Lancaster Cemetery


Lancaster, Lancaster County



Partial Photo Transcription


Contributed by

Abby Bowman


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Nancy M. ALBERT  Mother stone


William ALBERT  Father stone


William and Nancy M. ALBERT  William 12/17/1829-6/16/1881, Nancy 8/15/1839-1/3/1929


Ann ALBRICHT  d. 11/11(?)/1872, aged 75y 9d, Wife of Jacob Albricht


Annie ALBRICHT  1838-1937


Cyrus J. and Jacob ALBRICHT  Cyrus 4/11/18??-1/15(?)/1879, Jacob 3/12/1833-7/30/18??, Killed at -------, Sons of Jacob and Ann Albricht


Jacob ALBRICHT  d. 3/28/1856, Aged 58y 1m 14d


Henry F. AMMON  8/6/1905-9/19/1926


John M. AMMON  8/5/1910-4/10/1994


Samuel E. and Lillie Ziegler AMMON  Samuel 1873-1940, Lillie 1869-1955


Andrew J.


Daniel F. and Susan ANDREWS  Daniel 8/6/1840-11/7/1912 Aged 72y 3m 2d, Co E. 101 IND. VOL., Susan 1/15/1840-3/15/1911 Aged 71y 2m


Ella Nora and Katie ANDREWS  Daughters of ? Andrews


Harry ANDREWS  10/13/1876-11/12/1919


Jane ANDREWS  d. 8/4/1899, Same stone as George Sr., Mary Esther and George Dobler, Jr.


Anna M.


Anne Ethel


Elizabeth AUXER  Wife of Adam Auxer, Born in Bristol England, 12/7/18??, With Spurrier stones


Mary F. BAKER  12/20/1819-1/2/1907, Wife of Peter Baker


Andrew BALMER  4/29/????-??/??/1881(?), Aged 65y 6m ?d


Lucy Johns BALMER  1/22/1821-5/6/1879, Aged 58y 3m ?d, Wife of Andrew Balmer




Emma C. BANKER  5/8/1870-6/15/1877, Aged 7y 1m 7d, Daughter of Frederick and Mary Banker


Frederick BANKER  3/19/1844-3/10/1924


Gustav A. BANKER  9/16/1872-9/4/1877, Aged 4y 11m 19d, Son of Frederick and Mary Banker


Mary BANKER  12/10/1840-1/5/1927


Reba I. and Beatrice A. BARNHARD  Reba 1899-1899, Beatrice 1902-1903, Infant Daughters of Frank and Etta I. Barnhard


R. Donald BARTON  1923-1926, Next to Roy and Helen Barton


Roy J. and Helen G. BARTON  Roy 1892-1977, Helen 1895-1970


Vivian E. BARTON  10/3/1901(?)-8/8/1923(?), Daughter of Roy J. and Helen G. Barton


Hallie Hubert BAUMAN  d. 5/15/1876, Wife of Joseph K. Bauman, Daughter of William and Sophia Hubert


Miriam E. BENNER  1897-1973


Ralph W. BENNER, Jr.  1921-1923


Lilly M. BENNETHUM  1895-1929, Wife of William Bennethum


Karl L. and Elizabeth BERNHARDT  Karl 4/25/1835-1/14/1926, Elizabeth 3/13/1852-5/28/1931


Louis and Barbara BERNHARDT  Louis 1/27/1879-10/23/1907, Barbara 1/2/1883-10/12/1944


David BINKLY  1816-1855


Eliza BINKLY  1823-1905


Victor L. BISHOP  1918-1918


Alice Hedderwick BITNER  1867-1910


David Porter and Amelia O. Kurtz BITNER  and children, David 1843-1901, Amelia 1843-1927, Clarence 1872-1877, David 1870-1943, Hattie 1875-1953, Bess 1880-1967, Same stone as James and Elsie Bitner


Hattie May BITNER  See photo for David and Amelia Bitner


James Vincent Sr. and Elsie Louisa Shimp BITNER  James 1887-1943, Elsie 1883-1958, Same stone as David, Amelia, Clarence, David, Hattie and Bess


Clara A. BLICKENDERFER  d. 4/1/1889, Aged 16y, Daughter of Harry and Elizabeth Blickenderfer


Elizabeth BLICKENDERFER  d. 2/20/1886, Wife of Harry Blickenderfer


Harry BLICKENDERFER  d. 1/12/1891, in the 45th year of his age


Henry and Elvina L. BLICKENDERFER  Henry 1808-1896, Elvina 1812-1904


Mary M. BLICKENDERFER  1885-1885, Same stone as William and Anna Blickenderfer


Richard and Clara A. Kryder BLICKENDERFER  Richard 2/3/1841-5/9/1929, Clara 4/5/1847-1/25/1910


William and Anna M. Lotz BLICKENDERFER  William 1837-1930, Anna 1858-1941, Same stone as Mary M. Blickenderfer and Emma B. Dorwart


Bernard and Clara M. BOLBACH  Bernard 5/30/1852-4/12/1938, Clara 1/16/1861-2/4/1939


Hilda M. BOLBACH  1/28/1900-4/10/1952, Next to Bernard and Clara M. Bolbach


Julia BOLBACH  1855-1895, Wife of Bernard Bolbach


Thalmer K. and Helen B. BOMER  Thalmer 1905-1943


A. Franklin BOWMAN  1888-1946


Edward P. BOWMAN  1897-1924, 111th Ambulance Co.


Mary A. BOWMAN  1867-1944


James and Belender BOYD  James 1815-1898, Belender 1817-1905


Caroline BRINKMANN  9/28/1803-12/19/1879, Aged 76y 2m 21d, Wife of Henry Brinkmann


Henry BRINKMANN  6/18/1802-12/18/1874, Aged 72y 6m


Barbara C. BROWN  12/30/1838-5/15/1920, Wife of Daniel Brown


Charles W. BROWN  12/29/1865-1/11/1939


Daniel BROWN  6/13/1839-4/7/1899


Daniel E. BROWN  11/10/1860(?)-2/9/1889


Thomas W. BROWN  4/26/1835(?)-1/7/1895


Charlotta BRUCKER  12/17/1861(?)-5/22/1897, Wife of John E. Brucker


Elizabeth BUCK  Aged 75y, Wife of William Buck


William BUCK  Aged 55y


George BUOHL  1862-1888


Gertrude BUPP  3/27(?)/1812(?)-??/29/18??, Aged 63y 8m ?d


Anne H. BURROWES  7/5/????,-11/10/18??


Salome Jane BURROWES  1857-1928, Daughter of Thos. H. and Salome J. Burrowes


Thomas B. BURROWES  11/22/1838-10/12/1885, Maj. 9th Reg. U.S. Inft.


Catherine E. BUSHONG  1852-1920


Charles S., Mabel R. and Mabel G. BUSHONG  Charles 1875-1947, Mabel R. 1876-1903, Mabel G. 1903-1988


Daisy Ray BUSHONG  4/21/18??-9/30/1890(?), Daughter of John and ? Bushong


John Arthur BUSHONG  1880-1937


Maud Florence BUSHONG


Frank BYERLY  1/16/1881-6/26/1898, Aged 17y 5m 10d, Son of John and Annie E. Byerly


John M. BYRNE(?)  with John and Mary Byrne


John W. BYRNE  5/3/1842-8/14/1903, Aged 64(?)y, Born in ? Ireland(?)


John W. and John M. BYRNE  View of both stones


Mary Ann Reinhold BYRNE  2/26/1844-1/10/1911, Wife of John H. Byrne


C. B. C.


C.(?) Mamie


Calvin E.


CARPENTER  plot, Percy, Violetta and Esther


Esther A. CARPENTER  1898-1898, with Percy and Violetta Carpenter


Percy CARPENTER  1856-1925


Violetta V. Patterson CARPENTER  1859-1933, Wife of Percy Carpenter


John, Margaret H. and Franklin J. CASPER  John 1831-1893, Margaret 1838-1915, Franklin 1866-1945




Charles A.


Andrew J. COGLEY  d. 10/17/1896, Aged 73y


Catharine COGLEY  d. 1/31/1874, Aged 72y(?)


Jeremiah and Emma E. COGLEY  Jeremiah 8/12/1839-11/2/1925 First Defender, Emma 3/15/1840-8/11/1916


Paul R. Sr. and J. Arleaine COGLEY  Paul 6/30/1908-5/24/1991, J. Arleaine 5/22/1918-9/10/2003


Robert E. COGLEY  3/9/1879-4/6/1927


William E. and Emma F. COGLEY  William 1876-1954, Emma 1877-1930


William H. COGLEY  1901-1942


Benjamin O. and Sarah E. CONN  Benjamin 1840-1919, Sarah 1847-1928


Harry O. CONN  7/12/1875-3/16/1956


William S. and Bessie May Plucker CONN  William 1873-1950, Bessie 1884-1950


Alice Ida COOPER  10/?/1867-4/?/187?, Daughter of George and Frances Cooper


George G. and Frances COOPER  George 1/28/1845-9/22/1909, Co. F(?) -95 Regt. Pa. Vol., Frances 4/1/1838-12/25/1915


Walter S. COOPER  12/6/1870-4/7/1930


Elizabeth COPLAND  2/15/1832-3/26/1879, Wife of John Copland


John K. and Elizabeth R. CORBETT  John 1882-1949, Elizabeth 1878-1954


Joseph F. COSTARD  10/28/1864-9/12/1911, Aged 46y 10m 14d


Charles and Susanna COULMAN  Charles 4/8/1838-1/14/1903, Susanna b. 5/23/1845


Harriet Boyd CRAIG  Initials


Harriet H. Boyd CRAIG  8/30/1848-10/22/1908, Wife of Levis Craig, Same stone as J. W. Marrow


Sarah V. and Sophia V. CUNNINGHAM  Sarah 1840-1890, Sophia 1838-1918


A. Gertrude DAISZ  8/3/1874-12/23/1899, Aged 25y 4m 20d, Daughter of William C. and Emma F. DAISZ, located next to william and Emma Dice


Francis N.(?) DIASZ  1/30/1855-12/17/1882


Mary A. DAISZ  d. 8/30/1877(?), Wife of Francis Diasz


Henrietta DAVIDSON  1808-1902


Jennie S. and Annie M. DAVIS  Jennie d. 1897, Annie d. 1925


Wm. Van Lear and Catharine W. Acheson DAVIS  Wm. d. 2/1/1874, Catharine d. 12/17/1886


William C. and Emma F. DICE  William 1847-1924, Emma 1848-1924


George DOBLER plot  Illegible


George DOBLER plot  Illegible


George DOBLER plot  Illegible


George DOBLER plot  full view


George Sr, Mary Esther, George Jr., and Mary Dobler and Jane Andrews


George Sr., Mary Esther and George DOBLER, Jr.  George Sr. b. 10/30/1768, Mary b. 5/6/1764, George Jr b. 3/28/1800, Same stone as Mary Dobler and Jane Andrews


Mary DOBLER  b. 8/28/1801, Same stone as George Sr., Mary Esther and George Dobler, Jr.


Emma B. DORWART  1848-1915, Same stone as William and Anna Blickenderfer


Harry P., Kate and Elizabeth Koch DORWART  Harry 1856-1924, Kate 1867-1918, Elizabeth 1900-1922


Henry, John, William and David DORWART  Near Harry P. and Kate Dorwart


Jacob Leonard DORWART  12/2/1838(?)-3/13/1885(?)


Samuel, Grant, George and Charles DORWART  Near Harry P. and Kate Dorwart


William H. DORWART  1878-1963




Mary T. DUNCAN  7/26/1806-4/21/1881, Aged 74y 8m 25d


Andrew J. and Lydia K. DUNLAP  Andrew 1852-1905, Lydia 1855-1939


Charles Emanuel DUNLAP  d. 6/20/18??, aged 4m 24d(?), Son of Andrew K. and Lydia Dunlap, with Frank and William Dunlap


Frances Hastings DUNLAP  5/18/1830-11/29/1901, Wife of J. Clemson Dunlap


Frank R. DUNLAP  1881-1918, Son of Andrew J. and Lydia K. Dunlap


J. Clemson DUNLAP  1/4/1829-4/1/1867


John Hastings DUNLAP  Son of Andrew J. and Lydia K. Dunlap(?), With Frank, William and Charles E. Dunlap


William Oscar DUNLAP  With Frank, John Hastings and Charles E. Dunlap


George A. EAGLES  d. 9/30/1878, Aged 40y 2m


George A. and Mary E. EAGLES  George 10/18/1872-5/25/1932(?) Son of George and Mary E. Eagles, Mary 1852-1920


EBY Plot  with Ginder's


Anna May EBY  d. 8/8/1915, Aged 3y 11m 8d, Daughter of T. J. and Mary E. Eby


Mary E. EBY  11/10/1862-1/7/1951


Thomas A. EBY  3/18/1901-9/2/1978


Thomas J. EBY  1/17/1858-3/7/1938




Unknown EDWINS  Located amidst Erisman stones


William C. and Susan R. EICHLER  William 1850-1918, Susan 1856-1932


Charles ERISMAN(?)  located with Erisman stones


Elizabeth B. ERISMAN  9/8/1858-12/28/1890, Aged 32y 3m 20d, Wife of Charles Erisman


George H. ERISMAN  7/10/1827-4/18/1901, Capt. Co. K 135 Reg.


George R. ERISMAN  Initials


George R. and Sarah Ann ERISMAN  George 4/20/1840-3/13/1908, Sarah 1847-1930


Grace ERISMAN  Daughter of C------ and Sa----- Erisman


Jacob and Mary E. ERISMAN  Jacob 1/19/1817-11/1/1895, Mary 6/28/1819-4/3/1908


Reuben J. and Mary Weidler ERISMAN  Reuben 1847-1936, Mary 1850-1915


Abner ESHLEMAN  8/2/1853-2/17/1900




Henry B., Eliza and Thomas W. FASSNACHT  Henry 1843-1894, Eliza 1851-1893, Thomas 1874-1933


Thomas and Elizabeth FAUST


Mary J. FERRIER  7/27/1854-10/16/1883, Daughter of John and Isabella Ferrier


Charles P. and Ella M. FLICK  Charles 6/18/1851-9/25/1920, Ella 6/18/1857-11/10/1912


Elizabeth FLICK  6/16/1817(?)-4/?/1891(?), Wife of Henry Flick


Harry J. and Estelle R. FLICK  Harry 1878-1953, Estelle b. 1886


Henry FLICK  5/8/1818-5/21/1881, Aged 63y 13d


Henry and Elizabeth FLICK  Full view


Martha E. FLICK  3/15/1937


Mary C. FLICK  10/14/1856-1/28/1937


W. Henry and Martha B. FLICK  W. Henry 1847-1917, Martha 1860-1892




Aaron F., Harriet T. and Sallie H. FOLMER  Aaron 1839-1923 Co. F 79 PA Vol, Harriet 1846-1906, Sallie 1841-1925


John B. and Sarah E. FOLMER  John 9/6/1814-5/1/1862, Sarah 1/19(?)/1821-5/26/1843


Harry S. and Bertha B. FORRY  Harry 8/16/1865-5/14/1922, Bertha 6/7/1874-1/29/1925


Alonza and Laura E. FOSTER  Alonza 12/30/1863-1/7/1917, Laura 8/15/1869-4/21/1946


Olivia Larkin FOWLER  6/21/1845-1/8/1892


Samuel Lewis FOWLER  8/14/1817-5/15/1889


Samuel Lewis and Olivia Larkin FOWLER  Full view


Evelina FRANKFORT  8/15/1825-3/4/1883(?)


Wm. FRAZER  1904, Co. C.(?) 79th PA INF


Henry GALEN  11/29/1842(?)-4/22/1907(?)


Daniel GALL  12/15/1827-8/6/1906, Son of George and Barbara Gall


Mary C. GALL  d. 3/2/1890, Aged 57y(?) 7m(?) 2d, Wife of Daniel Gall


Elizabeth B. GARA  7/16/1841-12/9/1930


Hugh Stanley GARA  3/28/1817-3/9/1896


Sarah J. GARA  9/19/1820-3/13/1890, Wife of Hugh S. Gara


William H. GARA  1844-1851, With Hugh and Sarah Gara


Edward D. GARDEN  6/21/1847-9/2/1911


Mary A. GARDEN  9/25/1850-2/22/1905, Wife of Edw. D. Garden


Elizabeth GARDNER  "Auntie", 1811(?)-?


Noel(?) GARDNER  3/1/180?-4/26/1880(?)


Sarah Mann GARDNER  9/22/1815-3/26(?)/1862(?)


Eugene H. GAST  9/23/1897-11/1/1911


Henry and Priscilla GAST  Henry 1836-1924, Priscilla 1838-1929


Jacob S. GAST  11/23/1876-12/12/1918


Mattie E. GAST  1884-1937


William A. and Clara H. GAST  William 1878-1936, Clara 1877-1930


William and Sarah J. GAST  William 8/11/1842-11/22/1907 Aged 65y 3m 11d, Sarah 3/27/1845-1/24/1936 Aged 90y 9m 27d


Maude O. GATES  1879-1938, With William and Sue


Sue B. GATES  1846-1931, With William and Maude


William H. GATES  1851-1920, With Sue and Maude


William F. GEIGES  1877-1901, 4th PA. Volunteers, Spanish American War


John H. and Marion C. GEISZEL  John 1853-1902, Marion 1864-1943




Jennie G. GERSTLY  3/26/1877-2/14/1904


Elmer D., Maggie P. and Lawrence E. GIBNEY  Elmer 1862-1948, Maggie 1864-1954, Lawrence 1888-1889


Robert I. GIBSON  11/15/1936-2/22/1993


GINDER plot  with Eby's


Mary GINDER  5/29/1825-10/27/1916, Wife of Philip Ginder


Philip GINDER  3/20/1826-5/17/1880, Born in Heidelberg Germany


Annie E. GIRVIN  1/5/1832-12/17/1882


Annie E. and Sue GIRVIN  Full view


Isaac and Susan GIRVIN  Isaac 9/23/1800-3/1/1862, Aged 61y 5m 6d, Susan 8/18/1800-2/10/1858, Aged 57y 5m 22d Consort of Isaac Girvin


Sue GIRVIN  10/14/1833-12/15/1882


Charlotte M. GOCHENAUR  1871-1946


Harry B. GOCHENAUR  1868-1949


Bessie M. GORRECHT  11/3/1877-2/18/1916


Charles F. GORRECHT  8/22/1865-9/7/1932


Clarence A. GORRECHT  6/28/1874-12/3/1938


Elizabeth M. GORRECHT  10/9/1834-12/18/1914


H. Howard GORRECHT  12/24/1869-7/13/1906


GORRECHT plot  Peter, Elizabeth and H. Howard


Peter W. GORRECHT  10/15/1836-6/22/1901


Walter M. GORRECHT  7/19/1872-4/3/1918


Frances M. GRAF  1876-1905


Doris E. GRASON  3/22/1921-9/16/1921, Daughter of Ella M. Grason


Frank D. and Esther B. GRASON  Frank 9/13/1862-3/7/1951, Esther 4/13/1869-10/21/1929


John M. GROFF  1839-1910, With Albert and M. Naomi Warfel and children


S. Kezia GROFF  1833-1925, With Albert and M. Naomi Warfel and children


Sarah GROSH  1/23/1820-10/18/1890, Widow of Peter L. GROSH


Charles N. GROSS  1/9/1864-10/18/1917, Aged 54y


Samuel B. and Catharine R. GROSS  Samuel 8/22/1827-8/16/1909, Catharine 7/13/1838-2/28/1906


Henry W. GUNDAKER  4/20/1830-10/15/1877, Aged 47y 5m 25d


Frances HAGEMEYER  1842-193?


Witmer S. HALDEMAN  1885-1932, Priv. Marine Corps




Amos and Anna HARMAN  Full view


Anna HARMAN  Wife of Amos Harman


George S. HARMAN  12/2/1872(?)-3/27/18?9(?)


Mary E. HARMAN  8/?/1868(?)-3/?/1890(?), Aged ?y 7m ?d, Daughter of Amos and Anna Harman


Mary Rooney HARNER  12/29/1883-5/1/1966, Also see photo for Maude Rooney Lindeman


W. Leonard HARNER  2/4/1884-3/13/1950


Hattie Rosie (near Resh)


William M. and Mary E. HAWMAN  William 1887-1961, Mary 1880-1927


William and Mary E. HEEPS  William 1837-1923, Mary 10/25/1847-11/6/1915


Henry Andrew


Frank HENSCHKEL  1891(?)-1907


Francis L. and Sallie M. HERR  Francis 1844-1933, Sallie 1850-1882


Juliet S. S. HERR  7/30/1851-2/17/1909


Susan HERR  7/31/18??-7/9/191?, wife of Emanuel(?) Herr, and daughter of John Killinger(?)


George M. HERSHOCK  1899-1922


Harvey W. HERTZLER  5/6/1904-6/12/1904, Aged 1m ?d, Son of N. G. and L. P. Hertzler


Francis HERZOG  Co. K 79th PA. INF.


Kathrine HERZOG  10/11/1856-1/8/1908


Mother HERZOG  Probably Fanny, Next to Samuel Herzog


Nicholas HERZOG  8/28/1846-6/10/1906


Nicholas and Kathrine HERZOG  Full view


Samuel HERZOG  6/21/1857-8/26/1928


Samuel and Mother HERZOG  Full view


Unknown HERZOG


Conrad and Caroline HOELTZLE  Conrad 1821-1886, Caroline 1822-1913


John F. HOKE  1848-1909


Abraham HOOVER  7/23/1831-3/12/1905, In his 74th year


Catharine HOOVER  4/10/1849-5/23/1915, Wife of Abraham Hoover


Anna E. HOPKINS  Wife of Henry Hopkins


Edward Rogers HOPKINS  5/26/1869-1/19/1903, Son of Washington W. and Harriet D. Hopkins


Harriet D. HOPKINS  6/19/1838-10/29/1883, Wife of Washington W. Hopkins


Louisa Webb HOPKINS  7/10/1865-2/16/1873, Daughter of Washington W. and Harriet D. Hopkins


Della Shirk HOWARD  9/5/1893-10/28/1968


Harvey HUBERT  9/3/1882-7/17/1908


William T. and Julia A. HUBERT  William b. 1844, Julia 1847-1924


Henry HULL  d. 3/10/1879, Aged 62y


John C. and Emma Rill HUNSECKER  John 1856-1947, Emma 1860-1937


Bertie L. HUNTER  2/18/1875-4/30/1900


Christian B. HUPPER  11/16/1879-9/2/1894, Aged 15y 9m 15d, Son of Frederick and Pauline Hupper


Frederick and Pauline H. HUPPER  Frederick 5/5/1846-6/6/1911 CO. B. 214 REGT. PA. VOL., Pauline 3/22/1852-2/11/1917


Emma J. HUTTON  12/22/1844-??/10/18??




Charlotte E. JOHNS  4/8/1823-1/25/1892


Conrad and Mary JOHNS  Conrad 9/17/1824-7/26/1906, Mary 3/3/1822-2/25/1899


Frederick JOHNS  d. 7/16/1887, Aged 35y 8m 1d, Son of Conrad and Mary Johns


G. W. JOHNS  CO. D 12 PA. CAV.


J. William and M. Lillian JOHNSTON  J. William 1870-1924, M. Lillian 1885-?


John JOHNSTON  2/3/1836-?, Co. C. 6th PA CAV.


Mary A. JOHNSTON  1/2/1840-10/7/1901, Wife of John Johnston


H. W. JONES  Co. K 77th PA. INF., G.A.R. Marker


John H., Amanda R., Mary L. and John H. Jr. KAHL  John 1843-1943, Amanda 1852-1930, Mary 1843-1872, John Jr. 1870-1895


John H. KAHL  G.A.R. Marker


John M. KALBFELL  4/28/1847-10/26/1913


John M. and Rosa C. KALBFELL  Full view


Rosa C. KALBFELL  6/15/1853-1/30/1909


KAUFFMAN Plot  Joseph, Maggie and missing stone


Joseph D. KAUFFMAN  4/27/1850-11/21/1923, Aged 73y 6m 24d


Maggie KAUFFMAN  6/23/1848-12/4/1917, Aged 69y 5m 9d


Ann KAUTZ  7/7/1833-2/27/1905, Wife of George Kautz


George KAUTZ  11/17/1827-12/28/1902


George and Ann KAUTZ  Full View


Emanuel P. KELLER  1816-1901


Emanuel P. and Harriet B. KELLER  Emanuel 4/18/1816-1/21/1901, Harriet 11/8/1811-9/29/1901, Same stone as Benjamin & Mary Ruth and Julia Sharp


Harriet B. KELLER  1811-1901


John A. KELLER  1846-1920, With Emanuel & Harriet and Julia and Mary Keller


Julia A. KELLER  1844-1939, With Emanuel & Harriet and John and Mary Keller


Mary E. KELLER  1849-1928, Next to Emanuel & Harriet and John and Julia Keller


Mary J. Kieffer KELLY  1826-1872, Wife of Thomas D. Kelly


Thomas D. KELLY  1817-1881


Walter E. KELLY  1865-1901


Elmer G. KENDIG  2/11/1871-3/23/18?8, Son of John and ? Kendig


George B. and Cordelia M. KENDIG  George 1862-1953, Cordelia 1864-1939


John S. and Rachel C. KENDIG  John 5/2/1836-3/9/1900, Rachel 1/1/1840-1/22/1920


Mary E. KENDIG  6/8/1848-4/3/1933


Martha S. KIEFFER  1838-1923


Abraham S. KILLIAN  12/30/1841-12/19/1910, Sergt. Co. K 122 Regt PV, Co. K 77 Reg PV


Cathrine M. KILLIAN  1/3/1846-9/3/1899, Wife of Abraham S. Killian


George A.(?) KILLIAN  Son of A.S. and C.M. Killian


Ella L. KILLINGER  8/27/1859-2/24/1910, Daughter of J.P. and L.A. Killinger


H. Edwin KILLINGER  9/22/1878-1/23/1903, Son of J.P. and L.A. Killinger


Jacob P. and Lucy A. KILLINGER  Jacob 9/19/1833-11/10/1883, Lucy 10/23/1838-5/12/1899




C. Harry and Annie E. KING and family  C. Harry 1851-1903, Annie 1853-1941, Bessie E. 1874-1938, Paul M. 1881-1948, Ethel B. 1882, Same stone as Mary, Lillian and Alice King


Mary D., Lillian M. and Alice C. KING  Mary 1875-1876, Lillian 1877-1879, Alice aged 12d, Same stone as C. Harry and Annie King


Annie E. KLEISS  6/3/1875-6/25/1895, Aged 20y 22d, Daughter of John P. Kleiss


George F. and Magdalena KLEISS  George 2/11/1814-11/30/1895, Magdalena 6/24/1812-12/26/1908


John P. Jr. and Elizabeth S. Cunningham KLEISS  John 9/22/1852-8/29/1909, Elizabeth 9/30/1845-3/27/1924


H. William and Sarah C. KLENCK  H. William 1852-1937, Sarah 1859-1919


John H. KLENCK  1879-1881


John W. KLINE  8/4/1876-11/27/1900, Aged 24y 3m 23d, Husband


George and Catharine KOEHLER  George d. 12/21/1890, in his 75th year, Catharine d. 3/22/1899 in her 78th year


Bertha KRAUSKOP  6/21/1871-10/??/1877, Aged 6y 3m ?d Daughter of ? Krauskop


Frey W. KRAUSKOP  1/4/1845-6/5/1916


Frey and wife KRAUSKOP  Full view


Wife KRAUSKOP  Wife of Frey W. Krauskop


Edward C. and Caroline KRENZ  Edward 1882-1942, Caroline 1883-1976


Harry J. KREWSON  1873-1923, Son of ? and Mary Krewson


Elizabeth Stewart KRO---  2/2?/18??-4/13/????, Wife of ---- Kro---, Daughter of ? Stewart


Charles H. KRYDER  1/20/1813-7/24/1891, Aged 78y 6m 4d


Ida O. KRYDER  1/1/1864-8/1/1941


Sallie KRYDER  1875-1908, Daughter of C.H. and S.L. Kryder


Sarah L. Christ KRYDER  1837-1920, Wife of C.H. Kryder


Theodore O. and Frances M. KRYDER  Theodore 1837-1868, Frances 1841-1915




Alice M. LANDIS  8/28/1891-5/11/1924


Henry K., Elizabeth B, Mary S. and Harry R. LANDIS  Henry 1849-1932, Elizabeth 1854-1881, Mary 1864-1943, Harry 1881-1882


Mary E. LANDIS  5/2?/????-4/?/1887(?), Wife of William Landis


Lester R. LEADER  1887-1949


Lewis and Harriet A. LEADER  Lewis 1842-1915 Co. K. 203rd PA. VOL., Harriet 1847-1928


Margaret LEE  10/19/1852-4/5/1899


John LEIB(?)  11/?/1833(?)-??/??/1888(?)


LENTZ Children  Ida C. 8/19/1870-4/21/1889, Emma M. 9/20/1872-12/25/1938, Jennie C. 11/17/1876-2/13/1878, Carrie 10/7/1879-10/8/1879, Children of and same stone as Samuel and Barbara Lentz


Emma LENTZ  1864-1938


Samuel C., Barbara C. and Jacob LENTZ  Samuel 9/25/1843-1/30/1905, Barbara 1/9/1844-8/4/1916, Jacob 4/5/1791-9/4/1875, Same stone as LENTZ children


Charles LILLER  1858-1919


Christopher and Elise LILLER  Christopher 8/8/1831-2/25/1914, Elise 2/16/1830-12/8/1898


Maude Rooney LINDEMAN  9/14/1890-6/2/1987, Also see photo for Mary Rooney Harner


Harry L. and Lizzie A. LINTON  Harry 9/21/1880-12/29/1930, Lizzie 6/28/1869-2/19/1929


Elizabeth LITTLE  3/11(?)/1829-3/13/1880(?), Wife of Josiah Little


Emlin H. LITTLE  near Josiah and Elizabeth Little


Josiah LITTLE  9/5/1832-9/14/1895, Aged 63y 9d


Josiah and Elizabeth LITTLE  Full view


Unknown LITTLE's  near Josiah and Elizabeth Little


Kenneth LONG  7/30/1919(?) Aged 13 hours, Son of Edgar L. and Miriam S. Long


Catharine S. and Lillie LOUCKS  Catharine 3/8/1840-11/8/1909 Wife of John H. Loucks, Lillie d. 1887(?) Wife of William Ritter(?), Daughter of Catharine and John Loucks


John H. LOUCKS  12/19/1823-5/12/1900, Aged 76y 4m 24d


Laura Martin LUDWIN  1896-1956


Anna Susan LUTZ  9/23/1809-12/11/1881, Wife of George Lutz, Near Nixdorf's




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