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Arch M. Tolley

Located on Furrs Mill Road one mile west of Furrs Mill near Lexington. Arch Tolley (1889 - 1971) built this house about 1920

Photographed abt1940 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Balcony Falls

View of the James River and the mouth of the Maury River at Balcony Falls where the James makes its way through the Blue Ridge Mountains

Photographed Oct 2001 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

18th century cemetery at Big Spring

Located on Kerrs Creek near the I64 exit, west of Lexington.

Photographed 1980 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

US Army tri-motor biplane

made a forced landing near Rockbridge Baths in Rockbridge county in the 1910's. People traveled from the surrounding area to see the marvel with 2 propellers in the front and one in the rear.

Photographed about 1916. Contributed by Gill Pollard

East Lexington station

View of a man waiting on a train at the B&O station. The North (now Maury) river was to the right and the tracks were once use as the tow path. The B&O tracks were removed in 1942.

Photographed about 1915. Contributed by Gill Pollard

Fancy Hill

a small country store on an early path of Rt. 11 near Fancy Hill in Rockbridge County.

Photographed by Arch Tolley about 1920. and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Furr's Mill

On Furr's Mill Road, Near Lexington, Rockbridge County. The mill was built as Leyburn's mill in the mid 1800's and continued in operation until the 1960's. It has been in numerous floods of the Maury River and is in disrepair.

Photographed March 2001 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

the Gold house

located near Whistle Creek . Dating from the early 19th century it was demolished in the 1970's. The family is John and Annie Tolley.

Photographed about 1895. Contributed by Gill Pollard

Goshen station

C&O station at Goshen

Photographed April 2002 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Humphries General Store

near Lexington. This store was a major source from 1870 until 1967 for groceries prior to chain grocery stores coming to the area. The small road in front was once Rt 11, the valley road.

Photographed 1995 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Lavisia School

One of the two story schools built in the early 1900's and would be both an elementary and middle school today. They were phased out about 1960.

Photographed about 1928. Contributed by Gill Pollard

Lime Kiln Bridge

Constructed about 1912 and replaced in the late 1970's.

Photographed 1974 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Maury River

passing through Goshen Pass

Photographed 1995 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Miller's Mill

at Kerrs Creek in Rockbridge County. Built in the early 19th century and allowed to slowly crumble into ruins.

Photographed 1979 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Natural Bridge

from which Rockbridge County gets it's name. Surveyed by George Washington and owned by Thomas Jefferson, it has been a must see tourist site for hundreds of years. Rt 11 still passes over the stone arch.

Photographed 1997 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Rockbridge Baths post office

along the Maury river near Goshen Pass. There was a popular hotel and bath nearby in the 19th century where people from the cities enjoyed the spring water.

Photographed 1979and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Shaner's Greenhouses

This is one of the earliest greenhouses in the state that is still in operation by the original family. The road was once Rt 11 the Valley Road.

Photographed 1996 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Timber Ridge Station

Built in the 1870's for B&O trains which used it until the tracks were removed in 1942.

Photographed 1977and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Virginia Manor train stop

This was once a busy area where trains would stop near Natural Bridge and prior to that there was a canal lock and area of commerce.

Photographed Feb 2003 and Contributed by Gill Pollard

Home of Dr. Reid White

Contributed by James Wesley McCluer

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