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Reid Hill Cemetery

Granger Twp.
Medina County

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For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to separate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as "c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the latin term Æ or æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the word "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text. ~R.M.Sizelove~

These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Lee Ann Shade, on 18 Oct., 2007.
This cemetery is located on State Rd. where it meets Reid Hill Rd, which is just a little hill that connects State and Allard Rds, just before Allard Rd. ends at State Rd. The 3 roads form a triangle as State Rd. curves to the left there, wrapping the cemetery on 2 sides. This makes parking a little tricky--you have to pull well onto the grass in front of the cemetery so people driving fast (and lots of people drive too fast out there) up the hill from any one of 3 directions don't hit your car (or you). Then you have to climb up a little incline into the cemetery--it's named Reid Hill for a reason. Not for those unsteady on their feet, especially as there are no paths, just grass.
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Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
Allen, Nancy, wife of Wells Allen, died Nov. 13, 1865, aged 66Y
Allen, Wells, died Mar. 1, 1881, aged 87Y Wells Allen was the son of Chauncy and Mary (Allen) Allen. His grandparents were Titus and Deborah (Page) Allen, making him the nephew of my great x4 grandmother, Deborah Allen (sister of Mary), Titus fought in both the French and Indian War and the Revolution.
Allen, Albert , son of W.& N. Allen, died Feb._, 1836, aged 17Y 10M (no day of month inscribed)
Allen, Albert C., son of X.S. & M.E.Allen, died Oct. 26, 1870, aged 21Y 3M 15D This inscription is on the same stone as Wells and Nancy Allen, although it's not their son.
Allen View of headstone for Allen family.
Baird, Henrietta E. daughter of G. & E. L. Baird, died Dec. 15, l865, aged 7y 5m 15d
Baker, William Barlow, 1816 - 1877, aged 61y's; Louesa his wife, 1820 - 1856, aged 36Y; Sophia his wife, 1834 -1913, aged 79Y
Baldwin, Ada Ann, wife of G.H. (or M.) Baldwin, died Aug. 9, 1853, aged 37y 5m Broken stone, two major fragments.
Ball, Sally, wife of Amos, died Apr 12, 1851, aged 58y 6m 18d
Beach, Alger, died Oct. 28, 1838, aged (18Y) Years aged difficult to read, very worn stone.
Beardsley, Harriet, wife of James A, Died Oct 17, 1850, aged 30 years
Beebe, T., died March 1, 1856, aged 81Y
Bissell, Mrs. M., May 3, 1799, died J. 9, 1854
Bissell, Moses, died Dec. 24, 1827
Blakeslee, Sadie, wife of C.L. Blakeslee, born Oct. 24, 1870, died July 31, 1894
Brainard, Robert, Dec, 25, 1932; Twila M., Nov 13, 1938 - Nov 30, 1996; married June 6, 1959
Carnaby Christina J., wife of Wm. Carnaby, died Oct. 23, 1871
Carnaby, Lydia, wife of, formerly wife of B. Spencer, died Aug. 27, 1873, aged 82yrs
Case, Elijah, June 18 1864, aged 78Y
Case, Henrietta, daug. of A.J. & M.J. Case, died Aug. 20, 1856, aged 1y 5m 4d
Comstock Job, son of E. & S., July 24, 1869, aged 8M 28D
Conyne, S. Marie, 1844 - 1926
Conyne, James M., 1837 - 1913
Conyne, Mercy, beloved daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Conyne, July 20, 1885 - Dec. 5, 1896
Crosby, Louisa, Sept. 9, 1832, aged 8M; Maryett D., died Feb. 28, 1847, aged 3Ys 6Ms 7ds, Children of Ira & Loett
Crosby, Anna, wife of Simeon Crosby, died Sept. 11, 1856, aged 83y
Crosby, Fernando C.[or G.] , son of _ & S. Crosby, died June 29, 1838, Æ 22y 2m
Crosby, Roxey L., Departed tyhis life Jan. 17, 1845
Crosby, S.N., died Dec. 4, 1828, aged 18yrs & 6ms; F.C., died June 24, 1845, aged 22y 3m Second entry could be duplication of data on stone for Ferdnando Crosby.
Crosby, Simeon, died Mar. 26, 1858, 81yrs 9ms 21ds Husband of Anna Crosby.
Dean, David H, son of Daniel & Harriet, died July 1, (1845), aged 3Y, 1D
Fuller, Henry S., son of R.H. & D.S. Fuller, died April 1, (1845), age 9m, (12)D
Goodwin, Deborah, wife of Seth Deborah was my greatx4 grandmother. Her parents were Titus and Deborah (Page) Allen. Titus Allen served both in the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. It is unknown when Deborah was born, but she was probably born in Connecticut. The tombstone is too far into the ground to see her date of death, but this is recorded in The Goodwins of Hartford, Connecticut, compiled for James Junius Goodwin by Frank Farnsworth Starr, which states: "Deborah (Allen) Goodwin, his wife died July 1, 1829."The marker next to the grave is from the War of 1812, which is for her husband, Seth. Both he and his son Nathaniel, my great x3 grandfather, served in that war. Seth's marker is missing from the cemetery, unless it is written on the same stone, underneath, and buried. Seth also served in the Revolution.
Goodwin, Fanny, wife of David Goodwin, died Aug. 15, 1861, aged 72 yrs, 3 mo From p. 333 The Goodwins of Hartford, Connecticut, compiled for James Junius Goodwin by Frank Farnsworth Starr: "DAVID GOODWIN...married Fanny Porter of Bloomfield, New York, who after his death married Elijah Jordan, and died August 15, 1861."
Goodwin, David, died Jan. 4, 1847, aged 61y 1mo 26d
Green, Robert, 1776 -1861; Anna Loder, 1779- 1846
Hammond, Faye R., 1905 -1910
Hand, George W., 1840- 1922, Company H 33rdRegiment ILL.V. I. Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Civil War Veteran.
Hand, Joseph H., died Nov. 26, 1891, aged 81yrs
Hardin, Melody Dawn, Sept. 11, 1986 Oct. 19, 2004, Beloved Daughter, Sister and Friend, Always a Sweet Melody in Our Hearts
Hazen, Wilber G., son of R.P. & M.J., died May 7, 1882, aged 20Y 7M 13D
Hazen G. W., died Sept. 21, 1847, aged __
Hazen Emma W., wife of G. W. Hazen, died Jan. 29, 1863, aged 56Y
Hazen Overview of family headstone.
Hazen, Mary J., Feb. 2, 1837 - Mar. 29, 1909; Richard P., Nov. 19, 1833 - Feb. 12, 1916
Hazen, Morrow DeWitt, June 6, 1882 - July 19, 1883
Hummiston, Street, died May 4, 1849, aged 28Y 9M Click here for over view of this stone (on the fourth side of the Rev. McCloud memorial).
Huntley, William A., July 19, 1804 - Dec. 24, 1875; Eunice N, his wife, Jan. 5, 1808 - Nov. 27, 1880; Eunice T. their daughter, June 28, 1838 - Mar. 24, 1906
Huntley Catharine, wife of Ezra Huntley, April 30, 1827 - Mar 5, 1894 Click here for close view of inscription.
Huntley This is the over view for memorial of Royal N, Carter and Mary Huntley.
Huntley, Mary E., 1838 - 1906
Huntley, Ward, 1861 - 1916
Huntley, Carter, 1830 - 1904
Huntley, Royal N., 1867 - 1880
Huntley, Carter, June 17, 1838 - Feb. 27, 1904; Mary E. Cook, his wife, Jan. 9, 1838 - May 1, 1906
Huntley, Royal N., son of Carter & M.E. Huntley, died Jan. 10, 1880, aged 12 yrs 2ms 20ds
Huntley Over view of Carter Huntley Family headstone.
Huntley, Ezra E., April 3, 1882, aged 66yr 1mo, 5d
Kendall, Richard W., Nov. 11, 1928 - Sept 7, 2004; Alice I., Dec. 3, 1938 - __, -Beloved Grandparents-
Leatherman, Willard S., Jan. 16, 1909 - June 16, 1997; Luella M., Nov. 30, 1913 - _, -Married Feb. 20, 1938-
Lendsay, Sarah W., died April 27, 1890, aged 72Y 8M
Low, Isaac R., died July 28, 1875, aged 67Y 6M 12D
Low, Mary B., died June 5, 1877, aged 63Y 6M 8D
Low In memory of Louisa L., dau. of Isaac & Mary Low, died Nov. the 19th 1834, agde [sic] 10mos 7ds
Low, Marshall H., son of Isaac R. & Mary R. Low, died June 9, 1847, aged 4 years
McCloud, Henry, Serg Company I, 103rd Ohio Infantry, 1843 - Jan 13, 1869
McCloud, Louisa, died June 10, 1846, aged 21Y 7M
McCloud, Rev. John, died Oct. 23, 1895, aged 95Y 10M; Annie, his wife, March 5, 1888 -85Y John was the brother of George & son of Samuel & Hannah (Colt) McCloud. Anna his wife, daughter of Joseph & Lucy Wolcott.
McFarlin, Charles, died Sept. 18, 1847, aged 70Y; Irene, wife of Charles McFarlin, died Feb. 13, 1847 , aged 72Y
McFarlin, Azubah C., wife of John McFarlin, died Oct. 11, 1862, aged 50Y Probable daughter of Anthony & mary (Baldwin) Low.
McFarlin, Emely E., died Sept. 19, 1850, aged 11Y 10M; Adaline, died Sept. 19, 1850, aged 9Y 10M, daughters of John and Azubah McFarlin, These two sisters loved in life, and in death were not separated. According to the obituary for these two girls, they died at the same hour, which makes me very curious about how they died: Akron Beacon Journal 11-06-1850 3:4 Died September 19th, in Bath, Summit Co., Ohio, Emily E McFarlin, aged 11 years and 10 months. Also, on the same day, at the same hour, Adaline McFarlin, aged 9 years and 10 months, daughter of John and Azubah McFarlin.
"Two sweet flowers have drooped and faded, Two sweet warbles hence have fled, Two fair brows the grave has shaded, Two of my dear friends are dead.
One among our happy number, Through the fields and groves they've strayed. Now, alas! in death's cold slumber, In cheerless grave they're laid.
Why were they, the happy hearted, Doomed so young to taste of death? They with all life a jobs have parted, For the dark and silent tomb.
Twas their heavenly Father called them From a world of sin like this; Now in heaven they reign triumphant, Clothed in robes of holiness.
Dry your tears, afflicted parents, Feel thy loss to be their gain, In the Savior's arms they're folded, Free from all disease and pain."
McFarlin, Parthena, wife of Anthony McFarlin, died June 7, 1856, aged 18 Years; Infant dau. of A. & P. McFarlin, died Sept. 4, 1856 aged 5M
Miller Adelaid, wife of I. Miller, died 1860, aged 21Y; Little Dora, died 1860, aged 6M
Miller Isaac H., died Aug. 5, 1871, aged _yrs 9mos 5ds
Moon, M. P., Sept. 10, 1842 -June 23, 1892; Parthena J., June 29, 1841 -Feb. 22, 1872
Moon, Dorcas, wife of Moses, died Aug. 29, 1863, aged 60Y 6M 13D
Moon, Moses, died Oct. 5, 1879, aged 76Y 4M 6D Moses Moon was born in Brandon, Vt., May 27, 1803. He was married to Miss Dorcas Page Nov. 5, 1835, a native of the Green Mountain State, where she was born Feb. 16, 1803. A few months after their marriage, they came to Medina County. Their daughter, Maria Moon, married Myron Isaac Low, son of Isaac R Low and Mary R Fuller. Isaac R Low was the son of Anthony and Mary (Baldwin) Low.
Moon, Edith, daughter of M. P. & P. J. Moon, died Sept. 14, 1872, aged 7M 8D
Munson, Nelson, 1825- 1884; Phebe Stafford his wife, 1827- 1879
Munson, Orrenda, 1845- 1863; Isaac, 1848; Clara, 1854; Henry, 1858- 1859; Charlie, 1865 -1868; -Children of Nelson & Phebe-
Nichols, Martha E., dau. of J.M. & A. Nichols, died Jan. 2, 1860, ...
Paull Henry H., son of WM. & S. T., died Oct. 1, 1855, aged 14Y Son of William and Sallie Thayer (Hills) Paull.
Paull William, died Nov. 14, 1856, aged 58Yrs Sallie, wife of William Paull, the daughter of Elizur Hills, one of the original settlers of Granger. After the death of William Paull, she married my great x 3 uncle, Hiram Low.
Paull Phebe V., daughter of S. & Nancy Paull, died Feb. 20, 1836, Æ 14 yrs, 7ms, 22d She was the daughter of Seth and Nancy Vail (Aldrich) Paull, some of the earliest arrivals to Granger.
Paull, Chester A., died Feb. 1, 1862 [or 1852], Æ 30yrs[ or 60yrs]. Difficult stone to read.
Paull, Nancy V., wife of Seth Paull, died Apr. 21, 1838, Æ 47yrs 6ms 21d
Paull, Seth, died June 21, 1866, aged 73yrs 8ms
Paull, Wm. R., died died Jan. 27 1857, Æ 36yrs 11ms
Phillips, Anna I., wife of John Phillips, died July 12, 1858, aged 50yrs 21d
Phillips, John, died Aug. 7, 1873, aged 70y 3m 25d
Proper, Nellie V., 1875 - 1932
Randall, Maria Theresa, wife of Pemberton Randall, died Feb. 23, 1839, aged 24Y
Rees, John, died Dec. 23, 1866, aged 82Y
Rees, Rachel, wife of John Rees, died Ju1y 7, 1871, aged 84Y
Rees, Mary J., Aug. 7, 1846 - Mar. 11, 1901, Mother Thouh (SP) Art Gone But Not Forgotton
Rees Overview of Rees family headstone and plot.
Rees, Irvin C., son of P.F. & Mary Rees, died Sept. 15, 1889-, aged 2Y 9M,Darling Irving, Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest.
Rees, Peter F., died May 17, 1890, aged 62Y 8M, Dearest Husband and Father Sweet Be Thy Rest
Reed, Dora A., Jan. 4, 1858 - Dec. 26, 1907 - Mother -
Reid, Harriet M., daughter of Harris & Sally Reid, died May 6, 1842, aged 3 mos, 21 d
Reid, Sally, wife of Harris, Dec. 25, 1800 - Sept. 23, 1893
Reid, Harris, died Mar. 23, 1866, aged 71Y 2M 15D Information from History of Medina County by Baskin & Battery p. 916: Harris Reid, a native of Connecticut; was born in 1795. He married Sally Spencer. She was born in Canandaigua, N. Y., in 1800. They were married in Canandaigua, and came to Ohio about 1828, first locating near Sandusky, where they remained about three years. They then removed to Granger Township, and were residents of the township for many years. His death occurred in March, 1866.
Richardson, E. A. 1859- 1937; Anna, his wife, 1861 -1891
Robison, Mary, wife of P. W. Robison, died Nov. 29, 1865, aged 61Ys 8Ms 7Ds
Seymour, Francis M., 1855 - 1922; Lenora Shaw, 1858 - 1941
Seymour, Elisha P., April 17, 1816 - July 6, 1882; Catharine his wife, Feb. 1, 1819 - May 22, 1887, Gone But Not Forgotten
Seymour, Florence, 1892- 19--; Raymond, 1884- 1961
Shaff, John W., died May 19, 1872
Shainholdt, Lura, wife of Chauncey Baird, 1833- 1906; Mary, wife of John Hawk, 1835 -1907
Shainholdt, Roxey, wife of Martin Shainholdt, died Jan. 24, 1861, aged 61Y 9M 10D
Shainholdt, Henry Y., Company D., 124th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Feb. 28, 1827 - Oct. 17, 1903; his wife, Ann L. Shaff, Mar. 20, 1837
Shainholdts, Martin, died May 20, 1871, aged 77Y Note: the additional "s" on surname.
Shainholdt, Mariam E., dau. of H. Y. & A. L., died Sept. 10, 1881, aged 8Y, 9M, 25D
Sheldon, Minerva K., Mar. 16, 1839 - Jan. 28, 1913
Sheldon, Myron, died June 20 1890, aged 55Y
Sheldon, Ezra D, son of David and Anna, Jan., 2, 1838; Francis A, son of David and Anna Sheldon, Aug 28, 1847, aged 5 years
Sheldon, Anna, wife of David Sheldon, died Aug. 6, 1855, aged 54 yrs 11 ms
Sheldon, Rebecca, wife of David Sheldon, died Nov. 19, 1885, aged 77yrs 5mos
Sheldon, Nellie, born Feb. 20, 1863, died May 21, 1894
Simmons, Harriet, wife of Calvin Simmons, died Apr. 25, 1851, AE 49ys 9ms & 8ds
Simmons, John I., son of Calvin & Harriet M. Simmons, died March 27, 1834, Æ 2yrs _m & 2d
Simmons, Dency L., died Sept. 16, 1891 , aged 57Y 7M 6D
Simmons, Ottice O., son of W. & D.L. Simmons, died Nov. 16, 1887-, aged 18Y 2M
Simmons, Walter, died Sept. 24, 1890, aged 8Y 3M 24D
Simmons, Overview of memorial for Walter, Dency and Ottice Simmons.
Simmons, Jane L., wife of Zenas Simmons, died Dec. 17, 1846, aged 27 years
Simmons, Zenas, died Apr. 22, 1884, aged 80 years
Smith, Sylvester, Son of Allen & Annie Smith, died March 16, 1834, aged 16Y; Moses B., died March 16, 1834, aged 14Y
Smith, Polly, wife of Rev. J. H. Smith, died Aug. 13, 1879, aged 71Y 7M 1D
Smith, Rev. Jesse H., died Feb. 16, 1865, aged 68Y 10M 15D
Smith, Willard, Sept. 19, 1843 - Oct. 7, 1843 This inscription found on back side of Rev. J.H. Smith memorial, probable infant of Rev J. H. & Polly Smith.
Smith, Dr. H. [Harvey] J., died Sept. 24, 1889, aged 45Y; Hattie A., wife of Dr. Harvey J. Smith, died June 28, 1913, aged 68Y
Spencer, Bela, died Feb. 13, 1851, aged 61yrs
Tighe, Sydney, Jan. 4, 1986 - Sept 15, 2002
Triffit, James, died Jan. 19, 1863, aged 46Y 7M 15D
Triffit, Polly wife of Jas. Triffit, died Feb. 1, 1885, aged 73Y 10M 24D
Triffit, Richard, died Jan. 23 [or 22], 1838 [or 1898], aged 64Y
Unknown, Our Nettie Probable female child, no dates or surname.
Vallen, E.L., Sept. 16, 1832 - Feb. 25, 1898; Nettie Baird, 1858 - 1885
Vanorman, Elizabeth M., daughter of Joseph. & Patty Vanorman, died June 28, 1834, aged 15Y
Vanorman, Jonathan M., son of Jos. & Patty Vanorman, died Oct. 20, 1834, aged 16Y
Welton Lillie, died __, 1855, --; Fremont D., died Aug. 2, 1861, aged 5yrs -Children of L.D. & C.M. Welton
Weyls, John Lawrence, Oct. 18, 1934 - Oct 26, 1991; Barbara Wheeler, June 4, 1937 - __
Wilcox, Jamie R., 1821 -1889; and wife Caroline McCloud, 1833 -1889
Wilcox, Sarah, died Mar. 1839, aged 27Y
Wilder, Russell G., Aug. 18, 1884 , aged 72Y
Wilder, Phebe J. Green, wife of R G Wilder, died Feb 6, 1854, aged 37 yrs, 10 m Click here to see overview of Wilder & Green memorials.
Willey, Clement, 1804- 1893; Elizabeth Reese, his wife, 1816 -1881
Willey, Ruby May, 1882 -1884
Woodley, George, died Dec. 23, 1851, aged 68Y
Woodley, Sarah, died Aug. 22, 1872, aged 89Y
Woodley, Little Mary, daughter of G. & C.D. Woodley, died July 18, 1861
Woodley, Chloe D., wife of Geo. Woodley, died Dec. 12, 1861, aged 29yrs
Woodley, Charlie, son of J. & M.A. Woodley, died Jan. 31, 1850, aged 3ms
Woodward, Orrenda, wife of William Woodward, died May 25, 1875 , aged 79Y 1M
Young, Abraham, 1823 --; Sarah his wife, 1823 - 1888; Sarah Ellen, 1858- 1899
Young, John, Dec. 8, 1848 - Mar. 4, 1919; E1la, Aug. 30, 1848 - Sept. 3, 1942; Robert G., Aug. 24, 1819 - Sept. 22, 1900; Abbie. Dec. 25, 1823 - April 19, 1903, aged 83 yrs
Young Frank, 1843 - 1921; Hattie L., 1848 - 1936
Young Francis, Jan. 9, 1795 - Jan. 19, 1866 aged 91 Yrs, Sophia his wife, June 8, 1862, aged 62 Yrs
Young, Mary E., wife of J. B., died Jan. 14, 1851, aged 21
Young, Maude L., died Apr., 11, 1874, aged 6yrs

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