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Biographical Books
History of Bedford and Somerset Counties, Pennsylvania; Bedford County by E. Howard Blackburn; Somerset County by William H. Welfley; v.3, Pub. The Lewis Publishing Company, New York/Chicago 1906. (NOTE: Indicated as bhsc under the Biographical Records, Contributor Column). Aug-Oct 2006 Candace Roth
BIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW, Vol. XXXII, Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Bedford and Somerset Counties, Pennsylvania. Boston, Biographical Review Publishing Company, 1899. (NOTE: Indicated as brv under the Biographical Records, Contributor Column). Jan-May, Aug 2007 Sharon Trosan
Biographical Records - Family and Individual
altfather-john.txt John ALTFATHER, Berlin Aug 2006 bhsc
ankeny-calvin-m.txt Calvin M. ANKENY, Somerset Sep 2006 bhsc
ankeny-john-c.txt John C. ANKENY, Milford Twp. Oct 2006 bhsc
ansell-michael.txt Michael ANSELL, Beachdale Sep 2006 bhsc
appel-william-c.txt William Cecil APPEL, Somerset Aug 2006 bhsc
augustine-robert.txt Robert AUGUSTINE, Somerfield Aug 2006 bhsc
baer-family.txt The BAER Family, Somerset County Aug 2006 bhsc
baer-w.txt Descendants of William BAER Jan 2004 Lannie Dietle
baker-wm-h-h.txt William H. H. BAKER, Rockford, Milford Twp. Jan 2007 brv
baldwin-n.txt N. Leroy BALDWIN, Shade Twp Jan 2004 Carol Hepburn
barclay-jonathan-g.txt Jonathan G. BARCLAY, Jefferson Jan 2007 brv
barnhart-john-h.txt John H. BARNHART, Stoystown Sep 2006 bhsc
barron-henry-f.txt Henry Franklin BARRON, Somerset Twp. Oct 2006 bhsc
baush-james-h.txt James H. BAUSH, Quemahoning Jan 2007 brv
beachy-family.txt The BEACHY Family, Somerset County Oct 2006 bhsc
beachy-lloyd-l.txt Lloyd L. BEACHY, Elk Lick Twp. Oct 2006 bhsc
beachy-rufus-m.txt Rufus M. BEACHY, Meyersdale Aug 2006 bhsc
beeghley-peter.txt Peter BEEGHLEY, Beachdale Aug 2006 bhsc
bell-samuel-m.txt Samuel M. BELL, M.D., Lincoln Twp. Jan 2007 brv
bender-frederick-w.txt Frederick William BENDER, Springs Oct 2006 bhsc
berkeley-harvey-m.txt Harvey M. BERKELEY, Summit Twp. Sep 2006 bhsc
berkey-jeremiah.txt Jeremiah BERKEY, Stoystown Oct 2006 bhsc
berkey-john-a.txt John Albert BERKEY, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
berkey-josiah-l.txt Josiah L. BERKEY, Lincoln Twp. Jan 2007 brv
berkey-william.txt William BERKEY, Stoystown Jan 2007 brv
berkey-wm-d.txt William D. BERKEY, Davidsville Oct 2006 bhsc
berkey-wm-h.txt William H. BERKEY, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
berkley-lewis.txt Lewis BERKLEY, Brothers Valley Oct 2006 Candace Roth
biesecker-noah.txt Noah BIESECKER, Quemahoning Jan 2007 brv
birkey-james.txt James BIRKEY, Davidsville Sep 2006 bhsc
black-george-g.txt George J. BLACK, Meyersdale Jan 2007 brv
black-jeremiah-s.txt Jeremiah Sullivan BLACK, 1810-1833, native of Somerset County Aug 2009 cgb
boose-john-r.txt John R. BOOSE, Milford Twp. Jan 2007 brv
border-frederick.txt Frederick BORDER, Hollsopple Sep 2006 bhsc
boucher-solomon-w.txt Solomon W. BOUCHER, Milford Twp. Jan 2007 brv
bowman-john-j.txt John J. BOWMAN, Quemahoning Jan 2007 brv
boyer-joseph-a.txt Joseph A. BOYER, native of Somerset County Jan 2007 brv
brant-aaron.txt Aaron BRANT, Somerset County Oct 2006 bhsc
brant-chauncey-a.txt Chauncey Adam BRANT, Shanksville Jan 2007 brv
brant-robert-p.txt Robert P. BRANT, Shanksville Oct 2006 bhsc
brubaker-michel-a.txt Michel A. BRUBAKER, Shade Jan 2007 brv
brugh-peter-f.txt Peter F. BRUGH, Jefferson Jan 2007 brv
buhl-edwin.txt Edwin BUHL, Meyersdale Sep 2006 bhsc
burket-i.txt Isreal BURKET Descendants Mar 1998 Susan Holly Jackman
burkholder-family.txt The BURKHOLDER Family, Somerset County Oct 2006 bhsc
cable-jonathan.txt Jonathan CABLE, Shade Twp. Jan 2007 brv
carrell-wm-h.txt William H. CARRELL, Somerset Aug 2006 bhsc
carter-walter-g.txt Walter G. CARTER, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
cassler-alfred-e.txt Alfred E. CASSLER, Hollsopple, Paint Twp. Jan 2007 brv
chamberlin-alonzo.txt Alonzo CHAMBERLIN, Meyersdale Jan 2007 brv
christner-henry-j.txt Henry J. CHRISTNER, West Salisbury Oct 2006 bhsc
christner-wilson.txt Wilson CHRISTNER, Garrett Oct 2006 bhsc
cobaugh-charles-p.txt Charles Pythian COBAUGH, Rockwood Oct 2006 bhsc
cobaugh-george.txt George COBAUGH, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
coffroth-alexander-h.txt Hon. Alexander H. COFFROTH, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
coffroth-wm-b.txt William B. COFFROTH, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
cohen-brothers.txt The COHEN Brothers, Somerset Aug 2006 bhsc
colborn-andrew-j.txt Major Andrew J. COLBORN, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
coleman-alexander.txt Alexander COLEMAN, Althouse Oct 2006 bhsc
coleman.txt The COLEMAN Family, Somerset County Oct 2003 Ellis Michaels
collins-frank-b.txt Frank B. COLLINS, Berlin Jan 2007 brv
cook.txt Cook Origins Jan 2004 Richard Nellans
countryman-edward-l.txt Edward L. COUNTRYMAN, Jefferson Jan 2007 brv
countryman-family.txt The COUNTRYMAN Family, Somerset County Oct 2006 bhsc
cover-james-m.txt James M. COVER, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
covode-joseph.txt Joseph COVODE, M.D., Jennerstown Jan 2007 brv
crist-robert-o.txt Robert O. CRIST, M.D., Boswell Sep 2006 bhsc
croyle-jacob-p.txt Jacob P. CROYLE, Stoystown Oct 2006 bhsc
cunningham-elias.txt Elias CUNNINGHAM, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
custer-edward-f.txt Edward F. CUSTER, Stoystown Sep 2006 bhsc
custer-samuel.txt Samuel CUSTER, Stoystown Jan 2007 brv
dahl-daniel.txt Daniel DAHL, Meyersdale Aug 2006 bhsc
daugherty-frank-u.txt Frank Ulam DAUGHERTY, Ursina Sep 2006 bhsc
deal-edwin.txt Edwin DEAL, Meyersdale Aug 2006 bhsc
deeter-william-h.txt William Henry DEETER, Somerset County Aug 2006 bhsc
dickey-aaron-f.txt Aaron F. DICKEY, Friedens Jan 2007 brv
dull-irvin-p.txt Irvin P. DULL, native of Somerset County Jan 2007 brv
ebaugh-joseph.txt Joseph EBAUGH, Summit Twp. Oct 2006 bhsc
engle-douglas-j.txt Douglas J. ENGLE, Elk Lick Twp. Aug 2006 bhsc
engle-john-j.txt John J. ENGLE, Elk Lick Twp. Aug 2006 bhsc
enoch-cornelius-f.txt Cornelius F. ENOCH, Boswell Aug 2006 bhsc
fair-john-r.txt John Robert FAIR, West Salisbury Sep 2006 bhsc
fike-cyrus-j.txt Cyrus Joseph Fike, Somerset County Aug 2006 bhsc
fischer157gbs.txt William E. FISCHER 1849- living in 1899 Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
fisher-charles-h.txt Charles H. FISHER, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
fisher-hiram.txt Hiram FISHER, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
flick-silas.txt Silas FLICK, Jefferson Twp Jan 2007 brv
floto-august-d.txt August D. FLOTO, Meyersdale Jan 2007 brv
friedline-isaac.txt Isaac FRIEDLINE, Boswell Oct 2006 bhsc
fritz-josiah-w.txt Josiah W. FRITZ, Pine Hill Oct 2006 bhsc
fry-g.txt George FRY of Shade Twp. Mar 1998 Carol Hepburn
gambert-john-m.txt John M. GAMBERT, Berlin Aug 2006 bhsc
gardner-david.txt David GARDNER, Jefferson Jan 2007 brv
gardner-henry-h.txt Henry H. GARDNER, Jefferson Jan 2007 brv
gardner-john-h.txt John H. GARDNER, M.D., Stoystown Jan 2007 brv
gardner-john-l.txt John L. GARDNER, Jefferson Jan 2007 brv
gardner-william-h.txt William Harrison GARDNER, M.D., native of Milford Twp. Jan 2007 brv
garlitz-c.txt Christian GARLITZ by Charles E. Hoye, published 1935 Mar 1998 Charles B. Garlet
garlitz-c2.txt Christian GARLITZ by Charles B. Garlet Mar 1998 Charles B. Garlet
garlitz-kansas.txt The GARLITZ Family of Kansas Jun 2002 Charles B. Garlet
garman-john-s.txt John S. GARMAN, M.D., native of Stoystown Jan 2007 brv
garman-william-a.txt William A. GARMAN, M.D., Berlin Jan 2007 brv
gatesman-frank-w.txt Frank William GATESMAN, Meyersdale Aug 2006 bhsc
gerhardt-jacob.txt Jacob GERHARDT, Upper Turkeyfoot Twp. Sep 2006 Candace Roth
glessner-john-l.txt John L. GLESSNER, Berlin Sep 2006 bhsc
glessner-wm-j.txt William J. GLESSNER, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
good-gabriel.txt Gabriel GOOD, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
gorman-george-f.txt George F. GORMAN, Rockwood Sep 2006 bhsc
graves-john-s.txt John S. GRAVES, Meyersdale Jan 2007 brv
groff-frederick.txt Frederick GROFF, Berlin Aug 2006 bhsc
habel-wm-h.txt William H. HABEL, Meyersdale Aug 2006 bhsc
halbrock-frederick.txt Frederick HALBROCK, Somerset Sep 2006 bhsc
hamar-j.txt John HAMAR of Shade Twp. Mar 1998 Carol Hepburn
harrison-charles-j.txt Charles J. HARRISON, Captain, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
hay-calvin-t.txt Calvin T. HAY, Salisbury Jan 2007 brv
hay-family-2.txt HAY Family, Salisbury Aug 2006 bhsc
hay-family.txt HAY Family, Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
hay-harry.txt Harry HAY, Milford Jan 2007 brv
hay-hiram-p.txt Hiram P. HAY, Berlin Sep 2006 bhsc
hay-john-g.txt John G. HAY, Brothersvalley Twp. Jan 2007 brv
hay-peter-s.txt Peter S. HAY, Brothersvalley and Elk Lick Jan 2007 brv
hay-simon.txt Simon HAY, Brothersvalley Jan 2007 brv
hay-william-h.txt William H. HAY, Meyersdale Jan 2007 brv
hay-william-p.txt William P. HAY, Jefferson Twp Jan 2007 brv
hite-john-h.txt John H. HITE, Captain, Stoystown Jan 2007 brv
holderbaum-james-b.txt James B. HOLDERBAUM, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
hoover-wm-f.txt William F. HOOVER, Hooversville Oct 2006 bhsc
horner-daniel-j.txt Daniel J. HORNER, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
hostetler-lewis.txt Lewis HOSTETLER, Windber Sep 2006 bhsc
hostetter-wm.txt William HOSTETTER, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
humbert-john-p.txt John P. HUMBERT, Harnedsville, Lower Turkeyfoot Twp. Jan 2007 brv
ickes-c-s.txt C.S. ICKES, Boswell Oct 2006 bhsc
jeffery-jesse-t.txt Jesse Thomas JEFFERY, Salisbury Aug 2006 bhsc
jones-isaac-g.txt Isaac G. JONES, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
judy-cornelius.txt Cornelius JUDY, Althouse Oct 2006 bhsc
kaufman-john-j.txt John J. KAUFMAN, Davidsville Sep 2006 bhsc
keim-norman-b.txt Norman B. KEIM, Elk Lick Oct 2006 bhsc
kimmel-daniel.txt Daniel KIMMEL, Somerset Jan 2007 brv
kimmel-george-f.txt George F. KIMMEL, Somerset Sep 2006 bhsc
kimmell-henry-s.txt Henry S. KIMMEL, M.D., Somerset Jan 2007 brv
kimmel-jacob-o.txt Jacob O. KIMMEL, Stonycreek Twp. Oct 2006 bhsc
knepper-family.txt The KNEPPER Family, Somerset County, PA Sep 2006 bhsc
koontz-william-h.txt William Henry KOONTZ, Hon., Somerset Jan 2007 brv
krebs-simon.txt Simon KREBS, Somerset Boro. Jan 2007 brv
lambert-g.txt George LAMBERT, Shade Twp. Mar 1998 Carol Hepburn
lambert-john-m.txt John M. LAMBERT, Lambertsville Aug 2006 bhsc
lambert-jonathan.txt Jonathan LAMBERT, Stonycreek Twp. May 2007 brv
lambert-lewis-c.txt Lewis C. LAMBERT, Stonycreek Twp. and Lamberstville May 2007 brv
landis-uriah.txt Uriah LANDIS, Somerset County Oct 2006 bhsc
lansberry-orrie.txt Orrie LANSBERRY, Rockwood Oct 2006 bhsc
lee-christian-f.txt Christian F. LEE, Elk Lick Twp. Sep 2006 bhsc
leighty-john-h.txt John H. LEIGHTY, Rockwood Sep 2006 bhsc
lichty-david.txt David LICHTY, Salisbury Sep 2006 bhsc
lichty-george-c.txt George Cobaugh LICHTY, Somerset May 2007 brv
lienhardt-franklin-l.txt Franklin L. LIENHARDT, Hooversville Sep 2006 bhsc
lint-conrad-g.txt Conrad Gillian LINT, Bishop, Meyersdale Sep 2006 bhsc
livengood-albert-e.txt Albert Ernest LIVENGOOD, Salisbury Oct 2006 bhsc
livengood-daniel.txt Daniel LIVENGOOD, Elk Lick Twp. Oct 2006 bhsc
livengood-frank-w.txt Frank W. LIVENGOOD, Elk Lick Twp. Oct 2006 bhsc
livengood-p-l.txt Peter L. LIVENGOOD, Salisbury May 2007 brv
livengood-peter-l.txt Peter Lincoln LIVENGOOD, Salisbury Sep 2006 bhsc
livengood-samuel-d.txt Samuel D. LIVENGOOD, Meyersdale May 2007 brv
louther-james-m.txt James M. LOUTHER, M.D., Somerset County May 2007 brv
lutzke-john-k.txt John K. LUTZKE, Boswell Sep 2006 bhsc
markel-alexander.txt Alexander MARKEL, Somerset Sep 2006 bhsc
masters-george-b.txt George Benjamin MASTERS, M.D., Rockwood Aug 2006 bhsc
matthias-h-charles.txt H. Charles MATTHIAS, Rockwood Sep 2006 bhsc
maurer-jeremiah.txt Jeremiah MAURER, Stoyestown May 2007 brv
maust-leonard-a.txt Leonard A. MAUST, Garrett Sep 2006 bhsc
maust-samuel-p.txt Samuel P. MAUST, Meyersdale Aug 2006 bhsc
may-j.txt Descendants of John MAY Jan 2004 Joyce Rittenour Post
mcgregor-jacob.txt Jacob McGREGOR, Shade Twp. May 2007 brv
mckelvey-james.txt James McKELVEY, Somerset May 2007 brv
mckinley-henry-c.txt Henry Clay McKINLEY, M.D., Meyersdale May 2007 brv
mcmillan-samuel-j.txt Samuel J. McMILLAN, Addison Twp. May 2007 brv
mcvicker-howard-l.txt Howard L. McVICKER, Boswell Sep 2006 bhsc
meager.txt The MEAGER Family, Salisbury Sep 2006 bhsc
meyers-albert-r.txt Albert R. MEYERS, Somerset County Aug 2006 bhsc
meyers-hiram-j.txt Hiram J. MEYERS, Hooversville May 2007 brv
meyers-wm-h.txt William H. MEYERS, Meyersdale May 2007 brv
miller-bernard.txt Bernard MILLER, Summit Twp May 2007 brv
miller-c.txt Christian MILLER, Shade Twp. Mar 1998 Carol Hepburn
miller-ephraim-d.txt Ephraim D. MILLER, Rockwood, Milford Twp May 2007 brv
miller-family.txt The MILLER Family, Somerset County Oct 2006 bhsc
miller-franklin.txt Franklin MILLER, Stoystown Oct 2006 bhsc
miller-j.txt John MILLER, Shade Twp. Mar 1998 Carol Hepburn
miller-john-c-f.txt John C.F. MILLER, Rockwood Sep 2006 bhsc
miller-john-h.txt John H. MILLER, Somerset Aug 2007 brv
miller-joseph-d.txt Joseph D. MILLER, Rockwood, Milford Twp. Aug 2007 brv
miller-joseph-h.txt Joseph Henry MILLER, Elk Lick Sep 2006 bhsc
miller-joseph-m.txt Joseph M. MILLER, Somerset County Oct 2006 bhsc
miller-karl-a.txt Karl Albert MILLER, Somerset County Oct 2006 bhsc
miller-michael-h.txt Michael H. MILLER, Rockwood Aug 2006 bhsc
miller-norman-e.txt Norman E. MILLER, Meyersdale Sep 2006 bhsc
miller-simon-s.txt Simon S. MILLER, Springs Oct 2006 bhsc
miller-willard-h.txt Willard Homer MILLER, Berlin Aug 2006 bhsc
minder-samuel.txt Samuel MINDER, Lower Turkeyfoot May 2007 brv
morrison-family.txt MORRISON Family, Jefferson Twp Sep 2006 bhsc
moses-j.txt Jacob Moses, Shade Twp Mar 1998 Carol Hepburn
mosholder-john-b.txt John B. MOSHOLDER, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
mostolle-percy-l.txt Percy L. MOSTOLLE, Friedens Aug 2006 bhsc
mostoller-david.txt David MOSTOLLER, Stonycreek May 2007 brv
mostoller-edward-g.txt Edward G. MOSTOLLER, Stonycreek Oct 2006 bhsc
mostoller-john-w.txt John W. MOSTOLLER, Quemahoning May 2007 brv
mountain-walter-s.txt Walter S. MOUNTAIN, M.D., Somerset County May 2007 brv
muller-geo-w.txt George W. MULLER, Quemahoning May 2007 brv
musser-jacob.txt Jacob MUSSER, Brothers Valley May 2007 brv
neu-d.txt Descendants of Daniel NEU Jan 2004 Michael S. Caldwell
ogle-family.txt OGLE Family, Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
oldham-joseph.txt Joseph OLDHAM, Shade Township Sep 2006 bhsc
paul-alexander.txt Alexander PAUL, Meyersdale Aug 2007 brv
peck-jacob-w.txt Jacob W. PECK, Summit Twp. Aug 2006 bhsc
pfahler-john-h.txt John H. PFAHLER, Meyersdale May 2007 brv
phillippi-jacob-s.txt Jacob S. PHILLIPPI, Milford Aug 2007 brv
philson-samuel.txt Samuel PHILSON, Brothersvalley Twp May 2007 brv
picking-jacob-s-jr.txt Jacob S. PICKING, Jr., Somerset Sep 2006 bhsc
pile-geo-a.txt George A. PILE, Boswell Oct 2006 bhsc
pile-josiah-w.txt Josiah W. PILE, Milford Township Aug 2006/Aug 2007 bhsc/brv
platt-william.txt William PLATT, Berlin Aug 2006 bhsc
pollard-richard-t.txt Richard T. POLLARD, M.D., , Garrett Aug 2006 bhsc
poorbaugh-ammon-and-james.txt Ammon W. and James A. POORBAUGH, Meyersdale Sep 2006 bhsc
pritts-elmer-e.txt Elmer E. PRITTS, Somerset Sep 2006 bhsc
pugh-family.txt PUGH Family, Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
pugh-john.txt John PUGH, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
pyle-john-g.txt John G. PYLE, Rockwood Aug 2006 bhsc
ream-norman-b.txt Norman Bruce REAM, Somerset County Jul 2009 cgb
reynalds-john-j.txt John J. REYNALDS, Confluence Aug 2007 brv
rhoads-daniel-w.txt Daniel W. RHOADS, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
rhoads-j.txt John Rhoads, Shade Twp Mar 1998 Leroy V. Baldwin
riley-michael-f.txt Michael Francis RILEY, Somerset County Aug 2006 brv
ringler-thomas-z.txt Thomas Z. RINGLER, Stoystown Oct 2006 bhsc
rininger-wm-l.txt William Lowrey RININGER, Quemahoning Aug 2007 brv
rodgers-d.txt David Rodgers, Shade Twp Mar 1998 Leroy V. Baldwin
rodgers-franklin.txt Franklin Rodgers, Shade Twp May 2007 brv
ross-a-marshall.txt A. Marshall ROSS, Addison Aug 2007 brv
rush-harrison-h.txt Harrison H. RUSH, Lower Turkeyfoot Twp Aug 2007 brv
sanner-william-h.txt William H. SANNER, Somerset Aug 2007 brv
sayler-peter-m.txt Peter Miller SAYLER, Summit Twp Sep 2006 bhsc
saylor-calvin-w.txt Calvin Weller SAYLOR, Somerset Twp Aug 2007 brv
saylor-family.txt The SAYLOR Family, Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
saylor-john-l.txt John L. SAYLOR, Somerset Aug 2007 brv
schell-family-1.txt SCHELL Family, Part 1, Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
schell-family-2.txt SCHELL Family Part 2, Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
schell-paul-a.txt Paul A. SCHELL, Somerset Aug 2007 brv
schmucker-gideon-f.txt Gideon F. SCHMUCKER, Lincoln Twp Aug 2007 brv
schwartz-c.txt Descendants of Christoffel SCHWARTZ Jan 2004 Michael S. Caldwell
seese-joseph-j.txt Joseph J. SEESE, Paint Twp Aug 2006 bhsc
seibert-james-w.txt James Watson SEIBERT, Milford Aug 2007 brv
shaffer-adam-s.txt Adam S. SHAFFER, Jennerstown Aug 2007 brv
shaffer-geo-w.txt George W. SHAFFER, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
shaffer-isaac-d.txt Isaac D. SHAFFER, Somerset County Oct 2006 bhsc
shaffer-josiah-d.txt Josiah D. SHAFFER, Paint Twp Aug 2006 bhsc
shaffer-norman-d.txt Norman D. SHAFFER, Hollsopple, Paint Twp Aug 2007 brv
shaffer-wm-h.txt William H. SHAFFER, Somerset Aug 2007 brv
shank-charles.txt Charles SHANK, Stonycreek Twp Aug 2007 brv
shaver-cyrus-m.txt Cyrus M. SHAVER, Somerset Aug 2007 brv
shaver-martin-l.txt Martin L. SHAVER, Quemahoning Aug 2007 brv
shober-james-m.txt James M. SHOBER, Garrett Oct 2006 bhsc
sipe-family.txt The SIPE Family, Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
smith-andrew-j.txt Andrew Jenkins SMITH, Elk Lick Oct 2006 bhsc
smith-geo-h.txt George H. SMITH, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
smith-michael-f.txt Michael Franklin SMITH, Salisbury Sep 2006 bhsc
snyder-john-f.txt John F. SNYDER, Somerset Sep 2006 bhsc
snyder-john-s.txt John S. SNYDER, Stonycreek Twp Aug 2007 brv
snyder-peter-j.txt Peter James SNYDER, Fort Hill Aug 2006 bhsc
specht-josiah.txt Josiah SPECHT, Quemahoning May 2007 brv
stahl-daniel-g.txt Daniel G. STAHL, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
stahl-william-a.txt William A. STAHL, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
stoner-wm-s.txt William S. STONER, Somerset County Oct 2006 bhsc
stotler-c.txt Caspar STOTLER, Shade Twp Mar 1998 Leroy V. Baldwin
stotler-e.txt Samuel and Emanuel STOTLER, Shade Twp Mar 1998 Leroy V. Baldwin
stotler-j.txt John STOTLER, Shade Twp Mar 1998 Leroy V. Baldwin
stoy-d.txt Daniel STOY, Shade Twp Mar 1998 Leroy V. Baldwin
stump-jg.txt John and George STUMP, Shade Twp Mar 1998 Leroy V. Baldwin
suder-edmund-k.txt Edmund K. SUDER, Berlin Oct 2006 bhsc
sufall-frank-h.txt Frank H. SUFALL, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
sufall-wm-r.txt William R. SUFALL, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
suter-wm-h.txt William H. SUTER, Stoyestown Sep 2006 bhsc
tannehill-manoah.txt Manoah TANNEHILL, M.D., Confluence Aug 2007 brv
taylor-francis-m.txt Francis Morrison TAYLOR, Stoyestown, Quemahoning Twp Aug 2007 brv
tayman-augustus.txt Augustus TAYMAN, Rockwood Oct 2006 bhsc
tedrow-james-b.txt James Bricker TEDROW, M.D., born 1856, Somerset County, PA Feb 2010 Janelle Martin
trent-george-h.txt George H. TRENT, Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
uhl-william-f.txt William F. UHL, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
vickroy-william-j.txt William J. VICKROY, Windber Oct 2006 bhsc
wagner-david-e.txt David E. WAGNER, Shade Aug 2007 brv
wagner-m.txt Michael WAGNER, Shade Mar 1998 Leroy V. Baldwin
wagner-william.txt William WAGNER, Elk Lick Twp Oct 2006 bhsc
walker-benjamin-g.txt Benjamin G. WALKER, Brothersvalley Twp Aug 2007 brv
witt-walker.txt  C. B. WALKER and George F. WITT, Somerset Aug 2006 bhsc
walker-daniel-h.txt Daniel H. WALKER, Rev., Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
walker-josiah-j.txt Josiah J. WALKER, Stonycreek Aug 2007 brv
walker-levi.txt Levi WALKER, Somerset and Stony Creek Aug 2007 brv
walker-philip-h.txt Philip H. WALKER, Somerset May 2007 brv
walker-zachariah.txt Zachariah WALKER, Milford Aug 2007 brv
walter-charles-h.txt Charles H. WALTER, Rockwood Oct 2006 bhsc
walter-jacob-n.txt Jacob N. WALTER, Gebhart Oct 2006 bhsc
weaver-jonas-a.txt Jonas A. WEAVER, Windber Aug 2006 bhsc
weigle-charles-w.txt Charles W. WEIGLE, Hooversville Aug 2007 brv
weimer-frank-m.txt Frank M. WEIMER, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
weimer-simon-p.txt Simon P. WEIMER, Rockwood Oct 2006 bhsc
weller-david.txt David WELLER, Somerset Aug 2007 brv
wiegle-john.txt John WIEGLE, Somerset Oct 2006 bhsc
will-albert-g.txt Albert G. WILL, Rockwood Aug 2007 brv
will-horace-g.txt Horace Greeley WILL, Milford Sep 2006 bhsc
wilt-charles-a.txt Charles Aden WILT, Salisbury Aug 2006 bhsc
winters-james-l.txt James L. WINTERS, native of Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
winters-john.txt John WINTERS, native of Somerset County Sep 2006 bhsc
witt-walker.txt George F. WITT and C. B. WALKER Aug 2006 bhsc
wolfenberger-charles-h.txt Charles H. WOLFENBERGER, Rockwood Sep 2006 bhsc
wolfersberger-david-h.txt David H. WOLFERSBERGER, Rockwood Aug 2007 brv
wood-wm-f.txt William F. WOOD, Somerset Sep 2006 bhsc
woy-andrew.txt Andrew WOY, Somerset Sep 2006 bhsc
woy-john-a.txt John A. WOY, Listie Oct 2006 bhsc
wright-john-m.txt John Miller WRIGHT, Salisbury Sep 2006 bhsc
yoder-samuel-b.txt Samuel B. YODER, Berlin Aug 2006 bhsc
younkin-benton.txt Benton YOUNKIN, Rockwood Sep 2006 bhsc
younkin-daniel.txt Daniel YOUNKIN, Rockwood Oct 2006 bhsc
younkin-david.txt David YOUNKIN, Milford Aug 2007 brv
younkin-john-f.txt John F. YOUNKIN, Upper Turkeyfoot Twp Aug 2007 brv
zufall-william-h.txt William Harrison ZUFALL, Harnedsville Oct 2006 bhsc


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