(aka Schoeneck Union Cemetery)


Steinmetz Road

West Cocalico Township

Lancaster County



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Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman



Surnames:  A thru L    M thru Z


David MARTIN 1/17/1803-10/25/1876, aged 73y 9m 8d


Mary MARTIN 8/13/1808-2/3/1897, aged 88y 5m 20d, wife of Samuel Wolf, widow of David Martin


Peter M. MARTIN 5/29/1868(?)-11/7/1868(?), aged 5m 8d, son of ? and Susan Martin


Salinda MARTIN 12/5/1843-10/1/1886, aged 42y 9m 27d, daughter of David and Mary Martin


Ellen McDOWELL d. 8/22/1877, aged 5m 23d, daughter of Thomas and Susan McDowell


Thomas McDOWELL 1/5/1849-2/16/1909 aged 60y 1m 11d, with wife Susanna McDOWELL 11/23/1851-11/17/1897 aged 45y 11m 24d


Elisa McQUADE(?) 4/22(?)/????-4/8/????, aged 46y(?) 6d, wife of Jacob McQuade(?), born ?




Agnes McQUATE 4/30/1871-2/17/1957, aged 85y 9m 17d


Amanda McQUATE 2/18/1879-7/28/1931, aged 52y 5m 10d


Annie McQUATE d. 11/20/1905, aged 33y 11m 11d


Catharine McQUATE d. 3/6/1931, aged 84y 7m 25d


Gilbert C. McQUATE b. and d. 3/4/1935


Harold N. McQUATE 6/30/1903-4/23/1995, with Mamie E. McQUATE 2/20/1911-2/8/1994


Henry P. McQUATE 2/18/1837-4/20/1930, aged 93y 2m 2d


Jacob McQUATE 4/22/1810-7/30/1898, aged 88y 3m 8d


Jacob H. McQUATE 8/8/1867-12/18/1892, aged 25y 4m 10d


John McQUATE d. 8/15/1909, aged 64y 6m 10d, Civil War Veteran


John K. McQUATE 3/4/1880-4/6/1967, with Catherine S. McQUATE 2/4/1888-12/12/1982


Keith A. McQUATE b. and d. 10/10/1961, with Tammy S. McQUATE 10/12/1963-3/11/1964


Lemon McQUATE d. 9/5/1891, aged 24y 6m 13d


Lemon H. McQUATE 11/20/1873-1/23/1947, aged 73y 2m 3d


Maria McQUATE 3/20/1845-3/13/1921, aged 75y 11m 23d


Mollie McQUATE 10/31/1836-3/16/1912, aged 75y 4m 15d


Rufus W. McQUATE 2/11/1914-3/29/1997


Susan A. McQUATE 6/21/1819-2/20/1898, aged 78y 7m 29d


Harry S. MECKLEY 4/8/1917-1/7/1996


Joseph Me------ Civil War Veteran


Catharine E. MENTZER 8/20/1847-6/24/1915, aged 67y 10m 4d


Elwin Erl S. MENTZER 10/16/1895-6/8/1900, aged 4y 7m 22d, son of Lemon and Sarah Mentzer


Evan H. MENTZER 9/1/1893-12/5/1971, PVT TRP I 3 Cavalry


George H. MENTZER 7/26/1812-6/2/1891, aged 78y 10m 6d


Georgie M. Artie(?) MENTZER 12/20/1889-11/4/1894, aged 1y 10m 11d, son of Lemon and Sarah Mentzer


Jacob E. MENTZER 1/22/1839-12/6/1920, aged 81y 10m 14d


James S. MENTZER 1/27/1886-5/28/1960


John H. MENTZER 9/8/1876-4/8/1947, with Daisy S. MENTZER 7/5/1886-4/3/1957


Lemon E. MENTZER 7/11/1859-6/4/1935, aged 75y 10m 23d


Nancy MENTZER 10/13/1816-3/4/1901, aged 84y 4m 21d, wife of George Mentzer


Peter MENTZER 7/21/1844-1/28/1929, aged 84y 6m 7d


Sarah MENTZER 7/8/1867-9/9/1918, aged 51y 2m 1d, wife of Lemon Mentzer


John F. MILLER 1903-1959, with Clara M. MILLER 1905-1974


John F. MILLER Jr. 3/9/1925-11/23/1979, PFC US Army WWII


Dmitri A. MINGAREEV 7/27/1973-11/7/2002


Clayton MUMMA ?/25/1850-?/?/1888, aged 37y ?m 25d(?)


Clayton S. MUMMA son of Clayton and ? Mumma


Daughter MUMMA daughter of Clayton and ? Mumma


Eliza Rhod--(?) MUMMA d. 4/29/1877, aged 8m 18d, daughter of ? And Hannah Mumma


Grace MUSSER 1912-1958, nee Sweigart


Abram K. NEUFELD 5/30/1895-10/7/1984, with Mary I. NEUFELD 1/5/1905-1/2/1977


Samuel B. NOLL 12/18/1859-9/17/1937 aged 77y 8m 29d, with Melinda B. NOLL 1/15/1863-10/3/1957 aged 94y 8m 18d


Lillie P. ORRS 1877-1934


Martha June Byler PALACI 1916-1994


Peter 1/?/????, aged 30y 7m 8d


Annie C. PETTICOFFER 11/25/1842-3/14/1922, aged 79y 3m 19d


Harvey PETTICOFFER 9/4/1870-9/15/1909, aged 39y 11d


Israel W. PETTICOFFER 4/17/18??-1/18/1890, aged 49y 8m 29d


J. J. R. in plot with John and Polly Root (see other photos)


L. R. 


Raymond B. RALSTON 1921-1993


Dallas M. REDDIG 1884-1940, with Viola T. REDDIG 1887-1973


Karl J. REDDIG d. 11/25/1943, aged 4d


James REINHOLD 2/14/1851-6/18/1851, aged 4m 4d, son of Jesse and Mary Reinhold


Samuel G. REINHOLD  View 2  1876-1973, with Cora R. REINHOLD 1876-1973, Infant Daughter 7/22/1897 and Ruth Olive 6/14/1910 aged 2d


Caroline ROOT 183?-188?, wife of Samuel Root, Daughter(?) of Elias(?) and ? Fry(?)


Catharine ROOT 11/21/1844-10(?)/?/1902, aged ?y 2m(?) 17d, wife of Sebastian(?) Root


Daniel ROOT 12/10/1818-6/17/1888, aged 69y 6m 7d


Daniel ROOT son of John and Mary Root


Elisabeth ROOT 9/14/1843-9/2/1865, aged 21y 11m 22d, daughter of William and Wil-nna(?) Root


Elizabeth ROOT 12/8/1874-1/10/187?, aged 2y(?) 1m ?d, daughter of Sebastian and Kate Root


Emma Lizzie ROOT 5/10/1856-2/9/1914, aged 57y 8m 29d, wife of John S. Root, nee Spotts


Henry M. ROOT 9/4/1848-9/6/1895 aged 47y 2d, with Susan C. ROOT 12/24/1850-2/20/1926 aged 75y 1m 27d


John(?) ROOT 


John G.(?) ROOT 9/5/187?-?/18/18?6, son of Sebastian and Kate Root


John Jacob ROOT son of John and Mary Root


John M. ROOT  View 2  Plot  3/11/1842-7/27/1896, aged 54y 4m 16d, with Polly ROOT  8/12/1843-7/18/1926 aged 82y 11m 6d, and Illegible


John S. ROOT 7/2/1852-3/30/1939, aged 86y 8m 28d


Kate ROOT 12/31/1858-8/20/1896, aged 37y 7m 19d, wife of Samuel S. Root


Lemon F. ROOT 3/2?/1881-?/12/1883, aged 2y ?m ?d, son of Samuel and -----ine(?) Root


Louisa S. ROOT  View of plot  9/25/1869-3/3/1871, aged 1y 5m 7d, daughter of Wm(?) and Rebecca Root, with Maria and other illegible stones


Mary Ann ROOT 9/14/1858-5/23(?)/1876, aged 18y 8m ?d, wife of Samuel Root, daughter of Andrew(?) and M----- Hanly(?)


Paul ? ROOT 12/30/1895-9/4/1896, aged 8m 4d, son of George and Mary Root


Samuel S. ROOT 12/5/1855-12/2/1919, aged 63y 11m 27d


Sebastian S. ROOT 10/9/1845-?/7/1922, aged 77y ?m 28d


Unknown ROOT d. 2(?)/22/1877, son of ? and ------ E. Root


Unknown ROOT d. 12/7/1871(?), daughter(?) of ? and ? Root


Unknown ROOT 


Unknown ROOT 


Unknown ROOT Next to Mary A. Root


Willhamina ROOT 12/20/1822-6/22/1890, aged 67y 6m 2d, wife of William Root


William ROOT 5/1/1825(?)-3/30/1889


Benjamin W. ROSE Jr. 1960-2004


Jesse ROSHORN  View 2  8/12/1828-12/20/1879 aged 51y 4m ?d, with wife Catharine ROSHORN   7/22/1835-8/1/1912 aged 77y 9d


Adam R. ROYER 5/2/1835-5/31/1898 aged 63y 29d, with wife Leah M. ROYER 11/9/1836-9/16/1912 aged 75y 10m 7d


Catharine ROYER 8/28/1818-3/31/1902, aged 83y 7m 3d, wife of Philip Royer


Daniel ROYER 6/10/1823-4/9/1862, aged 38y 9m 29d


Edward ROYER  View 2  View 3  3/7/1830-10/3/1913 aged 83y 6m 26d, with wife Leah ROYER 11/13/1832-4/3/1911 aged 78y 4m 21d nee Royer


Elisabeth ROYER 9/30/1763-8/26/1845, aged 81y 10m 26d, wife of Philip Royer


Elizabeth ROYER 5/25/1813-1/15/1883, aged 69y 7m 20d, wife of Jacob Royer, daughter of Adam and Catharine Ream


Emma ROYER 2/25/1872-2/26/1872, daughter of Samuel and Mary


Jacob ROYER 1/1/1811-5/16/1880, aged 69y 4m 16d


Jacob ROYER 5/29/1847-8/26/1847, aged 2m 26d, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Royer


Lovington M. ROYER  View 2  View 3  11/19/1852-5/28/1914 aged 61y 6m 9d, with Ann Louisa ROYER 12/20/1855-8/13/1898 aged 42y 7m 23d nee Royer, same stone as Edward and Leah Royer


Philip ROYER 12/6/1812-5/28/1891, aged 78y 5m 22d


Sally ROYER 1791-1873, aged 81y 10m 7d, wife of Samuel Royer


Samuel ROYER 1/12/1788-10/8/1853, aged 65y 8m 26d


Sarah ROYER 9/28/1849-9/4/1853, aged 3y 11m 7d, daughter of Daniel and Mary Royer


Robert H. RUOSS 12/5/1948-12/29/2000, SP4 US Army Vietnam


L. Evelyn RUPP 1913-2006


L. S. 


R. S. 


Evelyn V. SCHANNAUER 8/2/1939-1/26/2001


Philip SCHARZEN ?/16/176?-18??, with Susana SCHARZEN 8/17/1761(?)-18??


Adam SCHERB 2/16/1797-12/20/1858, aged 61y 10m 4d


Susanna SCHERB 10/23/1768-?/28/1856(?), aged 87y(?) 7m(?) 5d, wife of Adam Scherb


Anna SCHERCK b. 12/1787(?), aged 51y 10m 30d, wife of Johan(?) Scherck




Maria SCHERCK 1759(?)-18??


Michael SCHERCK 5/?/175?-4/6/1827, aged 68y(?) ?m ?d


Susanna SCHERCK 9/17/1791-10/28/1826, aged 35y 7m 11d, wife(?) of Samuel Scherck


Unknown SCHERCK 


Edwin SCHERK ?/21/1848(?)-9/16(?)/1849, aged 9m 25d(?), son of Henry(?) and Maria Scherk


Georg SCHERK 11/3/1813-3/1/1839, aged 25y 3m 28d, son of Jacob and Anna Scherk


Isaac SCHERK b. 1830(?)


Levi SCHERK ?/24/1844-1/1/1851, aged 6y 1m 11d


Ully SCHERK 7/1/1792-8/13/1858, aged 66y 1m 12d, son of Ully Scherk


Unknown SCHERK 5/16/1761(?)-5/14/1812(?)


Unknown SCHERK 


Unknown SCHERK d. 1840(?)


Veronica SCHERK 2/?/18??-10/?/1850(?), aged 15y(?) 8m, daughter of Peter and Veronica Scherk


Georgie SCHLOSSER 9/?/1891-5/17/1892, aged 8m 13d, son of J.W. and Emma Schlosser


Elder John W. SCHLOSSER d. 5/13/1918 aged 56y 4m 5d, with Emma M. SCHLOSSER d. 12/20/1918 aged 52y 3m 8d


Michael SCHNEIDER 12/15/1835-4/12/1861, aged 25y 3m 27d


Wellington SCHNEIDER 6/12/1855-11/1/1864, aged 9y 4m 19d, son of Michael and Isabella Schneider


Anna SCHOWALTER 6/16/1804-4/18/1857, aged 52y 10m 2d, wife of Johannes Schowalter


Johannes SCHOWALTER 1/31/1801-2/10/1858, aged 57y 9d


Kenneth E. SCHUCKER 1942-1992


Johan SCHWAR 1769-2/22/1821, aged 51y 6m(?) 19d


Margaret SCHWAR 6/23/1772-3/27/1862, aged 89y 9m 4d, wife of Johan Schwar


Esra SERB 


Unknown SERB 11/2?/18??-6/21/18??, aged 1y 6m 29d


Eliza SERVER 1814-1880, see photos for Harrison and Eliza Usner


Jeremiah C. SHARP 7/16/18??-9/16/1885, aged 23y(?) 2m, son of Jonas and Susan Sharp


Jonas SHARP 11/24/1825-2/14/1890, aged 64y 2m 20d


Mary Ann SHARP 1/?/1851-12/20/1877, aged 26y 11m 11d, wife of David C. Sharp


Susanna SHARP 9/5/1830-10/29/1884, aged 54y 1m 24d, wife of Jonas Sharp


Susanna SHARP 11/23/1860-1/15/1880, aged 19y 1m 22d, daughter of Jonas and Susanna Sharp


Walter F. SHEAFFER 9/1/1877-4/29/1922 aged 44y 7m 28d, with Mary W. SHEAFFER 10/3/1879-6/6/1938 aged 58y 6m 3d


Elisebeth SHERP 6/30/1864-2/28/1877, aged 12y 8m 28d, daughter of Adam and Angeline Sherp




Henrietta SHERP 


Unknown SHERP 11/?/18?5-1/5/1876(?), aged 2m 6d, son(?) of Adam and Angeline Sherp


Unknown SHERP 


James W. SHIMP 4/13/1936-2/8/1988, Veteran


Abram SHIRK 11/15/1863-2/19/1865, aged 1y 2m ?d, son of Rudolph and ? Shirk


Alger H. SHIRK 1/8/1893-9/5/1973, with Amy F. SHIRK 8/22/1892-12/8/1953


Amma SHIRK 2/28/1860-8/12/1862, aged 2y 5m 11d(sic), daughter of John and Lizzie Shirk


Anna SHIRK d. 7/21/????, aged 1y 8m 2d


Barbara SHIRK 3/22/1825-9/9/1884, aged 59y 5m 17d, wife of Rudolph Shirk


Caleb SHIRK 8/3/1883-12/12/1896, aged 13y 4m 9d, son of Milton and Lizzie B. Shirk


Callie SHIRK 2/27/1907-5/3/1997


Coreta SHIRK 1/19/1909-12/10/2003


Donald L. SHIRK 3/19/1925-3/31/1991, "Foobie"


Edwin E. SHIRK 5/18/1856-3/19/1923, aged 66y 10m 1d


Elizabeth SHIRK 2/?/1853(?)-8/8/1855(?), aged 2y ?m 21d, daughter of Obed and Elizabeth Shirk


Elizabeth SHIRK d. 7/31/1885, aged 56y(?) 4m 1d


Ellen F. SHIRK 5/27/1904-9/30/1985


Emma SHIRK 7/8(?)/1862-12/?/1874, aged 8y ?m 27d(?)


Fanny SHIRK 11/13/1801-3/1/1893, aged 91y 3m 18d, wife of Peter Shirk, daughter of Samuel Weaver


Harry H. SHIRK 5/2/1882-10/10/1951, with Lizzie E. SHIRK 9/16/1882-11/24/1956


Harry W. SHIRK 3/1/1920-5/14/1984, with Ruth E. SHIRK 1/12/1920-2/27/2003


Henry H. SHIRK 5/25/1812-12/13/1878, aged 66y 6m 18d


Ida(?) E. SHIRK daughter of ? Shirk


Ira F.(?) SHIRK 5/3/1908-10/7/1978, Sgt US Air Force WWII


Jacob SHIRK d. 1862, aged 74y ?m 1d(?)


Jacob E. SHIRK 9/14/1854-9/1/1894, aged 39y 11m 17d


Johannes SHIRK 9/17/1785-9/13/1871, aged 85y 11m 26d


John SHIRK 1(?)/19/185?-8/28/18??, aged 14y(?)


John R. SHIRK 2/12/1868-4/19/1931 aged 63y 2m 7d, with Lizzie A. SHIRK 1/4/1865-9/8/1955 aged 90y 8m 4d nee Bingaman


Kate SHIRK 11/23/1848-4/5/1902, aged 53y 4m 12d, wife of Ed. E. Shirk


Maria SHIRK 11/9/1777-7/15/1861, aged 83y 8m 6d, daughter of Uly Shirk


Mark M. SHIRK 1880-1956, with Isabella B. SHIRK 1880-1948


Mary E. SHIRK 4/5/1856-3/13/1940, aged 83y 11m 8d


Mary Jane SHIRK 6/1/1930-12/31/1980


Mena SHIRK d. 8/26/1905, aged 8d, daughter of Seth and Annie Shirk


Menno E. SHIRK 11/6/1859-6/15/1938 aged 78y 7m 9d, with Susan S. SHIRK 2/26/1863-6/8/1927 aged 64y 3m 12d


Michael H. SHIRK 9/26/1820-9/10/1881 aged 60y 11m 14d, with Mary E. SHIRK 3/4/1830-9/19/1910 aged 80y 6m 15d


Millie SHIRK daughter of ? And Lizzie B. Shirk, with Unknown


Milton E. SHIRK 5/17/1858-4/25/1939 aged 80y 11m 8d, with Elizabeth B. SHIRK 1/24/1857-3/21/1939 aged 82y 1m 27d


Moses W. SHIRK 12/2/1827-10/4/1906 aged 78y 10m 2d, with wife Leah H. SHIRK 7/29/1828-7/2/1901 aged 72y 11m 3d nee Shirk


Obed SHIRK 10/10/1868-4/1/1869, aged 5m 21d, son of Obed and Elizabeth Shirk


Obed H. SHIRK 7/4/1826-8/4/1902 aged 76y 1m, with Elizabeth SHIRK 4/2/1832-11/30/1872 aged 40y 7m 27d


P. Rudolph SHIRK 11/14/1915-2/9/1989


Peter SHIRK 9/26/1799-10/17/1878, aged 79y 24d


Rudolph SHIRK 9/16/1818-12/1/1895, aged 77y 2m 15d


Samuel SHIRK 6/28/1825-4/28/1881, aged 56y 10m, son of Peter and Fanny Shirk


Samuel M. SHIRK 6/13/1890-10/28/1965, with Emma S. SHIRK 4/16/1896-6/6/1954


Seth R. SHIRK 1/15/1883-8/11/1950, with Annie W. SHIRK 10/13/1884-2/13/1972


Susan B. SHIRK 10/12/1854-8/11/1919, aged 64y 9m 29d


Susanna SHIRK 12/14/178?-4/14/1863, aged 75y 4m 10d, wife of Johannes Shirk


Theodore SHIRK ?/?/1866-11/16(?)/1870, aged 4y 7m 9d, son of -----ael H. and Maria(?) Shir,


Thomas SHIRK 10/20/1854-4/9/1857, aged 2y 5m 19d, son of Rudolph and Barb Shirk


Ulrich SHIRK  View 2

In memory of Ulrich Shirk who came from Switzerland on the ship Motonhouse and landed at Phila. Aug. 24, 1728 with a family of 8 children 6 sons and 2 daughters. Viz: Ulrich, John, Casper, Peter, Michael and Joseph, Martha and Jeanette. Ulrich 2nd. born 1711 died 1753. Anna Swarr his wife born 1720 died 1810. They were blessed with 10 children viz: Ulrich 3rd born May 16, 1751 died May 14, 1842 married Maria Eberly born Dec. 12, 1759 died June 6, 1831. David Shirk married Barbara Erb. Michael Shirk born May 26, 1758 died April 4, 1827 married Barbara Flickinger born June 6, 1759 died Dec. 2, 1830. Elizabeth born Jan. 22, 1740 married John Funk. Barbara married John Yagy. Annie married John Frantz. Kate married Joseph Bare. Magdelena born Apr. 1753 died Dec. 25, 1843 married David Cockley. Sally married Adam Frantz. Maria married Geo. Frantz.

Unknown SHIRK 


Vilmena S. SHIRK 6/13/1849-8/31/1918, aged 69y 2m 18d


Daniel SHOWALTER 3/24/1868-2/28/1880, aged 12y 11m 4d, son of Daniel and Molly Showalter


Daniel SHOWALTER 3/3/1831-3/9/1920, aged 89y 6d


Emma G. SHOWALTER 5/14/1884-12/11/1962


Henry SHOWALTER d. 1/22/1928 aged 79y 8m 3d, with Annie SHOWALTER d. 2/7/1937 aged 85y 6m 6d


Isaac SHOWALTER 7/17/1843-4/21/1920 aged 76y 9m 4d, with Anna SHOWALTER 2/23/1851-7/20/1937 aged 86y 4m 27d nee Gensemer


Leman SHOWALTER 1862-1865(?)


Milton P. SHOWALTER 2/13/1876-11/23/1940, with Anna H. SHOWALTER 12/26/1879-2/3/1960, Ira E. 8/25/1909-8/29/1910, and Elmer H. 8/1/1903-3/29/1966


Molly SHOWALTER 2/14/1836-2/6/1881, aged 44y 11m 22d, wife of Daniel Showalter




Elmira SHOWERS 1834-1882, nee Kramer


Jacob H. SHREINER 8/28/1905-3/26/1987


Jacob B. SIMMONS 1885-1888


Lucy F. SIMMONS 1857-1946


Susan E. SIMMONS 1892-1894


Mary E. SISE 10/6/1922-6/12/2004


John SMITH 3/?/18??-9/13/1865(?)


Jonas S. SMITH 1881-1967, with Katie S. SMITH 1888-1957


Mabel M. SMITH 1910-1947


Maria M. SMITH 1796-7/6/1864, aged 67y


Rosemary R. HENRY-SMITH 3/2/1928-3/26/1995


Alvin W. STEELY 10/13/1899-10/3/1982, with Earla F. STEELY 1/1/1905-12/12/1969


Amanda STEELY 3/8/1861-4/27/1912, aged 51y 1m 19d


Annie H. STEELY d. 4/8/1882, aged 8m 19d


Benjamin STEELY 9/15/1818-10/20/1872 aged 54y 1m 5d, with wife Elizabeth STEELY 9/12/1817-11/10/1904 aged 87y 1m 28d


Daniel C. STEELY 9/10/1851-4/7/1917 aged 65y 6m 27d, with Susan M. STEELY 5/5/1851-3/14/1892 aged 40y 10m 9d nee Hyman


Erla Mae STEELY d. 2/6/1918, aged 9y 7m 24d


Louisa B. STEELY 6/5/1849-4/2/1908, aged 58y 9m 27d, wife of Isaac Steely


Stephen B. STEELY  View 2  1873-1931, with Nora E. STEELY 1875-1966, and Dr. Lewis R. WIEST 1850-1890 and Susan M. WIEST 1851-1910


Walter W. STEELY d. 3/18/1898, aged 4m


Charles STEINMETZ 1789-4/17/1868, aged 78y ?m 10d(?)


Daniel STEINMETZ 8/15/1827-3/5/1895, aged 67y 6m 20d


Eliza STEINMETZ ?/25/1821-?/?/1891, aged 69y ?m 1d, daughter of Charles and Mary Steinmetz


Mary STEINMETZ ?/17/1798-8/20/1882(?), wife of Charles Steinmetz


Mary Keller STEINMETZ 4/14/1831-4/26/1908, aged 77y 12d, wife of Daniel Steinmetz


Ch. Frederick STEPHAN 1839-4/23/1875, aged 35y 10m 12d


Henry STIEF 3/11/1873-4/11/1875, aged 2y 1m, son of Levi and Catharine Stief


Levi STIEF 9/11/1846-1/10/1929 aged 82y 3m 29d, with Catharine STIEF 8/30/1849-3/13/1921 aged 71y 6m 13d


Levi F. STIEF 5/28/1878-5/17/1957, with Ella M. STIEF 3/17/1877-5/24/1968


Mary Ann STIEF 3/17/1869-11/14/1888, aged 19y 8m 7d, daughter of Levi(?) and Catharine Stief


Milton L. STIEF 2/5/1904-4/10/1985


Elizabeth H. STOVER 8/7/1862-9/16/1880, aged 18y 1m 9d, daughter of Wm. And Mary A. Stover


Mary Ann STOVER d. 3/2/1889, aged 5m 22d, daughter of Henry and Salinda Stover


Donald Ray STRICKER 8/8/1936-7/6/1998


Elizabeth STRICKER 1/11/1843-4/24/1894, aged 51y 3m 13d, wife of Ferdinand Stricker


Ferdinand STRICKER 4/24/1834-1/8/1909, with wife Elizabeth STRICKER 4/16/1838-4/14/1880, aged 41y 11m 28d


Fianna STRICKER 12/5/1846-5/19/1881, aged 34y 5m 14d, wife of John Stricker


George E. STRICKER 9/1/1912-4/10/1972, with Mary E. STRICKER 9/23/1915-1/8/1980


Susan STRICKER 6/?/1870-8/8/1880, aged 10y 3m


Edith May STUBER d. ?/30(?)/1903, aged 11d(?), daughter of ? and ? Stuber


Elizabeth STUBER 1781-?/11/1851, aged 70y


Henry STUBER 1/26/1784-3/27/1863, aged 79y 2m 1d


Henry STUBER 3/13/1815-9/5/1857 aged 42y 5m 22d, with Catharine STUBER 12/13/1816-12/31/1888, aged 72y 18d


Ida STUBER 6/26/1877-1/15/1879, aged 1y 5m 19d, daughter of William and Amanda Stuber


Samuel H. STUBER 1/2/1881-2/6/1965, with Lizzie G. STUBER 6/13/1881-3/18/1925


Sarah STUBER 3/7/1784-4/22/1861, aged 77y 1m 15d, nee Pickens


Walter C. STUBER 12/6/1897-10/1/1989, with Mary E. STUBER 12/30/1901-11/26/1985


William F. STUBER 12/23/1841-1/8/1927, with Amanda K. STUBER 3/27/1854-9/28/1933


Susan d. 4/?/187?, aged 87y ?m 26d, wife of Leander ?


Ada SWEIGART d. 9/15/1910, aged 2m 6d


Edwin S. SWEIGART 1885-1963, with Anna A. SWEIGART, 1889-1942


Erla SWEIGART 3/1/1912-5/6/1919, daughter of Nora Sweigart


Henry H. SWEIGART 1/14/1881-2/9/1908, aged 27y 25d, son of Jacob L. and Elizabeth Sweigart


Jacob L. SWEIGART 3/19/1859-11/22/1930 aged 71y 8m 3d, with Elizabeth H. SWEIGART, 2/6/1859-10/15/1928 aged 68y 8m 9d


Melvin A. SWEIGART 6/2/1912-9/13/1912, aged 3m 11d, son of Edwin and Annie Sweigart


Ralph A. SWEIGART 10/5/1908-12/8/1989, with Vera L. SWEIGART 1/29/1915-11/23/1974


Peter A. THIESSEN 11/28/1896-12/19/1978


Rev. Walter J. THOMPSON 9/21/1911-3/22/2001


Johann F. TOEWS 1866-1959, with Anna Langemann TOEWS 1876-1959


C. U. 


W. U. 


Unknown d. 9/?/1876


Unknown d. 1816, aged 19y 4m 24d


Unknown 1811


Unknown/Illegible Stones:  1  2  3  4  5 


Henry J. UNRUH 1/13/1890-9/9/1986, with Anna UNRUH 7/18/1891-2/11/1974


Jacob H. UNRUH 11/4/1864-12/30/1956, with Anna UNRUH 7/10/1868-4/15/1951 nee Teske


Jacob UNRUH 3/15/1906-11/3/1986, with Blanche UNRUH 1/15/1909-7/29/1993


James H. UNRUH 11/17/1947-5/31/1970


Adam USNER 5/7/1829-2/28/1905 aged 75y 9m 21d, with wife Susanna USNER 2/3/1835-4/7/1912 aged 77y 2m 4d


Bessie M. USNER d. 4/4/1914, aged 23y 10m 6d, with infant son Lester Eugene


Dale USNER 1942-1942, son of Earl and Esther Usner


Earl S. USNER 2/9/1918-1/4/1998


Frank M. USNER 9/27/1883-5/2/1966, with Catherine Z. USNER 6/1/1886-11/19/1969


Harrison USNER  View 2  4/1/1844-2/21/1917, with Eliza USNER 12/6/1844-4/17/1911, Eliza SERVERS 1814-1880, as well as Susanna 8/1/1871-8/22/1872 aged 1y 21d, Sallie 4/26/1876-12/13/1886 aged 10y 1m 17d, and Hironda S. 10/4/1875-1/19/1900 aged 24y 3m 15d


Henry USNER ?/14/1871-11/?/1884, son of ? and S------- Usner


John USNER 1877-1933


Ralph M. USNER 11/30/1902-9/24/1990


Sandyanna USNER 6/30/1856-11/5/1928, with Elizabeth USNER 10/3/1860-2/2/1931


Elizabeth W----GER 4/30/1789-?/26/1812, aged 22y ?m 26d


Ira WADE d. 7/12/1955, aged 81y 7d


Lemon R. WADE d. 10/24/1903, aged 16d, son of Ira and Susie Wade


Susan WADE d. 3/17/1???, aged 38y 17d


Truman D. WADE 9/17/1915-11/26/1985, with Grace M. WADE 4/22/1915-3/15/2005


Frank R. WARTLUFT 10/3/1888-1/28/1939, with Catherine S. WARTLUFT 8/25/1898-7/25/1925


Frank H. WECHTER d. 6/13/1925, aged 72y 7m 21d


Mary M. WECHTER d. 8/8/1901, aged 42y 11m 21d, wife of F. H. Wechter


Elizabeth WEINHOLD 3/18/1833-1/28/1921, aged 87y 10m 10d


Susanna WEINHOLD(?) 1811-1839(?), wife(?) of Johanes Weinhold(?)


J. H. WEITZEL 1904, Co. F., 1st PA. L. Art.


John A. WEITZEL 2/16/1908-11/8/1981


John S. WEITZEL 1890-1955, with Virgie M. WEITZEL 1892-1975


Leah S. WEITZEL 6/7/1847-9/12/1920, aged 73y 3m 5d


Ronald Eugene WEITZEL 1938-1939


Scott L. WEITZEL M.D. 3/10/1957-7/5/1991


Unknown WENGER 1852


LeRoy WIEDER 1914-1989, with Stella E. WIEDER 1914-1995


Agatha Voth WIENS 1875-1954


Henry WIENS 4/16/1907-2/20/1993, with Agatha WIENS 7/16/1910-2/10/1993 nee Tiessen


Anna WIEST ?/25(?)/18?0-9/21/1850(?), aged 2m 26d, daughter of Jacob and Susanna Wiest


Anna WIEST 1/15(?)/1791-?/16/1850, aged 56y 2m 1d, wife(?) of Christian Wiest


Christian WIEST 8/23/1794-7/28/1873, aged 78y 11m 5d


D. Samuel WIEST 11/25/1796-1/9/1883, aged 86y 1m 14d


Eliza WIEST 3/6/1835-2/1/1839, aged 3y 10m 24d, daughter of Samuel and Margaret Wiest




J. WIEST b. 9/11/????, son of Jacob and Susanna Wiest


Jacob WIEST 12/29/1821-6/29/1897, aged 72y 6m


Jeremiah WIEST 4/14/1861-4/1/1862, aged 11m 17d, son of Jeremiah and Mary Ann Wiest


Jeremiah WIEST 1/18/1823-7/24/1911, aged 88y 6m 6d


Johan WIEST d. 7/13/????, aged 94y(?) ?m 9d


L. WIEST 6/21/1842-2/9/1845, aged 2y 7m 19d, daughter of Samuel and Margareta Wiest


Lemon M. WIEST  View 2 1853(?)-1927, with Agnes S. WIEST 1856-1902, and Mary A. WIEST 1860-1944


Dr. Lewis R. WIEST 1850-1890, with Susan M. WIEST 1851-1910, and Stephen B. STEELY 1873-1931, with Nora E. STEELY 1875-1966, as well as Infants


Louisa WIEST 2/11/1853-8/28/1853, aged 6m 17d, daughter of Jeremiah and Mary Ann Wiest


Margaret Seibert WIEST 10/27/1804-10/11/1876, aged 71y 11m 14d, wife of Dr. Samuel Wiest


Martin WIEST d. 8/24/1850, aged 7m, son of Jeremiah and Mary Ann Wiest


Mary Ann WIEST 1/8/1833-8/8/1909, aged 87y 7m, wife of Jeremiah Wiest


Milton S. WIEST 2/20/1882-8/12/1883, aged 1y 5m 22d, son of Jacob H. and Fannie Wiest


Rebecca WIEST 1/3/1844-12/29/1921, aged 76y 11m 26d


Samuel S. WIEST M.D.  View 2  View 3  9/25/1828-4/27/1902, with wife Mary Ann Baer WIEST 11/22/1830-10/27/1922


Susan Martin WIEST 11/17/1831-3/1/1889, aged 57y 3m 14d, wife of Jacob Wiest


Unknown WIEST 


Nancy WIKE 7/5/1829-7/27/1898, aged 69y 22d


Susanna WINGER 7/26/1797-3/30/1864, aged 68y 8m 4d, wife of John Winger


Andreas WISLER ?/23/18??-9/?/1829, aged 11d, son of of Sarah E.


Charley C. WITE 10/30/1880-8/22/1891, aged 10y 10m 22d, son of Samuel and Mary Wite


John WITMER 3/16/1809-12/31/1877 aged 68y 9m 15d, with wife Catharine WITMER 4/7/1822-4/30/1892 aged 70y 23d


Charles A. WOLF Sr. 8/15/1924-1/24/1989, US Navy WWII


Mahlon WOLF 1874-1936, with Annie WOLF 1877-1944, and son Lloyde 1895-1896


Mary WOLF 8/13/1808-2/3/1897, aged 88y 5m 20d, wife of Samuel Wolf, widow of David Martin


Milton WOLF 12/20/1896-3/12/1968, with Amanda H. WOLF 7/26/1897-11/7/1971


H. Elizabeth WORLEY 10/9/1863-1/17/1943, aged 79y 3m 8d


Jesse WORLEY d. 1/20/1941, Pennsylvania Pvt. 56 Engrs.


William YOUNG  View 2  View 3  6/19/1812-4/25/1890 aged 77y 10m 8d, with wife Catharine YOUNG 9/10/1811-4/18/1890 aged 78y 7m 8d


Emanuel G. ZARTMAN 1/27/1877-5/7/1972 aged 95y 3m 9d, with wife Sallie Goshert ZARTMAN 1/28/1879-2/7/1925 aged 46y 10d


Milton G. ZARTMAN 4/16/1899-10/6/1918, aged 19y 5m 20d, son of E.G. and Sallie Zartman, Private Coast Artillery Unit 2


Emma ZERR 4/4/1884-8/5/1970, with daughter Lizzie M. KLUGH 9/7/1901-11/12/1963 nee Mentzer


Unknown ZERR 1790-5/28/1848, aged 59y(?) 2m(?) 18d



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