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Tim Ramsey Tue Dec 31 06:36:52 1996
Seeking information on Mary Brown. Mary was wife of William Brown I b Ulster Ireland and died May 19, 1761 Augusta Co VA. Mary then migrated to Greenbrier VA and deid ca 1817(?). Was Mary also from Ireland or did they marry in America? Most of the children were probably born and marr. in Augusta Co.

Tim Ramsey Tue Dec 31 06:49:23 1996
Seeking information on John Young Sr. John was father of Rebecca Young who marr. ______ McCombe. There are two John Young wills in 1780 Augusta Co VA and both were present as early as 1764 Augusta Co. Can any one expand on John Young and his wife and the McCombe family?

Jim Burgess Mon Dec 30 21:20:08 1996
John or Hans Cloverfield killed by a slave named will just before Court held 26 May 1778 in Augusta County, Virginia. His Daughter Mary Cloverfield married John Crookshanks (Revoution- ary War Veteran) 27 Aug 1787 in Augusta County, Virginia. They moved to Greenbrier County, Virginia and had a huge posterity. Anyone know who John Cloverfield or John Crookshanks parents were? Dear Carman, I always enjoy your comments. Jim Burgess

Barbara Eades Thu Dec 26 20:13:40 1996
Descend from Thomas RANKIN born 1745 Augusta Co., VA and wife Mary CRAWFORD born 1758, Augusta Co., VA. Would like to share info re descendants and ancestry of both. Barbara Eades

Larry W. Gray Fri Dec 27 16:53:44 1996
Augusta Co. Va query, looking for information on Micheal Cowger he owned land in Augusta Co. he was a vetern of the Rev war

Deborah Greer Thu Dec 26 06:07:24 1996
I am searching for any information I can get on the Hemp Family. They came to Augusta County from Illinois.There first born son in Augusta County was my great-granfather William Henry Hemp,I have a birthdate for him listed as Dec 18,1857.His son,my gravdfather was Albert Henrey Hemp-born Sept. 15,1896.I would appreciate any information,know matter how small it may be.Thanks

Jean L. Robinson Sun Dec 22 13:58:54 1996
WILLIAM FROGGE I, b. ca 1747 Augusta Co., VA, son of JOHN FROGGE and ELIZABETH STROTHER. Married ca 1770, Valley of Virginia. MARY MITCHELL, spouse, the daughter of CORNELIUS AND JANE ? MITCHELL b. ca 1753 Augusta County, VA. JOHN FROGG I was b. ca 1773 in Augusta County and m. LUCRETIA MILLER. Would like to share information on the FROGGE, MITCHELL, STROTHER, RICHARDSON FAMILIES.

Jenny Tenlen Sun Dec 22 17:15:42 1996
Looking for information on the MCAFEE family of Augusta and Botetourt Co., 1740-1800. Have information on allied families, including MCMICHAEL and MCCOUN. All three families have Scot-Irish origins and came to the US in 1739 from Co.Armagh, IRL.

Joe Wright Tue Dec 17 08:07:12 1996
Would like any information on SCHUYLER BRADLEY WRIGHT born born 01/24/1846 in Rockbridge Co. VA. Purchased a farm in Rafine VA. in AUGUSTA CO. in 1870 and married AMANDA SUSAN FAUVER on 04/01 1870 at MT. CARMEL church at STEELS TAVERN.children,ELIZA, LUCINDA,MELVINA and SUSAN B. WRIGHT. SCHUYLER was a veteran serving in CHRISTMAN'S 3rd BATTALION VA. RESERVES CO. "f". Would like to hear from any other decendents, JOE WRIGHT.

Fred Williamson Tue Dec 17 08:51:53 1996
Am interested in the HAWKINS family of Augusta and Botetort Counties, pre Revolution. Col. Samuel Hawkins (1762-1814), son of Joseph and Sarah, is the earliest supported data I have. Have many earlier isolated facts about the family, but nothing solid. Thanks

Laura Griffith Mon Dec 16 17:05:47 1996
I'm trying to find more on the early PICKENS families of Augusta Co., VA specifically a daughter named Eleanor PICKENS (b. 1747- 48 in Augusta Co., VA) who married John PRATER in South Carolina in 1775. I was told by a fellow researcher that Eleanor was born in Augusta Co., VA - so I have no other information to go on at this time. If anyone has info. on the early PICKENS families of this area, please contact me! Thanks!

Pat Adkins Mon Dec 16 10:00:15 1996
I am looking for information about the Finley family that lived in Augusta Co. in the 1700s. I believe they belonged to and were baptized at a church called Tinkling Springs. Any information about these early FINLEYs would be appreciated. I know that later 1842 JANE RUSSELL married Robert Patterson FINLEY in Wilmington. Ohio. I would appreciate any help. Thank you. Pat Adkins

Teresa Fisher Thu Dec 12 21:08:25 1996
Seeking persons researching the STUART family. This is regarding Jane (poss. STUART) m. James McCoy poss in Augusta Co, VA. Info on the STUART, STEWART family of Augusta Co, VA will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Barb Yarwood Sat Dec 14 19:48:55 1996
GILLIATT -- Looking for information on John Gilliatt, born 1784. He married Eve Joseph. They and their family moved to Orange County, Indiana, in the early 1800s. His family lived in and around Augusta/Rockbridge/Rockingham ounties while in Virginia. Would like information on his parents/siblings/other relatives. Any help is appreciated. Email me at!!

Larry Hayer Sun Dec 15, 1996
John F. Towel was born in VA and in listed in the 1820 Rowan County, NC US Census with a wife and two children, a son and daughter under age 10. John married Polly Bowers in 1823. Robert B. Towel was evidently the son. Several Towel families are present in Augusta County 1n the 1790s. I would like to make a connection from John to Augusta County. Happy to exchange information. Larry Hayer in Kannapolis, NC

David Grabill Wed Dec 11 19:27:35 1996
Looking for any information pertaining to CHRISTIAN and BENJAMIN H. GRABILL. According to records, both men enlisted into the 5th Virginia Regiment on 7-16-61 in Staunton, Virginia. BENJAMIN was placed in C company and CHRISTIAN, D company. Any information pertaining to these men, or any other members with the GRABILL name would be extremly appreciated. Thanks-David .

Arno Tedford Naeckel Thu Dec 12 18:49:05 1996
Looking for information on the ALEXANDER family from old Agusta County or prior. Married into the PAXTON/TEDFORD family in what is now Rockbridge County. Also looking for information on the FERGUSON and HAMILL families. All married into the TEDFORD family.

Jerry Landis Wed Dec 11 06:53:33 1996
Old names and old roads. Can anyone tell me the locations of Forge Rd and Naked Creek Rd in northern Augusta County. Several LANDES ancestors lived along those two roads according to the Census but I have beenunable to locate them. Perhaps they's been renamed recently but even the old-timers don't remember them. How can I find out?

Lee Hart Thu Dec 12 13:33:30 1996
Seeking parants of Jane Young. She married James Trimble 29 March 1773 in Augusta Co. Va.

David E. Anderson Sun Dec 8 20:20:27 1996
WILLIS HERRON SR. was m. to ELIZABETH ROACH "near" orange courthouse Nov 16, 1806, Moved to Monroe County and enlisted in the war of 1812 in 1813. On discharge was paid to travel back to Monroe County but next appears in Augusta County Census of 1820. 1830,1840 and in 1850 was listed in the census of Randolph County. I have been trying to find his father for lo these many years. Also need a clue to trace the Roach family.

jack adams Mon Dec 9 02:55:34 1996
Field, Richard Augusta County 220 ac on Daniel James's Branch

Mildred Becks Wed Dec 4, 1996
Seeking information on Abraham BOLEN b. Aug 7, 1818 d. 1881 & Mary POLLARD BOLEN, b. Jan 1830. Both born in Albemarle Co. They later traveled to Augusta Co. They had a son, Lewis Lee BOLEN, b. Dec 15, 1851 in Nelson Co., d. Dec 11, 1938 in Augusta Co. and another son, Abraham H. BOLEN, Jr., b. Sep 15, 1862 in Albemarle Co., d. Feb 25, 1925 in Augusta Co. Any information would be appreciated.

Naaman Nickell Sat Dec 7 07:59:53 1996
I'm looking for information about Barbara McCOMBE NICKELL, wife of John NICKELL, who died in Augusta Co. in 1774. Barbara is mentioned in John's will, which was filed Aug. 24, 1774 in Will Book 5, Page 265. Beyond that I have been unable to find any information about her.

David Shafer Sun Dec 8 09:30:14 1996
Looking for information on Owen Ellis of Augusta Co. His daughter Dianna married John Rivers Barker in 1839.

Jean Redmond Sun Dec 8 14:58:23 1996
I am searching for William Singleton Pickett CRAWFORD born 1787. He was the son of Moses CRAWFORD born 1759 - died 1826; and, the father of Elisha Dyer CRAWFORD b. 1815. The 1820 census of Virginia lists William CRAWFORD in the following places: August Co. - Mixed Twps - #008 Bath Co. - No Twp Listed - #079 Botetourt Co. - No Twp Listed - #052 & #054 Henrico Co - No Twp Listed - #097 Henrico Co. - Richmond City - #171 Louisa Co. - No Twp Listed - #047 Ohio Co. - No twp Listed - #014 Rockingham Co. - No Twp Listed - #129 Wood Co. - No Twp Listed - #183 Wythe Co. - No Twp Listed - #210 Are any of the above William Singleton Pickett CRAWFORD?

David E. Anderson Sun Dec 8 20:20:27 1996
WILLIS HERRON SR. was m. to ELIZABETH ROACH "near" orange courthouse Nov 16, 1806, Moved to Monroe County and enlisted in the war of 1812 in 1813. On discharge was paid to travel back to Monroe County but next appears in Augusta County Census of 1820. 1830,1840 and in 1850 was listed in the census of Randolph County. I have been trying to find his father for lo these many years. Also need a clue to trace the Roach family.

Cleona Wed Dec 4 19:37:37 1996
Im searching for info on John Connelly and Sarah Wilson who were married in Augusta Co. in 1765.They had a son James Josiah b 1783. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks

Mildred Wed Dec 4 10:12:07 1996
Seeking information on Abraham BOLEN b. Aug 7, 1818 d. 1881 & Mary POLLARD BOLEN b. Jan 1830. Both born in Albemarle County Va. They later traveled to Augusta Co Va. Any information would be appreciated.

Ben R. Beard Thu Dec 5 09:27:53 1996
Looking for Edward BEARD b: 2 Oct 1805 Augusta Co. VA., (now Mongahala Co. W.VA), married: Elizabeth SNIDER/SNYDER 24 Dec 1829, b: 5 jul 1812. He died 19 Apr 1894, she died 14 Feb 1895. Both buried Rodney Cemetery, Greensburg (Decatur Co.) IN. They had eleven children all in Decatur Co. IN. Asa, Mahala, Evan L. Moses. Jphn Westley, Josephus S., Marry Ellen, Edward Jr., Calvin, Martha, and William D. BEARD. John Westley was my Great Grandfather. Also My GG Grandfather, Edward BEARD, father of Edward Beard above around 1750-1805 was a Baptist Circuit Rider and married a Delaware Indian. This was passed down by family members over the years. This Edward BEARD was said to come from the Hudson River Valley. Any help on either one would be great, Mother/ Father/Sister's/Brother's.

Lu Morgan Wed Nov 27 22:59:31 1996
Any info on MARY CRAWFORD b.1760 Augusta County and m. 1778 THOMAS RANKIN captain Augusta County Militia, justice of peace 1781, died 1787 would be greatly appreciated. They would be g-g-g grandparents.

Clark Sinclair Thu Nov 28 10:22:39 1996
Charles SINCLAIR b ca1717 d1766OrangeCoNC mNancyAnn d1789 MontgomeryCoVa.All ch bAugustaCoVa:Joseph;*Johnb1753mRebecca PRUITT dauWm&Mary MARTIN;Robert (RevWar)mSusannah;Charles m Sarah (EUBANKS?);Alexander;Catherine mWm PRUITT;Agnes Ann m William COLLIER/COLYAR.Charles'ch b in what is now WashingtonCo Va.1737 Charles wJohnPeter SALLING,John HOWARD,John POTEET commissioned by VaCouncil to journey the Ms captured by French taken prisoners to NewOrleans. JosephMCLESTER,Amos EVANS,and James HARVEY wit.willJohnBUCHANAN mentioned as beloved friend . His land known as "Sinclair's Bottom" near Chilhowie.Holstein Riv

Shirley Hollis Rice Thu Nov 28 10:51:03 1996
James Hollis bought land in 1753 from the Loyal Land Company on Catawba Creek in old Augusta. During the F/I Wars they removed over the moutains to Bedford County where his son James II was born in 1759. In 1761, they left Augusta County and settled in what is now Whythe County before relocating to what is now TN in 1774. There had been a George and a John Hollis is the Augusta area at the same time. Where did 1st Hollis family came from? The Hollis, Choate and Gist families seem to have long connections and ultimately lines of all three of these families ended up in Wayne and Lawrence County, TN, and intermarried along the way. The Maryland Hollis family had connections with Choate and Gist which leads one to wonder if James I came from MD. There was also a Hollis famiy in Fairfax County, VA, and they had a James. He ended up in SC, so they don't seem to fit. Help or hints are appreciated. I have a good deal on James II and his descendents. Will help others in our line if I can. Ciao!

Mildred Fournier Thu Nov 28 17:18:01 1996
John WOODLEY died, leaving a will, in Augusta Co., in 1750. I need the name of his wife and other information. Will be happy to share what I know of this family.

Bill McCutchan Thu Nov 28 21:47:34 1996
MCCUTCHEON/EN/AN I am looking for information on Samuel McCutchan who came to the colonies in the early 1700's. Settled in Augusta County and married a Frances Jeanette Noble. That's about all I know -- other than I can trace my family back to him. He may have established the Shemariah (Shemarowah?) Cemetary. It's possible he's buried there.

Carol Mitchell Fri Nov 29 12:58:27 1996
STORY Family: Thomas STORY (c1720-1777Augusta Co, VA) & Mary ? resided near Staunton, Augusta Co., VA. Had dealings in Lancaster & Chester Co. PA, & North Carolina. Children: James (1755VA-c1826 Flemming Co., KY) m. Sarah; Sarah m. James CALL; Rebecca; Martha m. James CALL; Eleanor (1758VA-1842 Calloway Co., MO) m. Isaac SNEDICOR; Elizabeth; Mary m. Boyd MILLER; & John (1764VA-1846 Jennings Co., IN) m. Jane McKee. The Widow Mary went to NC after the death of Thomas maybe Gilford & Beauford. Carol Mitchell 211 Capitol Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15236 <>

J.K. Landis Tue Nov 26 06:34:49 1996
Seeking information about JOHN LANDES b. c1780, married Esther Wise 1807 in Augusta County and lived in Augusta County until his death in c1846. Who were his parents and where was he born? It is possible he was born in Pennsylvania to Stephen and Barbara Landes. Can anyone verify or refute this? Can anyone tell me about a daughter Catherine? Any information much appreciated.

Steve Rosen Fri Nov 22 11:06:40 1996 CROAM/CRONE, Lawrence (b-ca 1770), m-Augusta Co VA 6 Jan 1795 to Mary AILOR (b-ca 1775, VA). Known son-James Albert Crone (b-7 Mar 1809 NC). Trying to establish Lawrence as father of my Jefferson CRONE b. 1820.

John W Lindley Fri Nov 22 13:40:17 1996
Seeking informantion about the GILLIAT family who lived in thid area around 1825-1850 then later moved to Indiana. A John Gilliat is listed as born 1809 Augusta Co.Married Mary Teaford.

Roderick Woods Fri Nov 22 21:57:46 1996
Need info on Stephen Woods (spouse unkn.). Settles in Staunton, Augusta Co. before Revolution. Moved to Cottle Glades (Nicholas County) before there was a "Nicholas County". Col. Edward Campbell, pioneer historian noted: "From him came all the Woodses in Nicholas County" Brown, William, History of Nicholas Co., VA., pg. 390. Stephen is my G-G-G Grandfather. I'm trying to find info on his spouse and Stephen's mother & father. I'm willing to share info on Stephen's children to the present date. Children: Stephen, Jr., John, Isaac.

Linda Pilarski Sat Nov 23 17:47:08 1996
I am looking for teh parents of Alfred McDANIEL, born about 1784 in Augusta County. I am also searching for teh parents of Nancy GOODWIN, his wife, who was also born in Augusta Co about 1796. Both list Augusta Co as place of birth in the 1850 census

Lisa Sheppard Wed Nov 20 11:57:56 1996
I'm researching the family of CAPT. SAMUEL GUY/GAY of Augusta Co. Known to have bought land in the Beverly Patent in 1739, helped found church in Tinkling Springs, Va. Went to York Co,. SC, sometime before the Revolution. All help appreciated!

Kate Lucas Tue Nov 19 07:59:18 1996
Looking for ancestors of Samuel MOORE born 14 Jul 1761 in Staunton, Augusta Co, VA. He died 22 Jun 1838 in Putnam Co., IN. Married Mary ARCHER in Greenbrier Co., VA. Marriage Date: 25 Sep 1786 Hoping to find connections with the other MOORE's of the area.

James McNutt Mon Nov 18 16:31:24 1996
Looking for information about the family of James MCNUTT born abt. 1771 Augusta County. Moved to Tennessee about 1790.

Sarah Whitt Thu Nov 14 14:11:23 1996
Need info re: Ebenezer John Cunningham b. 1768, Augusta Co., VA, m. Martha Blair, dau of John and Martha Laird BLAIR ("Ebenezer" could have been an alias to distinguish John from all the other John Cunningham's in the area);. Also need info re: Christopher CUNNINGHAM b. Augusta Co., VA who married Susanna PATTON. Both families moved to Green and Washington Counties in East Tennessee in the latter part of 1700's. Who were ancestors/descendants? Will exchange info.

Sandy London Fri Nov 15 17:27:50 1996
A couple of generations of one of our ancestral families, the PEERYS, lived in Augusta County. James PEERY (b. 1722) married Katherine JAMISON (b 1726). Their son John PEERY (b. 1748) married Nancy MARTIN (b.1754). John and Nancy moved on to Tazewell Co, then to Cumberland Co. KY where he died in 1817. Would like to find parents of James Peery, Katherine Jamison and Nancy Martin. Thank you. Sandy London

Sandy London Fri Nov 15 17:34:19 1996
PICKENS: My five-great grandfather, Thomas PICKENS, was born in Augusta Co. ca.1853. He married a woman named Sarah BROWN. I am descended from their daughter Phebe, who married James Peery (b. 1776 Tazewell Co.). Parents of Thomas may have been William Pickens and Ann Scott (widow of Samuel Scott). Parents of Sarah Brown may have been Abraham Brown and wife Margaret. Seek info on parents, ancestry and siblings of Thomas and Sarah. Many thanks, Sandy London

Garry Swatzel Fri Nov 15 23:06:30 1996
I'm looking for anyone doing research on the Swatsley, Swartzley, Swartzel,Swortzel family. They lived in Augusta Co. from 1754 thru atleast 1850. My branch then migrated to Tenn. John Swatsley -1840, Joseph Swatsley 1840, John Swartzley 1810, Johann Schwartzel- St.Johns church-1801

Irving Blabon Sat Nov 16 01:46:06 1996
Boston Nosler (Nauslar, Nozler, Hassler, lived in Augusta County Va. in the mid to late 1700's. Looking for information on his wife and children. Wife thought to be Sofia children:Boston Jr. John, Conrad, Eva, Jane, Molly, Catharine Christian, Adam The family moved throught Augusta, Montgomery and Giles Counties on to Tennessee.

PEGGY FISHER Thu Nov 14 10:48:03 1996

Jeff McMillen Wed Nov 13 18:47:54 1996
I am trying to determine the parents of DODDRIDGE BAILEY who was born in Augusta County circa 1788.

Dave Arnold Tue Nov 12 14:59:46 1996
Seeking info on parents of Charles David ARNOLD (1848-1927) or Susan Edna CARROLL (1864-1934) to determine if any family members may have served in the Civil War. Both were supposed to have been born in Augusta County.

Nicole Pinson Sat Nov 9 23:29:09 1996
MCNABB Baptist McNABB first found in Augusta Co VA records in 1746/7 [militia]. Owned land in Augusta Co by 1747. Who were his parents [John & Mary MCNABB?? some sources give William & Betty (Aken)MCNABB]? When [c1720?] & Where was he born? When & Where did he marry Katherine [bef 1748]? Baptist died in 1784 Washington Co NC [TN] leaving the following children: John b:? David b: 1755 md: 1778 Augusta Co VA Elizabeth TAYLOR Jonathan b:? Mary b:? Jane b:? Margaret b:? Katrin b:? William b:? Isabella b: 1769 md: c1786 Carter Co TN Andrew TAYLOR Nicole

Johnita P. Malone Sun Nov 10 14:39:19 1996
Looking for the parents of Joel James, b. 26 Mar 1796, Augusta Co., VA. Joel James is in Indiana by about 1820. Did he go there with his parents? I can find only two James men in Augusta Co., VA., around the time of Joel James' birth.

Johnita P. Malone Sun Nov 10 15:00:38 1996
Looking for descendants of Jacob Bushong who died about 1811 in Rockingham/Augusta Co., VA. He had eleven heirs according to his estate records. Who were they?

Kathy Taylor Thu Nov 7 12:19:16 1996
Searching for connection between James CRAIG, founder of Christiansburg in Montgomery Co., VA (formerly Augusta), son of John Craig, and any other CRAIG families of old Augusta. Is my James related to Rev. John Craig? Did they come from Lancaster or Chester Co., PA? Also interested in the BELL family of Montgomery Co., VA (formerly Augusta). Would like to exchange information.

kim morris Fri Nov 8 09:58:12 1996
PAINTER/HENSLEY/KNICELY. Looking for information on the parents and the adoptive parents of my paternal grandmother, Mary Eunice Hensley Painter Knicely. She was b: March 9, 1900 to a Hensley couple (perhaps in Elkton, Va?) as was her brother, James Hensley Painter. They were both adopted by George (or James E.) and Fanny E. (Lawford) Painter of Augusta Co., VA. Mary d: June 2, 1991. She married Adam Ray Knicely b:April 5, 1901 d: May 1949. Fanny E. (Lawford) Painter b:c 1861 in England. d:July 4, 1948

Corinne Diller Wed Nov 6 07:33:07 1996
BLACK, McCLENACHAN, HENDERSON, My ancestor is Andrew BLACK 1757-1840, married Rosanna, possibly son of David BLACK who died 1769 in Augusta Co., Va. I need to prove this is the same Andrew BLACK who was later in Bedford Co., Va., Stokes Co. ,N.C., and Miami Co., Ohio. Possible connections to McCLENACHAN and HENDERSON of Augusta Co.

Chris Allen Wed Nov 6 09:55:53 1996
I am looking for any information on Daniel McNair who settled in Augusta County between 1738 and 1742, probably on Burden's (Borden's) Grant. Later purchased land from James Patton on the Woods River. Daniel McNair served in the Augusta Militia, and may have been a miller. I also seek information on his eldest son David McNair and second son James McNair (who was Rev War veteran). These people appear all over the Chalkley Abstracts as land owners, etc. but are not mentioned in county histories. Were they bad or just unpopular? Also seek information on how to access pre-1800 Augusta County records. Does anyone know if these are availabel for review. I work in Washington, D.C. and am happy to help anyone with research at the DAR or National Archives. Thanks very much, Chris Allen

Bob Baker Mon Nov 4 10:57:45 1996
I am looking for any information on Adam Baker married to Delila(Delilah) Vane, found on census 1850 in Augusta Co. Va. Married approx 1837, Adam born circa 1820, Delila born circa 1824 they had 10 children Carl, Jennie, Johnathan ctc. conformation of any dates of time and place of death, parents of either, anything would be helpfull.

Steve Sinsabaugh Sat Nov 2 21:42:27 1996
SENSABAUGH: I am working on all Sinsabaugh/Sensabaugh/etc. families in the U.S. and Canada. This includes descendants of John and Eve Sensabaugh of Augusta County, Virginia, as well as others in Rockbridge and Frederick County. Please email with any info.

Mary Taylor Thu Oct 24 21:45:56 1996
I am researching the Taylor, McDaniel, and Staunton families of Augusta County. Starting with my father-in-law, Clarence Mariette ("Ty") Taylor and going back, that would include the following:
Clarence Mariette Taylor
William Franklin Taylor
William M. Taylor
David Franklyn Taylor
Henry C. Taylor
Clarence's mother was Josie Lee McDaniel. Her father: Samuel McDaniel Her mother: Sarah Staunton We believed Sarah was not actually a Staunton but a full-blooded Cherokee. Listed as her father in the census records is Marshall C. Staunton. We would appreciate any help and would be glad to share what information we have. Our URL for this project is: m.htm.

Robert Lee Vance Tue Oct 22 19:01:16 1996
Looking for marriage information on Thomas Vance (born 1790) marriage to Sarah Colwell (born 1792) marriage should be about 1808. Parents of Sarah Colwell listed in IGI are James Colwelland Sarah Vance. This couple had lived in this area I believe until about 1818 around that time they moved to Gallia County Ohio. They had the following children born in Virginia: Sarah Vance abt 1810 Jacob J. Vance abt 1811 Thomas Vance Jr. abt 1815 Any information will be helpful. Thank you. Robert Lee Vance

Brenda Kay Long Tue Oct 22 22:19:57 1996
ALLEN, Isaac C. I'm looking for information on Isaac C. Allen B. 3/15/1755 in Augusta Co. and M. around 1776 to Francis Elizabeth Pettit. He inlisted in the Rev. war in Va. I'm trying to find out who his parent's were.

Harry O. Alvis Wed Oct 23 16:27:56 1996
Seeking information on the MARTIN family of Augusta Co., Va. Rev. William MARTIN born 11 Mar 1772 Augusta Co., Va. married Mary Ann COOK, daughter of James COOK. Will exchange information. (see Albemarle Co., Va.)

Ann Hecathorn Thu Oct 24 06:23:29 1996
Seek information on parents, siblings and first wife of Joseph HENRY, born 1772 in Ireland. Joseph, a widower with no children, married Lucy SHUMATE, daughter of Bailey SHUMATE of Albemarle Co., on 8 September 1802 in Augusta Co., VA.

Bea BECK Mon Oct 21 08:37:41 1996
JOHN LEWIS and wife Margaret from Donegal and widely acknowledged to be the first immigratns to settle in the southern end of the Shenandoah Valley. I am interested in who his six children married.

Paul Summers Sun Oct 20 06:19:23 1996
Looking for info on Michael Summers born abt 1770 in Augusta Co. He had a son Michael Summers born 10 Oct. 1792 in Rockingham Co. married 22 Nov. 1810 to Mary Shultz born 2 sept. 1790.

Christopher Markley Tue Oct 15 08:46:20 1996
I am a direct descendant of Anton Markli (Markley), who came to America from Switzerland. My Wife and myself have continued the research and explnded on many of the lines that branch off of his family. I also have contacted the author of "THE MARKLI/MARKLEY FAMILY OF AUGUSTA CO., VA. and he has turned over the continued research to me. His book was aprox. 30 plus pages and our book coutinues to grow it currently is in excess of 150 pages, on the chapter on this family line. I am doing this research to help retain the family history.

Alice Jackson Thu Oct 17 17:04:45 1996
PAINTER, PETERS, BELL. Seeking any link to Adam Bender Painter, his son Matthias Painter b. Agusta Co, d. April 5, 1842, Wythe Co. or any other descendent. Mary Peters, m. Matthias Painter, b. Augusta Co April 15, 1771, d. Wythe Co, May 20, 1827. Isaac Painter, b. 1802 Wythe Co. m. Evalina Jackson Bell.

Christopher Markley Tue Oct 15 08:46:20 1996
I am a direct descendant of Anton Markli (Markley), who came to America from Switzerland. My Wife and myself have continued the research and explnded on many of the lines that branch off of his family. I also have contacted the author of "THE MARKLI/MARKLEY FAMILY OF AUGUSTA CO., VA. and he has turned over the continued research to me. His book was aprox. 30 plus pages and our book coutinues to grow it currently is in excess of 150 pages, on the chapter on this family line. I am doing this research to help retain the family history.

Toby Matthew Boring Wed Oct 16 11:20:27 1996
Looking for the descendants/relatives of Barkley Russell McBath, who lived in White Stone (Lancaster Co.)in the 1970s. I'm trying to find who received his research and papers concerning the Russell family of Beverley Manor (Augusta Co.). Also looking for info/research of Frank E. Russell (cousin of Barkley Russell McBath.

John William Hays Tue Oct 15 21:26:54 1996
I am looking for info or a means to info on a James HAYS that was born about 1758 in Augusta County and info on his father, Samuel HAYS (b:ca1728) that came over from Ireland before 1740. Also info on a John HAYS of Ireland that immigrated to the Rockbridge area in 1740. His son, Col. Robert HAYS, moved to The Hermitage, TN in 1758.

Christopher Markley Tue Oct 15 08:46:20 1996
I am a direct descendant of Anton Markli (Markley), who came to America from Switzerland. My Wife and myself have continued the research and explnded on many of the lines that branch off of his family. I also have contacted the author of "THE MARKLI/MARKLEY FAMILY OF AUGUSTA CO., VA. and he has turned over the continued research to me. His book was aprox. 30 plus pages and our book coutinues to grow it currently is in excess of 150 pages, on the chapter on this family line. I am doing this research to help retain the family history.

Jennifer McCray Sun Oct 13 18:01:32 1996
I am looking for additional information on the following Augusta County, VA families. George Hiram HUDSON (1828-1886) m. Mary Cornelia SLANKER (1830-1915); Betty Clinton HUDSON (1853-1919) m. Charles Arlington BEAR (1856-1936). TIA for any help.

Sam D. Lawson Mon Oct 14 15:17:07 1996
Seeking info on Catherine COX, born 10 October, 1806, in Augusta County, Va. She married John SHULTZ on 7 September, 1837, in Franklin Co., Indiana. John SHULTZ born in Augusta Co., Va. on 4 August, 1800. John died 15 July, 1881 and Catherine died 31 July, 1898. They are buried in Harmony Church Cemetery in Franklin County, Indiana. They helped organize the Harmony Church. Does anyone have info on Catherine's OR John's parents?

Lanny Walker Sat Oct 12 17:33:21 1996
Looking for any information regarding William Walker m. Eleanor Moore b. 1785. Both families are from Rockbridge co.

J. Tracy Walker, III Sat Oct 12 18:01:53 1996
JONES - There is an Augusta County marriage record for Jacob Jones and Margaret Myers, 8 Aug 1797. If anyone has any information what-so-ever on this Jacob Jones, please contact J. Tracy Walker, III

Chester R. Johnson 13 Oct 1996
CASON, THOMPSON, WOOD, WADDY, HESS, BEATTY, LEWELLAN, ELGY Researching the family of William CASON b.c. 1772 Orange Co., VA, (see Orange Co., VA, query) d. 5 Nov 1847 Putnam Co., MO, bur. Elko Cem., Putnam Co., m. 17 Feb 1795 Orange Co., VA, Mary THOMPSON, dau. of John and Catherine THOMPSON of Orange Co. They moved from Orange Co. to Augusta Co., between 1808 and 20 Feb 1813 when William bought a tract in Augusta Co. Augusta Co. census 1820, 1830. William and Mary sold a tract in 1836 Augusta Co., VA, and by 1840 were in the Audrain Co., MO, census. Soon they moved to Monroe Co., MO, where Mary died. Then William moved his family to Putnam Co., MO, where he died. 1. Frances CASON b.c. 1799 Orange Co., VA, d. 15 Nov 1869 Putnam Co., MO, m. 15 Feb 1818 Augusta Co., Va, Samuel WOOD. 2. Edward V. CASON b.c. 1801 Orange Co., VA, m. 9 Jun 1824 Augusta Co., VA, Sarah WADDY. To MO. 3. Robert CASON b.c. 1803 Orange Co., VA, m. 29 May 1826 Augusta Co., Va, Elizabeth HESS 4. John Wesley CASON b. 5 Dec 1805 Orange Co., Va, d. 23 Apr 1903 Putnam Co., MO, m. about 1845 Martha A. DAMRELL. 5. William CASON b. 1805/10 VA, m. Nancy 6. Mary CASON b. 1805/10 VA, m. aft. 3 Apr 1824 Augusta Co., VA, Joseph BEATTY 7. dau. CASON b. 1805/10 VA, m. James LEWELLAN. 8. Elizabeth CASON m. _____ ELGY. 9. Samuel Pondale CASON b. 20 Oct 1815, Augusta Co., VA, d. 18 Aug 1897, Broken Bow, Custer Co., NE, m(1) 4 Jun 1844 Monroe Co., MO, m(2) 1875 Putnam Co., MO, Elizabeth JOHNSON. Will share research.

Katina Keith Fri Oct 11 20:09:03 1996
RHINEHART/RINEHART Who were the parents of Hannah RHINEHART who was b 25 Jan 1793 in Augusta County, VA? She married Christina BOWMAN on 19 May 1815 in Augusta County, VA and she died 21 Jan 1886 in Floyd County, VA.

Jim Messersmith Tue Oct 8 18:26:27 1996
Seeking information on my ggg grandparents John Blakely and Elizabth May. They were married in Rockingham County, VA sometime prior to 1825, and apparently moved to Augusta County, VA since several children were married there. Sarah Blakely married John H. Johnson 22 Sep 1849. John Blakely, Jr. married Catherine Ann Chandler 3 Jun 1855. Robert Blakely married Sarah A. McCauley 8 Jul 1852. Nancy Blakely married Jonthan Whitesell 5 Nov 1857. Junetta Blakely married James Milsted 7 Mar 1856. John Blakely, Sr. may have had a brother Robert Blakely. Any information on John Blakely, Sr. and Elizabeth May, especially the names of their parents, date of birth, date of death, date of marriage etc. will be appreciated. Also, I would like any information on their children and their descendants. I will be glad to share the information that I have on the line from which I descend (i.e., Sarah Blakely and John H. Johnson).

Jim Messersmith Tue Oct 8 18:33:51 1996
My gg grandparents were Henry Messersmith and Susanna Andrew, daughter of Samuel Andrew, were married in 1811. The marriage bond was issued in Rockingham County, probably because Susanna's father lived in that county near where Henry lived in Mt. Solon, Augusta County, VA. I am seeking information on Susanna's mother, where her parents were married, and other ancestors of hers. I will share any information that I have on the descendants of Henry and Susanna, which is extensive.

Jim Cunningham Wed Oct 9 20:57:25 1996
CRESON, Abraham, d. 1791 in surry Co., NC. Moved to NC from Augusta Co., VA cir. 1754. His wife was Mary (Furches ?), he had 2 children Jane and Joshua. Any/all info will be appreciated.

Jim Cunningham Wed Oct 9 21:01:29 1996
CUNNINGHAM, Samuel, d. 11/1781 in Surry Co., NC. He had a son named Abraham and possibly other children. It is believed that he lived in the Augusta Co., VA area before moving to NC. He married Jane Creson (dau of Abraham Creson).

Evelyn E. Watson Fri Oct 4 12:15:28 1996
I believe that two of my ancestors: Peter Thomas Hull (Hohl, Holl) and his son Franz Philip (Francis) Hull (Hohl, Holl) moved their families to Vanderpool, Augusta County, VA in the mid to late 1700's. Peter is believed to have died in 1776 and Francis in 1806. Does anyone have any information on these families?

Giles McNeill Fri Oct 4 19:40:04 1996
John McNeill, born Augusta Co., married Patience Beard 10 May 1797, in Rockingham Co. They are my third great-grandparents and I have no other data on them.

Patricia Hines Hall Tue Oct 1 21:01:28 1996
James Rhea(Reah) b. circa 1745 in Augusta Co. Va., m. abt. 1770 Elizabeth MEEK, Children: Margare, Thomas, nancy, James, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Martha, and Hannah. James died November 27, 1795, and left many small children and a wife. Where did he die? and where is he buried? James's father was William Rhea(Reah) m. to Elizabeth Clark.He married 1723 Va. Would like to correspond or exchange information. Have alot of info, and only a few dozen questions.

Stella Platt Hughes Wed Oct 2 16:50:06 1996
Looking for parents, siblings, other information on Richard PLATT, born VA 1794. He may have been the son of Henry PLATT and Rebecca Craig, m. abt 1793 Augusta county. Richard m. Margaret Dickson, b. PA 1796.

Ginny Guinn-Parsons Mon Sep 30 09:17:43 1996
Researching PAUL family in Augusta; Hugh Paul married Eleanor Fackler d. of Michael Fackler. Researching REED family in Augusta/Rockbridge; John G. Paul married Elizabeth Reed d. of Alexander Reed in March 1823.

Christy Belknap Fri Sep 27 22:29:42 1996
I'm looking for more information on my Great...Grandfather Samuel Gregg. He was born and enlisted in Augusta County. He also fought in the American Revolution.

Judy Dennett Wed Sep 25 21:27:36 1996
Searching for the parents of Caroline HOLT, born 26 Sept. 1814 in Augusta County, Virginia. She married 28 Jan. 1837 in Augusta Co. VA to Obediah Jefferson WADE. Together they had 12 children in Virginia and Indiana. Caroline died 6 Aug. 1907 in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Renee Waldmann Mon Sep 23 01:21:57 1996
I have Hicklin's in My Husbands Line...They are
1..Thomas Hicklin SR ....1689 SCOTLAND
....2.Thomas Hicklin JR ....1727 PA
......3.Captain Thomas Hicklin.... Augusta County VIRGINIA 1747
........4.Charles Hicklin.... Botetourt County VA 1775
..........5.Thomas Jefferson Hicklin...Bath County Kentucky Jan 19, 1813
.............6.Louisa Jane Hicklin...Danville Ky Sept 12, 1845
Looking for People related to these Lines.

Harley L. Miller Tue Sep 17 08:00:12 1996
Is anyone researching the SHEETS families of Augusta county? I am trying to reconcile two Henry Sheets', both born in early Feb 1780 in Augusta county. My gggrandfather Henry moved to Hardin county Ohio about 1833, moved to Henry county Iowa in 1847 where he died in 1857. I had assumed that he was the Henry who was the son of Jacob Sheets, however another family has good evidence that their Henry, born Feb 1780 in Augusta county, moved to Delaware county Ohio early 1830s and died in Delaware county, was the son of Jacob. Any ideas on who my Henry belonged to?

Linda Eaton Tue Sep 17 13:58:24 1996
I am trying to find the parents of Samuel Wills, born 1816 in Virginia, who was married to Frances Isabella Breneman and lived at least most of his adult life on a farm in Augusta County. He is in Augusta County in both the 1850 and 1860 censuses, at least. Can anyone help me? Thanks. Linda Eaton

Harley L. Miller Mon Sep 16 06:53:07 1996
Is anyone researching the Jacob SHEETS family of Augusta co.? I am trying to reconcile two Henry SHEETS, born that county in Feb 1780, moved to different counties in OH in the 1830s, died and were buried in different counties in the 1850s. Both I and another family claim the same Henry, but place him in different locations.

Jean Hendricks Sat Sep 14 22:22:04 1996
Cleek - need information on children/descendants of Michael Cleek and Mathias Cleek. They were brothers of Jacob Cleek of Augusta Co., and Palser Cleek of Bath Co.(Geo W. Cleek book no help on either of these.) What happened to Michael? Who were his descendants? Where in TN did Mathias go? Have found a will for a Michael "Click" in Hawkins Co., TN from 1814. Be- lieve this is too late for above Michael Cleek. However, Michael "Click" named sons, Jacob, Michael and Mathias (VA. Cleek names) and 2 other sons, George and John. His wife was Margaret ?. Could he have been a grandson of the original Michael or Mathias. It is known that Mathias lived in Botetourt Co, as he and wife Margaret sold land there is 1772 and bought land in Botetourt in 1774. Any help would be appreciated.

Andy Harner Sun Sep 15 10:54:29 1996
I'm looking for information on George L. Harner, b. 1819,d. 1891 Fayette Co. Il, m Hanna Life, d. 1888 Fayette Co. Il. Parents of William Henry Harner, b 1842 Augusta Co. Va, m. 12/14/1871 probably IL, d. 10/21/1908 Fayette Co. IL

Doris Haff Sun Sep 15 13:31:51 1996
I am looking for info on three brothers, John, Joseph,and George REDENHOUR. Father's name may have been Joseph and mother Mary___. All three served in the Rev war. George was killed in the battle of Brandywine. John was born in 1757 and died appox 1848 in Pendleton county, KY. John enlisted in the Rev war in Augusta County and I am assuming the two other brothers did too. Any information will be greatly appreciated, especially the parents names.

Dorothy Sargent Wed Sep 11 06:30:20 1996
Searching for the parents of David Beck.David was born 1807 in Augusta County, Virginia. He married Nancy---aabout 1834. They had James L., Daniel M., Elizabeth L., Isabelle and Sarah \w. all born in Augusta County, Va. Have some information to share on the later years.

Vera Hailey Tue Sep 10 21:23:37 1996
The BRIDGE family is said to have come from Botetourt Co VA to Augusta Co VA to work in "the mines". Ore? Mt. Tory Furnace? James BRIDGE (b. around 1800) showed up in Augusta Co VA and was married to Nancy LEE (also b. around 1800). Their son, Jesse Robert BRIDGE (1844-1889) was a miner in Augusta Co VA and died of what was called the "bloody flux" - 2 of his children also died of the same disease at the same time. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Vera Hailey, Rt. 1 Box 686, Stuarts Draft, VA 24477

Vera Hailey Tue Sep 10 21:44:04 1996
Thomas VINES I, son of John VINES (Northampton Co) and Mrs. Bridget FOSTER, widow of John FOSTER, was born about 1695 in York Co VA; died in 1737. Thomas VINES I married Mary HILL. Their son, Thomas VINES II married Mary (?) and had a son named Thomas VINES III in 1722 who married Mary Wynne BUTLER (his second wife) and had a daughter named Jane VINES who was b. in 1764in Nelson Co VA; died 1854 in Rockbridge Co VA. Jane married Abraham HARDBARGER from Augusta Co VA. They had a daughter named Polly HARDBARGER who married William HAILEY of Augusta Co VA; their son Benjamin HAILEY was b. 1828 in Augusta Co VA. Benjamin married Sarah Jane PANNELL (b.1830 Augusta Co VA), who was the daughter of Zachariah PANNELL and Catherine HARDBARGER PANNELL, and had a son named John William HAILEY (1850-1933) who was a farmer and married Laura Virginia BOWERS (1860- 1926), daughter of CSA soilder David BOWERS (1827-1878) and his wife Huldy BOWERS SMITH (daughter of Ralph SMITH and Barbara WINEGARDNER). Many VINES descendants remained in Augusta Co VA in the Greenville area and were members of Greenville United Methodist Church. Would like to exchange information. Vera Hailey

Vera Hailey Mon Sep 9 08:56:48 1996
Researching the following Augusta County families: VINES, HARDBARGER, PANNELL, HAILEY (HALEY), BOWERS, BRIDGE, TREAVY (TREVEY), SHAW, WHEELER, OFFLIGHTER, EAST, SMITH, HENDERSON, BIGGS. Have information to share, and any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A. Sherritt Costello Mon Sep 9 10:46:18 1996
THOMAS SHERRITT b@1750 d1732 BotCo VA m:Rebecca Wilson @1782 Aug Co VA children:Nancy Sherritt Masterson,John, Robert Wilson, James, MarySherritt Baumgartner, Thomas and Waterson. James married MM Baumgartner > Gallia Co OH @1828; Thomas and Waterson > Scott Co KY @1828. Need info on parents, birth & marriage of THOMAS &REBECCA SHERRIT and or all of the above. May be connection with HENRY SHERRITT on New Kent Co VA Rent Rolls 1704.

Bolen Researcher Mon Sep 9 14:39:33 1996
BOLEN, LEWIS LEE - From Augusta Cnty VA. b12-15-1856 d12-11-1938, married to Katie Jones who d5-29-1929. Researching any information I can find on Lewis' parents. Lewis & Katie had 13 children. Most of whom were raised in the Staunton / Brands Flats area.

Mabel Lou Brown Wed Sep 4 19:11:36 1996
Am researching the Ewing line from Augusta County, VA. James White Ewing moved from Augusta County with his wife (Anna Frances Switzer) and children. James was born in 1829 and Anna in 1831. Their youngest son, David Grant Ewing, was born in Fulton County, Il, and is my grandfather. James' father was Jacob Ewing, and his mother was Sarah Catherine Sheets. That is all the information I have on James. Sarah Catherine's father was John Philip Sheets , also known as Schuetz. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Linda McEwen Wed Sep 4 22:33:46 1996
John BREEDING and wife Priscilla ? had a son, Spencer, b. 9 Sep 1759 in (possibly) Augusta Co., VA., d. 24 Sep 1835 in Russell Co., VA. Spencer married twice; first to Elizabeth FINNEY, d. 31 Mar 1822-Russell Co., VA. They were the parents of 13 children. He married second-Hannah HICKS. They were the parents of five children. Would like any information on Spencer's parents (John & Priscilla) or wife, Elizabeth FINNEY.

J. C. Schreiber Sun Sep 1 09:32:36 1996
John MCGINTY ,b. ca.1690, Ireland, arrived in Augusta Cty, VA. about 1745, (others say 1735). He had sons, John, James, Alexander, daughters Sarah, Ann and Mary. According to John's (I) will his wifes name was Mary. Their son John, B. ca. 1720 married and had sons, Alexander, John, James and Robert, John II died in Mecklenburg Co., NC. in 1785. Need name of John II's wife. Was it Sarah.

Judy Penrod Jones Fri Aug 30 16:42:30 1996
Searching for any information on the LAYWELL family in Augusta Co., VA 1779 to 1801.

Jennifer Fri Aug 30 18:36:32 1996
I am looking for information on BEARs in Augusta and/or Rockingham Counties, VA. I am especially interested in Christian C. BEAR and Mary Ann IRELAND whose son Charles Arlington BEAR was supposedly born in Staunton. Any information would be appeciated.

Debbie Malec Fri Aug 30 20:03:34 1996
Nancy LEWIS was b. 20 APR 1780 in Augusta/Bath Co. VA. d/o George LEWIS b. abt 1750 VA d. bef WILL-17 DEC 1810 Greenbriar Co. VA. His father may be a John LEWIS. Need any data you may have on the LEWIS family living in Augusta Co. VA. Thanks!

Bolen Descendants Fri Aug 30 07:43:25 1996
Researching information on the Abraham Bolen Descendants from Staunton VA (Augusta Co)

Nancy Golden Fri Aug 30 09:28:09 1996
Searching for more information on JOHN CLAYTON who went to VA from England around 1774. He married (around 1779) MARGARET WANDLESS who apparently was the daughter of RALPH WANDLESS and MARGARET -- WANDLESS CARLISLE. The Wandless family was possibly from the Bull Pasture area. JOHN and MARGARET had several children: WILLIAM, RALPH (my gggrandfather who moved to MO), JOHN, JAMES, THOMAS, AND PEGGY--probably Margaret. I've found a botanist with the same name, but don't know if it was my relative or if my JC is completely different. I'd appreciated any help you can send me. TIA

Carolyn Carver Thu Aug 29 15:37:09 1996
David Cales died at Augusta Co Va 1786. His wife Alberdina died 1801. Did she also die in Augusta Co? Would like to know if their children were born, married or died in Augusta Co. (Kezia, Christina, Elizabeth, Jacob, John, William, David Jr.) Especially interested in Jacob and who he married. He died in 1840, but need to know if it was at Augusta Co. Would also like to know who Jacob's children were. Only one known is Mary who married John Brant.

Joan Duffy Tue Aug 27 08:51:59 1996
I would like information of the "Vines" family of Greenville, VA...August County. I am the daughter of John Vines, his father was Dorsey Vines, son of James Vines. I understand the line comes down from Thomas Vines I. I would appreciate any information you might have. Thank you.

Carolyn Carver Mon Aug 26 18:24:28 1996
James Ellison (husband of Nancy Elizabeth Farley) died 1839,in Greenbrier Co WV. He was married 1777 at Farley's Fort. Was this fort in Botetourt, Augusta or Montgomery County? Is this what is now Greenbrier County? His father - James Ellison - died 1791 at Bradshaw's Run Creek Settlement. Did wife, Ann English die here also? Was this in Greenbrier Co or Monroe Co then? Now? This family was from Burlington Co NJ. What other members settled in Greenbrier Co area? Did John & Susanna Ellison (father & gr-father of James Ellison) come to Greenbrier Co area?

Elaine R. English Sat Aug 24 05:29:07 1996
24 Aug 1996 Elaine Randall English eng4@STC.Net I am looking for information on the MORRIS and CHAPMAN families of Augusta Co., VA and for other researchers of same surnames. William CHAPMAN, Sr. and wife Sarah "Sallie" ALLPHIN had the following children born between ca 1792-1810 in Augusta County: Mary, m. Robert GROOMS; Martha, m. Richard BOOZ; Rebecca m. John H. MORRIS; Elizabeth, m. Jesse GREGORY; Virginia, m. John B. TAYLOR; and William, Jr., m. Mary J.___.I descend from Rebecca CHAPMAN and John H. MORRIS. Gladly exchange information. Thanks, Elaine Randall English P.O. Box 341

William J. Leonard Sat Aug 24
Looking for information about the Henry Pickle family that lived in Augusta County, Virginia from 1750 to 1772. In one reference he was listed as living on "the fork". Sold his land in Augusta 1n 1772 or 1773 and appeared in Wythe County, VA in 1793. Pickle was sued by a merchant in 1773, summons to court was returned by the sheriff with the note "gone to Carolina".

Sam Blackburn Fri Aug 23 18:09:03 1996
I am searching for the ancestors of William Blackburn, born in Agusta County VA. about 1788, He later married a Nancy Blackburn also born in VA. They may have been first cousins. They had children, Preston and Susan born in KY. about 1815/17. I have a good record of thier descendants, would like to trade information.

Carolyn Carver Thu Aug 22 16:12:58 1996
James Gillespie is said to have been born c1761 in Augusta Co (the part now Alleghany Co) to William & Mary Gillespie. James married Isabella ______ and children were William, Jane, Robert, Mary, Matthew, Thomas, Elijah, James S., Sarah & Isabella according to some sources. Would like to correspond with Gillespie researcher regarding details of this family and their ancestry.

Claud C. Gillespie Thu Aug 22 07:44:18 1996
My father thought his ancestors came from the "cowlick river" area of Virginia. Has anyone heard of the Cowlick River? I know there is a Cow Pasture and a Bull Pasture River in western Virginia but have not been able to locate the name Cowlick.

James R. Campbell Tue Aug 20 17:09:52 1996
Looking for any information on origin of Campbell brothers (David, Michael, James, Andrew, and Adam) who moved from Augusta County to settle Campbellsville,KY ~ 1800. Adam (b.1778) married Sarah Steele (b. 4/13/1787) of Augusta County. James (b.1775) married Rebecca Turner.

Kathy Evans Tue Aug 20 17:46:20 1996
Looking for John RODGERS born abt, 1740 in Augusta. married Ann McSwain CLENDENNIN in 1767 Augusta - Staunton area. Looking for sibblings or parents of John.

Debi Tue Aug 20 09:40:25 1996
PHARES, Samuel S. - my ggrandfather died in San Antonio, TX in 12/1903. His body was transported back to Staunton, VA by rail. Can anyone tell me how can I find out which funeral homes or maybe the coorner for that time?? Trying to locate any documents to find out where he was buried (I believe outside Circleville, WV - but no proof). Thanks for any and all help. Debi

David G. Nutter Mon Aug 19 20:01:57 1996
I am searching for any records of members of the NUTTER family who would have made their way to Frederick County in the 1770-1800 time period. They would have been migrating from Sussex County, DE on the Delmarva peninsula via the road from Alexandria, to Augusta County, then north toward the Braddock Road to Uniontown, PA, thence to Clarksburg, WVA, where they helped establish Nutters Fort. Given names would be Thomas (several; my four times greatgrandfather was born in 1760; the Thomas Nutter who was the leader in establishing Nutters Fort was 20 years older and a cousin. Other names: Matthew, Christopher, William, John, Robert, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth. I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks. Dave Nutter, Rochester, NY

Jim Messersmith Sun Aug 18 11:23:09 1996
I am researching the following surnames: ANDREW, ARGABRIGHT, BERRY, BLAKELY, BRUFFY, CULTON, FRANCISCUS, HALL, HIGGINS, HOLSINGER, HULVEY, JAMES, JOHNSON, MALCOM, MESSERSMITH, PETERSON, PIRKEY, PUMMILL, RANDALL, SIPE, SPITZER, TALLEY and TREVEY. All of these have ties to the Augusta, Albemarle, Rockbridge and Rockingham counties area. I have considerable information on some of these and I am willing to share it. I am always looking for additional information on these lines.

Scott Fifer Fri Aug 16 19:40:01 1996
Looking for any information regarding FIFERs of Augusta County in the late 1700's through the mid 1800's. More specifically looking for descendants of George FIFER, Sr. and his descendants. Also interested in Jacob Fifer who was born about 1814 and married Francis Pullen in Botetort County in the 1830's.

Mary Underwood Fri Aug 16 08:58:45 1996
Hi all, Researching Campbells in early Augusta County. Any info appreciated. Thanks,

Michelle Bley Mon Jul 29 21:11:49 1996.
Looking for information on John BELL of Albemarle Co., VA. He married Mary Beard HENDERSON originally from Augusta Co., VA, b. 1764. She married first William Henderson and they moved to Lincoln Co., KY ca. 1790. She later married John Bell.

Becky Erickson
John ANDERSON ~1720-1810 Greenbriar/Augusta Co.; Robert McCLENACHAN ~1700-1791 Augusta/Bath Co. area; William/John DEAN ~1720-1810 Augusta/Bath Co. area. Other surnames marrying into these families: SINCLAIR, KIZER, REED, WARD, KINKAID, McCLUNG, VENABLE, CRAWFORD, BORLAND, KENTON. Love to hear from anyone researching these names in the Augusta Co. area.

Vicky Elberts
I am seeking information on recently discovered relatives. Their names are Alexander MacGAVOCH (Guffey) died 1769 in Augusta and his wife Mary Ann PEYTON who died in 1704. James McGUFFEY born abt. 1707 in Stafford and died 1769 in Augusta -- married to Ruth SROCKTON. James Guffey b. 1734 in Stafford Co., died in 1786 in Rockbridge Co. -- married to Sarah BELL.

Carmen J. Finley
Interested in any FINLEY in Augusta County during the period 1738-1800.

Rick Allen
Researching LOHR in Augusta County.

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