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Columbia County
(Wyocena (Pardeeville))
Pardeeville Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry and Linda Kopet and Lori Hanna Bennett!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Airey, John and Anna
Albee, John C. and Edith A.
Aldrich, Alvan C. and Gladys E.
Alexander, Florence B.
Alexander, unclear
Alexander, William
Ameden, Esther A.
Ameden, William M.
Anacker, unclear
Anderson, Leone E. Thomson
Anderson, Philip and Helen M.
Andres, Arthur C.
Andres, Jennifer L.
Andres, Jennifer L. (picture on stone)
Angus, David and Thomas
Angus, Robert and Margaret
Angus, William and Mary
Ashley, Alice M.
Ashley, Daniel Hood
Ashley, Effie Hood
Ashley, John Hood
Ashley, John Stanley
Ashley, Louis P.
Ashley, Stanley V.
Ashley, Yates
Atkinson, Jesse R.
Aust, Oscar
Averill, unclear
Babcock, Eunice P.
Bacon, Bert F. and Eva M.
Bahls, Joseph A. and Alice J.
Baillies, Bernard B. and Cecil J.
Baillies, Harold and Mildred B.
Baldwin, Wooster
Balfanz, Chalmer A. and Leola M.
Ballie, Herman
Balliet, Ben F. and family
Balsiger, Harold M. and Eldora M.
Balsiger, Sandra J.
Balzer, Gregory John and Carol Marie
Barrett, Donald C.
Beahm, Charles
Beahm, Jane A.
Becker, Carl and Minnie
Bergey, John and Margaret
Bergey, John C.
Bielke, Ronald E. and Marjorie V.
Blaisdell, Abigail
Blaisdell, Grace
Blaisdell, Olive J.
Blodgett, Alida L.
Blodgett, William E.
Boettcher, Jessie O.
Bohaldo, William J. and Beulah
Bohnsack, Alfred J.
Bohnsack, Elizabeth M.
Booth, William A. and Elizabeth
Borck, Ted W. and Janel D.
Bostad, Robert K. and Janice F.
Bowen, Katie Maria and Josephine A.
Brandsma, Arthur E. and Gertrude
Breneman, Brent V.
Breneman, Terry Lynn
Briffett, Chas. and Emma
Briffett, Geo. and Annie
Briffett, George and Theressa E.
Briffett, unclear male
Brodeur, Thomas Joseph
Brookins, P.C. and Samantha L.
Buchecker, Charles
Buchecker, Sarah
Burdick, June I.
Burk, Cora L.
Buzzell, Glen and Adeline
Cadotte, Jerome
Cadotte, Lottie M.
Cadotte, Maude P.
Cairns, James and Esther
Carbrecht, Gustav and Esther
Carter, Bennie and unclear
Carter, Ray and Nellie
Cebrero, Matthew J.
Chandler, Joseph and family
Chapman, Lawrence E. and Nadine
Clark, Mary F.
Clauson, Charles and Ruth C.
Cleveland, Alan B. and Susan J. Justine
Cleveland, Robert L. and Bernice E.
Coats, Raymond Clarke and Hazel Loraine
Cobb, Jesse W.
Cobb, M. Janette
Colburn, Alma M.
Colburn, Dr. Richard Kevin
Colburn, Gale M.
Colburn, Kay Ellen
Colburn, Leon S.
Colburn, Myrtle M.
Colburn, Rolland D.
Confer, Carrie Dustin
Confer, George William
Confer, Jos. H.
Cook, Harland H. and Beulah M. Keeley
Cooper, Grant and Vivian
Cooper, Jenny
Cowley, James H. and family
Cox, Angie Williams
Crawford, Boyd F. and Nellie Mae
Crooker, Ethel M.
Crow, Allen
Crump, Harland and family
Cummings, David and Delia
Cummings, James F.
Curtis, Vincent D. (Red) and Sarah A. Hays
Dawrence, William
De Shon, Ralph L. and June I.
Deains, Jabez and Elizabeth
Deakin, Mary Isabel
DeGroff, unclear and Margaret E.
Demmon, Dasie Ione
Demmon, unclear
Dettman, Donald M. Sr. and Audrey E.
Dettmann, Martin G. and Grace D.
Diefendorf, Amenzo W. and family
Dolajeck, LaVern E. and Doris A.
Dolajeck, Roger C.
Dolgner, Ferd. F. and Martha E.C.
Dolgner, unclear child
Dolleschall, Alma W.
Dolleschall, Domonick
Dolleschall, Louise
Dolleschall, unclear
Donahoe, Joseph LeRoy and Norah Ellen
Drinkwater, Ray D. and Ardlen M.
Dumke, Nasia (picture on stone)
Dumke, Nasia S. (Bunny)
Dunning, John I. and family
Dusenbury, Almira W.
Dusenbury, George W.
Dusenbury, Morgan H.
Dykstra, Joyce E.
Easterhouse, Cornelius J. and Laura H.
Ebert, Henry C. and Adelheid
Ebert, Raymond A. and Hazel J.
Ebert, William A. and Anna M.
Edwards, Earl and Eda A.
Edwards, Elizabeth M.
Edwards, Fred and family
Edwards, James C.
Edwards, Mary E.
Eggert, Mae
Eggert, Raymond F.
Eggleston, Walter
Eggleston, Walter[text]
Ehlert, Walter F. and Gloria D.
Ehrenberger, Jennifer L.
Elko, Raymond E. and Dolores H.
Elliott, Fred
Ely, Scott D. and Rosa E.
Ernst, Joanne Marie
Evans, Richard H. and Madaline
Fenske, Edgar and family
Fischer, Edward F. and Shirley M. Gutzman
Fleming, Annie Sarah
Flower, John W. and Violet J.
Frank, Gary L. and Dawn S.
Frank, Melvin W.
Frank, Melvin W. and Margaret M.
Frazier, David and Eliza
Gall, Ronald D. and family
Gallagher, Leo M. and Donna M.
Gavinski, Carla
Gavinski, Kenneth W. and Darlene I. Milton
Gee, Margaret
Gee, Ora E.
Gibson, Charles R. and Dorothy A.
Gibson, Fred and Electa
Gibson, Karen Rae
Gibson, Kenneth L.
Giese, unclear
Gilbert, Emma K.
Gilbert, Nina Claire
Glasgow, Kenneth L. Sr.
Gloyd, Dorel F. (Casey) and Ramona M. Dolajeck (Tootie)
Graack, Lester and Lorraine
Graham, Verne P. and Mildred E.
Gray, Beatrice V. Lafler
Green, Harry A. and Beatrice A.
Green, Lorinda A.
Griffin, unclear and Aileen
Griffin, Willis and Aileen[text]
Grimes, Gerald L. and Donna J.
Grover, Irvine and Orriette Wright
Grueneberg, Carl and Esther
Grueneberg, Julius E. and Bertha
Gutzman, Ernest E. and Mabel I.
Hamilton, Diane C.
Hamilton, Richard A.
Hanchett, Fred
Hanna, Francis J.
Hanna, Francis J.[text]
Hanna, Zella
Hanna, Zella M.[text]
Hansen, Clayton and Eva E.
Harter, Jane
Hartman, C. Eve Scott
Hartman, Franklin P. and Almira M.
Hartman, Owen and Rebecca
Haskin, Donald Spear
Haskin, Rosetta
Haskin, William
Haynes, Byard J. and Dorothy
Haynes, John B. (Freck)
Haynes, Robert M. and Abigal S.
Heath, unclear female
Henke, Dennis C.
Henthorn, G. W.
Hepler, Charles and family
Hepler, Daniel and family
Hepler, Emily E.
Hepler, Geo. Jr. (Bud)
Hepler, George
Hepler, George M. and Bernice L. Hawley
Hepler, Inez E.
Hepler, Jennie G.
Hepler, Killian
Hepler, Rachel C. and family
Hepler, Russell (Tony)
Hepler, Russell D. (Hep)
Herold, Martin Allen
Herrington, Charles S.
Herrington, Leonard G.
Herrington, Sadie A. Graham
Hess, Clayton and Viva
Hill, Arhtur R.
Hill, Edwin J. and Kathleen A. Aggleston
Hill, Gary K.
Hill, Kent Arthur
Hills, Jane E.
Hoffman, H. T. Jr.
Hoffman, Henry T. and Jane E.
Hollendyke, Barney and Jane
Hollendyke, Byron M. and Shirley L.
Hollendyke, Charles J.
Hollendyke, Frank
Hollendyke, Harry N.
Hollendyke, Johanna
Hollendyke, Tunis
Hollendyke, Will.
Hollendyke, William
Holmes, Clayton L.
Hopkins, Alice
Hopkins, Frank
Hopkins, Isaac A. and Emily T.
Horton, Angeline
Houk, Edward F. and Catherine
Houk, Robert C. and Patricia A.
Hunt, John L. and Charlotte A. Smith
Hunt, Wesley and May
Hutzler, Kermit L. and Beverly J.
Huyck, Harold D. and Genevieve M.
Inglehart, Almon and Mary E.
Inglehart, Gordon
Jackson, Russell T. and Alice H.
Jacob, Cindy L.
Jerome, Harold and Lydia
Jerome, Harold J.
Jerred, Corp. Harry D.
Jerred, Fred C.
Jerred, Martha M.
Johnson, Adaline E. and Betty L.
Johnson, Donald and Gloria A.
Johnson, Gladys A.
Johnson, Jessie M.
Johnson, Oscar P.
Johnson, Rebecca E.
Johnson, Wesley and family
Johnston, Joseph E. and Daisy L.
Jones, Craig F.
Jones, Vernon F. and Marion G.
Justice, Robert F. (Bob) and Margaret E. Dailey
Kampen, Herbert M. (Herbie) and Helen M.
Kanzenbach, Mary
Karow, Marilou Jane
Kath, Clifford W. and Frances B. Vick
Kath, John E.
Kath, Mervin H. and Mary
Keeley, Jack S.
Kick, Frank J. and Leonne J.
Kinch, Sylvia Virginia
Kleist, Bessie M.
Knapp, Charles H.
Knapp, Samuel A.
Koeppe, August
Koeppe, Johanna
Kohlwey, Walter and Dorothea
Kolburg, Lydia M.
Kreier, Gerald L. and Sabrina L.
Krooner, Marvin H.
Krueger, Elmer F. and helen E.
Kruger, Leonard L. and Myrna J.
Krumin, James E.
Kuhl, Darrel H. and Lorraine M.
Lafler, Acel
Lafler, Chas and unclear
LaMarche, Joanne
Lamphear, Elaine E.
Lang, female infant
Larsen, Chris J.
Larsen, Chris J. and Lizzie M.
Larsen, Harvey L. and Ruth I. Barden
Laser, Ruth
Lawton, Eunice
Lee, Sheila Renee
Lewis, Jacob C.
Lewis, John M. and Sarah C.
Lifvendahl, Robert M. and Sara Jane Reynolds
Liphite, Margaret
Liphite, Viola May
Liska, Florence M.
Liska, John L.
Lueptow, Harold and Patricia Milton (Pat)
Lyons, Flora B. Stallwood
Lyons, Milton H.
Maier, Amy Erica
Maier, John Charles
Maier, Steven Phillip
Mair, T.C. and May
Manicke, John J.
Manicki, John J. and Annette
Manthey, John
Manthey, Ronald and Hazel
Manthey, unclear A. and Genevieve
Manthey, Wilhelmine
Manthey, William and Edward
Marston, Daniel and Elizabeth
Mathewson, Alice Elizabeth
Mathewson, W.H. and family
McDonald, Barney and Vieva P.
McDonald, Gene L. and Maxine F.
McDonald, Richard G.
McMahon, Eugene G. and Betty B.
Meekma, Peter H. and Sally A.
Meincke, Clarence F. (Mike) and Sally J. Stevens
Mendrala, William C. and Marie H.
Mendrala, William Edward and Nancy Ellen
Merrifield, James and Jeanette
Merrifield, James R.
Merrill, Abby D.
Merrill, John and unclear
Merrill, Peter H. and Georgetta
Merwin, Richard A. and Karel M.
Miller, Harvey and Caroline
Miller, T. and M.A. and Welden, John C.
Moll, Henry
Moll, Hermie B. and Louise E.
Moll, John A. and Henrietta A.
Moll, unclear and Genevieve
Moore, William C. and family
Morris, Gordon C.
Muchow, Robert and Meta
Nabors, James D. and Debra K.
Orlick, Theodore T. and Genevieve L.
Pardee, Antoinette Stevens
Pardee, C.
Pardee, John and Eunice
Pardeeville Cemetery Sign
Parker, Minnie M. Boynton
Parker, Wm.
Pease, Robert C. (Bob) and Arleen F. Dolajeck
Pease, Walter A. and Helen F.
Perry, Ephraim and family
Peterson, Edward and Gertrude
Pierce, George W. and Amanda
Popp, Frances C. and Marie C.
Price, Dora L.
Price, Elizabeth
Price, George S.
Price, Lettie
Price, Paul G.
Price, Rev. George and Letha Mae Davison
Priddy, Oliver C.
Pugh, Edna L.
Pugh, John
Pugh, Robert A. and Rose E.
Pugh, Rose
Pugh, William R.
Raddatz, John and Hulda
Randall, Hiram
Rataczak, Russell E. and Arlene I.
Rataczak, Russell E. Sr.
Reynolds, Clair W. and Lorraine J. Kollath
Reynolds, Dallas
Reynolds, David
Reynolds, Emily T.
Rhode, Lester and family
Rhode, Merwin M.
Rhynesmith, Alida
Ringhardt, female infants
Robbins, Jacob E.
Robbins, Jacob E. and Fern A. Epstein
Robbins, William H. and Adeline J.
Roberts, Eliza A.
Roberts, Jane
Roberts, John W.
Robicheau, Joseph and Alice
Robinson, Edgar W. and family
Robinson, Hiram
Robinson, Telo D. and Gertrude S.
Rockinghorn, Neva W.
Rode, Elmer R. and Marjorie M.
Rogers, Clifford and Nellie F. Howards
Rogers, Clifford W.
Rohrbeck, Melvin D. and Edith A.
Rooney, Dorothy Thomson
Rooney, James Francis
Rowlands, Edwin and Dorothy
Russell, Donald E. and Jean A.
Sanborn, Abby B.
Sanborn, Q.W.
Sanborn, unclear
Sarlund, Penth V. and Evelyn A.
Sasak, Edward and unclear
Scharf, Bessie A.
Schenck, Rebecca Lynn
Schlapman, Dean E. and Susan G. Skopek
Schmitt, Josef and Lina
Schneider, John A. and Marie E.
Scott, Dora V.
Scott, Fred L. and Alcea V. Lewis
Scott, James L.
Scott, Lewis Garner
Scott, Martha S.
Scott, Orra T.
Scott, Phebe Williams
Scott, Ralph Q. and Dorothy M.
Seaworth, Dennis L. J.
Seaworth, Elizabeth (Betty)
Seaworth, Eugene D.
Seddon, Helen R.
Seipel, Clarence E. (Sonny)
Shaw, William Robert and Jennie
Sheeks, Byron S. and Margaret L.
Sheeks, David C.
Sheeks, Wallace W. and Mary J.
Skoczek, Bernice M.
Skrede, Leonard
Slinger, Everlin Luela
Slrede, Beatrice Y.
Smith, Adeline and Gertrude E.
Smith, Byron
Smith, Carroll
Smith, Charles F. and Lucille N.
Smith, Chester
Smith, Chester and Ava Leatherman
Smith, Earl and Evelyn
Smith, Edward
Smith, Edward A. and Viola E.
Smith, Edward J.
Smith, Frank H. and Mina L.
Smith, Jesse S. and Catherine
Smith, Lyell V. and Eva Mae
Smith, Nathaniel
Smith, Orris
Smith, Orris O. and Sadie A.
Smith, Oscar and Mary
Smith, Paul L. and Charlotte L.
Smith, Ray H. and Alma M.
Smith, Roland L. and Florence
Smith, Roy E.
Smith, William H. and Rose R.
Smith, Zella C.
Sommers, D. Wilbert and Dolores B.
Spear, Louis B.
Spicer, Everett and Evelyn H.
Spicer, Everett E.
Standiford, Gordon L. (Bud) and family
Stapel, August
Starkey, James M.
Starr, Donald G. and Margaret T.
Stebbins, Louis and Ida
Steiner, Cheryl Anne
Steiner, Earl J. and Lila N.
Steiner, Fred and Nell E.
Steiner, John and Kathrine
Steiner, Morris Edward
Stieber, Paul V. and Mabel E.
Stone, Edith E.
Stone, Elizabeth
Stone, infant
Stone, infants
Stone, James
Stone, James H. and Margaret
Stone, James L.
Stone, Moses and Arabella
Stosur, Richard J.
Strand, Harold W.
Stromberg, Eleanor C.
Stuchlik, John J. and Jean B.
Suchomel, Tim
Swett, Frank H.
Thaden, Jerry and Erma B.
Thayer, Robert M.
Thompson, A.B. and Thankful
Thompson, F.B. and Anna S.
Thompson, Harry P. and Anna J.
Thompson, Richard H. (Hoot) and Alice H. Jorns
Thompson, Steven J. and Patsy J. Buggs
Thomson, Anna M. Starkey
Thomson, Cecil A. and Alvina H.
Thomson, Della Edith
Thomson, Frank Wesley
Tolley, Carol Jean
Tolley, Iris
Tom, George J. and Donna M.
Tomlinson, Russell C. and Unity T.
Traudt, Leo A. and Anna M.
Trochim, Harry E. and Ruth M.
Truessale, Flora
Truessale, W.
Trumbower, Rev. Merlyn N. and Marjorie M.
Tucker, Milo C. and Mary E.
Tunison, Amos P.
Tunison, Emma J.
Tunison, Laurence and Gladys E.
Ullrich, Edwin A. Sr. and Hazel F.
Usher, Charles W.
Usher, Mary E.
Usher, Mary Jane
Utke, Henry R. and family
Utke, Robert Wm. (Bob) and Ruth G.
Utley, Joseph and Mary Minerva
Van Dusen, Percis M.
Van Steenbergh, Henry
Van Swol, Morris Sr. and LaVena N.
Van Swol, Pamela J.
Van Swol, Ricky Lee
Varroni, Louis A. and Adele V.
Vick, Arden Richard
Vinz, George R. and Mary E.
Wagner, Marion Besonen
Walker, Wayne C. and family
Walley, George M.
Wardle, Albert and Katherine
Warnke, Kenneth G. and Dorothy A.
Weaver, Joanne M.
Wendlick, Edith and unclear
Wendlick, Edward and Julius
Wendlick, Frank
Wendlick, William H.
Wenzel, William A. and Elsie H.
Westover, Matthew
Wiebe, Hnery and Ella M.
Wiesshoff, William F. and Daisy
Wildt, Fred H. and Abigail M.
Wilke, Harold G. and Marjorie A. Becker
Williams, Ebenezer
Williams, Mary
Williams, Michael J. and Shirley M.
Williams, Morris S.
Williams, Nettie
Williams, Ray
Williams, Robert Morris and America Angeline
Wilson, Frank E.
Wilson, Thomas and Janet
Wirtt, William and Auguste
Woobank, Jake
Wood, Thomas W. and Lucy M.
Woodward, Edward R. and unclear
Wopat, Ronald J.
Wopat, Ronald J. and Lucille I. Brandsma
Wright, Paul H. and Patricia A.
Young, William G. and Lula I.
Yurs, Theodore W. and Alice E.
Zarn, Wilbert C. and Dorothy E.
Zellmer, Emilea F.
Zellmer, Gust E.
Zellmer, Ida B. Wirtt
Zerbel, Arthur H.
Zerbel, Gustave A. and Mazie B.
Zerbel, T.J. William
Zick, LeRoy A. and Edith E.
Zirbel, John A. and Shirley J.
Zunker, Harold E. and Doris A.
Zurfluh, Milton C. and Evelyn E. Scharf

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

ProjectCopyright Notice: These generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery. The source for many of the cemetery names and placenames on these pages come from Cemetery Locations in Wisconsin, 3rd edition, compiled by Linda M. Herrick and Wendy K. Uncapher. The book is published by Origins at 4327 Milton Ave. Janesville, WI 53546. All files on this site are copyrighted by their creator and/or contributor. They may be linked to but may not be reproduced on another site without specific permission from Tina Vickery [] and/or their contributor. Although public information is not in and of itself copyrightable, the format in which they are presented, the notes and comments, etc., are. It is however, quite permissable to print or save the files to a personal computer for personal use ONLY.

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