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Southampton County was formed from Isle of Wight Co. in 1749;  
a portion (west of the Blackwater River) of Nansemond Co. was added in 1786.  
The county seat is Courtland (first sited at Flowers' Bridge; town later named Jerusalem).  
The City of Franklin was formed from Southampton Co. in 1961, incorporated by court order.  
  (source: Hornbook of Virginia History)

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The Brantley Association of America undertook an incredible project- digitizing the early court records of Southampton County,
with the support of Richard L. "Rick" Francis, Clerk of the Southampton Circuit Court,
and the Southampton County Historical Society.
Printoutsof the compiled indices are on view at the Clerk's Office, in Courtland.

For more information, and to view the images & indices,
visit the Southampton Project website.

If you find errors in the indices, please email them to Matt Harris.
Several have been found, and a list is being kept.

The Alfred Lee Hatfield Records Search has compiled those indices into a searchable database, and has provided the search tool, both online and to the Clerk's Office.

Fenton W. Harrison's Southampton Transcription Project has compiled those indices into another searchable database.

To obtain certified copies of any of the records held by the Southampton County Circuit Court,
send your specific, written request along with a sufficiently* stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Richard L. Francis, Clerk
Southampton Circuit Court
P.O. Box 190
Courtland, VA 23837

The cost of copies is 50 per page, plus $2.00 per document to be certified by the Clerk.

Make checks payable to "Richard L. Francis, Clerk"

Copies are generally made on 11"x17"* paper, but can be reduced if requested and if the text
material is not lost in the process (Clerk's call).

*Ledger-size sheets (11"x17") are the equivalent of two (2) standard, letter-size sheets,
(and weigh twice as much). Figure postage accordingly!

Questions concerning copies and certification should be directed to Richard Francis.

If you have data you would like to contribute for the Southampton County USGenWeb Archives,
please read the guidelines for the archives and then contact Matt Harris who maintains this site.

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