Indiana Normal School



Ninth Normal School District.







Alumni Officers.


J. G. CARROLL, President.

H. S. BENDER, Vice President.




Alumni Directory.


So far as the addresses of our Alumni were known, or could be obtained, they are given. Our friends will confer a favor by furnishing any information by means of which our directory maybe made more complete in a future catalogue. In almost all cases the home address has been given. We often have calls for teachers that we are unable to supply. We request our Alumni who are desirous of obtaining better positions, to keep us informed of their addresses and desires.


Class of 1876.


McCurdy, Irwin P.,D.D., Litt.D., Ph.D., Sc.D.    Harmony Grove, Md. Minister.
Smith, Hiram R. Loveland, Col. U. S. Mail Service.
Trent, S. U. 6057 Walnut St., Pittsburg, Pa.    Lawyer.
Whitehill, Stewart H. Brookville, Pa. Lawyer.



Class of 1877.




Pair, R. Willis    Saltsburg, Pa.    Principal of Kiskiminetas Springs College Preparatory School.




Christy, Maud A. Deceased.  
Gwynn, Caroline S. (Mrs. H. D. Blatchley,)    Caldwell, Idaho.  
Grumbling, Sarah (Mrs. E. C. Van Horn,) Lexington, Neb. Teacher.
Martin, Clara (Mrs. Clara J. Kelley,) Webster, Pa.  
Pollock, Emma M. (Mrs. Emma M. Schupe) Lancaster, Ohio.  
McCreery, James W. Greeley, Col. Lawyer.


Class of 1878.


Mitchell, Margaret F. (Mrs. S. M. Jack,)    Indiana, Pa.  
Andrews, James E. LaCrosse, Kans. Judge of 33d Judicial District
Berkey, Jacob M. Johnstown, Pa. Superintendent of Johnstown Public Schools.
Elrich, Charles Homestead, Pa.    Agent.
McCurdy, Joseph A. Greensburg, Pa. Lawyer.
St. Clair, Robert J. Atchison, Kans. Farmer.
Tomb, D. Harbison Indiana, Pa. Lawyer.
Wenner, Theo. L. Deceased.  


Class of 1879.


Brooks, Eliza Deceased.  
Christy, Louisa H. (Mrs. H. H. McCreery,) Mount Pleasant, Utah.  
McDivitt, Martha M. Deceased.  
Naley, Sarah L. 500 18th Ave., Denver, Col. Pharmacist.
Patterson, Jennie B. (Mrs. J. A. Montieth,)    210 Third Ave., West Cedar Rapids, Iowa.     
Pinkerton, Augusta C. Blairsville, Pa. Agent.
Scott, Jennie M. (Mrs. William Lapsley,) Braddock, Pa.  
St. Clair, Jennie Englewood (Chicago), Teacher.
Uncapher, M. Elizabeth Hampe Building, Houston, Texas. Physician.
Woods, Margaret E. (Mrs. D. M. Heath,) Piedmont, Kansas.  
Davis, Samuel M. 831 Lumber Exchange, Minneapolis, Minn. Lawyer.
Dill, Anson J. 4 Osgood St., Allegheny, Pa. Business.
Hanna, John C. Colorado Springs, Col. Lawyer.
Johnson, Edward P. 93 Fremont St., Allegheny, Pa. Principal of 7th Ward School.
McGrew, Butler Washington, Pa. Real Estate and Insurance.
Miller, J. J. 408 Grant St., Pittsburg, Pa. Lawyer.
Nissley, Isaac O. Middletown, Pa. Editor.
Shane, Samuel McDonald, Pa. Merchant.
Statler, George T. Greeley, Col. Merchant.


Class of 1880.


Hunter, Annie A. 216 Alexander St., Greensburg, Pa.  
Loucks, Amanda Scottdale, Pa. Teacher.
Morrison, Alice 1845 Ogden St., Denver, Col. Teacher.
Prestley, Margaret A. Deceased.  
Sampson, Emma F. (Mrs. Geo. K. Smith,)    Mercer, Pa.  
Brinkey, Gaspar C. Deceased.  
Brown, Charles J. Deceased.  
Calder, John R. 1861 Parkwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio.    Lawyer.
Cochran, William A. 604 Central Ave., Johnstown, Pa. Business.
Doty, Daniel W. 1708 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, Minn. Lawyer.
Duffey, William E. Ogontz, Pa. Teacher in Military School.
Elkin, John P. Indiana, Pa. Depute Attorney General.
Keefer, John S. Braddock, Pa. Superintendent of Schools.
Lewis, Samuel T. Osceola Mills, Pa. Minister.
Maclay, William B. Belleville, Pa. Business.
Newlon, Homer Horton, Kansas. Lawyer.
Pierce, David   Physician.


Class of 1881.


Cameron, Martha A. (Mrs. Roland W. Guss,)      North Adams, Mass.  
Green, S. Ella D. (Mrs. Wallace Riley,) Castle Shannon, Pa.  
Hamilton, Ada F. Deceased.  
Harrison, Jennie B. 424 Brush St., Detroit, Mich. Assistant in Normal Training School.
Jones, Harriet B. 495 S. Harrison St., Ft. Wayne, Ind.  
Kemp, Mrs. Harriet 12 Stockton Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Principal.
Martin, Mary Adda Avalon, Pa. Teacher.
Taylor, Alice (Mrs. George Hart,) Deceased.  
Allison, J. Lewis Punxsutawney, Pa. Principal.
Fair, George H. 645 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kans.    Lawyer.
Guss, Roland W. North Adams, Mass. Science Teacher in Normal School.
Hamill, Franklin Deceased.  
Musselman, Harvey C. Deceased.  
Pierce, John H. Indiana, Pa. Lawyer.
Riddle, Charles A. Queen Anne Hill, Seattle, Washington. Lawyer.
Smith, Alfred L. Indiana, Pa. Business.
Snodgrass, John Bellevue, Pa. Clerk.
Strickler, Hiram B. Scottdale, Pa. Editor


Class of 1882.


Angney, May E. 44 Eggers St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Esterline, Anna C. (Mrs. Anna E. Rose,) 1023 California Ave., Allegheny, Pa.  
Ford, Eva B. Deceased.  
Garman, Malvina (Mrs. Malvina G. Riddle,) Indiana, Pa. Teacher in Model Department of Normal School.
Given, Margaret P. 286 Sandusky St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Hildebrand, Gertrude (Mrs. H. S. Keepers,) Indiana, Pa.  
Lewis, Cornelia P. 656 Ashland Ave., St. Paul, Minn. Teacher.
McElwain, Lizzie Avalon, Pa. Teacher.
McFaden, Annie M. (Mrs. D. B. Taylor,) Indiana, Pa.  
Marshall, Katherine 83 Page St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Miller, Alice J. 171 46th St., Pittsburg, Pa. Stenographer.
Pattison, Margaret J. Box 1090, Des Moines, Ia. Stenographer.
Porter, Ida M. 347 Monroe Ave., Rochester, N.Y. Physician.
Rowe, Sadie M. (Mrs. Harry Christy,) Indiana, Pa.  
Sandells, Annie E. (Mrs. John B. Reynolds,)    Greensburg, Pa.  
Shaw, Bethella Butler, Pa. Teacher.
Shouts, Emma 1514 Central St. Kansas City, Mo. Teacher.
Simpson, Nora M. (Mrs. John Patton,) Indiana, Pa.  
Smith, Jessie B. Jeannette, Pa. Teacher.
Stephenson, Florence Asheville, N.C. Principal in Home Industrial School.
Wilkins, Mary B. (Mrs. -----,) Bellevue, Pa.  
Alison, R. Wilson 808 Wood St., Station D., Pittsburg, Pa.    Physician.
Barton, Humphrey St. Paul, Minn. Lawyer.
Harnish, William R. 51 North Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. Lawyer.
Hickman, Edward D. Hamilton and Lang Aves., Pittsburg, Pa. Principal.
Langham, Jonathan M. Indiana, Pa. Lawyer.
McCartney, John W. Deceased.  
Maclay, William P. Potosi, Mo. Lawyer.
McGrew, Nathan N. Scott Haven, Pa. Teacher.
Miller, Lorenzo D. Atwood, Pa. Teacher.
Ralph, John L. 440 Diamond St., Pittsburg, Pa. Lawyer.
Reese, William P. Johnstown, Pa. Lawyer.
Shane, John P. McDonald, Pa. Merchant.
Sutor, Silas A. Deceased.  
Williams, David 1504 Broadway, Quincy, Ill. Principal.


Class of 1883.


Allen, Annie E. (Mrs. J. A. Evans,) Ingram, Pa.  
Bragdon, Carrie L. 139 Franklin St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Brown, Lizzie M. New Alexandria, Pa. Teacher.
Brown, Marion L. 180 Irwin Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Cochran, Etta M. (Mrs. Samuel Ritchie,) 230 Locust St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Davis, Emma E. Denton, Pa. Member of Faculty in State Normal School.
Davis, Margaret C. Woodstock, Landour, N. W. Province, India.    Missionary.
Ford, Mary E. Boston, Mass. Physician.
Gregg, Mary J. Deceased.  
Hamilton, Margaret C. Deceased.  
Klingensmith, Annie Ellensburg, Wash. Teacher.
Knight, Lulu N. (Mrs. John T. Reeves,) Beaver Falls, Pa.  
Leslie, Mary E.    
McClaren, Birdie (Mrs. Frank Keener,) Indiana, Pa.  
Moore, Amy E. Marlborough, Pa.  
Pierce, Mary J. Deceased.  
Rowand, Katherine (Mrs. Edwin G. Miller,) 6406 Howe St., Pittsburg, Pa.  
Ruff, Elma Greeley, Col. Preceptress in State Normal School.
Rugh, Agnes Truby (Mrs. Richard Eppley,) 612 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa.  
Sansom, Bessie G. (Mrs. A. W. Wilson, Jr.)    Saltsburg, Pa.  
St. Clair, M. Agnes Chicago (Englewood), Ill. Teacher.
Barbour, W. W. Ridgway, Pa. Lawyer.
Harnish, Lewis C. Clearville, Pa. Minister.
Saxman, S. A. Deceased.  


Class of 1884.


Allison, Nannie N. (Mrs. Henry Turk,) Parkers Landing, Pa.  
Bothell, Clara E. 5806 Margaretta St., Pittsburg, Pa. Nurse.
Brown, Jennie M. 106 Arch St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Eccles, Lida M. (Mrs. John W. Grove,) 4263 5th Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.  
Edie, M. Leanna Beaver, Pa. Teacher.
Empfield, Ella E. (Mrs. David C. Pattee,)    Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  
Galbraith, M. Marion 143 E. 30th St., New York City, N.Y.  
Gallaher, Sarah M. Class of 1888.  
Hays, Flora B. 81 Taylor Ave, Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Jeffreys, Jennie Deceased.  
McElveen, Jennie 179 Sheffield St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Painter, Eva M. (Mrs. Eva M. Hellman,) Irvona, Pa.  
Reel, Belle D. (Mrs. Robert McKee,) 11 Church Ave., Allegheny, Pa.  
Reynolds, Virginia Farmville, Va. Teacher in Normal School.
Rigby, Annie E. New Brighton, Pa. Teacher.
Ritchie, Elizabeth 210 Washington Ave., Allegheny, Pa.    Teacher.
Scott, M. Josephine 12 Cedar Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Walker, Florence C. 178 Chartiers St., Allegheny, Pa. Directory of Gymnasium.
Ague, John B. 2300 Eighth Ave., Beaver, Falls, Pa. Physician and Surgeon.
McAllister, Ralph C. Ann Arbor, Mich. Agent.
Matthews, W. Edgar 431 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Pa. Physician and Surgeon.
Nesbitt, Harry N. Class of 1888.  
Ulerich, W. W. Greensburg, Pa. County Superintendent of Public Schools.
Williams, William 214 Morrell Place, Johnstown, Pa. Lawyer.


Class of 1885.


Adair, Jennie M. (Mrs. George W. Belsey,) Toledo, Ohio.  
Angus, Mary A. Deceased.  
Carney, Alice B. 153 Arch St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Cawley, Nan L. (Mrs. Wm. A. Walker, Jr.,) 318 Washington Ave., Allegheny, Pa.  
Cochran, Laura C. 322 N. Maple Ave., Greensburg, Pa. Teacher.
Cooper, Mary B. Longfellow School, Salt Lake City, Utah. Principal.
Davis, Laura Maud Indiana, Pa.  
Elliott, Adalene 820 7th Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. Teacher.
Fair, May C. Black Lick, Pa. Teacher.
Getty, Mary 1206 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. Physician.
Given, Annie F. Rochester's Mills, Pa.  
Graham, Annie M. Baldwin, Pa. Principal.
Hays, Carrie D. Maysville, Kentucky. Teacher.
Hays, Fannie L. Maysville, Kentucky. Teacher.
Horrocks, Sarah 1126 Cottage Place, Johnstown, Pa. Teacher in High School.
Lemon, Emma R. Deceased.  
Lytle, Katherine M. Braddock, Pa.  
McCain, Margaret (Mrs. E. L. Peterson,) 125 Irwin Ave., Allegheny, Pa.  
McCall, Agnes M. 341 California Ave., Allegheny, Pa.  
McClatchey, Rose Z. 232 Emerson St., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
McElhaney, Jennie Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
McFadden, Jane R. 287 West Park St., Portland, Oregon. Teacher.
McGraw, Josie 525 Coursin Ave., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
McMullen, Jennie 911 Franklin Ave., Sta. D., Pittsburg, Pa.    Book-keeper.
Marshall, Ada L. Carnegie, Pa. Teacher.
Marshall, Anna Porter (Mrs. William McCracken,)    700 Maryland Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa.  
Marshall, Jean 83 Page St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Moon, Lottie 145 Fayette St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Muse, Minnie E. (Mrs. T. C. Jones,) 1212 Jenny Lind Sr., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Needy, Annette Deceased.  
Oliver, Martha A. 260 Sandusky St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Richards, Carrie R. (Mrs. W. C. Shouse,) 150 Sedgwick St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Smith, Minnie E. Hazelwood, Blair St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher
Turner, Jennie P. 4402 Butler St., Pittsburg, Pa. Cleveland Medical.
Vanard, Eva U. 1314 9th Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. Teacher.
Warren, Jennie S. (Mrs. J. R. Copeland,) Parnassus, Pa.  
Angney, Allen B. 501 5th Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Lawyer.
Gordon, M. C. Class of 1888.  
Hickman, R. L. Box 464, McKeesport, Pa. Agriculture.
Hutton, Frank 5 W. Longfellow Ave., DuBois, Pa. Lawyer.
Itell, Thomas J. Johnstown, Pa. Lawyer.
Mohney, M. J. Owatonna, Minn. Salesman.
Muse, Frank D. Jamestown, Indiana. Minister.
Robb, J. Irwin Bryn Mawr, Pa. Supt. of Schools in Lower Merion Tp.
Shields, W. F. Siam. Missionary.
Simpson, Robert S. New Whatcom, Wash. Insurance Broker.
Sproull, W. H. Class of 1888.  
Warnock, O. H. Larimer, Pa. Superintendent of North Huntingdon Township.
Wilson, James M. Armstrong, Iowa. Minister.
Woodruff, J. B. 220 Market St., Johnstown, Pa. Physician.


Class of 1886.


Banfield, Margaret S. (Mrs. Frank Parshall,) 108 Harrison Ave., Allegheny, Pa.  
Barnes, Blanche A. 38 Taylor Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Stenographer.
Birkman, Sara Indiana, Pa.  
Breniser, Cynthia (Mrs. John L. Thomas,) 4225 Front St., New Whatcom, Wash.  
Bruce, Laura B. Punxsutawney, Pa. Teacher in High School.
Calhoun, Jennie N. Bellevue, Pa.  
Cannon, Mary W. 34 Fayette St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Case, Gertrude S. 5610 McCully St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher of Sloyd.
Crawford, Ella E. (Mrs. Robert S. Clarke,) 79 Buena Vista St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Crider, Annie M. Presbyterian Hospital, Allegheny, Pa. Nurse.
Fleming, Louise S. 4593 Forbes St., Pittsburg, Pa. Stenographer.
Freeman, Sara J. Deceased.  
Gilfillan, Sarah A. (Mrs. John L. Ralph,) Crafton, Pa.  
Hamill, Jennie Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Hayden, Margaret B. Preston Ave., Bellevue, Pa. Teacher.
Hazlett, Annie S. Deceased.  
Henderson, Mary McKeesport, Pa.  
Hodge, Grace M. (Mrs. George V. Craighead,)    3 Maple Ave., Station D., Pittsburg, Pa.  
Jones, Mary Margaret Deceased.  
Laughry, Anna S. (Mrs. M. L. Imler,) Cramer, Pa.  
Leard, Emma L. Livermore, Pa. Teacher in Boydton Institute, Va.
McCormick, Mary Blairsville, Pa.  
McCowan, Ermine (Mrs. George G. Small,) Aspinwall, Pa.  
McFadden, Elizabeth E. Buena Vista, Pa.  
McKee, Annie L. Deceased.  
McKibbin, Mary C. 17 North State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Medical Student.
McMunn, Anna M. 43 Sheffield St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Macrum, Jessie G. (Mrs. Jessie G. Matthews,) Brown, Shipley & Co., London, E. C., England     
Marion, Katherine H. 85 Fayette St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Marquis, Elvira E. Ellensburg, Wash. Teacher in Normal School.
Martin, Eleanor V. Dayton, Pa. Principal.
Maxwell, Mary A. (Mrs. Irving A. Palmer,) Carnegie, Pa.  
Morrow, Agnes Class of 1888.  
Murry, Belle Edgewood Park, Pa. Principal.
Muse, Blanche Cor. Jenny Lind & 13th St., McKeesport, Pa. Teacher.
Potts, Emma R. Natrona, Pa. Teacher.
Purdy, Margaret Estella (Mrs. S. W. Pringle,) Carterett Ave., Pueblo, Col.  
Ruffner, Emma J. Davis Ave School, Allegheny, Pa. Principal.
Shaw, Emily (Mrs. Reid T. Stewart,) Osgood St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Shaw, Henrietta S. 1732 Pearl St., Denver, Col. Principal.
Sholes, Katherine (Mrs. A. C. Latimer,) 55 Montgomery Ave., Allegheny, Pa.  
Slater, Emma C. 1401 Wood St., Station D., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Startz, Louisa E. 77 Sedgwick St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Stevenson, Sarah L. (Mrs. Ralph W. Carroll,) Deceased.  
Storey, Ida B. (Mrs. O. H. Warnock,) Larimer Station, Pa.  
Tiffany, Mary L. (Mrs. Elmer Allison,) Indiana, Pa.  
Cramer, W. Justin Deceased. Lawyer.
Fisher, Harry H. Greensburg, Pa. Lawyer.
Fisher, John S. Indiana, Pa. Editor.
Jackson, Walter H. Indiana, Pa. Lawyer.
Smith, E. Walker Indiana, Pa.  
Wilson, Robert M. Class of 1888.  


Class of 1887.


Bryan, Minnie J. (Mrs. R. M. Smith,) Indiana, Pa.  
Cameron, Clara (Mrs. J. N. Langham,) Indiana, Pa.  
Campbell, S. Flora Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Clark, Annie M. (Mrs. J. J. Miller,) 5131 Ellsworth Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa.  
Chisolm, Mary L. 53 Palo Alto St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Clingerman, Mara B. 1014 Chestnut Ave., Altoona, Pa.  
Dain, Hannah K. Deceased.  
Dalby, Lucy Craig St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Day, Ella R. New Wilmington, Pa.  
Eckman, Rena S. 1620 Pennsylvania Ave., Denver, Col. Teacher.
Edwards, Ella C. 3809 Mifflin St., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Ellis, Sarah E. Kennedy Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Empfield, Kate E. (Mrs. Chas. A. Jenks,) Punxsutawney, Pa. Teacher.
Fraser, Elizabeth C. (Mrs. H. F. Humphries,)    Rockwood, Pa.  
Galbraith, M. Etta Carnegie, Pa. Teacher.
Goodell, Nellie Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Griffith, Alice F. (Mrs. A. V. Hurlburt,) Fort Collins, Col.  
Hahn, Edith M. (Mrs. John H. Kennedy,) Punxsutawney, Pa.  
Hutchinson, Margaret J. 246 Federal St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Kennedy, Mary R. Scioto St., Pittsburg, Pa. Principal.
Kimple, Lottie C. Chambersville, Pa. Teacher.
Knox, Anna (Mrs. E. E. Cary,) St. Catherine, Canada.  
Krebs, Jennie Deceased  
Lawrence, Katherine (Mrs. J. K. Rush) 1345 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.  
Loucks, Dortha M. (Mrs. W. L. Kelly,) Scottdale, Pa.  
McConnell, Jennie 356 Lehigh Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa.  
Martin, Georgia Walnut Lane School, Germantown, Pa. Principal.
Miller, Jennie M. Pennsville, Pa. Teacher.
Miller, Winifred W. (Mrs. R. L. Collingwood,) Swissvale,  
Montgomery, Anna B. Deceased.  
Perkins, Anna M. (Mrs. Anna M. Hays,) 221 West 28th St., Los Angeles, Cal. Teacher.
Reineke, Sophie C. 240 Beaver Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Rice, Kate J. Indiana, Pa.  
Rummell, Lida E. (Mrs. G. A. Hellman,) Manor, Pa.  
Scanlon, Mary E. (Mrs. Mary E. Lemon,) 535 Madison Ave., McKeesport, Pa.  
Storey, S. Georgia 235 W. Highland Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa.    Assistant principal.
Taylor, Laura Fort Collins, Col. Teacher.
Welfer, Kate B. Greenfield Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Williams, Mary I. Atlanta, Georgia. Teacher in Spellman Seminary.
Work, Mary E. (Mrs. H. W. Hogg,) 4 Winchester Road, Oxford, Eng.  
Blue, John Cleveland, Ohio.  
Carroll, J. G. 42 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Lawyer.
Cramer, John W. 440 grant St., Johnstown, Pa.  
Fiscus, J. J. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Hamill, Q. A. Deceased.  
Hammond, James B. Bolivar, Pa. Member of Legislature.
Jack, William M. Heidelberg, Germany. Theological Student.
Johnson, Harry P. 424 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. Principal of High School.
Koontz, J. S. 612 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. Physician.
Longwill, A. L. Irvona, Pa. Clerk.
Parks, E. B. Deceased.  
Rush, J. K. 1345 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. Publisher.
Scanlon, Benjamin F. Mount Pleasant, Pa. Lawyer.
Simpson, James A. Indiana, Pa. Farmer.
Small, George G. Aspinwall, Pa. Business.
Whitten, Charles E. Greensburg, Pa. Lawyer.


Class of 1888.




Gallaher, Sarah M. Indiana, Pa. Member of Faculty in Birmingham Seminary.
Morrow, Agnes M. (Mrs. R. R. Scandrett,)    Imbre Ave., Allegheny, Pa.     
Gordon, M. C. Indiana, Pa. Member of Faculty in State Normal School.
Nesbitt, Harry Burgettstown, Pa. Minister.
Sproull, William H. Deceased.  
Wilson, Robert M. Blairsville, Pa. Bank Cashier.




Boyle, Mary C. Redman Mills, Pa. Teacher.
Bradshaw, Mattie Deceased.  
Campbell, Alice L. 215 W. 9th St., Pueblo, Col. Teacher.
Caulfield, Mary G. 5721 Walnut St., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Chisholm, Lillie A. (Mrs. Charles Garland,) 31 Esplanada St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Cheesman, Anna (Mrs. Daniel Craig,) Latrobe, Pa.  
Christy, Kate S. Indiana, Pa.  
Cluley, Ivy 18 Marion Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Cooper, Mary J. Johnstown, (Westmont), Pa. Teacher.
Corder, Anita (Mrs. R. A. McDonald,) Aspinwall, Pa.  
Ekas, Agnes E. (Mrs. A. M. Weir,) Freeport, Pa.  
Evans, Jessie (Mrs. E. D. Wycoff,) Prescott, Arizona.  
Fairley, Elizabeth D. 167 Jackson St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Fetzer, Ella (Mrs. B. L. Elliott,) Cheswick, Pa.  
Fielding, Fronie S. (Mrs. Edwin H. Campbell,) Steubenville, Ohio.  
Fiscus, Blanche (Mrs. Dr. Greaves,) Washington, D.C. Physician.
Fix, Rebecca N. 1026 Ross Ave., Station D., Pittsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Gilmore, Margery Mary Westminster St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Grassell, Anna M. Box 85, Ben Avon, Pa. Teacher.
Hadley, Edith O. (Mrs. George O. Lysle, Jr.,) 4223 Fifth Ave, Pittsburg, Pa.  
Hamilton, Elizabeth 260 Sandusky St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Harris, Minnie R. 410 South Ave., Station D., Pittsburg, Pa. Literature.
Harrington, Beatrice (Mrs. James W. Gray,) 121 Fremont St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Harrison, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. E. H. Newlin,) 518 5th Ave., McKeesport, Pa.  
Hay, Alberta 54 Fremont St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Herriot, Emma J. 20 Marion Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Hine, Nancy J. Saltsburg, Pa. Teacher.
Jones, Esther A. 810 W. Park Way, McKeesport, Pa.  
Jones, Roberta L. 52 Montgomery Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Jones, S. Mayes Duquesne, Pa. Teacher.
McFarland, Mary    
McGarey, Mary D. (Mrs. A. G. Breitwieser,) S. 22d St., Pittsburg, Pa.  
McKee, Ella P. (Mrs. Samuel Kraeer,) Greenfield, Pa.  
Menke, Emma C. Homestead, Pa. Teacher.
Miller, Luella M. 4733 Bayard St., Pittsburg, Pa.  
Myers, Lillian M. 186 Buena Vista St., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Price, Frances C. (Mrs. H. C. Beares,) Coleman Place, Homewood, E.E., Pittsburg, Pa    .  
Riddle, Rebecca Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Robinson, Arabel Carlisle, Pa. College Student.
Rose, Sophie K. (Mrs. Henry F. Carr,) Sewickley, Pa.  
Rowe, M. Etta (Mrs. Harvey J. Davis,) Munhall, Pa.  
Simpson, L. Belle Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Stevenson, Bessie W. (Mrs. William T. Stevenson,)    309 Stratford Ave., E.E., Pittsburg, Pa.  
Stout, Olive A. Class of 1891.  
Swan, Mary Agnes 64 Union Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Teacher.
Smartwood, Margaret (Mrs. R. T. Campbell,) Pawnee City, Neb.  
Trimble, Martha Freeport, Pa.  
Vanard, Flora M. (Mrs. D. W. Keister,) 109 Sayles St., Cleveland, Ohio.  
Walker, Eva V. 178 Chartiers St., Allegheny, Pa.  
Allison, D. B. Blairsville, Pa. Insurance Agent.
Biter, R. H. Portage, Pa. Principal.
Durling, Willis T. Deceased.  
Ely, Selden M. 221 E. St., N.W., Washington, D.C. Lawyer.
Gibson, Frank Z. 5604 Penn Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Physician.
Ramaley, M. C. Cor. Broadway and Willson, Cleveland, Ohio. Dentist.
Shupe, George B. Scottdale, Pa. News Editor.
Stewart, J. T. Indiana, Pa. Teacher.
Wachob, John H. 632 Kennedy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. Teacher.
Weddell, F. N. 424 5th Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Lawyer.
Wiley, J. P. Uniontown, Pa. Principal.


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