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Infirmary Cemetery
aka County Home Cemetery

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Union Twp.
Licking County

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For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to separate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as "c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the latin term Æ or æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the word "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text. ~R.M.Sizelove~

These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., on 19 June, 2010.
    Early ledger records show the county commissioners first established this building in December 1838, admitting it's first resident late in December the same year. It was also known as the Poor House, and County Home, it held the distinction of housing among its complex of buildings, the first hospital in the county. There are also county ledgers, containing the records of each person admitted and discharged from this institution. These books also include limited information in some cases such as admittance, birth, death, family associations and discharge dates. (Special note*) Want to thank Katy Klettlinger, Licking County Commissioners Records Center Coordinator and her staff at Archives Records Facility, for their kindness and use of their facilities for allowing me to take a small part in their volunteer project. It has been an honor to work with and learn from their very skilled direction in proper care and handling/cleaning of old original records. Want to also thank the Licking County Commissioners for their farsighted interest in this very worthwile research/archival project.)
   The Federal Census reports described these individuals as paupers, as most were homeless or having no family to care for them, and many were in aged, in ill health, and not able to care for themselves. Many worked on the farm, using their life skills, assisting the institution by helping with their own maintenance, to the extent that they were able. Some residents worked in the gardens, farming, stables, slaughter house, ice house, leather shop, while others assisted with housekeeping duties, to help keep things functioning in the most cost effective manner possible. Some skilled professions were contracted from the local community on a yearly basis. Medical care being one of them, the contract required the doctor to visit the complex at least once a week, plus be on call for any emergency that might arise. They contracted to have their wheat and other grains threshed, others provided transportation for staff and residents.
   This institution should not to be confused with the Children's Home or Asylum or TB Hospital. The residents of this facility were mostly adult folks, many were aged or ill, and for various reasons down on their luck, but otherwise law abiding folks with no place to call home. Some times the Infirmary would also find themselves responsible for the burial of infants who were stillborn by mothers during their stay at the Infirmary. Most of the individuals, who died while residing here, were turned over to family or friends for burial, there is limited information that can also be gleaned from the admittance ledger books. Although it was not often practiced, some times local cemeteries, owned by associations or churches would agree to bury folks from the Infirmary, in an area set aside in their cemetery for this purpose. These areas of a cemetery were called pauper's grave, or sometimes known as potters field. Those that died while residing here and no family or friend could be found to claim their body were buried on the "farm burial plot", at the expense of the county. Not all, but most buried here within the last 100 years have numerical markers, sadly, some stones have been removed from their original location and stacked near the old tree, in the center of the cemetery. Since they have been moved from their original location, they can no longer be known as headstones, but simply memorials. Unfortunately the county budget didn't allow the expense of costly engraved marble or granite tombstones, so plain stone markers were used, each containing a unique inscribed number to reference the burial location of each person. Each marker is inscribed with a unique number associated to an individual's name, in the county ledger book. Preliminary research shows the county first started using this numbering system around or near 1904. This numbering system continued until the institution ceased to serve the counties needs. There are notations of burials before 1904, but it seems not as many as first thought. These earlier burials are possibly in unmarked graves, as the admittance journals leave good records of their existence, but no numbering system or inscription can be found, thus far to mark their internment location. There is simply a remark next to their name in the resident book noting they were buried on the farm plot or old plot burial. The last time this cemetery area was used or at least the last entry mentioning a burial at the Infirmary Cemetery was 29 September 1955. The complex itself ceased to be used for housing individuals in about 1969, with the remaining population of residents being transferred to the old T.B. Hospital located on Price Road. This facility on Price Road, now houses the Licking County Health Department and other county level government agencies.
   With further research, perhaps we can bring to light a more complete record of these folks burial location, but more likely, their burial place will remain unknown other than a general location. The burials at this cemetery up until about 1904, have no headstones. We have found evidence of burials taking place very early in the operation of this institution. While reading minutes of a meeting that took place on February 5, 1852, there is mention of payments being approved by the board, for the following;" Paid John Kreager, for taking care of burying outdoor paupers,$8.50 and John Nelson for coffin for out door paupers". In this particular case, the deceased might have been buried at a potters field plot elsewhere or more likely at the old farm plot. This term "Out Door Pauper" seems to be reference to a term being used for folks in the system, but being cared for outside the Infirmary building. It seems, while most were residing at the institution, others, perhaps with less debilitating conditions, were placed in the general community and compensation made to the caregivers. I also viewed other earlier notations of burial expenses in the 1840's and many examples of payments made for harvesting (thrashing) of grain grown on the farm, expenses paid for transporting paupers to the Infirmary, shoe making supplies, blacksmithing supplies, there's quite a list at the end of each year in the fiscal reports that are submitted to the county commissioners for their approval. The County Infirmary was for the most part self sufficient, growing vegetables, grains for bread and animal feed, raising live stock for beef, pork and poultry meat, milk, other food resources, and they also had an apple orchard.
    I will continue to update this page as data become available. My preliminary research leads me to estimate somewhere in the neighborhood of 260 burials took place here. The first few listed which contain full names and dates are the exception, not the rule. I assume they were directors or their family members, buried here and not residents. Couple of the headstones look modern, so they may have been residents and tombstones placed by family members to replace the original numbered headstone, although doubtful because I have not found any numbered stone matching one with given and surname inscribed. I did a search of death certificates and have added this additional information when available, they will be noted in bold print within brackets []. One last comment; modern aerial view of cemetery shows the actual depressions of each burial location within cemetery, this is not so apparent when walking within the cemetery perimeter. The most recent update to this page was made on 12 Aug., 2010. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
Bronni, John, 1835 - 1918
Lusk, Joseph, died Nov. 18, 1878, aged 74y 1m 17d
Shanholtzer, Elizabeth, daughter of Philip & Susannah Shanholtzer, died, _ 26, 1851, aged 18y 11m 12d
Shanholtzer, Philip, died Mar. 8, 1858, aged 51y 9mo 22ds
Unknown burial - ["July 1848, L.D. Ford, for taking care of & burying pauper$12.50"]
Unknown burial about Nov. 6, 1848 ["Paid Jacob Bomcrat $6.00 for making coffin"]
Unknown burial - [Nov. 22, 1849 "Gave order for payment to Jasen Matterman for digging grave $2.50, coffin, grave clothes, for out of door pauper, $5.00"]
Unknown burial 1852 (meeting minutes mention this burial)
The following entries are transcribed directly from the Licking County Infirmary Ledgers, located in the Licking County Archives Building. Register Book 1 (no numbered plot markers found)
McFarland, infant (stillborn), died 12 August, 1855
Day, Christian, died 27 Oct., 1875, aged 77y
Hall, Isack, died 24 Jan., 1876, aged 26y
Linton, Matilda, died 1 Feb. 1876, aged 5y
Casteel, Thomas, died 12 Aug., 1876, aged 56y
Tool, Thomas, died 12 May, 1877, aged 70y
Thompson, Jemuel, died 9 July, 1877, aged 70y
Leonard, Sylvia, died 18 Nov., 1877, aged 40y
Hoelin, William, died 8 Sept., 1878, aged 54y
Bound, Mrs Nancy, died 11 June, 1879
Harter, John, died 1 Jan., 1890, aged 65y [Death certificate #volume2 page166, born 1808, laborer, died 1 Jan., 1890, aged 82y]
Register Book 2 (In process of locating) The book would bridge the gap of entries from about 1890 until 1904. This amounts to about 14 year span of Infirmary data. The first four numeral inscriptions seem to fit into this book 2 catagory (pre book 3 entries)
Register Book 3 (numbered stones and unmarked graves *) The following transcriptions containing an asterisk (*) was fit into an opening where no data could be found for that particular number.
5. Fink, Frank, died 30 June, 1904, aged 37 years
6. Kinsa, Mary, died 28 July 1904, aged 70 years
7. Jewell, George, died 6 Nov. 1904, aged 23years
8. Spinks, Cathrine, died 11 Jan., 1905, aged 48y *
9. Sams, Armetta, died 14 Dec., 1905, aged 48y *
10. Gecouns, Laura J., died 12 Oct. 1906, aged 76y
11. Lund, Hiram, died 22 June 1906, aged 8y
12. McMillen, Ellen, died 27 August, 1906, age 18
13. Moser, Jacob, died 31 Aug. 1906, aged 72
14. Carr, John, died 29 Sept., 1906, aged 60y *
15. Foster, Jeremiah, 28 Jan. 1907, aged 15y
16. Thompson, John C., died 13 Apr. 1908, aged 55y
17. Garrison, Louisa, died 23 May, 1908, (stillborn)
18. Sipes, Henry, died 29 July 1908, aged 68y
20. Littleton, Anna, died 18 Feb. 1907, aged 23y
21. Null, Hester, died 20 Jan., 1910, aged 60y *
22. Allstedt, Fred, died 28 Dec., 1910, aged 63y *
23. Halk, Matilda, died 4 Feb. 1911, aged 48y
24. Sayant, Steven L., died 7 Mar. 1911, aged 67y
Emaline, Albert, died 10 Dec. 1911, aged 108y *
25. Samring, Frank, died 2 Aug. 1912, aged 50y
26. Harter, Mollie, died 27 Sept. , 1912, aged 37y
27., Miller, Charles, died 3 Jan., 1913 [age unknown]
28. Miles, John Clinton, died 29 Jan., 1913, aged 30y
29. Hardsock, Sarah, died 11 May, 1913, aged 37y
30. Garner, Elizabeth, died 3 Aug., 1913, aged 81y
     Unknown Burial, died 14 Sept. 1913, abt. 60 y *
     Burkham, Lottie, died 15 Sept., 1913, aged 14y * [Death certificate found with given name Lettie Burkham, born      1883, died 14 Sept.,      1913, Union Twp., Licking Co., Oh.]
     Woodruff, Jacob, died 26 Jan., 1914 [age unknown] *
31. Kinney, Peter, died Aug. 2, 1914, aged 76y[Death certificate found #fn45737, born abt. 1839, died 3 Aug., 1914, aged 75y buried 3 Aug., 1914 Infirmary Cemetery]
32. Hager, Philip, died Oct. 4, 1914, aged 92y[Death certificate #fn56191, born Oct. 1827, Ohio, widowed, Farmer, buried 5 Oct. 1914 Infirmary]
33. France, David, died Feb. 2, 1915, aged 63y[Death certificate #fn9606, born 2 Feb. 1853, Laborer, single, aged 62y 1d, buried 3 Feb., 1915, Co. Infirmary]
34. Conley, John, died Apr. 12, 1915, aged 79
35. Hepner, James, died Aug. 10, 1915, aged 73
36. Hunt, Mary, died Sept. 13, 1915, aged 70 [Death certificate #fn50151, Mary c. Hunt, born 1842, aged 73y]
37. Thompson, Frank, died Nov. 23, 1915, aged 82 [Death certificate #fn61350, born 1845 PA, died 22 Nov., 1915 Hartford Twp., Licking Co., OH, buried 23 Nov., 1915]
38. Christian, Cathrine, died Mar. 23, 1915, aged 85
39. Morrell, Nancy, died June 11, 1916, aged 67 [Death certificate #38412, conflicts; born 1831, died June 1, 1916, aged 85y, housekeeper, widowed, buried June 2, 1916 at Co. Infirmary]
40. Rarrick, John, died July 2, 1916, aged 67 [Death certificate #fn44328, born 1849, Ohio, Laborer, aged 67y, buried 3 July, 1916]
41. Ransom, Frank, died July 12, 1916, aged 60 [Death certificate# fn44329, born 1856 Ohio, African American, Barber, aged 60y, buried 13 Jul., 1916 Infirmary ground]
42. Murphy, Edward, died Sept. 6, 1916, aged 41 years
43. Brown, James, died Nov. 12, 1916, aged 77 years
44. Durham, Celonzo, died Feb. 16, 1917, aged 60years [Death certificate #fn 11871, Alanzo Durham, born 1857 Ohio, married, Laborer, aged 60y, buried 17 Feb., 1917 Infirmary]
45. Miles, John, died Mar. 25, 1917, aged 84 years [Death certificate #fn30031, born 1834 Ohio, widowed, Laborer, died 26 Mar., 1917, aged 83y, buried 27 Mar., 1917 Infirmary ground]
46. Jewell, M.M., died Mar. 27, 1917, aged 53 years
47. Henderson, Edgar, died June 11, 1917, aged 75 years [Death certificate #11871, Alanzo Durham, born 1857, Laborer, married, aged 60y, buried 13 Jul., 1916 Infirmary ground.]
48. Caul, Melvina, died July 21, 1917, aged 75 years
49. Miller, Jeanette, died Nov. 16, 1917, aged 76 years [Death certificate #fn40615, born 1833, died 17 Nov., 1917, aged 84y buried 18 Nov., 1817]
50. Brill, John, died Dec. 14, 1917, aged 65 years [Death certificate #fn78743, John L. Brill, born 1851 Ohio, Laborer, aged 66y, buried 16 Dec., 1917 at Infirmary]
     Obrian, Infant, stillborn, 28 Dec. 1917 *
51. Yutes, Fred, died Jan. 17, 1918, aged 84 years [Death certificate #4153, born 1834 Germany, Brick Molder, aged 84y, buried 20 Jan., 1918, Infirmary]
52. Williams, Morris, died Feb. 28, 1918, aged 79 years [Death certificate #fn11008, Marris Williams, born 1839 Ohio, Plasterer, died 12 Feb., 1918, aged 79y, buried 14 Feb., 1918 Infirmary Cem.]
53. Suttle, William F., died 28 Feb. 1918, aged 69y
54. Mathews, Celsus, died 2 Apr., 1918, aged 85y [Death certificate#fn29082, born 1833 Germany, Junk Dealer, died 3 Apr., 1918, aged 85y, buried 4 Apr., 1918 Infirmary Cem.]
55. Imes, Reason, died 13 Apr., 1918, aged 12y [Death certificate#fn35272, Reese Imes, born 1843 Ohio, Laborer, died 13 Apr., 1918, aged 75y, buried 17 Apr., 1918 Co. Infirmary]
56. Irwin, James, died 25 Apr., 1918, aged 55y
57. Loar, George W., died 24 Apr., 1918, aged 82y
58. Broney, John, died 24 May, 1918, aged 84y [Death certificate#fn 35409, born 1845, Baker, widowed, parents born in Germany, died 25 May, 1918, aged 73y 8m 1d, buried 27 May, 1918]
59. Ryan, J.F., died 25 June, 1918, aged 63y [Death certificate#fn40739, James Ryan, born 1842, Zanesville, O., Merchant, died Union Twp., Licking Co., Ohio, aged 75y 8m, buried 26 June, 1918 Zanesville, Ohio]
60. Mathews, William, died 10 July 1918, aged 66y [Death certificate #fn45940, born 1847 Scotland, married, Laborer, aged 71y, buried 11 Jul., 1918, Co. Infirmary]
61. Reynolds, Dr. W.R., died 18 July, 1918, aged 61y [Death certificate #fn45941, N.R. Reynalds, Married, Eye Specialist, born 1857 Ohio, aged 61y, buried 19 Jul., 1918, Co. Infirmary]
62. Bierman, Anna L., died 14 Aug., 1919, aged 85y [Death certificate #fn49274, born 1832 Germany, widowed, Housekeeper, aged 86y, buried 15 Aug., 1918, Infirmary]
63. Page, Ira, died Sep. 3, 1918, aged 66 years [There is a tombstone in the potters field at Maple Grove Cemetery, St. Albans Twp., which closely duplicates this information: Ira S. Paige, 1851-1917, age 66. Burial records from Maple Grove show no evidence of this burial. I believe this stone is a cenotaph placed in Maple Grove, in his memory, as other members of this family are buried at this cemetery.] [Death certificate#fn54895; Ira Smith Paige, son of Smith Paige & Sarah Woodard, born 1852, died 3 Sept., 1918, Granville, Oh., aged 66y 11m 2d.]
64. McDonald, Annie, died 9 Sept., 1918, aged 60y [Death certificate #54902, born 1856, aged 62y]
65. Leonard, W.H., died 27 Sept., 1918, aged 73y
66. Hillery, Roy, died 2 Jan., 1919, aged 80y
67. Unknown burial, 2 Jan., 1919
68. Unknown, Infant (found in creek), 27 Jan., 1919
69. Fink, Katie, died1 Feb., aged 25y [Death certificate #fn12252, Catherine Fink, born 1893 Ohio, aged 26y]
70. Carroll, William, died 6 July, 1919
71. Unknown, [negro man] (killed by train), 25 Oct., 1919
72. Unknown, [negro man] (killed by train), 25 Oct., 1919
73. Tibbetts, Albert A., died 12 Nov., 1919, aged 69y [Death certificate#fn64026, born 1834, Carpenter, died 8 Nov., 1919, aged 85y, buried 13 Nov., 1919, Infirmary Cem]
74. Daucia, John, died 2 Oct., 1920, aged 64y
75.Dudgeon, Jacob, died 6 Oct., 1920, aged 83y
76. VanVorhis, Daniel, died 20 Feb., 1921, aged 69y [Death certificate#fn10079, Danial Vanvorhis, born 1844, died 19 Feb., 1921, aged 77y]
77. Athey, Susan, died 9 Aug., 1921, aged 87y
78. Kagey, Stephen, died 21 Nov., 1921, aged 84y
Hoyt, William, died 25 Nov., 1921, aged 77y [*shown as also #78]
79. Holoway, Oren, died 25 Nov., 1921, aged 77y
80. Schlosser, Fred, died 5 Apr., 1922, aged 76y
81. Souslin, John, died 7 Aug., 1922, aged 70y
82. McDermot, James, died 20 Aug., 1922, aged 65y
83. Jakeway, Joseph, died 18 Feb., 1923, aged 61y
84. Jakeway, Lucinda, died 7 Mar., 1923, aged 75y [Death certificate#fn19997, born Mar. 1840, widowed, father's name Williamson, aged 83y, buried 9 Mar., 1923 County Infirmary]
85. Kendall, Jacob, died 7 Apr., 1923, aged 80y
86. Joiner, Rayal, died 22 Aug., 1923, aged 72y
87. Page, William, died 4 Oct., 1923, aged 60y [Death certificate#fn60924, born 1838 Licking Co., Ohio, Laborer, aged 85y, buried 6 Oct., 1923 County Farm]
88. Milyer, James, died 11 Oct., 1923, aged 77y [Death certificate#fn60925, born 1836 NY, Laborer, aged 87y, buried 12 Oct., 1923 Infirmary Cemetery]
89. Hartsough, Iva, died 22 Oct., 1923, aged 45y
90. Casteel, William, died 7 Jan., 1924, aged 11y [Death certificate#fn3650, born 9 Apr., 1853 Mary Ann Twp., Ohio, son of Amos Casteel, died 7 Jan., 1924, aged 70y 8m 28d, buried 9 Jan., 1924, County Infirmary]
91. Jacobs, Samuel, died 25 Jan. 1924, aged 48y
92. Williams, George, died 4 June, 1924, aged 56y
93. Diamond, John, died 15 June, 1924, aged 65y
94. Luella, Henry, died 24 June, 1924, aged 52y
95. Long, David, died 24 July, 1924, aged 48y
96. Wilson, Thomas, died 9 Sept., 1924, aged 50y
97. Ward, Caroline, died 10 Nov., 1924, aged 75y [Death Certificate; Carealine Ward, born 1841, died 10 Nov., 1924, aged 83y, buried 11 Nov., 1924, # 63515]
98. Miles, Thomas, died 14 Mar., 1925, aged 76y
99. Kennon, George, died 13 May, 1925, aged 81y [Death certificate, George Kennan, Laborer, born 1841, died 13 May, 1925, aged 84y, burial 15 May, 1925 at County Home Cemetery]
100. Mellen, Charles, died 27 Sept., 1925, aged 76y [Death Certificate #52392; Charles Mellan, born PA, 1849, died 27 Sept., buried 29 Sept., 1925]
101. Fitzwater, William, died 16 Dec., 1925, aged 41y
102. Smith, Oliver, died 14 Sept., 1926, aged 86y
103. Richardson, Samuel, died 19 Oct., 1926, aged 73y
104. Lindenman, William, died 21 Feb., 1926, aged 79y [Death Certificate #10329, William Lindman, b. 1848, died 21 Feb., 1927, aged 79y, buried 23 Feb., 1927]
105. Woods, Amanda, died 12 Apr., 1922, aged 60y [Death Certificate #23608, b. 1861, died 12 Apr., 1927, aged 66y, buried 14 Apr., 1927 at Licking County Home Cemetery]
106. Blade, Mikeal, died 23 June, 1927, aged 74y [Death certificate, Michael Blade, born PA 1853, died 24 June, 1927, aged 74y, buried 25 June, 1927 at Licking Co., Home Cemetery]
107. Douglas, Charles, died 3 Sept. 1927, aged 42y
108. Unknown, man, brot here, died 2 Nov., 1927
109. Moore, James, died 10 Nov., 1927, aged 74y [Death certificate #64330, born 1849, Cambridge, O., died 20 Nov., 1927, aged 78y, buried 26 Nov., 1927, Infirmary Cemetery, husband of Mary C. Moore, son of James A. & Mary E.(Rollence) Moore.]
110. Unknown, Man, found on RR tracks, died 15 Nov., 1927
111. Gray, Flora, died 19 Nov., 1927, aged 53y
112. Tokas, John, died 22 Dec., 1927
113. Bookter, Thomas, died 15 Dec., 1927, aged 70y [Death certificate #70600, born 1857, buried 18 Dec., 1927]
114. Jacobs, Jane, died 3 Mar., 1928, aged 38y [Death certificate #fn 10269, born 1850, died 3 Feb., 1928, aged 76y, buried 4 Feb., 1928]
115. Carlock, J.H., died 26 Mar., 1928, aged 82y [Death certificate #17246, born 1846, died 27 March, 1928, aged 82y, buried 29 March, 1928, County Home]
116. Daly, Tim J., died 21 June., 1928, aged 75y [Death certificate # 38308, Timothy J. Dalesy, born 1853, widowed, died 22 June 1928, bur. 25 June, 1928 Mt. Calvary Cemetery]
117. Lescalette, Levi, died 10 Oct., 1928, aged 82y [Death certificate #61749, son of Richard & Mandy (Brown) Lescalett, born 18 Jan., 1845, married, died 10 Oct., 1928, aged 83y 8m 22d, buried 12 Oct., 1928.]
118. Unknown, Man, brot here, died 20 Nov., 1928
119. Berviller, George, died 17 Jan., 1929, aged 66y
120. Fell, Collins, died 6 Mar., 1929, aged 65y [Death Certificate#22315, born 1864, aged 65y, buried 12 Mar., 1929]
121. McCoshan, Ralph, died 16 Apr., 1929
122. Kidner, Lorina, died 5 Aug., 1929,a ged 33y [Death certificate #53616, Lorina Kidnor, born 1891, Columbia Center, wife of Somon Kidnor, daughter of John Straight & Susan Mimson, died 5 Aug., 1929, aged 38y, buried 8 Aug., 1929]
123. Moore, L.J., died 10 Aug., 1929, aged 76y [Death certificate#53617, Lewis J. Moore, born 1849, died 10 Aug., 1929, aged 80y, buried 13 Aug., 1929]
124. Hess, Anson, died 15 Aug., 1929, aged 70y [Death certificate #53618, Anson Delno Hess, widowed husband of Jane, son of Jeremiah Hess, born 31 May, 1856, died 15 Aug., 1929, aged 73y, buried 17 Aug., 1929]
125. Embrey, Charles, died 17 Aug., 1929, aged 65y
126. McDonald, Edward, died 27 Oct., 1929, aged 40y
127. Hill, James, died 14 Dec., 1929, aged 80y [Death certificate #fn78363, born 1846 Ohio, aged 83y, buried 16 Dec., 1929 County Home]
128. Miller, Samuel, died 20 Dec., 1929 [Death certificate #78364, born 1864, widowed, laborer, aged 65y, buried 24 Dec., 1929 County Home]
129. Nagle, Lewis, died 25 Dec., 1929, aged 76y [Death certificate #78365, born 1864, aged 65y, buried 27 Dec., 1929 County Home]
130. Souslin, Charles, died 15 May, 1930, aged 52y
131. Unknown, man [found, brot here] died 20 Aug., 1930
132. McCraney, Charles, died 4 Mar., 1931, aged 77y [Death certificate #fn18092, Charles Mcransey, born 1846 Ohio, married, husband of Anna Mcransey, son of Hiram Mcransey of Ireland & Mary Cook of Ohio, aged 85y, buried 5 Mar., 1931 County Home]
133. McCraney, Anna, wife of Charles, died 28 Nov., 1930, aged 75y [Death certificate #fn66738, Anna McCraney, born 1861, housewife, widowed(wife of Charles) aged 70y, buried 30 Nov., 1931 Co. Home]
134. Billingslee, William, died 24 Mar.,1931, aged 70y
135. Avery, Elizabeth, died 20 Apr., 1931, aged 70y
136. Meeken, Emma J., died 22 Apr., 1931, aged 46y
137. Unknown, Infant, brot here, died 24 Apr., 1931
138. Thornton, Luther, 26 Apr., 1931, aged 72y
139. Goingse, Frank, died 22 May, 1931, aged
140. Nell, J.C., died 26 May, 1931, aged 71y
141. Unknown, Infant, brot here, died 11 Aug., 1931
142. Cleveland, Emmet, died 8 Dec., 1931, aged 35y [Death certificate, born 30 Oct., 1896, Newark, son of Jos. & Anna Cleveland, died 8 Dec., 1931, aged 35y1m 8d, buried 11 Dec., 1931, Cedar Hill Cemetery.]
143. Jacobs, William, died 19 Jan., 1932, aged 57y
144. Moran, James, died 15 Mar., 1932, aged 80y
145. Vonins, William, died 1 Apr., 1932, aged 60y [Death certificate, born 1866, Kirkerville, O., died 2 Apr., 1932, aged 66y, buried 4 Apr., 1932 County Home Plot.]
146. Unknown, Man, brot here, died 23 Aug., 1932
147. Hammers, Daniel, died 1 Nov., 1932, aged 85y
148. Martin, John W., died 28 Nov., 1932, aged 77y
149. McCauley, Wealthy, died 22 Dec., 1932, aged 59y
150. Wilson, Scott, died 16 Feb., 1933, aged 71y
151. Unknown, Man, found on road, died 14 May, 1938
152. Gard, William, died 12 July, 1933, aged 70y
153. Unknown, Man, found on rr, died 31 Oct., 1933
154. Fields, Albert, died 3 Feb., 1934, aged 57y
155. Danford, Ruth, died 15 Mar., 1934, aged 18y
156. Drumm, William, died 15 Mar., 1934, aged 70y [*duplicate entry numbers]
Unknown Infant, "brot here"died 30 Mar. 1934
157. Andrew, Fred, died 3 Apr., 1934, aged 65y
158. Unknown, "negro, brot here", died 10 June, 1934 [age unknown]
159. Garrison, John, died 18 Aug., 1934 [Death certificate #24767, born 1859, aged 75y, buried 20 Apr., 1934 ]
160. Unknown Infant, brot here, died 29 Sept., 1934
161. Adams, John, died 20 Oct., 1934, aged 70y
162. Casteel, Amos, died 22 Feb., 1935, aged 7
163. Goode, John, died 26 Mar., 1935, aged 73y
164. Dille, Frank, died 22 Apr., 1935, aged 66y [Death certificate; born 1868, Athens Co., son of David Dille & Minnie Alby, Schoolteacher/Reporter, died 27 Mar., 1935, aged 69y, buried 28 Mar., 1935 County Home]
165. Davis, Edward, died 22 Apr., 1935, aged 62y [Death certificate; Born 1866, aged 69y, buried 23 Apr., 1935, Licking Co. Home]
166. Jaques, Ami, died 14 Oct., 1935, aged 73y [Death certificate #fn51259; born abt. 1862 Licking Co., Ohio, Farmer, son of Sylvester Jaques & Mary Wooland, died 3 Oct., 1935, aged 73y, buried 4 Oct., 1935 Licking Co. Home.]
167. Rutledge, Andri, died 14 Oct. 1935, aged unknown [Death certificate #fn61231; Andrew J. Rutledge, born 1870, wanderer, died 12 Oct., 1935, aged about 65y, buried 15 Oct., 1935, County Home]
168. Eddington, Benjamin, died 23 Oct., 1935, aged 71 [buried 26 Oct., 1935]
169. Bice, Samuel, died 18 Dec., 1935, aged 71 [Death certificate #fn74171; born 1871 Ohio, died 18 Dec., 1935, aged 71y, buried 20 Dec., 1935 at Co. Home Plot]
170. Zimmerman, David, died 7 Feb., 1936, aged 60y [Death certificate #fn11314, William Zimmerman, Farm Hand, born abt. 1871, aged 65y, died 7 Feb., buried 11 Feb., 1936, at Licking Co. Home Plot]
171. Anderson, Nilas, died 14 July, 1936, aged 79y [Death certificate#fn45935, born Sweden abt. 1857, Cabinet Maker, aged 79y, buried 17 July 1936, Co. Home]
172. Conley, Mary, died 14 July, 1936, aged 76y [Death certificate#fn45933, born 1871, African American, aged abt. 65y, buried 18 July, 1936 Co. Home.]
173. Parks, Samuel C., died 2 Mar., 1937 [Death certificate #fn19421, Sanford E. Parks, born 15 July, 1864, Married, aged 72y 7m 17d, buried 6 Mar, 1937, Licking Co. Cemetery][This would be the husband of Anna Parks, she died 10 Aug., 1937 and is also buried here.]
174. Wightman, John, died 5 Mar., 1937, aged 68-69y
175. Sutton, Joseph, died 9 Apr., 1937, aged 63y [Death certificate #fn26656, born 1 June, 1873 Indiana, son of Platt Sutton, aged 63y 10 m 18d, buried 13 Apr., 1937.]
176. Unknown, (negro) died 6 July, 1937 [age unknown]
177. Rogers, Samuel L., died 11 July, 1937, aged 78-81y
178. Cherrick, Libbie, died 16 July 1937, aged 88y
179. Parks, Anna, died 10 Aug., 1937, aged 76y [Death certificate, mentions she was born in Ireland, 1861, died 6 Aug., 1937 in Columbus, O. at State Hospital, widowed wife of Sanford E. Parks, buried 10 Aug., 1937. Storekeeper.]
180. Bell, Charles William, died 7 Sept., 1937 [age unknown]
181. Unknown Man, found on rail road tracks, died 10 Oct., 1937
182. Robinson, Joseph S. , died 1 June, 1937 [Death certificate record shows Josiah Robinson, died 29 May, aged 83y 5m 9d, buried 1 June, 1937 at Licking County Home. Husband of Mamie Robinson, son of George & Elizabeth (Hatcher) Robinson. He was born 20 Dec., 1854, Blue Rock, Ohio.
183. Unknown Infant, died 30 June, 1938
184. Frazier, Mabel, died 8 July, 1938 [Death certificate shows Mabel was born in Buffalo, NY, wife of Wm. Frazier, she was born 1868, paralyzed, aged abt. 70y, buried at County Home, 12 July, 1938.]
185. Smith, John, died 18 July, 1938, aged 64y [Death certificate shows he was born 1874, burial on 20 July, 1938, County Home]
186. Wildman, John, died 3 Aug., 1938, aged 55y
187. Smith, John, died 3 Sept., 1938, aged 52y [Death certificate shows his birth place, Germany, approximate age at death 68, buried at Co. Home, 6 Sept., 1938.]
188. Foster, Infant, stillborn, 26 Sept., 1938
189. Anderson, George William, died 21 Nov. 1938 [age unknown][Death certificate record: buried 26 Nov., 1938, no location mentioned.]
190. McKinney, George E., died 9 Dec., 1938, aged 75y
191. [no entry for this number] 192. Braddock, Joseph, died 11 July 1939, aged 60 [Killed by truck on pike]
193. Boyle, John, died 12 Aug. 1939, aged 64y
194. Landot, Frank, died 13 Aug., 1939, aged 48y
195. Stinchfield, John, died 5 Sept., 1939, aged 68y
196. Jaques, Mary, died 15 Oct., 1939, aged 70y
197. Unknown, burial, died 20 Oct., 1939, [age unknown]
198. Parks, Hurcell, died 26 Feb., 1940, aged 30y [drowned at St. Louisville, Ohio] [Death certificate; Herschil Parks, residence RFD Utica, OH, Washington Twp., born 1910, WV, farm laborer, died 20 Feb., 1940, buried 26 Feb., 1940, Licking Co. Home]
199. Kelly, Patrick, died 10 Mar. 1940, aged 54y
200. Weirman, George, died 20 June, 1940, aged 70y
201. Lohr, Columbus, died 9 July, 1940, aged 70y
202. Weirner, Joseph, died 8 Aug., 1940, aged 73y
203. Unknown, [whiteman], died 24 Aug., 1940, aged abt. 82y [killed by auto, had tattoo GA]
204. Cooper, Alka, died 2 Dec., 1941, aged 53y [Death Certificate #68800, born 4 Feb., 1887, Portsmouth, Ohio, Truck Driver, died 29 Nov., 1940, aged 53y 9m 25d, son of Jeremiah & Charity (Applegate) Cooper, father of Ann Cooper]
205. Cooper, May, died 20 Apr., 1941, aged 56y [Death certificate #fn24874, widowed, born 11 June, 1884, Portsmouth, Ohio, daughter of Jeremiah & Charity (Applegate) Cooper, died 18 Apr., 1941, aged 56y 10m 7d, buried 20 Apr., 1941, Co. Home]
206. Bell, Beatrice, died 25 July, 1941, aged 62y [Death certificate #fn43790, born 5 Dec., 1877, Croton, Ohio, daughter of Chas. & Alice (Weyant) Coleman, divorced wife of Geo. Bell, aged 64y 2m 13d, buried 28 July, 1941, County Home Plot]
207. Higginboyham, Infant, stillborn, 22 Oct., 1941
208. Baker, Nettie Elnora, colored, died 4 Dec., 1941, aged 6 weeks
209. Garner, Evelyn, colored, died 3 Dec., 1941, aged 98y [Death Certificate #74925, Ebeline Garner, born 1847, Martinsburg, WV, widowed African American, wife of Ino Garner, aged 94y 11m 2d]
210. Conray, Infant Son, died 15 Jan., 1942
211. Wilson, James, died 30 Nov., 1942, aged 68y [Death Certificate #fn67149, born 1874, aged 68y, buried 30 Nov., 1942, County Infirmary]
212. Jacobs, Lottie, died 14 Dec., 1942, aged 56y
213. Davis, Jesse, died 27 Feb., 1943, aged 69y
214. Southard, Frank, died 13 Apr., 1943, aged 88y
215. Unknown, infant, found smothered, died 4 June, 1943
216. Davidson, Alexander, died 10 Aug., 1943, aged 83y
217. Baughman, Isaac, died 13 Dec., 1943, aged 77y [Death certificate #fn77822, Isaac Stanley Baughman, widowed, born 2 Jan., 1866, aged 77y 11m 11d, Co. Home Cemetery]
218. Bright, David, died 14 July, 1944, aged 83y [Death certificate #fn45239, David M. Bright, farmer, divorced, born 17 Sep., 1861, Fairfield Co., Ohio, son of John Bright, husband of Mary Ellen Bright, died 12 Jul., 1944, aged 82y 9m 15d, buried 14 Jul, 1944, County Home Cemetery]
219. Chapman, Bert, died 7 Mar., 1946, aged 70y
220. Clutter, Clyde, died 22 May, 1946, aged 62y [Death certificate #33758, born 1884, Ohio, son of George Clutter, husband of Rose Clutter, died 20 May, 1946, aged 62y]
221. Donaldson, Amos, died 18 Aug., 1946, aged 79y [Death certificate #49379, born 18 Aug., 1873, Hocking Co., Ohio, son of Gabriel & Henrietta Donaldson, died 15 Aug., 1946, aged 72y 11m 27d]
222. Coogle, Charlie, died 12 June, 1947, aged 62y [Death certificate #39082, Charles Edward Coogle, born 7 Oct., 1884, Frazeyburg, Ohio, son of Zachariah & Una (Jones) Coogle, husband of Therse Coogle, died 10 Jun., 1947, aged 62y 8m 3d
223. Billman, Henry, died 1 July, 1947, aged 67y [Death certificate #39086, born 1880, Germany, died 29 Jun., 1947, aged 67y]
224. Harding, Mrs Augusta, died 5 Aug., 1948, aged 75y [Death certificate#31434, born 1873 Maryland, Married to Exstein J. Harding, daughter of Haley, Mary Cathrine Poffenberger, died 5 May, 1948, aged 75y]<br> 225. Schaller, Joseph, died 18 Nov., 1948, aged 72y [Death certificate#69770, born 1874, died Union Twp., Licking Co., Ohio, aged 74y]
226. Carver, Ray, died 6 Sept., 1949, aged 71y [Death certificate#56748, born 1878 Ohio]
227. Barnes, Jack, died 13 Feb., 1952, aged 71y [Death certificate#100711, born 1876 Ohio, died 9 Feb., 1952 Newark, Licking Co., Ohio, aged 76y]
228. Baldock, Walter, died 20 Jan., 1953, aged 73y [Death certificate#03651, born 23 Jun., 1880 Ambres Co., VA, died 12 Jan., 1953, aged 71y 6m 19d]
229. Browning, Millard V., died 29 July, 1953, aged 55 (Killed on R.R. tracks at Outville, OH.)
[Death certificate#47697, Millard Vincent Browning, born 18 May 1898 WV, died 25 Jul., 1953 Harrison Twp., Licking Co., Ohio, aged 55y 2m 7d]
230. Darst, Muriel, died 29 Sept., 1955, aged 64y

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