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County Cemeteries

Bill Hamm (deceased) of Carter County, Oklahoma generously shared his Love County, Oklahoma burial records with us. His records include about 7800 names. Mr. Hamm kept the records up to date through the obituaries in the newspaper. We are very grateful to Mr. Hamm for his generosity in sharing his hard work with us in this way. Considering the size of Mr. Hamm's files, we have divided them into smaller files for faster downloading.

Love County Cemeteries

Description File Name File Size Date
Cemetery Descriptions and Locations cem-desc.txt 12.0 Kb 8/13/99
Cemetery Numbers List cemlist.txt 3 Kb 8/13/99
Surnames A - C list1.txt 134 Kb 8/13/99
Surnames D - G list2.txt 80 Kb 8/13/99
Surnames H - K list3.txt 108 Kb 8/13/99
Surnames L - O list4.txt 109 Kb 8/13/99
Surnames P - S list5.txt 125 Kb 8/13/99
Surnames R - Z list6.txt 94 Kb 8/13/99

Love County Cemeteries


Submitted by Date Size
Courtney Cemetery Gene Phillips 26 Oct 2008 11 kb
Love County Cemeteries Bill Hamm Aug 13, 1999 1605 kb
Old Thackerville Cemetery Melissa Hartwell Apr. 4, 2000 9 kb
Burneyville Cemetery (Partial) Carolyn Wellenberger Aug 10, 2000 1 kb

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