Campbell County

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Deeds and Land Records
File Description File Size Date Submitter
Index to Land Surveys, late 1700s 2K Jan 2002 Vanessa Wood
Tyree Callahan, 1852 2K Nov 1997 Barbara Keys
Martin M. Callahan, 1848 2K Nov 1997 Barbara Keys
John Callahan, 1852 2K Nov 1997 Barbara Keys
Candler/Guthree Deed, 1808 2K Sept 1998 Kathleen Morgan
Daniel Driskill, 1780 2K Aug 2002 Ed Driskill
Harris/Maloney Deed, 1791 2K Apr 1999 James H. Maloney
Land Survey for Helm to Shearer 2K Aug 1997
Jones Gift Deed, 1799 2K Dec 2000 Tom Almquist
Jones/Jones Deed, 1835 2K Dec 2000 Tom Almquist
Abstracts of Lee Deeds 2K Feb 2004 Molly Shumate
William A. Lee to Jno G. Lee, 1845 2K Mar 2004 Bynum Tudor
Maloney/Ward Deed, 1794 2K Apr 1999 James H. Maloney
Richard Morgan Deed Abstracts, 1801-1877 2K Mar 2000 William S. Morgan V
Terrell Morgan Deed Abstracts, 1814-1837 2K June 1999 William S. Morgan V
Robinson/Moorman Deed, 1815 2K Dec 1999 Judy Canant
Thornton/Hurt/Hamlet Deed, 1851 2K Apr 1999 James H. Maloney
Nathan and Lucy Thurman to John Franklin, 1804 2K Jul 2005 Deborah Parks
Thurman, Richard wife Anne, and Susannah (Mrs. John) Trayler to Brown, Sheldrake 1784 2K Jun 2007 Deborah Parks

The file manager for this county is: Donna Bluemink The Registry

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