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Part II

History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania

Containing History of the Counties, Their Townships, Towns, Villages, Schools, Churches, Industries, Etc.;

Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men; Biographies;

History of Pennsylvania; Statistical and Miscellaneous Matter, Etc., Etc. Illustrated.


Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1886.


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John D. Mains, West Pennsborough Township, 583

Henry Manning, Newton Township, 522

A. Mansfield, South Middleton Township, 556

James B. Marshall, Shippensburg, 445

Franklin Martin, East Pennsborough Township, 470

James E. Martin, Hampden Township, 482

Joab Martin, Shippensburg, 445

Lewis Masonheimer, Carlisle, 385

Thomas H. Mauk, Mechanicsburg, 423

A. R. May, South Middleton Township, 556

Daniel G. May, East Pennsborough Township, 471

D. A. McAllester, South Middleton Township, 556

Robert McCachran, Newville, 452

William A. McCarrell, Shippensburg, 444

James A. McCauley, Carlisle, 383

Charles McClure, Carlisle, 384

William H. McCrea, Mifflin Township, 504

James McCulloch, Newton Township, 520

William A. McCullough, Penn Township, 531

Hugh McCune, Newton Township, 521

John T. McCune, Penn Township, 531

Samuel A. McCune, Newton Township, 521

William D. McCune, Southampton Township, 548

Joseph McElwain, Hopewell Township, 488

Lewis C. McGaw, Mifflin Township, 504

Winfield S. McGaw, Hopewell Township, 488

Benjamin McKeehan, West Pennsborough Township, 583

Jacob Meixel, South Middleton Township, 557

Jacob L. Meloy, Carlisle, 385

Francis Mentzer, Frankford Township, 478

David R. Merkel, Shiremanstown, 457

Levi Merkel, Mechanicsburg, 424

George Messinger, Silver Spring Township, 542

John E. Mickey, Newton Township, 523

Robert Mickey, Newton Township, 522

Robert H. Middleton, South Middleton Township, 557

Joseph Milleisen, Mechanicsburg, 425

David Miller, Mechanicsburg, 425

David Miller, Middlesex Township, 500

David R. Miller, Mechanicsburg, 426

George H. Miller, Upper Allen Township, 569

Harry J. Miller, Upper Allen Township, 569

Henry K. Miller, Penn Township, 531

Solomon Miller, Upper Allen Township, 569

William E. Miller, Carlisle, 386

William H. Miller, Carlisle, 387

Joseph Minnich, Mifflin Township, 505

John & Samuel H. Mitchell, Hopewell Township, 489

David S. Mohler, Upper Allen Township, 570

Levi Mohler, Upper Allen Township, 570

Theodore M. Moltz, East Pennsborough Township, 471

Alexander S. Montgomery, West Pennsborough Township, 584

James Moore, Penn Township, 531

Johnston Moore, Carlisle, 388

Joseph A. Moore, East Pennsborough Township, 472

William Moore, South Middleton Township, 557

Jeremiah H. Morret, Mechanicsburg, 426

John Morrison, Dickinson Township, 463

Winfield Morrison, Dickinson Township, 463

Henry G. Moser, Mechanicsburg, 427

Henry R. Mosser, Lower Allen Township, 494

Elias Mountz, South Middleton Township, 557

Andrew Mowery, Hopewell Township, 489

Samuel D. Mowrey, Hopewell Township, 490

A. F. Mullin, South Middleton Township, 558

Charles H. Mullin, South Middleton Township, 558

William A. Mullin, South Middleton Township, 558

Amos Mumma, Upper Allen Township, 570

Eli Mumma, Upper Allen Township, 571

Jacob Mumma, Mechanicsburg, 427

John Mumma, Upper Allen Township, 571

George W. Mumper Lower Allen Township, 495

George Murray, Carlisle, 388

Joseph A. Murray, 388

Levi Musselman, Lower Allen Township, 495

Henry D. Musser, East Pennsborough Township, 472

Benjamin Myers, West Pennsborough Township, 585

Emily W. Myers, West Pennsborough Township, 584

Henry T. Myers, Penn Township, 532

J. Norris & Thos E. Myers, Newville, 452

Jacob Myers, Dickinson Township, 463

John F. Myers, Penn Township, 532

William A. Myers, Penn Township, 532

Christian B. Niesley, Mechanicsburg, 428

Jacob M. Niesley, Monroe Township, 512

Jacob Noffsinger, South Middleton Township, 558

George Norcross, Carlisle, 389

J. D. North, Cook Township, 459

George O'Hara, Monroe Township, 512

Cosmus S. Olendenin, Lower Allen Township, 492

Lindsay P. O'Neale, Mechanicsburg, 428

Adam Orris, Mechanicsburg, 429

Levon H. Orris, West Pennsborough Township, 585

Simpson Ott, South Middleton Township, 559

George Otto, South Middleton Township, 559

Austin T. Palm, East Pennsborough Township, 473

Joseph W. Patton, Carlisle, 389

David K. Paul, Monroe Township, 512

George W. Paxton, Dickinson Township, 464

Thomas Paxton, Carlisle, 390

Henry K. Peffer, Carlisle, 390

William G. Peffer, Carlisle, 391

William M. Penrose, Carlisle, 391

Abram Phillips, South Middleton Township, 559

Samuel Piper, Penn Township, 532

Jacob Plank, Monroe Township, 513

Frederick K. Ployer, Mechanicsburg, 429

William M. Porter, Carlisle, 391

Richard H. Pratt, Carlisle, 391

George W. Pressel, Monroe Township, 514

James M. Ralston, Mechanicsburg, 423

Mervin L. Ralston, West Pennsborough Township, 586

Robert S. Randall, Newville, 453

J. D. Rea, Newton Township, 523

Samuel W. Reigart, Mechanicsburg, 430

Christian Reighter, Carlisle, 392

William F. Reily, Carlisle, 392

Ferdinand Reinhardt, 490

D. S. Rice, South Middleton Township, 559

Henry C. Rice, Penn Township, 533

John Riegel, Mechanicsburg, 430

Jesse W. Ringrose, Mechanicsburg, 431

John J. Ringwalt, Mechanicsburg, 431

Lew Ringwalt, Mechanicsburg, 431

Joseph Ritner, West Pennsborough Township, 586

Henry M. Ritter, Carlisle, 393

Daniel Rudy, South Middleton Township, 559

Henry M. Rupley, East Pennsborough Township, 473

George N. Rupp, Lower Allen Township, 496

Henry S. Rupp, Shiremanstown, 457

John M. Rupp, Hampden Township, 482

George H. Russell, Hopewell Township, 491

John L. Sadler, Mechanicsburg, 431

Wilbur F. Sadler, Carlisle, 393

William Sadler, Carlisle, 393

William Sadler, East Pennsborough Township, 474

John O. Saxton, Mechanicsburg, 432

Samuel Schell, South Middleton Township, 560

Jno. Scherich, Mechanicsburg, 432

John Schmohl, Jr., Carlisle, 394

George Schroeder, Mechanicsburg, 433

Frederick Seidle, Mechanicsburg, 433

John F. Senseman, Monroe Township, 514

William Senseman, South Middleton Township, 560

John Shaeffer, Hampden Township, 482

Michael Shambaugh, Mifflin Township, 505

Rufus E. Shapley, Mechanicsburg, 434

Thomas Sharp, Newton Township, 523

Alexander B. Sharpe, Carlisle, 394

William H. Shaull, East Pennsborough Township, 474

Jacob G. Shaw, West Pennsborough Township, 587

Andrew Sheely, Hampden Township, 483

John Sheely, Lower Allen Township, 496

H. O. Shelley, Upper Allen Township, 571

John M. Shoemaker, Silver Spring Township, 542

John Shopp, Hampden Township, 483

Robert N. Short, Mechanicsburg, 434

Charles Shreiner, Silver Spring Township, 543

Eli C. Shuman, Hampden Township, 483

George W. Shumberger, Hampden Township, 484

Robert L. Sibbet, Carlisle, 395

James A. Sibbett, Mechanicsburg, 434

John Simmons, Silver Spring Township, 543

Leslie H. Singiser, East Pennsborough Township, 475

Peter Sipe, Mechanicsburg, 435

Alexander D. B. Smead, Carlisle, 395

J. H. Smith, Dickinson Township, 464

R. L. Smith, Newton Township, 524

Simon Snyder, Penn Township, 533

Abraham Sollenberger, Silver Spring Township, 543

George W. Souder, Monroe Township, 515

John Sours, Dickinson Township, 464

Lemuel B. Spong, Carlisle, 396

J. S. Sponsler, Silver Spring Township, 544

Jacob F. Stauffer, Upper Allen Township, 571

Enoch Staver, Hopewell Township, 491

Isaac D. Steiner, West Pennsborough Township, 587

Alexander Stewart, Shippensburg, 445

George H. Stewart, Shippensburg, 446

Francis H. Stricker, Mechanicsburg, 435

Abraham Strickler, South Middleton Township, 560

Joseph Strock Mechanicsburg, 436

George W. Strock, Monroe Township, 515

George Strohm, West Pennsborough Township, 587

H. A. T. Strohm, Newton Township, 524

John W. Strohm, Newville, 453

Mary C. (Bosler) Stonebraker, Carlisle, 370

Hugh Stuart, Carlisle, 396

John T. Stuart, Carlisle, 397

R. M. Stuart, South Middleton Township, 560

Walter Stuart, Dickinson Township, 464

John Swartz, Upper Allen Township, 572

Reuben Swartz, Carlisle, 397

Samuel B. Swigert, South Middleton Township, 561

J. H. Swiler, South Middleton Township, 561

George Tanger, South Middleton Township, 561

John K. Taylor Shiremanstown, 458

Samuel Taylor, Southampton Township, 548

B. F. Thomas, South Middleton Township, 561

R. H. Thomas, Mechanicsburg, 436

Frank E. Thompson, Carlisle, 397

Alexander A. Thomson, Carlisle, 397

Christian H. Titzel, Mechanicsburg, 437

Joseph Totton, Mechanicsburg, 438

David P. Tritt, Penn Township, 534

John A. Tritt, Penn Township, 534

Peter Tritt, Penn Township, 534

Charles Trone, Newton Township, 524

John R. Turner, Carlisle, 398

John Umberger, Lower Allen Township, 496

Alexander Underwood, Mechanicsburg, 438

Joshua E. Van Camp, West Pennsborough Township, 588

Joseph Vance, Carlisle, 399

Samuel Voglesong, Silver Spring Township, 544

George B. Waggoner, North Middleton Township, 525

Henry F. Waggoner, North Middleton Township, 526

David K. Wagner, Shippensburg, 446

John Wagner, Newville, 454

John C. Wagner, Shippensburg, 446

Samuel C. Wagner, Newville, 454

Wilson J. Wagner, North Middleton Township, 526

George Wagoner, Mechanicsburg, 438

George Walker, Lower Allen Township, 497

William J. Wallace, Frankford Township, 478

Wilson P. Walters, East Pennsborough Township, 475

Edward B. Watts, Carlisle, 400

Frederick Watts, Carlisle, 399

Hiram Watts, Upper Allen Township, 572

William M. Watts, Mechanicsburg, 439

James B. Weakley, South Middleton Township, 561

Alexander Wentz, Mechanicsburg, 440

Amos C. Wertz, Hampden Township, 484

William Westhafer, Upper Allen Township, 572

John W. Wetzel, Carlisle, 400

S. M. Wherry, Southampton Township, 548

Samuel Wherry, Southampton Township, 548

Charles F. Wilbar, East Pennsborough Township, 475

Barrens S. Wilder, Carlisle, 400

James Williams, Monroe Township, 515

John L. Williams, Dickinson Township, 465

Muhlenberg Williams, Newville, 455

Thomas U. Williamson, Monroe Township, 516

Robert Wilson, Mechanicsburg, 440

George Wilt, Hampden Township, 484

Conway P. Wing, Carlisle, 401

William M. Witherspoon Shippensburg, 446

Henry K. Witman, East Pennsborough Township, 476

Robert S. Witmer, Middlesex Township, 500

Samuel Witmer, Middlesex Township, 500

John Wolf, Middlesex Township, 500

Thomas Wolf, South Middleton Township, 562

Frederick Wonderlich, Mechanicsburg, 441

Richey Woods, West Pennsborough Township, 588

Charles R. Woodward, Carlisle, 402

William H. Woodward, Carlisle, 403

Sarah Worley, Upper Allen Township, 573

David W. Worst, Upper Allen Township, 573

Samuel S. Wylie, Southampton Township, 548

Andrew Young, West Pennsborough Township, 588

Jacob S. Zearing, Middlesex Township, 501

Abram J. Zeigler, Middlesex Township, 501

Henry H. Zeigler Middlesex Township, 501

Emanuel Zimmerman, Lower Allen Township, 497

Henry Zimmerman, Silver Spring Township, 544

Henry W. Zimmerman, Lower Allen Township, 498

Jonas B. Zimmerman, Monroe Township, 516

Edward P. Zinn, Mechanicsburg, 441

Henry Zinn, Mechanicsburg, 441

John Zinn, Carlisle, 403

Jacob Zug, Carlisle, 404


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