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Sacred Heart Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Aird, Michael W. and Marianne L
Alcorta, Simon
Alighieri, Victor E
Allen, Kenneth G. and Rita A
Alton, Verne C. and Jula L
Anderson, Arthur J. and Patricia A
Anderson, Edward L
Anderson, Marcella M
Arthur, Robert W. and Irma M. Conrad
Ashenbrucker, John J. and Anna M
Atkins, Isaac
Bailey, John C. and Shirley J
Bakke, Willard F
Ballweg, William M. and Lorene M
Baltzer, John W. and Cleopha A
Baltzer, John W
Baltzer, Zachary John (Cuz)
Balzer, Adolph A. and Evelyn
Balzer, Joseph P. and Mary A
Barman, Donald J. Sr. and family
Barman, George J. and Helen
Barman, Jerome H. and Lois C
Barman, Kenneth J
Bartol, Donald L
Bartosch, John L. and Frances M
Beal, Albert C. and Marjorie J
Beck, Anna
Bedner, Leo G. and Marguerite M
Benda, Megan and family
Benisch, Alvin and Hattie
Benisch, Casper R. and Mary J
Benisch, Willis F
Benish, Herbert and Lois J
Bennesh, Albert J. and Beatrice A
Berberet, Lawrence J. and Susanne A
Bergmann, Irmgard M
Bergmann, Paul and Lisbeth
Betlach, Edward R. and Anna E
Birkel, Beth M
Birrenkott, Marcia Knapp
Blaschka, Lawrence (Letty) and Margaret Moy
Blaschka, Robert W. and Mildred L
Blaska, Jerome L. and Helen C
Blaska, Elizabeth Rose
Blaska, Gregory D. and Laura M
Blumenstein, Robert W. and Luella M
Boerst, R. Paul and Connie A
Bogosh, Jeffrey M. and Rita E
Bohnsack, Sharon
Bollig, Bernard A. and Ruth M
Bowens, Lloyd and DeLores
Bowles, Kathy Lehman
Bradley, William V. and Elsie E
Brandt, Jeffrey J
Breunig, David Joseph (male infant)
Breunig, Howard Joseph Sr. and Beverly Louise
Breunig, Mark Anthony
Breunig, Milo R. and Charlotte L
Brooks, James J. and Donna J
Broome, Stanley D. and Josephine M
Brown, female infant
Brown, Russel M. and Genevieve E
Brunner, female infants
Buchanan, Mel and Mabel
Buchanan, Mel M
Bull, Dawn Marie
Burdekin, Walter James
Burke, Dennis P. and Maureen T
Bursaw, Steven R. and Ann M
Buschkopf, Mary Ann
Buttke, Lee C. and Adele L
Buttke, Ronald Lee
Cain, Ervin J. and Lucille
Caliva, Michael C. and Patricia J
Callies, Edward H. and Dorothy A
Carden, John Edward III
Carome, Charles J
Carpenter, Michael J
Carty, Charles A. Jr. (Rico) and Myrna M. (Myrt)
Chairez, Kayla (infant)
Chase, Clarence A. and Eleanor D
Chase, Gale B. and Alice C
Chase, James B. and Dorothy T
Chase, Philip R
Chase, Theodore W. and Marcella D
Churchill, John Crosby
Clark, Kenneth G. and Mary V
Cline, Edward P. and Florence M
Coletti, Daniel A. and Mary Daly
Colwell, Robert E. and Mynetta Duscheck (Mickey)
Conrad, Carl F. and Rita A
Conrad, Joseph W. and Joyce E
Cooper, Mardell Ann
Cooper, Michael Forrest
Coughlin, John and Carrie
Cowen, Patrick and family
Danielson, Earl H. Jr
Darcey, John (male infant)
Darcey, Thomas F. (Tom) and Barbara A. McCann
Daspit, Eugene P. and Margaret C
Daspit, Eugene Philip
Daugherty, Buford G
Davidson, Gary L
Davis, Dale P. and family
Davis, Thomas and Donna J
DeBarbieri, Stephen V
Delwiche, Anthony J. and Margaret A
Derr, Stanley E. and Marjorie A
Desjarlais, Michael Robert
Dischler, Robert A. and Sally A
Doherty, James O. and Ellen V
Doll, Joseph S. (Joe)
Dollack, Joseph and Adeline
Dollak, Frank J. and family
Donley, Patrick J. and Beverly A
Dott, Charles J. and Mary Cobb
Dott, Leo L. and Adeline
Dowd, Fr. John R
Driver, Ryan Charles (infant)
Dubranski, Robert and Mary J
Duffy, Richard P. and Patricia A
Dunn, Harold J
Duren, Dillon J. (male infant)
Duschack, Bernard F. and Edith M
Dushack, Alan G
Dushack, Dennis I. and Linda I
Dushack, Ervin C. and unclear M
Dushack, Fr. Douglas I
Dushack, John (Jack) and Elinor Stang
Dushack, John S. and Mary M
Dushack, Keith (Louie)
Ebert, Oscar J. and Loretta E
Elgersma, Keith D. and Betty L
Endres, Donald J
Endres, Esther M
Fabian, Howard A. and Marian S. Wagner
Fabian, Rev. Randall L. and Valerie A
Farris, Lillian and Pesl, Florence
Fassbender, male infant
Fassbender, Wilfred L. and Marcella M
Fauerbach, Robert F. and Kathleen J
Fedo, Raymond A. and Lorraine
Feltzkowski, Eugene M. and Elsie F
Feltzkowski, Kazmear and Hattie
Feuling, Gary J. and Constance S
Finken, Donald N
Fiscus, Leslie J. and Mary A
Fitzpatrick, Margaret A
Foster, George L. and Elizabeth J. (Betty)
Fox, Clarence
Franke, George A. and Lillian K
Fredenberg, Naomi (female infant)
Fredenberg, Scott H
Freidel, Bryan J
Freidel, Lisa Ann and Lori Ann (female infants)
Frey, Leo C. and Clara A. Weber
Friederichs, Frances C. and Richard J
Gage, Bernadette
Gassen, John J
Gehrmann, Rudolf F. and Mary L
Gehrmann, Rudolf F
Gehrmann, Sarah Ann (female infant)
Gersbach, Mary Ann (female infant)
Gersbach, William R. and Rose S
Gerstad, George and Bernice
Gietzel, Franklin H. and Shirley M
Giever, Michael J
Gilbert, Amber Lynn (female infant)
Glaser, Ida
Glassburn, Patrick dennis
Glasser, Mary Pearl (female infant)
Glasser, Patricia Ann (female infant)
Glen, Ted E
Goff, Woodrow R. and Anne T
Goldade, Stephen W. and Patricia M
Gomes, Herman J. and Maxenlia F
Gomes, Gregory A
Gomez, Maria Vitalina Mendoza (infant)
Gove, Maurice J. and Carol M
Graylow, Richard V
Greenberg, Donald M. and Mary Ann
Grejczyk, Mitchell A
Grimm, Gerald F. and Frances L
Grunewald, Russell G. (child)
Gyorog, Donald A. and family
Hamilton, Carly Ann (infant)
Hanley, Arthur H. and Ruth E
Hanneman, David D. and Mary K
Harrington, Steve F. and Vivian E
Hart, Theresa Marie (female infant)
Harvey, Philip F. and Audrey C
Hatzinger, Alicia Ann (picture on stone)
Hatzinger, Alicia Ann
Hauser, Heidi (female infant)
Havlik, Joseph W. and Katherine
Hay, Dylan Thomas (infant)
Hellenbrand, David J. (Bucky)
Hellenbrand, Herbert A. and Elaine J
Hemauer, Robert J. and Francina M
Henseler, Robert L. and Jean A
Herrick, Edwin J
Hinman, James R
Hinner, Joseph (male infant)
Hirschinger, Carl W. and CeCeile M
Hlavachek, Paul J. and Barbara M
Hoch, Carrie Ann and family
Hoepker, Andrew G
Hoepker, Paul G. and Norma M
Honish, Harold E. and Mary A
Houle, Robert K
Howe, Christopher J. and Janean M
Howe, Duane F. and Bonnie L
Hughes, Robert C. and Bernice T
Hughey, Esther L. Batz
Huser, Jerome H. and family
Irvin, Clarice M
Itnyre, Jamie C. (female infant)
Jacob, Richard D. and Carol T
Janssen, Raymond G. and Patricia C
Jensen, Ernest R. and Wilda E
Jesberger, Elmer J. and Marian C
Jesberger, Robert G. and Luella E
Joanis, James G. (Jim) and Jacilyn R. Glasson
Johnson, Matthew J. (infant)
Jones, Fred F. and Ann F
Jones, Lynn M
Jopke, Wallace W. and Margaret E
Jourdan, Todd W. Jr. and Seth A. (male infants)
Kahle, Edward and Patricia A
Kalinoski, Leonard J
Kalinoski, Mary E
Kalscheur, Joseph A. and Katherine L
Kasenow, Thomas J. and Rita M
Kauppinen, Rev. Richard Lee and Ursula Lina
Kauppinen, Richard Lee
Keiner, Kristopher C. J
Keiner, Marvin Walter
Keip, Doris E
Keip, Nora
Keip, Rueben E
Kellner, Doris Louise
Kennedy, Gerald R. and Margaret
Kennedy, Kristen Ann (female infant)
Kennedy, Michael J. Jr. (male infant)
Kessenich, Robert W. and H. Joann
Keyes, Walter H
Kidd, Emily A
Kiersten, Dennis J
Kiersten, Robert L. and Phyllis I
Kimball, male infant
Kirk, Christie Lynn (female infant)
Kittleson, Mary L
Kizer, Wayne E. and Jean M
Klein, Adolph and Irene
Klein, Richard B
Klink, Roy J. and Dorothy L
Klitzman, Victor C. and family
Klos, Michael R. and M. Frances Daspit
Kloster, George and Angeline
Klubertanz, Albert and Mary
Klubertanz, Alphonse F. and Lucilia E
Klubertanz, Edward and Johannah
Klubertanz, Eugene and Geraldine
Klubertanz, Oscar E. and Catherine M
Klubertanz, Wm. L. and Annetta B
Knuth, Lyle L. and Lila A
Koch, Larry J. and Kay A
Koch, Robert J. and Dorothy E
Koehler, Vernon C. and Jean
Koenig, James C. and Josephine M
Koenig, James C
Koepke, Richard III
Kort, Timothy J. and Theresa J
Koscielski, Walter J
Koski, Alan H
Kotche, Patricia Ann
Kotche, Raymond I. and Family
Kowerski, Edward Peter and Catherine Evelyn De Lancey
Krall, Michael J. and Louise J
Kranz, Arthur A. and Frieda M
Kranz, Thomas L. and Linda M
Kraus, Herman and Florence Rita
Krause, Earl J. and Ruth
Krause, Lewis F. and Margaret C
Kripps, Hazel E
Kubiske, Albert F. and Albertina L. Franco
Kubly, Naomi Y. and family
Kuemmel, Frank G. and Joy A
Kuhle, Angeline M
Kuhle, Charles E
Kuhle, Frederick C
LaFontaine, Fred P. and Esther E
Larson, Duane E. and Rachel A
Larson, Jerome S. and Lucille J
Lee, James Lyle and Kathleen Mary Lazar
Lehman, Robert A. and family
Leisure, Sherry L
Lessner, Philip J. and Theckla A
Liermann, Constance K
Link, Robert O. and family
Lins, Zachary John (male infant)
Lipka, Paul J. and family
List, August H. and Theresa C
Loftus, Leonard A. and Eileen B
Loney, female infant
Loney, male infant
Lucke, Richard P
Lyman, Thomas B. and Sylvia F
Lynch, William J. and Eleanor M
Maasch, James R
Mahne, Marie Margaret
Malopney, Leona M. and Tammy Brandt
Maly, Bernard J
Maly, Lawrence V. and Christine C
Maly, Thomas (male infant)
Mann, Kristal Marie (picture on stone)
Mann, Kristal Marie
Manthe, Robert R. and Elaine E
Marthaler, Angela Marie (Angie)
Mattheis, Albert H. and Edythe H
Mattila, Gary E. and Ruth A
Mattila, Patrick J. and Margaret A
Mautz, Reinhardt G. and Virginia M
McClarnon, Michael T. and family
McCloskey, Francis R. and Lucile I
McCloskey, male infant
McMahon, Patrick S. and Valerie S
McNamee, Michael T. and Ann T
McNeary, James J
McNeary, Melva L
Meister, Clarence M. and Doris A
Mellom, Marvin C. and Virginia M
Melvin, Betty I
Melvin, Todd M
Mertz, Wilfred P. and family
Messer, Wilbur A. and Eunice M
Mila, Jose and Elisa
Miler, Anne H
Miller, Tobi Rebecca (picture on stone)
Miller, Tobi Rebecca
Mitchell, Michael Scott (infant)
Molay, infants
Monday, Frank R
Monday, Kela Ann
Moodie, Curtis and Alma
Morrow, James C. and Christine M
Morschauser, Gertrude M. and family
Morschauser, John A. and Frances M
Moser, Steven C. and Celia
Motl, Aloys and Bernice
Mount, John T
Mount, John W
Mount, Loretta A
Mount, Thomas W. and Jane C
Mueller, Barbara L
Muller, Patrick F. and Phyllis R
Musch, Leo A. and Alice R
Musch, Ronald L
Nagel, Lida A
Napp, Charles P. and Ruth J
Nellen, Raymond C. and Ruth M. Thompson
Nelson, Dr. Eugene J. and bernardine E
Nelson, Kara Leigh
Newberry, April B. and family
Nicholson, Kelly Jean
Nicolay, Maurice J. and Genevieve M
Nicolay, Michelle Joan
Nikolai, Ernest J
O'Connor, David J. and family
Oehrlein, James R. and Susan L
Oehrlien, infant
Oehrlien, male infant
O'herrin, William E. and Hildreth Ann
Ollerman, Robert F
Osborn, Agnes B
Parise, Ima Gail
Parise, Sam
Parks, Catherine (Kay)
Parr, female infant
Parr, Frank F. and Ethel M
Parr, Joseph and Gladys
Parr, Leo F. and Janette C
Pawelski, E. J. Bob and Jarla J
Peller, Luverne H. and Helen T
Penny, Richard John and Harriet Elise McHugh
Peschl, Dolores J. (Pal)
Pfaff, Ralph L. and Elaine A
Phelps, Jack and Flavian
Pirozzoli, Frederick O. and family
Pitcher, Ann C
Polak, Joseph
Poster, Peter J. and Lillian A
Prahl, Mary Oradei
Pulgin, John J. and Rita Dohm
Quinn, Michael L
Rebholz, Joseph and family
Reed, Goldine
Reeks, Randall T. and Carole E
Reichert, Terence P. and Goldie E
Reinen, Michael Allen (Male infant)
Reininger, James J. and Marilyn M
Reisdorf, Raymond M. and family
Reithmeier, William and Anna M
Reller, Bradley W
Renk, Wilbur N. and Helen S
Renz, Anthony I. and Judith E
Renz, Anton M. and Hilda A
Renz, John J. and Mary L
Renz, male infant
Renz, William J
Rice, Marshall A. and Violante Cook
Riddle, David John (male infant)
Rigney, Thomas F. and Margaret E
Ringelstetter, George Norman and Marilyn Alice
Robarge, Linda A
Rolke, Ralph A. and Ann S
Rom, Zygmunt E. and Florence M
Ryan, Mary and Gerard (infants)
Sacho, Wallace J. and Mildred A
Sailor, Ann C
Salewski, Agnes F
Salewski, William F
Sandersfield, Jack D
Sanford, William L. (Bill) and Germaine P. (Geri)
Satterlee, Fr. John Arthur (Fr. Bud)
Scheffler, Irving
Scheffler, Matilda
Schernecker, Henry J. and Emma T
Schey, Roman I. and Mayme M
Schey, Wilmer F. and Marcella K
Schleicher, Vernon F. and Isabel M
Schmelzer, Patrick L. and Marie K
Schmitt, Clement W. and Bernadeen M
Schmitt, Cletus H. and Shirley A
Schmitt, Edwin J. and family
Schmitt, Fred J. and Mary J
Schmitz, Robert C. and Maxeen N
Schneider, Arthur W. and family
Schneider, Hubert J. and Betty J
Schroedl, Francis A
Schroud, Reuben M. and Marjorie R
Schuch, Francis and Olivia
Schuch, Robert F. and Catherine J
Schulenburg, David J
Schulenburg, Elmore W. and Marion M
Schuster, Bernard and Dorothy
Schuster, Charles E. and Mary L
Schuster, Conrad J
Schuster, Joseph G
Schuster, Lawrence J. and Sarah (Pat)
Schuster, Wenzel J. and Helen E
Schwartz, Margaret M
Shaw, Stanley L. and family
Sheehan, Francis E. and Joann H
Siclovan, Gerald
Simon, Krista Lynn (female infant)
Skalitzky, John W. and Lucille
Skalitzky, Paul M. and Meta L. Kroncke
Skalitzky, Paul R. and Arolyn K
Skalitzky, Urban C. and Margaret L
Skibba, Eugene R. and Audrey M
Slawski, Rudolph G. and Evelyn D
Smith, Douglas Jordan
Smith, Keith A. and Diane F
Smith, Zackary D
Spahn, Carmen Batz
Spahn, David J. and S. Jean
Spahn, female infant
Spahn, John A. and Marilyn M
Spahn, John L
Spahn, Paul E. and Ann R
Sparger, Max R. and Eloise K
Spilde, Larry and family
Stadelhofer, Ann
Staebell, Gary J
Staebell, Robert Allen
Statz, female infant
Statz, George and family
Statz, George
Stauffacher, Tricia Mary
Stauffer, Anna
Stegerwald, Paul F. and Alice M
Stier, Margaret M
Stohl, Alfred A. and Kathryn M
Stohl, Anthony L
Stohl, Anton and Rosa
Stohl, Ludwig C. and Jane M
Stohl, William L. and Marie F
Stoker, Maryann (female infant)
Stoker, Thomas A. and Gertrude
Strohmenger, Howard and Marie W
Strohmenger, Robert E. and Frances
Struck, Anthony J. and Helen E
Struck, Brother Jerome
Suchomel, Al W. and Mary T
Suchomel, Brent Jeffrey
Suchomel, Diane Renee (female infant)
Suchomel, Joseph and Elinora
Suchomel, Mathias W. and CeCelia H
Suchomel, Phillip Emil
Suchomel, Reinold V
Suchomel, Roman F. and Ruth D
Sugden, Richard D. and Linda A. Walsh
Sullivan, Claire R. and family
Susee, James D. and Catherine C. Nellen
Swain, Michael D
Swick, Edward M. and Mary L
Swiggum, Lauren N. (picture on stone)
Swiggum, Lauren N
Syth, Robert L. and Amy S
Syverud, Ronald C. and Patricia A
Taylor, James L
Terhall, Dean (male infant)
Terhall, Ernest V
Terhall, Genevieve
Terhall, Richard L. and Joanne M
Ternus, Brock John (male infant)
Terry, Patrick A. and Jane E
Thao, Lor
Thomas, Henry R. and Laura A
Thompson, Dee and Virginia E
Thompson, Dee David Sr
Tiedt, Frank W. and Myra C
Tiedt, Hugo A. and Lillian
Tinker, Francis E. and Shirley M
Tobin, David T. and Kathleen A
Tracy, Alan Scott (male infant)
Trainor, Joel John
Treige, Charles M. and Rita M
Treige, John E. and Effie
Trepes, John J. and Dorothy A
Tubbs, Michael
Tunmbi, Theresa
Vandehey, Milton J. and Florence M
Vandehey, Paul J. and Diana L
Vaughan, Joseph P. and Hilda L
Veith, Robert C. and Joan L
Vernig, Carl A. and Mabel V
Vernig, Harold R
Vernig, infant
Vickerman, Patrick J
Vickerman, William E
Virchow, Alvin and Mary
Virchow, Darwin L. and Ellen R. Chase
Voelker, Lois Ann (female infant)
Volenec, Merlin P. and Merna L
Wable, William J. and Lois A
Wagner, Casey Lee (male infant)
Wagner, Julie K
Wagner, Raymond J. and Ruth B
Wake, Robert J. and Marjorie A
Wake, Stephanie Marie
Walch, Angela E
Walch, Duane J. and Patricia A
Walrack, Keith D. and Julie A
Walrack, Thomas A
Walsh, Richard H. (Dick) and Gloria F. Christiani
Weber, Rose B
Weekes, Ephen Michael
Weisenberger, Peter G
Weisensel, Edwin O. and Mabel E
Weisensel, Eldred J. and Kathleen L
Weisensel, Frank X. and Clara P
Weisensel, Gene E. and Ruth E
Weisensel, Giles D
Weisensel, Leon J. and Mary G
Weisensel, Ralph F. and Eleanor E
Weisensel, reynold A. and Violet M
Weisman, Clemence and Frances
Weisman, Gerald O
Wellman, LaVonne M
Wendler, Harold T. and Margaret E
Whelan, Robert J. Sr. and family
Wichelt, Wayne F. and Beverly E
Wilberding, Alan H. and Joan B
Wildner, Jean (female infant)
Wise, Kenneth W. and Josephine D
Yaroch, Willard E. and Adeline R
Yelk, Doris Agnes
Yelk, Gerald E. and geraldine M
Yelk, Lawrence Robert
Yelk, Robert E. and Frances M
Young, A. Marie and family
Young, Michael J
Zamarripa, Carina
Zentner, Don E. and Sharleen A
Ziebarth, John Conway and Mary Ellen Parenteau
Zimbric, Sylvester and Edna
Zimbrich, Bernard R. and Helen M
Zimbrich, Clarence and Bertille
Zimmerman, William and Mary

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

ProjectCopyright Notice: These generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery. The source for many of the cemetery names and placenames on these pages come from Cemetery Locations in Wisconsin, 3rd edition, compiled by Linda M. Herrick and Wendy K. Uncapher. The book is published by Origins at 4327 Milton Ave. Janesville, WI 53546. All files on this site are copyrighted by their creator and/or contributor. They may be linked to but may not be reproduced on another site without specific permission from Tina Vickery [] and/or their contributor. Although public information is not in and of itself copyrightable, the format in which they are presented, the notes and comments, etc., are. It is however, quite permissable to print or save the files to a personal computer for personal use ONLY.

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