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Woodland Cemetery

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Montgomery County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Helen L. Smith Hoke, on 16 Aug., 2003.
New data shared recently by the kindness of Karen Barlow, mentioning that Johnny Morehouse was actually the son of John Morehouse and his first wife Mary Margaret. John and Barbara were not married at the time of Johnny's death. The most recent update to this page was made 21 Sept., 2008.

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Morehouse, Johnny He is famous in Woodland. Story goes, Johnny was born in 1855, the youngest son of John and his first wife Mary Margaret (Browning) Morehouse, who lived with them in back of his father's shoe repair shop. When he was 5 yrs old, he fell into the Miami & Erie Canal, which use to run along the present Patterson Blvd. in downtown Dayton, near the library. His best friend, who was his dog, tried to save him, but could not. Little Johnny died in 1860 by drowning. Legend has it that several days after he was buried, his dog appeared next to his grave. He would not leave his little friend. Visitors to the cemetery began to worry about the dog getting food and water. They began to leave bits of food for him. His headstone depicts little Johnny, his toys and his dog. People stop by all the time and place toys, clothes, and money on his grave. A lady who walks the cemetery collects the money off the graves and buys something for Johnny and the children at the homeless shelters. He is one of the most visited little boys in Woodland Cemetery. He is buried in the Family Plot Lot 546, Section 82.
Morehouse, John N., 1823 - 1903 Father of Johnny Morehouse. He was born 1823 in Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey and died Aug. 7, 1903 in Dayton, Montgomery Co, OH. He was buried in Woodland Cemetery on August 10, 1903 at age 75 yrs. and 2 months. He is buried in Family Plot Lot 546, Section 82.
Morehouse, Martha J., 1830 - 1893 Aunt of Johnny Morehouse. She was born 1830 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH and died Dec. 30, 1893, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. She is believed to be sister to John N., daughter of John and Nancy Morehouse and Aunt to little Johnny. She was buried in Woodland Cemetery on January 2, 1894 at age 63. She is buried in Family Plot Lot 546, Section 82.
Morehouse, Barbara D., 1827 - 1878 She was the 2nd wife of John N. Morehouse. Barbara D. Morehouse was born 1827 in Dauphin Co, PA and died May. 3, 1878, Dayton, Montgomery Co, OH. Barbara was buried in Woodland Cemetery on May 5, 1878 at age 51 yrs and 1 month. She is buried in Family Plot Lot 546, Sec 82.
John Morehouse was born in 1796 in Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey and died Jan. 3, 1868 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. John was buried in Woodland Cemetery on Jan 4, 1868 at age 72. He is believed to be the husband to Nancy Morehouse, father to John N. Morehouse, and grandfather to Johnny Morehouse. He is buried in the Family Plot Lot 546, Sec. 82. He has no headstone.
Nancy Morehouse was born in 1790 and died Nov. 5, 1857, Dayton, Montgomery Co, OH. Nancy was buried in Woodland Cemetery on Nov 6, 1857, at age 67. She is believed to be the wife of John Morehouse, mother of John N. Morehouse and grandmother to Johnny Morehouse. She is buried in Family Plot Lot 546, Section 82. She has no headstone.
McKee, John D., 1840 - 1883 John D. McKee was born 1840, Republic, Seneca Co., Ohio, died mar. 24, 1883, Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio, Plot: Sec. 103, lot 2171
Additional views of McKee memorial #1, #2, and #3
Huffman, Maude McKee, 1864 - 1927 Maude was born 1864, Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio, died May 17, 1927, Dayton, Montgomery Co., O., Plot: Sec. 130, lot 1950
Huffman, George P., 1862 - 1897 Founded Davis Sewing Machine Company and the Huffy Bicycle Corporation.
Wiekede, Memorial

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