Lancaster Cemetery


Lancaster, Lancaster County



Partial Photo Transcription


Contributed by

Abby Bowman


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J. W. MARROW  10/1/1848-8/29/1913, Same stone as Harriet Craig


Lizzie MARROW  Initials


Lizzie and Mary E. MARROW  Lizzie 6/25/1859-6/3/1890, Mary 10/25/1873-1/6/1898, Wives of G. Brayton Marrow


Lizzie and Mary E. MARROW  View of plot


Mary E. MARROW  Initials


David N. and Kate E. MARTIN  David 1841-1884 CO. A-122 REG. PA. VOL., Kate 1840-1903


William H. and Sallie M. MARTIN  William 1866-1922, Sallie 1867-1949


Mary (11/25/18??-2/?/18?5, Aged 5y 5m 20d, Daughter of ?)


Edith W. MAURER  Entered Into Rest Easter Morning 1912


Elisabetha MAURER  Daughter of Jacob Maurer


Jacob and Rosina MAURER  Jacob 2/23/1841-3/12/1913, Rosina 6/12/1853-3/12/1929


Jacob A. MAURER  12/12/1830-3/11/1908


Laura E. MAURER  10/11/1834-6/7/????, Wife of Jacob A. Maurer


Charles C. McBRIDE(?)  7/27/1877-2/26/188?, Aged 6y, Son of ?


Charles C. and Walter(?) McBRIDE(?)  Full view


Walter McBRIDE(?)  2/?/1881(?)-4/2?/????, Son of ? and Annie(?) McBride(?)




A. Chlotilda McCASKEY  1873-1951


Adda P. McCASKEY  1869-1959


John S. and Helen S. McCASKEY  John d. 1875 Aged 6y, Helen d. 1875 Aged 17d


Joseph B. McCASKEY, Jr.  1871-1940


Joseph B. McCASKEY III  1903-1967


Marie Willis McCASKEY  1892-1892, Aged 6m


William McCASKEY  1815-1884


Unknown McCAULEY  Same stone as Henry, Barbara and Clara McCutchen


Clara(?) McCUTCHEN  Same stone as Henry and Barbara McCutchen


Henry and Barbara McCUTCHEN  Henry - Dates illegible, Barbara 10/?/1817-4/1(?)/1904 Aged 85y(?) ?m 28d(?) Wife of Henry McCutchen, Same stone as Clara McCutchen


William C. and Mary A. McGLINN  William 1829-1892, Mary 1832-1890


Richard McGRANN  8/?/1860-6/29(?)/187?, Son of M--- ? Connell(?), See photo for McCaskey plot


H. Cornelia and Clarissa P. McPHERSON  H. Cornelia 1849-1926 Wife of J. S. McPherson, Same stone as Howard McPherson


Howard P. McPHERSON  1886-1887, Same stone as H. Cornelia and Clarissa P. McPherson


Aaron and Catharine MEHAFFEY  Aaron, 1856-1930, Catharine 1856-1923


Jacob Leroy and Sherman H. MEHAFFEY  Jacob-"Our Sailor Boy His Life Was Lost by Sinking of U.S.S. Yosemite in Ladrone Island 11/13/1900 in His 21st Year", Sherman H. 1887-1901


Unknown MEHAFFEY  Same stone as Aaron and Catharine Mehaffey


Walter W. and Rosemay MENTZER  Walter 3/31/1893-12/1/1983, Rosemay 5/11/1898-3/8/1989


Joseph Richards and Mary Shirk MERCER  Joseph 1873-1922, Mary 1875-1948


Annie V. MESSENKOP  11/25/1862-1/10/1889


Eskeline MESSENKOP  8/27/1829-5/13/1901, Wife of James L. Messenkop


James L. MESSENKOP  11/8/1826-6/22/1895


John A. MESSENKOP  9/6/1859-6/5/1944


John L. and Ann Elizabeth METZGER  John 1845-1912, Ann 1847-1923


Maria METZGER  3/9/1803-10/19/1890, Aged 87y 7m 10d, Wife of George Metzger


Charles J. and Laura F. MILLER  Charles 11/1/1856-6/19/1931, Laura 5/10/1864-11/19/1931


Christoph MILLER  1/20/1826-1/11/1906(?)


Frederick and Mary A. MILLER  Frederick 1855-1924, Mary 1866-1921


Harry P. and Barbara MILLER  Harry 1861-1923, Barbara 1861-1890


Jacob S. and Catharine R. MILLER  Jacob 2/17/1828-4/20/1874, Catharine 11/7/1823-1/7/1908


Mary Louisa MILLER  11/27/1851-5/19/1920, Daughter of Christoph and Susan Miller


Susan MILLER  6/26/1821(?)-8/18/1914, Wife of Christop Miller(?)


Timmy Ray MILLHOUSE  1959-1960


Edward J. MOFFETT  d. 1906, Son of Roland and Virginia Moffett


Annie MOHN  4/10/1871-2/27/1890, Daughter of Wm. and Phebe Mohn


Richard E. MORRIS  1923-1926, With Gladys I. Morris Sexton and William D. and Robert K. Morris


Robert K. MORRIS  1924-1928, With Gladys I. Morris Sexton and William D. and Richard E. Morris


Unknown MORRIS(?)  Same area as Gladys I. Morris Sexton and William D, Richard E. and Robert K. Morris


William D. MORRIS  1929-1930, With Gladys I. Morris Sexton and Robert K. and Richard E. Morris


Thomas MORTON  b. 3/24(?)/1901(?)


Bertha Spidle MOWRER  1876-1965


Edward MUNSON  1/18/1870-4/29/1959


Henry R. and Catherine M. MUNSON  Henry 1840-1881 Co. A. 79th Reg. PA Vol., Catherine 1843-1875


Esther A. MUSSER  1907-1983


Alonzo MYERS  11/7/1862-2/23/1880(?), Son of H. R. and M. A. Myers


Bayard O. and Catherine H. MYERS  Bayard 1855-1928, Catherine 1863-1947


John Y. MYERS  1896-1942, Next to Bayard and Catherine Myers


Mary Ann MYERS  ??/23/1832(?)-9/11(?)/----, Wife of Henry R. Myers


John NAGLER  7/25/1848-3/17/1902


Lowemma NAUMAN  1/8/1851-11/8/1880, Wife of William Nauman


Harry C., Ida M. and Donald M. NEUDORF  Harry 1889-1970, Ida 1886-1969, Donald 1925-1930


Stanton J. NICKEL  8/21/1915-7/22/1940




Ann Eliza NIXDORF  3/28/1836-11/2/1912, Wife of Frederick Nixdorf


Barbara NIXDORF  10/12/1811-5/16/1885, Aged 73y 7m 4d, Wife of John Nixdorf


Charles, Mamie E. and Unknown NIXDORF  Mamie 11/7/1874-12/27/1877, Children of Henry and Elizabeth Nixdorf


Frederick NIXDORF  3/19/1834-8/28/1902


George Frederick NIXDORF


Henry and Elizabeth NIXDORF  Henry 1844-1895 Co. K. 122nd PA. VOL., Elizabeth 1848-1938


John NIXDORF  2/9/1810-12/17/1884, Aged 74y 10m 8d


John S. NIXDORF  7/2?/1859(?)-1/?/1869(?), Aged 9y 5m 25d, Son of Frederick and Ann E. Nixdorf


Reuben Henry NIXDORF  1/?/189?-??/??/1900


Samuel A. NIXDORF  4/30/1861-1/8/1890, Son of Frederick and Ann E. Nixdorf




Kate D. NOGLE  10/22/1840-9/14/1873(?), Wife of Emanuel Nogle(?)


M. Catharine Scholl NOLTE  1902-1930, Next to John and Mary Scholl


Nora Bell(?)


W. Park and A. Elizabeth NORTON  W. Park 1895-1974, A. Elizabeth 1900-2000


Elizabeth E. Weidler PATTERSON  1829-1921, Wife of Saml. Patterson


Florence N. W. PATTERSON  1851(?)-1898


Samuel PATTERSON  1824-1898


PATTERSON Plot  Samuel, Florence and Elizabeth


Pearl Esther(?)


Samuel and Ellen G. PETERS  Samuel 1868-1938, Ellen 1869-1933


James P. and Marg't C. PLUCKER  James 6/12/1838-5/18/1898, Marg't 8/28/1855-3/5/1912


Kathryn L. PLUCKER  1879-1936


Amanda PONTZ  Mother stone


George PONTZ  Father stone


George and Amanda C. PONTZ  George 6/30/1836-10/28/1890, Amanda 2/1/1841-4/14/1898 In Her 53rd Year


George W. PONTZ  1/9/1860-4/11/188?, Son of Geo. and Amanda C. Pontz


George C. POTTFIGER  1891-1891, Son of James and Laura Pottfiger


Dr. Samuel T. PRIGG  d. 1/13/1853, Aged 33y 8m 1d


Thomas T. PRIGG  8/5/1820-8/13/1879, Aged 59y 8d


S. B. R.  with Burrowes stones


Elizabeth Ram-----  d. 12/24/1901, Aged 58y, wife of W. Ram-----


Charles C. RAWN  ?/?/1837-?


Douglas Nauman RAWN  Son of Major ? and Isabel Rawn


Margaret B. RAWN  8/16/1877-7/21/1968




Rebecca and Unknown


Edgar C. REED  12/3/1843(?)-9/13/1872(?), Son of John K. and Sarah Reed


Emma Augusta REED  1845-4/1?/18??, Daughter of ? and Sarah Reed


John K. REED  9/21/1871-1/27/1873, Aged 1y 4m 6d, Son of ? Reed


John K. REED  10/7/1816-4/25/1882, Aged 66y 6m 18d


Theodore Horace REED  7/19/1848-3/22/1882, Aged 33y 8m 3d, Son of John K. and Sarah Reed


Unknown REED  Grave located among other Reed stones


Sallie REEDMILLER  11/25/1872-8/25/1968, with Cogley stones


Andrew G. and Elizabeth B. REIDER  Andrew 1838-1925, Elizabeth 1848-1909


Jacob REINHOLD  3/15/1816-4/17/1886, Aged 70y 1m 2d


Mary Lesher REINHOLD  3/19/1820-4/15/1913, Aged 93y 26d, Wife of Jacob Reinhold


Edward E. RESH  5/16/1869-2/26/1914


Ruben RESH  6/14/1855-1/31/1917


Samuel RESH  6/20/1834-7/9/1908


Dora REYNOLDS  1884-1912


Charles G. RHOADS  Initials


Charles G. and Massey Carpenter Burrowes RHOADS  Charles 3/30/1845-4/10/1882, Massey 9/18/1843-5/3/1888, Same stone as Margaretta and Salome


Margaretta RHOADS  7/24/1876-5/7/1882, Daughter of C.G. and M.B. Rhoads, Same stone as Charles, Massey and Salome Rhoads


Massey Burrowes RHOADS  Initials


Salome B. RHOADS  7/18/1878-6/29/1959, Daughter of Massey B. and Charles G. Rhoads, Same stone as parents and Salome and Margaretta Rhoads


Anna E. RILL  1824-1904, Wife of John Rill


Lizzie RILL  1859-1938


Godfried RIPPLE  Co. G. (?)


Frederick ROBINSON  3/23/1832-11/2/1882, Born in Lisnaskea Fermanach Co. Ireland, Died Lancaster, PA, 1st Lieut. 5th U.S. Artillery


Jno. ROBINSON  Co. B 1st PA RES.


Mary D. Nauman ROBINSON  1839-1920, Wife of Frederick Robinson


Wesley A., Priscilla F. and Harry E. ROONEY  Wesley 1856-1925, Priscilla 1866-1949, Harry 1868-1889


Mary Elizabeth ROOT  1909-1920


Franklin E. and Ada S. ROTH  Franklin 1873-1949, Ada 1881-1959


John B. Sr. and Anna M. ROTH  John 5/15/1831-1/2/1913, Anna 8/25/1831-7/26/1901


Lydia A. ROWE  11/30/18??-7/1/1899, Also see photo for Elim and Susan S. Rowe Snyder


Rebecca T. ROWE  9/23/1823-8/9/1912, Aged 88y 10m ?d, Also see photo for Elim and Susan S. Rowe Snyder


Leah Salina ROYER  9/17/1843-12/17/1891, Wife of Joseph R. Royer


Christian C. and Elizabeth E. RUDY  Christian 1885-1939, Elizabeth 1886-1964


Benjamin RUTH


Benjamin and Mary A. RUTH  Benjamin d. 3/3/1885 Aged 60y 6m 19d, Mary 12/19/1815-7/13/1901, Same stone as Julia Sharp and Emanuel & Harriet Keller


Mary A. RUTH


Anna K. RUTTER  1878-1965


Emanuel and Annie E. RUTTER  Emanuel 1854-1924, Annie 1858-1895


Franklin B. RUTTER  11/3/1877-2/15/1891, Aged 13y 3m 12d, Son of S. S. and Ellie E. Rutter


Lestie M. RUTTER  2/2/1893-?, Daughter of S. S. and Ellie E. Rutter


Milton RUTTER  10/?/1873-7/16/1901, Aged 27y 9m 10d(?), Son of ? Rutter


Samuel S. RUTTER  5/28/1823-10/7/1895


Samuel S. and Etta E. RUTTER  Samuel 6/14/1851-1/3/1916, Etta, 7/28/1856-7/3/1918


Sarah RUTTER  9/15/1823-12/5/1903(?), Wife of Samuel S. Rutter (1823-1895)


Unknown RUTTER


Samuel (??/3/1851-??/20/1852(?), Son of ?, Near Speidel's and Zell)


Catharine SANDERS  1/1/1851-5/12/1922


Catharine and Unknown SANDERS  with missing stone


Mabel Blickenderfer and Richard Southwell SANDERSON  Mabel 1883-1936, Richard 6/12/1911-10/17/1994


C. Russell SCHOLL  1911-1967, Next to John and Mary Scholl, Also see photo for M. Catharine Scholl Nolte


John C. and Mary E. SCHOLL  John 1866-1939, Mary 1868-1950


Anna M., Harvey M. and Infant Daughter SENER  Anna 1858-1883, Harvey 1859-1941, Infant 1882


George E. SENER  1865-1926


Gladys I. Morris SEXTON  1915-1939, Next to William D. and Robert K. Morris


Julia A. SHARP  9/10/1782-3/3/1880, Same stone as Benjamin & Mary Ruth and Emanuel & Harriet Keller


Julia A. SHARP


Lucinda L., Caroline A. and Elizabeth SHARP  Lucinda 3/29/1845-4/9/1899, Caroline 12/26/1825-4/27/1903, Elizabeth 3/4/1839-11/20/1905


Frank W. SHAUB  4/24/1901-11/6/1910, Son of Henry and Rose Shaub


Henry and Annie SHAUB  Henry 2/1/1844-5/9/1908, Annie 6/6/1841-3/26/1886


Katie SHAUB  7/20/18??-9/22/18??, Aged 2y 3m 3d, Daughter of Henry and Annie Shaub(?)


Lillie SHAUB(?)  Daughter of Henry and Annie Shaub(?)


Louisa SHAUB  7/3/1843-5/23/1895, Aged 51y 10m 15d, Wife of Henry Shaub


Rosa K. SHAUB  5/28/1868-4/26/1947, Wife of Henry Shaub


Charles E. and Alvenia SHAY  and Family, Charles 1855-1937, Alvenia 1863-1964


M. Adelia SHIRK  12/19/1854-9/11/1901, Wife of Reuben Shirk


Reuben SHIRK  7/14/1851-10/23/1915


John and Elizabeth L. SHORT  John 7/5/1849-5/29/1924, Elizabeth 11/16/1853-8/19/1916


SHREINER  Dorothy, Clara, Isaac, Mary, Mabel, Lillian, Charles, Mary Blanche


Catharine SHREINER  4/?/1813(?)-11/20/1884(?)


Charles and Lillian M. SHREINER  Charles 1877-1878, Lillian 1872-1873, with Dorothy, Clara, Isaac, Mary, Mabel, Mary Blanche


Clara L. Wingert SHREINER  1862-1936, with Dorothy, Isaac, Mary, Mabel, Lillian, Charles, Mary Blanche


David and Sarah SHREINER  David 3/25/1825-12/27/1855, Sarah 1/6/1824-1/14/1900


Dorothy L. SHREINER  1897-1953, with Clara, Isaac, Mary, Mabel, Lillian, Charles, Mary Blanche


Isaac Johns SHREINER  1847-1924, with Dorothy, Clara, Mary, Mabel, Lillian, Charles, Mary Blanche


Mabel Feather SHREINER  1875-1911, with Dorothy, Clara, Isaac, Mary, Lillian, Charles, Mary Blanche


Mary A. Feather SHREINER  1847-1878, with Dorothy, Clara, Isaac, Mabel, Lillian Charles, Mary Blanche


Mary Blanche SHREINER  1886-1892, with Dorothy, Clara, Isaac, Mary, Mabel, Lillian, Charles


Edna S. SHULMYER  8/18/1887-3/31/1888, Daughter of Chas. J. and Millicent Shulmyer


John and Mary SIEBELIST


Frederick W. and Verne S. SLAUGH  Frederick 1905-1982, Verne 1907-2000


Bon J. and Mary A. SMALING  Bon 1883-1942, Mary 1881-1965


George SMALING(?)  Next to Sarah Ann Smaling


John F. SMALING  1908-1973


John F. and Lotta E. SMALING  John 1857-1938, Lotta 1846-1917


Sarah Ann SMALING  9/27/1837-12/12/1924, Next to George Smaling


Emma SMITH  9/7/1848-7/22/1923, Wife of William H. Smith


Robert Owen SMITH  3/19/1908-6/12/1958, Cheif [sic] Petty Officer U.S.N.


William H. SMITH  7/11/1849-8/10/1936


Elim C. SNYDER  Initials


Elim C. and Susan S. Rowe SNYDER  Elim 10/27/1832-11/4/1905, Susan 3/14/1835-5/3/1922


Sue B. SNYDER  8/11/1879-6/7/1961


Susan Flinchbaugh SNYDER  1844(?)-18?7(?), Wife of Oliver Snyder


SPEIDEL plot  Abraham, Wilhelmina and Lillie


Abraham SPEIDEL  8/18/1859(?)-10/11/1893


Abraham, Catharine and Anna Amelia SPEIDEL  Abraham 10/3/1848-9/25/1849 Aged 11m 22d, Catharine 12/18/1833-3/10/1850 Aged 17y 2m 20d, Anna 5/17/1840-8/12/1870, Aged 30y 2m 26d, Children of ?


Lillie May SPEIDEL  Daughter of ?


Lorenz SPEIDEL  4/25/1803-5/26/1882, Aged 79y 1m 1d


Wilhelmina P. SPEIDEL  11/17/1852-3/4/1908, Wife of Abraham Speidel


Jennie F. SPIDLE  1/3/1879-5/3/1880


John SPIDLE  12/19/1835-5/24/1919, G.A.R. Marker


John P. L. SPIDLE  1/27/1870-11/10/1878


Katie M. SPIDLE  11/6/1866-10/14/1879


M. Catharine SPIDLE  12/1/1837-1/14/1898


Elizabeth SPURRIER  12/2?/17??-1/2?/1874(?), Aged ?y 6m 27d, Wife of William L. Spurrier, Born in the city of Bristol Enland


John H. SPURRIER  12/8/1807-3/30/1885, Aged 77y 3m 22d, Son of William A. and Elizabeth Spurrier, Born in Bristol England


William A. SPURRIER  7/11/1806-2/17/1873, Aged 66y 7m 6d, Son of William and Elizabeth Spurrier, Born in Bristol England


Daniel M. STAUFFER  12/4/1845-8/14/1881(?), Aged 35y 8m ?d


Elizabeth STAUFFER  4/17/1850-12/25/1873, Aged 23y 8m 8d, Wife of Newton Stauffer


Maria F. STAUFFER  1846-1929, Wife of Daniel M. Stauffer


Unknown STAUFFER  near Maria and Daniel Stauffer


Cassandra STEWART  12/2/1795(?)-2/10/1879(?), Wife of John Stewart


John STEWART  1/29/1890(?)-12/28/1908(?), Son of John and Cassandra(?) Stewart


Louis H. and Pauline STROEBLE  Louis 1842-1888, Pauline 1838-1896


Suie(?) (Next to Harvey Hubert)


John P. SWARR  2/13/1852-12/13/1913, Aged 61y 10m


Abram D. and Maria L. SWARTLEY  Abram 3/30/1844-6/7/1912, Maria 6/5/1853-9/2/1929


Carrie Frances SWARTLEY  d. 9/16/1878, Aged 6m 28d, Daughter of Abram D. and Maria L. Swartley


Irene M. SWARTLEY  1893-1961


J. Clyde SWARTLEY  6/??/1886(?)-12/??/1891(?), Son of Abram and Maria Swartley


Clayton S. and Ella P. SWEIGART  Clayton 1887-1985, Ella 1885-1983


Donald K. SWEIGART  5/29/1919-11/10/1942, Tech. Sgt. U.S. Army Air Corps


Mary E. SWOPE  1870-1958


Milton and Lydia A. SWOPE  Milton 5/28/1844-11/18/1899 Sergeant Co. A. 99. PA. Vet. Vol., Lydia 11/13/1846-5/1/1916


John, Mary and Franklin TAMMANEY  John Aged 90y, Mary Aged 78y, Franklin Aged 51y


Amanda R. TAYLOR  2/9/1844-4/3/1911


Annie TAYLOR  4/2?/????-9/15/190?


G. Washington and Rebecca Smith TAYLOR  G. Washington 1845-1931, Rebecca 1847-1913


Geo. M. TAYLOR  8/1/1867-1/16/1909


Geo. M. and Amanda R. TAYLOR  Full view


Unknown TAYLOR  Sister, next to Annie and Unknown Taylor


William TAYLOR  ??/9/1792(?)-1/8/184?(?)


Williamina and Unknown TAYLOR  Williamina 10/?/????-8/9/18??, Unknown 11/?/????-3/23/????


Raymond TICHTEL(?)


Henry H. UNDERWOOD  7/14/1836-8/25/1901


Maria C. UNDERWOOD  1844-1920, Wife of Henry H. Underwood


Unknown (Next to Edward P. Bowman)


Unknown (Between Hupper's)


Unknown Soldier (Co. E 1st PA RES. 1902)




H. B. and Emma L. VONDERSMITH  H.B. 1844-1914 Co. K 75th PA Vet. Vol., Emma 1855-1905


Horace B. VONDERSMITH  5/24/1903-3/11/1912, Son of H. M. and M. D. Vondersmith


Horace Binney VONDERSMITH  5/11?/1875(?)-8/23/1877, Son of H. A. and ? Vondersmith


Horace Binney and Lillie Aileen VONDERSMITH  Horace 1893-1894, Lillie 1881-1882


Albert K. WARFEL  1836-1925, See other photos for Albert and Naomi Warfel and children


Albert K. and Mary Naomi Groff WARFEL  Albert 6/11/1836-7/13/1925, Mary 9/8/1835-11/3/1925, Also see photos for John and S. Kezia Groff


WARFEL Children  of Albert K. and Naomi Warfel, Otis G. 1/21/1860-8/5/1896, Harry E. 6/12/1864-7/6/1864, Ovid B. 7/15/1865-8/30/1873, Mary Eva 10/18/1867-4/18/1957, Naomi E. 1/15/1874-2/28/1963


Eliz. A. WARFEL  With John G. WARFEL


Harry E. WARFEL  d. 1864, Son of Albert K. and Naomi Warfel, See photo for Warfel Children


Jessie F. WARFEL  With John B. and Mary G. Warfel


John B. WARFEL  With Mary Girvin and Jessie F. Warfel


John B., Mary Girvin and Jessie F. WARFEL  John 9/19/1830-4/18/1908, Mary 7/22/1830-4/25/1903, Jessie 3/25/1857-6/2/1923


John G. WARFEL  with Elizabeth A. Warfel


John G. and Elizabeth A. WARFEL  John 3/15/1863-5/15/1923, Elizabeth A. 3/8/1865-5/8/1946


John L. WARFEL  with Mary S. Warfel, Son of John G. and Elizabeth A. Warfel


John L. and Mary S. WARFEL  John 7/14/1890-12/9/1976, Mary 10/20/1898-6/5/1955, Children of John G. and Elizabeth A. Warfel


M. Eva WARFEL  1867-1957, Son of Albert K. and Naomi Warfel, See photo for Warfel Children


M. Naomi WARFEL  1835-1925, See other photos for Albert and Naomi Warfel and children


Mary G. WARFEL  With John B. and Jessie F. Warfel


Mary S. WARFEL  With John L. Warfel, Daughter of John G. and Elizabeth A. Warfel


Naomi E. WARFEL  1874-1963, Son of Albert K. and Naomi Warfel, See photo for Warfel Children


Otis G. WARFEL  1860-1896, Son of Albert K. and Naomi Warfel, See photo for Warfel Children


Ovid B. WARFEL  1865-1873, Son of Albert K. and Naomi Warfel, See photo for Warfel Children


Robert C. WARFEL  10/28/1862-1/4/1871


Harold P. and Mildred G. WATTS  Harold 1903-1985, Mildred 1907-2001


Jacob WE---R  1897(?)


Owen C. WEIDNER  9/11/1880-10/7/1899


Jemima WEIGAND  6/9/1833-9/14/1898, Wife of Edwin Weigand


Louisa G. WENDLER  4/29/1828-7/9/1908


Elizabeth WERTZ  1863-1932


John M. and Leah WHITE  John 6/27/1838-3/25/1887, Leah wife of John


Margaret WHITE  1808-1904


Richard WHITE  1899-1974


Mary A. WIDMYER  5/29/1835(?), Wife of Richard Widmyer


R. B. WIDMYER  4/15/1897-4/17/1931


Richard WIDMYER  1832-1912


Joseph L. and Frances K. WILGUS  Joseph 1861-1938, Frances 1861-1938


Albert R. WILLIAMS  3/9/1861-1/9/1889, Aged 27y 10m


John C. WILSON  10/20/1851-3/16/1889, Aged 37y 5m ?d, Next to John and Elizabeth Wilson


John C. and Elizabeth M. WILSON  John 1884-1975, Elizabeth 1896-1973


Sarah WINOWER  10/19/1827-7/27/1915


----es A. WINOWER  10/8/1856-6/16/1880


George W. WIRTH  7/4(?)/1854(?)-4/7/1895(?), Son of ? and Harriet(?) Wirth


Unknown WOLF


Barbara WOLFERSBERGER  6/19/1809-12/9/1886, Aged 77y, Wife of Peter Wolfersberger


Susan R. and Annie M. WOLFERSBERGER  Susan 1840-1914, Annie 1848-1923


George F. and Rosie WORNER  George 1857-1907, Rosie 1860-1935


Annie R. ZECHER  7/5/1873-2/9/1878, Same stone as George and May Zecher


Annie R. ZECHER  Initials


ZECHER  George, Annie and May


Geo. W. ZECHER  Close-up, 4/20/1843(?)-3/30/1861(?), Corp CO B(?) -- remainder illegible, Flag at grave, Same stone as Annie R. and May Zecher


Geo. W. ZECHER  Initials


Geo. W. ZECHER  Full view


Howard K. ZECHER  7/?/1873(?)-7/17/189?


May E. ZECHER  7/18/1871-9/13/1911, Same stone as George and Annie Zecher


May E. ZECHER  Initials


Susan Speidle ZELL  11/2/1845-2/2/1873(?), Aged 27y 3m 10d, Daughter of ? and Catharine E. Speidle, Wife of Samuel ZELL, see Speidel photos


Edna May ZERCHER(?)  With Erisman stones


Harold J. ZIMMERMAN  3/6/1899-1/?/1900


Sarah V. ZIMMERMAN  10/15/1873-7/19/1958


John and Emilie ZUERCHER  John 4/6/1826-8/24/1897 Corp'l Co. A. 1st Reg't N.Y. Sharp Shooters, Emilie 12/6/1832-6/26/1898


Joseph W. and Virginia L. ZUG  Joseph 1884-1918, Virginia 1887-1949




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