Compiled and transcribed by Donna Bluemink

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August 6, 1855, re: Removal of family.
(Property of Sargeant Memorial Room, Manuscript Collection.)

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October 10, 1855, Letter to Com. Samuel Barron re: contribution
Papers of the Barron Family.
Courtesy the University of Virginia Libraries
(See the end of this page for further transcribed letters.)

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Facsimilies of documents of the Richmond Relief Committee provided by the Library of Virginia to the Kirn Library, Sargeant Memorial Room, Norfolk, VA.

September 5, 1855, re: Removal of Portsmouth & Norfolk citizens

September 5, 1855, re: Contribution

September 7, 1855, re: Contribution

September 14, 1855, re: Supplies sent to orphans at Catholic College in Richmond

September 14, 1855, re: Supplies (2nd page)

September 15, 1855, re: Payment for fruit

October 1, 1855, re: Contribution

October 3, 1855, re: Howard Association letter

October 6, 1855, re: Request for funds

November 8, 1855, re: Payment of wages

Richmond's Funds for Norfolk and Portsmouth, 1855.
(first of seventeen pages)

A copy of a page in Scrap Book 2 of Thomas B. Rowland, 1825-1918,
his account of the yellow fever epidemic of 1855.
Courtesy of Kirn Memorial Library.

September 14, 1855, letter to Rev. George Armstrong
regarding supplies.
Courtesy of Walter B. Martin, Jr.

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Couper Marble Works, Norfolk, VA
Records, 1848-1943
Ledger C, 1855-1858
Courtesy of Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, VA.

The following photocopies are taken from the Couper Ledger C. Note
the accounts for the families of yellow fever victims.

Page 10 above: Note Dr. Tunstall's account.

Page 66 above: Note Estate of Horatio Moore account.

Page 78 above: Note Miss Redman's account.

Page 106 above: Note Dr. Tunstall's account (cont'd)

Page 108 above: Note Mrs. Buskey's account.

Page 124 above: Note Estate of Walter Taylor account.

Page number obliterated above: Note Dr. Selden's account.

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