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Description Submitted Contributor
Black Swamp Cemetery   Ann Baker
Bostick Cemetery   Ann Baker
Box Cemetery, west of Estill   Carolyn Ramsay
Browning Cemetery   Ann Baker
Crews Cemetery, Cummings   Freda S. Frampton
Deep Branch Baptist Church Cemetery, Cummings   Yvonne Deloach
DeLoach Family Cemetery, Estill   Brenda Young
Dempsey Cemetery, Cummings   Freda S. Frampton
Dempsey Family Cemetery, Dempsey Landing Road   Yvonne Deloach
Gooding Family Cemetery, Crocketville   Donna Hill
Goodwill Baptist Cemetery, aka Johnson Cemetery, Estill   Tanika Lovelace
Greenwood Plantation Cemetery, near Stokes Bluff?   Yvonne Deloach
Gregorie Cemetery, near Yemassee   Karen Busby
Lawtonville Cemetery, Estill   Carolyn Ramsay
Mt. Olive Cemetery, Early Branch   Yvonne Deloach
Rivers Cemetery   Ann Baker
Schaffer Hull Cemetery, Early Branch   Yvonne Deloach
Searson Cemetery, Cummings   Yvonne Deloach
Solomons Cemetery   Carolyn Ramsay
Union Methodist Cemetery, Estill   Carolyn Ramsay
Rare deeds and plats

Description: Copies of some rare deeds and plats which were obtained out of a particular MSS collection in Perkins Library, Duke University. Ms Davis abstracted the information of genealogical value into a list. These predate the burning of the Beaufort county courthouse. The lands specified are in present Hampton County, and a number of surnames are represented.

Most of these deeds were owned by James Cameron Richardson, father-in-law of Benjamin S. Williams. The Samuel Thames of the deeds was the father of James Cameron Richardson's wife, Esther Henrietta Thames Richardson. All documents were headed Prince Williams Parish, Beaufort Dist., UNLESS otherwise stated.

Dec 1999 Ann Davis


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