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Court and Legislative Records
Clerks of Court, 1749-1887 Feb 2016 Matt Harris
JOHNSON et al. v. HARRIS et al., Chancery Case 1771-006 Apr 2003 Matt Harris
APPLEWHAITE v. HARRIS, Chancery Case, 1773 Nov 1999 Matt Harris
BASDEN [BAISDEN] v. BASDEN & GWIN, Chancery Case, 1773 Nov 1999 Matt Harris
BRITT v. YARBROUGH, Chancery Case 1795-002 May 2017 Matt Harris
BRITT v. BRITT, Chancery Case 1799-002 May 2017 Matt Harris
BRITT v. WORRELL, Chancery Case 1799-014 May 2017 Matt Harris
BOWEN & GRIFFIN, executors of John CARSTAPHEN v.
Milly RAIFORD, widow of William, & children, Chancery Case 1803-021
Dec 2010 Matt Harris
see also
Dec 2010 Matt Harris
BRITT v. BRITT, cases, 1802-1804 Feb 2014 Matt Harris
see also
Commissioners (for RAIFORD) to BOWERS, 1803
Dec 2010 Matt Harris
DARDEN for EVERITT v. WILLIAMSON & BRITT, Chancery Case 1808-004 May 2017 Matt Harris
LAWRENCE et al. v. BRITT, Chancery Case 1808-007 May 2017 Matt Harris
COOK et al. v. ATKINSON [ATKINS], Chancery Case 1808-018 May 2017 Matt Harris
BRITT v. BRITT, Chancery Case 1813-004 May 2017 Matt Harris
CLEMENTS' executor URQUHART v. ATKINSON [ATKINS] et ux. et al., Chancery Case 1814-056 May 2017 Matt Harris
BRITT v. BRITT, RITTER & DIGGS, Chancery Case 1815-004 May 2017 Matt Harris
Elizabeth UZZELL, acquitted of Barratry, 1817 Sep 2009 Matt Harris
BRITT v. BRITT et al., Chancery Case 1818-021 May 2017 Matt Harris
Elizabeth UZZELL, convicted of Petit Larceny, 1820 Sep 2009 Matt Harris
Trial of boy Abel & girl Celia, Jun-Jul 1821,
 ~ for axe-murder of James POWELL [Jr.] & wife America (MURFEE) POWELL, 14 Jun 1821
Apr 2018 Matt Harris
BRITT v. BOYKIN et al., Chancery Case 1823-001 May 2017 Matt Harris
Lydia BAISDEN [BASDEN] v. Ex'ors of Sam'l BAISDEN &c., Chancery Case 1825-013 Mar 2001 Matt Harris
BOYKIN et al. v. BAISDEN [BASDEN] et al., Chancery Case 1829-003 Mar 2001 Matt Harris
BEVAN & HOLLEMAN, settlement, 1830 Feb 2014 Matt Harris
Proceedings on the Southampton Insurrection, Aug-Nov 1831
 ~ includes trial of Nat TURNER, 5 Nov 1831
Mar 2015 Matt Harris
Matthew DRAKE, murder trial, 1840-41 Sep 2007 Matt Harris
SCOTT's administrator BAILEY v. DRAKE's committee PRETLOW, chancery case, 1841 Mar 2015 Matt Harris
DAUGHTREY et al. v. BRITT's guardian, chancery case, 1842 Feb 2014 Matt Harris
EDWARDS v. HOWELL et al., 1848-037 Jul 2009 Keith Howell
GOODMAN et al. v. HOWELL et al., 1853-006 Jul 2009 Keith Howell
Baldy MOUNTFORD v. Matthew MOUNTFORD, breach of peace, 1842 Sep 2007 Matt Harris
Court proceedings & News item
 ~ James TURNER, murdered Dec 1846; estate admin., 1847
 ~ Drewry BITTLE, fugitive debtor- judgements against, Jan 1847;
      indicted for murder, Mar 1847; arrested, Cahawba, AL, Oct 1847;
      estate admin., 1854
Apr 2016 Matt Harris
MUNFORD et al. v. BATIN [BATTIN] et al., Chancery Case 1850-009 Mar 2003 Matt Harris
Elizabeth [JENKINS; Mrs. William] RAIFORD, Guardian Accounts 1857-59 (1860) Apr 2003 Matt Harris
Report of the Finance Committee, 3 Dec 1862 Apr 2003 Matt Harris
Overseers of the Poor, Annual Report, 1862 Apr 2003 Matt Harris
RAIFORD v. RAIFORD et al., Chancery Case 1878-039 Mar 2003 Matt Harris
Anna PERKINS, shot to death, 5 Jul 1878, Franklin
 ~ Emanuel VICK, indicted for murder, 15 Jul 1878
 ~ "Daily Dispatch" - article
Feb 2019 Matt Harris
Elbert BRANCH, indicted for assault with intent to kill, 19 Aug 1878
 ~ tried & convicted, 16 Sep 1878
 ~ sentenced to 5 years' imprisonment, 17 Sep 1878
 ~ "Daily Dispatch" - article
Feb 2019 Matt Harris
James BRISTER [BRISTOW], will, 1882
  ~ will challenged by heir-at-law, 1886
Jan 2012 Matt Harris
C.P. GRIZZARD, pardon, 19 Nov 1894 (1896)
  ~ killed registrar Copeland BARDEN [BARTON], 28 Oct 1893; see news
  ~ convicted of 2d-degree murder, Jun 1894, & given 10 years
Dec 2015 Allen Story
Thomas Mowbray HOWARD, Clerk of Circuit Court for Southampton Co.
 ~ d. 24 Apr 1895, Courtland, age 27
 ~ Littleton Allen GAY named as replacement, May 1895
May 2016 Matt Harris
BARNES v. BARNES et al., Chancery Case, (1894) 1909 Apr 2003 Matt Harris
 ~ "Inventory of the County Archives of Virginia," No. 88
 ~ compiled by the Historical Records Survey of the WPA
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 11 Aug 1940
Oct 2022 Matt Harris

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