Barner's Church Cemetery

(St. John's)


Liverpool, Perry County


Photos Contributed by

Kathy Lee Bates Fisher



Additional information for many of the individuals listed below

can be found in the cemetery transcription and obituaries.


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Corp. J.F. ADAMS  Co. L., 16th. Pa. Cav., G.A.R.


Catharine ALLVORD  6/13/1816-1/18/1868, Wife of George Allvord, Formerly wife of Henry Zellers


George ALLVORD  7/10/1795-11/16/1866, Aged 71y 4m 6d


Lester C. ARNEY  1912-1981, with Mildred M. ARNEY 1915-1992


Hilda E. ARNOLD  1912-1945


Edna L. AUKERMAN  11/16/1932-6/16/1990


S. S. B.  Probably a Barner


C. E. B.  located in row with Elmer Ellsworth and other Barner's


Clarence A. BAILOR  9/5/1918-7/9/2002


Oscar K. BAIR  5/14/1922-6/6/1996 727 ATB WWII, with Dorothy G. BAIR 3/12/1920-11/19/1996


Oscar K. BAIR  1922-1996, TEC 5 U.S. Army WWII


Charles F. BAKER  2/24/1918-1/6/2001, with Virginia L. BAKER 9/19/1924-2/9/2000


Alfred S. BARDELL  1890-1967


Minnie B. Kerstetter BARDELL  1880-1965,
with sons Glenn A. 1918 Aged 12d, and W. Leo 1913-1931


Catharine BARGE  4/25/1860-4/8/1915, Aged 54y 11m 13d, Wife of Henry Barge


Eva E. BARGE  12/6/1879-11/23/1921, Aged 41y 11m 17d, Wife of John W. Barge


George W. BARGE  1891-1952, Coast Art. School Det. U.S.A. WWI


Harold Jacob BARGE, Sr.  11/8/1909-3/23/1972, "Father",
with Samuel Russell BARGE 12/10/1950-6/27/1963, "Son"


Henry BARGE  12/25/1855-6/7/1920


Stewart A. BARGE  10/4/1887-8/24/1925


BARNER'S CHURCH  View of cemetery


BARNER  Family marker


A. M. BARNER  2/12/1861-12/19/1928, Aged 67y 10m 7d, "Father"


Absalom BARNER, J.P.  3/10/1833-2/24/1896, Aged 62y 11m 14d


Adam BARNER  d. 12/19/1890, Aged 76y 4m 16d


Adam I. BARNER  A Memorial, A pioneer settler in Perry Co. Territory,
A soldier of the Revolutionary War


Adam W. BARNER  1/24/1892-5/5/1898, Aged 6y 3m 11d, Son of S.E. and Annie Barner


Albert L. BARNER  1911-1986


Amy BARNER  10/2/1891-9/8/1913, Aged 2y 11m 6d


Annie Long BARNER  1869-1961, Wife of Samuel E. Barner


Barbara Leiter BARNER  5/16/1830-4/13/1849, Aged 18y 10m 27d, Daughter of Christ. & Barb Leiter


Beatrice E. BARNER  1917-1917, Daughter of O.J. and Helen Barner


Catharine BARNER  5/28/1809-1/20/1884, Wife of George Barner


Catharine BARNER  d. 8/19/1907, Wife of Adam Barner


Catharine A. BARNER  10/26/1898-11/6/1898, Aged 11d, Daughter of Geo. A. and Emma J. Barner


Catharine E. BARNER  8/8/1850-9/23/1889, Wife of George Barner


Charles I. BARNER  Family marker


Charles I. BARNER  6/17/1885-6/8/1947


Charles O. BARNER  3/11/1921-8/24/1984


Charles O. BARNER  3/11/1921-8/24/1984, TEC 5 US Army, WWII


Charles P. BARNER  1881-1953, with wife Annie B. Spicher BARNER 1879-1945


Clarence BARNER  11/16/1889-6/21/1933


David A. BARNER  d. 4/5/1892, Aged 16y 11m 29d, Son of Samuel and Amelia Barner


Edwin D. BARNER  1868-1939, with Sarah A. BARNER 1861-1947


Elizabeth BARNER  8/15/1793-7/20/1891, Aged 97y 11m 5d, Wife of Henry Barner, Psalm 90:10


Elizabeth BARNER  10/19/1809-8/24/1866, Aged 56y 10m 5d, Wife of Jacob Barner


Elizabeth BARNER  2/7/1846-9/25/1865, Aged 19y 7m-18d, Daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Barner


Elmer Ellsworth BARNER  with wife Maggie Cox, son Walter and daughter Marian.
"C.E.B. Rest in Peace", See photo for C.E.B.


Emma M. BARNER  1878-1959


Enoch BARNER  10/3/1841-2/6/1913, Aged 71y 3m(sic) 6d(sic), Matthew 25:23


Enoch N. BARNER  3/20/1866-8/8/1868, Aged 2y 4m 18d, Son of Enoch and Rebecca Barner


Fianna BARNER  5/9/1843-11/28/1875, Aged 32y 6m 19d, Wife of George W. Barner


Frany BARNER  d. 4/9/1888, Aged 79y 7m 22d


George BARNER  5/25/1780-5/9/1863, Aged 82y 11m 15d, "Father", Revelation 14:13


George BARNER  11/1/1801-10/5/1872, Aged 70y 11m 4d, Isaiah 38:1b


George BARNER  b. 5/29/1810, Aged 2y, Son of George and Mary Barner


George BARNER  10/28/1848-3/1/1872, Aged 23y 4m 2d, Son of Jacob and Elizabeth Barner


George A. BARNER  1861-1931, with Emma J. BARNER 1863-1928


George A. BARNER  1/5/1863-3/12/1863, Aged 2m 7d, Son of Samuel and Amelia Barner


George B. BARNER  1890-1959, with Emma A. BARNER 1897-1964


George E. BARNER  3/28/1853-1/12/1884, Aged 30y 9m 14d


George L. BARNER  4/30/1841-11/7/1926, Aged 85y 6m 7d, with wife Mary M. 8/15/1846-4/6/1913, Aged 66y 7m 21d


George W. BARNER  d. 1/18/1873, Aged 13y 10m 16d, Son of Absalom and Susan Barner


Geraldine BARNER  1912-1913


Geraldine BARNER  d. 10/1/1935


G. S. BARNER  7/20/1854-3/21/1911


Hanna BARNER  5/8/1824-7/5/1825


Hannah BARNER  b. 5/8/1824, Daughter of ? and Mary Barner


Harry E. BARNER  1904-1875, with Gertrude M. BARNER, 1906-1956


Harry Z. BARNER  1897-1976, with Carrie E. BARNER 1897-1977


Helen A. BARNER  1/18/1902-3/17/1902, Daughter of Sam'l E. and Laura M. Barner


Henry BARNER  5/2/1803-8/8/1869, Aged 66y 3m 6d, Psalm 102:11,12a


Henry BARNER  2/11/1827-4/10/1901 Aged 74y 1m 29d, with wife Maria Wendt BARNER, 1/15/1832-3/5/1899 Aged 67y 1m 18d


Henry McC. BARNER  11/30/1863-2/14/1864, Aged 2m 15d, Son of George and Mary Barner


Ida E. BARNER  d. 12/23/1882, Aged 3y 11m 11d, Daughter of George and Mary M. Barner


Ida May BARNER  4/23/1866-11/29/1899, Wife of Horace C. Barner


Infant Daughter BARNER  b. 10/4/1889, Daughter of S.E. and Anna Barner


Infant Daughter BARNER  Born and died 10/1/1903, Daughter of Chas P. and Annie B. Barner


Infant Son BARNER  d. 7/22/1864, Aged 8d, Son of Henry and Maria Barner


Infant Son BARNER  b. 12/24/1887, Son of H.C. and Ida M. Barner


I. Roy BARNER  7/19/1901-6/28/1958


I. Roy BARNER  Family marker


Isaac BARNER  8/15/1836-8/8/1869, Aged 13y 10m 14d, Son of Henry and Eli-- BARNER


Isaac Newton BARNER  4/13/1866-4/27/1939, with Susan S. BARNER 10/16/1872-5/14/1954


Jacob BARNER  4/27/1812-4/19/1880, Aged 67y 11m 22d


Jacob BARNER  1851-1926, with wife Margaret A. Deckard BARNER, 1857-1925


Jacob I. BARNER  1864-1934, with wife L. Victorene BARNER, 1862-1936


Jacob L. BARNER  1898-1957, with Mary E. BARNER 1904-1982


Jacob Lee BARNER  1895-1970


J. George BARNER  5/29/1810-3/7/1813


John BARNER  9/18/1816-8/6/1846, Aged 29y 10m 12d, Son of Geo. and M. Barner


John A. BARNER  1882-1970


John C. BARNER  7/10/1859-2/25/1899, Aged 39y 7m 15d


John H.S. BARNER  3/12/1864-2/24/1865, Aged 11m 12d, Son of Enoch and Rebecca Barner


John S. BARNER  1869-1937, with Mary H. MITCHELL 1903-1938


Josiah BARNER  1/10/1841-4/17/1843, Son of Jacob and Elizabeth Barner


Laura M. Kline BARNER  5/25/1876-11/13/1920, Aged 44y 5m 18d, Wife of Samuel E. Barner


Lydia BARNER  9/29/1806-11/6/1846, Aged 40y 1m 8d, Wife of George Barner


Lydia BARNER  d. 3/30/1873, Aged 7y 1m 3d, Daughter of Absalom and Susan Barner


Lydia J. BARNER  d. 9/4/1856, Aged 1m 4d, Daughter of Henry and Maria Barner


Marie Mildred BARNER  1963-1975, "Daughter"


Markley R. BARNER  1909-1970, with Carl F. BARNER 1917-1971


M. Luther BARNER  1886-1958, with wife Dora J. Markley BARNER 1885-1924


Mary BARNER?  Located next to Barner markers


Mary BARNER  Aged 79y 10m 22d


Mary BARNER  d. 9/17/1891, Aged 15d, Daughter of J.C. and J.A. Barner


Mary Dups BARNER  4/13/1781-3/5/1861, Aged 79y 10m 22d, Wife of George Barner,
Daughter of Henry and Ameala Dups


Mary Irena BARNER  7/1/1876-6/18/1878, Aged 1y 11m 17d, Daughter of Enoch and Rebecca Barner


Mary M. BARNER  7/28/1902-2/27/1979, Wife of I. Roy Barner


Nancy L. BARNER  Aged 11m 26d, Daughter of Bruce and Florence E. Barner


N. Marietta BARNER  6/17/1922-1/23/1982


Orman J. BARNER  1893-1925


Palmer E. BARNER  5/25/1923-7/25/2003, 2nd Lt US Marine Corps, WWII


Rebecca BARNER  4/8/1844-9/2/1916, Aged 72y 4m 24d, Wife of Enoch Barner


Robert Manly BARNER  8/6/1959-12/16/1959


Robert S. BARNER  12/7/1883-5/6/1900, Aged 16y 4m 29d, Son of A.M. and Sarah A. Barner


Robert S. BARNER  Roy E. BARNER, 2/11/1903-2/13/1903, Son of Samuel and Laura M. Barner


Ruth E. BARNER  1910-1937


Sallie A. BARNER  3/1/1837-9/18/1909, Aged 72y 6m 17d, "Mother"


Samuel BARNER  4/4/1821-5/25/1902 Aged 81y 1m 21d, with wife Amelia BARNER 11/23/1836-4/14/1907, Aged 70y 4m 22d


Samuel A. BARNER  d. 8/1/1854, Aged 3m 27d, Son of Henry and Maria Barner


Samuel E. BARNER  1865-1936


Samuel H. BARNER  6/3/1869-7/8/1870, Aged 1y 1m 5d, Son of Samuel and Amelia Barner


Sarah A. Sheaffer BARNER  10/5/1861-12/10/1924, Aged 63y 2m 5d, Wife of A.M. Barner, "Mother"


Sarah C. BARNER  d. 10/22/1868, Aged 24d, Daughter of Henry and Maria Barner


Sarah L. BARNER  6/28/1858-8/7/1878, Aged 20y 1m 9d, Wife of Henry G. Barner


Son BARNER  d. 8/21/1846, Son of John and Ma Barner


Stanley C. BARNER, Sr.  1899-1982, with Lilliam M. BARNER, 1904-1992


Susan BARNER  3/3/1877-3/16/1877, Aged 13d, Daughter of Absalom and Susan


Susan BARNER  7/21/1887-9/25/1887, Aged 2m 4d, Daughter of Samuel E. and Annie


Susan Stroup BARNER  1/6/1833-6/30/1899, Aged 66y 5m 24d, Wife of Absalom Barner


Susannah BARNER  10/2/1842-4/13/1843, Aged 6m 11d, Daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Barner


Victor Wilhelm BARNER  1915-1966, with Emma E. BARNER 1915-1981


W. Bruce BARNER  11/12/1900-11/17/1974, with Florence E. BARNER 11/17/1900-12/2/1955


William BARNER  1898-1973


William C. BARNER  d. 4/24/1890, Aged 1y 8m 17d, Son of Jacob and Alice M. Barner


William H. BARNER  d. 5/17/1878, Son of Henry G. and Sarah L. Barner


William Henry BARNER  2/24/1881-12/7/1958


Wilson Edwin BARNER  6/11/1871-2/21/1872, Aged 8m 10d, Son of Samuel and Amelia Barner


Donald Burnell BASOM  1/5/1923-3/17/2004, Cpl US Army Air Forces, WWII


Jacob BAY  3/21/1811-6/19/1853, Aged 42y 2m 28d


Mary BAY  8/2/1817-5/19/1879, Aged 61y 9m 17d, Wife of Jacob Bay


William BAY  d. 2/5/1916, Aged 69y, Priv. Co.C 81 Regt. PA Vol.


Augustus F. BECKEMEIER  1903-1956


Cindy Marie BENNER  12/12/1956-4/15/1961, Daughter of O.H. and S.G. Benner


O. H. BENNER  Family marker


J. W. BITTING  d. 11/27/1888, Aged 29y 10m 21d


Jacob L. BITTING  9/30/1876-3/4/1899, Aged 22y 5m 1d


Thomas BITTING  5/21/1820-7/12/1899, with wife Elizabeth BITTING 6/6/1818-11/27/1892


Chester G. BOSTWICK  11/12/1924-7/24/1976, Cpl US Army, WWII


Rhoda A. Barner BOSTWICK  1/25/1905-8/20/1994


Charles W. BOYER  1909-1959, with Helen M. BOYER 1911-1990


Charles W. BOYER, Jr.  6/19/1932-4/1/1997, with M. Louise BOYER 8/12/1932-4/22/1999


Emma Jane BOYER  4/18/1872-3/7/1938, "Mother"


Franklin BOYER  12/12/1870-2/11/1925, "Father"


Henry W. BOYER  1876-1948, with Linnie M. BOYER 1880-1963


Joseph BOYER  12/5/1834-9/1/1903, Aged 68y 8m 27d


Mary A. BOYER  Aged 81y 4m 13d, Wife of Joseph Boyer


Rufus Ray BOYER  5/27/1897-7/20/1972, with Katie A. BOYER 1896-1975


Rufus R. BOYER, Jr.  Born and died 12/20/1920


Wilson W. BOYER  1868-1944, with Lizzie C. BOYER, 1871-1948


Henrich BRADEN  d. 7/30/1850, Aged 7y 5m 24d, Son of Henrich and Anna Braden


Henry BRADEN  d. 12/18/1875, Aged 75y and some months


Nancy BRADEN  10/8/1799-2/28/1876, Aged 76y 4m 20d, Wife of Henry Braden


Addie VanOrmer Lebo BRANDT  9/1/1887-8/6/1962


Lance E. BRANDT  5/23/1984


Samuel BRINTIL  1/11/1815, Aged 2y 2m 9d, Son of S. and C. Brintil


John S. BUCHER  6/14/1901, Aged 49y 2m 7d, "Our Brother"


Peter C. BUCHER  1863-1905, with Susan E. BRUCHER, 1869-1957


Albert BUSS  1845-1930


Etta Phelps BUSS  1846-1928, Wife of Albert Buss


Elizabeth CHUBB  11/16/1833-8/2/1899, Aged 65y 8m 16d, Wife of William Chubb


George W. CHUBB  1887-1977, with Emanuel CHUBB 1890-1981


John C. CHUBB  1892-1979, with Abraham L. 1896-1989


William CHUBB  9/29/1831-7/24/1904, Aged 72y 9m 25d


Willie P. CHUBB  d. 7/27/1883 or 1889, Aged 2m 15d, Son of Peter and Susan Chubb


Christian CHUPP  8/18/1803-9/21/1869, with wife Sovine 2/16/1805-10/2/1870


Armond W. CLEMENS  9/22/1884-6/21/1885, Aged 8m 30d, Son of W.H. and Mary A. Clemens


George Washington CLEMENS  11/1/1854-4/22/1868, Aged 13y 5m 21d,
Son of Joseph and Mary Clemens


James Milton CLEMENS  10/30/1850-3/7/1894, Aged 13y 4m 7d, Son of W.H. and M.A. Clemens


Joseph CLEMENS  d. 12/16/1902, Aged 77y 11m 17d, Pvt. Co. C., 184th Regt. PA Vol.


Lottie E. CLEMENS  2/7/1888-7/6/1890, Aged 2y 4m 29d, Daughter of W.H. and Mary A. Clemens


Maria CLEMENS  3/19/1869-12/26/1939


Mary CLEMENS  5/4/1822-11/1/1886, Aged 64y 5m 27d, Wife of Joseph Clemens


Mary A. CLEMENS  6/27/1851-6/5/1901, Aged 49y 11m 8d, Wife of W. H. Clemens


William H. CLEMENS  5/10/1847-6/8/1920, Aged 73y 28d, 3rd Regt. PA Art. Vol.


Norman L. COLEMAN  5/13/1912-3/18/1993, with Lady M. COLEMAN 7/7/1919-1/2/1994


Ada E. COPP  d. 3/28/1881, Aged 27d, Daughter of John and Susanna Copp


Chauncy C. COPP  1/26/1888-3/17/1900, Aged 12y 1m 19d, Son of J.B. and K.A. Copp


Ezra J. COPP  1875-1952


Henry B. COPP  10/25/1861-4/18/1862, Aged 5m 24d, Son of John and Susannah Copp


John COPP  d. 1/16/1914, Aged 83y 3m 1d, Co. B. 51 Regt. PA Vol.


Lottie M. COPP  4/25/1891-5/18/1892, Aged 1y 23d, Daughter of J.B. and K.A. Copp


Susanna COPP  d. 4/20/1883, Aged 41y 9m 8d, Wife of John Copp


Almeda W. Barner COX  1871-1956, Wife of Irvin J. Cox


Irvin COX  Family marker


Irvin J. COX  1867-1930


Amos S. CRAWFORD  3/21/1858-2/27/1910, with wife Elizabeth A. CRAWFORD 3/2/1873-12/6/1947


Ann Mary CRAWFORD  7/19/1832-5/31/1900, Aged 67y 10m 12d, Wife of Jeremiah R. Crawford


Jeremiah R. CRAWFORD  7/7/1833-3/4/1908, Aged 74y 7m 26d,
Son of John and Magdalena Crawford


J. Wesley CRILEY  1871-1951, with M. Emma CRILEY 1882-1950


Charles I. CUMPSON  1890-1957, with wife Tessie V. CUPP 1897-1959, Sons John I. 1929-1965 P.F.C. KMAG 8202 2nd Army, and Raymon M. 1921-1961


Philip CUPP  1806-1882, with wife Mary CUPP 1807-1874




Benjamin Franklin DANNER  3/14/1873-7/14/1910, with Elizabeth Ellen Clemens b. 4/9/1839


Richard E. DAVIDSON  1924-1986


Glenn M. DECKARD  1924-1988, with Evelyn M. DECKARD 1925-1991


Infant DECKARD  Born and died 12/17/1918, Daughter of Lloyd and Mary A. Deckard


Lloyd R. DECKARD  Family marker


Lloyd R. DECKARD  1892-1979


Mary A. Barner DECKARD  1894-1982, Wife of Lloyd R. Deckard


Roy Eugene DECKARD  1953-2005, Age 52y


Orpha Olive Long DREW  6/11/1890-1/15/1919, Aged 28y 7m 4d, Wife of Walter Willis Drew, Daughter of Geo. E. and Fianna Long, Mother of Tolbert W. 7y, Robert G. 5y, Virginia O. 3y, Vivian M. 2y


Robert G. DREW  1/12/1914-6/1/1997, with Sarah K. DREW 1/1/1922-10/1/2001


Robert G. DREW  1/12/1914-6/1/1997, Sgt US Army, WWII


Paul S. EARNEST  1904-1983, with Mildred B. EARNEST 1908-1988, and Son Ray H. 1938-2003


Ray H. EARNEST  3/26/1938-6/3/2003


Steven Allen EARNEST  d. 2/22/1957


Verna M. EARNEST  5/3/1902-9/27/1979, "Mother"


William H. EARNEST  1909-1980, with Mary I. EARNEST 1916-1996


Mary E. EBY  3/21/1870-7/4/1870, Aged 3m 14d, Daughter of T.J. and F. Eby


William H. EBY  d. 5/23/1863, Aged 3m 8d, Son of T.J. and F. Eby


Spurgeon E. EDMISTON  3/13/1916-3/19/2003, with Elva H. EDMISTON 6/8/1918-10/26/2000


Dianne E. ENGLE  1/24/1947-10/1/1998


Norwood D. ENGLE  1913-2001, with Mildred E. ENGLE 1915-1989


Infant ERLENMEYER  Born and died 8/22/1880, Daughter of M.L. and Eve Erlenmeyer


Catharine FAHNESTOCK  d. 11/3/1859, Aged 6m 1d, Daughter of Wm. and Mary Fahnestock


Mary FAHNESTOCK  4/24/1836-5/9/1913, Aged 77y 15d, Wife of William Fahnestock


William FAHNESTOCK  2/29/1830-8/29/1891, Aged 60y 8m


Adam E. FAWVER  11/10/1891-6/24/1952, with Jennie B. FAWVER 3/27/1892-1/28/1947


Amanda FAWVER  1/2/1842-9/18/1909, Aged 67y 9m 16d, Wife of Philip Fawver


Carrie E. FAWVER  d. 2/1/1888, Aged 4m 8d, Daughter of John D. and Jennie E. Fawver


Chas. Jefferson FAWVER  8/13/1913-11/6/1918, Son of E.E. and Lydia M. Fawver


Elias E. FAWVER  1864-1946, with Lydia M. FAWVER 1871-1944


Harrison A. FAWVER  d. 3/19/1891, Aged 1y 11m 23d, Son of John D. and Jennie E. Fawver


Harvey L. FAWVER  Aged 2 days, Son of Adam and Jennie Fawver


Henry H. FAWVER  1882-1939


John D. FAWVER  1861-1943, with Eliza J. FAWVER 1864-1931


John W. FAWVER  1895-1960


Philip FAWVER  10/1/1835-5/30/1901, Co. F., 171st. R.P.V. Inf.


Elizabeth FEASTER  6/12/1875-2/1/1902, Aged 26y 7m 19d, Wife of James E. Feaster, “Mother”


James E. FEASTER  1873-1940


Henry M. FERGUSON  1906-1970, with Sara D. FERGUSON 1908-1992


Thomas J. FERREE  7/2/1817-11/23/1865 Aged 48y 4m 21d,
with Ellie N. Spicher FERREE 8/18/1874-7/20/1900 Aged 25y 11m 2d


Jeremiah D. FISHER  1866-1936, with Almeda FISHER 1876-1971


Samuel V. FLEISHER  1893-1979, with Bertha I. FLEISHER 1892-1985


Dawn Lynn FOGEL  9/7/1942, Daughter of Monroe and Evelyn FOGEL


Monroe L. FOGEL  11/23/1912-11/28/1996


Annie FOLTZ  d. 5/19/1904, Aged 82y 7m 7d, Wife of Francis Foltz


Annie L. FOLTZ  10/9/1882-4/7/1899, Daughter of Harvey A. and Minnie A. Foltz


Cora Ann FOLTZ  2/10/1876-8/15/1876, Aged 6m 5d, Daughter of Harrison and Mary Foltz


Daisy A. FOLTZ 


Francis FOLTZ  10/4/1818-6/29/1878


George W. FOLTZ  1847-1929, with wife Lydia Ann Bay FOLTZ 1852-1928


Harrison FOLTZ  1847-1929, 1/3/1845-9/16/1875, Aged 30y 8m 13d


Lavinia FOLTZ  1/22/1859-3/3/1888, Aged 29y 1m 10d, Wife of Peter Foltz


Minnie FOLTZ  1878-1980


Minnie A. FOLTZ  3/31/1861-7/5/1895, Aged 34y 3m 4d, Wife of Harvey A. Foltz


Minnie E. FOLTZ  6/4/1869-3/16/1871, Aged 1y 9m 12d, Daughter of Francis and Annie Foltz


Peter FOLTZ  d. 10/30/1915, Aged 63y 4m 1d


William F. FOLTZ  d. 11/4/1887, Aged 1m 12d, Son of H.A. and Minnie A. Foltz


Angela Marie FOREMAN 3/25/1961-11/28/1988, Beloved mother of Valerie, Michael & Jonathan Lyter


Estella E. FOREMAN  1884-1979


John M. FOREMAN  6/26/1917-12/27/1998, with Ruth E. FOREMAN 2/14/1918-2/27/2003


Mary P. FOREMAN  5/17/1905-8/8/1980


Sarah FRANTZ  d. 10/5/1886, Aged 39y, Wife of Crispus Frantz


Ralph S. FREDERICK  1897-1977, with Mabel L. FREDERICK 1894-1962


Boston I. FRONTZ  1881-1944


Josiah FRONTZ  1887-1946, with Lottie FRONTZ 1900-1987


Benjamin F. FUNK  1867-1953


Elizabeth FUNK  1/31/1832-2/4/1916, Aged 84y 4d, Wife of John Funk


Jacob K. FUNK  11/25/1852-5/24/1941, with wife Mary FUNK 9/5/1850-9/5/1927,
Same marker as Lawrence W.


John FUNK  2/28/1823-6/28/1853, Aged 30y 4m


John H. FUNK  12/12/1870-9/11/1871, Son of Jacob K. and Mary Funk


Lawrence W. FUNK  7/7/1881-1/1/1911, Same marker as Jacob and Mary


Levi FUNK  with Dessie


Levi S. FUNK  11/17/1872-11/5/1948, with Dessie E. FUNK, Same marker as Jacob and Mary


Adam W. GAMBY  1872-1941, with Annie G. 1876-1960, Marie A. 1896-1965,
Barner A. 1897-19??, and Howard L. 1901-19??


Barner A. GAMBY  10/5/1897-7/17/1975, with Cecelia B. GAMBY 6/6/1905-11/10/1986


Henry E. GAMBY  11/22/1875-2/4/1933


Howard L. GAMBY  1901-1979


John S. GAMBY  5/16/1835-11/15/1907, with wife Mary Ann GAMBY 2/20/1837-3/25/1910


Frank W. GARLIN  1908-1977, with Cora E. GARLIN 1909-1987


Daniel GAUGLER  1/26/1834-7/24/1872, Aged 38y 5m 28d


Clayton B. GELNETT  1909-1996


Gilbert R. GELNETT  d. 11/11/1929 Aged 7y 11m, with Elwood C. GELNETT d. 8/21/1923, Aged 11d, Sons of Jay and Dorothy L. Gelnett


Jay L. GELNETT  1890-1968, with Dorothy L. GELNETT, 1897-1975


Jay Lester GELNETT  1915-1921, with Infant 1918-1918, Children of Jay and Dorothy Gelnett


Kathleen D. GELNETT  1931-1932, Daughter of J.L. and D.L. Gelnett


Mary A. GELNETT  d. 12/29/1927, Aged 1y 5m 10d, Daughter of Jay and Dorothy Gelnett


Milton GELNETT  10/8/1888-8/22/1976, with Bruce M. GELNETT 9/25/1912-3/21/1913,
and G. Pearl GELNETT 12/29/1890-9/17/1983


Elizabeth GISCH  d. 5/8/1820, Aged 76y


Benjamin F. GISH  1879-1962


Calvin N.E. GISH  d. 7/10/1917, Aged 1y 1m 26d, Son of F.B. and A.E. Gish


George A. GISH  1914-1998, with Dorothy E. GISH 1916-1976


Grace E. GISH  d. 7/25/1917, Aged 9y 3m 2d, Daughter of F.B. and Amelia E. Gish


John H. GISH  1911-1985


Roy B. GISH  4/27/1928-1/14/1935


Janice E. GOODLING  11/14/1951-2/27/1994


J. Howard GOODLING  1917-1977, with Ruby M. GOODLING 1921-1994


Jacob GOUGLER  2/15/1800-2/5/1873, Aged 72y 11m 21d




Winston G. GREEN  1915-1995, with Mary A. GREEN 1916-1988


Andrew GRIERSON  12/19/1866-3/8/1906, with wife Eliza A. Barner GRIERSON
6/4/1863-5/9/1901, Aged 37y 10m 5d


Anna GRISSINGER  5/16/1829-1/31/1866, Aged 36y 8m 21d, "Mother"


Paul E. GROVE  1921-1994, TEC 5 US Army WWII


Mead Harold HAHN  1913-2000, with wife Dorothy W. Lyter HAHN 1913-1989, Wed 6/3/193(2)?


Henry N. HAINES  3/12/1866, Aged 1y 6m 10d, Son of Jer. and Sarah Haines


Jacob I. HAINES  12/17/1859-3/20/1864, Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Haines


Perry HARE  9/10/1827-5/18/1899, Aged 71y 8m 8d


William M. HARLON  8/10/1921-12/28/1982, PFC US Army WWII


Florence G. HEAGY  12/14/1902-11/10/1971


John W. HECKMAN  1910-1997, with Dora M. HECKMAN 1911-1994, Dennis T. HECKMAN 1946-1967 USAF, and Emmett Eugene HECKMAN 1933-2002


A. Delvin HOCKENBROCH  1898-1971, with Arna G. HOCKENBROCH 1899-2003


Beverly M. HOCKENBROCH  1938-1939, Daughter of Paul and Evelyn Hockenbroch


Gene Carl HOCKENBROCH  12/2/1955-1/12/1973, with Alan Bruce HOCKENBROCH 8/19/1957-1/12/1973, Sons of Junior and Eleanor HOCKENBROCH


John E. HOCKENBROCH  7/18/1865-10/29/1952, with Annie S. HOCKENBROCH 11/8/1864-11/6/1945


Junior D. HOCKENBROCH  12/17/1928-7/27/1996


Paul L. HOCKENBROCH  1909-1973, with Evenlyn G. HOCKENBROCH 1914-2004


Robert Wilmer HOCKENBROCH  2/14/1916-5/12/1916, Son of Wallace and Quilla Hockenbroch


Wallace A. HOCKENBROCH  11/6/1897-1/15/1972, with Quilla HOCKENBROCH 4/2/1894-2/5/1968


Willard J. HOCKENBROCH  1902-1966, with Ruth J. HOCKENBROCH 1902-1974


Kerchner S. HOCKENBROCK  1902-1954


William E. HOCKENBROCK  1872-1954, with Rebecca J. Miller HOCKENBROCK 1874-1948


Joseph M. HOFFER  1881-1923, Son of William and Sophia Hoffer


Adam Leroy HOFFMAN  3/16/1912-11/19/1912, Son of Albert and Daisy Hoffman


Daisy E. HOFFMAN  5/18/1883-8/1/1952, "Mother"


Harry E. HOFFMAN  11/23/1919-7/30/1979


John L. HOFFMAN  1895-1936, Co. B. 338th Inf. 85th Div.


L. Mervin HOFFMAN  1913-1987, with Hazel A. HOFFMAN 1917-1979


Norman A. HOFFMAN  6/12/1883-4/30/1967, "Father"


Norman A. HOFFMAN  Family marker


Norman Raymond HOFFMAN  6/7/1910-1/9/1911, Son of Albert and Daisy Hoffman


Robert A. HOFFMAN  7/9/1924-9/20/1944, Pennsylvania Staff Sgt., 357 Inf., 90 Inf. Div. WWII


Fern A. HOOD  7/7/1922-9/20/1979


Charles H. HOOVER  12/2/1833-12/27/1858, Aged 25y 25d, G.A.R.


Charles H. HOOVER  12/2/1833-12/27/1858, Aged 25y 25d, G.A.R.


Elizabeth HOOVER  9/12/1800-12/15/1854, Aged 54y 5m 20d, Wife of Daniel Hoover


Ida M. JACKSON  6/13/1875-6/21/1876, Aged 1y 8d, Daughter of Hiram and Louisa Jackson


Mary L. JACKSON  8/14/1869-4/18/1870, Aged 8m 4d, Daughter of Hiram and Louisa Jackson


Nettie B. JACKSON  9/8/1880, Aged 8d, Daughter of Hiram and Louisa Jackson


Sarah E. JACKSON  4/29/1867-5/3/1870, Aged 3y 4d, Daughter of Hiram and Louisa Jackson


William H. JACKSON  6/17/1868-4/20/1870, Aged 1y 10m 3d, Son of Hiram and Louisa Jackson


Jacob JAMES  3/4/1851-1/8/1934, with wife Sarah A. JAMES 11/13/1853-5/13/1912


Clarence W. KAIN  10/17/1903-2/23/1994


Henry KAIN  1853-1928 Aged 75y 1d, with wife Sarah KAIN d. 1/5/1912


Irvin S. KAIN  12/3/1893-4/24/1963


John E. KAIN  3/25/1891-2/28/1892, Aged 11m 3d


Joseph KAIN  d. 6/23/1889, Aged 62y 23d, Co. F., 3rd Regt. PA, GAR


Leon KAIN  4/23/1903-9/3/1904, Aged 1y 4m 11d


Margaret KAIN  1/28/1830-2/20/1900, Aged 70y 23d, Wife of Joseph Kain


Adam KARSTETOR  2/7/1791-2/18/1853, Aged 62y 11d


Lydia A. KASTETOR  2/7/1791-2/18/1853, Aged 62y 11d6/15/1797-3/26/1875, Aged 77y 9m 11d, Wife of Adam Kastetor and Joseph Shoop, NOTE: Adam's surname spelled KARSTETOR


Violet G. KEISER  9/13/1910-9/7/1997, Psalm 116:15


Sallie J. KERSTETER  3/24/1877-10/8/1879, Aged 2y 6m 14d, Daughter of M.D. and Eva Kersteter


Aaron D. KERSTETTER  6/18/1848-7/25/1910, Aged 62y 1m 7d, "Father"


Anna J. KERSTETTER  1916-1931


Annie Alice KERSTETTER  7/17/1880-4/8/1904, Aged 23y 8m 21d, Wife of Henry W. Kerstetter


Barbara C. or G. KERSTETTER  2/26/1856-2/3/1938, Aged 81y 11m 7d,
Wife of Aaron D. Kerstetter, "Mother"


Clarence A. KERSTETTER  1910-1987, with Sadie A. KERSTETTER 1912-1992


C. Paul KERSTETTER  1913-1970, with Margaret H. KERSTETTER 1919-1978


Daniel W. KERSTETTER  9/19/1880-1/22/1896, Aged 13y(sic) 4m 3d, Son of M.D. and Eva Kerstetter


Edward W. KERSTETTER  12/12/1880-9/27/1881, Aged 9m 15d, Son of M.D. and Eva Kerstetter


Elva I. KERSTETTER  d. 10/4/1894, Aged 3m 22d, Daughter of J.D. and L.J. Kerstetter


Emma J. KERSTETTER  3/24/1862-6/24/1889, Aged 27y 3m, Wife of Peter D. Kerstetter


Ernest E. KERSTETTER  1923-1984


Evelyn C. KERSTETTER  8/11/1919-8/18/1919, Daughter of Jonathan W. and Maggie A. Kerstetter


Hannah KERSTETTER  12/14/1845-12/4/1850, Aged 4y 11m 20d, Daughter of H. and L. Kerstetter


Hazel I. KERSTETTER  10/16/1916, Aged 1y 11m, Daughter of H.W. and Nora R. Kerstetter


Herman KERSTETTER  7/11/1895, Aged 4d, Son of J.D. and L.J. Kerstetter


Jacob D. KERSTETTER  1854-1935, with Leah J. KERSTETTER 1864-1938


Jay I. KERSTETTER  1896-1945, with Sarah R. KERSTETTER 1902-1972


Jay Irvin KERSTETTER, Jr.  1925-1926, Son of Jay I. and Sarah R. Kerstetter


Jennie J. KERSTETTER  7/5/1886-1/2/1887, Aged 5m 28d,
Daughter of Peter D. and Emma J. Kerstetter


John Henry KERSTETTER  8/2/1819-3/7/1897, Aged 77y 7m 5d, "Our Father"


Jonathan W. KERSTETTER  1892-1967, with Maggie A. KERSTETTER 1892-1980


Kristen R. KERSTETTER  d. 4/21/1991


Leah KERSTETTER  d. 4/21/1991, 11/1/1821-11/16/1883, Aged 62y 15d, Wife of Henry Kerstetter


Mildred E. KERSTETTER  1922-1922


Morris F. KERSTETTER  1900-1985, with Jennie E. KERSTETTER 1894-1990


Moses D. KERSTETTER  1847-1918, with wife Eve KERSTETTER 1851-1918


Nora E. KERSTETTER  1888-1975


Peter KERSTETTER  2/22/1825-3/11/1905, with wife Elizabeth Graham KERSTETTER
4/2/1844-11/14/1919, and son Harvey C. 4/12/1876-7/6/1912


Peter D. KERSTETTER  d. 11/21/1890, Aged 29y 5m 2d


Ralph E. KERSTETTER  1890-1974, with Nettie M. KERSTETTER 1892-1948


Richard E. KERSTETTER  1918-1922, with Donald H. KERSTETTER 1929


Rona M. KERSTETTER  1891-1950 U.S.A. N.C. W.W.1.,
with Florence H. KERSTETTER 1888-1983 U.S.N. N.C. W.W.1.


W. Allison KERSTETTER  1918-1920, Son of Wm. A. and Nora E. Kerstetter


William A. KERSTETTER  1885-1949, with Anna V. KERSTETTER 1895-1982


William H. KERSTETTER  1855-1937, with Elmira KERSTETTER 1859-1940


Elizabeth KIESLING  d. 12/11/1919, Aged 79y 3m 17d, Wife of Henry Kiesling


Alma Reba KLINE  5/13/1939-1/2/1940, with Infant Daughter 05/1949


Annie I. KLINE  6/22/1898, Aged 5d, Daughter of Edwin and Mary M. Kline


Araminta E. KLINE  d. 4/15/1881, Aged 10y 7m 4d, Daughter of Levi S. and Lydia Kline


H. H. KLINE  4/4/1852-10/22/1917, with wife Elizabeth KLINE b. 5/22/1856


Isabella KLINE  d. 5/3/1899 Aged 62y 4m 24d, Wife of Jonas Kline, "Mother"


J. Walter KLINE  1895-1930, "Father", with Ethel R. KLINE 1899-1978


Jacob KLINE  d. 12/31/1890, Aged 72y 10m 22d, "Father"


Jacob C. KLINE  12/4/1783-12/8/1860


John T. KLINE  4/4/1816-1/24/1885


John Wesley KLINE  6/23/1869-9/17/1871, Aged 2y 2m 25d, Son of Jonas and Isabella Kline


Jonas KLINE  d. 9/29/1889, Aged 66y 4m 22d


Levi S. KLINE  9/27/1847-1/5/1917, with wife Mary KLINE 4/22/1858-1/22/1938


Louella Anna KLINE  1930-1970, "R.N."


Lydia KLINE  5/28/1842-? (broken marker), Wife of Levi S. Kline


Lydia A. KLINE  d. 10/15/1892, Aged 63y 10m 1d, Wife of Jacob Kline, "Mother"


Mary KLINE  8/23/1812-9/25/1872, Aged 60y 1m 2d, Wife of John T. Kline


Mary E. KLINE  11/1/1849-8/12/1856, Aged 6y 9m 11d,
with Sarah A. KLINE 9/26/1855-8/12/1856, Aged 10m 16d, Daughters of John T. and Mary Kline


Samuel T. KLINE 


Wesley KLINE  d. 9/17/1871, Aged 2y 2m 25d, Son of Jonas and Isabella Kline


William S. KLINE  1901-1955, with Roma M. KLINE 1900-1991


J. Fred KLINGER  1864-1920, with Mary M. KLINGER 1861-1944


Martha A. J. KLINGER  d. 3/9/1879, Aged 2m 8d, Daughter of John F. and Mary Klinger


Leroy KLOCK  1899-1975


Austin Pratt KNOUSE  8/5/1869-3/18/1871, Aged 1y 7m 13d, Son of W. H. and N.A. Knouse


Catharine KNOUSE  2/11/1814-9/21/1850, Aged 36y 7m 10d, Wife of Daniel Knouse


Daniel KNOUSE  3/9/1812-4/20/1897, Aged 85y 1m 11d


Eliza KNOUSE  1/9/1823-3/27/1895, Aged 72y 2m 18d, Wife of Daniel Knouse


Katie KNOUSE  9/5/1874-7/29/1876, Aged 1y 10m 24d, Daughter of W.H. and Nancy Knouse


M. A. L.  Probably foot marker for Mary A. Long


August LAHR  d. 12/3/1856, Aged 1y 3m 29d, Son of Geo. and E. Lahr


Christian LAHR  d. 6/21/1857?, Aged 2y 8m 6d, Son of Geo and E. Lahr


George LAHR  d. 8/5/1842, Aged 37y 3m 11d


Barbara LAIETER  d. 9/8/1825, Wife of John Laieter


John LAIETER  d. 12/4/1833


Jacob LAUER  d. 12/4/1833


Ruth LAUVER  1894-1970


Anna LIDER  10/9/1781-1/10/1859, Aged 77y 3m 1d, Wife of George Lider


David LEITER  1/24/1845-10/28/1863, Aged 17y 9m 4d, Son of Henry and Mary M. Leiter


George LEITER  10/7/1782-9/4/1872, Aged 89y 10m 28d


Jacob E. LEITER  1865-1925


John P. LEITER  2/20/1839-10/19/1892, with wife Anna E. LEITER 12/24/1845-3/25/1916,
Daughter Mary E. LEITER 2/18/1864-6/6/1914, and son Joseph C. LEITER 11/3/1869-11/30/1889


J. Willis LEITER  1871-1949, with Ida H. LEITER 1873-1937


Mary E. LEITER  2/20/1851-2/5/1857, Aged 5y 11m 16d, Daughter of Joseph and E. Leiter


Clyde E. LESHER  10/18/1918-3/21/1920, Son of Foster and Margaret Lesher


Infant LESHER  d. 8/19/1917, Daughter of Foster and Margaret Lesher


Infant LIGHT  d. 1/8/1892, Aged 7d, Son of W.H. and Alice C. Light


Infant LIGHT  Born and died 7/17/1918, Son of W.H. and Alice C. Light


J. Francis LIGHT  1899-1986


Joseph F. LIGHT  1899-1986, with Frances H. O. LIGHT 1893-1937


Julian Limbert LIGHT  11/7/1829-12/3/1903, Aged 74y 26d, Wife of Joseph Light


Samuel A. LIGHT  9/12/1902-12/10/1902, Aged 2m 28d, Son of Thad S. and Mary E. Light


S. Francis LIGHT  8/1/1930-9/15/1957, "Father"


Thad S. LIGHT  1866-1947, with Mary E. LIGHT 1869-1946


William H. LIGHT  1867-1943 "Father", with Alice C. LIGHT 1874-1958, "Mother"


W. Stanley LIGHT  1911-1991, with M. Merle LIGHT 1913-2000


Agnes L. LONG  d. 3/25/1860, Buried at St. James Cemetery


Ann LONG  7/18/1867, Aged 51y 3m 11d, Wife of John C. Long


Arthur L. LONG  6/4/1892-3/24/1894, Son of G.E. and Fiana Long


Benjamin LONG  d. 9/5/1888, Aged 67y 11m 9d


Charles N. LONG  5/1/1880, Aged 1m 22d, Son of Christian and E. Jane Long


Chester W. LONG  1897-1975, with Marian E. LONG 1898-1985


Daniel LONG  9/7/1826-7/14/1899, Aged 72y 10m 7d


Daniel E. LONG  1875-1949, with Eva L. LONG 1873-1938


David LONG  6/28/1849-10/17/1853, Aged 4y 3m 19d, Son of Benjamin and B. Long


E. Lenora LONG  1/13/1900-9/11/1989, "Mother"


Emanuel LONG  4/25/1833-9/29/1897, Aged 64y 5m 4d


Ephraim LONG  1853-1924, with wife Mary Kerstetter LONG 1862-1928


George C. LONG  1885-1966, with Mabel M. LONG 1891-1983


George E. LONG  1853-1924, with wife Fianna Knouse LONG 1854-1937


Herman Franklin LONG  12/11/1897-12/22/1966


Howard B. LONG  1909-1968, with Louise A. LONG 1909-1987


Ida May LONG  d. 4/23/1870, Aged 10y, Daughter of John C. and Ann Long


Ira LONG  4/4/1851-5/11/1867


J. Maurice LONG  1859-1932


J. Maurice LONG  Family marker


John C. LONG  d. 2/7/1882, Aged 64y 5m 16d


John Edwin LONG  1868-1937, with Susan Weiser LONG 1870-1927


Jonas LONG  1/18/1828-7/27/1882, Aged 54y 6m 9d


J. Russell LONG  1892-1970, Co. F., 110 Inf. 28. Div., WWI


Louisa E. Cluck LONG  1867-1941, Wife of J. Maurice Long


M. Geneva LONG  1/30/1926-3/11/1994, "Sister"


Margaret LONG  8/14/1812-7/5/1876, Aged 63y 10m 21d, Wife of Daniel Long


Maria LONG  d. 1863, Aged 19y


Mary A. LONG  5/1/1840-10/9/1896, Aged 55y 5m 8d, Wife of Emanuel Long


Mina F. LONG  d. 8/28/1898, Aged 2y 10m 9d, Daughter of Daniel E. and Eva L. Long


Rebecca LONG  2/21/1826-1/14/1899, Aged 72y 10m 24d, Wife of Benjamin Long


Robert Lee LONG  8/4/1887-1/11/1905, Aged 17y 5m 7d, Son of Wilson and Martha Long


Roy C. LONG  8/7/1920-8/31/1994


William C. LONG  1897-1985, with Susan M. LONG 1901-1969


William H. LONG  1872-1956, with Sarah S. LONG 1872-1939


Wilson LONG  1849-1908, with wife Martha G. LONG 1865-1935, son Robert Lee LONG 1887-1905, and Infant son d. 12/5/1901


Isabella LOWER  6/14/1904, Aged 60y 2m 22d, wife of Harry Lower


Barner W. LYTER  2/21/1917-1/18/1989


Barner W. LYTER  2/21/1917-1/18/1989, TEC 4, US Army WWII


Elmer W. LYTER  1893-1963, with Margaret A. LYTER 1893-1953


George A. LYTER  11/7/1921-10/7/2000, with Frances L. LYTER 8/30/1922-3/29/1995


George C. LYTER  1884-1955


George C. LYTER  Family marker


Henry A. LYTER  1888-1948, with Evelyn B. LYTER 1886-1964 and son Curtis H. LYTER 1919-1935


Lillian E. LYTER  1909-1937


Lottie Erlenmeyer LYTER  1887-1936, Wife of George C. Lyter


M. Mae LYTER  1905-1997, Wife of Roy C. Lyter, "Mother"


Roy C. LYTER  1904-1960, Husband of M. Mae Lyter, "Father"


Roy C. LYTER  Family marker


William H. LYTER  1861-1950, with Maria A. LYTER 1862-1927


William L. LYTER  1915-1996



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