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John B. MAGINNIS 1840-1911, with wife Delilah Fawber MAGINNIS 1848-1920, Sarah E. 1874-1881, and John 1880-1880


Catharine MARKOUART 8/27/1888-10/22/1902


Christina Holwager MARKOUART 10/27/1840-12/25/1910, wife of John Markouart


John MARKWORT 5/25/1835-3/27/1924, Co. K. 11 Conn. Inf.


Darwin E. MARTIN d. 6/14/1881, aged 68y 5m 8d


Sarah S. MARTIN d. 4/9/1847, aged 32y


Harriet Strine MATHIAS 1/7/1811-3/8/1891, aged 80y 2m 1d, wife of Peter Mathias


John MATHIAS 12/18/1831-10/29/1910, aged 78y 10m 11d, Mus. Co. A 166 Regt P.D.M., Co. C P.V. Cav.


Susanna MATHIAS 12/28/1831-12/2/1917, aged 86y 11m 4d, wife of John Mathias


Jesse MATTIS 1/4/1826-10/12/1904


Mary Ann MATTIS 1/29/1829-4/3/1891


Eli MAY 2/26/1819-11/2/1880, aged 61y 8m 7d


Frederick E. MAY d. 6/10/1857, aged 26y 4m 10d


Mary A. MAY 12/8/1822-6/15/1903, aged 80y 6m 7d


James McCAMMON 9/?/1828(?), aged 18y


James McCAMMON d. 11/4/1815(?), aged 57y(?)


John McCAMMON d. 10/?/1828(?)


Mary M. McCAMMON d. 2/14/1840, aged 63y, wife of John McCammon


Abraham McCLELLAND d. 10/27(?)/1848(?), aged 37y(?)


Catharine A. McCLURE 12/21/1828-1/10/1898, wife of Wm. F. McClure


Jennie L. McCLURE 7/28/1869-3/17/1952


William F. McCLURE 8/22/1827-9/5/1890


Elizabeth McCORD d. 8/?/1833, aged 70y


Grant McCORKLE 6/16/1870-4/1/1900


T. Dorson McCORKLE 3/13/1831-3/7/1890 aged 58y 11m 24d, with Catharine McCORKLE 7/23/1831-9/8/1890 aged 59y 1m 15d, Erected to their memory by his fellow workmen of Steelton by whom they were held in high esteem. Merchant and Billet Mills.


Miranda C. McFALLS 1839-1878


Aron McFANN 1791-1/7/1833, aged 42y


Ellen McMURTRIE 9/30/1824-1/10/1915


Margery McMURTRIE d. 4/12/1886


Ellen McNAIR d. 3/30/1891, aged 42y 10m


Henry McNAIR 6/4/1805-9/6/1888, aged 83y 3m


Susan Ann McNAIR d. 5/6/1869, aged 48y 8m 4d, wife of Henry McNair


Martin V. B. McNEAL 12/2/1840-3/25/1922, with wife Elizabeth Yensel McNEAL 1/28/1845-7/10/1921


David McNIBBIN with wife(?) Rachel G. McNIBBIN 2/13/1895(?)


Alice J. McPHERSON d. 11/30/1902, aged 41y 6m 13d


Elizabeth MEYERS d. 6/2/1852, aged 43y 4m 16d, wife of Peter Meyers


Peter MEYERS d. 10/21/1853, aged 45y 10m 7d


Joseph MEYRICK 6(?)/13/1800-9/13(?)/1800, aged 3m 3d(?)


Samuel MEYRICK 6/?/1766-5/1/1811, aged 44y 11m 9d


Anna Long MIESSE 3/20/1820-9/25/1899, aged 79y 6m 5d, wife of Benjamin Miesse M.D.


Benjamin MIESSE 6/20/1810-2/19/1874(?), aged 73y(?) 7m(?) 29d


Samuel H. MIESSE d. 5/19/1868(?), aged 14y 4m 19d, son of Dr. Benj. And Anna Miesse


Dorothy MILLER 


Earl R. MILLER 1884-1954


Edgar B. MILLER d. 12/15/1896 aged 17y 11m 18d, with Daisy E. MILLER 3/27/1881-8/5/1954


James G. MILLER 9/20/1875-2/16/1932, with Joseph B. Rothrock MILLER 8/25/1874-2/22/1956, and Evelyn Miller LEHR 9/19/1903-8/28/1986


John MILLER 1/23/1846-10/16/1935, with wife Clara K. Beachler MILLER 8/11/1852-2/13/1917


John E. MILLER d. 10/17/1889, aged 43y 7m 22d, member of Co. A 200 Reg. PA Vol.


Lucy S. MILLER 1884-1966


Mary Andrews(?) MILLER d. 9/14/1914, aged 74y 5m 8d, wife of John E. Miller


Maurice W. MILLER 1906-1938


Mary Russel MILLS d. 11/24/1798 at 4 a.m., aged 28y 5m 6d 15hrs, daughter of Wm. And Susanna Mills


Edith B. MISH 5/27/1874-12/29/1968


Frederick MISH 11/26/1872-10/3/1895


George F. MISH M.D. 7/5/1827-7/13/1919


George S. MISH 2/5/1866-9/11/1929


Mary E. Smuller MISH 4/10/1833-3/26/1923


M. M'KINNEY d. ?/25/1792, aged 1y 6m


Mary M'KINNEY d. 10/29/1795, aged 26y(?), wife of Mordecai M'Kinney


Evanna MOORE 1802-1890


Hannah MOORE d. 1/16(?)/1804, wife of Henry Moore


Joseph MOORE d. 9/18/1898, aged 51y(?) 15d, Corp. Co. M. 20. PA. Vol. Cav., Private Co. E. 82. PA. Vol. Inft., GAR


Sophia Marquart MOORE d. 2/11/1927, aged 64y 9m 23d, wife of Joseph Moore


Thomas MOORE 1813-1884


Harriet C. Fackler MORSE 10/4/1827-6/13/1898


Margret A. MOTTER 6/30/1842-12/17/1937


Abraham MOYER 9/11/1823-10/24/1894, aged 71y 1m 13d, born at Frankfurt on the Main


James H. MOYER 8/18/1853-1/30/1902, aged 48y 5m 12d


Margaret M. MOYER 1859-1910, wife of James H. Moyer


Rebecca A. MOYER 8/29/1819-5/27/1881, aged 61y 8m 28d, wife of Abraham Moyer


Daniel MURR 1811-1895, with wife Barbara Spickle MURR 1809-1877, and Emma A. MURR 1840-1912


Hamlet C. MURR 1836-1888, with Annie S. MURR 1840-1920


Amanda J. Fulmer MYERS 5/17/1844-11/9/1925, aged 81y 5m 22d, wife of John L. Myers


John L. MYERS 9/14/1841-5/5/1903, aged 61y 7m 21d


William H. MYERS 2/26/1838-5/31/1893


Mary Zawe(?) NIELSON d. 4/28/1816, aged 3y(?) 7m 14d, daughter of John and Lydia Maria(?) Nielson


Charles B. NIMAN 11/4/1804-6/28/1842, aged 37y 7m 24d


Susan H. NIMAN 9/10/1805-7/1/1880, aged 74y 9m 21d, wife of Charles B. Niman


Fanny NISLEY 12/29/1788-5/22/1871, aged 82y 4m 23d


Felix NISLEY 10/30/1811-11/13/1864, aged 50y 14d


Joseph H. NISLEY 1831-1902, with wife Mary Croll NISLEY 1839-1921


Martin NISLEY 8/15/1786-10/13/1868, aged 82y 1m 29d


Mary NISLEY 6/18/1818(?)-11/4/1872(?), aged 51y(?) 9m ?d, wife of Felix Nisley


Christian NISSLEY 12/21/1838-12/10/1900


John H. NITRAUER 10/22/1835-3/16/1919, aged 83y 4m 24d


Malinda NITRAUER 10/1/1840-7/11/1902, aged 61y 9m 10d, wife of John H. Nitrauer


Eleanor PARTHEMORE d. 11/27(?)/1842, aged 41y 7m 16d, consort of John Parthemore


Caleb PEIRCE d. 7/7/1879, aged 78y 10m 18d


Elizabeth PEIRCE d. 12/23/1860, aged 58y 9m 17d, wife of Caleb Peirce


Harriet Emilia PEIRCE d. 7/21/1857, aged 18y 4m 29d, daughter of Caleb and Elizabeth PEIRCE


Alfred B. PETERS 3/10/1880-1/10/1901, aged 20y 10m


David PETERS 3/15/1817-4/28/1876, aged 59y 1m 13d


Elizabeth PETERS 11/9/1815-5/2/1876, aged 60y 5m 23d, wife of David Peters


John D. PETERS 11/1/1843-4/14/1888, aged 44y 5m 13d


John W. PETERS d. 12/22/18?0, aged 57y 3m, Co. D. PA Reser., GAR


Joseph A. PETERS 3/5/1843-9/8/1910, Corp. Co. C 6 Pa. Res., Serg. Co. G 200 Regt. Pa, GAR


Linnie Myers PETERS 3/27/1847-8/16/1928


Mary C. Bear PETERS 6/24/1839-2/21/1909


Simon M. PETERS 7/19/1871-6/18/1893, "Budd"


Elmer A. PLOTT 1832-1888, with Joseph H. SCHEAFFER 1840-1882


Dr. Abraham PRICE 4/27/1787-4/3/1821, with wife Elizabeth Spayd PRICE 1/12/1793-5/30/1861


Kate E. PRICE 5/8/1853-5/3/1931, daughter of Thomas S. and Mary A. Price, erected by Middletown Assembly No. 25 Degree of Naoma A. O. K. of N.A.


Mary A. Whitman PRICE 2/1/1818-4/30/1900, wife of Thomas S. Price


Alice M. Reidleman RAKESTRAW d. 3/2/1899, aged 36y 9m 22d, wife of Rev. H. H. Rakestraw


George D. RAKESTRAW d. 7/8/1864, aged 1y 11m 14d, son of Rev. G. G. and Matrona Rakestraw


Harry H. RAKESTRAW d. 6/26/1907, aged 46y 9m 14d


Matrona RAKESTRAW 4/26/1839-4/13/1866, wife of Rev. G. G. Rakestraw


Joseph Mitchel RAMBLER aged 9m 13d, with Josephine RAMBLER aged 2m 4d, children of M. B. and M. J. Rambler


Leonard C. RAMBLER 4/8/1869-10/10/1904, with Annie E. RAMBLER 6/20/1857-4/5/1957(?), and Leonard C. RAMBLER Jr. 3/23/1889-4/22/1920


Michael B. RAMBLER 1/19/1831-11/21/1892, with Matilda J. Caskie RAMBLER 5/6/1837-12/23/1912


Ezra J. RAMSAY d. 4/13/1878 aged 82y 2m 24d, with Ann RAMSEY d. 7/31/1867 aged 65y 20d wife of E. J. Ramsay, born in St. Mary's Co. Md.


Anna REDFIELD 2/18/1802-8/15/1855, wife of Dr. Chambler(?) Redfield, daughter of James G.(?) and Violet Ramsey


Christianna REHRER 11/23/1799-9/30/1871, aged 71y 10m 7d, wife of Jacob Rehrer


Jacob REHRER 2/23/1800-4/8/1853, aged 53y 1m 16d


Anna E. Miesse REICH 2/9/1853-8/27/1926, aged 73y 6m 18d, wife of Benj. F. Reich M.D.


Benj. F. REICH M.D. 12/10/1848-6/24/1889, aged 42y 6m 14d


Sarah S. REIMENSNYDER 1834(?)-1888(?)


Rebecca REIVER d. 12/21/1831, aged 63y 3m


Matilda J. REPMAN d. 10/5/1891, aged 51y


Catharine RHAN 12/25/1815-4/21/1891, aged 75y 3m 27d, wife of Barnard Rhan


Charles RHAN 5/5/1872-2/18/1919, aged 46y 9m 13d, son of Jacob L. and Lavina Rhan


David L. RHAN 5/15/1883-2/14/1889, aged 5y 8m 19d, son of Jacob and Lavina Rhan


Frank L. RHAN 7/12/1880-7/20/1889, aged 9y 8d, son of Jacob and Lavina Rhan


Jacob L. RHAN 10/26/1844-12/20/1926


Lavina RHAN 1/24/1847-1/12/1929


Sadie RHAN 3/10/1887-2/11/1893, aged 5y 11m 1d, daughter of Jacob and Lavina Rhan


Jacob RIDLEY 2/21/1835-8/9/1891, aged 56y 5m 18d, Co. I 87 R. P.V.


Susan Ely RIDLEY 12/28/1837-4/2/1918, aged 80y 3m 4d, wife of Jacob Ridley


Abraham RIFE d. 5/28/1903, aged 87y 2m 16d


Arabella B. Leiby RIFE 9/23/1846-3/25/1924, aged 77y 6m 2d


Maria SNYDER d. 5/24/1875, aged 37y 2m 20d, wife of Joseph H. Snyder


Clara L. RIFE d. 3/21/1869, aged 24y 7m 28d


Fanny RIFE  View 2 7/4/1782-1/2/1851(?), same stone as Veronica


Henry RIFE d. 12/31/1820, aged 40y


Jacob RIFE 7/18/1814(?)-9/25/1897


Jacob F. RIFE 1848-1920, with wife Alice A. Hinny RIFE 1856-1922


Jacob Leidy RIFE d. 12/30/1885(?), aged 43y 9m 8d, son of John H.(?) and Isabella Rife


John RIFE 5/11/1830(?)-8/8/1890


John W. RIFE 8/14/1846-4/17/1908, aged 61y 8m 3d


Catharine A. RIFE with Ellen J. RIFE, Infants


Mary B. RIFE d. 12/9/1895, aged 76y 4m 20d


Susanna RIFE d. 3/1/1821, aged 37y


Veronica RIFE 10/25/1817-1/16/1894(?), see photos for Fanny Rife


Willie RIFE d. 5/13/1874, aged 5m 6d, son of John H. and Arabella Rife


Wm. B. RIFE d. 9/16/1872, aged 21y 17d


James RINGLAND 12/5/1795-12/15/1831, aged 39y 10d


James RINGLAND 10/15/1826-4/15/1855, aged 28y 6m


John RINGLAND M.D. d. 4/17/1899(?), aged 74y(?)


Magdalene RINGLAND 9/16/1799-7/13/1887, aged 87y 9m 27d, wife of James Ringland


Margaret E. Smith RINGLAND d. 2/21/1904, aged 74y, wife of John Ringland M.D.


Sarah ROGERS d. 8/25(?)/1849 aged 67y(?) wife of Thomas Rogers, with Thomas ROGERS 10/14/1849 son of Henry and Ann Rogers


Jane RUSSAL d. 2/2/1811(?), aged 42y, consort of Alexander Russal


Eliza RUSSEL 2(?)/11/180?, daughter of James and E---- Russel


Eliza RUSSEL d. 4/30(?)/1820, wife of H------ Russel


Hannah RUSSEL d. 3/9/1798, aged 11m 2w 6d 8h, daughter of Js. And T---- Russel


James RUSSEL 9/16/1763-3/1/1808, son of James and Margaret Russel


James RUSSEL d. 7/5(?)/18?0, aged 3m, son of Washington(?) and Eliza Russel


James(?) RUSSEL d. 11/23/1793 6 o'clock and 53 minutes A.M. Anno D. 1793, aged 1m 4d 17h 53m


Margaret RUSSEL d. 9/27/1790(?), 11(?) o'clock and 20 Minutes P.M. Anno D., aged 1y 1w 2d 3h 31m


Elizabeth SCHAEFFER d. 9/14/1881(?), aged 57y 7m 7d, wife of ? Schaeffer


Lewis C. SCHAEFFER 4/20/1857-6/27/1927, with wife Alice E. SCHAEFFER 1/4/1858-12/9/1939


Paul A. SCHAEFFER 2/17/1897-11/8/1931, Sergeant 1st Class


Petie A. SCHAEFFER 9/16(?)/????-6/18/1905(?), with Pauline SCHAEFFER 1/11/1887-3/9/1900


Unknown SCHAEFFER 10/31/184?-10/3/1893


Walter A.(?) SCHAEFFER 8/22/1878-3/16/1899


Joseph H. SCHEAFFER 1840-1882


Caroline SCHIEFER 10/21/1866-11/24/1921, aged 55y 1m 3d


Christian(?) SCHIEFER 7/3/1801(?)-2/23/1802(?), son of Conrad and Sallie Schiefer


Conrad K. SCHIEFER 8/27/1870-12/22/1924


Father SCHIEFER 7/21/1829-12/17/1881, aged 51y 4m 26d


Henry G. SCHIEFER 6/17/1874-4/23/1929




Jacob F. SCHIEFER 7/6/1861-8/6/1904, with wife Laura Ware SCHIEFER 1/7/1862-10/28/1913


Maria M. SCHIEFER 12/10/1859-4/1/1941


Mother SCHIEFER 3/18/1832-6/10/1876, aged 44y 2m 22d


Sarah J. SCHIEFER 5/13/1871-8/23/1944


Unknown SCHIEFER 1/13/1894-4/15/1844, child of Conrad and Sallie Schiefer


Benjamin J. SCHOCH 6/3/1844-2/13/1912, Bugler Co. M. 7 Pa. Cav.


Matilda L. SCHOCH d. 12/17(?)/1881, aged 67y 5m 27d(?), wife of George Schoch


Felix B. SCHRAEDLEY 1832-1928, with Mary C. SCHRAEDLEY 1841-1915


Anna E. SCHULTZ 9/11(?)/1875(?)-1/8(?)/1909, daughter of Wm. E. and Anna M. Schultz


Anna M. SCHULTZ 5/20/1852-12/6/1888


Wm. E. Liebnan SCHULTZ d. 2/10/1908, aged 75y 7m 27d, Mus.(?) Co. K. 58 Reg. ----


Martha Ann SEGRAVE 12/2/1837-2/18/1859, aged 21y 2m 16d, daughter of Chas. And V.(?) Segrave


George W. SELTZER 2/17/1848-4/14/1923, with wife Susan V. Ulrich SELTZER 1/11/1847-11/8/1940, and son C. Edgar 1891-1898


Christian SHANK 6/28/1810(?)-1/20/1863, Another Soldier Fallen near Fredericksburg Va


Elizabeth SHANK d. 5/8/1879, aged 60y 2m 19d, wife of Christian Shank


Irene E. SHEAFFER 12(?)/?/1852-?/30/1856(?), daughter of ? And Mary Sheaffer


Levi SHEAFFER 8/27/1816-10/5/1888(?)


Mary C. SHEAFFER 5/5/1817-3/15/1877


Ralph H. SHEAFFER 8/11/1875-4/8/1945


W. Eckert SHEAFFER 9/14/1838-8/21/1908 Color Sargt. 27 Regt. P.V., with wife Annie C. SHEAFFER 2/14/1840-1/14/1899


Willie E. SHEAFFER 2/18/1863-8/5/1863, son of Wm. E. and Annie C. Sheaffer


Catherine E. SINGER d. 10/7/1901, aged 75y


Mrs. Hannah SINGER d. 8/17/1867, aged 63y


Samuel SINGER 1846-1889, with wife Catherine Leiby SINGER 1850-1929, Eva Leiby SINGER 1886-1910, and Samuel L. SINGER 1887-1951


Henry SIPLE d. 3/1/1880 aged 75y 11m, with Susan L. SIPLE d. 2/10/1898 aged 77y 6m 27d, and Henrietta S. SIPLE d. 3/25/1900 aged 60y


Elizabeth SMITH 10/17/1822-3/5/1841, aged 18y 1m 18d, daughter of Henry and Mary Smith


Henry SMITH 11/16/1827(?)-9/27/1872


Henry SMITH 4/10/1792-2/23/1849, with Mary SMITH 11/25/1796-2/7/1878(?)


Henry D. SMITH 8/4/1820-11/4/1849, aged 29y 3m


Sarah SMITH 1824(?)-1849(?)


Maria SMITS  View 2  1731-8/26/1803(?)


George SMULLER  View 2  d. 1889 aged 77y, with Caroline SMULLER d. 1870 aged 64y


Joseph H. SMULLER d. 8/24/1844 aged 10y, with William L. SMULLER d. 1/26/1841 aged 1m and Carrie Smuller WALL d. 2/16/1928 aged 82y




Adam SNYDER 10/11/1811-9/1/1869, aged 58y


Annie R. Rote SNYDER 1/13/1847-6/29/1913, beloved wife of Joseph H. Snyder


Benjamin SNYDER d. 8/31/1899 aged 52y 6m 12d Battery K. 5th U.S. Art. Injured at Coatsville 8/28/1899 Died at Coatsville Hospital, with Permilla M. SNYDER d. 2/18/1930 aged 75y 8m 1d


Catharine SNYDER 10/10/1814-6/12/1891, aged 76y 8m 2d, consort of Adam Snyder


Catharine Ettley SNYDER 9/3/1786-3/3/1835, aged 48y 6m, consort of John Snyder


Christian F. SNYDER 10/7/1844-7/19/1925, Co. D 101 Regt. Pa. Vol.


Elizabeth SNYDER d. 3/5/1864, aged 74y 11m 13d, wife of John Snyder


Ellen SNYDER with Martin SNYDER


George W. SNYDER 1820-1879


Hannah M. SNYDER 2/28/181?-12/8/1869(?), aged 21y(?) 9m ?d, wife of John C.(?) Snyder, daughter of ?


J. H. SNYDER Co. H 127th PA Inf.


John SNYDER d. 2/7/1860, aged 77y


John C. SNYDER 1845-1893


John F. SNYDER 1876-1916


Lavinia S. SNYDER 1848-1917


Maria SNYDER d. 5/24/1875, aged 37y 2m 20d, wife of Joseph H. Snyder


Mary J. Shannon SNYDER d. 5/7/1926, aged 45y 3m 24d, wife of Joseph Snyder


Mary M. SNYDER d. 5/9/1873 aged 3m 21d, with Emma I. d. 4/22/1886 aged 6y 4m 5d, Benjamin H. d. 2/6/1888 aged 1m, and Mable I. d. 7/22/1894 aged 4y 2m 7d


Robert P. SNYDER Sr. 11/4/1890-6/27/1948


Sarah A. SNYDER 3/9/1844-3/31/1926


Simon SNYDER 1/24/1823-10/22/1852, aged 29y 8m 29d


Susan SNYDER 2/7/1845-4/19/1897, aged 52y 2m 12d, wife of P. A. Snyder


Susanna SNYDER 1822-1885


Washington R. SNYDER 12(?)/28/1816-1/4/1881 aged 6?y 7d, with Margaret A. SNYDER 6/28/1814-2/14/1900, aged 85y 7m 17d wife of W. R. Snyder


Emma SOHN 1882-1900, daughter of Arthur E. and Mary A. Sohn


John SOHN 3/2/1823-11/6/1876, aged 53y 8m 4d


John C. SOHN 8/18/1843-12/3/1889, aged 46y 3m 15d, son of John and Mary Sohn


Mary Bullar SOHN 1819-1898, wife of John Sohn


Stella SOHN 1897-1900, daughter of Arthur E. and Mary A. Sohn


Anne Whitney SPRINGER 10/23/1853-12/8/1882


Dorothy I. SPRINGER 8/7/1908-11/1/1959


G. Joseph SPRINGER 1/24/1909-12/11/1993


George W. SPRINGER 9/29/1849-7/2/1917


Harvey W. SPRINGER 5/2/1879-9/13/1912, aged 33y 4m 11d


James P. SPRINGER 1875-1909, with wife Lizzie D. Yingst SPRINGER 1875-1938


John B. SPRINGER 1849-1939


Laura S. Drabenstadt SPRINGER 3/10/1876-2/24/1919, aged 42y 11m 14d, wife of Harvey W. Springer


Simon C. SPRINGER d. 10/5/1904, with wife Elizabeth Critson SPRINGER d. 9/19/1899, and Robert H. SPRINGER d. 2/1/1921


Daniel C. STACER d. 5/18/1895, aged 71y 11m 1d, Co. C 201 PA


Mary M. STACER d. 2/22/1909, aged 87y 9m 8d


Rebecca S. STACER d. 8/15/1878, aged 18y 5m 15d


Joseph STARK d. 10/24/1881, aged 64y 9m 1d


Susan Kohr STARK d. 2/25/1906(?), aged 75y 6m 24d, wife of Joseph Stark, also wife of David Cassel


John Furl STATLER 1845-1924, with Eliza Mary STATLER 1855-1932


Myrtle Ware STAUFFER 8/1/1881-10/30/1821, with Charles S. and Anna E. Billings Ware


Mary E. STEINMETZ 1848-1913


Samuel S. STEINMETZ 1847-1877


Joseph STEWART d. 10/5/1893, aged 69y 2m 5d


Louisa C. STEWART d. 2/17/1901, aged 75y 11m 27d


William H. STIPE 2/14/1852-10/27/1925 aged 73y 8m 13d, with wife Annie Wertz STIPE 9/2/1864-9/20/1917 aged 53y 18d


Marks STOUFFER 12/16/1809(?)-1/?/1857(?), aged 48y(?) ?d


Mary STOUFFER 12/20/1814-2/10/1881, aged 66y 1m 20d, wife of Marks Stouffer


Peter STOUFFER 1/5/1823-2/23/1907 aged 84y 1m 18d, with wife Elizabeth Weber STOUFFER 5/12/1824-8/5/1883 aged 59y 2m 23d, and son John W. STOUFFER 11/17/1847-3/21/1928 aged 80y 4m 4d


Ulrich STREIFFER 9/30/1767(?)-12/7(?)/1841(?), aged 74y 2m 8d(?)


Unknown STREIFFER 1777-?/22/1840, aged 63y


Jacob STRIEFFER d. 2/19/1836, aged 66y 10m 4d


Jacob STROUS 12/20/1809-9/29/1882, aged 72y 9m 9d


Mary A. STROUSE 2/18/1810-3/4/1891, aged 81y 14d, wife of Jacob Strouse


John SUTTON 8/29/1820-5/28/1909


John C. THOMPSON ?/10/1821, aged 52y(?)


Sarah S. THOMPSON d. 3/17/1892


William THOMPSON 1812-1876, with Rachel THOMPSON 1818-1906, Sarah 1860-1872, and Lydia THOMPSON 1845-1928


Catharine ULRICH 8/31/1813-12/12/1883, aged 70y 3m 12d, wife of Michael Ulrich


Michael ULRICH  Full View  11/18/1811-4/6/1889, aged 77y 4m 18d








Unknown d. 8/?/1792 at ? o'clock 50 minutes a.m., aged 2y 7m 3w 5d 30m




Frank UNKNOWN 1860-1863, with Elizabeth 1865-1888 and Sherman 1857-1899(?)


John UNKNOWN 12/14(?)/1766(?)-6/18/1843, aged 76y(?) 5m 23d(?)


Col. J. A. Viesburd  Revolutionary Marker  born at G--niston(?) Scotland 3/?/1726(?), d. at Evi----- 1791, aged 62y ?m 26d(?)


Carrie Smuller WALL d. 2/16/1928, aged 82y, with Joseph H. and William L. Smuller


Charles S. WARE 11/12/1835-2/7/1904 Co. H. 79 Reg. N.Y.V., with Anna E. Billings WARE 9/3/1840-1/22/1924, and Myrtle Ware STAUFFER 8/1/1881-10/30/1921


Elizabeth Dabler WATSON 4/25/1822-7/9/1899


Ephraim WATTS 1825-1903


Mary WATTS 6/13/1832-7/1/1883, aged 51y 18d, wife of Ephraim Watts


Reuben H. WEAVER 7/16/1858-8/22/1908


Elmer E. WEBB 2/25/1877-8/7/1938


Catharine A. WEIRICH d. 12/5/1902, aged 50y 8m 4d, wife of Christian B. Weirich


Christian B. WEIRICH d. 2/27/1913, aged 63y 8m 2d


Joseph E. WEIRICH d. 1/15/1923, aged 83y 10m 3d


Mamie E. WEIRICH d. 10/3/1892, aged 22y 7m 11d


Mary WEIRICH d. 12/23/1930, aged 90y 9m 9d, wife of Joseph E. Weirich


Mary A. Landis WELTMER 1871-189?, aged 22y 10m 15d, wife of M. H. Weltmer


Sarah WENDLING 10/26/1830-10/15/1902


William WILLIAMSON 1/20/1782-10/6/1846, aged 64y 8m 16d


Mary WILLIARD 1/12/1767-3/20/1877, aged 90y 3m 8d


Amanda Jane WILLIS d. 10/9/1911, aged 50y 1m 29d, daughter of Samuel and Catharine Willis


Catharine Hess WILLIS d. 10/15/1906, aged 89y 9m 16d


Matilda Ann WILLIS d. 11/22/1948, aged 83y 9m 5d


Samuel WILLIS d. 6/4/1911, aged 75y 4m 11d


Thomas WILSON 8/31/1825-5/28/1883


Sarah Snyder WINNACLE 5/21/1827-12/10/1890, wife of John Winnacle


Barbie WITMAN d. 2/1/1869, aged 1y 6m, daughter of John A. and Leah Witman


John A. WITMAN  Full View  d. 8/15/1911, aged 77y 3m 24d


Leah Ginder WITMAN d. 7/29/1908, aged 71y 1m 17d


G. D. YENTZER d. 1/21/1880, aged 59y 9m 15d


Katie YENTZER 2/15/1853-9/26/1861 daughter of E.S. and Rebecca Yentzer, with William S. YENTZER 6/1/1857-6/16/1857


Lena YENTZER 3/15/1825-7/5/1915, aged 90y 3m 20d, wife of G. D. Yentzer


John V. YOTTEY d. 8/31/1907, aged 68y 7m 8d


Sarah A. YOTTEY d. 9/22/1902, aged 64y 2m 21d, wife of John Yottey


Delanson J. YOUNG 9/14/1846-3/31/1872, son of James and Elizabeth A. Young


James YOUNG 7/25/1820-5/4/1899, with wife Elizabeth A. YOUNG 4/26/1824-5/9/1896


James S. YOUNG 8/19/1855-10/10/1886, son of Jas. and Elizabeth A. Young


Peter YOUNG  Full View  11/13(?)/1781-9/29/1844, with Sophia YOUNG


Peter YOUNG 11/13/1781-9/29/1844, aged 62y 10m 16d


Redsecker I. YOUNG 1/7/1844-5/3/1927


Sarah H. YOUNG 11/14/1852-3/25/1878, daughter of Jas. and Elizabeth A. Young


Sophia YOUNG 12/9/1793-10/19/1876, with Peter Young


Mary ZIMERMAN 7/12/1821-11/26/1881


Philip ZIMERMAN 11/22/1812-7/6/1889


George W. ZIMMERAN 1840-1903, with Jacob ZIMMERMAN 1809-1869, and Miranda C. McFALLS 1839-1878


Solomon ZIMMERMAN d. 6/26/1866, aged 38y 7m 29d




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