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Dodge County
St. Mary's Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Abler, Eleanor, Joe and Doug
Adelmeyer, Anna
Adelmeyer, Ernest
Adelmeyer, Erwin
Adelmeyer, William
Aldheimer, Anna Leibl
Anger, Alvina
Antonioni, John B. and Angeline A
Antonioni, Luciano
Bach, Helen A
Bachhaber, Andrew
Bachhuber, Alphons E
Bachhuber, Angela Ziegler
Bachhuber, Blue Ryan
Bachhuber, Edward A
Bachhuber, Edward Michael
Bachhuber, Elizabeth
Bachhuber, Emeron E. and Hazel F
Bachhuber, Francis G. Jr
Bachhuber, Francis Gregory, MD
Bachhuber, Joseph
Bachhuber, Lillian Sette
Bachhuber, Loretta A
Bachhuber, Louise
Bachhuber, Marie Louise
Bachhuber, Martin and Ottilia
Bachhuber, Matthew
Bachhuber, Rose M
Bachhuder, Clarence W
Balthazor, Fred and family
Bartelt, Norman
Bartelt, Viola
Basch, Russell L
Basch, Susan A
Bath, Andrew H
Bath, Eugene
Bath, Herman C
Bath, Richard and Teresa
Bauer, Alfred H. and Mary L
Bauer, Crescentia
Bauer, Frank H
Bauer, Lloyd R
Bauer, Robert and Verna
Beecham, Donald James
Behnke, Donald
Belligan, Martin and family
Benter, Marvin A. and Florence L
Bergman, Peter W
Bergmann, Anton
Bernard, Ada P
Bernard, Arnold and Josephine
Bernard, B
Bertram, Edwin Berthold and Olive Mary
Bierman, Marvin C
Binder, Theresa
Blodgett, Katherine
Blodgett, Ralph
Boeder, Milton T. and Rita A
Boeder, Milton T
Braun, John and Genevieve
Bruni, Walter and Armella
Brunke, Edwin
Brunke, Marie
Buchner, Louis
Buchner, Mary
Buerger, Arthur A
Buerger, Katherina
Buerger, Peter
Buhalag, Stephen and Theresa
Bujanovich, Nick D
Bunke, Mary A. Oberst
Bunke, William E
Buzzell, Dwinell W
Cacic, Ivan
Caine, Raphael J
Cassidy, Roxie May (Nanie)
Chapman, Beverly
Chapman, Daniel L
Clark, Leona J. Wald
Clark, Richard
Clark, Rose Lerner
Collien, Arnold and Josephine M
Costello, William and Mary
Dedolph, George J
Dedolph, John
Dejanovic, Helen
Dejanovich, Mary
Dobbert, Arnold and Helen A
Dollmer, A. and Ida
Drake, Chelsey
Ehrike, Frank and Josephine
Elsinger, Arnold M
Elsinger, Hilary A
Elsinger, Max and Olive
Emmer, Anthony Robert
Emmer, Raymond A
Emmer, William A. and Clara A
Engle-Apfelbeck family
Faust, Conrad M. and Louise A
Fechhelm, Fred W
Fechhelm, Hattie c
Fechhelm, Leo Anthony
Ferge, George R. and Bettilou
Ferge, Lester and Irene M
Ferge, Ruben and Margaret
Ferge, Ruben W
Feucht, August J. and Lorene A
Feucht, Florence J
Feucht, George and Agnes
Feucht, Louis August
Feucht, Martin A. and Helen A
Feucht, Norman L. and Florence A
Feucht, Vernie K
Feught, Gregory
Fischer, Helen
Fischer, Jeanette M. Welak
Fischer, Kathleen M
Fischer, Richard C
Fischer, Ruben F
Floyd, William and Marion L
Folkman, Peter and Olive
Folkman, William A
Frank, Thomas P. (Tommy)
Froh, Joseph D. Sr
Fuderer, John
Fuderer, Katherine
Furtner, Cresgenzi
Furtner, Jacob and Tillie
Furtner, Mathilda
Gallitz, John Jacob
Gallitz, Theodore and Rosuna
Gassner, Francis A
Gassner, Norbert f. and Eleanor G
Gergetz, unclear and Katherine
Giese, Alvin N
Gindt, Marvin R
Gindt, Mary
Gleason, Dennis
Gleisner, John
Gleisner, Rose
Gnerlich, Gustav G. and Laura M
Gnerlich, Leslie G
Gongent, Joseph F
Gremminger, Daniel P. and Diane M
Grenas, Frank and Bernice
Grenas, John
Grimes, Patrick W. and Inez M
Grimes, Timothy James
Gross, John Dominic
Gruber, Eugene Charles
Grunewald, Alvin H. and Gertrude
Guetschow, unclear
Guse, Erwin and Isabelle
Haertl, Louis and Paulina
Hahlhamer, Justina
Harkins, Rose M
Harry, Delbert and W
Hartwig, Reinhold and Angela
Hartwig, Rudolph P. and Louise M
Hayes, Filbert W
Hayes, Floyd and Mildred
Hayes, James Daniel and Kathleen Ann
Hayes, Mildred R
Hayes, Stephen and Martha
Hechimovich, Nick R
Hechimovich, Robert and Rose
Hechimovich, Shelly
Helmbrecht, David N
Helmbrecht, Thomas C (2)
Helmbrecht, Thomas C
Helmbrecht, Vincent H. and Mildred
Helmbrecht, Vincent H
Herman, Frank and Mary A
Herman, Joseph F
Higby, Norman W
Hilbert, Margaret M
Hilbert, Nick and Helen A
Hoffer, Blase and Juliana
Hoffman, Peter and Christina
Hoffmann, Leo
Hollenstein, Eulalia
Hollenstein, Hertha
Hollenstein, John
Horn, Joseph A. and Catherine R
Horn, Joseph and Katherine
Hurst, Alden P. and Lulu M
Hussli, Andrew T. and Anne E
Hussli, Anthony B. and Mary A
Illik, Adam F
Illik, Franz and Teresia
Jacquot, Irma B
Jacquot, Joseph A
Jansa, John A
Jansa, Rudolph Anton
Kahlhamer, Agnes
Kahlhamer, Albrecht and Rose
Kahlhamer, Alphonee
Kahlhamer, Caroline
Kahlhamer, John
Kahlhamer, Katherine
Kahlhamer, Martha
Kaiser, Walter A. and Helen A
Kammermeyer, Michael and Mathilde
Kauth, Minnie
Kedinger, George and Rose
Klawitter, Andrew L
Klawitter, Lucienne G
Klein, Michael J
Koch, Edward G. and Louise C
Koch, John E
Kolek, Catherine S
Kolek, John F
Kollmansberger, Clarence M
Korth, Carl F. and Betty L
Korth, Frederick W
Korth, Rosina G
Krieser, Lawrence R. and Katherine G
Krofta, Sylvester and family
Krutke, David
Krutke, Frank and Magdalena
Kudlacheck, Joseph and Eva
Kunz, Frank L. and Mary C
Kurutz, John B
Kurutz, Kathryn A
Kurutz, Paul W. and Katherine R
Kwawitter, Helen m
Lacey, Phillip and Kathryn
LaLonde, Edward and Louise
Lehman, Gilbert P. and Ruth A
Lehner, Alma H
Lehner, Eunice G
Lehner, George A
Lehner, George J
Lehner, Moritz P. and Mary T
Leibl, Joseph N. and Thecia A
Leibold, Edmund J. and Sylvia A
Leibold, Fred E
Lochrer, Michael and Katherine
Lohaus, Fred and Rose
Loy, Katie
Lulich, John and Mary
Magyar, Barbara
Magyar, Robert
Mahoney, Alicia Arrianna
Martin, Timothy
Marx, Milan H
Marx, Nicholas and Catherine
Marx, Rosalie E
Matuszewski, Albert and Helen G
Mayer, Joseph and Eva
Mayer, Mary jo Anne
Mayer, Patricia Ann
Mayer, Phyllis C
Mayer, Victor C
Mazar, Kata
Meyer, Mary A
Meyer, Paul and Mary
Micklas, Caspar and Elizabeth
Micklas, Verona H. and family
Mies, Joseph and Mary A
Miller, Michael
Moldenhauer, Arnold W. and Dorothy H
Mullarkey, Linus J. and Joan M
Nell, Francis Tom
Neuman, Zachary Taylor
Neumeyer, Herman and Rose
O'Brien, Geraldine A
O'Brien, Sandra J
O'Dell, Dianne M
Oechsner, Andrew W. and Josephine R
Oechsner, Arnold J
Oechsner, Neil J
Oehmen, Eugene M
Ondrejka, Michael and Helen
Orovich, Emil F
Orovich, Stephan and Lucy
Palmer, Fred K. and Margaret
Pellerin, Bert C. and Mary Lou
Penkoske, George and Ruth
Persha, Daniel and Olive
Petersen, Arno H
Petersen, Carleton P
Peterson, Margaret E
Pezze, John M
Pichotta, Edward John
Pichotta, John Edward
Pichotta, Maxine P. Bachhuber
Pieper, Anne E
Pieper, Elsmer and Esther V
Pilsner, Alfred B. and Vera J
Pilsner, Alfred B
Pilsner, Donald P
Pilsner, Frank and Mina
Pilsner, Frank Jr. and Emma
Pilsner, Jane marie
Pilsner, Roland U. and Frances
Pionkoske, Stephen and Stella
Plansky, Arthur and Jeanette
Polzen, Harold J. and Elda A
Priessnitz, Vincent H
Puetz, Henry L
Purrman, Carl H. and Isabelle M
Putsch, John and Magdalena
Rader, Anna R
Rauch, Erwin J
Rauch, Lorraine
Ravanelli, Charles M
Ravanelli, John and Virginia
Ravanelli, Nicholas M
Rediske, Alphons
Rediske, Pearlmae
Rediske, Raymond J
Reible, Angela
Reible, Jerold Sr. and Laura Lee
Ribbens, Jacob J. and Mary C
Ribbens, Louis J
Ribbens, Mary O
Ridl, Frank and Mary
Riess, Adam and Rosina
Riley, Edward
Riley, Mary
Riley, Ruth M
Rohde, Raymond and Carrie A
Rosbeck, Alfred A. and Helen c
Rothe, Herman c. and Justine V
Salberger, Frank and Theresa
Sauerhering, Edward and Eugeina
Sawyer, Joseph and Marie
Schaefer, Nick M
Schaefer, Stuart W
Schalinske, Edwin and Mary
Schellpfeffer, Emil and Agnes
Schellpfeffer, Harvey H
Schellpfeffer, Mary E
Schinderle, James A
Schmidt, Arnold J
Schmidt, Walter H. and Loretta M
Schnaderbeck, John J. and Katherine A
Schnaderbeck, Stephen and Katherine
Schnaderbeck, Wendell A
Schraufnagel, Jean Mary
Schraufnagel, Linus and Rigula
Schroeder, John (Jack) and Jeanette (Jean)
Schroeder, Patrick J
Schuler, Arthur H. and Elizabeth
Schumacher, Henry and Ella
Schwandt, Eugene W
Schwandt, Florence L
Schwartz, Arnold and Dorothy
Schwartz, Margaret K
Schwartz, William J
Schwarze, John
Sertich, John and Lucy
Sertich, Thomas J
Sertich, Violet R
Simich, George and Victoria
Simon, William and Helena
Skelton, Jason S
Slade, Carl C
Smith, Frank O. Jr. and Joyce M
Smith, Frank W. and Mary N
Soblewski, Kelly Ann
Sohre, Arthur and Pauline
Sokoly, Joseph O
Sonnentag, Bernhard and Anna
Sorgent, Alice V. and family
Sorgent, Frank S. and Scholastica
Sorgent, John J
Sorgent, Nicholas and Katie
Sorgent, Nick Jr
Sorgent, Peter J
Sorgent, Wendel and Anna
Sorgent, Wendel Jr
Spanbauer, Robert J
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery sign
Starr, Lester J. and Mary Katherine
Steger, Earl and family
Steger, Nicholas Adam
Steinhorst, Allen G
Steinhorst, Robert and unclear
Steinhorst, Ruben and Rose
Stipanovic, Nicholas and Ann G
Stiponovich, Nick and Katherine
Stommel, Alice
Stommel, Eugene
Stommel, Gerhard and Margurite
Stortz, Balthasar and Anna
Stortz, Balthasar J
Stortz, Kenneth S
Stortz, Kevin and Kyle W
Stortz, Stephen and Katherine
Stortz, Walter Jr
Strasser, Eugene
Strasser, Max III
Straw, Marie
Stuckmeyer, Alphonse and Rose
Tarr, Clayton E
Thomas, Andrew P. and Hedwig M
Thull, Clara
Travers, Rose M
Travers, Thomas G
Turner, Gerald James
VanBeek, Elaine M
VanBeek, Robert S
Vaughn, Stephanie J. and Tiffany
Villwock, John
Villwock, Mary S
Villwock, Victor A. and delores M
Vojnovich, Steve
Vollmen, Gilbert J. and Elizabeth R
Vollmer, Phillip H
Vollmer, Ruth E Walker
Wachtendonk, William and family
Wachtendonk, William H
Wagner, Edward J
Wasko, Joseph and Elizabeth
Weber, Jerome A
Weinberger, Henry G
Weinberger, Joseph F
Weinberger, Leonard and family
Weinberger, Margaret
Welak, John and Mildred M
Welak, Walter and Laura
Welsch, Joseph N. and Mary
Wild, August and Anna
Wild, Gilbert W. and Mary J
Wild, Michael and Mary
Wild, Robert and Theresa
Wittman, Louis and Frances
Wolfschmitt, Josephine
Wolter, family
Yaktus, Alex W. and Mary Ann
Youngbeck, Raymond H. and Lucy C
Zack, Michael and Anna
Zangl, Gene
Zimmer, Gilbert and Helen
Zimmer, Math and Anglin
Zimmerman, Catherine Bierlipp
Zimmerman, Jacob
Zingsheim, Harvey (2)
Zingsheim, Harvey
Zinth, Louise Petersen
Zwieg, Carroll and Viola E

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

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