Gold Cross


By The Rev., Modestus Wirtner, O. S. B.

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St. Scholastica's Convent, Carrolltown



In Charge of the Benedictine Sisters.

In 1870, on the invitation of the Rt. Rev. Michael Domenec, D.D., Bishop of Pittsburgh, Mother Adelgunda Feldman, O.S.B., and several Sisters left St. Mary's, Elk County, the Cradle of these Sisters, in the United States, and the Mother House, to take charge of St. Benedict's school and also of St. John's school at Johnstown. In the following year the Bishops of Erie and Pittsburgh insisted that they form a new diocesan community. St. Scholastica's Convent here was chosen as the Mother House of the Benedictine Sisters of the diocese of Pittsburgh.

The first young ladies who entered the community, were Annie Scanlan and Walburge Eger. Both completed their one year novitiate and then made their three years vows. Sr. Dolorosa Scanlan made then her last or perpetual vows on August 11, 1876. In March, 1889, she went to Florida, where she established The Holy Name Convent, at San Antonio, Florida, and died as the Mother Superior on June 2, 1895. Miss Eger, being of a sickly disposition, took this as a sign that it was not her vocation and left, living in the world an edifying life until her death.

In 1878 the Sisters accepted the large school at St. Mary's, North Side, Pittsburgh. Soon after they took charge also of other schools there, so that the majority of the Sisters were in Pittsburgh. The Rt. Rev. Bishop now requested them to change the locality of the Mother House and Novitiate. Their present address is St. Mary's Convent, 832 North Canal Street, North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa.

The Sisters of St. Benedict's school have upheld the tradition of the Order in doing excellent work in the school. The pupils who leave the school to enter the world, are the equal and in most cases the superior of those leaving the public schools of the neighborhood, not to mention that they enjoy a higher knowledge of their holy religion. The last Baltimore Council as well as the Laws of the Catholic Church enjoin the Catholic parents to send their children to a Catholic school in order to have them instructed in their religion. To do otherwise is to disobey the laws of the church.

The eight grades are taught at present by the following sisters:

Room I. - Sr. Ida, O.S.B.
Room II. - Sr. Casilda, O.S.B.
Room III. - Sr. Gertrude, O.S.B.
Room IV. - Sr. Irmina, O.S.B.
Room V. - Sr. Barbara, O.S.B.
Room VI. - Sr. Walburg, O.S.B.

NOTE - Every prudent person, as soon as he or she acquires any property, makes a WILL at once. This will give you the opportunity of giving your property to those whom you wish to enjoy it. In your Will you uoght to leave something to your church or to your holy religion. The correct wording, if you wish to leave something to St. Benedict's church, would be:

"I give and bequeath to the Rt. Rev. John J. McCort, D.D., Bishop of Altoona, the sum of $ ____ for the benefit of St. Benedict's Congregation, Carrolltown, Pa.


Pastors and Assistants

The Very Rev. Peter Lechner, O.S.B. Nov. 21, 1848 to June 1, 1849
The Rev. Charles Geyerstanger, O.S.B. Dec. 1, 1848 to July 1, 1849
The Rev Charles Geyerstanger, O.S.B. Sep. 24, 1852 to Jan. 24, 1853
The Rev. Charles Geyerstanger, O.S.B. Feb. 20, 1859 to May 15, 1859
The Very Rev. Benedict Haindl, O.S.B. June 10, 1849 to Dec. 2, 1849
The Rev. Thaddaeus Brunner, O.S.B. July 15, 1849 to Sep. 21, 1850
The Very Rev. Celestine Englbrecht, O.S.B. Dec. 16, 1849 to June, 1853
The Rev. Maurus Zacherl, O.S.B. Nov. 4, 1850 to Nov 16, 1851
The Rev. Placidus Doettle, O.S.B. June 1, 1851 to                  
The Rev. Odilo Von der Green, O.S.B. Jan. 25, 1852 to Dec. 19, 1852
The Rev. Henry Lemke, O.S.B. Mar. 14, 1852 to Oct. 7, 1855
The Rev. Francis Grimmer Jan, 1853 to Aug. 18, 1853
The Very Rev. Ildephonse Boeld, O.S.B. June 14, 1853 to June 13, 1855
The Rev. Utho Huber, O.S.B. Dec. 18, 1853 to Jan. 29, 1854
The Rev. Roman Hill, O.S.B. Mar. 1, 1854 to Sep. 28, 1854
The Rev. Chilian Bernetzeder, O.S.B. Feb. 8, 1855 to Feb. 1, 1856
The Rev. Chilian Bernetzeder, O.S.B. Oct. 14, 1860 to Nov. 1, 1860
The Rev. Valentine Felder, O.S.B. July 3, 1855 to June 8, 1856
The Very Rev. Celestine Englbrecht, O.S.B. Feb. 5, 1856 to May 15, 1859
The Rev. Ulrich Spoettl, O.S.B. June 10, 1856 to Sep. 25, 1856
The Rev. Ulrich Spoettl, O.S.B. Feb. 28, 1858 to Apr. 18, 1858
The Rev. Oswald Moosmiller, O.S.B. June 27, 1856 to Sep. 27, 1857
The Rev. Gabriel Blum, O.S.B. Oct. 18, 1857 to Jan. 22, 1859
The Rev. Erhard Vannino, O.S.B. Oct. 18, 1857 to Dec. 8, 1857
The Rev. Erhard Vannino, O.S.B. Nov. 15, 1868 to Feb. 1, 1871
The Rev. Magnus Mayer, O.S.B. July 10, 1859 to Jan. 15, 1860
The Very Rev. Utho Huber, O.S.B. July 17, 1859 to Nov., 1860
The Very Rev. Otto Kopf, O.S.B. Nov. 18, 1860 to Feb. 9, 1862
The Rev. Placidus Pilz, O.S.B. Dec. 4, 1860 to Oct. 15, 1861
The Rev. Isidore Walter, O.S.B. Oct 20, 1861 to Oct 24, 1863
The Very Rev. Giles Christoph, O. S. .B Mar. 2, 1862 to Jan. 17, 1869
The Rev Brunno Riess, O.S.B. June 2, 1864 to July 30, 1864
The Rev. Edmund Langenfelder, O.S.B. Sep. 6, 1863 to Sep. 18, 1867
The Rev. Edmund Langenfelder, O.S.B. Oct. 3, 1869 to Aug. 7, 1870
The Rev. Edmund Langenfelder, O.S.B. Mar. 4, 1877 to Dec. 7, 1879
The Rev. Matthias Binder, O.S.B. Dec. 25, 1865 to Oct. 17, 1866
The Rev. Francis Cannon, O.S.B. Apr. 8, 1866 to Mar. 25, 1867
The Rev. Agatho Stuebinger, O.S.B. Apr. 21, 1867 to June 21, 1868
The Rev. Aemilian Wendel, O.S.B. July 5, 1867 to Dec. 12, 1868
The Rev. Paul Behrens, O.S.B. Feb. 1, 1868 to Nov. 7, 1868
The Rev. Michael Hofmayer, O.S.B. Sep. 20, 1868 to Aug 22, 1869
The Rev. Michael Hofmayer, O.S.B. Feb. 20, 1871 to Feb. 18, 1877
The Very Rev. Benno Hegele, O.S.B. Jan. 17, 1869 to Nov. 6, 1870
The Rev. Urban Bayer, O.S.B. Jan. 29, 1869 to Aug. 6, 1871
The Rev. Suitbert Demarteau, O.S.B. Nov. 21, 1869 to Jan. 22, 1871
The Very Rev. Aemilian Wendel, O.S.B. Oct. 10, 1870 to June 8, 1872
The Rev. Anslem Schmidt, O.S.B. Feb. 13, 1871 to Sep. 6, 1871
The Rev. Maurus Lynch, O.S.B. Feb. 26, 1871 to May 9, 1873
The Rev. Valentine Lobmayer, O.S.B. Nov. 1871 to Jan. 4, 1880
The Very Rev. Amandus Kramer, O.S.B. July 7, 1872 to Oct. 13, 1879
The Rev. Ambrose Huebner, O.S.B. May 17, 1873 to July 1, 1877
The Rev. Dennis Stolz, O.S.B. Aug. 26, 1877 to Aug. 31, 1879


The Rev. Urban Tracey, O.S.B. Oct. 12, 1879 to Jan. 7, 1880
The Very Rev. Otto Kopf, O.S.B. Oct. 12, 1879 to Dec. 30, 1888
The Rev. Pius Preiser, O.S.B. Dec. 21, 1879 to Feb. 14, 1887
The Rev. Bede Hipelius, O.S.B. Jan. 18, 1880 to Nov. 1, 1880
The Rev. Alto Herr, O.S.B. Jan. 14, 1880 to Feb. 24, 1883
The Rev. Anthony Wirtner, O.S.B. Dec. 25, 1880 to Sep. 15, 1884
The Rev. Rupert Tragesser, O.S.B. Oct. 1, 1881 to June 1, 1882
The Rev. Alban Rudroff, O.S.B. Oct. 8, 1882 to Aug. 17, 1884
The Rev. Maximillian Herr, O.S.B. Aug. 5, 1884 to Aug. 27, 1891
The Rev. Anselm Soehnler, O.S.B. Dec. 26, 1884 to Nov. 5, 1886
The Rev. Edwin Pierron, O.S.B. Sep. 21, 1884 to Dec. 5, 1890
The Very Rev. Benedict Menges, O.S.B. Dec. 23, 1888 to June 26, 1891
The Rev. Wilfred Frins, O.S.B. Feb. 16, 1890 to Jan. 3, 1892
The Very Rev. Raymund Daniel, O.S.B. July, 1891 to Aug. 31, 1894
The Rev. Gregory Zeilenhofer Jan. 15, 1892 to Aug. 28, 1892
The Rev. Willibald Strasser, O.S.B. June 12, 1892 to Aug. 27, 1893
The Rev. Marcellus Retger, O.S.B. Sep. 25, 1892 to Oct. 25, 1894
The Rev. Macarius Schmitt, O.S.B. Sep., 1892 to Aug. 11, 1894
The Rev. Norbert Gerstel, O.S.B. Nov. 12, 1893 to Sep. 1, 1894
The Rev. Walter Stehle, O.S.B. Aug. 29, 1894 to Aug. 18, 1895
The Very Rev. Michael Hofmayer, O.S.B. Sep. 1, 1894 to Sep. 19, 1899
The Rev. Ferdinand Hartung, O.S.B. Aug. 25, 1895 to Dec. 2, 1896
The Rev. Isidore Fuessel, O.S.B. Jan. 1, 1897 to Aug. 28, 1897
The Rev. Leonard Schlimm, O.S.B. Sep. 2, 1897 to Aug. 25, 1901
The Rev. Stanislaus Messmer, O.S.B. Mar. 4, 1898 to Sep. 7, 1902
The Very Rev. Emmeran Singer, O.S.B. Sep. 23, 1899 to July 18, 1904
The Rev. Amand Reithmeier, O.S.B. Sep. 1, 1901 to Apr. 17, 1905
The Rev. Othmar Knoll, O.S.B. May 3, 1903 to Oct. 4, 1903
The Rev. Othmar Knoll, O.S.B. Jan. 24, 1912 to Sep. 23, 1912
The Rev. Clement Strattman, O.S.B. July, 1903 to June 11, 1904
The Rev. Boniface Wirtner, O.S.B. Jan. 6, 1904 to June 16, 1906
The Very Rev. Leopold Probst, O.S.B. July 20, 1904 to Aug. 28, 1910
The Rev. Wolfgang Kolbeck, O.S.B. Nov. 28, 1904 to June 15, 1905
The Rev. Herman Scherer, O.S.B. Aug. 13, 1905 to Aug. 5, 1913
The Rev. Thomas Wolf, O.S.B. June 18, 1906 to Sep. 1, 1910
The Rev. Modestus Wirtner, O.S.B. Jan. 2, 1910 to Aug. 21, 1910
The Rev. James Spalding, O.S.B. Aug. 28, 1910 to Aug. 21, 1912
The Very Rev. Thomas Wolf, O.S.B. Sep. 1910 to date
The Rev. Berthold Neuhauser, O.S.B. Sep. 7, 1913 to May 30, 1920
The Rev. Sylvester Schwab. O.S.B. Jan. 10, 1915 to July 29, 1917
The Rev. Victor Lillig, O.S.B. Aug. 12, 1917 to Sep. 15, 1918
The Rev. Timothy Seus, O.S.B. Oct. 10, 1918 to Nov. 17, 1919
The Rev. Lawrence Rogan, O.S.B. Sep. 7, 1919 to June 26, 1921
The Rev. George Brugger, O.S.B. June 5, 1920 to Aug., 1920
The Rev. Richard Kraus, O.S.B. Aug. 22, 1920 to Feb. 13, 1921
The Rev. Claude Gearey, O.S.B. June, 1921 to date
The Rev. Peter Fisher, O.S.B. March 20, 1923 to Aug., 1923
The Rev. Clarence Kaiser, O.S.B. Aug., 1923 to date

These dates are those of the first and last baptism recorded in the Baptismal Records. The priest who held the catechetical instructions and the Vespers would therefore not administer the sacrament of baptism sometimes for months.


Benedictine Monastery, Carrolltown


Missionary Work

Clearfield County.

The Benedictine Fathers of St. Benedict's Priory at Carrolltown, attended to the spiritual welfare of the German Catholics in the following places: Clearfield, Cooper, Snow Shoe and other stations in Clearfield County.

Rev. Thaddaeus Brunner, O.S.B. 1850
Rev. Maurus Zacherl, O.S.B. 1850-1851
Rev. Celestine Englbrecht, O.S.B. 1852

Beginning with October, 1852, Clearfield County was placed in charge of the Benedictine Fathers of St. Mary's, Elk County.

Indiana County.

Indiana and its missions were, for a short time in the fifties, visited regularly from here.

St. Mary's Church, Hollidaysburg.

The baptismal records of that church give these names:

Rev. Thaddeus Brunner, O.S.B. 1849-1850
Rev. Celestine Englbrecht, O.S.B. 1852
Rev. Odilo Von der Green, O.S.B. 1852

Beginning with September, 1852, the church was attended by the Benedictine Fathers of St. Joseph's church, Johnstown.

St. Michael's Church, Loretto.

The Benedictine Fathers, who attended regularly to the spiritual welfare of the Germans of St. Michael's parish, Loretto, were:

Rev. Thaddeus Brunner, O.S.B. 1849-1850
Rev. Benedict Haindl, O.S.B. 1849
Rev. Peter Lechner, O.S.B. 1850
Rev. Celestine Englbrecht, 0 S. B. 1850-1859
Rev. Odilo Von der Green, O.S.B. 1852
Rev. Ildephonse Boeld, O.S.B. 1853-1855
Rev. Valentine Felder, O.S.B. 1856
Rev. Oswald Moosmueller, O.S.B. 1857
Rev. Gerard Pilz, O.S.B. 1859
Rev. Utho Huber, O.S.B. 1859-1860
Rev. Otto Kopf, O.S.B. 1860-1863
Rev. Placidus Pilz, O.S.B. 1860-1861
Rev. Giles Christoph, O.S.B. 1863
Rev. Edmund Langenfelder, O.S.B. 1864
Rev. Constantine Leber, O.S.B. 1888
Rev. Benedict Menges, O.S.B. 1890

St. Aloysius' Summit.

The baptismal records of St. Aloysius Church does not give the names of all the visiting Fathers. These are on record:

Rev. Charles Geyerstanger, O.S.B. 1853
Rev. Celestine Englbrecht, O.S.B. 1853


Rev. Ildephonse Boeld, O.S.B. 1854
Rev. Henry Lemke, O.S.B. 1854
Rev. Valentine Felder, O.S.B. 1856
Rev. Celestine Englbrecht, O.S.B. 1858
Rev. Placidus Pilz, O.S.B. 1861

St. Augustine's Church, St. Augustine.

St. Augustine's Church records present the following list of assisting Benedictine priests:

Rev. Benedict Haindl, O.S.B. 1849
Rev. Odilo von der Green, O.S.B. 1852
Rev. Henry Lemke, O.S.B. 1852
Rev. Edmund Langenfelder, O.S.B. 1865
Rev. John Sommers, O.S.B. 1865
Rev. Agatho Stuebinger, O.S.B. 1867
Rev. Amandus Kramer, O.S.B. 1872
Rev. Benedict Menges, O.S.B. 1890
Rev. Maximillian Herr, O.S.B. 1890
Rev. Wilfred Frins, O.S.B. 1890

Immaculate Conception, New Germany.

This church was attended from here until the latter part of 1852 when it was given to the Benedictine Fathers of St. Joseph's church, Johnstown. However from November, 1868, Father Urban Bayer, O.S.B., attended the place until April 3, 1870, from here.


The services of the following priests and sisters have been given to Holy Church by St. Benedict's congregation during the seventy-five years of her existence.

Secular Clergy

Rev. Joseph Eger, ordained on the 8th of July, 1886, by Rt. Rev. Bishop Richard Phelan, D. D., is the pastor of St. Joseph's Church, Braddock Pa.

Rev. William A. Yahner was ordained in December, 1905, for the diocese of Altoona by Rt. Rev. Eugene A. Garvey, D. D.

Rev. Bernard Weakland.

Religious Clergy

Rev. Anthony Wirtner, O.S.B., ordained July 14, 1875. Died October, 14, 1922.

Rev. Henry Urben, C. SS. R., ordained September 1, 1877. Died July 23, 1923.

Rev. Boniface Wirtner, O.S.B., ordained April 8, 1879.

Rt. Rev. Abbot Vincent Huber, O.S.B., ordained July 15, 1880. Rev. Modestus Wirtner, O.S.B., ordained July 8, 1886.


Rev. Louis Flick, O.S.B., ordained June 13, 1887. Died April 8, 1923.

Rev. Alcuin Maucher, O.S.B., ordained July 13, 1888. Died January 31, 1913.

Rev. Aloysius Luther, O.S.B., ordained July 2, 1898.

Rev. Denis Severin, O.S.B., ordained July 13, 1899.

Rev. Agatho Strittmatter, O.S.B., ordained July 13, 1899.

Rev. Alto Hecker, O.S.B., ordained June 25, 1922.

Rev. Malachy Brawley, ordained June 22, 1924.

Marcellus Ellwanger, O.S.B., in philosophy, died May 23, 1883.

Fabian Fabry, O.S.B., in philosophy. Entered in 1925.

Names of Sisters of the Parish of St. Bene-
dict, Carrolltown, Cambria Co., Pa.

The date refers to the second or perpetual vows.

Sr. M. Mechtild Richter, O.S.B. 1854,b
Sr. M. Placida Graeber, O.S.B. 1857,a
Sr. M. Teresia Vogel, O.S.B. 1857,a
Sr. M. Gregoria Moser, O.S.B. 1857,c
Sr. M. Martha Moser, O.S.B. 1864,a
Sr. M. Teresia Moser, O.S.B. 1865,c
Sr. M. Angela Luther, O.S.B. 1870,a
Sr. M. Richarda Meyer, O.S.B. 1871,a
Sr. M. Scholastica Sharbaugh, O.S.B. 1874,d
Sr. M. Sebastian Westrien, O.S.B. 1875,a
Sr. M. Genevieve Byrne, O.S.B. 1875,b
Sr. M. Dolorosa, Scanlan, O.S.B. 1876,f
Sr. M. Placida Strittmatter, O.S.B. 1877,d
Sr. M. Maura Strittmatter, O.S.B. 1878,d
Sr. M. Agnes Behe, O.S.B. 1878,f
Sr. M. Benedicta Will, O.S.B. 1881,c
Sr. M. Agnes Illig, O.S.B. 1881,e
Sr. M. Xaveria Grasberger, O.S.B. 1881,e
Sr. M. Thecla Kaylor, O.S.B. 1882,d
Sr. M. Teresia Huber, O.S.B. 1883,d
Sr. M. Rose Farabaugh, O.S.B. 1887,d
Sr. M. Irmina Huber, O.S.B. 1889,d
Sr. M. Maura Strittmatter, O.S.B. 1889,d
Sr. M. Mary Maucher, O.S.B. 1889,d
Sr. M Dolores Scanlan, O.S.B. 1889,f
Sr. M. Josepha Strittmatter, O.S.B. 1894,d
Sr. M. Catherine Strittmatter, O.S.B. 1894,d
Sr. M. Agatha Bearer, O.S.B. 1894,d
Sr. M. Barbara Yahner, O.S.B. 1894,d
Sr. M. Rose Easley, O.S.B. 1895,f
Sr. M. Immaculata Walters, O.S.B. 1897,f
Sr. M. Flavia Farabaugh, O.S.B. 1899,d
Sr. M. Scholastica Strittmatter, O.S.B. 1899,d
Sr. M. Hedwig Strittmatter, O.S.B. 1909,d


Sr. M. Rosalia Luther, O.S.B. 1916,d
Sr. M. Modesta Hecker, O.S.B. 1920,d
Sr. M. Louise Uhrine, O.S.B. 1920,d
Sr. M Angelica Illig, O.S.B. 1920,d

These Sisters live in the following Convents:

a - St. Joseph Convent. St. Mary's, Elk County, Pa. 1852
b - St. Benedict Convent, St. Joseph, Minn. 1857
c - St. Scholastica Convent, Atchison, Kansas 1863
d - St. Mary Convent, Pittsburgh, Pa. 1870
e - St. Edith Convent, Bristow, Virginia 1868
f - Holy Name Convent, San Antonia, Fla. 1889

Sisters of Mercy, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Sr. M. Louise Griffin
Sr. M. Callistus Wirtner

Sisters of St. Francis.

Sr. M. (Mary Ellen) Byrne
Sr. M. Thecla Kaylor
Sr. M. Flora Maucher
Sr. M. Patricia Thomas

Sisters of Charity.

Sr. M. Louise Flick
Sr. M. Mechtildis Grasberger
Sr. M. Bernarda Karlheim
Sr. M. Ann Augusta Schroth
Sr. M. Cyrilla Snyder
Sr. M. Bertrand Yahner
Sr. M. Ludwina Yahner

Sisters of St. Joseph.

Sr. M. Joachim Flick
Sr. Mary of the Visitation
Sr. M. Boniface Hoover
Sr. M. Matilda Kane
Sr. M. Mechtildis Link
Sr. M. Margaret Stolz
Sr. M. Magdalen Thomas
Sr. M. Jane Frances Westrick

Ursuline Sisters of Pittsburgh.

Sr. M. Monica Delozier
Sr. M. Gertrude Ivory

Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

Sr. M. (Ella) Kane


Group Photo
Front Row - Left to right - Alcuin Maucher, Boniface Wirtner, Anthony Wirtner, Modestus Wirtner, Agatho Strittmatter
Back Row - Thomas Ott, Aloysius Luther, Maurus Hartman, Vincent Huber, Joseph Eger, Denis Severin, Louis Flick


The Rosary Society

The Rosary Society, the first Society, was founded in 1849 by the Very Rev. Peter Lechner, O.S.B. The members are divided into bands of fifteen individuals, who by dividing the mysteries among themselves, recite the fifteen mysteries of the rosary every day. The present membership is 690. The Spiritual Director of the Society is the Very Rev. Prior Thomas.

The Altar Society

This Society was founded in 1850 by the Very Rev. Prior Celestine, O.S.B. The Society has for its motto: "Herr, ich liebe die Pracht deines Houses und den Ort der Wohnung Deiner Herrlichkeit." The membership reaches the 248 mark. The motto of the Society sufficiently indicates the endeavor of its members to provide the necessities of the holy Sacrifice.

Spiritual Director - the Very Rev. Prior Thomas.
President - Mrs. Annie Green.
Vice President - Mrs. Rose Farabaugh.
Secretary - Mrs. Catherine Severin.
Treasurer - Mrs. Henrietta Donahue.

The Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality

The Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality was established for the young boys and girls of the parish in 1871 by the Very Rev. Prior Aemilian. This society primarily fosters a devotion to Our Lady.

Spiritual Director - The Rev. Claude Geary, O.S.B.
President - Eleanor Buck.
Vice President - Marie Mangold.
Secretary-Treasurer - Milburg Brophy.

The Guardian Angel Sodality

The Guardian Angel Sodality is the St. Benedict's school children Sodality. It was established in 1871 and has 106 members. The Ven. Sister Barbara is the Directress.

The Apostleship of Prayer

In league with the Sacred Heart.

The promoters seek to become instrumental in spreading the Kingdom of Christ by the cultivation of the devotion to the Sacred Heart. There are 400 members in the League.


Society of the Propagation of the Faith

This is an international association intended to give a practical form in the charity of Catholics towards the missions of the Church by keeping alive interest in this worthy cause and by prayer for the success of the missionaries themselves. The members (a) pray for the missions by reciting doily one "Our Father" and "Hail Mary" and the invocation, "St. Francis Xavier, pray for us." The Our Father of our Morning Prayers will suffice for this intention. (b) To contribute a small sum monthly to the fund of the Society out of which the missions are supported.

The Association of Prayers and Masses

For the Conversion of China, Japan and other missionary countries. The only condition of membership is to offer Holy Communion, once a month, for the conversion of these people, or to have a Mass offered for this intention.

Holy Name Society

The Holy Name Society was organized in 1922. The members receive Holy Communion every month. There are 360 members enrolled.

Spiritual Director - The Rev. Claude Geary, O.S.B.
President - G. E. Hipps.
Vice President - Elmer Luther.
Secretary - Thomas Owens.
Treasurer - C. C. Adams.
Marshal - Francis Green.

Knights of St. George

A branch of this fraternal order was established in this parish. Coupled with the social inducements of this society there are liberal sick and death benefit insurance advantages.

Spiritual Advisor - The Very Rev. Prior Thomas Wolf, O.S.B.
President - Samuel Dillon.
Secretary-Treasurer - C. A. Glasser.
Director - Joseph Shero.
Trustees - Herman Meisel, Vincent Meisel and John Jasper.

St. John's Society

A social and beneficial society was organized among the Slays of the town. The society has a large membership.

Spiritual Advisor - ?
President - George Macko.
Vice President - ?
Secretary - Stephen Gavaler.
Treasurer - George Budicky.


The World War Service Men of

Arble, Dr. E. F. Fees, Alvin
Alberter, Eugene Fees, Fred
Fees, Harry
Bender, Alvin Farabaugh, Charles F.
Bender, Bede Farabaugh, Cletus
Bender, Felix Farabaugh, Elmer
Bearer, Irvin Farabaugh, Peter
Bearer, Clair Farabaugh, N. J.
Bearer, Elmer Farabaugh, Ed.
Buck, Bede L. Farabaugh, Ray
Bender, Leo Farabaugh, Walter D.
Buck, Leo Farabaugh, Richard G. A.
Buck, Harold Farabaugh, Urban F.
Buck, Wilfred
Buck, Zeno Gray, James
Behe, F. J. Gray, Cletus
Behe, Rupert Gray, Thomas
Behe, Louis Grieff, Frank
Bendle, John Grieff, Lawrence
Brawley, Rupert Grieff, Clement
Brawley, Joseph Glasser, Augustine
Bradley, E. J. Glasser, Alphonse
Burley, Howard Green, James, Jr.
Burley, Modestus Green, Francis
Bauman, Philip
Biller, Norbert Harrigan, Tom
Bollette, Louis Huber, Edwin
Bishop, Clarence Hayes, Gerald
Butterbaugh, G. E. Hayes, Joseph
Hlafsak, Anthony
Coyle, James Jr. Haley, Thomas
Campbell, Irvin Hoover, Clement
Crossman, Wm. H. Hipps, G. R.
Conrad, Walter Hertzog, Carl
Hertzog, Rudolph
Donahue, Orville
Donahue, Harry Kibler, John
Dillon, B. J. Kelly, Paul
Dietrick, Callistus Kline, Alcuin
Delaney, Durward
Ditski, Frank
Dishart, Ralph Luther, Gilbert
Luther, Homer
Eckenrode, Clinton Luther, Augustine
Eckenrode, Walter Luther, Walter
Luther, James
Fox, Gerald Luther, Nicholas
Fox, Alcuin Lantzy, Anecetus
Feighner, Orlando Lehmier, Benno
Feighner, Oscar Lehmier, Oscar


Miller, Vincent Switzler, Walter
Mulvehill, Dr. V. J. Schroth, Elmer
Miller, Columbia Switzler, Edwin
Mangold, Ira Sharbaugh, John
Masko, George Severin, Louis
Meisel, Herman Strittmatter, Cyrillus, P.
Maucher, William Strittmatter, Oliver R.
McGonegal, James
McGowan, John Trexler, Donald
McMasters, Augustine Thomas, Warren
McCombie, Wilfred
Uhrin, Martin
Null, William
Vesnesky, Xavier
Owens, T. A.
O'Neill, John Weakland, Ernest
Weakland, Dan
Pfeiffer, Joseph Weakland, Urban
Pavliga, George Weakland, Earl
Papcum, George Weakland, S. J.
Weakland, Norbert
Rogan, C. A. Weakland, Charles
Roderick, A. J. Weber, Joseph
Reig, Oscar Webber, Edward
Wilson, T. R.
Stoltz, Clarence Weymer, Peter
Stoltz, Clement Weymer, Cyril
Stoltz, Edwin
Stoltz, Rupert Zern, William
Stich, Julius Zavatsky, Joseph

This list of soldiers is not complete. Some of our young men enlisted or were drafted in other places and their names were not sent to the editor of the Carrolltown News to be added to the published list. If anyone knows the names of such, he should kindly send them to the Very Rev. Father Prior, or to the Carrolltown News.

Even Story's History of Cambria County does not give all the names of Cambria County soldiers who served in the Civil War. Francis Buck informed the writer that these six, he, Nicholas Wirtner, and Patrick Kane of this place, and Urias Stoy, Bernard Kelty and Aloysius Sanker, of Loretto, slept in the same tent. Nicolas Wirtner, a brother of John Wirtner, enlisted in the army October 4, 1862, in Company G, 171 Pennsylvania Militia for nine months and was honorably discharged August 8, 1863. Re-enlisted on the 29th of February, 1864, in Company L, 3d Division Heavy Artillery for three years and was honorably discharged on the 9th of November, 1865.


Rt. Rev. Vincent Huber, O.S.B.
Abbott, St. Bede Abbey, Peru, Ill.


Soldiers Buried In St. Benedict's Cemetery

c - Ahles, Nicholas c - Kaylor, Michael
a - Anstead, Philip c - Koontz, Jacob
c - Koontzman, John
a - Baker, Andrew P.
b - Bearer, Oliver J. c - Luther, Francis
b - Bender, Leo b - Luther, Nicholas
a - Boyd, John c - Luther, S. J.
a - Burkey, Abraham A.
a - Byrne, Francis e - McCombie, William
a - Byrne, John c - Meisel, George
e - Meisel, Thomas
b - Campbell, Irvin c - Miller, Andrew
   - Miller, George
c - Dietrich, John c - Miller, John W.
a - Driscol, Elias b - Miller, Vincent
a - Dumm, Valentine
c - Dunlap, Charles c - Parrish, Leo
a - Easly, George W. c - Rieg, Vincent
   - Eastman, Edward
   - Eberstaler, Dr. Joseph c - Saltsgiver, John
a - Ebig, Edward c - Shannon, Patrick G.
c - Eckenrode, Thomas b - Stolz, Edwin
c - Stolz, John
c - Fagan, W. A. c - Sullivan, Daniel
b - Farabaugh, Walter P.
c - Farren, A. C. c - Thomas, James J.
b - Fox, Gerald,
c - Weakland, Henry
c - Weakland, Peter
c - Gilespie, Edward b - Weimer, Peter
c - Gray, William c - Winzel, John B.
c - Himmel, John    - Yost, Peter
c - Yost, Richard
c - Kane, Patrick
c - Kaylor, Peter b - Zavatsky, Joseph

a - Spanish War; b - World War; c - Mexican and Civil War.


Chronological Table of Important Events

1006 -  to 1022 or 1031. Life of St. Americ.
November 4th. The Catholic Feast Day of St. Americ. America is the only continent named after a Saint, St. Americ.
1492 - Dom Bernard Boil, O.S.B., accompanied Christopher Columbus as Vicar to America.
1534 - The first hospital in the new world was built by Catholics in the City of Mexico.
1600 - The first Catholic School was opened in the United States in Florida.
1634 - March 25th. The vessel, the Dove and the Ark, arrived in Maryland, bringing the first Catholic settlers there from England, accompanied by the Rev. Andrew White, S. J.
1794 - The Rev. Peter Bonnecamp, S. J., who accompanied the Celeron Expedition down the Allegheny to the Ohio river celebrated the first Mass in Western Pennsylvania.
1754 - April. The Rev. Denys Baron, of the Recollet Order, chaplain at Fort Duquesne, was the next to celebrate mass.
1768 - Captain McGuire built the first white man's cabin in Cambria County, near Chest Springs.
1769 - In Pennsylvania a Catholic was incompetent to purchase land. Colonial Records IX. 596, tell us that in 1769 John Cottinger and Joseph Cauffman; prominent Catholics in Philadelphia, asked for "An Act to enable them to hold lands in the Province." The petition was summarily refused because "the persons mentioned in the Bill are Roman Catholics."
1770 - Settlers came to Southern Cambria County. Prince Gallitzin was born, December 22.
1777 - Samuel Adams was killed by the Indians near Elton.
1786 - Captain Michael McGuire builds a third cabin and that at Loretto.
1787 - Six Catholic families settled near Greensburg.
1788 - Captain Michael McGuire moved to the Allegheny Mountains.
1789 - The Rev. Theodore Brouwers settled near Greensburg, the Pioneer priest of Western Pennsylvania.
November 9, the diocese of Baltimore created.
On account of the French revolution many French zealous priests fled to America.
1790 - April 26, Dom Peter Didier, O.S.B., was appointed Prefect Apostolic of the Gallipolis Colony, Ohio.
August 15, The Rt. Rev. John Carroll, D. D., was consecrated the first Bishop of Baltimore in the chapel of Lulworth Castle, England, by the Venerable Benedictine, the Rt. Rev. Charles Walmesly, Bishop of Rama, and senior Vicar-Apostolic of England.
A log church was built at Greensburg.


1792 -  Prince Gallitzin and the Rev. Felix Brosius, S. J., arrived in America. Father Brosius visits the Allegheny Mountains.
1793 - May 25. The Rev. Stephen Baden was the first priest ordained in the U. S., and was sent, September 3d to Kentucky.
November 3d. Death of Captain Michael McGuire.
1794 - Luke McGuire builds the second house in which Mass is celebrated. Father Sibour visits McGuire's colony.
1795 - March 28, Prince Gallitzin was ordained to the Priesthood.
July 27. The Rev. Peter Henry Lemke was born.
1796 - Father Gallitzin visits the mountains on a sick call.
The town of Ebensburg was founded.
1799 - July. Father Gallitzin arrived at Loretto, built St Michael's church and dedicated it on Christmas day.
1800 - Founding of Conemaugh, now Johnstown.
1804 - Cambria County was formed.
1805 - The County Seat was placed at Ebensburg.
1808 - St. Patrick's church at Pittsburgh was built.
April 8. The Diocese of Philadelphia erected, with the Rt. Rev. Michael Egen, D. D., as the first Bishop.
1810 - The church at Sportsman Hall was built.
The census gives Cambria County 2,117 inhabitants.
1811 - August. St. Patrick's church, Pittsburgh, dedicated.
1814 - March. The Trappist Monks left Carrolltown.
John G. Miller lives at Hart's Sleeping Place and has his deed.
1815 - Father Gallitzin sold his first lot in the town of Loretto.
1816 - John Weakland now received the deed of his farm at Hart's Sleeping Place.
Ebensburg Catholic church organized.
St. Patrick's stone church was built at Newry.
1818 - Thomas Foley starts a newspaper "The Advocate" at Ebensburg.
1819 - The paper was suspended for lack of patronage.
1820 - The census shows 3,287 inhabitants in the County.
1826 - April 11. P. Henry Lemke is ordained to the Priesthood.
1827 - St. Patrick's church, Ebensburg.
1829 - September 29. Subscription taken up in order to build St. Joseph's church, at Hart's Sleeping Place.
1830 - October 10. St. Joseph's church, Hart's Sleeping Place, dedicated by the Rev. Prince Gallitzin.
The census shows 7,079 inhabitants in the County with three churches and three priests.
October 28. SS. Simon and Jude's church, Blairsville, dedicated by Bishop Kenrick.
Paper envelopes were first used in this year in the U. S.


1831 -  The church at Bellefonte was blessed.*
April. Construction work was begun on the old Portage R. R.
1832 - October 21. St. Patrick's church, Cameron's Bottom, dedicated.*
1833 - May 12. The old cherry tree at Canoe Place washed away.
August 11. Dedication of the church at Newry.*
November 20. The first train passed over the old Portage R. R.
1834 - December 23. Father Lemke is appointed pastor of Ebensburg
1835 - July 12. St. John Gualbert's church, Johnstown, dedicated.*
July 19. St. Vincent's church, Sportsman Hall, dedicated.*
1837 - In the spring Father Lemke buys a farm at St. Joseph's church, Hart's Sleeping Place and removes there.
1840 - May 6. The Rev. Demetrius Augustine, Prince Gallitzin, died. Father Lemke is the only priest in the County.
June 22. Father Lemke bought the George Vaux estate upon which Carrolltown is situated.
August 22. St. Bartholomew's church, Wilmore, dedicated.*
1841 - St. Mary's church, Hollidaysburg, built.
1842 - October 2. The brick church at Blairsville dedicated by the Very Rev. M. O'Connor.
1843 - August 8. The diocese of Pittsburgh established. The Rev. Michael O'Connor, D. D., the first Bishop.
1844 - March 17. St. Mary's church, Hollidaysburg, dedicated.
October 1. St. Aloysius' church, Summit, enlarged and now opened.
December. Father Lemke takes a vacation and returns in October, 1845.
1846 - September 30. The Rev. Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B., arrived at Carrolltown.
October 24. St. Vincent Seminary opened with four students in theology.
1847 - Six Franciscan Brothers came to Loretto.
March 7. The Rev. Charles Geyerstanger, O.S.B., is the first Benedictine ordained in the United States by Bishop O'Connor.
April 27. First town lots sold in Carrolltown.
August. Postage stamps were used for the first time in the U. S. during the year.
November 27. A subscription was taken up to build St. Benedict's church, Carrolltown.
1848 - The congregation of St. Augustine was detached from Loretto.
November. The Benedictine Fathers take charge of the Carrolltown congregation and its missions.
September. St. Vincent College opened with 13 students.


1849 -  Building a church at Carrolltown and at St. Lawrence.
June 9. The church at St. Augustine dedicated.**
June 10. The corner stone of St. Benedict's church, Carrolltown blessed.**
August 23. The corner stone of St. Francis College, Loretto, blessed.**
1850 - December 25. St. Benedict's church dedicated by the Very Rev. Celestine Englbrecht, O.S.B.
1851 - June 20. St. Aloysius church, Summit, was dedicated by the Very Rev. E. McMahon, V. G.
July 13. Confirmation administered in St. Benedict's church.**
September 1. St. Severin's church, Cooper, Clearfield County, dedicated.**
1852 - January 4. - St. Joseph's church, Johnstown, dedicated by the Rev. Tobias Mullen.
1853 - January 9. St. Lawrence church, St. Lawrence, was dedicated by the Very Rev. Celestine Englbrecht, O.S.B.
April 29. The diocese of Erie detached from Pittsburgh. St. John's church, Altoona, was dedicated early in the year.
1854 - January 6. Loretto brick church was blessed by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Neuman, of Philadelphia.
September 24. St. Matthew church, Tyrone, was dedicated.**
1855 - May 20. The new church at Wilmore was blessed.**
December 8. The Immaculate Conception church at New Germany was dedicated by the Very Rev. Clement Staub, O.S.B.
1858 - March 30. Carrolltown was incorporated.
April 19. Carrolltown held it's first election for town officials.
October 19. Confirmation here by Bishop Young of Erie.
1860 - March 20. St. Monica's chapel, Chest Springs, was blessed by the Rev. John Burns.
May. Bishop O'Connor resigns. Bishop Michael Domenec succeeds.
June 5. The church at St. Boniface was dedicated by the Very Rev. Utho Huber, O.S.B.
December 16. Immaculate Conception church, Altoona, was dedicated.***
1861 - October 9. St. Joseph's church, Williamsburg, was dedicated.***
The Cresson and Ebensburg Rail Road was opened.
1862 - The Blacklick (Nicktown) Mission was opened.
1863 - December 20. St. Michael's church, Hollidaysburg was dedicated.***
1864 - December 11. The new church at New Germany was blessed.***
1866 - The corner stone of the Nicktown church was blessed.***


1867 -  November 13. The addition to the St. Benedict's church, here, was blessed.***
June 4. The corner stone of the Ebensburg church was blessed.***
1868 - August 28. The addition to the St. Augustine church was blessed.***
August 29. The St. Nicholas church, Nicktown, was dedicated.***
November 15. The corner stone of the new St. Joseph's church, Johnstown, was blessed.***
1869 - May 9. Completion of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific R. R. connection, making the first through R. R. across the continent.
September 12. The addition of the St. Patrick's church of 1860, of Gallitzin, was blessed.***
November 14. St. Patrick's church, Ebensburg, blessed.***
1870 - St. Scholastica Convent at Carrolltown was built.
October 11. St. Benedict's parochial school was opened by the Rev. Mother Adelgunda Feldman, O.S.B.
October 30. St. Joseph's church, Johnstown, was blessed.***
1871 - St. Scholastica's Convent here was made the Mother-House of the Benedictine Nuns in the diocese.
October 9. The greatest fire ever known in the United States broke out at Chicago.
1872 - September 22. The tower of St. Benedict's church, built this year and the bells were blessed.***
Building of the new St. John's church, Altoona, began.
1875 - May 30. St. John's church, Altoona, blessed.***
March 15. His Eminence John Cardinal McCloskey was created Cardinal priest of the Holy Roman Church.
1876 - The diocese of Allegheny erected. Bishop Domenec is the first Bishop. The Rt. Rev. J. Tuig, D. D., is Bishop of Pittsburgh.
1877 - Bishop M. Domenec resigns. The diocese are reunited.
1879 - April 19. First issue of the Northern Cambria News printed at Carrolltown by T. S. Williams. Now the Carrolltown News.
1881 - May 31. Corner stone laying of the Ebensburg Court House.
1882 - May 25. The Ebensburg Court House dedicated.
November 29. The Rev. Henry Lemke, O.S.B., died.
1883 - November 6. The Honorable Robert L. Johnston is the first Judge of Cambria County. An intimate friend of Father Lemke.
1884 - A monument is erected to the honor of Father Henry Lemke.
1885 - February 21. Dedication of the Washington Monument, Washington, D. C.
August 2. Consecration of the Rt. Rev. Richard Phelan, D. D., as the Bishop of the diocese of Pittsburgh.


1886 -  December 9. St. Francis Monastery and College at Loretto, partly destroyed by fire.
1889 - The Johnstown flood.
October 13. St. John's church, Bellefonte, was blessed.****
November 10. Catholic Birthday. 100th anniversary of the American Hierarchy.
November 13. The great Catholic University of Washington was dedicated.
1890 - May. The St. Joseph's School Hall, Johnstown, was blessed.
May 20. Begun building St. Bernard's church, Hastings.
August 3. Corner stone blessed at new St. Mary's church, Johnstown.
October 25. Death of the Honorable Judge Johnston.
December 8. Present church at St. Augustine blessed by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ryan.
1891 - January 18. St. Bernard's church, Hastings, dedicated by the Rt. Rev. Andrew Hintenach, O.S.B., Archabbot.
June 14. St. Mary's church, Johnstown, blessed.****
Miss Catharine Drexler, of Philadelphia, gave up a fortune of $7,000,000 and a fashionable life to become Mother Superior of the Order of the Blessed Sacrament, instituted by her for work among the Indian and Colored people.
1893 - November 5. St. Mary's church, Patton, was dedicated by the Very Rev. Vincent Huber, O.S.B.
Holy Cross church, now St. Patrick's, Spangler, was built.
1895 - May 26. Corner stone of the Nicktown church was blessed.
February 28. Fire destroys St. Joseph's church, Johnstown.
1896 - February 25. Fire destroys St. Boniface church, St. Boniface.
November 17. St. Boniface church is blessed by the Rt. Rev. Leander Schnerr, O.S.B., Archabbot, of St. Vincent Arch-abbey.
1897 - November 18. St. Nicholas church, Nicktown, blessed.*****
1898 - May 22. The corner stone of St. Mary's church, Patton, blessed by the Very Rev. Michael Hofmayr, O.S.B.
1899 - April 23. St. Mary's church, Patton, blessed.*****
June 11. Corner stone of the second Holy Cross church, Spangler blessed by the Very Rev. Michael Hofmayer, O.S.B.
October 10. Unveiling of the Prince Gallitzin Monument, Loretto.
1900 - December 17. Holy Cross church, Spangler, blessed.
December 25. The fiftieth anniversary of the dedication of St. Benedict's church, Carrolltown.
1901 - May 30. The diocese of Altoona is erected.
September 8. The Rt. Rev. Eugene A. Garvey, D. D., is consecrated Bishop of Altoona.
November 5. Honorable Francis J. O'Connor is elected Judge.


1902 -  January 4. Golden Jubilee of St. Joseph's church, Johnstown.
April 27. Carrolltown Monastery destroyed by fire.
1903 - October. Bakerton congregation organized by the Rev. Clement Strattman, O.S.B.
1904 - Sacred Heart church, Bakerton, was built.
1906 - January 26. The Carrolltown News announced that the Northern Cambria Street Cars would now carry passengers.
July 4. Corner stone of the St. Joseph's school, Johnstown, was blessed.
1907 - June 10. She Sacred Heart church, Bakerton, was dedicated.*****
July 21. The corner stone of St. John's orphan asylum was blessed.*****
1908 - January 26. St. Mary's church, Johnstown, blessed.*****
October 4. Dedication of St. Benedict's school, Carrolltown, by the Rt. Rev. Archabbot Leander Schnerr, O.S.B.
1910 - March 30. The Rev. Vincent Huber, O.S.B., was elected Abbot of St. Bede Monastery, Peru, Ill.
1911 - June 8. The corner stone of the brick church at St. Lawrence was blessed.*****
October 13. The Rev. Mother M. Tresia Moser, O.S.B., died at Atchison, Kansas, born November 16, 1847, at Carrolltown.
November 9. St. Lawrence church, St. Lawrence, blessed.*****
1913 - January 13. The Rev. Alcuin Maucher, O.S.B., died.
September 11. Carrolltown has the largest fire in its history.
1914 - March 1. St. Mary's church, Nanty-Glo, was dedicated.*****
August 18. Fire destroyed St. Nicholas' church, Nicktown.
1915 - October 17. St. Nicholas church, Nicktown, was blessed.*****
1916 - July 30. Corner stone of St. Mary's Orphanage blessed.*****
September 3. St. Bridget's church, Lilly, blessed.*****
1920 - October 22. The Rt. Rev. E. A. Garvey, D. D., died
The Rt. Rev. John J. McCort, D. D, succeeds as Bishop
1921 - September 4. Holy Cross school, Spangler, blessed.******
1923 - May 26. St. Bernard's brick church, Hastings, corner stone blessed.******
1924 - March 2. St. Bernard's church, Hastings, blessed.******
July 6. Corner stone of St. Edward's church, Barnesboro, blessed.******
August 12. Celebration of the 1200 anniversary of the Benedictine Abbey of Reichinau, Germany.
August 21. Corner stone of St. Charles church, Expedit, blessed.******
August 31. Corner stone of Most Holy Redeemer church, Revloc, blessed.******


September, 7. St. Nicholas school, Nicktown, blessed.
September 14. Our Mother of Sorrows church, Johnstown, dedicated.******
September 17. The first dirt removed for the erection of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Redeemer.
October 12. Corner stone of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Barnesboro, blessed.******
November 23. St. Francis church, Johnstown, dedicated.
December 8. The Sacred Heart church, Johnstown, dedicated.******
1925 -  April 19. St. Edward's church, Barnesboro, dedicated.******
June 7. The Most Holy Redeemer church, Revloc, dedicated.******
September 20. The corner stone of St. Aloysius church, Summit, blessed.******
October 4. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin church dedicated.
November 11. St. Stephen's church, Johnstown, dedicated.******
December 25. Diamond Jubilee of St. Benedict's church.
* -  By the Rt. Rev. Francis Patrick Kenrick, D. D.
** -  By the Rt. Rev. Michael O'Connor, D. D.
*** -  By the Rt. Rev. Michael Domenec, D. D.
**** -  By the Rt. Rev. Richard Phelan, D. D.
***** -  By the Rt. Rev. Eugene A. Garvey, D. D.
****** -  By the Rt. Rev. John J. McCort, D. D.

Part 0 - Contents
Part 1 - St. Joseph's Church
Part 2a - Life of Rev. Henry Lemke
Part 2b - Life of Rev. Henry Lemke (cont'd.)
Part 3 - St. Benedict, Patriarch of the Monks of the West
Part 4 - Cistercian Monks
Part 5a - St. Benedict's Church
Part 5b - St. Benedict's Church (cont'd.)
Part 5c - St. Benedict's Church (cont'd.)
Part 6 - Carrolltown - Know your town

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