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BELL, Thomas - Berkeley County William (Chip) Pate
BIRMINGHAM, Patrick - Berkeley County Janet Neville
BLACK, George - Berkeley County Janet Neville
BLAIR, William - Harrison County Janet Neville
BOON, John - Monroe County Donna Tivener
BOYD, Patrick, Monroe County David Boyd
BOXWELL, Joseph - Hampshire County Sharon Ringler
BROWNLEE, John - Brooke County
BURGAIN, Thomas - Greenbrier County Janet Neville
BURK, Matthew - Berkeley County Janet Neville
CAMPBELL, James - Berkeley County Janet Neville
CARTER, John - Kanawha County Janet Neville
CLENDENIN, Robert - Greenbrier County Janet Neville
CULLINS, John - Hampshire County Janet Neville
CUNNINGHAM, Walter - Harrison County Linda Cunningham Fluharty
DAVIS, Thomas - Logan County Russell Lawrence
DAVIS, William Sr. & Mary - Logan County Russell Lawrence
DEVELIN, Henry - Berkeley County Janet Neville
FISHER, Jacob - Nicholas County Brenda Collins Dillon
FORD, John - Monroe County Cheryl Berthelsen
FULTON, Samuel - Berkeley County Janet Putt Neville
HAMRICK, Benjamin - Nicholas County Pam Shelton-Anderson
HAND, Christopher - Monroe County Judy Penrod Purcell
HENDERSON, Sampson - Hampshire County Janet Neville
HICKMAN, Adam - Harrison County Scott Wiesman
HICKMAN, Sotha - Harrison County Scott Wiesman
HIGH, Jacob - Hampshire County Martha Rasmussen
HITE, George - Berkeley County Janet Neville
HOSTETTER, Ulrich - Richie County Janet Waite
HOWARD, Ignatius - Greenbrier County Janet Neville
HYLAND, Ferguson - Berkeley County Janet Neville
JONES, John - Greenbrier County Adina Dyer
JONES, John - Kenawha County Adina Dyer
JONES, William - Berkeley County Janet Neville
KARREN, Barney - Randolph County Emolene Lynch
KELLAR, Abram - Jefferson County Janet Neville
KROESEN, Issac - Berkeley County L. Raymond
LATHAM, John - Harrison-Stafford County Joy Fisher
LEMON, John - Jefferson County Janet Neville
LYON, David - Ohio County Janet Neville
LYON, William - Hampshire County Janet Neville
MARLETT, Abraham - Berkeley Marilyn Morgan
MARLATT/MORLATT, Peter - Berkeley County Marilyn Morgan
McCLAIN, John (File 1) - Ohio County Don Marsh
McCLAIN, John (File 2) - Ohio County Don Marsh
McCLAIN, William - Lewis County Don Marsh
McCUE, William - Berkeley County Janet Neville
McKOWN, James - Jackson County James Anderson
McKOWN, Phoebe Casto - Jackson County James Anderson
NETTLES, Abraham - Greenbrier County Janet Neville
OGLE, Jacob - Ohio County Janet Neville
ORR, John Dale - Preston County Kitty McLamb
PARCHMENT, Peter - Ohio County Janet Neville
PETERSON, John - Berkeley County Janet Putt Neville
PROCIOUS, Adam - Clay County Barbara Wills
RICHARDS, George - Lewis County Floa Swisher
ROBINSON, Charles - Ohio County Janet Putt Neville
ROLLINS, Moses - Harrison County Janet Putt Neville
SCOTT, David - Monongalia County Janet Neville
SHEPHERD, John - Monroe County Janet Neville
SKIDMORE, Andrew - Nicholas County Janet Putt Neville
SMITH, John - Berkeley County Janet Neville
STACKHOUSE, John - Harrison County Janet Neville
STEWART, Ralph - Logan County Janet Neville
SWEARENGEN, Joseph - Monongalia County
Land Warrant
TAYLOR, Daniel - Nicholas County Brenda Collins Dillon
VANCE, John - Randolph County Janet Neville
WADSWORTH. Robert - Harrison County Margaret Gagliardi
WHITING, Francis - Berkeley County Janet Neville
WILLIAMS, Robert - Hampshire County Janet Neville
WILSON, John - Harrison County Janet Neville
WOLFORD, John - Randolph County Diane Wolford

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