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Filename Description Date Submitter
BERGSTRASSE.txt Bergstrasse Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ephrata Pa.,

Names From the 18th Century

Feb 2004 Arthur Holtzinger
BERGSTRASSE2.txt Bergstrasse Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ephrata, Pa.,

Names From the First Half of the 19th Century

Feb 2004 Arthur Holtzinger
lbmm0001.txt Marriages, Little Britain Monthly Meeting, 1752-1909 Nov 1997 Southern Lancaster County Historical Society
mopc0001.txt Middle Octorara Presbyterian Church, Church Annual,

4/1/1878 - 4/1/1879

Sep 1997 Southern Lancaster County Historical Society
moravianlititz.txt Moravian Church, Lititz, Marriages 1742 - 1800 Aug 2001 Joe Patterson and J. Goddard
stjames-lanc.txt St. James Church 1755-1800, as printed in the Harrisburg Telegraph May 2009 Sue Marcus
stjohn.txt Members of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Maytown,


Sept 1998 Martha Kapp


Filename Description Date Submitter
beth-ref-eph.txt Bethany Reformed Church, Ephrata May 2006 Abby Bowman
ctr-ref-terre.txt Center Reformed Church, Terre Hill Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
christ-ref-eliz.txt Christ Reformed Church, Elizabethtown Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
cones-ref-cones.txt Conestoga Reformed Church, Conestoga Center Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
first-ref-lanc.txt First Reformed Church, Lancaster Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
first-ref-ephr.txt First Reformed Church, Ephrata Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
hummels-ref.txt Hummelstown Reformed Church, Hummels Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
jer-ref-pen.txt Jerusalem Reformed Church, Penryn May 2006 Abby Bowman
may-ref.txt Maytown Reformed Church, Maytown Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
mudcr-ref-swa.txt Muddy Creek Reformed Church, Swartzville Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
salem-ref-lea.txt Salem Reformed Church, Leacock May 2006 Abby Bowman
salem-ref-reams.txt Salem Reformed Church, Reamstown Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
salem-ref-rohr.txt Salem Reformed Church, Rohrerstown Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
stjohn-ref-den.txt St. John's Reformed Church, Denver Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
stluke-ref-lit.txt St. Luke's Reformed Church, Lititz May 2006 Abby Bowman
stpaul-ref-bow.txt St. Paul's Reformed Church, Bowmansville Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
stpaul-ref-lanc.txt St. Paul's Reformed Church, Lancaster Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
stpaul-ref-man.txt St. Paul Reformed Church, Manheim Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
stpaul-ref-quar.txt St. Paul's Reformed Church, Quarryville Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
ststeph-ref-nhol.txt St. Stephen Reformed Church, New Holland Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
swamp-ref-blpt.txt Swamp Reformed Church, Blainsport Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
trin-ref-col.txt Trinity Reformed Church, Columbia Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
trin-ref-epet.txt Trinity Reformed Church, East Petersburg Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
trin-ref-mount.txt Trinity Reformed Church, Mountville Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
union-dep-ref.txt Union Deposit Reformed Church, Uniontown Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
zelt-ref-earl.txt Zeltenreich Reformed Church, Earl Township Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
zions-ref-brick.txt Zion's Reformed Church, Brickerville May 2006 Abby Bowman
zion-ref-linc.txt Zion Reformed Church, Lincoln Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
zions-ref-mar.txt Zion's Reformed Church, Marietta Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
zions-ref-mil.txt Zion's Reformed Church, Millersville Jun 2006 Abby Bowman
zion-ref-np.txt Zion Reformed Church, New Providence May 2006 Abby Bowman




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