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St. Lukes Reformed Church





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Of the St. Lukes Reformed Church,

In Luthersburg, Pa.




Sec. 1st This association shall be known by the name of St. Lukes Reformed Church at Luthersburg.


Sec. 2nd Its objective shall be to provide its numbers with the stated preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to afford them facilities for the observance of the duties and ordinances of the Christian religion, and to adopt and prosecute from time to time, such measures as may be calculated to promote the general spread of the Redeemers Kingdom.


Sec. 3rd It shall be subject to the control of the synod of the Reformed Church in the United States and shall, in all respects, be governed by its rules and regulations.



Of the Officers and their duties


Sec. 1st The officers of this congregation shall be a pastor, two elders and two deacons.


Sec. 2nd The duty of the pastor shall be to preach the gospel, administer the Sacraments, and perform all other duties belonging to a minister of Jesus Christ.


Sec. 3rd The duties of the Elders shall be in connection with the pastor, to take the oversight of the congregation, to exercise ecclesiastical disciplines and to take heed that Christian order be maintained in all things; to see that this Pastor together with their fellow elders and deacons, faithfully discharge their respective duties; to aid in visiting the sick, and to contribute, according to their ability, to the instruction improvement and consolation of the members.





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Sec. 4th The duties of the deacons shall be to assist the other officers of the congregation in providing its general welfare, to collect the alms and other contributions which are designed for the relief of the poor, or the necessities of the congregation, to distribute the alms willingly and conscientiously, and to provide for the support of the Pastor.


Sec. 5th The Pastor, Elders and Deacons shall constitute the consistory of the congregation, of which the Pastor shall be ExOfficio President and a Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by themselves and from their own number, from time to time, as occasion may acquire Three members shall constitute a quorum.


Sec. 6th It shall be the duty of the Consistory to provide for the faithful enforcement of Discipline according to the Constitution of the Reformed Church, and to transact all the other business of the Congregation in the name of the Congregation provided, however, that when any measure of the general interest and importance presents itself, such as the buying or selling of property, the borrowing of money, or the erection of buildings, etc, they first ascertain the will of the majority of the congregation assembled at a meeting called for the purpose, of which due notice shall be given.


Sec. 7th The Consistory shall meet annually on the Last Saturday in each and every year for the transaction of business and final settlement.





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Of Elections


Sec. 1st Every male member in good standing shall be entitled to vote.


Sec. 2nd An election shall be held for Pastor whenever his situation becomes vacant (according to the mode and regulations adopted and prescribed by the joint Consistories of the charge to which this Congregation belongs.


Sec. 3rd Every minister of the gospel who may become a candidate for the office of Pastor, must, before he can be chosen to, or at least inducted into office, be in good standing in convictions with the Synod of the Reformed Church.


Sec. 4th An election for two Elders and Two Deacons shall be held annually on the last Saturday in each and every year and at the first election One Elder and One Deacon shall be elected to serve for One year and One Elder and One Deacon shall be elected to serve Two years and One Elder and One Deacon shall be elected every year thereafter to serve One year, or until their successors are chosen.


Sec. 5th At least two weeks before the election, a double number of candidates for the several offices may be proposed to the congregation if they so desire, and no previous tenure of office shall disqualify any person from being such a candidate.


Sec. 6th Should any of the offices become vacant by death, removal, or otherwise, between the regular times for holding the election, they shall be filled by a new election, and the person thus elected shall serve during the time for which their predecessors were elected.





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Qualifications for Membership and Duties of Members


Sec. 1st To constitute any person a member of this congregation, he must possess the qualifications, and be received according to the mode required and prescribed by the Constitution of the Reformed Church.


Sec. 2nd It shall be the duty of every member of this congregation to labor to promote its general welfare, and to contribute according to his or her ability and pleasure to the support of the Pastor, and to every other object that may require the contributions of the Congregation.


Sec. 3rd Any intentional omission to contribute to the support of the Gospel, or an unnecessary absence from public worship, or a repeated neglect of the Sacraments shall be sufficient, even though there may be no special act of immorality, to subject any one to discipline.


Sec. 4th It shall be the duty of every member, when removing out of the bounds of the congregation, to apply for a certificate of dismission; and all who come from other congregations, must present such a certificate in order to membership, except in Special cases, of the nature of which the Consistory constitute the proper judges.


Sec. 5th In all other cases not provided for in this constitution, those whose conduct may be such as to render them fit subjects for discipline, shall be dealt with according to the Constitution of the Reformed Church.





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Of the By-laws


The Consistory may from time to time enact such by-laws for their government in the transaction of business, as they may deem necessary, provided, however, they do not conflict with the Constitution of the Reformed Church.



Of Amendments


This Constitution or any part of it, may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at a meeting called for the purpose, provided that at least two weeks notice of the meeting shall have been given.





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[Note- The successive Pastors are requested here to record the date of their taking or relinquishing the charge of this Church, and such other facts connected therewith as they may deem of importance or interest to the Church]


     Rev. J. F. Wiant, From Sept. 1st, A.D. 1890, Pastor of the Paradise charge in Clearfield and Jefferson Counties, Pa, including Trinity Reformed Congregation, of which the original members of St. Lukes Reformed congregation were members, by the action of Clarion Classis, organized said St. Lukes Reformed congregation, Jan. 1st, A.D. 1892, and by the action of Clarion Classis, recognizing said congregation as a part of said Paradise charge, was pastor of St. Lukes.


     By the action of Clarion Classis at the annual meeting held in May 1894, the St. Lukes congregation was detached from the Paradise charge and annexed to the DuBois charge from July 1st, 1894. R. E. Cover was pastor of St. Lukes from the time said reconstruction took place (July 1st, 1894) till his death on Palm Sunday April 1, 1928.





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Name - Office - Date of Installation - Expiration of Official Term - Remarks


Jacob Mehrwein - Elder - Jan 1st 1892 - Dec 31st 1892


Henry Aurand - Elder - Jan 1st 1892 - Dec 1893


John Mehrwein - Deacon - Jan 1st 1892 - Dec 31st 1892


Henry L. Hatzfeld - Deacon - Jan 1st 1892 - Dec 31st 1893


Henry Wingert - Elder - Jan 8th 1893 - Dec 31st 1895


J. Calvin Mehrwein - Deacon - Jan 8th 1893 - Dec 31st 1895


John Mehrwein - Elder - Jan 7th 1894


Adam Schoch - Deacon - Jan 7th 1894


Henry L. Hatzfeld - Elder - Jan 20 1895


Elias Schucker - Deacon - Jan 20 1895






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J. F. Wiant, - Commenced Pastorate 1 Sept. 1890, - Closed Pastorate 1894.


R. E. Crum, - Commenced Pastorate 1 July 1894, - Closed Pastorate April 1, 1928, - Died April 1, 1928, - Special Honors (D.D.), Confirmed by W. & Mary College.


Albert J. Knoll, - Licensed May 30, 1928, - Ordained Sept. 26, 1928, - Elected to Pastorate Aug. 19, 1928, - Called to Pastorate Aug. 19, 1928, - Accepted Call Aug. 23, 1928, - Commenced Pastorate Sept. 26, 1928, - Installed Sept. 26, 1928, - Closed Pastorate 1930, Left for Apollo, Pa.


Rev. W. J. Muir (Supply), - Ordained 1894, - Supply Rev. from 1931 to 1932.


H. L. Logsdon, - Ordained 1922, - Called to Pastorate 1932, - Resigned 1939, - Left for Zelienople, Pa.


G. W. Freese, - Ordained 1936, - Commenced Pastorate July 1, 1939, - Closed Pastorate Mar. 5, 1942, - entered U.S. Army.


Rev. Earnest E. Noll, - Ordained 1937, - Commenced Pastorate Sept. 1, 1942, - Closed Pastorate 12 Sept. 1944, - went to St. Paulís, Wheeling, W.Va.


Rev. Howard W. Walenta, - Ordained 1940, - Commenced Pastorate July 20, 1945, - Resigned Dec. 30, 1956, Bethleham, Pa.


Rev. John L. Herbster, - Commenced Pastorate June 1957.


Rev. David Mohr







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