Arnoll, Israel
Ashley, Cooper N. and Jennie W
Ashley, Daniel
Ashley, Daniel
Ashley, Daniel (1)
Ashley, Francis
Ashley, Hetty
Ashley, Netty
Averill, Wm. and Dotha Tyler
Babbitt, Nancy J
Babbitt, Nancy J.
Baker, Christine A
Baker, Frank H
Barnard, Hazen
Barnett, Julia A.
Barnett, William D.
Barron, Quartus H
Barron, Quartus H.
Barron, Sylvia Hawks Ashley
Barron, Sylvia Hawks Ashley
Barthorpe, Emma
Barthorpe, George aand Mary
Barthorpe, George and Mary
Barthorpe, Hellen and Mary
Barthorpe, Joseph and Eliza
Bauer, Max M.
Baumann, Elizabeth
Baumann, Ernst
Baumann, Louie and Julia
Baumann, Louis M. and Martha Robanz
Baumann, William C
Bedker, Frank H
Bedker, Lena
Bedker, Lena
Bedker, William C. (Ted)
Bennett, unclear female
Blake, Augusta
Blake, Charlotte M
Blake, Gen. Wm.
Blake, General Wm
Blanchard, J. and Eunice
Blauvelt, Tunis and Cordelia V
Blauvelt, Tunis T. and Cordeli
Blazek, Loretta J.
Bliss, C.M.
Bloedel, Amanda L.
Bloedel, Michael and Christina
Bloedel, unclear
Bloedel, William A.
Bloor, Anna Buckland
Bloor, Anna Buckland
Bloor, Nellie M
Bloor, Nellie M.
Bloor, Thomas
Bloss, Geo. W. and Eliza
Bloss, Myrtie H. and Annie
Bloss, Myrtle H. and Annie
Bonner, Albert C
Bonner, Albert G.
Bonner, Anna and family
Bonner, Anna and family
Bonner, James and Jane
Bonner, John and Elizabeth A
Bonner, John and Elizabeth A.
Bonner, Louisa
Bonner, Orville
Bonner, unclear male
Bonner, Victoria
Bonner, Victoria
Bonner, Willie and Orrin
Bonner, Willie and unclear
Borst, W.D. and Mary E.
Boynton, S. Maria and A. Arabe
Boynton, S. Maria and A. Arabella
Braatz, August
Braatz, Augusta
Braatz, Esther
Braatz, Walter
Brooks, Louisa
Brower, Carl
Brower, Carl
Brower, Ella
Brower, Ella
Brower, Getts and Ternes A.D
Brower, Jacob P
Brown, Oliver
Brown, Robert
Brunner, Henry W. and Lena
Brunner, Henry W. and Lena
Bryant, Nathan R
Bryant, Nathan R.
Bryant, Sarah D
Bryden, David C.
Buchda, Charles and Mary
Buckland, Mason
Buckland, unclear
Buckland, Walter
Buckland, Walter
Buckland, Walter and Mason
Bunker, Carrie E
Bunker, Carrie L.
Bunker, Cath.
Bunker, Catherine
Bunker, Catherine
Bunker, Catherine (2)
Bunker, Cyrus
Bunker, Cyrus
Bunker, Cyrus (2)
Bunker, Eben
Bunker, Eben J
Bunker, Eben J.
Bunker, Homer and Ann J.
Burton, Oscar H
Burton, Oscar H.
Buss, Albert A
Buss, Albert A.
Buss, Gustav A. and Pauline
Buss, Norma L
Buss, Otto A
Buss, Viola I.
Butterfield, Clarrissa
Cady, Dwight W
Cady, Dwight W.
Cady, Farley
Cady, Farley
Cady, Leonard J. and Mary A.
Cady, Wm. E
Cady, Wm. E.
Cairns, Elizabeth
Cairns, Elizabeth
Calkins, Emma E
Calkins, Emma E.
Cantafio, Alfonso E. and Florence
Carter, William
Chambers, S.H
Chambers, Samuel
Chambers, Samuel H
Chambers, Samuel H. and Fanny
Chapel, Abigail
Chapman and Young family,  
Chapman, Hamlin L. and Julia M
Chapman, Wells A. and Catherine
Clapp, Jacob F
Clapp, Jacob F.
Clark, Abner W
Clark, Abner W.
Clark, Delos W. and Louisa A.
Clark, Frederic D
Clark, Henry M
Clark, Henry M.
Clark, John
Clark, John
Clarke, Mary A
Clarke, Mary A.
Clement, Lottie Dell
Cleveland, George W. and Eva M
Cleveland, Washington and George
Cleveland, Washington and Georgiana
Cochrane, Charles M. and Sarah
Cochrane, Wesley J. and M. Ade
Colan, Mary Kaiser
Coman, F.D.
Coman, Seymour T. and Eunice B
Coman, Seymour T. and Eunice B
Conrad, Elmer W. and Dora
Cook, Nathanial
Cook, Nathanial
Coon, Ann Valentine
Coon, Ann Valentine
Corser, Sallie and Lewis E.
Crocker, Leland
Crocker, Newton I
Crocker, Ruth L
Cross, Irvin K
Cross, Lizzie
Cross, Silas
Cross, Sylvester
Cross, Sylvester
Crown, Clarence and Bertha
Crown, Clarence and Bertha
Crowns, Francis E.
Damrow, Gustie
Darling, Adaline L. Learned
Darling, H.W.
Davies, Amanda
Davies, Amanda
Davies, David Jeremy
Davies, Harriett Gates
Davies, James C
Davies, John Harris
Davies, Mary Jane
Davies, unclear
Davies, Walter E.
Davis, Margaret
Denniston, Eliza Breakey
Denniston, Eliza Breakey
Dern, Henry
Dern, Oscar L.
Dern, Sophia
Dickson, Henry and family
Dickson, John
Dickson, John
Dickson, Lorraine
Dickson, Peter
Dingel, Fred E.
Dingel, Phebe B.
Dinkel, Louis L. and Mabel
Dooley, Robert E.
Drewa, John C. and Betty L.
Duerne, Hugo
Duerns, Hugo
Dumke, Edward and Elice
Dunham, Anna
Dunham, Hezekiah
Dunham, Malinda
Dunham, Ury
Dunham, Ury
Dunn, Harry and Mame Griffin
Dunn, Henry and family
Dykstra, Fred
Dykstra, Ralph C. and Sandra A
Eager, Ann W
Eager, Levi B
Edwards, John
Edwards, John
Edwards, Sarah
Edwards, Sarah
Eggleston, Charles H. and Susi
Emich, Hattie
Emigh, Seneca
Erdman, Arthur J
Erdman, Arthur J.
Erdman, Cora E
Erdman, Cora E.
Evans, Clara F
Evans, Clara F.
Evans, Roy E
Evans, Roy E.
Fanshaw, Henry
Fanshaw, Isabel
Fanshaw, John H
Fanshaw, Margaret
Fergnson, Freddie
Ferguson, Benjamin
Ferguson, Benjamin
Ferguson, Charles A
Ferguson, Charles A. and Phoebe
Ferguson, Charles A. and Phoebe A. Green
Ferguson, Freddie
Ferguson, Henry
Ferguson, James
Ferguson, James
Ferguson, Jenny
Ferguson, William C. and Bessie
Fisher, Henry J. and Emma R.
Fisher, John
Fisher, John
Fisher, John and Charlotte M. Blake
Frederick, Martha M.E
Frederick, Wilbert W. and Delores J
Funk, Christoph
Funk, Marea E.
Gaiser, John
Gaiser, Mary
Gallop, Gardiner
Gallop, Maria W. Treadway
Gamble, James and Calista Barb
Gamble, Jennie A.
Gamble, Robert
Gaul, Geo. M
Gee, Lydia Jane
Geiger, Henry and Elizabeth
Geiger, Walter O. and family
Gelhar, Albert
Gelhar, Alfred E. and Alma E
Gensch, William A. and Crystal
Germain, Barnard
Germain, Barnard
Germain, Helen L
Germain, Ida A
German, Catherine Wiggens
German, Ebenezer
German, Ebenezer
Gibbs, Edwin D. and Nettie L
Gibbs, Howard and Marion
Gibbs, Nathaniel S. and Camill
Gibbs, Nathaniel S. and Camilla
Gibson, Evelyn
Gifford, Minnie Weckworth
Gilbert, Sophia P
Gilbert, Sophia P.
Gillett, Capt. Robert A.
Gillett, Capt. Robt. A.
Gillett, Robert A
Gillett, Robt. A
Gillett, Serepta A. Downing
Gillett, Serepta A. Downing
Gleason, Joel A.
Glessner, Emily B.
Glessner, Henry and Mary
Glessner, Henry M. and Mary P
Gloede, Henry and Martha
Gorsuch, George A. and Sophia
Gorsuch, George A. and Sophia H
Gorton, Addie
Gorton, Orrin N. and Harriet M
Goss, Emily A
Goss, Emily A.
Gould, Eleanor C.
Gould, Granville and Ammasena
Gould, Granville D.
Gould, Mervin J.
Graf, Friedrich J. and Maria B
Grahn, Emilie and unclear
Grant, Jerusha
Grant, Jerusha
Grebe, Christian P. and Marie
Green, David and Mary E
Green, Frederick and Anna Tuttle
Greene, Mary A.
Griswold, Joshua and Sarah G.
Griswold, Merrel and Sally
Groot, Lona E
Grout, Emma A
Grout, Emma A.
Grout, Ervin S. and family
Grout, Lena E.
Grout, Luna E. and family
Grout, Stephen
Grout, Stephen D.
Grout, Stephen D. and Cordelian Garrison
Grube, Reinhold
Grube, Reinhold
Hallenbach, Charity and Gertrude
Hamilton, F.G
Hamilton, Martha C
Hamilton, W.N
Hamlin, Wm
Hammond, Benj
Hammond, Lydia
Hanch, Lois
Handy, Arch
Handy, Arch
Handy, Clinton
Handy, Hale and Laura
Handy, Hale and Laura
Harder, Otto M. and Alvina M.
Hatton, Lelabell
Hatton, unclear
Hawes, Geo. D.
Hawes, Sally
Hawley, Elizabeth
Hawley, Elizabeth
Hawley, Elizabeth Marsh
Hawley, Sanford and family
Hawley, Silas
Hawley, Silas R
Hawleysen, Elizabeth Marsh
Hayden, Charles
Hayden, Mary B.
Heather, John H
Heather, John H.
Hemingway, Ebenezer R. and Lavinia
Hemingway, Ezra and Philena
Hemingway, unclear and Philena
Heuer, Henry
Heuer, Minnie
Heyer, Christian
Hiley, Ronald W.
Hills, Laura G
Hollnagel, Jackie Lee (Jack)
Hopkins, Augusta
Hopkins, Dr. Warren K
Hopkins, Dr. Warren K.
Hopkins, Henry
Hopkins, Israel S
Hopkins, Israel S. and family
Hopkins, W.K
Hotchkiss, Dean and Edna
Hotchkiss, John and Carmelia
Hotchkiss, John S
Hotchkiss, Karl
Houston, Emmor and Ida M
Houston, Emmor and Ida M.
Houston, Hassel
Houston, Hassel
Houston, John A. and Elizabeth
Houston, John A. and Elizabeth
Howes, Charlott
Howes, Charlott
Hunter, Frank W.
Hunter, Josephine Gallop
Hunter, Mary Stevenson
Huntley, Catharine
Huntley, G.W
Hurd, Adelia
Hurd, C.C.
Hurd, May Johnson
Hurd, William A.
Illsley, William A
Illsley, William A.
Ingham, Lora Gamble and Minerva
Jahn, Ella L.
Jahn, Louella R
Jahn, Louilla R.
Jahn, Louis F.
James, Lyle
Jeffers, Genevieve Hotchkiss
Jess, John L.P
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, C.F.
Johnson, F.C.
Johnson, Jane Thomas
Jonas, William H. and H
Jones, Catherine C
Jones, Ellis and Miriam
Jones, Gidein F
Jones, Gideon F
Jones, Gideon F.
Jones, Joseph H
Jones, Martial W
Jones, Thomas and Winnifred Lewis
Jones, William G
Judd, Jane Elizabeth
Judd, Mary L.
Judd, Stoddard and Elizabeth
Kaiser, Alvin W.
Kaiser, Charley J. and Elois
Kaiser, Frank J.
Kaiser, Henry
Kaiser, Ida M
Kaiser, John
Kaiser, John W
Kaiser, Mary
Kamp, Fred W. and Tena M
Kamp, Fred W. and Tena M.
Kamp, Leonora M
Ketchum, Etta May
King, Elizabeth
King, Elizabeth
King, James
King, James
King, Joseph E. and Emma A
King, Joseph E. and Emma A.
King, Mary E
King, Mary E.
Kingsley, Levi E. and unclear
Kiser, Paul Michael
Klingbeil, Anthony F
Knaack, Maria
Knaack, Maria
Kobs, Emma
Kobs, Emma
Koch, George J
Kolell, August and Beatrice
Kolitz, Frank E
Kolitz, Ludwig and Henrietta
Kolitz, Ludwig and Henrietta
Kollath, Edward J.
Kovalaske, Julius and Ernestine
Kovalaske, Julius and Ernestine
Kriebke, Anna Ziegel
Kukuk, George W. and Caroline
Kukuk, Wallace G. and Daisy L.
Kutzke, Edward A.
Kutzke, Edward A. and Bonita A
LaSage, N.D. Darling
Lasage, Nelson A. and Mary
Lasage, Nelson A. and Mary
Laue, Max R. and Mary
Laue, Paul P. and Arthur C
Lemmon, Anna E
Lemmon, J. and Amelia
Lemmon, John A. and Helen B
Lemmon, John and Amelia
Lemmon, Robert
Lemmon, unclear female
Lemmon, unclear male
Leonard, Leander
Lepple, Lillian Paul
Leslie, male
Lidthe, Otto
Lidtke, Elemer and Lillian M
Lidtke, Herbert and Mabel L
Lidtke, Willard A. and Marion E
Lightner, Frederick W
Lightner, Frederick W.
Lightner, Jack F. (Ghost)
Lightner, Jack F. (Ghost)
Lindley, Clark
Lindley, Frank and Katie
Lindley, John C. and Maggie A.
Lindley, W.H. and Ann
Lindsay, David
Lindsay, David
Lindsay, James and Emma Taylor
Lindsay, Jane
Lindsay, Jane (2)
Lindsay, Margaret Alice
Lindsay, Martha
Lindsay, Mary
Lindsay, Matilda
Lindsay, Miles
Linke, James E
Linke, LaVarne A
Linke, Paul F. and Anna M
Linke, William E. Sr
Litscher, Louise
Longseth, Marie
Longseth, Marie
Longseth, Wilhelm D. and Bernice W
Lovell, Geo
Ludwig, Frank A. and Emma W
Ludwig, unclear and Wilhelm
Luling, Elizabeth N
Luling, Euizabeth N.
Luling, Maggie Bertha
Luling, Maggie Bertha
Lurke, Paul F. and Anna M.
Lutenberg, Jarret and Ella
Lyle, Charles and Euphemia
Lyle, Charles and Euphemia
Lyle, Robert
Lyle, Robert
Lyle, Walter T
Mac Michael, William and Ellen R
Mace, Maurice and Mary Jean
MacHolz, Lucille B. and family
MacMichael, William and Ellen
Madigan, infant
Madigan, Rodney A
Madland, Lawrence E. (Larry)
Mair, Hugh and Ethelwyn
Mair, Hugh and Ethelwyn
Mallory, Dr. Joseph
Mallory, Dr. Joseph
Mallory, Jennie
Mallory, Susan I
Mallory, Susan L.
Manley, Ellen M
Manley, Ellen M.
Manley, Ira Jr
Manley, Ira Jr.
Manley, Mary M
Manley, Mary M.
Manley, Rose
Manske, Raymond A.
Manthe, Augusta E
Manthe, Wilhelmine F
Manthe, William A
Manthe, William F
Marden, Emily D. and infant son
Marschner, Arthur A. and Laura R. Meyer
Marschner, Burnice
Marschner, Burnice
Marschner, William
Marschner, William
Marshall, children
Marshall, Helen
Marshall, Jessie
Marshall, Jessie
Marshall, John Sr
Marshall, Maggie
Marshall, Maggie F.
Marshall, Maggie F. and Natalie
Martin, Ann
Mathews, Clifford H. and Irene M
Mathews, Samuel and Sarah
Matthews, Samuel R
McCallum, Margaret
McCallum, Margaret
McCloud, Martha
McConnell, James and Emma A.
McDougal, Kenneth and Violet
McDowell, Arthur
McDowell, Arthur and Nancy
McDowell, Isabelle
McDowell, Maggie
McDowell, Maggie
McDowell, Samuel C. and Margaret
McEvoy, Harry C. and Helen
McGinnis, Thomas H. and Lulu M
McLain, Clarence M. and Nettie
McLain, Clarence M. and Nettie E
McLyman, Samuel C. and Harriet
McLyman, Sarah
Meigs, Curtis and Maria Schaff
Meigs, Curtis F. and Maria Chaffee
Meigs, Geo. M. and family
Meigs, Geo. M. and family
Meinke, Conrad and family
Menke, Christian and family
Merwin, Charles and family
Meservy, Rubin and Ann
Meservy, Silas and Rufus
Meyer, Julius M. and Ida A
Mike, Theodore and Cora M
Mike, Theodore and Cora M.
Mike, Wayne T. Sr
Milarch, Henry F.
Miller, John J. and Emile
Miller, John J. and Emilie
Miller, unclear
Milton, Elmer E
Milton, Elmer E.
Milton, Peter and Ann
Mininkin, Eliza Jane
Money, Katherine W
Money, Thomas W
Money, Thomas W.
Moore, Fred and Jennie
Moratz, Mother and Emma
Morgan, Charles H. and family
Morgan, Eli and Julia B
Morgan, Franklin
Morgan, George
Morgan, George
Morrison, Alexander M. and Mary Jane
Morrison, Ann
Morrison, Isabell
Morrison, Isabell
Morrison, John
Morrison, John (2)
Morrison, Samuel
Morrison, William and Ione
Mullen, Irene
Muren, George H
Muren, George H.
Muren, Ruth E. Linke
Muren, Ruth E. Linke
Neuman, Harry A
Neuman, Henrietta H
Nevell, Arthur and James
Nevell, James
Nevell, Maria
Newell, Jessie C. and family
Newell, Minerva A. and family
Niles, Mary J
Niles, Mary J.
Niles, Simon J
Niles, Simon J.
Nisbet, John and Janet
Nohr, Gertrude
North, Laura E.
North, Vivian J.
Nourse, D.H
Nurse, Daniel
Nurse, Daniel
Nurse, Willie E
Nurse, Willie E.
O'Brien, Robert
O'Brien, Charles H
OBrien, Charles H.
Obrien, David
O'Brien, David
O'Brien, Robert
OBrien, Robert W.
OBrien, Thomas
O'Brien, Thomas
OHase, Lodemia and Tyrrell
Oliver, Louis J. and Francis
Oliver, Sylvia
Oliver, William
ONeill, James M. and Susan A
Oswald, Edward R.
Oswald, Harriet M.
Palmer, Ida Ella
Paredes, Kim Kristine Dykstra
Parker, Edward
Parker, Joel K. and family
Parker, Joel K. and family
Parker, Josephine L
Parker, Phimelia
Parker, Raphael L
Parker, Wm K. and Harriet G
Parker, Wm. K. and Harriet G.
Parkes, Martha
Parkes, Phimelia
Parks, James
Parks, James
Parks, Jessie
Parks, John T
Parks, twin male infants
Parry, Julia A. Hammond
Pater, Joseph William
Patterson, unclear and Mary
Paul, Arthur F. and Earl E
Paul, Herman A. and Lena M
Pease, Charles D
Pease, Charles D.
Perry, Lucy A
Perry, Lucy A.
Pertosi, Joe
Pettack, Otto
Pierce, Franklin and Lavenia
Pillsbury, Earl R. and Dora M.
Pillsbury, Leona McCloud
Pollasch, William A. and Amanda
Port, Ernest and Minnie
Port, Ernest and Minnie
Posthuma, Fred and Melda M.
Potter, Avery L
Potts, Albert H
Potts, Alice M
Potts, Alice M.
Pratt, Hiram P. and Dianna C.
Pratt, Myrtle
Pratt, Myrtle
Precht, Harold E. and Beryle D
Precht, Harold E. and Beryle D
Prentice, Lucy
Prentice, Lucy
Prentice, Thomas
Prentice, Thomas
Price, J.M.G
Purdy, Edmund and Harriet E.
Purdy, Edmund and Harriet E. Van Wart
Pyles, Isabel
Quamme, Merlin L. and Ann M.
Quandt, Louis W
Quandt, Louis W.
Raabe, Dorothy
Raabe, Dorothy
Raabe, Ernst B. and Auguste J
Raabe, Ernst B. and Auguste J
Raabe, Estella K
Raabe, Estella K.
Raabe, Herold E
Raabe, Herold E.
Rabehl, Carol Ann
Rabehl, Carol Ann
Rabehl, Christ F. and family
Rabehl, Christ F. and family
Rabehl, Leonard L
Rabehl, Leonard L.
Rademann, Frank
Rademann, Frank C. and Pauline
Ransom, Mehitable
Ranun, Corp. Charles B
Raymond, Harriet D
Raymond, Harriet D.
Reyes, Paul A
Reynolds, Uberto A
Reynolds, unclear
Reynolds, Wm.
Richards, T.H
Richards, T.H.
Richardson, Alice
Richardson, Alice
Richardson, Edwin B. and Mary
Richardson, Edwin B. and Mary Elizabeth Tenny
Richardson, family
Richardson, Fannie
Richardson, Fannie
Richter, Elizabeth
Ring, Max N. and Laura M
Rink, Merlin A.
Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery Sign
Roberts, Annie
Roberts, Annie
Roberts, Charles L. and family
Roberts, George D
Roberts, George D.
Roberts, George S.
Roberts, Grace
Roberts, Grace
Roberts, John Charles
Roberts, Malcolm
Roberts, Margaret M
Roberts, Maria Davies
Roberts, Mary Amorette
Roberts, Mildred B.
Roberts, Sophie R.
Roberts, Thos. D.
Roberts, unclear
Robertson, Janet Cameron
Robinson, Jacob S
Rockwell, James M.
Rockwell, John C.
Rockwell, Rebecca E.
Root, F.C.
Root, Irene
Root, Lyman N
Root, Lyman N.
Root, Mary J.
Ross, Nesbitt
Ross, Nesbitt
Ruenger, Gottlieb
Ruenger, Wilhilmine
Ruenger, William F. and Belle M
Rule, Mary Cameron
Rule, Mary Cameron
Sanford, John
Sanford, John H.
Scheefel, R. and Glady M
Schinning, Amelia
Schmidt, Debra D
Schmidt, Gordon E. and Louise H. Graun
Schmidt, Gordon Ernest
Schmutzler, Herbert A.
Schultz, Herbert E. and family
Schutz, Benjamin A
Schutz, Mary T. and Fisher, Elizabeth J
Schwefel, Douglas E
Schwefel, Ralph C. and Gladys
Schwefel, William J
Schwefel, William J.
Schwefel, William J. and Ekisa
Schwefel, William J. and Elisa
Schwonke, Melvin W.
Sherman, Eri B
Sherman, Eri B.
Shore, William Jr
Shore, William Jr.
Siedschlag, Carl and Wilhelmina
Siedschlag, Carl and Wilhelmine
Siedschlag, Carl L. and Esther
Siedschlag, Carl L. and Esther A
Siedschlag, George E. and Edna
Siedschlag, Henry
Siedschlag, Henry
Siedschlag, William A. and Lena A. Kamp
Sikorski, Sigmund E. and family
Simmons, Alice
Simmons, Alice
Smith, Cassie Purdy
Smith, Fannie A
Smith, J.T
Smith, J.T.
Smith, James B. and Almira
Smith, James B. and Almira Chamberlin
Smith, John
Smith, Lewis
Smith, Lewis and Fannie A. Stevens
Smith, Nettie Carhart
Spoon, Bettie and Maggie
Spoon, Carrie L.
Spoon, Daniel
Stafford, Charles Amos
Stafford, Dr. A.C. and Walter
Stafford, Lyman
Stafford, Maria B
Stafford, unclear
Stafford, unclear female
Stanley, William
Stanley, William
Stark, Janet T
Stark, Janett
Stark, Peter H
Stark, Peter H.
Starks, Robt
Steers, Gene W. and family
Steinhorst, William and Martha
Stenzel, E.W
Stenzel, Edward O. and Louise
Stenzel, Edward O. and Louise A
Stenzel, Edward W. and Mabel B
Stenzel, Edward W. and Mabel B
Stenzel, Maurice
Stevens, Harriet Purdy
Stone, Lewie H.
Stoxe, Lewie H
Straley, Hannah Mae
Taft, Edith Lyle
Tanger, DeWane Delos
Tap, Gertrude Jaspers
Tenant, Elizabeth S
Tenant, Elizabeth S.
Tesser, Edith Warren
Tesser, Edith Warren
Thiemann, Frederick and Mary
Thiemann, Frederick and Mary
Thorn, Lottie May
Three, Charles and Eleanor S
Tiberman, Albert
Tiberman, Ida Caroline
Tiberman, Joseph
Tiberman, Mary Lany
Tigem, Ida Caroline
Tigeman, Albert
Tigeman, Joseph
Tims, Harry P. and Jean R
Tims, Harry P. and Jean R.
Tireman, Mary Lany
Tischer, Earl A. and Phoebe
Tischer, Earl A. and Phoebe M. Thomas
Tolsma, Claus T
Tolsma, Claus T.
Tolsma, Elizabeth
Tolsma, Elizabeth
Tolsma, Theodore K
Tolsma, Theodore K.
Tompkins, Jane
Tompkins, unclear
Torrey, Sarah Zebiah
Townsend, Calamae Dickson
Townsend, Caroline
Townsend, George F. and Casia M
Townsend, Martha A
Townsend, William F.
Tramell, Maria Dickson
Trimble, Alex
Trimble, John
Trimble, John
Trimble, Thomas C
Trimble, Thomas C.
Trimble, unclear (stone broken)
Tunnison, Lagrange L. and Ellen
Tuttle, Anna Green
Tuttle, Anna Green (1)
Tyrrell, Clara F. and Lodemia T. Chase
Tyrrell, E.G.
Tyrrell, unclear
Uebel, Ernest C. and Alma
Uebel, Ernest C. and Alma
Van Buren, Caleb
Van Buren, Lawrence and Beula L
Van Buren, Martin and Lawrence
Van Der Werff, Rudolph
Vande Kolk, Dorothy M
Vande Kolk, Dorothy M.
Vande Kolk, Joseph B
Vande Kolk, Joseph B.
Vande Zande, Carrie L
Waldo, Alma
Waldo, Alma
Wallace, Dr. Frederich A
Wallace, George
Wallace, George
Wallace, Harriett E
Wallace, Marietta
Wallace, Marietta
Wallace, Mary E.
Walter, Frank W. and Vashti
Walter, Frank W. and Vashti
Ward, Rev. Joseph
Ward, Rev. Joseph
Warren, Frank G
Warren, Fred C
Warren, Sarah E
Webb, Charles C. and Mary
Webb, Charles C. and Mary
Webster, J.C. and Caroline
Weed, Edgar B. and unclear female
Weed, Fred C. and Elizabeth Hinkley
Weed, Fred C. and Hinkley
Weed, John and Brownell
Weed, Smith and Mary C
Weidner, Fred A. and Annie
Wells, Edgar D
Wells, Edgar D.
Wendt, Albert and Ella
Wendt, Bertha M
Wendt, Edward
Westover, Nettie
Westover, Nettie
Wheaton, Frankie
White, H.M. and Halstead
Whiting, Betsey
Whiting, Mertie M. and Betsey
Whiting, Xury
Whitman, Rev. Alva
Whittingham, Thomas H.
Wilcox, David T. and Charlotte
Willett, Albert
Willett, George
Willett, Henry F
Willett, John
Willett, John
Williams, Barah
Williams, Dewitt C. and Sarah
Williams, Ida Wendt
Williams, James
Williams, Sarah Jane
Williams, Suky
Williams, Suny
Willson, Mathew
Willson, Mathew
Wisniewski, Raymond W.
Witthum, Heinrich O.
Witthum, Herman and Hulda
Witthum, Walter C.
Witthun, Heinrich O
Witthun, Herman and Hulda
Witthun, Herman E. and Emma E
Witthun, Walter C
Wittlinger, Augusta W
Wittlinger, George W
Wobig, Herbert and Hilda
Wobig, John F. and Marie H
Wohlen, Lars and Sarah R.
Wohlen, Lars and Sarah R. Gasmann
Wood, David Stafford
Wood, Henry C
Wood, Lucy
Wood, Mary A
Wood, Mary A. and Morgan
Wood, Orland
Wood, Orlando and Harriet
Wood, Orlando and Harriet
Worzala, Leonard and Marie C
Wright, George L. and Martha C
Yach, Clarence F. and Sara M.
Zastrow, Alvin
Zastrow, Frank
Zastrow, Lena
Ziegel, Albert A. and Marion J
Ziegel, Augusta
Ziegel, Edward
Ziegel, Emil L
Ziegel, Emil L.
Ziegel, Erma and Ruth
Ziegel, Erna and Ruth
Ziegel, Julia
Ziegel, Julia
Zuehlke, Gustave and Emma
Zurbuchen, Betty J. Lidtke

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

ProjectCopyright Notice: These generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery. The source for many of the cemetery names and placenames on these pages come from Cemetery Locations in Wisconsin, 3rd edition, compiled by Linda M. Herrick and Wendy K. Uncapher. The book is published by Origins at 4327 Milton Ave. Janesville, WI 53546. All files on this site are copyrighted by their creator and/or contributor. They may be linked to but may not be reproduced on another site without specific permission from Tina Vickery [] and/or their contributor. Although public information is not in and of itself copyrightable, the format in which they are presented, the notes and comments, etc., are. It is however, quite permissable to print or save the files to a personal computer for personal use ONLY.

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