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Knupp-Rittman Cemetery

Milton Twp.
Wayne County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Rosie Gates, June 26, 2004
Photos taken by Rosie Gates in 1973. Rosie has a nice printed document about this church and cemetery. She may be willing to share a copy with you, but copyright laws prevent me from placing it online.
Most recent update to this page made on 13 Aug., 2009.

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Ault, Valentine, died 26 Dec. 1861, aged 55yrs 5ms 15ds
Ault, Michael, 8 May 1811 - 24 Sep. 1879, aged 68yrs 4m 16ds (Lot 14-8)
Ault, Mary, wife of Fredrick Ault, died 22 Feb. 1852, aged 29y (Lot 3-14)
Coolman, John, 12 Mar. 1785 - 25 Oct. 1864, aged 79ys 7m 6ds (Lot 2-9) This family's surname also found in the form of (Kuhlman).
Coolman, Elisabeth, wife of John Coolman, 26 Jan. 1791 - 10 Mar. 1855, aged 64yrs 1m 11ds Elizabeth (Reed) Coolman's given name may be incribed incorrectly, could be Elizabeth (with "z"). (Lot 2-8)
Halliwell, Catherine, wife of Joseph Halliwell, Mar. 16, 1811 - Mar. 16, 1884 Daughter of John & Elizabeth (Reed) Coolman. (Lot 14-2)
Coolman, Samuel, son of John & Elizabeth Coolman, died July 9, 1833m aged 2ms (Lot 2-3)
Ault, Jacob, son of John & Elizabeth (Reed) Coolman, died Aug. 5, 1832, aged 4m (Lot 2-4)
Coolman, Susan, wife of George Coolman, born 12 Nov. 1792, died 17 Nov. 1880, aged 88yrs 11ms 25ds (Lot 4-1)
Rigelman, Susannah, Dau. of J. & R. Rigelman, died May 8, 1853, age 2yrs (Lot 9-6)
Rigelman, Franklien, son of J. & R. Rigelman, died Aug. 18, 1847 aged 2yrs 18ds (Lot 9-7)
Rigleman, John, died Feb. 15, 1866, aged 54yrs 2mos 27ds Son of Valentine Rigelman. The surname for this family is found spelled differently on documents, but most commonly spelled in three forms, Rigelman/Rigleman/Riggleman. (Lot 9-8)
Rigelman, Clyde, March 15, 18__, aged 76yrs (Lot 9-9)

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