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Old Pioneer Cemetery

St.Albans Township
Licking County

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These tombstone transcriptions & photos have been generously donated by Robert Sizelove, Sr.
The most recent update to this page made on 3 Aug., 2013.

Old Pioneer Cemetery Section 1, 1st. Qtr., Range 14
St. Albans Township
Licking County, Ohio
Transcriptions & Photos , 2002 by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

"I wish to present my transcriptions of the Pioneer Cemetery, earlier known as the Old Quarter and also Township Cemetery. It is located just north of the Maple Grove Cemetery. There is only a drive seperating the older part, for which this report dwells upon. The old faced stone mausleum still exist, it was restored through community effort in the 1970's. Sorry to report much of the restoration has since been vandalized and again is in need of repair. This cemetery is very old, the earliest burial I found inscribed here being Feb. 1830, and that is consistant with date inscription on corner post of vault "1830". This land first donated and dedicated as cemetery ground by the Alexander Devilbliss family. Additional land was purchased to accomodate the needs of a growing community in 1861. This new area located south of this will be covered in a seperate report under the name Maple Grove Cemetery. As always I have made every effort to correctly read the information inscribed, but due to the deteriated condition of many stones, make no guarantee of being 100% correct. I will be pleased to forward all verified additions or corrections supplied to me. All data within brackets will be my knowledge, information, observations and /or research not inscribed. These findings are as of 17 September, 2000, revised 29 June, 2001, revised 13 March, 2002, revised 3 Aug., 2013
by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.  DATES & INSCRIPTIONS (below)

Please Note: Click on name to view tombstone image.
Row 1.
FREEMAN, John H., died Nov. 18, 1865, aged 53years...[stone broken, remaining portion meas. 3"x20" found down at bottom of hill on adjoining property. I carried it back to cem., it actually belongs in new section, unknown location.]
ii. FREEMAN, Unknown given name, daughter of O.P. & _[A], died Aug.14, 1850, aged 9mo & 21d [found this stone fragment at bottom of hill on adjoining property, returned it to cemetery, placed it next to John Freeman's memorial.21d [readings taken before 1912 included a memorial stone for Adaline, wife of O.P. Freeman, d. Oct 27, 1877, ae. 45y 8m 24d this would probably be the parents of this child. I found no sign of Adaline's memorial still existing today, only a broken fragment of the childs stone. I carried both of these memorials back to the cemetery, from a deep ravine on private property behind the cemetery. They actually belong in new section, unknown location.] Lying on a gravel ledge, next to the store building, are two displaced memorial stones. They are still readable, and I found no stone with the parents of these two children, so have no idea of where in the cemetery they belong, so I'm including them with the other stones in this row, by reason of their age, they most likely were originally buried in the Old Pioneer section.
iii. ENOCHS, Edwin A., son of J. & C. Enochs, died Nov. 12, 1856, aged 3yr & 3 mo.
ENOCHS, Esther, daughter of J. & C. Enochs, died Sept. 28, 1852, aged 1yr 3mo, -Weep not parents for your...[remaining portion of stone gone]
Row 2.
HAMMOND, Albert, Feb. 29, 1828 - Mar. 9, 1906 [three piece memorial toppled off base]
ib. LYTLE, Thomas Boyd, July 5, 1923 - Dec. 5, 1854
HAMMOND, Catharine, Dec. 24, 1835 - Feb. 1, 1926
SHERMAN, Mary, daughter of James & Jane Sherman, died Oct. 31, 1848, aged 8 mo's & 12 d's [not at original burial site, broken fragment, leaning against Hammond stone.]
iii. LYTLE, T. B., July 5, 1823 - Dec. 5, 1854 [seperate stone but echoing information on stone at row 2, i.]
iv. LYTLE, Boyd, son of _.G. & Cath..e E. Lytle, died Aug. 18, 18_1 or 4 [very difficult to read, very weathered.]
v. CARLOCK, John B., son of W.B. & Lydia J. Carlock, died Oct. 6, 1854, aged 1 year 3mo 26 days [inscription below date] "And must thou die my darling boy, I see the fatal shade, that oer thy blooming cheek of joy, The hand of death has laid"
Row 3.
JAQUES, Varnam, died Dec. 2, 1852, aged 56y & 8mo [Apr. 2, 1796 - Dec. 2, 1852][stone toppled/broken] Click here to view new memorial set by his descendants in 2004. They brought his new memorial stone all the way from Utah, to replace the broken tombstone.
ii. Elmer, died Oct. 7, 1851, aged 16 mos [no surname on stone, very weathered]
iii. MORGAN, Mary, wife of Joseph Morgan, died June 14, 1867, aged 82y, 2m, 24d
unknown, died Dec. 10, aged 18y 7m 4d [broken fragment, name part missing, meas. 2"x11 3/4", leaning against tree, not at original location, surname unknown]
v. unknown, Earnst Little, aged 7m & 19d [also leaning against tree, not at original location, surname unknown]
vi. PACKARD, Maria, wife of Theopholis Packard, died Mar. 20, 1854, aged 40y 11m & 3d [found matching lower piece and reunited them to original matching base site]
vii. MORGAN, Eliazabeth N., daughter of Joseph & Mary Morgan, died Dec. 2, 1854, aged 26 years 5 mo [date of death very hard to read]
viii. unknown, [base stone w/ headstone fragments, 2"x 19 1/2"]
ix. WOODCOCK, Louisa, wife of George W. Woodcock, died March 16, 1857, aged 18 years 11mo 21d [sorry no image]
BUSHFIELD, Alley, wife of John Bushfield, died Feb. 28, 1852, aged 62yrs
MO___G, Isaac, son of J. _& Florenc_ Mo/a___g, died _6 A__d _
OLDHAM,   , daughter of James & Susan Oldham [fragment, lower portion in base, part containing given name missing]
Row 4.
i. MALLORY, Levertt, died July 17, 1870, aged 77yrs.1mo 29d
[*older record states that this memorial is located next to Soloman Freeman, Sr.'s stone]
ii. MALLOREY, Elizabeth, died May 15, 1852, aged 25 yr's [probably wife of Levertt]
iii. FREEMAN, Soloman, son, died Aug. 23, 1847, aged 84yrs [Rev. War Veteran medal w/flag]
iv. HILDRETH, Mary A., daughter of Adam & A.T. Hildreth, died Nov. 17, 185_, aged 1year 2m & 12d
v. MOORE, Samuel R., died Nov. 19, 1868, aged 74 years
vi. MOORE, Nancy A., wife of Samuel R. Moore, died Nov. 28, 1860, aged 61y 11m & 16d lower fragment
vii. MOORE, Anna, wife of Samuel R. Moore, died sept. 20, 1850, aged 54yr 5m 3d
[last three stones appear to have been knocked over and broken many years ago, over grown w/turf] lower section of Anna's stone
Row 5.
ia. MILBURN, Mary E., wife of Andrew J. Milburn, Dec. 25, 1844 - Dec. 23, 1894
ib. MILBURN, Andrew J., Feb. 16, 1840 - Oct. 7, 1910
ii. SHAUB, Benjamin F., son of Jacob & leah Shaub, died Sept. 19, 1841, aged 8mo & 25d
iii. FREEMAN, Jane, wife of J.H. Freeman, died Apr. 14, 1885, aged 72yr's, 11m's, 28 d's - Our Mother - she was kind Mother, In life beloved and in death lamented
[this stone was completely buried, I believe this is the memorial for the wife of John H. Freeman, which I found in ravine and returned to cemetery row1,i]
iv. TYLER, Erastus, born in Essex, VT., Nov.14, 1802, died Aug. 29, 1876
iv. TYLER, Mary, (GRIFFIN), wife of E. Tyler, born in Essex, Vt., June 2, 1811, died Oct. 23, 1875
iv. TYLER, Truman J., died May 9, 1848, aged 11y, 9d
iv. TYLER, Malinda, died May 10, 1848, aged 4y, 8m, 11d
iv. TYLER, Dewitt Clinton, died Aug. 1851, aged 1y 9m 3d,
[inscription below this] Children of E. & M. Tyler, all born in Licking Co., Ohio
v. TYLER, Truman Jackson, son of Erastus & Mary Tyler, died May 9th 1848, aged 11y... [old stone deteriated]
vi. TYLER, Malinda, dau. of Erastus & Mary Tyler, died May 10, 1848...[very deteriated]
vii. TYLER, Mary Jane, daughter of Erastus & mary Tyler, died May 12,...[very deteriated]
viii. TYLER, Dewitt Cli..., son of Erastus & Mary Tyler, _d, Aug. 2nd_..[very deteriated]
ix. unknown burial, [lower fragment, containing no information, base only]
x. GR___T, Mary, wife of ?, G__?, died Feb. 9, 18__[leaning agoanst tree, upper fragment]
xi. unknown burial, ["footstone w/ first letter broken off] ?.D.P.
Row 6.
i. GRAVES, Arthur M., son of Austin & C.D. Graves, died Sept. 19, 1848, aged 3yrs.
ii. ROPPEY/ROFFEY, George W., died Nov. 20, 1850, aged 33y, 1m, 11d
iii. DERVILBISS, Nancy B., wife of George, died Nov. 21, 1846, AE 46y, 2m, 3d
[stone very deteriated and difficult to read]
iv. BARNES, Allen, died Aug. 17, 1849, aged 61yr., 4m., & 17d. [ This very large, Barnes stone was standing intact since 1849, nicely carved, measuring 30"x 60"x 4" thick. During the mid part of the month of June, 2000, some person or persons struck this stone with tremendous force, breaking this beautiful stone into several pieces. It's such a loss and frustration to see irreversable damage done to a memorial which has stood honoring these folks for over 150 years.}
iva. BARNES, Eunice B., wife of Allen Barnes, died Sept. 26, 1849, aged 61 y, 11m, 14d
v. PAGE, Orange S., son of Asa _ & Julia A. Page, died Dec. 25, 1847, aged 2mo. & 14d
[fragment of verse below date visable:] He will not res...But we shal... {this stone is probably not in original location, leaning against Barnes memorial base]
vi. BARNES, Mary, died Dec. 11, 1862, aged 62y 3m, 3d second image
Row 7.
i. HOOPS, A. C., Co.E, 194th Ohio INF
[no other info inscribed on this military stone]
ii. unknown burial
iii. unknown burial,
[very old cut sandstone base w/rectangular hole meas. 2 1/4"x 19 1/2"w/lower section of light colored headstone fragment in base]
Row 8.
i. MILBURN, Harriet, Jan. 9, 1855 - Nov. 4, 1912
[this short but heavy stone toppled over by recent vandalism]
ii. BOARDS, Florence M., wife of harry Boards, born Jan. 10, 1862, died June 1, 1900, "At Rest" "Erected by her mother"
iii. STEWART, Hiram T., July 17, 1842 - Aug. 27, 1842
iii. STEWART, Henry N., June 26, 1848 - Aug. 13, 1848, "Sons of Richard & Philena Stewart"
iv. unknown burial,
[headstone fragment, remaining in cut base 2"x 12 1/2"
v. REMINGTON, William, son of _ & Clarina B. Remington, died March 17, 1846, aged 2months
& 2days
[very fragile, probably not at original burial location, leaning against Stewart memorial]
vi. MORTON, Michal, wife of Darius Morton, died June 14, 1853, aged 55 yr., 2 m, 11d
vii. PARK, Eliza Ann, wife of Samuel Park, died July 2, 1851, aged 27 yr's
[stone broken]
viii. PARK, William Benson, son of Samuel & Ann Park, died Jan. 30, 1848: aged 5 years, 7mo.& 17 days. "He died to sin and all it's woes, But for a moment felt the rod on loves triumphan wing he rose, To rest forever with his God"[inscribers name at lower right corner] D.Stratton, sr.[I believe this ingraver is David Stratton, buried at Liberty Church Cemetery 1898 Lib. Twp.] [relocated this broken headstone to matching base site]
ix. PARK, Ann, wife of Samuel park, died April 22, 1849, aged 34 years [found matching base and returned memorial to original site]
x.unknown burial, lower fragment, broken through date, March 15, 1835, aged 57 years [meas. 15 3/4" x 2", soft white marble material, original location unknown to me]
xi. REMINGTON, Levens S., son of G.W. & S. M. Remington, died March 30, 185_, aged 5 yr & 6 mo
xii. REED, Mibian, former wife of ..., died July 12, 1849, aged 57 years
[stone broken through name of her former husband, but research of old 1912 readings indicate Aaron park was her former husband]
xiii. MILLIGAN, Robert, died Apr. 17, 1853, aged 92years [hard to read, fragment probably not at original location in cemetery]
xiva. unknown burial [cut stone base only]
xivb. WEAVER, Daniel, died Apr. 11, 1883, aged 85y & 19d
xv. WEAVER, Wealthy, wife of Daniel Weaver, died, Mar. 15, 1855, aged 57y overview of Weaver memorial
xv. WEAVER, Martha, (STEWART), wife of Daniel Weaver, died Jan.18, 1895, aged 75y 9m 29d
xvi. DAWES, Mary, May dau. of J. & M.M. Dawes, born May11, 1850, died Nov. 12, 1863
xvib. DAWES, Kate<, dau. of J. & M.M. Dawes, born Feb. 17, 1848, died Jan. 5, 1854
xvic. DAWES, John, born Dec. 7, 1815, died June 19, 1876
Row 9.
i. unknown, Noah S., son of _, died Dec. 29, 1850, aged 3y 8m _days
ii. STEWART, Terressa, died Feb. 29, 1844 in the 57th year of her age "A mother has fallen in Israel"
iii. STEWART, Charles, died July 21, 1851, aged 72 years "A father has gone to rest"
{small inscription at lower right corner, probably ingraver's name]C. Daughtery, Jr., Newark, O.
iv. STEWART, James, died Aug. 26, 1843 in the 28th year of his age. "Meet me in Heaven"
v. WILLIAMS, Alexander, born Dec. 16, 1828, died Feb. 3, 1902
v. WILLIAMS, Mary, (STEWART), his wife, born Mar. 1829, died May 4, 1872
vi. STEWART, Charles, Our Brother", born May 13, 1824, died July 14, 1880
[large 4 piece memorial stone]
Row 10.
i. unknown burial,
[cut stone base, 2"x 18" hole, headstone missing]
ii. SMITH, Nancy, dau. of Abram & Ruth Smith, died Nov. 28, 1840, aged _y 1m
iii. WINEGARDNER, John, died Oct. 24, 1853, aged 65yrs
[small engravers inscrip. at lower right corner of lower fragment]L.C. Burns, Mt. Vernon, O.
iv. WINEGARDNER, Sarah, wife of John Winegardner, died Feb. 27, 1841, aged 56yrs & 6mo
v. STEWART, Thomas, In memory...who died Oct. 2, 1841, aged 49years 7 months & 16 days
vi. LANSING, Wm.C., Killed in Battle at the City of Mexico, Sept. 8, 1847, 22 years
vi. LANSING, John E., died Aug. 7, 1830, aged 32years & 11m
vi. LANSING, Betsey, wife of John E. Lansing and daughter of Wm. & Dorcas Canfield, died Nov. 16, 1848, aged 49 years
[toppled 4 piece stone]
vii. FOCHT, Henry M., died Nov.3, 1878, aged 20y 5m 28d "Farewell, hope to meet in Heaven" [this stone belongs in new section]
viii. CANFIELD, William, died July 18, 1854, aged 81years, "The deceased was born in Bedford near N.Y."[The base for this broken headstone just to the left w/lower portion of headstone still remaining in it]
ix. unknown burial, basestone w/fragment of headstone, measures same width as Wm. Canfield's stone, probably the memorial of his wife Dorcas, which I have not found yet]
x. RING, Hannah E., grandaughter of Wm. Canfield, died Sept. 5, 1848, AE 16 years[headstone broken off from base just recently]
xi. unknown, [old base w/missing headstone]
xii. MILLIGAN, Mary, wife of Robert Milligan [found her husband's stone in a pile with several others in row 8]died Sept. 29, 1855 [lower part missing]
xiii. WARRELL, Harman, son of James & Jane Warrell, died may 1847, AE 2yrs [this broken stone was completely buried next to last base , but didn't match cut hole in base] [this stone is not listed as part of new section and wasn't read in 1911]
xiv. unknown burial, [base w/fragments remaining in base, meas. 2"x18"
xv. LANE, Lena, daughter of Mrs. W.S. Lane, born July 9, 1883, died Sept. 9, 1889 [inscrip. below dates not readable]
xvi. DORRAH, Joseph, died Jan. 19, 1878, aged 74y 9m 23d
[this stone toppled from base & completely buried]
Row 11.
i. STROTHEN, Nancy, In memory of...dau. of George G. & Viletta Strothen who died Jan. 31,1841, aged 5y & 3mos
ii. STROTHEN, An Infant of George G. & Viletta Strothen who died Oct. 20th, 1940
iii. TALBOT, Joseph D., died Nov. 29, 1848, aged 31years
iv. AARRINGTON, Sarah C., In memory of ...dau. of F. & Mary Aarrington, who died Apr. 1st, 18__
[stone fragment]
v. MAWHORR, Myra E., wife of J.L. Mawhorr, died July 20, 1871, aged 49y, 4m, 7d
vi. CLEMONS, Mary, wife of Hiram C. Clemons, died Oct. 16, 1851, aged 23yrs 1mo 25d
vi. CLEMONS, John, son of H.C. & M. Clemons, died Apr. 17, 1851, age 21days

Row 12.
i. CRANE, Abram K., Feb. 7, 1818 - Feb. 2, 1902
i. CRANE, Sophia A., (SMITH), his wife, mar. 11, 1832 - May 5, 1919
ii. CRAIN, Dorothy, wife of Stephen Crain, died..."Our Mother"
[stone broken, buried in concrete, not able to read]
iii. SHERMAN, Josiah Rev., died Mar. 7, 1869, aged 62y & 29d - "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"
111a. SHERMAN, Phebe (Crane),wife of Josiah Sherman, born Apr. 1, 1820, died Aug. 3, 1899
iv. CLARK, Mariam, wife of Samuel Clark, died July 15, 1851,a ged 80 y & 16 d, "Her... memory commune with..the dead..
[could only read part of inscript.]
v. CLARK, Watson S., at her left...son of M.P. & M. Clark, died June 11, 1844, aged 10y & 20 days
vi. LYMAN, Maria E., wife of Arze Lyman, died July 21, 1847, aged 23yrs, 5m 12d's
"Sacred be the memory of Her"
vii. unknown burial,
[fragment, no inscriptions, meas. 15 1/2"x 2 1/2"]
viii. WETHEWELL, Seth D., died Jan. 20, 1859, aged 64 years 29d - "All of you behold this stone, Oh think how quickly I was gone, Death does not to all a warning give. Therefore be careful how you live.
[engravers signature at lower right corner] Woodward & DeBow
ix. WETHEWELL, Anna, wife of S.D. Wethewell, died Feb. 1, 1873, aged 80y 3m 19d
[stone has fallen next to base]
x. SMITH, Seth Esq. P., died Sept. 6, 1860, aged 50y & 2m [inscription below dates not readable]
x. SMITH, Harriet S., wife of S.P. Smith, died Oct. 14, 1859, aged 46y
xi. SMITH, Agnes F., daughter of S.P. Smith, died Nov. 25, 1851, aged 16y 11m
xii. JAKEWAY, James S., son of _& Julia Jakeway, died May 4, 1845, aged 10y 3m 16d
xiii. WALRATH, John P., 1813 - 1886
Row 13.
i. BOUDANOT, Catharine, daughter of Lucas V.B. & Susan A. Boudanot, died July 7th 1840 , aged 6 years 3mo & 13days
ii. BOUDNOT, Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Lucas V.B. & Susan A. Boudnot
[note spelling var.]died July 2nd 1841, aged 1year 10mo's & 7 days
iii. HUNT, Perlemus, died June 5, 1843, aged 36 years 3mo & 21ds
iv. HUNT, Mary Ann, wife of Perlemus Hunt, died May 5, 1844, aged 40 y"rs 8mo & 24ds
v. PARSONS, Nancy, wife of Hiram Parsons, died Dec. 16, 1888, aged 62y 6m 9d
vi. PARSONS, Hiram, died Mar. 3, 1877, aged 59y 9m 3d
vii. PARSONS, Dorothy, wife of Hiram Parsons, died Dec.17, 1851, aged 37 years 6mo & 8d
viii. SINNET, Reuben, adopted son of H.& D. Parsons, died Jan. 20, 1862, in Post Hospital, Benton Barricks, MO, aged 21 yr 3m 20d
[Civil War Vet. medal]
ix. TALBOT, Susan, died may 19, 1848, aged 7years
ix. TALBOT, Harriet, died...
[stone broken, lower portion missing]
x. PARSONS, Lewis, son of L.B. & Clarissa Parsons, died Aug. 31, 1850, aged 8m & 9d "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest for such as..."]
xi. PARSONS, Perry, son of L.B.& Clarissa Parsons, died Oct. 26, 1846, aged 7mo 11d
xii. HUBBARD, Earl J., died Feb. 28, 185_, aged 37 years, _ms, 19 d's
xiii. LYMAN, Henry M., died Jan. 3rd, 1846, aged 31 yrs 3m 11d's
[this stone broken up, found fragments on a pile & near tree, reunited 4 major pieces.
xiv. RUNNELS, Naoma L., wife of Luke Runnels, died Dec. 25, 1877, aged 65y, 3m, 8d
xiva. LYMAN, Henry, died Jan. 3, 846, aged 31y 3m 10d
xivb. BELKNAP, Orin, died Feb. 14, 1873, aged 73y 8m 20d
Row 14.
i. HALE, Olbion B., son of R_ & L.M. Hale, died Sep. 19, 1857, aged 1y 1m 25d
ii. HOBART, Harriet, (How) daughter of Jonathan P. & Cynthia Hobart, died June 16, 1844,aged 14 years 6months & 7 days
iii. MUNSELL, Emily, wife of Geo. Munsell, died JUne 15, 1855, aged 25 years 5d.
iv. MUNSELL, Sarah E., daughter of Wm. & Betsey Munsell, died May 6, 1853, aged 16 yrs 9mo & 17ds,"shed not further the..., Nor give the heart to..., Tis but the casket that..., The gem that...
{inscript. hard to read]
v. MUNSELL, Thomas E., son of Wil...& ...Munsell, born Sept. 16, 1845, died may 29, 1854
vi. unknown burial, Martha, dau. of James H. & __...
[fragment leaning against tree]
vii. CURTIS, Betsey, wife of Truman Curtis, she departed this life Oct. 16th 1840, 37 years 11 months & 21 days
viii. CURTIS, Rachel, In memory of ..., wife of Truman Curtis who died Oct. 1, 1852, aged 39 years 5 months 7d
Row 15.
i. SAUMS, Wm. Henry, son of Matthias & Sarah Saums, died Sept. 20th 1844, aged 2 years & 23 days
ii. BUXTON, Margaret, wife of David Buxton, died Apr. 4, 1856, aged 37 y's
iii. VAIL, James A., son of Daniel & Adline Vail, died Aug. 25, 1839, aged 2mo's
iv. TYLER, George Col., died Feb. 25, 1862, aged 93 years "From dust thou art unto dust..."
v. TYLER, Esther, wife of Col. Geo. Tyler, died Oct. 4, 1851, aged 69y 4m 2d
vi. TYLER, George R., died Feb. 25, 1857, aged 47 years & 1 m
vii. TYLER, Emeline, died Oct. 20, 1865, aged 47 years 8m "Our Mother"
viii. DAVIS, Thomas, died July 1, 1853, aged 58y 4m & 10d
viii. DAVIS, Mary, wife of Thomas Davis, died Nov. 15, 1856, aged 61y 10m 15ds
ixa. LLOYD, Robert, Nov. 15, 1811 - Aug. 25, 1892
ixb. LLOYD, Mary,(DAVIS), Nov. 15, 1821 - Nov. 30, 1863
x. KING, Welthey, wife of Daniel Wea_, died...
[stone broken only partial fragment remaining, leaning against tree, meas. 15 3/4"x 2"][a second stone found later(amendmant) slightly different inscription for Wellthey, wife of Daniel Weaver row 8, xv, which also contains he death date]
xi. SHERMAN, James, son of Davis & Rebecca Sherman, died March 14, 1847, aged 6 mos & 7ds
xii. VAIL, Lucinda, dau. of Daniel & Adline Vail, died Dec. 29, 1843, aged 1y 3m 23days
xiii. REED, Eliza L., daughter of John & Mary Reed, born Feb. 3, 1856, died Aug. 26, 1858, aged 2 yr, 6m, & 23d
xiv. REED, Charlie, son of John & M.M. Reed, born Sept. 4, 1855, died July 31, 1856, aged 10 months and 25 days
[broken from base and leaning against tree]
Row 16.
i. BLAMER, Avanell, 1915 - 1915
[ this burial was after new section was plotted, probably not at original burial location]
ii. NOYES, Sally, wife of Jonathan Noyes, died Nov. 10, 1851, aged 46 ys 2mo 17d
iii. NOYES, Caroline, wife of N.H. Noyes, died Nov. 5, 1850, aged 20 y
lower piece
matching Caroline's stone.

Row 17.
i. unknown burial, Elizabeth, In Memory of Elizabeth
[only fragment remaining]
ii. unknown burial, Ada, [stone fragment]
iii. GOULD, Mary, dau. of J.H & E. Gould, died Feb. 15th 1843, aged 12 years 4mos & 29 days
iv. OWEN, Mary, (LAVERICK), consort of Morgan Owen, died Aug.7, 1844, aged 28 yrs 9d
[large stone toppled from base, too heavy to turn, probably contains husbands data on other side]
v. CURTIS, J.Q.A. Dr., died Jan. 27, 1859, aged 31y 10m 2d
v. CURTIS, Emeline, wife of Dr. J.Q.A. Curtis, died Oct. 8, 1873, aged 38y 3m 15d
{need to recheck the dates aren't consistant}
v. CURTIS, John, died Aug. 14, 1859, aged 65y 7m 19d
v. CURTIS, Martha, wife of John Curtis, died Aug. 14, 1875, aged 84y 10m 10d
vi. PHILBROOK, Joel, died June 5, 1845, aged 44y 12d
vi. PHILBROOK, Lydia, wife of Joel Philbrook, died May 2, 1873, aged 66y 7m 29d -
"Our Father & Mother"
vii. EWING, Joel, son of T.H. & A.L. Ewing, died May 11, 1878, aged 10y 8m 2d, "Little Joel's gone, He's left us...His bright..., But the soul... Living..Now...
[only partial inscript. readable]
viii. unknown burial,
[lower fragment of headstone remaining, no data]
ix. unknown burial,
[base w/missing headstone]
x. unknown burial,
[base w/only headstone fragments remaining]
xi. HA_PER, Infant, dau. of _H. & E__beth. Ha_per, born Dec. 8, 1888, d.Dec. 9, 1888
xii. PHILBROOK, Benjamin F., son of J. & E. Philbrook, died Apr. 5, 1855, aged 1y 5m
7d [this memorial not at original location, found leaning against tree]
xiii. SNIDER, William H., son of Joseph & Rebecca Snider, doed July 25, 1855, aged 2 years 4 months & 13 days "Sleep my son & take thy rest, for such as thee the saviour blest]
xiv. PHILBROOK, George W., died Feb. 5, 1865
[lower half of stone missing]

Row 18.
i. EVANS, Mahala, In memory of ..., wife of Ebenezer Evans, who died March 1st 1841, aged 22 years 11 months & 24 days
ii. BRODR_CK, Patri__, In memory of ..., son of John & Hannah Brodrr_ck: who died Dec. 28th 18__; aged 17y_, _m, & 17 days.[stone in very bad shape]
iii. LEE, David D., son of Storrs & Harriet Lee, died Nov. 11, 1859
[**ae 21y 9m 3d, source pg. 391, Ohio Cemetery records, Northwest Quartl. G.Q. 1912]
iv. SHERMAN, Cinty, wife of George Sherman, died Aug. 30, 1876, Aged 37y 2m 22d
[inscript. not readable]
v. ASHLEY, Harriet, died Feb. 11, 1870, aged 66y 7m 19d "The hour of my departure has come. Hear the voice that calls me home, I leave the world without a tear. Save for the friends I held so dear." [signed] ..mchurin
vi. SHERMAN, Hattie, dau. of G. & C. Sherman, died July 4, 1862, aged 8m 27d
vi. ASHLEY, Harry, son of Wm. & A. Ashley, died Nov. 29, 1864, aged 2y 6m 21d, "Two Little Cousins"
vii. ASHLEY, Archibald, died June 17, 1860, aged 72yrs 2mo & 6d
viii. GRAHAM, Ursula H., wife of Wm. Graham, died Aug. 5, 1841, aged 22
ix. FITCH, Wm., died March 6, 1856, aged 88 years [sorry no image]
x. FITCH, Sarah, wife of Wm. Fitch, died March 14, 1844, aged 73y 10m & 5d
xi. VANDYKE, Julia, (FITCH), born Feb. 20, 1827, died Feb. 10, 1851
xii. FITCH, Wm., son of Orin & Mary (BRYANT) [Fitch], died Aug. 27, 1848, aged 7mo
[stone broken into three major pieces, one still in base]
xiii. VanBUSKIRK, John, Co. B, 76th Regiment OVI, died Jan. 11, 1909, aged 74y 10m 24d
[Civil War Veteran]
xiv. VanBUSKIRK, John, born Aug. 5, 1807, died May 2, 1898 "I have kept the faith"
xv. VanBUSKIRK, Mary S.,
(HAND), wife of John VanBuskirk, born Dec. 8, 1812, died apr. 6, 1899, aged 65y 3m 28d
xvi. VanBUSKIRK, Susan,
[stone broken off, name all that remains]
xvii. BAILEY, Ernst, son of G. F. & Susan Bailey, died Sept. 4, 1854
xviii. VanBUSKIRK, two little brothers, sons of John & Mary VanBuskirk
xix. SPECK, Rufus B., son of N. & M. Speck, died Sept. 3, 1848, aged 1y 6m 28d
xx. SAVIDGE, John, son of Thomas & Anna Savidge departed this life May 1, 1838, aged 22 years & 5 months
xx. SAVIDGE, Walter, son of Thomas & Anna Savidge, departed this life March 15, 1841, aged 21 years, 6mo, 9d
xxi. SAVIDGE, Thomas W., died Feb. 24, 1856
xxii. SAVIDGE, Anna, wife of T. W. Savidge, died Jan. 23, 1866,a ged 82y 2m 28d
xxiii. SAVIDGE, Eliza, died Jan. 8, 1860, aged 34y, 3m, & 15d
[ingraved by] J.I DeBow
xxiv. LAMB, Justin Olin, In memory of..., son of T.G. & _ E. Lamb, died May 21, 1844, aged 9 months "Suffer...children to come unto me"
xxv. CLARK, Marcus, son of C.C. & L. Clark, died may 8, 1851. aged 8m 22d
xxvi. unknown burial, Oct. 1, 1842, agewd 2y 11m, & 11 days
[lower fragment of sandstone headstone]
Row 19.
i. unknown burial,
[fragment of headstone, meas. 1 7/8"x 16 3/4" in base]
ii. unknown burial,
[fragment meas. 2 5/16"x 6 1/4" (footstone size)]
iii. THORP, Nancy, daughter of David & Susan Thorp, died May 20, 1852, aged 18yrs
iv. Unknown, Lizzie Little, died Feb. 8, 1852, aged 2y 4m
v. HOPPER, Sarah C., (CASTLE), wife of Richard Hopper, died Oct. 9, 1864, aged 44y, 8m, & 15d
vi. CASTLE, Almira, (LANE), wife of Dea. Augustus Castle, died Aug. 7, 1861, aged 69y, 1m & 28d
vii. CASTLE, Augustus Dea., died Mar.22, 1880, aged 88y, 8m 13d "Friend, husband, father dear In ...just is sleeping here, Tho sleeping...death...gloom. His spirit now beyond the earth"
[War of 1812 medal]
viii. CASTLE, Sanford, Deacon of the St. Albans Baptist Church, died March 12, 1840, aged 46 y 10m
ix. CASTLE, Sarah, daughter of Sanford & Bethniah Castle, died Dec. 22, 1839, aged 21y 11m
& 29ds "My home is in heaven"
x. Alzina, died Mar. 20, 1851, aged 20y or 29y 8m 8d
[Recent update from family member, let me know Alzina Castle Brittell, was the daughter of Deacon Sanford & Bethniah Castle]
xi. SHERMAN, Eli, died May 22, 1862, aged 81yrs, 3m & 7d
xii. DEVERAUX, Anna C., former wife of Joseph Deveraux, died Feb. 15, 1848, AE 77 yrs
[old book has "loving wife of..."]
xiii. DEVEREUX, Joseph, died Aug. 18, 1841, In the 74 year of his age
[note var. in spelling]
Row 20.
i. REED, Willa., son of J. & M. Reed, died Sept. 24, 1854, aged 1y 10m 17d
ii. BROWN, Eunice, wife of Moses Brown, died July 21, 1838, AE 41 years "how soft the slumber of the tomb.To which the living all must ...Weep not my friends for what I am now you soon must be
[inscript. below] Melarin & Benedict, Newark, O."
iii. GRAVES, Emoline, consort of J.H. Graves, died July 27, 1846, aged 35 years, 10 months, & 20 days
iv. BROWN, Moses, died March 4, 1841, AE 51 years
[ writing below this not readable except ending] H. & G. Benedict, Newark, O.
v. WARD, Roxana W., wife of Jas. W. Ward, of C___, She was born April 23 1816 and died___ in this village Sept. 19, 1844
vi. GREGORY, Orlinda, daughter of Henry & Lucy Gregory, died may 22, 1847, AE 2ys 7mo 1d
"Weep not for my parents, I'm not dead but... My end you have ...many...
[hard to read]
vii. ODELL, Ira, In memory of..., son of Silas & Margaret ODell, who died Sept. 1, 1841, aged 6mo & 15 days
viii. ODELL, Caroline, In memory of..., daughter of Silas & Margaret ODell, died Marc 11, 1839, aged 1mo & 25d
ix. unknown burial,
[base only, headstone missing, fragment meas. 2"x 15 1/2"]
x. unknown burial,
[base w/ fragment meas. 2 3/4"x 13 1/2" sandstone fragment]
xi. CORNELL, Lucinda, daughter of Sylvanus & Sarah
[(Carpenter)] Cornell, born Feb. 23, 1812, died June 30, 1848? {check this date}
xii. CORNELL, Sarah, born Mar. 9, 1785, died Sept. 17, 1870
[stone toppled, very heavy]
xiii. CORNELL, Sylvanus,
[need to turn stone over to read, very heavy][Sarah {Sally} (Carpenter) & Sylvanus married 06 June 1810, source: "Ohio Marriages extract Old N.w.g.quarterly, 1977"]
Row 21.
i. JOHNSON, Infant, son of C.W. & A.A. Johnson, died Nov. 11, 1900
ia. JOHNSON, Howard, son of C.W. & A.A. Johnson, born Dec. 13, 1901, died Feb. 5, 1906 [front view of memorial]
iia. SIGLER William, son of P. & S. Sigler, died May 23, 1847, ag'd 25y 9m 14d
iib. SIGLER Emeline, dau. of P. & S. Sigler, died Apr. 12, 1830, ag'd 11m, 13d
ii. SIGLER, Peter, died Jan. 10, 1865. ag'd 80 y
ii. SIGLER, Susannah, wife of P. Sigler, died Feb. 12, 1830, ag'd 39y 1m & 14d
[This seems to be the oldest burial in the Old Pioneer Cem]
Row 22.
[This row 22, consist of stones
that have fallen and deposited in the general area, leaning against the wall of the old mausoleum]
i. HOLCOMB, Anna, dau. of H.J. & E.A. Holcomb, died Sept. _ 186_, aged 7m & 2d ii. THORP, Calvin, died Sept. 8, 1862, aged..[broken stone]
iii. COMER, Matilda, In memory of..., wife of Abraham Comer, who departed this life June 18th 1833 in her 27th year
[second highlighted view]
iv. HOLCOMB, Eliza A., wife of H.V. Holcomb, died Apr. 3, 1862, aged 32y's 7mo 3ds " Friendship & Love have done thy best and now can do nomore. The bitterness of death is past and all thy suffering no more,
[signed] White & DeBow"
v. JEWELL, Henry, Corp'l, Co. O, 113th Ohio INF [military stone][I have returned this stone to it's proper location as a footstone, in section Left Center of Maple Grove Cemetery, Row 11-iv, footstone position for headstone in Row 12-xviiia.]
vi. PARKER, Newton, Corp'l, Co. O, 135th Ohio INF [military stone]
vii. EDWARDS, Laura E., 1927 - 1934
[small marble stone w/ attached bronze metal plate, engraved]
viii. unknown, Mary Ellen,
[probably a footstone, though rather large for this]
ix. BUXTON, R. B.,
[could be a large footstone or military marker]
x. OLDHAM, Horace, son of I.A. & S. Oldham, aged 5 weeks "A bud to bloom in heaven"
xi. THRALL, Nettie, Our Darling Nettie, dau. of Homer & Emma Thrall, died Jan. 24, 1866, aged 2y, _m
xii. BOUDINOT, Fidelia, dau. of R. H. & L.E. Boudinot, died Oct. 7, 1871, aged 2m 20d
This concludes my readings for the Pioneer Cemetery of St. Albans Twp., Licking Co., Ohio. With the exception of a few stones which were vandalized and thrown over an embankment years ago onto an adjoining property, when I receive permission and assistance (as they are too heavy for me to carry back up the hill alone), will return the remaining stones to their rightful location and amend this document with the additional memorial stone inscriptions.

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