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East Branch Church of Christ Cemetery

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Union Twp.
Morgan Co.

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., Dec. 20, 2003

This cemetery is located behind the old abandoned East Branch Church of Christ building, on E. Branch Rd. (R15), southwest of SR555. Would estimate the cemetery to be approximately two acres in size, surrounded on all four sides by farm fence in good repair and accesable by a double width gate to the left of the church. The land in this area is rather hilly, but the cemetery is situated on a fairly level & gently rolling area of land. The following readings and accompanying images represent only a small sampling of this cemetery. The cemetery appears to have began being used for this purpose about 1830's and recent burials indicate it's continued use to present times. These preliminary readings are in no particular order and amount to about 20% of the individuals buried in this cemetery. As always, I make every effort to correctly transcribe the memorials, but because of weather related wear & deteriation, not able to be 100% sure on all those that I have read. Don't substitute these readings for good court house research. Should anyone present sourced information that improve upon these readings, will be pleased to update this report with you revisions. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. , Dec. 21, 2003.

The most recent update to this page made on May, 2015.

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Williams, Julia A., wife of J. Williams, born July 3, 1815, died June 5, 1893
Williams, Rebecca, dau. of J. & J.A. Williams, died Oct. 15, 1864, aged 20 years & 17 days
Williams, Margaret J., wife of William J. Williams, died Sep. 8, 1875, aged 33y 7m & 6d -She was a kind & affectionate wife, Beloved mother and a friend of all-
Kirkbride, Sadie B. (Love), wife of Z.M. Kirkbride, born Nov. 8, 1872, died May 14, 1893 -I have done what I could- [Mother of three sons, Dorman Ray, Lloyd & Emmons W. Kirkbride][Sadie B. is also known as Sarah Belle (Love) Kirkbride, she married on 8 Nov., 1888, at age 16, to Zachariah Martin Kirkbride, bn.1868, age 20. She is the daug. of Llewellyn & Isabell (King) Love.] Anyone having information concerning Sadie's parents, please correspond with me, I received an email from her grand daughter, Irene (Kirkbride) Orbaugh, in 2005. She is the daughter of Emmons W. Kirkbride & wishes to learn more about her ancestors.   In March of 2011, I received correspondence from a granddaughter of Sadie's oldest son, Dorman Ray Kirkbride, she also would like to learn more about her great grandmother's family.    On 9 May, 2015, received an email from Karen (Orbaugh) Adamns, she is the daughter of Irene (Kirkbride)Orbaugh. I am saddened to hear that her mother has passed, but her daughter is continuing the search for family ancestry. I will not publish it here but will forward any request for offers of assistance in her family ancestry.
Martin, Lucinda, 1832 - 1903 -Till We Meet Again-
Williams, Alice C., dau. of L.M. & M. Williams, died Oct. 13, 1869, aged 1y 6m 16d
Williams, Martha, wife of L.M. Williams, 1837 - 1872 -Mother-
Williams, L.M., died Feb. 22, 1886, aged 51y 9m & 22d
Williams, Chester C., son of W.J. & C. Williams, died Mar. 19, 1905, aged 16y 9m 18d -His words were kindness, his deeds were love, his spirit humble. He rests above-
Williams, D.S., son of W.C. & B. Williams, died Oct. 28, 1905 This large cast metal memorial has a blueish patina. View of opposite side
Pierce, Zachariah, 1819 - 1902, Co. B, 62nd OVI, Sarah A., his wife, 1826 -__
Williams, Agnes Ann, wife of Norman Williams, died Feb. 3, 186_, aged 23y 9m 25d
Williams, Norman, died July 4, 1873, aged 45y 10m 15d
Dawson, Eliza A., wife of Wm Dawson, died Oct. 12, 1851, aged 27yrs & 24ds
Dawson, William, Co. H, 93rd Reg., OVI, born Feb. 15, 1826, died July 12, 1893
Pierce, Lazarus, died June 23, 1863, aged 56y 8m & 23d
Stedman, Letitia, wife of Isaac T. Stedman, died Apr. 9, 1848, Æ 31 yr 5ms
Gladden, Frederick, died May 21, 1843, Æ 49ys 10ms 4ds [Military marker, Veteran of the War of 1812, w/flag]
Kirkbride, Elizabeth, deceased wife of E. Kirkbride, born Dec. 12, 1823, died April 2, 1897
Kirkbride, E., deceased husband of Elizabeth Kirkbride, born Dec. 4, 1811, died Aug. 7, 1900
Kirkbride, John S., son of E. & E. Kirkbride, died Apr. 21, 1845, aged 1y 1mo 21days
Mingus, Anna P., Aug. 4, 1907 - Jan. 16, 1994; Sanford H., Oct. 16, 1890 - Sept. 16, 1977
Kimball, William A., 1868 - 1942; Emma P., 1870 - 1938 Second view click here
Kirkbride, Absolom A., Jan. 22, 1855 - June 27, 1931 concrete stone starting to deteriorate
Kirkbride, Hannah, born Sept. 23, 1856, died Dec. 22, 1936
Love, Julia A., 1868 - 1939; Lewis J., 1882 - 1923; Charley L., 1865 - 1930
Stump, Charles H., 1901 - 19__; Emma F., 1896 - 1966
VanHorn, Ara M., 1872 - 1938 - Mother-; Daniel W., 1871 - 1968 -Father-
Grimes, Harry E., 1889 - 1977; Lois F., 1886 - 1944
Gladden, Merrill E., Feb. 6, 1902 - June 25, 1995 -Daddy-; Delores A., June 6, 1909 - Feb. 24, 2000 -Mother- closer view of this memorial, click here & here
Brown, Ownie L., 1897 - 1971; Ruth A., 1899 - 1981 -Parents of Cora, Haze4l, Frank, Nancy &__
Brown, Harley Frank, 1927 - __; Doris Maxine, 1932 - 198_ -Parents of Tony, Christine & Dixie
Davis, R. Eileen, Aug. 19, 1933 - -Granny-; W. Bruce, Feb. 1_, 1923 - Mar. 17, 2002 -Papal-
North, Edward L., Pfc U.S.Army, WW II, July 17, 1926 - Jan. 31, 1996 military marker
Skinner, Francis W., 1845 - 1927 (Veteran Civil War, GAR); Mary J., 1845 - 1927
Skinner, Lizzie M., 1880 - 1970; Charles F., 1873 - 1936
Marshall, Jesse M., husband of Lillie A. Marshall, died April 15, __ cast metal marker
Pierce, Morice, 1886 - 1918; Ollie Pierce, 1897 - 1913
Brown, Hattie, daughter of J. & E.E. Brown, born June 26, 1865, died __, 1895
Brown, Elenor E., wife of James Brown, died Dec. 28?, 1875, aged 45y 3m & 24d date difficult to read
Brown, Elizabeth _., wife of James Brown, born May 29, 1830, died Dec. 23, 1875
Brown, James, born _ 18, 18__
Brown, Ruth Ella, wife of James Brown, born Aug. 26, 1838, died May 24, 1898
Hale, Jacob, died Jan. 20, 1888, aged 65y 4m 6d
Shilling, Keziah, died Nov. 11, 1878, aged 39y & 17d
Love, Benonia A., 1845 - 1887; Mary V., 1848 - 19__
Love, Llewellyn, 1832 - 1917 [Husband of Isabell (King) & Elizabeth A. (Daniel). He is the father of Sadie B. Love, Thomas Henry Love, Bertha L. Love, Lewis J. Love, Elmer Love and Hester Love]
Love, Elizabeth A., wife of Llewellyn Love, died Aug. 11, 1897, aged 64y 2m 25d [Elizabeth A. (Daniel)is the 2ndwife of Llewellyn, they married 10 May, 1874.
Love, Isabell, wife of Llewellyn Love, died Dec. 5, 1872, aged 37y 2m 17d [Isabel was the 1stwife of Llewellyn, they married 3 March, 1855, in Morgan Co., O. Isabell is the daughter of Joel & Elizabeth King, and mother of Sadie Belle (Love)Kirkbride.

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