(aka Schoeneck Union Cemetery)


Steinmetz Road

West Cocalico Township

Lancaster County



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Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman



Surnames:    A thru L    M thru Z


ADAM ALBRIGHT 1/20/1877-11/19/1883 aged 6y 9m 29d, with Franklin 5/18/1882-11/19/1883 aged 1y 6m 1d, sons of John and Nancy Albright


Andrew ALBRIGHT 1/1/1868-2/26/1871, aged 3y 1m 25d, son of John and Nancy Albright


Daniel F. ALBRIGHT 10/20/1859-4/17/1931 aged 71y 5m 27d, with wife Priscilla B. ALBRIGHT 1/4/1861-1/5/1930 aged 69y 1d


Hannah Lizzie ALBRIGHT 12/6/1872-10/28/1883, aged 10y 10m 22d, daughter of John and Nancy Albright


Harvey ALBRIGHT 2/7/1870-3/8/1871, aged 1y 1m 1d, son of John and Nancy Albright


Harvey B. ALBRIGHT 4/1/1894-1/16/1914, aged 19y 9m 15d, son of Daniel and Priscilla Albright


John R. ALBRIGHT 10/16/1832-12/4/1920, aged 88y 1m 19d


Jonas ALBRIGHT 6(?)/30/1875-1/20/1876, son of John and Nancy Albright


Martin ALBRIGHT 3/22/1866(?)-3/15/187?, aged 4y 11m 23d, son of John and Nancy Albright


Mary Ann ALBRIGHT 1883-1960, daughter of Hannah Elizabeth Worley


Mary Ella ALBRIGHT 5/15/1881-11/15/1883, aged 2y 6m, daughter of John and Nancy Albright


Nancy F. ALBRIGHT 4/1/1837-12/6/1913, aged 76y 8m 5d, wife of John R. Albright


Paul ALBRIGHT 6/19/1886-6/22/1887, aged 1y 3d, son of Daniel and Priscilla Albright


Celeste K. ANTHONY 10/14/1888-1/24/1970, Grammy


Daniel M. APPEL 3/1/1867-4/14/1920 aged 53y 1m 13d, with Salinda W. APPEL 9/29/1871-5/9/1946 aged 74y 7m 10d


Catharine S. AUNGST 9/13/1847-6/7/1869, aged 21y 8m 24d, daughter of Samuel and Mary Aungst


David S. AUNGST 9/?/1845-4/1?/1874, aged 28y 7m 4d, son of Samuel and Mary Aungst


C. E. B. with Brubaker's


Catharina B----- 9/6/1780-9/18/1815, aged 35y 12d


Absolon(?) W. BARD d. 12/16/1916, aged 77y 10m 1d


Ada BARD 6/30/1857-4/3/1858, aged 9m 3d, daughter of ? And Elizabeth Bard


Ada E. BARD 8/26/1863-1/19/1855, daughter of A.W. and Susan E. Bard


Bryan BARD d. 9/7/1898, aged 6m


Catharine BARD 4/6(?)/1871(?)-4/22(?)/18??, aged 23y(?) ?m ?d, daughter of John and ? Bard


Cora E. BARD 10/5/1867-7/10/1873, daughter of A.W. and Susan E. Bard


Daniel BARD 6/26/1791-3/6/1863, aged 71y 10m 10d


Daniel BARD 4/3/1815-5/28/1895, aged 80y 1m 25d


Daughter BARD 2/23/1819-2/28/1819(?), aged 5d, daughter of D. Bard


Daughter BARD 2/23/1819-2/25/1819, aged 3d, daughter of D. Bard


Daughter BARD 2/23/1819-3/7/1819, aged 12d, daughter of D. Bard


Elizabeth Schwar BARD 10/15/1792-11/5/1869, aged 77y 20d, wife of Daniel Bard


Elizabeth BARD 9/2(?)/1833(?)-3/26/1866, aged 32y(?) 6m 25d, wife of Martin(?) S. Bard


Ella L. BARD 1/9/1859-5/23/1942


John BARD 8/20/1813-5/2/1890, aged ?y 8m 12d, "Our Father"


John J. BARD 7/22/1843-3/18/1898 aged 54y 7m 26d, with Priscilla A. BARD 10/24/1856-6/4/1945, aged 88y 7m 10d


Martin(?) S.(?) BARD 8(?)/21/1830-?/?/1862


Rebecca BARD daughter of J. and R. Bard, aged 12y(?) 5m 10d(?)


Rebecca BARD 1/18/1816-5/29/1877, aged 61y 4m 11d, daughter of Jacob Royer, wife of John Bard


Robert S. BARD 9/21/1892-6/12/1921, aged 28y 8m 21d


Sarah BARD 1/23/1817-9/5/1906, aged 89y 7m 12d, wife of Daniel Bard


Susan E. BARD d. 5/14/1896, aged 52y 6m 12d


BARD plot with three unnamed daughters of D. Bard


Unknown BARD 


Unknown BARD 


Unknown BARD aged 11d(?)


Abraham E. BARE 5/6/1826-7/19/1875, with Eliza H. BARE 10/15/1830-9/20/1889


Lester BECKER 8/19/1907-7/29/1991, with Hester BECKER 4/6/1912-4/6/2003


Nora BECKER 5/4/1889(?)-2/17/1895, aged 5y 8m 13d, daughter of Theodore(?) and ? Becker


Theodore B. BECKER  View 2  1860-1901, with Catharine S. BECKER 1933-1865, and Charles S. 1934


Christian BENNER 4/3/1758-4/14/1840, aged 82y 8d


G.(?) BENNER 12/9(?)/1788-10/1?/1856, aged 68y 9m 23d


Veronica(?) BENNER b. 4/3/1756-10/3/1841


Daughter BETTICOFFER d. 8/10/1865, aged 1y 1m 27d, daughter of Israel and Anna Betticoffer


John BETTICOFFER d. 7/22/1867, aged 1y 5m 8d, son of Israel and Anna Betticoffer




Amelia BETTYCOFFER 6/14/1859-10/2/1868, aged 9y 3m 18d, daughter of John and Susanna Bettycoffer


Catharina BEYRER 6/9/1792(?)-2/26/1879, aged 86y 8m 16d(?)


Alvin BINGAMAN d. 5/9/1904, aged 24d


Samuel BINGAMAN b. and d. 3/16/1909


Samuel N. BINGAMAN 1868-1962 aged 93y 10m 20d, with Salinda W. BINGAMAN 1874-1932 aged 57y 9m 11d


Susan E. BINGAMAN 1/30(?)/1893(?)-1/17/1900


Henry BINKLEY 1/23/1827-7/9/1912, aged 85y 5m 18d


Jonas BINKLEY d. 18??, aged 6y(?) 10m 1d, son of Henry and Mary Ann(?) Binkley


Mary BINKLEY 11/25/1834-1/9/1909, aged 74y 1m 14d


Mary Ann BINKLEY 9/15/1867-9/29/1878, aged 11y 14d, daughter of Henry and Mary Binkley


Edwin G. BRICKA 2/6/1886-2/16/1895, aged 9y 10d, son of Mary A. Stief


Florence K. BROWN 8/22/1890-3/8/1942


Loyd S. BROWN 11/26/1893-3/17/1975


Obed R. BROWN 4/4/1869-10/26/1943, with Emma E. BROWN 4/26/1871-6/26/1952, and Eda S. BROWN 6/30/1892-11/23/1965


Richard A. BROWN 8/23/1877-8/14/1970


Lea BRUBACHAR 4/26/1848-7/3/1869, aged 21y 2m 7d, daughter of Johannes and Cristina(?) Brubachar


Amanda BRUBAKER 5/1/1867-12/14/1910, aged 43y 7m 13d, daughter of John and Maria Brubaker


Clarence BRUBAKER b. and d. 11/11/1915(?), son of John and Alma Brubaker


Emma B. BRUBAKER d. 4/16/1915, aged 2m 16d, daughter of Lemon and Lizzie Brubaker


Emma S. BRUBAKER b. and d. 6/27/1921, daughter of John and Alma Brubaker


Helen D. BRUBAKER 9/22/1908-3/23/1924, aged 15y 6m 1d, daughter of Jacob S. and Emma G. Brubaker


Henry BRUBAKER d. 10/?/????, son of John(?) and ? Brubaker


Isaac BRUBAKER 12/3/1891-12/9/????, son of John and Maria(?) Brubaker


Jacob S. BRUBAKER 8/13/1868-1/10/1948 aged 79y 4m 27d, with Emma G. BRUBAKER 6/5/1871-5/20/1954 aged 82y 11m 16d


John BRUBAKER 7/17/1870-5/24/1873, aged 2y 10m 7d, son of John and Maria Brubaker


John BRUBAKER 4/1/1805-12/31/1887 aged 82y 8m 30d, with wife Christenia BRUBAKER 6/26/1810-7/16/1893 aged 83y 20d


John D. BRUBAKER 2/6/1892-11/28/1982, with Alma S. BRUBAKER 9/30/1891-12/31/1964 nee Sweigart


John M. BRUBAKER 1/25/1838-10/5/1923 aged 85y 8m 19d, with Martha S. BRUBAKER 3/31/1845-4/27/1924 aged 78y 26d


Larue S. BRUBAKER 11/18/1874-6/27/1875, aged 7m 8d, son of Christian and Elizab. Brubaker


Lemon D. BRUBAKER 1889-1976, with Lizzie H. BRUBAKER 1886-1957


Maria BRUBAKER 8/6/1845-6/8/1874, aged 28y 10m 2d, wife of John Brubaker, daughter of Rudolph(?) and Barbara Shirk


Mary Ann G(?) BRUBAKER d. 7/20/1851, aged 3w(?) 1d, daughter of ? And Elizabeth Brubaker


Oscar BRUBAKER 9/6/1899-8/31/1901, aged 1y 11m 25d, son of J.S. and Emma Brubaker


Susan S. BRUBAKER 1/7/1859-6/5/1881, aged 22y 4m 28d, daughter of Christian and Elizabeth Brubaker


Warren B. BRUBAKER 3/25/1921-2/25/2000, WWII Veteran


Katie C. BRYAN 7/8/1875-1/24/1907, aged 31y 6m 16d, daughter of Henry and Susan Root


Adam R. BUCH 7/24/1869-12/20/1942, with Alice H. BUCH 6/4/1876-2/9/1954 nee Steely


Cora BUCH 9/14/1882-5/27/1893, aged 10y 8m 13d, daughter of Rudy M. and Lillie Buch


George R. BUCH 10/19/1817-1/6/1904 aged 86y 2m 17d, with Eliza BUCH 4/9/1826-8/20/1905 aged 79y 4m 11d


David M. BUCKWALTER d. 10/23/1898 aged 27y 8m 3d, with Katie P. BUCKWALTER d. 11/14/1937 aged 65y 7m 17d


Harvey C. BUCKWALTER b. 3/24/1889


Mary B. BURKHART 11/20/1896-10/12/1932, aged 35y 10m 22d


Benjamin B. BURKHOLDER 2/4/1866-11/17/1927 aged 61y 9m 13d, with Emma M. BURKHOLDER 8/1/1866-9/9/1925 aged 59y 1m 8d


Catharine BURKHOLDER 9/17/1840-6/22/1919, aged 78y 9m 5d, wife of Henry D. Burkholder


Donald B. BURKHOLDER Stillborn 1/15/1935, son of ? and Salinda Burkholder


Edna M. BURKHOLDER 7/23/1889-3/25/1909, aged 19y 8m 2d, daughter of Benj. B. and Emma M. Burkholder


Henry D. BURKHOLDER 6/25/1836-11/10/1914, aged 78y 4m 15d


Samuel Elmore BYLER 1913-1998, with Verda Valveen Unruh BYLER 1914-1995


Johannes CAMPBELL son of William Campbell and his wife Sarah(?), aged 25y(?) 6m ?d




Christian d. 4(?)/12/1836, aged ?y ?m 7d


Gloria M. CLAIR 1938-1970


Anna COCKLEY 18??-18??, aged 22y(?) ?m ?d, wife of Samuel Cockley, born Shirk


Benjamin COCKLEY d. 4/1/1857, aged 2m(?) 1?d, son of Samuel and Catharine(?) Cockley


Elizabeth COCKLEY 2/26/1816-12/9/1868, aged 37y 10m 15d(?), daughter(?) of Samuel Ballinger, wife of Samuel Cockley


Mary COCKLEY 11/9(?)/1824-10/31/1878, aged 53y 11m 22d, daughter of John Lutz


Samuel COCKLEY d. 1/24/1869


Anna CONRAD 3/8/1803-3/7/1869, aged 65y 9m 27d, wife of David Conrad


Catharine CONRAD 


Catharine CONRAD 3/4/1840-11/21/1917, aged 77y 8m 17d, wife of John Conrad


Daniel CONRAD 3/31/185?-?/22/187?


David CONRAD 8/14/1800-2/7/1876, aged 75y 5m 24d


Edwin G. CONRAD 11/25/1855-2/5/1931, aged 75y 2m 10d


Eva CONRAD 10/16/1910-10/19/1910 aged 3d, with Unknown CONRAD 11/27/19??-1/?/191? aged 1y ?m 4d, daughter and son of Henry and Mamie Conrad


Henry S. CONRAD 6/12/1884-10/19/1918 aged 34y 4m 7d, with Mary C. CONRAD 2/19/1886-6/30/1954 aged 69y 4m 21d


Ida CONRAD 4/12/1916-7/22/1921, aged 5y 3m 10d


Jacob CONRAD 2/5/1835-1/14/1908, aged 72y 11m 9d


Johanes CONRAD 1/9/1782-7/22/1856, aged 74y 6m 13d


John CONRAD 7/28/1844-4/1/1888, aged 43y 8m 3d


Joseph CONRAD 11/25/1827-7/11/1892, aged 64y 7m 16d


Joseph G. CONRAD 1/26/1867-3/4/1877, aged 11y 1m 6d, son of Joseph L. and Mary A. Conrad


Katharina CONRAD 1/7/1773-1/06/1826, aged 53y 13d


Leonard CONRAD 8/22/1807-8/18/1892, aged 84y 11m 27d


Maria CONRAD 7/2/1832-1/9/1904, aged 71y 6m 7d


Mary Ann CONRAD 8/30/1828-11/7/1876, aged 48y 2m 7d, wife of Joseph Conrad, next to Unknown CONRAD


Sarah CONRAD 2/2/1863-1/19/1953, aged 89y 11m 17d, wife of Edwin G. Conrad


Sarah CONRAD 10/22/1817-6/18/1901, aged 8?y 7m 27d


Sylvia CONRAD 5/19/1875-5/19/1897, aged 22y, daughter of John and Catherine Conrad


Unknown CONRAD 1/1?/????-7/?/18??, aged 9m(?) 8d


Unknown CONRAD  with Illegible Stone


Harry COOPER 11/30/1908-5/1/1987, with Lillian M. COOPER 1/19/1920-9/11/1993


David H. CRAMER 6/6/1849-7/9/1882, aged ?y 1m 3d, also see Kramer photos


Ruth Ann CREASY 12/14/1946-11/3/1995


Iram D. CROUSE 1/15/1894-1/29/1973, with Mary A. CROUSE 1/18/1895-9/21/1982


Mary E. CROUSE d. 9/15/1989


Mervin K. CROUSE 5/19/1920-5/19/1941, aged 21y


Howard S. CUPP 1902-1950, with Corabel O. CUPP 1894-1990


Paris C. DAUB 8/22/1867-10/16/1943, with Hannah C. nee Sharp 11/17/1866-12/4/1948 aged 82y 17d, and Calvin S. DAUB 9/28/1889-2/22/1959 aged 69y 4m 24d


Nicholas D. DICK 8/7/1898-8/26/1973, with Anna T. DICK 4/23/1910-2/21/1990


Evan S. DORNBACH 5/20/1868-5/7/1936, aged 67y 11m 17d


Lizzie S. DORNBACH 10/3/1867-4/17/1917, aged 49y 5m 14d, nee Brubaker


Obed DORNBACH 1846-1926, with wife Ramanda Shirk DORNBACH 1846-1901


Harold E. DRYBREAD 9/4/1902-9/19/1982, with Ella M. DRYBREAD 12/4/1901-7/23/1997


Urias EAVLING b. 4/29/1812(?), son of John and Dianna Eavling


Adam EBERLEY b. 7/16/????, son of David and Catharine Eberley


Cassander(?) EBERLY 10/1806, wife of (may be daughter of) David Eberly, next to David Eberly (d. 1856)


David EBERLY ?/27/1807-1/?/1856, aged 48y ?m 13d


David EBERLY 3/18/1778-3/30/1816, aged 38y 11d(sic)


John B. EBERLY 4/10/1806(?)-4/14/1880(?), aged ?y 1d


John E. EBERLY d. 8/2/1900, aged 69y 5m 14d, with Lydia W. EBERLY d. 4/30/1900, aged 63y 10m 9d


Lydia EBERLY 3/28/1805(?)-9/21/1869(?), aged 64y(?) 5m 23d, wife of John B. Eberly


Sarah EBERLY 3/28/1805(?)-9/21/1869(?), aged 64y(?) 5m 23d, wife of John B. Eberly


Susanna EBERLY  View 2  4/25/1778-12/20/1867, aged 89y 7m 25d


Alvin H. ENCK 1/8/1906-8/1/1987, with Mary S. ENCK 12/31/1905-8/26/1997


Elva K. ENCK 10/23/1927-4/29/1934, aged 6y 6m 6d


Elizabeth ENGLE  View 2  11/20/????-8/15/????, aged 58y 8m 28d, wife of James Engle, daughter of John Peters and his wife Sara


Samuel T. ESHLEMAN 1879-1959, with wife Mamie C. ESHLEMAN 1881-1975


Richard H. EVANS 3/3/1927-2/17/1994, with wife Helen C. EVANS 4/30/1917-4/19/1984


Harvey S. FASNACHT 11/5/1891-4/8/1943, aged 51y 5m 3d


Harvey S. FASNACHT 11/5/1891-4/8/1943, aged 51y 5m 3d


Stella FASNACHT 2/22/1894-12/20/1918, aged 24y 9m 28d, wife of Harvey Fasnacht


Ryan Levarn FASSNACHT 33661


Elias FIELD 10/26/1846-4/30/1919, aged 63y 6m 4d


Mary Alice FIELD 10/6/1871-1/24/1946


Sarah Ann FIELD 12/2/1851-7/28/1930, aged 78y 7m 26d


Catharina Anna FRANTZ 12/5/1792-6/27/1858, aged 66y 5m 23d


Jacob FRANTZ 8/12/1788-1/22/1861, aged 73y 5m 10d


Sarah FRANTZ 7(?)/29/1844-3/4/1864, aged 19y 7m 5d


Unknown FRANTZ 


Unknown FRANTZ 


Jacob FREDERICH 2/29/1833-4/18/1845, aged 12y 2m(sic) 18d


Adam FREDERICK d. 3/20/1901, aged 3y(?) 6m 28d, son of ? and Sarah Frederick


Daniel FREDERICK 10/27/1876-10/15/1877, aged 11m 18d, son of Daniel and Sarah Frederick


Daniel FREDERICK d. 1/26/1893, aged 62y 9m 12d, with Sallie FREDERICK d. 3/5/1918 aged 75y 16d


Elsie FREDERICK d. 7/27/1900(?), aged 3m 6d


Hannah FREDERICK 6/21/1804-10/10/1877, aged 73y 3m 19d, wife of Jonas Frederick


Jacob H. FREDERICK 1872-1954, with Mary M. FREDERICK 1876-1977


Jonas FREDERICK ?/28/1803-?/3/1878, aged 74y 11m 5d


Samuel H. FREDERICK 7/2/1880-5/3/1939, aged 58y 10m 1d


Susan FREDERICK d. 8/6/1838, aged about 64y, wife of Fred Frederick


Unknown FREDERICK between Susan Frederick and Jacob Frederich


Catherine FRITZ 1920-1937, daughter of Chester and Ellen Fritz


Henry FROESE 5/18/1896-6/16/1983, with Agatha FROESE 9/13/1906-9/26/1988


Francis FROMM 9/29/1920-12/30/1997, with Ada C. FROMM 7/30/1923-1/31/1993


Jason Francis FROMM 5/14/1977-12/2/2001, "Scmubby"


Walter D. FRY 1/17/1918-2/21/2000, with Irene E. FRY 2/9/1917-6/12/2002


Leah GARHART 3/11/1813-2/9/1884, aged 68y 10m 28d, wife of John Garhart, born Shirk


Herbert F. GEHR 12/14/1906-12/17/1981, with Lydia R. GEHR 1/19/1909-9/10/1999


Miriam GENTZLER 1/28/1912-4/29/1995


Coreta H. GETTEL 1/5/1912-11/9/1998, wife of Henry K.


Henry K. GETTEL 2/13/1905-11/4/1993 aged 87y 8m 21d, with Mamie G. GETTEL 4/13/1905-5/10/1928 aged 23y 27d


Catharine F. GETZ 1882-1959


Maria GETZ 9/26/1900-9/28/1989


Robert E. GETZ 4/28/1913-2/3/2001, with Ruth S. GETZ 7/11/1912-4/19/1997


Reuben G. GLASS 1862-1932, with wife Amanda M. GLASS 1860-1944


Kate GOOD 8/24/1851-9/9/1897


Elizabeth GOSHERT 1/18/1813-3/1/1895, aged 82y 1m 3d, wife of Jacob Goshert


George A.(?) GOSHERT 6/19/1888-4/21/1891, aged 2y 10m 2d, son of Moses R. and Sarah Goshert




Isio R. GOSHERT b. and d. 9/18/1905, with James R. b. and d. 7/31/1906, children of J. Adam and Lizzie Goshert


Israel R. GOSHERT 6/3/1845-9/6/1908, aged 63y 3m 3d


Jacob GOSHERT 9/14/1808-1/19/1876, aged 67y 4m 5d


Jacob Adam GOSHERT 2/16/1885-3/21/1944, with Lizzie E. GOSHERT 3/3/1886-7/5/1950 nee Root


Millie GOSHERT d. 5/18/1882(?), aged 3m(?) 2d, daughter of I.R. and Susan Goshert


Moses R. GOSHERT 11/3/1850-12/23/1906, aged 56y 1m 20d


Robert L. GOSHERT Sr. 1/20/1926-10/12/1996, with Lucie E. GOSHERT 3/13/1926-7/13/1999


Sarah GOSHERT 7/19/1853-5/16/1924, aged 70y 9m 27d


Susan GOSHERT d. 8/7/1873, aged 6m 4d, daughter of I.R. and Susan Goshert


Susan GOSHERT 5/22/1839-5/10/1906, aged 66y 11m 18d, wife of Israel R. Goshert


Unknown GOSHERT next to Isaac Goshert


William GOSHERT d. 12/18/1875, aged 4m 4d, son of I.R. and Susan Goshert


Peter GREBLUNAS 8/18/1905-11/5/1955, with Treva Reddig GREBLUNAS 7/5/1909-1/16/1997


John W. GROSS 2/22/1805-1/24/1878, aged 72y 11m 2d


Sarah GROSS 8/28/1810-8/30/1888, aged 78y 2d




Clayton HABECKER 1904-1991, with Florence HABECKER 1909-1993


Emanuel S. HABECKER 7/5/1879-11/2/1930 aged 51y 3m 27d, with Katie B. HABECKER 11/30/1879-7/31/1959 aged 79y 7m 29d


N. Willard HABECKER 3/22/1926-9/8/1926, with Fern L. 4/20/1927-5/15/1927, and Betty Jane 6/4/1931-1/31/1932


Nora HABECKER 1906-1989


Reuben G. HABECKER 6/11/1914-12/5/1992, with Florence Mae HABECKER 8/25/1914-4/22/1992


Frederick HACKMAN b. and d. 5/20/1942, son of Henry and Sallie Hackman


Peter HAFFLY 1/27/1807-2/19/1869, aged 62y 23d


Daniel B. HARDING d. 10/24/1918, aged 27y 5m 24d


John B. HARDING d. 10/19/1918, aged 20y 1m 18d




Amanda HARTING 7/25/1890-9/6/1895, aged 5y 1m 12d, daughter of Daniel and Emma Harting


Annie K. HARTING 11/29/1897-1/11/1932 aged 35y 1m 12d, next to Harry HARTING b. and d. 4/17/1890(?) and Ellie HARTING b. and d. 1/12/1889(?) children of Jacob and Annie Harting


Daniel M. HARTING 5/30/1857-5/19/1903, with Emeline W. HARTING 10/29/1856-12/13/1932


Harvey S.(?) 8/?/1881-9/?/1882(?)


Ada C. HASSLER 3/24/1928-8/7/2004


Abram W. HEFFLEY d. 12/10/1938, aged 16y(?) 19d(?), son of Jacob J. and Virginia R. Heffley


Jacob B. HEFFLEY 1/29/1856-9/26/1930 aged 74y 7m 27d, with Alice HEFFLEY nee Johns 2/16/1868-4/25/1954 aged 86y 2m 9d


Virginia R. HEFFLEY 3/11/1902-12/18/1938, aged 37y 9m 7d, wife of Jacob J. Heffley


Ada HEFFLY 10/18/????-8/28/18??, daughter of ? and ? Heffly


Sarah HEFFLY 11/29/1818-8/15/1894, aged ?y 8m ?d, wife of Peter Heffly


John F. HEIL 1885-1953, with Mabel M. HEIL 1892-1984, and John H. HEIL Jr. 1914-1985


Ray W. HEIL 14339


James HEIPPERT 9/28/1863-2/1, aged 4y 4m 4d, son of Joe and Sarah Heippert


Merton W. HENRY 7/12/1893-11/9/1965, with Marion E. HENRY 5/31/1901-11/1/1998


Paul W. HENRY 5/29/1907-2/12/1975, with Viola E. HENRY 2/5/1912-5/25/2003


Rosemary R. HENRY-SMITH 3/2/1928-3/26/1995


Adam H. HERTZOG 8/6/1890-1/9/1962, aged 71y 4m 13d


Carrie M. HERTZOG 12/9/1910-3/11/1911, daughter of Adam and Mamie Hertzog


Cleon R. HERTZOG 2/2/1921-6/22/1984


Evan G. HERTZOG 12/23/1892-5/20/1977 aged 84y 4m 27d, with Sadie Mae HERTZOG 7/21/1897-11/21/1950 aged 53y 4m, and Charles L. 12/6/1914-1/16/1915 aged 6w


Evan H. HERTZOG d. 12/20/1927, aged 57y 10m


James G. HERTZOG 1891-1891, with Lottie M. 1897-1898, and Ray H. 1900-1900


Lizzie HERTZOG d. 5/23/1920, aged 47y 11m 27d


Mamie R. HERTZOG 2/18/1889-2/26/1954, aged 65y 8d


Wilson HERTZOG 10/19/1871-4/3/1953, with Lena HERTZOG 7/19/1865-10/19/1948, Emma HERTZOG 4/3/1903-2/4/1981, and Susan 9/6/1901-1/26/1903


Rev. Elmer D. HESS 1884-1972, with Mazie M. HESS 1885-1948


Marian M. HESS 8/16/1912-10/9/2005


Jesse P. HICKS 7/15/1910-6/13/1997, Veteran


Suffia HILDABIDLE 10/14/1839-6/12/1861, aged 25y 8m 7d, wife of William Hildabidle


Henry HILDABIDLE  View 2  5/11/1795-10/?/1864(?) aged 67y 4m 22d, with wife Catharine HILDABIDLE 12/27/1802-1/9/1892, aged 89y 12d, wife of Henry Hildabidle


William HILDEBRAND 1832-1910, with Susanna HILDEBRAND 1844-1924


William HIPPERT d. 12/15/1862, aged 5m 18d, son of Joe and Sarah Hippert


Milton M. HIRNEISEN 7/26/1889-9/25/1982, with Jennie E. HIRNEISEN 11/4/1894-10/5/1921


Daniel HOASTER 7/4/1872-7/28/1936


Isaac S. HOASTER 3/21/1884(?)-10/11/1935


Kate HOSTER 1847-1931, aged 84y


Wm. HOSTER 1849-1902, aged 53y


John E. HOUCK 2/26/1932-12/2/1991


Lorelei A. HOY 10/2/1929-12/13/1990


John HUBER d. 5/27/1913, aged 18y 9m 12d


Gilbert S. HULSHIZER 1/31/1913-11/24/1994


E. V. J. next to Elizabeth Royer Jeter


Susan JAMISON 1883-1982


Jeremiah d. 10/10(?)/1???, aged 17y(?) 1m ?d


Elizabeth Royer JETER 


Johanes d. 10/20/1818


Sarah(?) KARTER 8/14/1840-8/28/1848, aged 8y 14d


Adam B. KINDIG 1866-1942, with wife Annie S. Dornbach KINDIG 1871-1950


Eliza L. KING 1/4/1846-5/8/1911, aged 65y 4m 4d, wife of Samuel King


Lillie KING 9/18/1887-9/21/1905, aged 18y 3d, wife of Harry King


Ray M. KING 12/4/1903-5/7/1904, aged 5m 3d, son of Harry and Lillie King


Samuel P. KING 10/10/1844-12/10/1920, aged 76y 2m


Dennis Lee KITCH 10/16/1956-12/3/1978


Lizzie M. KLUGH 9/7/1901-11/12/1963, nee Mentzer


Abraham J. KOOP 10/3/1895-12/19/1968, with Anna B. KOOP 7/17/1901-8/24/1996


John E. KOOP 8/22/1935-12/17/1999


------ Hildabidle KRAMER 1864-8/23/1865, daughter of Catharina Kramer


Catharine KRAMER 6/26/1841-12/27/1894, aged 83y 6m 1d, wife of Ruben Kramer, born Hart


Eddie KRAMER d. 11/3/1898, aged 21y(?) 8m 13d




Harry S. KRAMER 12/21/1894-1/3/1984, with Mary E. KRAMER 1/2/1902-1/31/1990


Reuben KRAMER d. 6/27/1844(?)


Georg KRUM 8/31/1818


Abraham B. KURTZ 9/26/1862-11/6/1952 aged 90y 1m 10d, with Lizzie S. KURTZ 5/14/1864-11/4/1922 aged 58y 5m 20d


Addison H. KURTZ 6/22/1859-11/22/1933 aged 74y 5m, with Amanda B. KURTZ 6/30/1859-1/14/1936 aged 76y 6m 14d


Addison K. KURTZ 10/6/1881-3/18/1905, aged 23y 5m 12d, son of Addison and Amanda Kurtz


Alvin KURTZ  View 2  2/23(?)/1886(?)-7/18/1886(?) aged 4m 27d, with Lemon KURTZ 2/23(?)/1886(?)-8/?/1886(?), aged 5m 29d(?)  sons of Abraham and Lizzie Kurtz


Alvin K. KURTZ  View 2  7/26/1892-9/17/1893, aged 1y 1m 22d, son of A.K. and Amanda Kurtz


Milton K. KURTZ  View 2  d. 1(?)/11/18??, son of ?


Henry K. KURTZ  View 2  d. 1/28/18?8, aged 2m, son of ? A.K. and Amanda B. Kurtz


Elsie W. KURTZ 9/4/1909-11/4/1909, aged 2m, daughter of ? and Annie(?) Kurtz


Hannah KURTZ 3/5/1861-4/6/1885, wife of John B. Kurtz, nee Shirk


Harry B. KURTZ 9/29/1878-8/1/1962, with Anna E. KURTZ 8/29/1874-2/8/1955 nee Shirk


Howard KURTZ 10/6/1892-11/6/1892, son of A.B. and Lizzie Kurtz


Jacob KURTZ d. 1/4/18?7(?)


Lillie K. KURTZ 1/7/1884-12/19/1962


Lizzie KURTZ 5/8/1862-9/4/1863, aged 1y ?m ?d, daughter of John and Ma---- Kurtz


Maria F. KURTZ 4/1/1843-8/30/1877, aged 34y 4m 29d, wife of John S. Kurtz


Oscar S. KURTZ 8/15/1887-4/6/1964


Ralph S. KURTZ 1/1/1909-2/1/1982, with Grace KURTZ 7/5/1913-2/23/1989, and Ruth V. 2/23/1932-3/31/1934


Samuel KURTZ 3/9/1848-12/24/1851, aged 3y 9m 15d, son of Abraham and Anna Kurtz


Sarah Shirk KURTZ d. 11/4/1909, aged 90y 7m 15d, wife of Jacob Kurtz


Paul H. LANDIS 4/18/1919-6/26/1985


Ronald Paul LANDIS 2/21/1948, son of Arlene and Paul Landis


Earl B. LATSHAW 9/11/1903-1/18/1984, with Katie I. LATSHAW 2/19/1900-5/26/1985


Isaac H. LATSHAW 9/8/1872-4/7/1965, with Nora S. LATSHAW 8/24/1877-2/16/1957, and Emma B. 12/10/1900-2/16/1903


Adam LAUCH 4/?/1804-9/4/1860(?), aged 6?y 4m 26d


Unknown LAUCK 1/6/1806-1/9/1879(?), aged 72y 3d, ? of Adam Louck


Bernice G. LAUSCH 1/10/1926-4/26/2001


Benneville LEBO 7/23/1839-11/30/1908, aged 69y 4m 7d


Catharine Hefly LEBO 9/15/1842-2/6/1891, aged 48y 5m 1d, wife of Benneville Lebo


Reuben LEISEY 10/31/1826-4/8/1898, aged 71y 5m 7d


Sallie LEISEY 10/22/1839-4/7/1920, aged 80y 5m 15d, wife of Reuben Leisey


Lemon the name Susan is on the stone also.


Unknown LOOSE 


Robert E. LORAH 3/8/1919-2/9/1990


Edith B. LUDWIG d. 1/28/1916, aged 5m 21d, daughter of Phares and Lizzie Ludwig


Phares S. LUDWIG 11/15/1885-1/25/1972, with Elizabeth E. LUDWIG 9/7/1891-8/22/1967


Troy David LUDWIG 2/2/1968-5/11/1997


Belton LeRoy LUTZ 8/29/1891-7/19/1954, with Sallie Albright LUTZ 4/1/1892-2/8/1974


Daniel Z. LUTZ 9/2/1827-1/12/1904 aged 76y 4m 10d, with Elizabeth Bard LUTZ 1/7/1836-3/25/1917 aged 81y 2m 18d


Daniel LUTZ  View 2   d. 11/18/1863(?), aged 1y ?m ?d, with  George LUTZ  and  Thomas LUTZ


Ruth E. LUTZ 3/2/1918-5/26/2001, US Army WWII


Wayne B. LUTZ 1858-1942 aged 83y 1m 23d, with Matilda S. LUTZ 1867-1933 aged 66y 1m 24d



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