Barner's Church Cemetery

(St. John's)


Liverpool, Perry County


Photos Contributed by

Kathy Lee Bates Fisher



Additional information for many of the individuals listed below

can be found in the cemetery transcription and obituaries.


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Carrie May MANGLE  d. 5/27/1876, Aged 1y, Daughter of John and Caroline Mangle


Harvey Austin MANGLE  1877-1948


Jerome H. MANGLE  3/10/1872, Aged 4y 11m 2d, Son of John and Susan Mangle


Mary MANGLE  5/7/1850-11/1/1873, Aged 23y 5m 25d, Wife of James Mangle


Sarah P. MANGLE  d. 11/5/1873, Aged 3m 15d, Daughter of James and Mary Mangle


Susannah MANGLE  7/24/1839-5/23/1871, Aged 31y 9m 29d, Wife of John Mangle


Thomas MANGLE  11/13/1846-5/21/1925 Co. I, 17 Regt. PA Cav.,
with wife Louisa Long MANGLE 7/24/1842-11/30/1919


Thomas Edward MANGLE  7/11/1864-6/19/1865, Aged 11m 8d, Son of John and Susannah Mangle


B. F. MARKLE  5/20/1835-8/19/1913, G.A.R.


Emma L. MARKLE  1882-1952, Wife of George B. Markle, "Mother"


George B. MARKLE  1/30/1864-3/1/1923


Mary E. MARKLE  1919-1991


Leroy C. MARKLE  12/28/1915-7/15/1934, Son of George B. and Emma L. Markle


Edgar S. McLINN  4/17/1880-6/13/1955, with wife Annie M. McLINN 3/14/1881-5/2/1960


Eloise McLINN  Born and died 1/27/1907, Daughter of Edgar S. and Annie McLinn


George E. "Ted" McLINN  1911-1970, with wife Mildred R. McLINN 6/6/1990 (date from obituary)


Panice May McLINN  4/21/1908-5/29/1910, Aged 2y 1m 8d,
Daughter of Edgar S. and Annie M. McLinn


Catharine A. MEISER  10/23/1844-3/22/1864, Aged 19y 4m 28d, Wife of Frederick Meiser


Eliza MEISER  3/30/1869-1/12/1871, Aged 1y 9m 13d, Daughter of Frederick and S. Meiser


Jacob L. MEISER  1865-1938, with Mary A. MEISER 1864-1942


Mary MEISER  d. 1/10/1871, Aged 3y 3m 10d, Daughter of Frederick and S. Meiser


Paul A. MEISER  6/29/1901-2/12/1902, Aged 7m 13d, Son of Jacob L. and Mary A. Meiser


Suie MENGLE  5/25/1888-8/29/1888, Aged 3m 4d


Edward G. MESSIMER  1905-1966, with Ida Boyer MESSIMER 1907-1995


Park B. MESSIMER  1924-1987, with Helen K. MESSIMER 1924-1984


Robert W. MESSIMER  1955-1993


Kenneth B. MICHAELS  1921-1997, with Fern F. MICHAELS 1924-1992


Kenneth D. MICHAELS  1902-1984, with Anna K. MICHAELS 1905-2001


Louis B. MICHAELS  1926-2004


Amos MILLER  10/21/1834-4/9/1875, Aged 40y 5m 18d


Catharine MILLER  d. 3/12/1885, Aged 78y 11m 18d


Joseph W. MILLER  4/24/1864-4/25/1940, with Emma MILLER 8/19/1870-7/16/1955,
and Stevin H. MILLER 1/19/1893-9/15/1968


Lucetta MILLER  d. 8/5/1854, Aged 11y 2m 14d


Mary MILLER  1/24/1817-6/2/1849, Wife of Henry Miller


Sarah A. MILLER  4/8/1839-5/5/1871, Aged 32y 1m 23d (sic) Wife of Amos Miller


Charles L. MITCHELL  1905-1983, with Helen M. MITCHELL 1908-1998


Charles W. MOYER  1876-19??, with Verna O. MOYER 1890-1946


Marguerite E. MOYER  7/15/1909-6/14/1926, Daughter of Chas. W. and Verna O. Moyer


Carrie M. Barner NOEL  5/28/1886-2/15/1912, Wife of Jacob R. Noel


Ida Light ORTMANN  8/26/1895-12/14/1993


Jacob PAINTER  10/25/1810-1/11/1829, Aged 18y 2m 17d


Earl E. PARTHEMORE  1900-1962, with Blanch L. PARTHEMORE 1904-1968




Riley A. PATTON  1/5/1880, Aged 5y 9m 4d, Son of B.F. and Elizabeth


Annie Elizabeth PEIFER 11/15/1891-9/26/1896, Aged 4y 10m 11d,
Daughter of Elmer and Louisa Peifer


Elmer E. PEIFER  1864-1940, with Louisa L. PEIFER 1855-1903


Harvey C. PEIFER  1888-1955, with Amy V. PEIFER 1896-1987


Herman Lee PEIFER  3/19/1887-8/20/1889, Aged 2y 5m 1d, Son of Elmer and Louisa Peifer


Infant PEIFER  b. 5/7/1886, Son of Elmer and Louisa Peifer


Alma Irene PHILLIPS  d. 10/8/1918, Aged 21y 11d, Daughter of John and Mary C. Phillips


Infant PHILLIPS  12/21/1903-1/8/1904, Aged 18d, Son of John and Mary C. Phillips


John PHILLIPS  d. 2/7/1917, Aged 82y 2m 8d


John PHILLIPS  3/15/1867-12/24/1936, with Mary C. PHILLIPS 1/8/1874-4/23/1941


Lustena PHILLIPS  d. 2/16/1899, Aged 63y 1m 11d, Wife of John Phillips (d. 2/7/1917)


Montgomery PHILLIPS  1859-1882, with Mary E. PHILLIPS 1865-1886


Elizabeth RAFTER  5/8/1819-3/15/1879, Aged 59y 10m 6d, wife of John Rafter (d. 5/11/1885)


John RAFTER  2/19/1821-5/11/1885, Aged 84y 2m 22d


John RAFTER  d. 8/15/1819, Aged 57y 8m 5d


John B. RAFTER  9/23/1844-7/12/1924, 79y 9m 19d


Jonathan B. RAFTER  10/11/1852-1/16/1872, Aged 19y 3m 5d, Son of John and Elizabeth Rafter


John S. REICHENBACH  1877-1955 "Father", with Bertha M. REICHENBACH 1887-1972


Pearl REICHENBACH  1902-1922, Wife of M.A. Reichenbach, "Mother"


R. Lee REICHENBACH  1913-1947


Katheryn M. RHEAM  1/30/1960-3/28/1981


Jacob ROADS  Co. F., 3rd PA H.A.


Mary Ann ROTH  3/10/1830-8/30/1877, Aged 47y 5m 20d, Wife of Joseph Roth, G.A.R.


Michael S. ROUSH  12/5/1866-7/28/1867, Aged 7m 23d, Son of Daniel and M.A. Roush


Velma K. ROUSH  1922-1987


Adam ROWE  8/27/1850-2/2/1852, Aged 1y 8m 5d, Son of Frederick and Mary Rowe


Eliza J. ROWE  3/16/1844-8/31/1848, Aged 4y 5m 15d, Daughter of Frederick and Mary Rowe


Phiana ROWE  7/2/1847-5/25/1849, Aged 2y 10m 23d, Daughter of Frederick and Mary Rowe


David RUSH  d. 5/20/1860, Aged 38y, "Our Father"


Jacob RUSH  d. 12/9/1877, Aged 53y, "Our Father"


Susan T. RUSH  11/22/1871-12/23/1903, Aged 32y 1m 1d, Wife of H. H. Rush


Tessie G. SCHOLL  1920-1923, Daughter of Howard and Cora Scholl


Amos SCHRADER  1/1/1809-9/3/1863, Aged 54y 8m 2d


Jeremiah SEAMON  4/30/1832-3/1/1849, Aged 16y 10m 1d, Son of Noah and Catharine Seamon


Anna SECHRIST  5/9/1802-11/12/1874, Aged 72y 6m 3d


Christian SECHRIST  11/11/1800-9/10/1871, Aged 70y 9m 29d


John C. SECHRIST  12/3/1868-3/27/1897, Aged 28y 3m 24d


Elizabeth SECRIST  2/22/1838-9/2/1911, Aged 73y 6m 10d, Wife of Peter Secrist


Henry H. SECRIST  11/4/1841-10/9/1885 Aged 43y 11m 5d G.A.R.,
with wife Rebecca S. Boyer SECRIST 11/19/1845-3/8/1880, Aged 34y 3m 18d


Infant SECRIST  1900, Son of Irwin and Jennie Secrist


Irwin B. SECRIST  2/7/1875-10/13/1948


Irwin B. SECRIST  Family marker


Jennie Barner SECRIST  2/11/1879-3/2/1966, Wife of I. B. Secrist


Peter SECRIST  9/14/1836-2/12/1903, Aged 66y 4m 28d


Peter SECRIST  9/14/1836-2/12/1903, Aged 66y 4m 28d


Elizabeth SEGRIST  1/17/1813-7/18/1884, Aged 71y 6m 1d, Wife of Christian Segrist
(his surname spelled Secrist on his stone)


H. H. SEGRIST  Co. K. 33rd, PA Inf.


Clayton S. SHAFFER  4/18/1927-5/22/1991, with Arlene M. SHAFFER 5/30/1923-4/19/1998


Jennie Barner SHAFFER  1896-1931


John SHAFFER  7/14/1814-4/2/1883, Aged 68y 8m 18d


Johney SHAFFER  d. 2/26/1875, Aged 12d, Son of P.C. and Angelina Shaffer


Mary Ann Dubbs SHAFFER  d. 12/25/1864, Aged 81y, Wife of George Shaffer


Edward R. SHEAFFER  1913-1980, with Alma K. SHEAFFER 1922-2003


John E. SHEAFFER  6/12/1852-3/8/1870, Aged 17y 8m 26d, Son of John and Sophia Sheaffer


Lewis C. SHEAFFER  6/15/1939-8/7/1996


Paul H. SHEAFFER  1912-1961


Percival G. SHEAFFER  1849-1930, with wife Angeline Heckert SHEAFFER 1852-1924,
and S. Maude SHEAFFER 1883-1926


Sophia Garman SHEAFFER  11/25/1824-8/18/1916, Aged 91y 8m 24d,
Wife of John Sheaffer and Wife of Perry Hare


W. Horace SHEAFFER  1885-1964, with M. Ardella SHEAFFER 1887-1940


William H. SHEAFFER, Jr.  10/8/1925-8/8/1945, 482 Bomb Sq., 505 Bomb GP, Killed in the Pacific, Son of William Horace and M. Ardella Sheaffer


Mildred B. SHELLEY  7/6/1907-10/3/1993


Cloyd C. SHETTERLY  1897-1961, with Minnie E. SHETTERLY 1900-1962


Blaine H. SHIRK  1917-1968


Adam SHOPE  11/20/1840-6/18/1889, Aged 48y 6m 28d, Co. I, 53 Regt., Mustered 11/8/1861, Discharged 11/11/1863


Catharine SHOPE  d. 7/15/1859, Aged 8y 3m 8d, Daughter of W.M. and Mary Shope


Dervin A. SHOPE  1/24/1897-11/20/1913


Edward C. SHOPE  1869-1946, with Mary E. SHOPE 1873-1943


George M. SHOPE  1908-1994, with Maggie M. SHOPE 1915-1996, and Mahlon H. SHOPE 1953-1966


Hettie A. SHOPE  d. 1/11/1883, Aged 8d, Daughter of Adam and Sarah Shope


Mary SHOPE  12/11/1814-10/30/1885, Wife of William Shope


Matthew S. SHOPE  12/22/1982-5/22/2001, Beloved Son and Brother, Grandson of G. and M. Shope


Ray E. SHOPE  1905-1997


Sarah SHOPE  3/7/1848-9/12/1920, Aged 72y 6m 5d, Wife of Adam Shope


Sarah M. SHOPE  9/14/1893-3/25/1899, Aged 6m 11d, Daughter of Edward C. and Emma Shope


William SHOPE  7/19/1807-3/24/1889, Aged 81y 8m 5d, "Our Father"


Catharine SHOTSBERGER  5/15/1816-11/15/1905, Aged 89y 6m


Catharine SHOTZBERGER  d. 6/12/1891, Wife of John Shotzberger


Jno. SHOTZBERGER  d. 3/29/1891, Aged 66y 6m 7d, Co. I., 208th Reg, PA Vol, Inf.


Adam H. SHRAWDER  1853-1924, with Sarah A. SHRAWDER 1859-1902


Annie C. SHRAWDER  d. 1/20/1918, Aged 18y 11m 3d, Wife of Clarence N. Shrawder


Bertie Elizabeth SHRAWDER  11/8/1885-10/5/1898, Aged 12y 10m 27d, Daughter of Adam and Sarah A. Shrawder, Killed by a train at Millersburg


Samuel I. SHRAWDER  1888-1964, with Mabel C. SHRAWDER 1892-1960


Catharine SMITH  11/8/1790-2/13/1865, Aged 74y 3m 5d


Charles S. SPADE  10/13/1885-4/16/1955, with Myrtle M. SPADE 5/2/1896-12/15/1918


Leah SPADE  12/2/1844-5/12/1912, Aged 67y 5m 10d, Wife of Jacob Spade, "Mother"


May L. SPADE  11/29/1927-1/23/1928


SPICHER  Family marker


Amison G. SPICHER  1870-1938


Amison G. SPICHER  Family marker


Barbra SPICHER  12/4/1809-2/2/1889, Aged 79y 1m 28d


Barbra SPICHER  2/7/1809-10/17/1865, Aged 56y 8m 10d, Wife of Joseph Spicher


Carrie M. SPICHER  1885-1988


Catherine Erlenmeyer SPICHER  1882-1930, Wife of J. C. Spicher


Cyrus W. SPICHER  1876-1936, with Lillie N. SPICHER 1877-1933


David Albert SPICHER  1/12/1908-8/27/1908, Son of Albert and Camilla Spicher


David M. SPICHER  d. 6/24/1878 Aged 1y 4m 23d, with Annie M. SPICHER d. 9/15/1883 Aged 8m 23d, and Harry H. SPICHER d. 4/23/1887 Aged 8y 7m 23d


Dora K. SPICHER  1911-1931


Earl E. SPICHER  3/6/1921-3/28/1996, CPL US Army Air Corps WWII 388th Bomb Group 8th Air Force


Earl Eugene SPICHER  3/6/1921-3/28/1996


Edward Roy SPICHER  10/6/1900-8/14/1902, Son of Jacob O. and Annie E. Spicher


Elizabeth SPICHER  1/5/1847-6/14/1848, Aged 1y 5m 9d, Daughter of J. and Barbra Spicher


Elmer E. SPICHER  1865-1933, with Emma K. Spicher


Elva M. SPICHER  1890-1975


Emma K. SPICHER  1863-1907, Wife of Elmer E. Spicher


George W. SPICHER  1907-1974


Grace I. SPICHER  1902-1955, Daughter of Amison G. and Martha E. Spicher


Henry H. SPICHER  Son of William and Ellen N. Spicher


Jay L. SPICHER  7/19/1894-1/28/1989


John C. SPICHER  1877-1948


John C. SPICHER  Family marker


John L. SPICHER  9/16/1848-7/24/1923, w/wife Mary A. Hollenbaugh SPICHER 5/3/1847-7/13/1922


Joseph SPICHER  2/16/1806-3/16/1878, Aged 72y 1m


Joseph M. SPICHER  10/18/1868-3/11/1922, Aged 53y 4m 21d


King B. SPICHER  4/2/1911-10/14/1923, Aged 12y 6m 12d


Martha E. Lyter SPICHER  1871-1928, Wife of A. G. Spicher


Mary Ellen SPICHER  1873-1939, "Mother"


Samuel L. SPICHER  11/10/1843-6/27/1913 Aged 69y 7m 17d,
with wife Ann Mary SPICHER 6/9/1846-1/18/1900, Aged 53y 7m 9d


Samuel Stephen SPICHER  8/2/1891-10/13/1895, Aged 4y 2m 11d,
Son of William and Ellen N. Spicher


Sara R. SPICHER  3/16/1898-11/3/1973


Stanley A. SPICHER  1890


Susan A. SPICHER  1894-1950, Daughter of Amison G. and Martha E. Spicher


William Franklin SPICHER  4/4/1871-8/30/1893, Aged 22y 4m 26d, Son of W. L. and Sallie Spicher


William L. SPICHER  1/25/1842-4/7/1918,
with wife Sarah Ann Bower SPICHER 4/25/1841-12/18/1914


Mary Ann STEWART  10/25/1834-7/23/1889, Aged 54y 8m 28d, Wife of George W. Stewart,
Erected by Enoch Barner


Frank STINEHART  5/1/1939-4/5/1998 SSG US ARMY Vietnam,
with Fran STINEHART 3/28/1923-3/27/1996


Laura (Peg) STINEHART  8/19/1908-1/9/1979, "Beloved Mother"


Benjamin F. STRAWSER  1900-1995, with Charlotte A. STRAWSER 1911-1973


Doris J. STRAWSER  1931-1971


Edward STRAWSER  1861-1937, with Mary A. STRAWSER 1872-1960


Edward STRAWSER  1861-1937, with Mary A. STRAWSER 1872-1960


Galen R. STRAWSER  1951-1995, "Son", Rev. 21-4


George A. STRAWSER  1909-1997, with Ruth E. STRAWSER 1913-1980


Jean L. STRAWSER  1927-1989


Keith R. STRAWSER  5/26/1971-2/28/2004, with Curtis L. STRAWSER 2/19/1978-3/10/2004


Betty F. STROUP  1922-1923


Couldia H. STROUP  2/13/1910-8/6/1910, Daughter of C.C. and Lilian M. Stroup


Grace Viola STROUP  10/18/1914-4/15/1915, Aged 5m 28d, Daughter of S.D. and M.J. Stroup


Lydia H. STROUP  d. 9/7/1864, Aged 3m 16d, Daughter of D.B. and S. Stroup


Morgan STROUP  5/24/1914-5/29/1914, Son of D.G. and Lilian M. Stroup


Philip K. STROUP  1852-1933, with wife Flora N. STROUP 1853-1928


Elizabeth K. STUCK  1955-2005


James E. SWAILS  1894-1968, with Edith M. SWAILS 1902-1973


Frank W. SWEIGART  1922-1968, with Lucinda M. SWEIGART 1925-1980


Frank W. SWEIGART  5/31/1922-10/3/1968, PA SGT CO B 17 ARMD INF BN WWII PH


George L. SWEIGART  1909-1970, with Mary A. SWEIGART 1923-1979, and Infant Twins 8/17/1953


Harvey E. SWEIGART  1911-1971, with Mary E. SWEIGART 1915-1979


Henry J. SWEIGART  9/6/1880-12/8/1954 "Father",
with Emma F. SWEIGART 8/14/1887-2/16/1968 "Mother"


Jacob Samuel SWEIGART  6/11/1908-1/12/1981


John W. SWEIGART  1927-1973


Judith M. SWEIGART  1948-1995 Aged 47y


Beatrice C. SWIGART  d. 12/19/1919, Aged 2m 4d, Daughter of Henry and Emma Swigart


Henry M. SWIGART  d. 11/23/1921, Aged 20d, Son of Henry and Emma Swigart


Ruth E. SWIGART  d. 1/1/1916, Aged 10d, Daughter of Henry and Emma Swigart


John C. THOMPSON  1875-1949, with Catharine C. THOMPSON 1871-1965


Lestley E. THOMPSON  6/19/1898-6/29/1898, Aged 10d, Son of J. C. and Catharine C. Thompson


Norwood V. THOMPSON  10/28/1899-11/4/1899, Aged 7d, Son of J. C. and Catharine C. Thompson


Stanton W. THOMPSON  9/10/1908-4/21/1909, Aged 7m 11d,
Son of J. C. and Catharine C. Thompson


Minnie Zellers THURNGREN  9/3/1884-12/28/1971


Simon L. TROUTMAN  1911-1998, with Pauline M. TROUTMAN 1915-1971


Elizabeth TSCHUPP  d. 1/20/1872, Daughter of Wm. and Elizabeth Tschupp


Levi TSCHUPP  1859-1907, with Sarah TSCHUPP 1869-1913


Amelia TUPS  d. 8/31/1807, Aged 57y, Wife of Henry Tups


UNKNOWN  Probably a Barner, located between Lydia and Catharine Barner


UNKNOWN  Stone illegible


Infant Son UNKNOWN  1923, possibly a Reichenbach


Sallie Witmer VANORMER  9/21/1863-5/13/1924


Robert W. WATKINS  8/31/1915-5/18/2000, with Goldie N. WATKINS 7/24/1914-9/22/1995


Jane WENDT  1797-1880, Aged 82y, Wife of George Wendt


George WENT  d. 2/21/1864, Aged 74y 9m 10d


Margaret A. WIDENOR  1906-1988


W. Russell WIDENOR  1904-1964


W. Russell WIDENOR  Family marker


Melissa Lynne WILEMAN  5/26/1972-9/15/1993, "Loving Daughter"


George J. WILLI  d. 2/18/1882, Aged 38y 4m 22d


Lewis WILLI  1857-1906, with Sarah A. WILLI 1861-1944


Mary Catherine WILLI  1/30/1913-2/9/1913, Daughter of Maurice and Cora M. Willi


Maurice H. WILLI  7/12/1885-3/5/1958


Abraham WILT  5/25/1812-3/29/1872, Aged 59y 10m 4d


Charles WILT  d. 1890, not positive of last name but probably the son of GW and Mary Wilt


Fianna WILT  11/31/1836-1/7/1885, Aged 48y 1m 7d, Daughter of Abraham and Sarah A. Wilt


G. W. WILT  4/9/1865-5/24/1926, with wife Mary F. Barner WILT 9/22/1866-12/8/1951


Henry WILT  2/6/1814-4/8/1886, Aged 72y 2m 2d


Martha WILT  5/10/1815-10/2/1905, Wife of Henry Wilt


Norman J. WILT  1893-1956, with Stella V. WILT 1900-1966


Norman J. WILT  11/16/1893-4/22/1956, PA Pfc., Co. B., 304 FLD SIG. BN, WWI


Sarah A. WILT  6/12/1818-2/8/1899, Aged 80y 7m 26d, Wife of Abraham Wilt


Elinor L. WIMER  1920-1985


David Paul WITMER  7/19/1879-10/20/1918


Ida A. WITMER  1878-1947, Wife of William H. Witmer, "Mother"


Isaac F. WITMER  7/11/1841-8/5/1912 "Father",
with wife Mary A. Deppen WITMER 10/30/1843-4/3/1924 "Mother"


Leroy H. WITMER  1911-1981, with Helen M. WITMER 1910-2003


Michael D. WITMER  d. 4/4/1971, "Infant son"


William H. WITMER  1875-1945


William H. WITMER  Family marker


W. Ray WITMER  1914-1978, with Mildred O. WITMER 1914-1996


G. Violet WOLF  1929-1995


Henry ZELLER  4/8/1810-2/3/1855, Aged 44y 10m 25d


Henry ZELLER  2/9/1863, Aged 11y 8m 12d, Son of Henry and C. Zeller


Mary ZELLER  10/4/1862-12/24/1862, Aged 2m 20d, Daughter of Isaac and Sarah Zeller


Michael ZELLER  3/10/1816-9/10/1873, Aged 57y 6m


Sarah ZELLER  3/27/1856-8/14/1871, Aged 15y 4m 17d, Daughter of M. and E. Zeller


Adam A. ZELLERS  4/28/1894-8/30/1958


Adam A. ZELLERS  Family marker


Amelia ZELLERS  1865-1941


Bertha E. ZELLERS  4/26/1898, Aged 3d, Daughter of Frederick and Ellen Zellers


Clark H. ZELLERS  1920-1936


Edwin H. ZELLERS  1907-1978, with Jennie L. ZELLERS 1910-1992


Eva M. ZELLERS  1897-1972


Eve ZELLERS  3/7/1877, Aged 54y 10m 25d, Wife of Michael Zellers


F. S. ZELLERS  1864-1940, "Father", with wife Susannah 1864-1929


Frederick ZELLERS  4/6/1848-10/13/1909, with wife Sallie A. ZELLERS 11/7/1853-6/6/1880,
and wife Ellen S. ZELLERS 12/25/1861-12/26/1932


George S. ZELLERS  1888-1953


Henry S. ZELLERS  d. 6/16/1867, with wife Margaretta ZELLERS, son William A. and daughter Mary S.


Infant ZELLERS  5/7/1899-8/10/1899, Aged 3m 3d, Son of Harry E. and Amelia Zellers


Infant ZELLERS  d. 7/1925, Son of G.R. and R.F. Zellers


Isaac ZELLERS  3/9/1836-4/30/1908, Aged 72y 1m 21d, "Father"


Isaac Adam ZELLERS  6/11/1869-1/8/1919, with wife Mary K. Romig ZELLERS 5/18/1874-7/7/1929


Jacob B. ZELLERS  1877-1961


Jacob B. ZELLERS  Family marker


John H. ZELLERS  1886-1968, with Annie M. ZELLERS 1881-1957


John S. ZELLERS  1871-1934, with Minnie M. ZELLERS 1884-19--


J. Walter ZELLERS  1896-1929, Aged 33y 4m 11d, with Emma R. ZELLERS 1901-1995


Kenneth E. ZELLERS  1922-1945, M. Sgt. 862 B SQ 493 B.G., WWII


Mary C. ZELLERS  1906-1939


Ruth P. ZELLERS  1909-1927


Samuel H. ZELLERS  11/12/1878-11/14/1878, Aged 2d, Son of Frederick and Sallie A. Zellers


Sarah ZELLERS  5/3/1842-7/25/1909, Aged 67y 2m 22d, Wife of Isaac Zellers, "Mother"


Sarah Alice ZELLERS  7/26/1888-2/16/1960


William A. ZELLERS  d. 10/28/1890, Aged 1m 15d, Son of Fred. and Ellen S. Zellers


William L. ZELLERS  1893-1990, with Emma R. ZELLERS 1897-1981


William W. ZELLERS  10/3/1905-9/21/1929



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