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The Ware Family of Woodbine, Cooke Co., Texas

Photos furnished by:
Jack Ware

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Dye School
nlsn1907.jpg (45299 bytes)
Nelson Grove School
ware1926.jpg (49766 bytes)
Rad Ware School
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Rad Ware School

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Woodbine School
jsmith.jpg (56839 bytes)
Jessie Smith, Teacher
woodbne3.jpg (47272 bytes)
Woodbine School
woodbne1.jpg (51514 bytes)
Woodbine School

pwarejr.jpg (55972 bytes)
Gainesville Business
College, center front
Pat Ware, Jr.
trainx.jpg (34315 bytes)
Train Crossing,
Woodbine, TX.
wbstore.jpg (54665 bytes)
Woodbine Store
mitchst.jpg (32439 bytes)
Mitchell & Hicks Store

well.jpg (25875 bytes)
Woodbine Water Well
warehors.jpg (35212 bytes)
Ware Horse
bison.jpg (57313 bytes)
wagon.jpg (43586 bytes)
Wagon & Bison

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