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This is a work in progress regarding the research of the Somerset County Men and Women involved in the Civil War. As new information is located it will be available to the Somerset County Archives website and the Meyersdale Public Library.
All information is spelled as it is found. If there is information for persons with identical names which cannot be clearly attributed to one of those persons, there is a separate entry for that name with that information. We did not combine names with information unless we were certain that such information pertained to a specific individual.


intro.txt Civil War Research Project: Introduction, Help and Contact Information. Aug 2011
sources.txt Detailed source information Jan 2012

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lake-joseph.txt Lake, Joseph Oct 2011
lambert-chancey-f.txt Lambert, Chancey F. and Lambert, Chauncey F. Nov 2012
lambert-david-c.txt Lambert, David C. Feb 2012
lambert-edward.txt Lambert, Edward Feb 2012
lambert-george.txt Lambert, George Oct 2011
lambert-henry.txt Lambert, Henry Oct 2011
lambert-henry-h.txt Lambert, Henry H. Nov 2012
lambert-hugh.txt Lambert, Hugh Oct 2011
lambert-jonathan.txt Lambert, Jonathan Feb 2012
lambert-joseph.txt Lambert, Joseph Nov 2012
lambert-joseph-c.txt Lambert, Joseph C. Nov 2012
lambert-josiah-o.txt Lambert, Josiah O. Nov 2012
lambert-lewis-c.txt Lambert, Lewis C. Feb 2012
lambert-moses.txt Lambert, Moses Oct 2011
lancaster-james.txt Lancaster, James Oct 2011
lancaster-levi.txt Lancaster, Levi Oct 2011
lancaster-noah.txt Lancaster, Noah Oct 2011
land-w-h.txt Land, W. H. Oct 2011
landis-abraham-g.txt Landis, Abraham G. Oct 2011
landis-absolem.txt Landis, Absolem Oct 2011
landis-alex.txt Landis, Alex Oct 2011
landis-david.txt Landis, David Oct 2011
landis-edward.txt Landis, Edward Oct 2011
landis-j.txt Landis, J. Oct 2011
landis-jeremiah.txt Landis, Jeremiah Oct 2011
landis-jesse.txt Landis, Jesse Oct 2011
landis-john.txt Landis, John Oct 2011
landis-john-d.txt Landis, John D. Nov 2012
landis-joseph.txt Landis, Joseph Nov 2012
landis-joshua.txt Landis, Joshua Oct 2011
landis-rufus-c-sr.txt Landis, Rufus Choate Sr. Oct 2011
landis-william-h.txt Landis, William H. Nov 2012
langley-william.txt Langley, William Oct 2011
lanhady-patrick.txt Lanhady, Patrick Oct 2011
lanning-john.txt Lanning, John Oct 2011
lantz-austin.txt Lantz, Austin Nov 2012
lape-aaron.txt Lape, Aaron Feb 2012
lape-aaron-n.txt Lape, Aaron N. Feb 2012
lape-abraham.txt Lape, Abraham Feb 2012
lape-ephraim.txt Lape, Ephraim Nov 2012
lape-franklin.txt Lape, Franklin Nov 2012
lape-harmon.txt Lape, Harmon Oct 2011
lape-henry.txt Lape, Henry Oct 2011
lape-herman-w.txt Lape, Herman W. Nov 2012
lape-james.txt Lape, James Oct 2011
lape-john.txt Lape, John Nov 2012
lape-jonathan.txt Lape, Jonathan Nov 2012
lape-joseph.txt Lape, Joseph Nov 2012
lape-joseph-w.txt Lape, Joseph W. Feb 2012
lape-peter.txt Lape, Peter Feb 2012
lape-philip.txt Lape, Philip Nov 2012
largent-john.txt Largent, John Oct 2011
larimen-susan.txt Larimen, Susan Oct 2011
larimer-alexander.txt Larimer, Alexander Nov 2012
larimer-isaac.txt Larimer, Isaac Oct 2011
larmon-john-s.txt Larmon, John Sybert Nov 2012
larmon-william-s.txt Larmon, William Smith Oct 2011
laten-john.txt Laten, John Oct 2011
laton-jacob.txt Laton, Jacob Feb 2012
laub-george.txt Laub, George Feb 2012
laub-jonathan.txt Laub, Jonathan Oct 2011
laughton-eliza.txt Laughton, Eliza Oct 2011
laughton-robert-e.txt Laughton, Robert E. Oct 2011
laughton-robert-l.txt Laughton, Robert L. Oct 2011
launtz-franklin.txt Launtz, Franklin Oct 2011
launtz-richard.txt Launtz, Richard Nov 2012
lauther-james-m.txt Lauther, James M. Oct 2011
lawrence-george-w.txt Lawrence, George W. Oct 2011
lawrence-peter.txt Lawrence, Peter Nov 2012
layman-john-p.txt Layman, John P. Oct 2011
layton-aaron.txt Layton, Aaron Nov 2012
layton-john.txt Layton, John Oct 2011
layton-samuel.txt Layton, Samuel Nov 2012
lazure-john-mrs.txt Lazure, John Mrs. Oct 2011
lease-levi.txt Lease, Levi Nov 2012
lease-oliver.txt Lease, Oliver Nov 2012
leasure-john.txt Leasure, John Oct 2011
leazuer-jona.txt Leazuer, Jona Oct 2011
leazure-john.txt Leazure, John Nov 2012
leazure-jona.txt Leazure, Jona Oct 2011
leazure-jonathan.txt Leazure, Jonathan Nov 2012
lebeerknight-h.txt Lebeerknight, H. Oct 2011
leberknight-h.txt Leberknight, H. Oct 2011
leberknight-humphrey.txt Leberknight, Humphrey Nov 2012
lee-henry-w.txt Lee, Henry W. Nov 2012
lee-levi.txt Lee, Levi Oct 2011
lee-perry.txt Lee, Perry Nov 2012
lees-gillian.txt Lees, Gillian Oct 2011
leffler-ulrich.txt Leffler, Ulrich Oct 2011
lehman-david.txt Lehman, David Oct 2011
lehman-henry-j.txt Lehman, Henry J. Nov 2012
lehman-john.txt Lehman, John Oct 2011
lehman-john-j.txt Lehman, John J. Feb 2012
lehman-moses.txt Lehman, Moses Oct 2011
lehman-samuel.txt Lehman, Samuel Oct 2011
leibaugh-daniel.txt Leibaugh, Daniel Oct 2011
leiber-george.txt Leiber, George Oct 2011
leider-joseph-g.txt Leider, Joseph G. Feb 2012
leidig-dennis.txt Leidig, Dennis Oct 2011
leidig-john.txt Leidig, John Oct 2011
leidig-jonathan.txt Leidig, Jonathan Nov 2012
leidy-jacob-d.txt Leidy, Jacob D. Oct 2011
leighton-elijah-l.txt Leighton, Elijah L. Oct 2011
leighty-elisha.txt Leighty, Elisha Oct 2011
leisure-jonathan.txt Leisure, Jonathan Oct 2011
lenhart-aaron.txt Lenhart, Aaron Nov 2012
lenhart-cyrus-h.txt Lenhart, Cyrus H. Oct 2011
lenhart-david-f.txt Lenhart, David F. Nov 2012
lenhart-elijah-w.txt Lenhart, Elijah W. Oct 2011
lenhart-horace-h.txt Lenhart, Horace H. Feb 2012
lenhart-jackson.txt Lenhart, Jackson Oct 2011
lenhart-jacob.txt Lenhart, Jacob Oct 2011
lenhart-john.txt Lenhart, John Oct 2011
lenhart-ludwig.txt Lenhart, Ludwig Feb 2012
lenhart-monroe.txt Lenhart, Monroe Oct 2011
lenhart-peter-j.txt Lenhart, Peter J. Oct 2011
lenhart-solomon-a.txt Lenhart, Solomon A. Nov 2012
lenhart-zarr.txt Lenhart, Zarr Oct 2011
lentz-cyrus.txt Lentz, Cyrus Oct 2011
lentz-franklin-a.txt Lentz, Franklin A. Nov 2012
lentz-john.txt Lentz, John Nov 2012
lentz-jos.txt Lentz, Jos. Oct 2011
lepley-adam.txt Lepley, Adam Oct 2011
lepley-christian.txt Lepley, Christian Nov 2012
lepley-daniel.txt Lepley, Daniel Oct 2011
lepley-daniel-v.txt Lepley, Daniel V. Oct 2011
lepley-jacob-b.txt Lepley, Jacob B. Oct 2011
lepley-john-h.txt Lepley, John H. Nov 2012
lepley-josiah.txt Lepley, Josiah Oct 2011
lepley-samuel.txt Lepley, Samuel Oct 2011
levingston-d.txt Levingston, D. Oct 2011
levy-joseph.txt Levy, Joseph Oct 2011
levy-joseph-h.txt Levy, Joseph H. Oct 2011
levy-joseph-m.txt Levy, Joseph M. Nov 2012
levy-william-p.txt Levy, William P. Nov 2012
lewis-charles-a.txt Lewis, Charles A. Nov 2012
lewis-daniel-s.txt Lewis, Daniel S. Nov 2012
lewis-david-r.txt Lewis, David R. Nov 2012
lewis-milton.txt Lewis, Milton Oct 2011
leydig-george-w.txt Leydig, George W. Oct 2011
leydig-jacob-d.txt Leydig, Jacob Dennis and Leydig, Jacob D. Feb 2012
leydig-john.txt Leydig, John Oct 2011
leydig-jonathan.txt Leydig, Jonathan Oct 2011
leydig-samuel.txt Leydig, Samuel Oct 2011
leydig-william-m.txt Leydig, William M. Nov 2012
libby-david.txt Libby, David Feb 2012
lichleiter-david.txt Lichleiter, David Nov 2011
lichtenberger-lewis.txt Lichtenberger, Lewis Nov 2012
lichtenberger-samuel-r.txt Lichtenberger, Samuel R. Nov 2011
lichty-abr.txt Lichty, Abr. Nov 2011
lichty-charles.txt Lichty, Charles Nov 2011
lichty-christian.txt Lichty, Christian Nov 2011
lichty-christian-j.txt Lichty, Christian J. Nov 2012
lichty-cyrus-m.txt Lichty, Cyrus M. Nov 2011
lichty-david.txt Lichty, David Nov 2011
lichty-elias-s.txt Lichty, Elias S. Nov 2011
lichty-gabriel-j.txt Lichty, Gabriel J. Nov 2011
lichty-george-c.txt Lichty, George C. Nov 2011
lichty-jacob-m.txt Lichty, Jacob M. Nov 2011
lichty-jacob-p.txt Lichty, Jacob P. Nov 2011
lichty-joel-m.txt Lichty, Joel M. Nov 2011
lichty-jon-j.txt Lichty, Jon. J. Nov 2011
lichty-joseph-l.txt Lichty, Joseph L. Nov 2011
lichty-mahlon-o.txt Lichty, Mahlon O. Nov 2011
lichty-oliver.txt Lichty, Oliver Nov 2011
lichty-samuel-j.txt Lichty, Samuel J. Nov 2011
lichty-w-a.txt Lichty, W. A. Nov 2011
lichty-william-j.txt Lichty, William J. Nov 2012
lieb-martin.txt Lieb, Martin Feb 2012
lindeman-john.txt Lindeman, John Nov 2011
lindsey-james.txt Lindsey, James Nov 2011
ling-benjamin.txt Ling, Benjamin Nov 2012
ling-david.txt Ling, David Nov 2011
ling-edward.txt Ling, Edward Feb 2012
ling-george-w.txt Ling, George W. Feb 2012
ling-gephart.txt Ling, Gephart Nov 2011
ling-john.txt Ling, John Nov 2012
ling-jonathan.txt Ling, Jonathan Nov 2011
ling-thompson.txt Ling, Thompson Feb 2012
lint-charles.txt Lint, Charles Nov 2011
lint-christian-d.txt Lint, Christian Daniel Nov 2011
lint-conrad-g.txt Lint, Conrad G. Nov 2011
lint-cyrus.txt Lint, Cyrus Nov 2012
lint-daniel-g.txt Lint, Daniel Gillion Nov 2012
lint-edward-c.txt Lint, Edward C. Nov 2011
lint-jonathan.txt Lint, Jonathan Nov 2012
lint-joseph-e.txt Lint, Joseph E. Nov 2011
lint-joseph.txt Lint, Joseph Nov 2011
lint-phineas.txt Lint, Phineas Nov 2011
lint-samuel.txt Lint, Samuel Nov 2011
lint-walter-s.txt Lint, Walter Snyder Nov 2011
lintaman-josiah.txt Lintaman, Josiah Nov 2011
lissin-alfred-n.txt Lissin, Alfred N Nov 2011
liston-jer.txt Liston, Jer. Nov 2011
liston-jesse.txt Liston, Jesse Nov 2012
litenberger-lewis.txt Litenberger, Lewis Nov 2011
litsinger-albert.txt Litsinger, Albert Nov 2012
livengood-archibald.txt Livengood, Archibald Feb 2012
livengood-christ.txt Livengood, Christ. Nov 2011
livengood-christian-m.txt Livengood, Christian M. Feb 2012
livengood-elijah.txt Livengood, Elijah Feb 2012
livengood-jacob-d.txt Livengood, Jacob D. Nov 2011
livengood-jacob-t.txt Livengood, Jacob T. Nov 2011
livengood-john-c.txt Livengood, John C. Nov 2011
livengood-john-j.txt Livengood, John J. Nov 2012
livengood-peter-j.txt Livengood, Peter J. Nov 2011
livengood-samuel-b.txt Livengood, Samuel B. Nov 2011
livengood-samuel-d.txt Livengood, Samuel D. Nov 2011
livingood-j-i-mrs.txt Livingood, J. (I ?), Mrs. Nov 2011
livingood-j-i.txt Livingood, J. I. or I. J. Nov 2011
livingood-j-j.txt Livingood, J. J. Nov 2011
livingston-alfred-w.txt Livingston, Alfred W. Nov 2012
livingston-d.txt Livingston, D. Nov 2011
livingston-david.txt Livingston, David Nov 2011
livingston-david-j.txt Livingston, David J. Nov 2012
livingston-henry-c.txt Livingston, Henry C. Nov 2012
livingston-j-w.txt Livingston, J. W. Nov 2012
livingston-jacob.txt Livingston, Jacob Feb 2012
livingston-jacob-d.txt Livingston, Jacob D. Nov 2011
livingston-jeremiah.txt Livingston, Jeremiah Nov 2011
livingston-joseph.txt Livingston, Joseph Nov 2011
livingston-levi.txt Livingston, Levi Nov 2012
livingston-moses-j.txt Livingston, Moses J. Nov 2011
livingston-peter.txt Livingston, Peter Nov 2011
livingston-william-l.txt Livingston, William L. Nov 2012
livingstone-charlotte.txt Livingstone, Charlotte Nov 2011
livingstone-d.txt Livingstone, D. Nov 2011
lloyd-thomas.txt Lloyd, Thomas Nov 2011
lockard-washington.txt Lockard, Washington Feb 2012
lockett-george.txt Lockett, George Nov 2011
loechel-henry.txt Loechel, Henry Nov 2012
logan-william-jr.txt Logan, William Jr. Nov 2011
logsden-joseph.txt Logsden, Joseph Nov 2011
logsden-raphael.txt Logsden, Raphael Nov 2011
logue-daniel.txt Logue, Daniel Nov 2011
logue-james.txt Logue, James Nov 2011
logue-samuel-f.txt Logue, Samuel F. Nov 2011
lohr-alexander.txt Lohr, Alexander Nov 2011
lohr-amaniah.txt Lohr, Amaniah Nov 2012
lohr-andrew-j.txt Lohr, Andrew J. Nov 2012
lohr-austin.txt Lohr, Austin Feb 2012
lohr-benjamin.txt Lohr, Benjamin Nov 2012
lohr-chs-h.txt Lohr, Charles H. Nov 2012
lohr-cyrus.txt Lohr, Cyrus Nov 2012
lohr-daniel.txt Lohr, Daniel Feb 2012
lohr-david.txt Lohr, David Nov 2011
lohr-edward-j.txt Lohr, Edward J. Nov 2012
lohr-ephraim.txt Lohr, Ephraim Nov 2011
lohr-frank.txt Lohr, Frank Nov 2011
lohr-george.txt Lohr, George Nov 2012
lohr-harrison-h.txt Lohr, Harrison H. Nov 2012
lohr-harry-d.txt Lohr, Harry D. Nov 2011
lohr-henry-d.txt Lohr, Henry D. Nov 2011
lohr-henry.txt Lohr, Henry Feb 2012
lohr-hiram.txt Lohr, Hiram Nov 2012
lohr-jacob.txt Lohr, Jacob Nov 2011
lohr-jeremiah.txt Lohr, Jeremiah Nov 2012
lohr-john-j.txt Lohr, John J. Nov 2011
lohr-john.txt Lohr, John Nov 2012
lohr-jonathan.txt Lohr, Jonathan Nov 2012
lohr-jonathan-d.txt Lohr, Jonathan D. Nov 2012
lohr-jos.txt Lohr, Jos. Nov 2011
lohr-joseph-j.txt Lohr, Joseph John Nov 2012
lohr-josiah.txt Lohr, Josiah Nov 2012
lohr-michael.txt Lohr, Michael Nov 2012
lohr-noah.txt Lohr, Noah Nov 2012
lohr-pearson.txt Lohr, Pearson Feb 2012
lohr-peter-b.txt Lohr, Peter B. Feb 2012
lohr-peter.txt Lohr, Peter Nov 2012
lohr-wm-h-h.txt Lohr, William H. H. Feb 2012
lohr-wm-m.txt Lohr, William M. Feb 2012
lohr-zachariah-t.txt Lohr, Zachariah T. Nov 2012
long-benjamin-h.txt Long, Benjamin H. Nov 2012
long-chauncey.txt Long, Chauncey Nov 2012
long-daniel-d.txt Long, Daniel Deal Nov 2012
long-ephraim.txt Long, Ephraim Nov 2012
long-franklin-b.txt Long, Franklin B. Nov 2012
long-george.txt Long, George Nov 2011
long-harrison.txt Long, Harrison Nov 2011
long-herman.txt Long, Herman Nov 2012
long-james.txt Long, James Nov 2012
long-john.txt Long, John Nov 2012
long-josiah-j.txt Long, Josiah J. Nov 2011
long-leonard.txt Long, Leonard Nov 2012
long-peter-h.txt Long, Peter H. Nov 2012
long-peter.txt Long, Peter Nov 2011
long-solomon-b.txt Long, Solomon B. Feb 2012
long-william-c.txt Long, William C. Nov 2011
longenecker-abraham.txt Longenecker, Abraham Feb 2012
longsdorf-jesse.txt Longsdorf, Jesse Nov 2011
louther-james-m.txt Louther, James Martin Dr. Nov 2011
love-george-h.txt Love, George H. Nov 2011
lowdermilk-john-m.txt Lowdermilk, John Milton Nov 2011
lowery-geo-w-mrs.txt Lowery, George W., Mrs. Nov 2011
lowery-henry-g.txt Lowery, Henry Giese Nov 2011
lowrey-john.txt Lowrey, John Nov 2011
lowry-abraham.txt Lowry, Abraham Nov 2011
lowry-chauncey.txt Lowry, Chauncey Nov 2011
lowry-emanuel.txt Lowry, Emanuel Nov 2011
lowry-george-w.txt Lowry, George W. Nov 2012
lowry-john-e.txt Lowry, John E. Nov 2011
lowry-lewis.txt Lowry, Lewis Nov 2011
lowry-michael-c.txt Lowry, Michael Conrad Nov 2011
lowry-oliver-c.txt Lowry, Oliver Charles Nov 2012
lowry-samuel.txt Lowry, Samuel Nov 2012
lowry-wm.txt Lowry, William Nov 2012
lowry-wm-f.txt Lowry, William F. Nov 2011
lucas-david-a.txt Lucas, David A. Nov 2011
ludington-alfred-n.txt Ludington, Alfred Neroin Nov 2011
ludy-geo.txt Ludy, George Feb 2012
luke-jerome.txt Luke, Jerome Nov 2011
luke-wm.txt Luke, William Nov 2012
luman-aaron.txt Luman, Aaron Nov 2011
luman-william.txt Luman, William Nov 2011
lunger-geo.txt Lunger, George Feb 2012
luther-john-h.txt Luther, John H. Feb 2012
lutz-francis-h.txt Lutz, Francis H. Nov 2012
lutz-john.txt Lutz, John Nov 2011
lybarger-geo-w.txt Lybarger, George Washington Nov 2012
lybarger-jacob.txt Lybarger, Jacob Nov 2011
lybarger-joseph-j.txt Lybarger, Joseph J. Nov 2012
lyberger-j-s.txt Lyberger, J. S. (also S. and J. Lyberger); and, Lyberger, J. and S. Nov 2011
lyberger-j.txt Lyberger, J. or I. W.; Lyberger, J. W.; and Lyberger, J. W. Mrs. Nov 2011
lyberger-m.txt Lyberger, M.; and, Lyberger, Martin Nov 2011
lyberger-s-j.txt Lyberger, S. and J. or I. Nov 2011
lyberger-susannah.txt Lyberger, Susannah Nov 2011
lyberger-valentine-g.txt Lyberger, Valentine G. Nov 2012
lyberger-william-j.txt Lyberger, William Nov 2012
lyberger-wm-j.txt Lyberger, William J. or I. Nov 2011
lyford-solomon.txt Lyford, Solomon Nov 2011
lyons-silas.txt Lyons, Silas Nov 2011
lyrbarger-martin.txt Lyrbarger, Martin Nov 2011
lytle-samson-c.txt Lytle, Samson C. Nov 2011



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