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This page last modified: 3 March 2010

File Description Size Date Submitter
Civil War
Edward S. Barton 3K 24 Jul 2006 Sharon Hamilton
Edward S. Barton 3K 25 Jul 2006 Sharon Hamilton
Robert Henry Scott 2K 13 Jan 2002 Khalid Hashim Bey
French and Indian War
Providers of Provisions for Militia 2K 12 Nov 2006 Freddie Spradlin
Revolutionary War
John Boatwright Pension Application 4K 09 Jul 2002 John & Cindy McCachern
Widow's Affidavit -- Thomas Brooks 2K 19 Oct 2002 Janet Neville
William Hubbard Pension Affidavit 2K 08 Dec 2002 Janet Neville
Muster Roll of Captain Morton's Company of Militia (1781) 2K 13 Jan 2002 Mike Hughes
Officers in the Virginia Militia (1771-1781) 2K 13 Jan 2002 Mike Hughes
War of 1812
Littlebury Farmer Pension Application 2K 01 Nov 2000 Tracy McMillion

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