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1792 Invalid pension claims. Communicated to the House of Representatives, Dec. 14, 1792. (American state papers. Class IX. Claims. p. 56-68.) Tabular. Arranged by states (including District of Maine). Alphabetic by initial letter only. 7 columns: Names; Rank; Regiment; Disability; Date from which annual pension commenced; Monthly allowance; Arrears due.
1794 Invalid pension claims. Communicated to the House of Representatives April 25, 1794-[1795]. (American state papers. Claims. Washington, 1834. p. 83-122, 125-128, 135-145, 150-172). Tabular. Arranged by states (including the District of Maine). Not alphabetic. Usually in 7 columns: Names; Rank; Regiment or company or ship; Disability; When and where disabled; Residence [town] ; To what pension entitled [or Monthly allowance and Arrearages] ; Remarks.
1820 Letter from the Secretary of war, transmitting a report of the names, rank and line of every person placed on the pension list, in pursuance of the act of 18th of March, 1818, &c...... Washington, Printed by Gales & Seaton, 1820. 672 pages. (16th Congress, 1st session. House. Doc. No. 55). Tabular. Arranged by states of residence in 1820. Alphabetic by initial letter only: 3 columns: Names; Rank; Line. Practically all the names in this list are reprinted in the 1835 list, but occasionally there is variation in spelling name or added detail of service.
1828 Officers on the pension list. Letter from the Secretary of war, transmitting a list of officers on the pension roll of the U. S. designating the states to which the officers severally belong. January 30, 1828 ...... Washington: printed by Gales & Seaton, 1828. 29 pages. (20th Congress, 1st session. House. Doc. No. 124.) Tabular. Arranged by states; two classes under each: Invalid pension list, and Revolutionary pension list. Alphabetic by initial letter only. Gives name and rank only; no particulars of service or present residence. These "Revolutionary pensioners" are those officers pensioned under the "service" act of 1818 who were living in 1828.
1829 Officers, &c. pensioned under act of 1828. Letter from the Secretary of the treasury, transmitting a list of the names of pensioners under the law of May 15, 1828. January 13, I829. [From Treasury dept.] 16 pages.  (2oth Congress, 2d session. House. Doc. No. 68.) Tabular. Alphabetic by initial letter only. 5 columns:  Names; Line; Rank; Sum annually; State or Territory of residence at time of application.
1831 Rejected applications for pensions, &c. Letter from the Secretary of war, transmitting a report respecting rejected applications for pensions. January 6, 1831. 84 pages.  (21st Congress, 2d session. House. Doc. No- 31).  In two parts, each subdivided by state:
  • a. Persons whose claims to pension on account of Revolutionary service have been rejected (3 columns:  Name, Rank and Reasons for rejection) ;
  • b. Revolutionary pensioners placed on the rolls under the act of March 18, 1818, and who have been stricken from the pension list under act of May 1, 1820, not being considered in indigent circumstances (2 columns: Name and Rank).   The veterans in the second part would regularly be found in the '20 and '35 lists also.
1835 Report from the Secretary of war, in obedience to resolutions of the Senate of the 5th and 30th of June, 1834, and the 3d of March, 1835, in relation to the pension establishment of the United States.  Washington: Printed by Duff Green, 1835- 3 volumes.  (23d Congress, 1st session. Senate. Doc. No. 514).  Tabular. Arranged (1st) by state, (2d) by class of pensioners: a Invalid pensioners; b. Heirs of non-commissioned officers, privates, &c. who (tied in the U. S. service who obtained five years' half pay in lieu of bounty land, under the second section of the act of April 16, 1816; c. Pensioners under the act of March 18. 1818; d Pensioners under the act of June 7, 1832, (3d) by county. Alphabetic by initial letter only. Section
  • [a] contains very few Revolutionary pensioners and
  • [b] gives heirs of soldiers killed in the War of 1812.
  • Sections [c] and [d] are confined to Revolutionary pensioners; names are alphabetic under county by initial letter of family name only. 9 columns:  Names; Rank; Annual allowance; Sums received; Description of service; When placed on the pension Palls; Commencement of pension; Age; Remarks. Sections [c] and [d] include all veterans who had been pensioned under these two acts ; many had died before 1835 but full entry is made, with date of death.
1840 A census of pensioners for Revolutionary of military services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several judicial districts, under the act for taking the sixth census. Washington: printed by Blair and Rives, 1841. 195 pages.  Tabular. Arranged by states, sub-arrangement by counties and then by towns. Names not alphabetic. 3 columns: Names of pensioners; Ages; Names of heads of families with whom pensioners resided 1840.  There is no mark of distinction between the Revolutionary and the other military pensioners. The latter are evidently very few.  This list includes a considerable number of widows.

Source:  Sprague's Journal of Maine History
Vol. V
November, December, January 1917-18
No. 4 pages 193-195
An Alphabetical Index of Revolutionary Pensioners Lining in Maine.  
Complied by Charles A. Flagg, Librarian, Bangor, (Maine) Public Library.
Published by John Francis Sprague, Dover, ME

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