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Mary ALBERT 1/13/1791-3/3/1859, aged 68y 2m 21d, wife of Joseph Albert, daughter of E. and A. Landis


Emma Wolf ALEXANDER 6/19/1858-10/15/1909, aged 51y 3m 26d, wife of T. F. Alexander


Catherine E. ALLEMAN  View 2  8/26/1864-2/28/1942


Henry ALLEMAN 2/28/1832-9/20/1912, with wife Salome Seltzer ALLEMAN 1/7/1842-8/5/1919


Horace R. ALLEMAN 6/21/1859-5/15/1934


John ALLEMAN d. 1795, aged 50y


Joseph W. ALLEMAN 1/17/1835-4/23/1893, with wife Margaret R. ALLEMAN 1/24/1831-1/19/1916


Ann D. ARMOLD 12/5/1832-3/21/1889, aged 56y 3m 16d, wife of David Armold


David ARMOLD 12/16/1827-9/26/1895, aged 67y 9m 10d


Myron S. ARNDT d. 11/16/1927, aged 69y 5m ?d


John ATKINSON 3/25/1849-8/27/1914, with wife Lydia J. Miller ATKINSON 5/19/1848-1/9/1912


George N. AUCHENBAUGH 8/4/1825-2/12/1898, aged 74y 6m 8d


Elizabeth BAER 7/14/1829-8/29/1907


Elizabeth BAER 1848-1921


Samuel BAER 3/29/1826-3/23/1908


Joseph H. BAILEY d. 9/17/1862, aged 19y 9m 27d, son of H. & M. Bailey, member of Co. G. 6th(?) Penna. Reserve, killed at Antietam


Dorothy C. BARNITZ 1831(?)-1901, wife of Rev. F. A. Barnitz


Rev. F. A. BARNITZ 9/4/1821-8/19/1889, aged 68y


Mary BATEMAN 8/23/1777-3/10/1848(?), aged 71y 6m 18d, wife of Andrew Bateman


Augustus BAUDER 1/19/1834-5/5/1915, aged 81y 3m 19d


Dorothea E. BAUMBACH 12/13/1831-7/12/1908


Guido BAUMBACH 3/1/1825-7/21/1903


Clayton W. BAUSMAN d. 4/4/1892, aged 25y 6m 13d, son of Wm. And Malinda Bausman


Malinda BAUSMAN d. 12/31/1893(?), aged 64y, wife of William Bausman


William W. BAUSMAN 7/17/1826-12/24/1912, aged 86y 5m 7d


Catharine E. BEACHLER 8/16/1841-6/12/1907


Jacob BEACHLER 9/30/1838-3/16/1924, Co. K. 9 PA Cav., GAR


Mary Ann Smith BEACHLER 5/19/1810-7/6/1892, aged 82y 1m 18d, wife of Louis Beachler


Rev. B. F. BECK 5/31/1838(?)-3/29/1899


Elizabeth J. Campbell BECK d. 12/30/1917, aged 85y, wife of Rev. B. F. Beck


Francis BECK Sr. 1835-1875, with Martha W. BECK 1836-1898, and sister Ella Nora BECK 1873-1875


Fred W. BECK 1864-1954


John BECK d. 3/24/1887, aged 65y(?) 1m 17d


John Dewie BECK 6/6/1898-5/14/1905, aged 6y 11m 8d, son of J. C. and Ella Beck


Martha T. BECK 1867-1945, with Mary 1869-1873, and Florence BECK 1880-1962


Lucretia BEIDLEMAN 5/2/1839-6/3/1897


William BENER with Jacob, sons of Jacob and Mary Bener


Blanchard H. BENNER d. 9/5/1875, aged 37y, Our Son


Jacob BENNER 4/1/1800-1/11/1883


John BENNER 10/1/1797-5/21/1886


Magdalena BENNER 5/1/1817-5/9/1890


Mary King BENNER 7/21/1813-11/8/1876, wife of Jacob Benner


Anna M. Few BLETZ 2/19/1840-11/27/1904, wife of Jacob H. Bletz


Augustus BLETZ 4/6/1849-10/24/1865, aged 16y 6m 18d


Jacob H. BLETZ 4/10/1837-10/25/1887


Kirk F. BLETZ 5/?/1868(?)-5/30/1889(?), aged 20y(?) 17d, son of J.H. and A.(?) Bletz


Anna BOMBERGER 1846-1885


Edward BOMBERGER d. 2/18/1858(?), aged 15y 21d, son of L. and S.(?) Bomberger


Jacob G. BOMBERGER 1817-1897, with Magdalene Caufman BOMBERGER 1787-1857


John BOMBERGER 1773-1847, with wife Elizabeth BOMBERGER 1785-1857


Sadie BOMBERGER 1871-1892


Jacob BOOKS 2/12/1815-4/4/1891, aged 76y 1m 22d


Sarah A. BOOKS 5/30/1815-5/25/1888, aged 72y 11m 25d


Jacob BOOSER 8/6/1828-4/17/1852, aged 25y 8m 11d


Geo. W. BOYD d. 11/27/1899, Co. H 166 Reg't Pa. Inf. And 9th Pa. Cavalry


Amos BOYER 11/5/1850-10/10/1909, aged 58y 11m 5d


Hannah K. BOYER 1/10/1857-3/11/1935


George BRADLEY d. 2/26/1903 aged 60y 1m 8d, with wife Catherine BRADLEY d. 10/25/1929 aged 84y 1m 15d


Mary E. Murr BRADLEY 1841-1926, wife of John T. Bradley


Abraham BRANDT 4/18/1823-2/19/1896


Anna M. BRANDT 5/21/1831(?)-6/16/1865


Emma BRANDT 1853-1857(?), with Geo. 1858(?)-1861(?), and Harry 1863(?)-1864(?)


Joseph H. BRANDT 8/19/1831-4/27/1899, with wife Mary Shires BRANDT 1/4/1842-4/11/1909


Adeline Deckard BRENEMAN d. 5/20/1923, aged 67y 4m 16d




Catharine BRESTEL 3/11/1827-12/25/1915, aged 88y 9m 14d, wife of Peter Brestel


Elizabeth BRESTEL 6/8/1845-2/23/1855, aged 9y 8m 15d, daughter of Joseph and Mary Brestel


Mary Jane BRESTEL 4/27/1848-3/3/1855, aged 6y 11m 7d, daughter of Joseph and Mary Brestel


Peter BRESTEL 7/15/1799-3/27/1878, aged 78y 8m 12d


Sarah BRESTEL d. 5/4/1854, aged 51y ?m ?d, wife of Peter Brestel


Anna Mary Hiestand BRETZ 8/3(?)/1845-4/16/1892


Elizabeth C. Brandt BRETZ 2/22/1849-1/17/1915, aged 65y 10m 25d, wife of Thomas M. Bretz


Joseph D. BRETZ 4/19/1811-12/2?/1856


Kezia Myers BRETZ 3/11(?)/1820-5/?/1878


Thomas M. BRETZ 9/12/1846-3/30/1873, aged 26y 6m 18d


Elizabeth BROWN 10/18/1828-6/19/1894, aged 65y 8m 1d, wife of William Brown


Emily BROWN 2/25/1796-9/15/1823, with Diana A. BROWN 1/13/1823-7/13/1854 daughter of Dr. M. and E. Brown


Harry E. BROWN 1888-1942


Ida V. BROWN 1868-1966


J. Howard BROWN 9/16/1894-1/21/1970, PA CPL CO F 103 Supply Train WW I


Dr. Mercer BROWN 4/22/1795-2/19/1871


Rebecca BROWN 2/14/1799-4/2/1861, with Catharine W. BROWN 1/29/1828-7/23/1829, daughter of Dr. M. and R. Brown


Rebecca J. Tate BROWN 9/14/1838-11/11/1869, daughter of Dr. M. and R. Brown


Simon S. BROWN 1862-1927


Theda E. BROWN 6/12/1893-10/14/1893


Myra Shultz BUPP 1869-1942


Sarah BURD 2/22(?)/17??-9/17/1784(?), aged ?3y 6m 25d


John W. CARE 11/15/1843-6/16/1926, with wife Justina Zimmerman CARE 7/1/1852-9/14/1920


Susan Kohr CASSEL d. 2/25/1906(?), aged 75y 6m 24d, wife of Joseph Stark, also wife of David Cassel


Alice M. CHRIST 5/13/1846-11/29/1932


George CHRIST 3/9/1840-3/30/1917


Catharine A. CHRISTMAN 1843-1937, with daughter Laura A. CHRISTMAN 1870-1871


Frances A. CHRISTMAN 1869-1926


Frederick CHRISTMAN 1840-1925


Mary Emma CHRISTMAN 1865-1966


Robert CHURCH 1830-1853, with Catherine S. CHURCH 1827-1901, Robert B. and Robert


Catharine CHURCHMAN d. 2/28/1899, aged 80y 9m 10d


Charles W. CHURCHMAN d. 7/2/1881, aged 74y(?) 16d


Christiana CLAY d. 11/4/1892, aged 78y 5m 5d


Michael CLAY d. 2/27/1897(?), aged 82y 2m 17d


Mary CLOUSEN d. 10/1/1848, aged 21y 9m 1?d, wife of Amos Clousen


E. B. COBAUGH  Full View d. 10/31/1908 aged 74y 3m 22d, with wife Kate A. COBAUGH d. 10/31/1886 aged 44y 19d, and Anna E. D. 12/25/1904 aged 88y 4m 7d


George A. COBAUGH 1829-1910, with wife Mary M. Nopsker COBAUGH 1847-1911, and wife Jane E. d. 6/29/1861 aged 20y 4m 10d


John COBAUGH d. 6/29/1871 aged 70y 10m 7d, with Anna COBAUGH d. 10/13/1881 aged 76y 8m 29d


John H. COBAUGH 2/10/1838-8/26/1904 aged 66y 6m 16d, with wife Anna Roop COBAUGH 2/28/1836-3/9/1921 aged 85y 9d


Benjamin F. CONRAD 1845-1911, with wife Catherine A. CONRAD 1847-1930


Sabina CONRAD d. 2/1(?)/1811(?), aged 52y


Charles COTSHALL b. 9/22/1839, with wife Lucetta Rife COTSHALL 3/12/1839-3/24/1906


George COTSHALL 9/15/1843-2/5/1915 aged 71y 4m 20d Co. C 9 Regt. P. V. Cav. , with wife Sarah A. Fisler COTSHALL 11/11/1846-1/13/1929 aged 82y 2m 2d


Lulu S. COTSHALL 6/9/1895-1/3/1909, daughter of Robert and Bertha Cotshall


Henry CRABB d. 10/4/1793, aged 9m 9d, son of William and Jane Crabb


Frank CRICK 7/17/1837-4/9/1916 Co. H 127 Reg't P.V., with wife Catharine First CRICK 11/23/1837-4/5/1911, Yetman E. CRICK 12/19/1859-7/2/1925(?), and wife Mary A. Wilkinson CRICK 4/30/1861-4/26/1950


Frances Elizabeth CRIST 2/11/1812-2/1/1857, daughter of George and Mary Ann Crist


George CRIST 3/24/1802-2/1/1878, with wife Mary A. Longnecker CRIST 2/2/1811-4/27/1885


Charles E. CROLL d. 5/6/1923 aged 56y 9m 13d, with Maggie Witman CROLL d. 2/1/1912 aged 46y 5m 25d


Hellen Miller CROSS 7/17/1843-8/13/1851, only daughter of Rev. John and Hellen Cross, born at Uniontown


Hannah A. CROWN d. 2/26/1893, aged 60y 7m 16d, wife of J. H. Crown


J. H. CROWN 7/15/1827-1/26/1896, aged 68y 6m 11d


Thomas CUMMINS d. 1/?/????, son of Sarah Cummins


James D. DAUGHERTY d. 3/9/1895(?), aged 59y 7d, Co. D. 101. Regt. PA. Vol.


Mary A. Seiders DAUGHERTY 8/13/1842-2/5/1882


Florence Smith DAVIS d. 9/15/1894, aged 35y 3m 1d, wife of Geo. Davis


John Samuel DAY d. 7/9/1906, aged 69y 9m 24d, Co. E(?) 93 Reg. PA. Vol.


Matilda W. Hoster DAY d. 9/28/1902, aged 62y 10m 17d, wife of John S. Day


Israel DECKARD 12/18/1817-3/19/1888, with wife Nancy Kline DECKARD 5/30/1823-2/8/1897


Dr. L. L. DECKARD  View 2 1/3/1828-1/16/1906, with wife Elizabeth Brestle DECKARD 5/24/1828-1/11/1888, and John C. DECKARD 1822-1880


Nellie DIEHL 12/20/1897-7/24/1899


William H. DIFFENDERFER 9/1/1846-12/30/1902, with wife Carrie J. Antrim DIFFENDERFER 8/19/1849-11/3/1925


Mary A. DOLSON d. 8/29/1903, aged 75y 8m 11d, wife of Valentine Dolson


Valentine DOLSON d. 2/21/1891, aged 69y 16d


Calvin B. DOUGHERTY 2/21/1841-7/29/1845, aged 4y 5m 8d, son of Catharine Dougherty


Joseph DRABENSTADT 10/2/1854-2/21/1917 aged 62y 4m 19d, with wife Sarah A. Hershberger DRABENSTADT 4/24/1854-2/10/1926 aged 71y 9m 26d


Mary J. DRABENSTADT 8/12/1833-5/5/1890, aged 56y 8m 23d


William DRABENSTADT 12/14/1830-4/30/1920, aged 89y 4m 16d, Sergt. Co. B. 87 Regt. P.V.I.


William DRUCKMAN 4/19/1785-9/?5/1815


David DUNAVAN 2/28/1830-4/24/1885, aged 55y 1m 26d


George W. DUNAVAN 3/19/1857-7/26/1918


Mary Ann DUNAVAN 7/15/1830-2/20/1900, aged 69y 7m 5d


Edward J. DUPES 8/15/1868-7/4/1907, aged 38y 11m 16d


Catherine Fisler EARNEST d. 3/10/1907, aged 79y 3m 22d, wife of Adam Earnest


Augustus ELBERTY 8/7/1829-4/3/1851, aged 21y 7m 27d, son of ? and Emily Elberty


Emily ELBERTY 7/24/1790-10/15/1812(?), consort of Lawrence Elberty


Herman ELBERTY ?/22/1819, aged 23y(?) ?m 16d


Maria ELBERTY 11/3/1810-10/3/1859, aged 49y, wife of Lawrence Elberty


Mary ELDER d. 10/9/1832, aged 29y


Jacob A. EMBICH 8/29/1840-3/14/1917, with wife Caroline Hetrick EMBICH 1/7/1846-9/12/1917


Ann ESHLEMAN 5/9/1827-3/5/1895, aged 67y 9m 26d, wife of Joseph Eshleman


T. Yetman EVES 1821-1910, with Phoebe W. EVES 1821-1901, sister Sarah 1816-1894, daughter Annie L. 1861-1870, daughter Emma A. 1858-1936, and daughter Mary A. 1862-1949


Andrew E. FAIRMAN 1838-1892


Margaret M. FAIRMAN 1843-1925


Elizabeth FERRINGTON d. 8/30/1810(?), aged ?y 6m 2d(?), wife of -oe- Ferrington


John L. FISHBORN 1844-1902


Joseph FISHBORN 3/21(?)/1812-12/28/1882, aged 70y 9m ?d


Mary F. FISHBORN 1851-1931


Mary FISHBURN 4/18/1810-12/17/1871, aged 62y 7m 29d, wife of Joseph Fishburn


Sarah FISHBURN 7/16/1836-6/26/1901, aged 64y 11m 10d


Adolphus FISHER 7/16/1807-12/16/1883, with Elizabeth FISHER 2/5/1817-2/17/1909


George L. FISHER 8/11/1846-1/21/1918, with Mary FISHER d. 6/1/1845 aged 6y daughter of Adolphus and Elizabeth Fisher


Anna M. FISLER 11/30/1882-4/3/1945, aged 62y 4m 3d


Edward F. FISLER 5/12/1856-12/6/1914, aged 58y 6m 24d


Emma Witman FISLER 6/8/1859-12/26/1925, aged 66y 6m 18d, wife of Edward F. Fisler


Julius FORTNEY d. ?/22/1842, aged 3y(?) 3m 29d, son of ? Fortney


Theodore S. FORTNEY 1/26/1831-9/15/1875


Hannah R. FRATTS 4/23/1848-4/30/1912, aged 64y 7d


John H. FRATTS 1/2/1848-12/7/1916, with wife Rebecca J. Young FRATTS 12/16/1846-7/23/1925


William H. FRATTS 1/17/1843-5/10/1911, aged 68y 3m 23d, Co. H. 27 Regt. P.V.I.


Margaret FRY 12/19/1836-3/11/1905, aged 68y 2m 22d


Mary C. FUHRMAN d. 1/28/1934, aged 61y, wife of Philip D. Fuhrman


Philip D. FUHRMAN d. 3/26/1907, aged 38y 2m 20d


Catharine GEISTWITE 6/1/1856-1/12/186?, aged 10y 7m 11d, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Geistwite


Alica GIBSON 9/23/1826, aged 55y 4m 3d, wife of Isaac Gibson


Matilda H. Adams GRAY d. 10/27/1906, aged 60y 1m 27d, wife of W. D. Gray


Thomas J. GRIFFEE d. 4/19/1855, aged 35y(?)


David GUTSHALL 8/10/1843-4/27/1872, aged 28y 8m 17d


Anna M. HAIFLEIGH d. 2/10/1927


Catharine HAIFLEIGH d. 4/27/1925


Elizabeth HAIFLEIGH 12/24/1825-9/21/1902, wife of Rev. Jesse Haifleigh


Rev. Jesse HAIFLEIGH 10/10/1819-7/28/1899, GAR


George HAMMOND Jr. 9/13/1855-2/2/1908, aged 52y 4m 23d


George C. HAMMOND Sr. 3/4/1822-5/13/1893 aged 71y 2m 9d, with wife Mary Mathias HAMMOND 9/22/1830-1/4/1920 aged 89y 3m 12d


Elizabeth HATFIELD 8/26/1820-8/7/1915, aged 94y 11m 11d, wife of L. B. Hatfield


L. B. HATFIELD 6/16/1820-9/30(?)/1867, aged 47y 3m 12d(?)


Charles R. HATTON 10/18/1865-12/20/1898, with H. Walter HATTON 10/16/1881-2/1/1914


William M. HATTON 2/24/1840-2/3/1920, with wife Catherine M. Smith HATTON 5/23/1847-12/31/1916


Caroline Klink HAWLA 10/28/1843-11/8/1928


Jacob F. HEININGER 11/8/1821-5/27/1878, with wife Annie M. Stillinger HEININGER 3/26/1831-1/22/1913, Amanda HEININGER 10/20/1867-10/10/1945, and James F. HEININGER 12/24/1873-10/28/1885


John HENDRICKSON 3/8/1822-2/26/1897


Matilda J. HENDRICKSON 10/14/1822-6/26/1900


Anna HEPPICH 1/7/1794-2/8/1829 wife of Joshua Heppich, with Martin HEPPICH 6/8/1828-1/31/1830 son of Joshua and Anna Heppich


Anna R. HEPPICH 2/23/1816-8/3/1870, wife of Joshua Heppich


Joshua HEPPICH 3/31/1793-6/23/1873


Lydia S. HEPPICH 8/24/1797-4/28/1856, wife of Joshua Heppich, born in Germany


Margaret I. HERSHBERGER 4/18/1846-12/21/1926, aged 80y 8m 3d


Elizabeth Long HERSHEY d. 4/8/1880, aged 85y 11m 8d, widow of Jacob Hershey, formerly wife of Isaac Long


Catharine HESS d. 3(?)/22/1860, with Barbara HESS d. 3/22/1860, children of Henry and Lydia Hess


Rachel HESS d. 4/15/1898, aged 67y 6m 2d


Unknown HETRICK d. 1/31/1848(?), aged 56y 6m 19d


Annie M. HEVEL 7/15/1849-2/13/1898


Eugene C. HICKERNELL d. 2/5/1922, aged 43y 4m 3d


Robert A. HICKERNELL 9/25/1881-1/18/1916, aged 34y 4m 23d, Corp. Troop 118(?) Regt. U.S. Cav(?)


Robert C. HICKERNELL 5/15/1841-12/8/1916 Co. H. 127 Regt. P. A. Inf. and Co. C. 9 Regt. P. A. Cav., with Augusta HICKERNELL 8/1/1858-3/1/1919


George S. HIPPLE 1/17/1858-7/2/1898, with wife Mary A. Hess HIPPLE 10/5/1857-3/19/1927


Adam HOFFMAN  Stone 2 10/9/1833-5/4/1873, aged 39y 5m 25d, Serg. Co. C 177 Regt. Pa. Vol.


Lavinia HOFFMAN 6/4/1834-6/24/1891, aged 57y 20d


Eveline HOUSER d. 10/4/1890 aged 47y 7m 23d, with Elizabeth HOUSER d. 3/30/1883 aged 72y 5m 20d


Jacob R. HOUSER d. 3/1/1865 aged 25y 6m 23d Member of Co. C. 9th PA Cavalry, with Frederick W. HOUSER d. at Salsbury NC 10/30/1864 aged 18y 5m 17d, sons of G. and B. Houser


Reinhard HOUSER d. 1826 aged 66y, with wife Susanna HOUSER d. 2/19/1852 aged 73y, Children Henry d. 18?? aged 42y, Rebecca d. 1823 aged 4y, and Jacob P. HOUSER d. 10/3/1891 aged 83y 20d


Susan M. HOUSER d. 8/13/1883 aged 9m 25d, with Henry d. 8/25/1842 aged 1y 2d - Children of C. and E. Houser, and also George HOUSER d. 10/23/1875 aged 72y 8m 29d


Catharine HUNT d. 11/3/1883, aged 78y


John H. INLEY Sr. 9/23/1848-12/6/1930, Pri. Co. H 203 Regt. P.V.I.


Mary JOB d. 8/11/1799, aged 66y, wife of Jeremiah Job


George C. JOHNSON 10/8/1848-11/28/1935


Morris JOHNSON d. 12/28/1865, aged 53y 11d


Susan E. JOHNSON d. 10/6/1892, aged 72y 5d


Anna KAHLER 11/11/1788-3/23/1857


Henry KAHLER 7/24/1790-12/3(?)/1847


James J. KAVANAUGH 1836-1907, with wife Maria Little KAVANAUGH 1843-1911, and daughters Anna K. GETTINS 1866-1889 and Sarah K. FLANAGAN 1874-1898


John E. KEAMPF 6/13/1843-4/7/1916, aged 72y 9m 22d, Pri. Co. E. 186 Regt. Pa. Inf., known as T. F. Alexander


H. D. KILLINGER 1/29/1839-6/18/1901, aged 62y 4m 25d


Sarah KILLINGER 3/30/1839-7/11/1885, aged ?y 8m 11d, wife of H. D. Killinger


Calvin B. KIPP d. 4/16/1885, aged 14y 9m 26d, son of Daniel and Annie A. Kipp


Daniel KIPP 5/30/1842-3/26/1914, with wife Annie A. KIPP 11/9/1838-12/26/1928


Annie E. KISSELL 12/18/1836-8/27/1910


Henry KISSELL 11/23/1826-6/13/1901


Frederick KLEINDOPF 2/19/1807-11/8/1848


Rebecca S. KNOX 8/1/1784-2/11/1861, aged 76y 6m 10d


Amelia KOCH d. 2/1863 aged 21y, with Mary E. KOCH d. 2/1863 aged 12y


George KOCH d. 2/1877, aged 70y


Elizabeth KOHR 12/21/1822-7/26/1884, aged 61y 7m 5d, daughter of Frederick and Catharine Kohr


Martin KOHR 12/26/1827-5/28/1877, aged 49y 5m 2d, son of Frederick and Catharine Kohr


Catharine KORE d. 12/4/1871, aged 83y, wife of Frederick Kore


John KORE 12/19/1809-12/23/1866, aged 57y 4d, son of Frederick and Catharine Kore


Charlotte KRAMER 1824-1893


Christian KRAMER Jr. 2/25/1850


Christian KRAMER Sr. 1820-1890


Ellen KRAMER 1859-1912


George B. KRAMER 1862-1919


Margaret A. KRAMER 1855-1921


William H. KRAMER 1866-1903


Robert B. LANDIS 7/10/1876-1/12/1926


Robert F. LANDIS 1846-1915, aged 68y 10m 10d, Co. E 194 Regt. P.V.I.


Samuel LANDIS d. 6/19/1887, aged 66y 6m 26d


George LAUMAN Sr. 1781-1845, with Christiana LAUMAN 1774-1863, Maria LAUMAN 1820-1901, and Michael LAUMAN 1810-1896


Maria LAUMAN 7/6/1820-3/6/1901, aged 80y 8m


Catharine LAZARUS 2/4/1774-8/20/1840, aged 66y 6m 16d, consort of Michael Lazarus


Michael LAZARUS d. 11/30/1856, aged 72y 3d


Daniel LEHMAN 4/24/1816-1/6/1861, aged 44y 8m 12d


David LEHMAN 10/26/1806-11/18/1872, aged 66y 22d


Nancy LEHMAN d. 1(?)/11/1881, aged 69y 5m 27d, wife of David Lehman


Sarah LEHMAN 3/20/1812-5/9/1855, aged 43y 1m 19d, consort of David Lehman


Susan LEHMAN 12/?/182?-11/1(?)/1886, aged ?y 10m 3d(?)


Evelyn Miller LEHR 9/19/1903-8/28/1986 Alex LOCKHEART d. 8/18/1859, aged 59y(?) 6m 18d, late of West Nantmeal Chester Co.


Alpheus LONG 8/19/1840-5/27/1914, with wife Emma S. Peiffer LONG 2/14/1842-8/22/1920


Augustus LONG d. 1/15/1887, aged 59y 8m 24d, GAR


Carson M. LONG 1/21/1865-4/11/1932, with wife Adaline Frank LONG 9/30/1867-4/11/1935, Catherine LONG 3/25/1841-9/14/1920, William F. 1884-1885, and Wellington F. 1886-1887


Elizabeth LONG 8/26/1856-12/3/1930, with Geo. Smuller LONG aged 1m 2d


Isaac LONG d. 8/20/1822, aged 44y 8m 8d


Joseph LONG 6/16/1778-12/30/1832 aged 54y 6m 14d, with Jane Fitz(?) LONG 12/17/1782-6/13(?)/1867 aged 84y 6m 26d


Martin LONG 1836-1913, with wife Mary LONG 1839-1892


May E. LONG 1886-1943


Robert P. LONG  View 2 12/25/1821(?)-10/30/1887, with wife Elizabeth R. LONG 4/18/1836-11/13/1921, and wife Eliza LONG d. 2/9/1867 aged 44y 10m 9d


Robert W. LONG aged 72y


Sarah E. LONG d. 10/25/1818 aged 2y 8m 21d(?), with Benjamin P. LONG d. 5/1?/1872 aged 6w, and Ronald B. LONG d. 9/3/1875 aged 16d


James A. LYNCH d. 3/21/1892, aged 16y 5m 28d


William LYNCH 2/10/1834-3/11/1856(?), aged 22y(?) 1m 1d(?)




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