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History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania

Containing History of the Counties, Their Townships, Towns, Villages, Schools, Churches, Industries, Etc.;

Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men; Biographies;

History of Pennsylvania; Statistical and Miscellaneous Matter, Etc., Etc. Illustrated.


Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1886.


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C. W. Ahl, South Middleton Township, 549

John A. Ahl, Newville, 447

Peter A. & Daniel V. Ahl, Newville, 447

Americus R. Allen, Carlisle, 404

Jeremiah Allen, Jr., Southampton Township, 545

William H. Allen, Southampton Township, 545

J. C. Altick, Shippensburg, 442

Dan H. Ames, Dickinson Township, 459

M. F. Anthony, Frankford Township, 476

Wilmot Ayres, Middlesex Township, 498

Augustus Babb, Mechanicsburg, 405

Henry C. Babble, Middlesex Township, 498

John R. Baker, Shiremanstown, 456

Joseph R. Balsley, Upper Allen Township, 562

Robert C. Bamford, East Pennsborough Township, 465

Jacob Barber, Lower Allen Township, 492

John L. Barner, Shippensburg, 442

Charles Barnes, Upper Allen Township, 562

Jacob E. Barnitz, Carlisle, 367

William Barnitz, Carlisle, 367

Jonathan Barrick, Newton Township, 517

Zacharias Basehore, Hopewell Township, 485

J. D. Bashore, Shippensburg, 442

William Baughman, Shippensburg, 442

Henry Bear, West Pennsborough Township, 574

Jonathan Bear, West Pennsborough Township, 574

G. Edgar Beattie, Southampton Township, 546

John K. Beidler, West Pennsborough Township, 574

George Beltzhoover, Monroe Township, 506

Henry Bender, East Pennsborough Township, 466

Jacob S. Bender, Carlisle, 368

John M. Bentz, Carlisle, 368

Joseph Berkheimer, Monroe Township, 506

George W. Best, Silver Spring Township, 535

Edward M. Biddle, Carlisle, 368

Edward W. Biddle, Carlisle, 369

B. D. Biggs, Shippensburg, 443

George Bishop, South Middleton Township, 549

O. M. Blair, Shippensburg, 443

William Bloser, West Pennsborough Township, 575

George Bobb, Mechanicsburg, 405

Henry M. Bobb, Mechanicsburg, 535

John Bobb, Silver Spring Township, 535

Abraham Bosler, Carlisle, 369

Benjamin C. Bosler, Carlisle, 370

Elizabeth B. Bosler, Carlisle, 370

George M. Bosler, Carlisle, 370

James W. Bosler, Carlisle, 370

John H. Bosler, Carlisle, 369

Joseph Bosler, Carlisle, 370

H. N. Bowman East Pennsborough Township, 466

Abram A. Bowman, Hampden Township, 479

David Bowman, Upper Allen Township, 563

Jacob Bowman, Upper Allen Township, 563

John D. Bowman, East Pennsborough Township, 466

William C. Bradley West Pennsborough Township, 575

Eli B. Brandt, Mechanicsburg, 406

George M. Brandt, Monroe Township, 507

John B. Bratton, Carlisle, 370

H. E. Brechbill, South Middleton Township, 549

Franklin P. Brehm, West Pennsborough Township, 575

William H. Bretz, Carlisle, 371

David Bricker, West Pennsborough Township, 576

John Bricker, Silver Spring Township, 535

John H. Bricker, West Pennsborough Township, 576

Levi Bricker Silver Spring Township, 536

Lewis Bricker, Mechanicsburg, 406

Abner C. Brindle, Mechanicsburg, 407

David P. Brindle, Middlesex Township, 499

Henry J. Brinkerhoff, West Pennsborough Township, 576

W. Scott Bruckhart, Shiremanstown, 456

Jesse Bucher, Silver Spring Township, 536

Thomas R. Burgner, West Pennsborough Township, 576

John S. Burkhart, Penn Township, 526

Eli Bushman, South Middleton Township, 550

G. A. Bushman, South Middleton Township, 550

Alfred Carl, Mifflin Township, 502

Henry Carl, West Pennsborough Township, 577

James M. Carothers, West Pennsborough Township, 577

Samuel Carothers, Penn Township, 527

William Carothers, West Pennsborough Township, 577

James Chestnut, Southampton Township, 546

Samuel Christlieb, Mifflin Township, 502

Isaac A. Chronister, South Middleton Township, 550

David L. Clark, Monroe Township, 507

Charles Clendenin, Middlesex Township, 499

Cosmus S. Clendenin, Lower Allen Township, 492

George Clepper, Silver Spring Township, 536

George Clever, Southampton Township, 546

George H. Clever, Southampton Township, 546

Joseph Clever, Southampton Township, 546

Henry M. Cocklin, Upper Allen Township, 564

Jacob C. Cocklin, Upper Allen Township, 564

John Coffey, Southampton Township, 547

Jacob H. Coover, Upper Allen Township, 564

John Coover, Mechanicsburg, 407

Samuel R. Coover, Upper Allen Township, 565

William Coover, Upper Allen Township, 565

Robert Corman, Silver Spring Township, 537

Theodore Cornman, Carlisle, 371

James Coyle, South Middleton Township, 550

W. B. Craig, Shippensburg, 443

Samuel C. Crawford, East Pennsborough Township, 467

G. W. Cressler, Southampton Township, 547

Samuel Crist, Upper Allen Township, 566

D. S. Croft, Southampton Township, 547

Jacob G. Croman, Penn Township, 527

William W. Dale, Carlisle, 372

James A. Davidson, West Pennsborough Township, 578

John B. Davidson, Newville, 449

John S. Davidson, West Pennsborough Township, 578

William M. Davidson, Newville, 450

J. C. Davis, South Middleton Township, 551

Jacob H. Deardorff, Mechanicsburg, 408

Zachariah Deitz, Silver Spring Township, 538

Charles S. Derland, South Middleton Township, 551

Solomon Dewalt, South Middleton Township, 551

Christian Dietz, Hampden Township, 480

David Dietz, Hampden Township, 479

James R. Dixon, Carlisle, 372

David Doner, West Pennsborough Township, 578

Henry Doner, West Pennsborough Township, 578

Cyrus Dornbach, Monroe Township, 508

Daniel Drawbaugh, Lower Allen Township, 493

Nancy Drawbaugh, Frankford Township, 477

W. Linn Duncan, Newton Township, 517

James Dunlap, Penn Township, 527

R. M. Earley, South Middleton Township, 551

Austin G. Eberly, Mechanicsburg, 409

Levi F. Eberly, Mechanicsburg, 408

Samuel Eberly, Mechanicsburg, 408

Samuel Eberly, Hampden Township, 480

George M. D. Eckels, Mechanicsburg, 410

William Eckels, Mechanicsburg, 409

William H. Eckels, Mechanicsburg, 410

Joseph Elcock, Mechanicsburg, 411

Samuel N. Eminger, Mechanicsburg, 412

Jacob Emminger, Mechanicsburg, 411

Benjamin Erb, Hampden Township, 481

John J. Erford, Frankford Township, 477

Abraham Ernst, Newton Township, 518

Annie E. Eshelman, East Pennsborough Township, 467

H. M. Evans, South Middleton Township, 551

David G. Eyster, Camp Hill, 467

Elias B. Eyster, Penn Township, 528

Elias G. Eyster, Penn Township, 528

William Fenstermacher, Shippensburg, 443

Joseph Feeman, Lower Allen Township, 493

James G. Fickel, Carlisle, 372

Adam Fishburn, Carlisle, 373

Anthony Fishburn, Carlisle, 373

Reuben Fishburn, North Middleton Township, 525

Rudolph Fishburn, Dickinson Township, 459

James K. Foreman, Carlisle, 374

Henry Forry, Upper Allen Township, 566

J. C. Fosnot, Newville, 450

Christian Fulmer, Monroe Township, 508

Geo. Fulmer, Mechanicsburg, 412

James Fulton, Upper Allen Township, 566

Robert H. Fulton, West Pennsborough Township, 579

Samuel Galbraith, Dickinson Township, 460

Thompson M. Galbraith, Dickinson Township, 460

William W. Galbraith, Dickinson Township, 460

Eugene C. Gardner, Mechanicsburg, 413

Franklin Gardner, Carlisle, 374

W. F. Gardner, South Middleton Township, 552

Abram E. Garrett, Upper Allen Township, 567

John B. Garver, Monroe Township, 509

John J. Gettel, Shippensburg, 444

George Getter, North Middleton Township, 525

John E. Gibble, Silver Spring Township, 538

George Gibson, Carlisle, 374

Albert S. Gillespie, Mifflin Township, 503

Samuel Given, South Middleton Township, 552

Robert Givin, Carlisle, 375

Christian R. Gladfelter, Middlesex Township, 499

H. M. Glessner, East Pennsborough Township, 467

Lewis Goodhart, Penn Township, 528

Benjamin K. Goodyear, Carlisle, 375

Solomon P. Gorgas, Mechanicsburg, 413

William R. Gorgas, Carlisle, 376

James Graham, Upper Allen Township, 567

James H. Graham, Carlisle, 376

John Graham, Newville, 450

Robert M. Graham, West Pennsborough Township, 579

James D. Greason, West Pennsborough Township, 579

John Greider, West Pennsborough Township, 580

George Grove, West Pennsborough Township, 580

Martin Guswiler, Carlisle, 377

George F. Hailman, Silver Spring Township, 539

Harry Hance, Dickinson Township, 460

C. R. Hargleroad, Shippensburg, 444

P. Harmon, South Middleton Township, 552

E. F. Haskell, South Middleton Township, 552

George Hauck, Mechanicsburg, 413

George W. Hauck, Mechanicsburg, 414

Samuel F. Hauck, Mechanicsburg, 414

Benjamin Haverstick, Mechanicsburg, 415

Jesse C. Hays, Mechanicsburg, 415

John Hays, Carlisle, 378

George W. Heagy, South Middleton Township, 553

Adam Heberlig, Hopewell Township, 485

Benjamin F. Heberlig, Hopewell Township, 486

Daniel Heberlig, Newton Township, 518

Joseph F. Heberlig, Hopewell Township, 486

John B. Heck, East Pennsborough Township, 468

David Hefflefinger, Hopewell Township, 486

George Hemminger, Carlisle, 379

Jacob Hemminger, Carlisle, 378

Jacob Hemminger, Mifflin Township, 503

Robert M. Henderson, Carlisle, 379

John Hensel, Hopewell Township, 487

Alfred J. Herman, Carlisle, 381

Jacob N. Herman, Penn Township, 529

John E. A. Herman, Silver Spring Township, 539

Manasseh Herman, Silver Spring Township, 539

Martin C. Herman, Carlisle, 380

C. K. Herr South Middleton Township, 553

John W. Hershman, Silver Spring Township, 539

Christian Hertzler, Hampden Township, 481

Elias Hertzler, Monroe Township, 510

Henry Hertzler, Upper Allen Township, 568

Jacob M. Hertzler, Monroe Township, 509

John Hertzler, Monroe Township, 509

Christian Hess, Shiremanstown, 457

Samuel Hess, Silver Spring Township, 540

Jacob Heyd, East Pennsborough Township, 468

Hiram Highlands, Southampton Township, 547

David Hoerner, South Middleton Township, 553

Henry Holler, East Pennsborough Township, 469

Jacob Hollinger, Dickinson Township, 461

D. P. Hoover, South Middleton Township, 554

Elijah J. Hoover, Monroe Township, 510

Michael L. Hoover, Silver Spring Township, 540

Eliza Horst, Upper Allen Township, 568

Samuel F. Houston, Mechanicsburg, 416

Israel Hull, South Middleton Township, 554

George Hummel, Mechanicsburg, 416

Christian P. Humrich, Carlisle, 381

Henry Hursh, Hopewell Township, 487

John Hursh, Newville, 451

Edwin W. Hurst, Mechanicsburg, 416

Jacob Hurst, Mechanicsburg, 417

E. Rankin Huston, Mechanicsburg, 417

James S. Huston, Mechanicsburg, 418

Samuel F. Huston, Penn Township, 529

John Hutton, Monroe Township, 510

Robert H. Irvine, Newton Township, 519

George W. Jacobs, Middlesex Township, 499

John Jacobs, Silver Spring Township, 540

Owen James, New Cumberland, 493

John P. Kast, Silver Spring Township, 541

Benjamin Kauffman, South Middleton Township, 554

Levi Kauffman, Mechanicsburg, 418

John C. Keiser, West Pennsborough Township, 580

Adam Keller, Carlisle, 381

Daniel Keller, Penn Township, 529

Daniel Kendig, Newton Township, 519

William Kerr, West Pennsborough Township, 581

Stephen B. Kieffer, Carlisle, 382

Henry Killian, Newton Township, 519

David H. Kimmel, Mechanicsburg, 420

Daniel King, Cook Township, 458

T. Frank King, West Pennsborough Township, 581

William Klepper, South Middleton Township, 554

Andrew C. Knoderer, Upper Allen Township, 568

Jonas Koller, Mechanicsburg, 420

William C. Koons, Newton Township, 520

Alfred C. Koser, Mechanicsburg, 421

John J. Koser, Shippensburg, 444

Curtis Kost, Silver Spring Township, 541

George Landis, West Pennsborough Township, 581

John B. Landis, Carlisle, 382

William L. Lantz, East Pennsborough Township, 469

Joseph Leas, Mechanicsburg, 422

Frederick B. Leberknight, Hopewell Township, 488

Daniel Leeper, Cook Township, 458

David Lefever, Penn Township, 530

D. P. Lehman South Middleton Township, 555

J. C. Lehman South Middleton Township, 555

Christian Leib, South Middleton Township, 555

A. M. Leidich, South Middleton Township, 555

G. W. Leidigh, Monroe Township, 511

Levi H. Lenher, Mechanicsburg, 422

Joseph A. Lindsay, West Pennsborough Township, 582

M. H. Lindsay South Middleton Township, 556

J. W. Lindsey, South Middleton Township, 556

Abram L. Line, Dickinson Township, 461

Albert A. Line, Carlisle, 383

David Line, Dickinson Township, 461

Emanuel C. Line, Dickinson Township, 462

George Line, West Pennsborough Township, 582

Jacob Z. Line, Dickinson Township, 462

James V. Line, Dickinson Township, 462

John A. Line, West Pennsborough Township, 582

Samuel C. Line, Dickinson Township, 462

John Lininger, Hampden Township, 481

William P. Lloyd, Mechanicsburg, 422

William B. Logan, Hampden Township, 481

Michael Long, Penn Township, 530

George B. Longenecker, East Pennsborough Township, 469

John K. Longnecker, West Pennsborough Township, 583

William H. Longsdorf, Carlisle, 383

John M. Loudon, Silver Spring Township, 542

George B. Lutz, Monroe Township, 511

William A. Lutz, Shippensburg, 444


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