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Hobbs house

This photo was labeled "Grandma Hobbs, Virginia" There is family history in Virginia, but no county has been identified. Any identification of house or people would be welcome. My estimate for a date is about 1894. If you recognize it, email anri@fydfn.net

Photographed and Contributed by Paula Germond

Family Outing

What is this structure? The family has a connection with steamboats, so is this one, ... or a loading dock? ... Why is the man on the left carrying a rifle?
John Graves suggests he may be kin to the children.
Lee Goodman suggest the structure may be an ore unloader

Contributed by Debbie Briggs

Institutional Building

Possibly in Springfield/ Alexandria area, possibly a hospital or nursing home

Contributed by Jennifer Huckaba

Diane Ward writes: This may be first Albemarle Hospital building in Elizabeth City, NC. It really does look like it complete with columns and grand portico. The woman in the picture may well be dressed in a nurse type uniform too. That building is still standing but has been converted to condos. It has undergone a lot of renovation but most of the façade is still there. An original painting of that first hospital may still be hanging in the newer Albemarle Hospital building located on US 17 N in Eliz City.

Masonic Funeral

Only men present. Date of photo might be estimated using the auto on the right side.

Contributed by Debbie Briggs

Unidentified Youth

Photo found next to a dumpster in Nelson Co. On the backing paper was written: Mrs Staley, Hanover Ave

Contributed by Vincent Summers

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