Indiana Normal School



Ninth Normal School District.







Alumni Officers.


J. G. CARROLL, President.

H. S. BENDER, Vice President.




Alumni Directory.


So far as the addresses of our Alumni were known, or could be obtained, they are given. Our friends will confer a favor by furnishing any information by means of which our directory maybe made more complete in a future catalogue. In almost all cases the home address has been given. We often have calls for teachers that we are unable to supply. We request our Alumni who are desirous of obtaining better positions, to keep us informed of their addresses and desires.


Class of 1889.


Allen, Janney (Mrs. T. A. Keer,) 31 Monterey St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Anderson, Vina Ft. Omaha Ave., Omaha, Neb. Teacher.
Andrews, Mary A. East Liverpool, Ohio. Teacher.
Booth, Tillie M. 158 River Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Bradt, Jennie 705 5th Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Brownlee, Mabel Deceased.  
Caldwell, Olive 1905 Sidney St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Cameron, Christina M. Clearfield, Pa. Teacher.
Carnahan, Thetta (Mrs. E. G. Orr) Deceased.  
Chester, Della M. (Mrs. Charles L. Smith,) Box D, Springdale, Pa.  
Clark, Mary Bodine Indiana, Pa.  
Cullers, Lettie B. 64 Western Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Ewing, Annie M. Oakdale Station, Pa. Teacher.
Fiscus, Clara Greensburg, Pa. Photography.
Hamill, M. Josephine Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Hardie, Jessie H. Ward St., Oakland, Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Harr, Charlotte P. Latrobe, Pa. Teacher.
Hemphill, Gertrude (Mrs. Norton H. Byam,) 63 Buena Vista St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Hill, Margaret B. 165 Arch St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Hutchison, Kate M. 5 8th Ave., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Lyons, Anna M. 5646 Rippey St., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
McFeaters, Calista Harmarsville, Pa. Teacher.
McPherson, Anna C. (Mrs. Edward Mullan,)     Crafton, Pa.  
Morrow, Alice 130 Irwin Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
North, Emma Station D., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Ray, Jennie (Mrs. Jennie R. Banks,) Irwin, Pa. Teacher.
Slater, M. Ella 1401 Wood St., Station D., Pittsburg, Pa.    Teacher.
Sloan, Ada B. (Mrs. Frank W. Greene,) 182 Arch St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Turner, Minnie 4402 Butler St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Wetherell, Carolyn Care of New York World, N.Y. Reporter.
DeVinney, W. M. 231 Sheridan Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa. Principal.
Dickson, W. J. Barnes, Pa. Principal.
Fleck, F. Earl Marion Center, Pa. Teacher.
Gordon, A. C. Home St., Allegheny, Pa. Principal.
Grimm, P. H. Turtle Creek, Pa. Postal Service.
Jack, James R. New Alexandria, Pa. Physician.
Johnson, J. E. 7049 Hamilton Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa. Physician.
Keener, J. A. Waitsburg, Wash. Principal.
Keener, J. B. Braddock, Pa. Principal.
Lukehart, W. D. DuBois, Pa. Lawyer.
Minteer, W. A. Station D., Pittsburg, Pa. Contractor.
Rowe, Irwin D. 542-546 Main St., Johnstown, Pa. President of Rowe College.
Whitfield, William H. 4783 Cypress Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Real Estate Broker.


Class of 1890.


Ansley, Mabel (Mrs. J. D. Murphy,) Bellevue, Pa.  
Barry, Mary L. 348 Ebensburg St., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Blair, Emma B. Blair Station, Pa. Teacher.
Bowman, Agnes S. Kittanning, Pa. Teacher.
Carter, M. Blanche Ingram, Pa. Teacher.
Caven, Agnes 3364 Webster St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Chalfant, Martha Turtle Creek, Pa. Teacher.
Chalfant, Mary I. (Mrs. Alanson H. Scudder,) 245 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, N.Y.  
Corey, Maud E. 450 S. 13th St., Station A, Denver, Col. Teacher.
Coffin, Edith N. 5910 Wellesley Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.  
Davis, Annie S. (Mrs. R. M. Ewing,) 411 Biddle Ave., Station D., Pittsburg, Pa.  
Delamater, Lillian 406 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Duncan, Mary O. 44 Resaca St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Elder, Maud Wallace Elder's Ridge, Pa. Teacher in Steubenville, O., Seminary.
Ferguson, Lydia 66 Jackson St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Fullerton, M. Ella (Mrs. John A. Kelso,) 819 Walnut St., McKeesport, Pa.  
Gilmore, L. Etta Westminster St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Hawthorne, Martha 45 Walker St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Hoskinson, Della Bolivar, Pa. Teacher.
Jack, Anna M. New Alexandria, Pa. Physician.
Johnson, Katharine W. 257 Fisk St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Johnson, Mary M. Bedford, Pa. Teacher.
Leezer, Tillie (Mrs. Geo. R. McAbee,) 824 Farragut, St., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa.  
McGarvey, Elizabeth (Mrs. F. V. Blair,) Blair Station, Pa.  
McHattie, Lida Duquesne, Pa. Teacher.
Murdock, Estelle M. 29 Adams St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
North, Maud 901 North Ave., Station D., Pittsburg, Pa.    Teacher.
Owens, Sara Indiana, Pa. Critic Teacher in Model Department of State Normal School.
Piper, Mary Beaver Falls, Pa. Teacher.
Stevenson, Mae E. 213 S. highland Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Stitt, Lelia A. 523 McNair St., Station D., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Stoner, Mame 72 Beech St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
VanEman, Hattie Canonsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Vogel, Ella King Somerset, Pa. Teacher.
Weaver, Rosina B. Class of 1892.  
Elkin, W. F. Indiana, Pa. Lawyer.
Fred, B. F. Hammondville, Pa. Principal.
Feit, George J. Indiana, Pa. Lawyer.
Gibson, T. L. Ebensburg, Pa. County Superintendent of Cambria Co.
Mahan, W. M. Indiana, Pa. Lawyer.
Radcliffe, John N. 96 Diamond St., Pittsburg, Pa. Lawyer.
Thompson, Guy Deceased.  
Weamer, J. Franklin Saltsburg, Pa. Merchant.
Wiggins, Hubert P. 234 8th Ave., Homestead, Pa. Manager.
Work, Cree T. 812 13th St., Greeley, Col. Teacher of Sloyd in Normal School.


Class of 1891.




Stout, Olive A.    210 Frankstown Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa.    Teacher.
Feit, George J. Indiana, Pa. Lawyer.




Amberg, Nora 170 Locust St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Ayers, Clara (Mrs. H. H. Willock,) Graham Place, S. Negley Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.     
Baird, Mary M. Urey, Pa. Teacher.
Benner, Margaret C. Superior Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Black, Sarah 303 N. Main St., Butler, Pa. Teacher.
Boardman, Lidie M. (Mrs. W. W. Giffen,) 3224 Bouquet St., Oakland, Pa.  
Books, Mabel Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Brown, Hattie G. Perrysville Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Cameron, Anna R. Houtzdale, Pa. Teacher.
Cameron, Katherine Greensburg, Pa. Teacher.
Chester, Edna F. Edgewood Park, Pa. Teacher.
Coleman, Ada Clarksburg, Pa. Teacher.
Crosier, Mary Irwin 230 Irwin Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Ferguson, Ada I. Latrobe, Pa. Teacher.
Gallaher, Sue B. 165 Arch St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Goodell, Jane Francis 506 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Gorman, Ida (Mrs. Jas. J. Palmer,) 543 N. Main st., Meadville, Pa.  
Hamilton, Della (Mrs. Boyd F. Williams,) 3 Harriott Ave., Oil City, Pa.  
Hartley, Margaret M. 617 Bellefont St. Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Hazlett, Frances Bellevue, Pa. Teacher.
Hood, Ida M. Kittanning, Pa. Teacher.
Jenkins, Mary F. 120 5th St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Johnston, Anna Bird Apollo, Pa. Teacher.
Kendig, Mary B. Irwin, Pa. Teacher.
Knox, Maria P. Nunnery Hill, Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
McCormick, Martha E. Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Teacher.
McNall, Blanche 192 Arch St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Matthews, Annie Polluck 2529 Wylie Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Moorhead, Margaret (Mrs. S. J. McMains,)    Leechburg, Pa.  
Porter, Madge (Mrs. T. Lloyd Pillow,) Perrysville Ave., nr. Milroy, Allegheny, Pa.  
Reesman, Mary C. Curwensville, Pa. Teacher.
Russell, Minnie Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Shane, M. Jennie 336 5th St., Braddock, Pa. Teacher.
Steinmetz, Dillie 1107 Braddock Ave, Braddock, Pa. Teacher.
Warren, Annie M. 376 Rebecca St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Wyse, Lettie 207 New High St., Los Angeles, Cal. Stenographer.
Ayers, James Douglass Sharpsburg, Pa. Bank Clerk.
Fiscus, N. S. 314 Ridge Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Theological Student.
Hall, Loyal Freeman Butler, Pa. Principal.
Hershey, Harry D. Irwin, Pa. Supt. Irwin Electric Light and Power Co.
Mabon, Alexander S. Park Building, Pittsburg, Pa. Lawyer.
Rush, S. Arnold 1345 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. Publisher.
Urey, John M. Clearfield, Pa. Law Student.
Vorlage, William Blairsville, Pa. Business.


Class of 1892.




Weaver, Rosina B.    Indiana, Pa.    Member of Faculty in State Normal School.




Bash, Pearl Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Carter Lucile (Mrs. O. P. Cooke,) 439 Jefferson Ave., Washington, Pa.  
Clark, Charlotte Indiana, Pa. Member of Faculty in State Normal School.
Coder, Ada C. Ursina, Pa. Teacher.
Cooper, Ellen Johnstown (Westmont), Pa. Teacher.
Dickie, Loretta 145 Jackson St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Dunwiddie, Mame (Mrs. Lorenzo G. Runk,)    Philipsburg, Pa. Teacher
Dyer, Eleanor Murray Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Dyess, Mertyn Leechburg, Pa. Teacher.
Elder, Marguerite Apollo, Pa. Teacher.
Foster, Mary I. 1340 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone, Pa.  
Gessler, Caroline M. Indiana, Pa.  
Gibson, Rosanna H. Euclid and Taylor Aves., Bellevue, Pa    .  
Hammond, Jane 25 Kentucky Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Haney, Alberta Deceased.  
Hay, Mary L. 54 Fremont St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Hazlett, Anna Martha Latrobe, Pa. Teacher.
Hile, Cornelia E. (Mrs. H. S. Bender,) 4 Cypress Ave., Johnstown, Pa.  
Hill, Jennie A. (Mrs. C. W. Boucher,) New Kensington, Pa.  
Hurst, Emma E. Avalon, Pa. Teacher.
Krebs, Matilda 515 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Lee, Anna Oakmont, Pa.  
Lupton, Clara (Mrs. James G. Shugert,)    
Lynn, Emma J. (Mrs. William Lyons,) Garse Station, Pa.  
Lytle, Verde Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
McCormick, Jennie 1509 6th Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. Teacher.
McMullen,  Eliza Apollo, Pa. Teacher.
Mitchell, Jennie New Washington, Pa. Teacher.
Nelson, Evelyn Ford City, Pa. Teacher.
Nugent, Sarah C. Park River, N.D. Teacher.
Parsons, Martha R. Ingram, Pa. Teacher.
Patterson, Elvira Beaver Falls, Pa. Teacher.
Payne, Almyra Coal Valley, Pa.  
Purington, Margarette 116 W. 59th St., New York City. Teacher in Collegiate Institute.
Smith, Marie E. 297 Fisk St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Smith, Velma B. Sewickley, Pa. Teacher.
Taylor, Grace Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Tiffany, Ruth Indiana, Pa.  
Trimble, Flora M. 34 Nixon St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Walker, Idella 35 Fremont St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Watkins, Lucy Rebecca Beaver, Pa. Teacher.
Williams, Fannie (Mrs. Charles H. Irvin,) Big Run, Pa.  
Wilson, Helen C. Greensburg, Pa. Teacher.
Work, Mary A. 6728 Kelly St., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Carter, Albert F. Indiana, Pa. (1896.-)  
Condron, Harry D. Smicksburg, Pa. Principal.
Fiscus, I. L. Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
McDermott, Joseph 467 W. Carson St., Pittsburg, Pa. Principal.
Tarr, Harry M. Stoneboro, Pa. Teacher.
Thomas, Dubre A. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Trees, Joe C. Rolla St., Allegheny, Pa. Mechanical Engineer.


Class of 1893.




Cowley, Bessie B.    10 Marshall St., Allegheny, Pa.    Teacher.




Adair, Margaret Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Andrews, Dora B. East Liverpool, Ohio. Teacher.
Barnes, Blanche 221 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Brass, Anna B. Oakmont, Pa. Teacher.
Bryan, Lottie B. Homestead, Pa. Teacher.
Calhoun, Clara A. 115 Arch St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Clement, Bertha B. Berkley, Va. Teacher.
Cowley, Bessie B. 10 Marshall St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Cunningham, E. Gertrude Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Duff, Millie S. Rodi, Pa. Teacher.
Fisher, Effie J. Irwin, Pa. Teacher.
Foulke, Katharyne M. 12 East St., New Castle, Pa. Teacher.
Harper, Carrie 243 Franklin St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Hawthorne, Camille 305 Mills Ave., Braddock, Pa. Teacher.
Johnston, Jennie K. 5906 Center Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Kendig, Jennie H. Irwin, Pa. Teacher.
Lifshitz, Rose 9 Thompson St., New York City. Teacher.
Linton, Ella 400 Washington Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Lydic, Edna Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Ludwick, Florence M. Manor, Pa. Teacher.
McKibbin, Janet M. 1011 Park Way, McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Miller, Lydia D. 36th Ward, West End, Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Moorehead, Clara Leechburg, Pa. Teacher.
Morrow, Eleanor A. California Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Murry, Mintie M. Irwin, Pa. Teacher.
Porter, Florence B. 739 South Ave., Station D., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Rowe, Jean D. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Scott, Ida B. Ursina, Pa. Teacher.
Sickman, Rachel E. (Mrs. O. G. Irving,)    Gill Hall, Pa.  
Sloan, Anna C. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Smeltzer, Jessie L. Reynoldsville, Pa. Teacher.
Smith, Edith M. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Smith, Margaret H. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Srader, Ella Freeport, Pa. Teacher.
Stewart, Hope Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Stevenson, Luella M. 631 Margaretta Ave., Braddock, Pa. Teacher.
Weis, Katharine M. Latrobe, pa. Teacher.
Wilson, Maude Rodi, Pa. Teacher.
Woods, Jeannette B. 328 Penn Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Arbaugh, F. N. Lansing, Mich. Business.
Archibald, J. P. Livermore, Pa. Principal.
Beistel, H. C. Armbrust, Pa. Student at Dickinson Law School.
Bender, H. S. 4 Cypress Ave., Johnstown, Pa. Principal.
Douds, D. W. Plumville, Pa. Merchant.
Dyer, William J. Pittsburg (Belzhoover), Pa. Clerk.
Glasgow, J. T. 122 Washington Place, New York City, N.Y.    Stenographer.
Hoeh, D. B. Punxsutawney, Pa. Teacher.
Johnston, J. C. Reed Bennett, Pa. Principal of Millvale Schools.
Lee, Alfred McC. Oakmont, Pa. Principal.
McComish, Charles D. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.


Class of 1894.


Barnes, Agnes Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Barry, Mary E. Jumonville, Pa. Teacher.
Bown, Nellie C. Bailey Ave., Mt. Washington, Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Brimmer, Jessie G. Bavington, Pa. Teacher.
Chase, C. Belle Hiawatha, Kansas. Teacher.
Cheesman, Bertha Library, Pa. Teacher.
Chisholm, Mary Gail Clinton, Pa. Teacher.
Clawson, Cora A. 541 Clawson St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Dunham, Carrie L. 463 E. State St., Sharon, Pa. Teacher.
Edmonds, Jennie West Monterey, Pa. Teacher.
Ellis, Mary B. West Newton, Pa. Teacher.
Englert, Alice E. 632 Collins Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Gallagher, M. Rose (Mrs. Milton E. Uncapher,)    Vandergrift, Pa.  
Grace, Anna 14 Shenango St., Sharon, Pa. Teacher.
Grieb, Anna K. Kittanning, Pa. Teacher.
Guffey, Margaret Irwin, Pa. Teacher.
Harrison, Mary R. 302 9th Ave., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Holloway, Edna Agnes 121 Irwin Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Hood, Pearl I. 546 Vine St., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Hoon, Margaret J. Mercer, Pa. Teacher.
Huston, L. Agnes New Kensington, Pa. Teacher.
Kallenbaugh, Marie 45 Palo Alto St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Kenmuir, Harriet L. 922 Rose St., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Latshaw, Edith J. 7320 Susquehanna St., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Lewis, Blanche Hope Punxsutawney, Pa. Teacher.
Lewis, Mabel Turtle Creek, Pa. Teacher.
Lockhard, Nora Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
McBurney, Jennie College Hill, Beaver Falls, Pa. Teacher.
McCune, Martha E. (Mrs. John D. Wilson,) Deceased.  
McKee, Margie C. Castle, Shannon, Pa. Teacher.
McMaster, Margarete 40 Arch St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Mains, Matilda H. 538 Hazel St., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Miller, Mae B. Stewart, Pa. Teacher.
Mitchell, Mabel C. (Mrs. B. F. McCartney,) Hamilton, Pa.  
Morrow, Nancy C. Tionesta, Pa. Teacher.
Noble, Elizabeth 124 16th Ave., Homestead, Pa.  
Noble, Sarah 124 16th Ave., Homestead, Pa. Teacher.
Nolan, Ellen M. Washington, Pa. Teacher.
Orr, Marie H. Glenshaw, Pa. Teacher.
Printer, Anna 181 Home St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Purdy, Mary Alva Shoustown, Pa. Teacher.
Rodkey, Edith Mahaffey, Pa. Teacher.
Roney, Emma 141 Flower Ave., Pittsburg (Hazlewood), Pa.    Teacher.
Sabin, Isabella L. Wattsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Shaw, Margaret E. Versailles Ave., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Smith, Martha J. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Soles, Ella M. Braddock, Pa. Teacher.
Stewart, Anabel Kittanning, Pa. Teacher.
Sturgeon, Ella M. Elderton, Pa. Teacher.
Thompson, K. Hastings 60 Poplar St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Tomlinson, Leora A. Beaver, Pa. Teacher.
Tucker, Asenath A. Tarentum, Pa. Teacher.
Wallace, Minnie J. Midway, Pa. Teacher.
Walsh, Ora E. 511 Market St., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
White, Josephine W. 82 Freemont St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Wilson, Ruth S. Weister, Pa. Teacher.
Woods, Maude 30 8th Ave., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Bach, Edwin E. Indiana, Pa. Principal.
Barnes, Joseph F., Jr. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Boyer, B. Frank 201 Maple Ave., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Ott, Franklin B. 417 Wood St., Johnstown, Pa. Principal.
Sansom, James B. Indiana, Pa. Student.
Wills, James F. Belleville, Pa. Teacher.
Wilson, James T. Belleville, Pa. Principal of High School.


Class of 1895.


Adair, Ruth Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Anderson, Alice G. Venice, Pa. Teacher.
Andriessen, Edith Beaver, Pa. Teacher.
Anthony, Louie Edith Indiana, Pa. Student.
Barnett, Nan E. Hillside, Pa. Teacher.
Barry, Rose Stockholm Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Matron in Soldiers' Orphan School, Uniontown.
Bash, Laura Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Bing, Pauline 247 Allegheny Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Block, Pauline 165 Fayette St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Blose, Helen Josephine North Park Way, McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Campbell, Keturah E. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Campney, Sarah L. Sewickley, Pa. Teacher.
Carothers, Elizabeth West Newton, Pa. Teacher.
Crawford, Alice J. Pigeon, Pa. Teacher.
Cubbage, Margaret J. 101 Taylor Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Euwer, Nannie F. Jeannette, Pa. Teacher.
Foulke, Sunshine G. 12 East St., New Castle, Pa. Teacher.
Fleisher, Lottie G. Newport, Pa. Teacher.
Friesell, Clara E. 5808 Margaretta St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Garman, Tweet Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Gibson, Ada C. Bellevue, Pa. Teacher.
Gollmar, Sarah E. 240 Arch St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Graham, Mary M. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Hancock, Martha F. West Lebanon, Pa. Teacher in Soldiers' Orphan School.
Hopkins, Mary R. Swissvale, Pa. Teacher.
Johnston, Laura E. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Teacher.
Jones, Fannie M. 32 Pennsylvania Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Klingensmith, Mary A. Wyoming, Pa. Assistant in High School.
Knappenberger, Vinnie Greensburg, Pa. Teacher.
Knox, Mary R. 300 Federal St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Lowe, Margaret E. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Teacher.
Ludwick, Emma J. Manor, Pa. Teacher.
McCallister, Edna May 1 Clifton Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
McDonald, Susanna W. 105 Taylor Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
McFarland, Minnie F. 257 Emerson St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Maurer, M. Viola Duncansville, Pa. Teacher.
Metzgar, Mary L. Oakland X Roads, Pa. Teacher.
Montgomery, Ruth L. Waynesburg, Pa. Teacher.
Mutzig, Ida 502 Rebecca Ave., Station D, Pittsburg, Pa.    Teacher.
Nolan, Emogene 244 Locust Ave., Washington, Pa. Teacher.
Nolin, Mary E. Gass Ave., Allegheny, Pa.  
Nolin, Nannie H. Broughton, Pa. Teacher.
O'Connor, Bertha M. 353 Stonycreek St., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Patterson, Rose May Williamsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Pearce, Emma C. Braddock, Pa. Teacher.
Pearsall, Elizabeth Jeannette, Pa. Teacher.
Pidgeon, Bernice C. Houtzdale, Pa. Teacher.
Rankin, Maude (Mrs. W. J. Moorhead,) 574 Benson St., Camden, N.J.  
Robbins, Agnes May Robbins' Station, Pa. Teacher.
Russell, Jessie G. 538 Madison Ave., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Shields, Emily Juanita 125 Auburn St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Shupe, Abbie F. Saltsburg, Pa. (1897.)  
Spencer, Alberta C. (Mrs. John S. Meyers,)    Kittanning, Pa.  
Taylor, Grace Louise Rochester, Pa.  
Thompson, Margaret M. (Mrs. W. J. Reid,) Kittanning, Pa.  
Thompson, Rue Cetta Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Tiffany, Emma J. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Trout, M. Elizabeth 1224 16th Ave., Altoona, Pa.  
Ventress, Adelia Swissvale, Pa. Teacher.
Watson, L. Frederica 36 Shenango St., Sharon, Pa. Teacher.
Weaver, Flora I. 400 Marshall Ave., Christy Park, Pa. Teacher.
Willson, Eleanor 634 Lily Ave., Braddock, Pa. Teacher.
Young, Blanche O. Bellevue, Pa. Teacher.
Barnhart, Frank P. Johnstown, Pa. Assistant Principal.
Carson, John S. Indiana, Pa.  
Keener, I. W. Indiana, Pa. Principal at Manor, Pa.
Russell, J. Herbert Indiana, Pa. Post Graduate Student in Normal School.
Scott, James F. 1345 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. Publisher.
Settlemyer, C. T. Wilmore, Pa. Teacher.
St. Clair, Thomas Latrobe, Pa. Teacher.
Welsh, Howard M. Pitcairn, Pa. Principal of Markle Academy.


Class of 1896.




Carter, Albert F.    Indiana, Pa.    Member of Faculty in State Normal School




Weaver, Dora E.    Johnstown, Pa.    Teacher.




Armstrong, Lillian T. Elder's Ridge, Pa. Teacher.
Barry, Catherine M. 348 Ebens St., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Beighel, Elizabeth A. 1411 11th St., Altoona, Pa. Teacher.
Bell, Mary Hays 1106 9th St., Altoona, Pa. Teacher.
Bishop, Leah V. 504 Kelly Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. (Station D) Teacher.
Boucher, Maud M. Turtle Creek, Pa. Teacher.
Burtt, May B. 1905 Sydney St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Butler, Elzora G. Freeport, Pa. Teacher.
Calhoun, Marguerite E. 825 Walnut St., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Christy, Marion F. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Cohen, Jule W. 308 State St., Sharon, Pa. Teacher.
Craig, Elizabeth E. 1515 3d Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa.  
Davis, Bessie S. 920 south Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. (Station D) Teacher.
Delamater, Olive G. 406 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Dickie, Charlotte Black Lick, Pa.  
Douthitt, Zannibel Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Duff, Amelia May 6 Franklin St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Duvall, Anna Mary 177 Sheffield St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Eisaman, Elma C. Greensburg, Pa.  
Ellenberger, Jessie O. Dayton, Pa. Teacher.
Ewing, Roberta M. Elkin, Pa. Teacher.
Fleming, Mary E. Belleville, Pa. Teacher.
Gallaher, Ada R. New Washington, Pa. Teacher.
Gilmore, M. Gertrude Uniontown, Pa. Teacher.
Glass, Bella A. Salina, Pa. Teacher.
Goff, Frances E. 204 Singer St., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Gorman, Jeannetta M. Horton, Pa. Teacher.
Graff, Anna R. Blairsville, Pa. Teacher.
Highberger, Lyda M. Penn, Pa. Teacher.
Hill, Eva A. Stanton, Pa. Teacher.
Hirth, Lillian M. Homestead, Pa. Teacher.
Hood, Margaret Laura (Mrs. Emerson C. Eachel,)    64 Mansion St., Cleveland, Ohio.  
Hunt, Julia C. Elizabeth, Pa. Teacher.
Johnston, Ida E. Apollo, Pa. Teacher.
Jones, Anna Mary Indiana, Pa. Post Graduate Student.
Jones, Sara M. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Lewis, Etta R. 223 Fisk St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Loucks, Winifred Scottdale, Pa.  
Menges, Clara S. Berlin, Pa. Teacher.
McCracken, E. Gertrude Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
McDonald, Anna E. 5 Ridgewood Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Newcomer, Ina E. Messmore, Pa. Teacher.
Noel, Carrie Ligonier, Pa. Teacher.
Owens, Bess Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Portser, Nancy Saltsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Purington, Lila W. Indiana, Pa. Post Graduate Student.
Roberts, Lydia H. Irondale, Ohio. Teacher.
Sampson, Margaret L. West Newton, Pa. Teacher.
Sansom, M. Edna Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Scott, Lida Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Snodgrass, Elizabeth May Bellevue, Pa. Teacher.
Spears, Naomi B. Turtle Creek, Pa. Teacher.
Vaughen, Carrie B. 149 Main St., Johnstown, Pa. (Coopersdale)    Teacher.
Waller, Mabel Indiana, Pa. Student at Vassar College.
Wilson, M. Agnes Indiana, Pa.  
Withington, Alice W. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Chapman, James F. Georgeville, Pa. Teacher.
Craig, John B. 1515 3d Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. College Student.
Hammers, John F. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Hyskell, William E. Smicksburg, Pa. Teacher.
Johnston, Thomas K. Irwin, Pa. Teacher.
Jones, Thomas P. Ruble, Pa. Teacher.
Leonard, John M. Houtzdale, Pa.  
Lutton, Louis F. Shoustown, Pa. Teacher.
McCormick, William D. Armagh, Pa. Teacher.
Rink, Charles E. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Saylor, Tillman K. Roxbury Ave., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Sebring, Lawrence M. Grant, Pa. Teacher.
Sutton, Edward H. Indiana, Pa. Post Graduate Student.
Taylor, Royden J. Indiana, Pa. Post Graduate Student.


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