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Ellis Cemetery

Franklin Twp.
Mercer County

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For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to separate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as "c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the latin term Æ or æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the word "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text. ~R.M.Sizelove~

These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Elaine Hackett , on 25 Aug., 2008.
Ellis Cemetery is found in Franklin Twp., Mercer Co., OH about 1/4 mi. south of the village of Montezuma, OH. on the Montezuma-Cassella Road. It has to be accessed by way of Burge Rd., South, to Guadaloupe Rd, West, to Montezuma-Cassella, North, as a run-way for the Montezuma Airport now cuts it off from the village of Montezuma.
The most recent update to this page was made on 04 Feb., 2009.

Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
Ayers, Hannah E., 1848 - 1928
Beauchamp, Sarah A. Feb. 25, 1939 - Jan 21, 1922
Beauchamp, John J., 1861 - 1927
Beauchamp, Nevada B., 1865 - 1925
Beauchamp, Here Rests Martin (K.?) Died Jan 31, 1878, Aged 63y 6m 5d
Beauchamp, Hortense, Born Dec. 17, 1870, Died Dec. 2, 1899, Aged, 28years 11months 14days
Becker, Hubert P., PFC US Army, World War II, Dec 19, 1922 - Apr 16, 1980
Becker, Marion W. 1920 - 1998 Inscription: Here lies an old horseshoer, Maybe not the best, But just as good as the rest.
Bennett, Henry B.. 1840 - 1921; Sarah M., 1844 - 1928
Bone, S.W., 1852 - 1915, "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Bowers, Anna Schroyer, 1887 - 1973
Bowers, Charles E., 1886-1930. Husband, At Rest
Bowers, Mildred May, dau of C.E. & A.B. Bowers, Died Oct. 31, 1911, Aged 13y, 3m, 19d. Inscription: Budded on earth , To Bloom in Heaven.
Carter, Unknown, dau. of _ & Sarah Carter, died Nov. 20[or 30], 1864, aged 15y 2m 2d
Carter, John E., Died Mar. 10, 1882, Aged 21y 8m 20d
Carter, Polly Redding, Died Mar. 23, 1868, aged 70 Years
Carter, Diana J., wife of S.J. Carter, died Apr. 18, 1909, Aged, 53y 7m 25d
Carter, Wm. Henry, 1847 - 1924; Lavinia T., 1851 - 1880; Minnie, Their Dau., 1874 - 1880
Davis, Chas. A., Co. D, 36 Ohio INF. [Civil War Veteran marker w/flag]
Ellis, Emily J. Born Feb. 31, 1829, Died Oct. 26, 1903, aged 84y 8m 27d
Ellis, Philip D., died Feb. 17, 1875, Aged 25y 6m 10d
Green, Elizabeth, daughter of D. & S.H. Green, Died Dec. 29, 1852, aged 2yrs 11mo 29ds
Howe, Charles T., 1869-1898 [sorry not pictured]
Hyler, Mary Ann, Wife of S.G. Hyler, Died July 4, 1890, aged 79y, 4m, 19d. Insription not readable.
Hyler, S.G., Died Dec. 1, 1907, aged 89y, 2m, 26d, Mason, [Civil War Veteran (1861-1865), Inscription:] Though he sleeps, His memory doth last_, and all healing and comfort_.
Kelley, Morris S., Died Dec. 5, 1884, Aged 72y 6m 8d "Farewell" [Tall Stone] Dennis, Died May 2, 1876 Aged 71y 11m 5d [Second Stone] Unknown [Third Stone Unreadable]
Logan, James M., 1843-1917, Father, Civil War Veteran(1861-1865). At Rest
Long, Elizabeth, wife of John M. Long, Nov. 18, 1834 - Mar. 8, 1898. Rest In Peace
Long, John M., Co. I, 156th OHIO, N.G. INF. [Ohio National Guard Infantry, Civil War Veteran, GAR 1861-1865]
Matticks, Milton S., Born 1837, Died Mar. 10, 1873
Miller, Rebecca, wife of Benjamin, Died Dec. 3, 1880, At The 73rd Year Of Her Age.
Miller, Sarah A., wife of R.B. Miller, Died Nov. 2, 1870, Aged 37y 2m & 13d
Mitchell, Lydia A., Died July 4, 1881, aged, 31y 11m 11d [1st small Stone] Thomas, Died May 2, 1890, aged, 66y 1m 2d. [Tall Stone, Middle] T.P. Died Oct. 18, 1878, aged 23y, 11m 28d. [2nd Small Stone]
Monroe, Nellie L., Dau. of David L. & Bertha Monroe, died Jan. 3 1892; 10m 26d; Inscription "This lovely flower has faded". Daughter of David L. and Bertha M. (Schwartz) Monroe; half sister to Lillie M. (Monroe) Selby. Row 21:
Monroe, Mable Marie, dau. of D.L. & B.M. Monroe, died 12 Jan. 1895; aged 1y 26d. Inscription"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven". This is the dau/o David L. and Bertha Mae (Schwartz) Monroe, half sister to Lillie M. (Monroe) Selby. Row 21:
Monroe, B.M. wife of D.L.(Monroe); died Mar. 25, 1896, aged 23y 5m 8d. This is Bertha Mae (Schwartz) Monroe, 2nd wife of David L. Monroe. She survived him only 17 days. Row:21:
Monroe, Nancy E. wife of D. L. Monroe; died Dec. 28, 1890; 28y 5m 12d; Inscription:"Farewell my husband and children all, From you a mother, Christ doth call." This is Nancy Ellen (Gray) Monroe, 1st wife of David L. Monroe, mother of Lillie M. (Monroe)Selby, great grandmother of Elaine (Selby) Hackett. Row:21:
Monroe, L., 1885 -1911 Luther Monroe was born 22 Jun. 1885 and died 6 Apr. 1911. He was the son of Nancy Ellen (Gray) and David L. Monroe. Row 21:
Monroe, Elizabeth A. Monroe died Nov. 27, 1906 78y 3m 17d. Inscription is on the side of James H. Monroe's tombstone. Elizabeth A. (Duffey) Monroe w/o James Henry Monroe; Grandmother of Lillie (Monroe) Selby. Row:9 :
Monroe, James H., died Dec. 20, 1892, aged 68y 1m 3d. Husband of Elizabeth A. (Duffey) Monroe; grandfather of Lillie (Monroe) Selby.(masononic symbol) Row:9 :
Monroe, Joseph H., Born Oct. 11, 1860, Died Nov. 15, 1901 aged 41y 1m 4d. Inscription "No pain, no grief, no anxious tear, can reach our loved one sleeping here". Joseph H. is son of James H. Monroe. Row: 9:
Monroe, D.L., Died Mar. 8, 1896, aged 41y 6m 16d. Father of Lillie M. (Monroe) Selby, great grandfather of Elaine (Selby) Hackett. Died of Typhoid F. Masonic Emblem: Row:21-
Monroe, Mary A., wife of W. N. Monroe, died Aug. 10 1896 aged 27y 7m 5d. Inscription: unreadable except for 2nd line which says "blessed shepherd". This is Mary Ann (Clayton) Monroe, born abt. 1868. 1st wife of Walter Nimrod Monroe s/o James Henry Monroe.Row: 8:
Monroe, Here Rests, Clarence E., son of W.M. & M.A. Monroe, born Feb. 13, 1896 aged 18 d. This is infant s/o Walter Nimrod and Mary Ann (Clayton) Monroe. Clarence died of jaundice, and his mother died 7 mo. later. Row: 8:
Monroe, C. Emma 1877-1962 and Walter N. 1867-1925; Cora Emma (Nolan)Monroe, b. 1 Apr 1877 d. 26 Nov. 1962, Walter Nimrod Monroe's 2nd wife. She was, daughter of Henry and Matilda (Younger) Nolan. Walter Nimrod was b.27 Jul 1867 d. 9 Dec 1925, son of James Henry and Elizabeth (Duffey) Monroe. Row: 8
Monroe, James F. 1857 - 1934, Sarah E. 1860 - 1960, 100 yrs old. James Francis Monroe b. 21 May, 1857 d. May 5, 1934, aged 76y 11m 7d. Son of James Henry Monroe and Elizabeth (Duffey)Monroe. Sarah E.(Cain) Monroe, wife of James F. Monroe. [Row: 11:]
Monroe, Monroe, Fredie E. son of J.F. and S.E. Monroe, Died Dec 26 1888, aged 3y 25d. Inscription:" Here Rests" Row:11:
Monroe, Herald, Died Nov. 8, 1906, aged 2y 4m 28d. Inscription: :Weep not dear parents, Disturb not my rest, My Savior has called me; He loved me best." s/o James F and Sarah (Cain)Monroe. Row: 11:
Monroe, Jennie M., Died Feb. 20, 1917-Aged 15y 1m 15d. Inscription: "At Rest". Daughter of James F. and Sarah (Cain) Monroe. Jennie died from heart disease. Row 11:
Moore, Sallie, Dau. of N. Moore, Died Sept. 21, 1894, aged 1y 2m 6d
Munday, Mary N. wife of Chas. Frank, Born Sept 16, 1851, Died Sept. 24, 1876 Inscription:Gone But Not Forgotten.
Palmer, Edward, Born: Mar. 23, 1844, Died: Nov. 28, 1933.Row 21:
Palmer, Benedict, 1859 - 1945; Rachel, 1865 - 1943
Palmer, Albert, 1875 - 1936; Pearl, 1881 - 1953
Palmer, Amanda, 1866 - 1926; Ollie, 1867 - 1951
Palmer, Benedict, Died Dec 27, 18__; Aged 80 [Unreadable inscription Masonic emblem]
Palmer, Zella, 1881 - 1852
Preston, I.J., 1853 - 1925; E.J., 1858 - 1936
Preston, Bernice, daughter of _ & _ Preston, died Oct. 22, 1902, aged 9y, 9m, 12d Inscription not readable.
Preston, William, 1854 - 1930; Lila, 1856 - 1916
Preston, Isaac, March 11, 1882 - March 2, 1971
Pummell, Minnie A. 1879 - 1946; Robert M., 1875 - 1946. Killed in an auto accident. Grandparents of Dale Pummell.
Roberts, Sarah C., Died Jan. 11, 1903, Aged 75y 1m 18d, AT REST
Sheets, Martha Jane, born 1881, died 1925
Simpson, Addie Vernice, dau. of F.A. & Chloe Simpson, born Feb. 6, _
Springer, Paul C., PFC US ARMY, World War II, July 14, 1920 - Dec. 12, 1993
Stafford, W. Loren, Pvt., 317th Infantry, SO DN died Aug. 7, 1942. [military marker]
Stafford, Oscar J., Pvt. Company E, 308th Ammo Train, WWI, July 20, 1888 - July 25, 1959. [military marker]
Stafford, Mary E. 1865 - 1942 Mary E. (Monroe) Stafford, daughter of James Henry and Elizabeth (Duffey) Monroe.
Wade, C.W., CO. B, 149th This headstone has a GAR plaque with it: Civil War Veteran
Wallege, Colliste, daughter of Joseph & C. Wallege, Died Nov. 12 [or 17], 1858.

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