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The Ware Family of Woodbine, Cooke Co., Texas

Photos furnished by: Jack Ware

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Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas 1880

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Back row, Left to right
John W. Ware, Radford A. Ware

Front row:
Elijah Ware with Henry Ware (child),
Henry "Pat" Ware, Spencer Ware
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Rad Ware & Mattie
Nelson Ware
goodguys.jpg (50605 bytes)
"The Good Guys"
Right: Pat Ware
sheriffs.jpg (65723 bytes)
Standing: Sheriff Pat Ware
with two unknown men,
presumably ex-sheriffs
twosherf.jpg (144122 bytes)
Standing: Sheriff Pat Ware,
Cooke Co. Sheriff, 1908
Seated: Marcus Webster,
1848, the first sheriff with the
record term holder
wilmrsn.jpg (38870 bytes)
Deputy Sheriff, Will Emerson
First Cooke Co. Lawman

Killed On-Duty
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Henry Pat Ware

hiramrec.jpg (19974 bytes)
Hiram &  Alpha (Slimp) Reece


loghouse.jpg (91055 bytes)
The original Ware Log House
still standing, but falling apar
Nancy Altum Ware, center in apron
house2.jpg (76644 bytes)
Ware Home
warehous.jpg (67127 bytes)
Ware Home
The same house, but older

The Nelson Cabin
Ncabin.jpg (12122 bytes)
radwhous.jpg (20118 bytes)
Rad A. Ware House,
at Clements and Pecan
pkmotor.jpg (187067 bytes)
Purcell & King Motor Co.
2nd. From Left: R.C. Nelson, one
of the first settlers in eastern
part of Co., pictured at his home
north of Woodbine in 1892.
Others  Are: Mrs. R.C. Nelson,
Charlie Compton, Anna Pearl Wood
and James Francis Nelson.
(Courtesy of Mrs. J.R. Nelson)
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Woodbine Train Station
gtpstore.jpg (47939 bytes)
G.T. Purcell & Son Store

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