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Cornell Cemetery

St. Albans Twp.
Licking County

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These tombstone transcriptions & photos have been generously donated by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.
, May 23, 2002.
The most recent update to this page made on 24 Mar., 2008.

I wish to present the transcriptions and accompanying photo documentation of Cornell Cemetery. This very well kept cemetery is under the care and control of township trustees of St. Albans, and situated in the northwest corner of the township, bordering near both Monroe and Jersey townships. The land for the cemetery is nearly flat, surrounded by beautiful open agricultural land, next to Duncan plains Rd. (CR33), just a few hundred feet east of (SR 310) Etna Rd. It was originally called the old Wright Burying Ground, donated by the Cornell Family for use as a cemetery in early part of 1800's. Many of the memorials are deteriorated almost beyond transcription. I also found many broken fragments containing only partial bits of information, as always, I have made every effort to read the stones carefully, unfortunately, weatherization, and & past vandalization have taken a toll on the old fragile stones. I am responsible for the transcriptions herein, with one exception, any information contained within brackets with the * symbol will indicate additional information given to me by the kindness of the person named next to symbol. Any information within brackets ie:[ ], without * symbol will be my personal knowledge, observations and /or research, not read directly read from stone. The two readings at the bottom of this report were listed in the book mentioned below. This book mentioned 26 individuals, my readings of this cemetery show over 80 burials at this cemetery.Use this information as a tool but don't substitute it for good county or state research. I make every effort to be accurate, but make no warranty of being 100% correct. Anyone having good documented information improving upon these readings are encouraged to write to and I will be pleased to add the information to this report. At the end of this report, I will also mention any memorials that were previously read in a report made in about 1912. My use of previous research as references will only be to supplement these readings with information that otherwise would be lost, pertaining to these ancestral loved ones, whose memorials no longer are in existence. For those who visit this cemetery, my readings start at the west front corner. I read the stones in rows from front to back (north to south), and west to east, or if facing the cemetery from the road, readings in rows right to left.
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. © 23 May 2002. **On 24 of July, 2006, I received a very helpful email from D. Jane Carpenter. It is with their kindness in sharing, that I can add additional data concerning the Blood Family in row 2.

Please Note: Click on name to view tombstone image.
Overview of northwest area & north east area
Row 1.
i. Lewis, Heneretta E., daughter of Rev. J.Y. & Amanda Lewis, died Sept. 28,1869, aged 12 y. 6m & 13d
ii. Lewis, Lydia A., wife of J.Y. Lewis, died Oct. 3, 1845, aged 49y's 7m 27d's [found two remaining fragments both stacked w/fragments of other memorials]
iii. Lewis, Dav_[*David], died Aug. 17, 1850, aged 23 y's, 3 or 9 m's, & 14d's [partial inscription below dates] …for…my rest, …and sorrows flee, but he's on a journey affective…Is sleeping with the dead. [War of 1812 medal, w/flag]
iv. D.F.L. [footstone for David F. Lewis]
v. [two matching broken fragments of the lower portion of memorial, one containing the engravers name] -Joseph Woodward, Granville-
vi. Cornell, Howard, son of L.W. & S.G. Cornell, died Mar. 21, 1852, aged 1 [or 4] yr's 7mo's [This stone very difficult to read]
vii. __se, __y 8, 1842, _ged 6 years, _mo's, & 9 d's[very deteriorated stone]

Row 2.
i. M___f, NA__of Dan__n, wh__4 , 184_[Information on this stone has flaked off terribly, no longer readable, but the following inscription at bottom is discernable] Happy soul thy days are ended. All thy mourning days below go by, angel guards attended. To the sight of Jesus go.
**The following information given to me by D.Jane Carpenter, July 2006:" I believe the unreadable stone on row 2 of Blood Family is that of Nancy (Blood) Doud, wife of David Doud, who died 20 March 1834. Their only child, Nancy Blood Doud, removed with her father to Iowa and died in 1904 in Doud, Van Buren Co., Iowa. She was married to Patrick Mines and M.B. McIntosh.
ii. Blood, Frederick, Husband of Mar_, [native of Carlisle Mass.]d. Apr. 4, 1827, age 59y
iii. Blood, Mary, wife of Frederick Blood, died Mar. 18, 1875, aged 58y 8m 15d
iv. Rev. Rufus F. Blood, [* born Apr. 24, 1815, d. June 18, 1836, ae 22y, minister of Methodist Episcopal Church, these last two stones very worn, very difficult to read]
{*page 402-403 Ohio Cemetery Records, Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly}

Row 3.
i. Unknown burial [small base stone, headstone missing]
iia. Cornell, Gideon, died Oct. 8, 1857, aged 75y [numbers difficult to read]
iib. Jui_wif_ of Gideon Cornell, died Feb. 23, 1857, aged 65years [stone broken into many pieces] [Information from earlier readings"Julia, wife of…(The marriage of Gideon Cornell and Julia Lobdell, July 17, 1810, was the first ceremony performed in the township.")
iii. Williams, Emily, daughter of David & Elizabeth Williams, died Mar. 25, 1859, aged 18yr's 11m's & 6d's [found matching lower fragment in base stone near this broken headstone]
iv. _ugh [upper right corner fragment of headstone, just three letters inscribed, probably ending of surname]

Row 4.
i. Wright, Susannah, wife of Maj. Simeon Wright, died Jan. 9, 1862, aged 83y 2m 12d [4 sided obelisk stone w/ Mother & Father inscribed on one side] Maj. Simeon Wright, A native of Rutland Vt. died Sept. 4, 1833 in the 61 year of his age [War of 1812 Veteran]
ii. unknown burial [base stone with no headstone]
iii. Wright, R.P., died Nov. 22, 1863, aged 53yrs, 2mo, & 26ds, Delia, his wife died Jan. 14, 1841, abed 18yr's 6mo & 21 d's

Row 5.
i. Wright, In memory of Mary Jane, daughter of Seth S.& Nancy Wright, who died July 13th 1835, aged 2years 1 month & 1 day
ii. Wright, Minerva M., daughter of Seth S. & Nancy Wright, died Feb. 28, 1846, aged 16y & 5mo [engravers mark in lower right corner] D. Safford, Urbana, O.
iii. Wright, In memory of Betsey L., daughter of Seth & Nancy Wright, who died Feb. 20, 1826, aged 9 months 6days
iv. Miles, Livonia, wife of J.E. Miles, __ [fragment, only partially readable]
v. Wrigh_, ___, died ___ [fragment, only partially readable]
vi. Wright, __, son of S.S. & Nancy Wright, died June 5, 1839, aged 5mo & 5d's
vii. unknown burial [base stone with missing headstone]
viii. unknown burial [base stone with missing headstone]
ix. Derby, Alpheus, died Jan. 9, 1843, aged 28yr & 10mo
x. Pumphery, In memory of Nancy, wife of Serene _ Pumphery, who departed this life July 15th, 1844, aged 21years & 8days

Row 6. i. Rowlinson, _[given name worn off], died May 22, 1850, aged 14y 4m
ii. Rowlinson, F.R., died Jan 13, 1852, aged 38y 4m 16d
iii Rowlinson, Seth S., son of F.R. & _Rowlinson, died May 22, 1852, aged 11y 4mo
iv. L.A.S. [footstone]

Row 7.
i. Pratt, Benjamin, 1889 - 1933 [Masonic symbol & WWI Vet. W/ medal and flag]
ii. Pratt, Grace (Cornell), 1891 - 1932 [Eastern Star symbol]
iii. Tom Corwin, son of E.R.& L. _ Bills, died Nov. 20, 1863, aged 16y 7m 16d
iv. Abbott, Elisha, son of Erastus & Polly Abbott, who died May 15, 1837, aged 11 years 11months & 11days [engravers signature in lower right corner, leaning against cedar tree] G.C. Hobart
v. [Hobart], Infant __ of George & Elizabeth _ob_rt, who departed this life Oct. 3, 1841
[follow inscription at bottom of stone] Sleep on sweet babe and take your rest, God called thee home, he thought it best.
vi. Hobart, Elizabeth M., wife of Geo. W. Hobart, died Sept. 11, 1873, aged 33 years [I'm fairly certain the dates or age are incorrect, as they would not fit the birth date of preceeding stone inscription, need to recheck****]
vii. Hobart, Infant, son of Geo. & E., died Oct. 3, 1841 [this stone echoes data on memorial row 7v.]

Row 8.
i. Cornell, Joseph H., 1858 - 1929
ii. Cornell, Lottie, 1862 - 1949
iiia. Tooker, Esther M., wife of W.V.R. Tooker, died Jan. 19, 1860, aged 65y 11m 5d
iiib. Tooker, Wm. V.R., died Jan. 4, 1860, aged 74y 17d
iv. Hebson, Mary M., wife of Richard Hebson, died Aug. 8, 1851 [or 1854], aged 50y's 1m 25d
v. Hebson, Mary, daughter of R. & M.M. Hebson, died July 27, 1851, aged 2y 11m 11d
vi. Cooley, Sarah, 1833 - 1894 -Mother-
vii. Cooley, David, 1832 - 1916 -Father-
viii. Cooley, Rose, 1880 - 1935 -daughter-
ix. Beney, [ or Reney] William [B. or R.], son of Wm. _ & Hann__, Beney, died Apr. 8, 1848, aged 3 weeks

Row 9.
i. unknown burial [base with missing headstone]
iia. Trout, Rachel, wife of D.C.Trout, died May 5, 1895, aged 68y 10m 5d [this oblisk style memorial has -Mother & Father- inscribed on one side]
iib. Trout, Daniel C., died Jan. 30, 1895, aged 70y 10m 29d
iiia. Trout, James, died Mar. 21, 1853, aged 60y 1m 22d [this stone has -Mother & Father- inscribed on one side betweem parents names]
iiib. Trout, Sarah, wife of J. Trout, died Oct. 9, 1876, aged 77y 6m 1d
iv. Trout, Catherine, daughter of James & Sarah Trout, died Sept. 25, 1851, aged 15y 2m 17d
v. Trout, Rufus, son of D.C. & Rachel Trout, died Oct. 28, 1857, aged 1yr 3mo 20d
via. Keefer, Two Infant daughters, of A.S. & M. Keefer, died Aug.9, 1860 & Sept. 19, 1861
vib. Keefer, Marian, wife of A.Keefer, died May 9, 1869, aged 37years 2mo 26days
vic. Keefer, Acey C., son of A.S. & M. Keefer, died Mar.9. 1871, aged 4y 9m & 15d
vii. [unknown surname], Bertha left us for her home in heaven, Sept. 15, 1864, aged 1y 8m & 5d [This memorial located by it's self at the back of the cemetery]

Row 10.
i. Celia Cornell Kasson, daughter of E.R. & S.A. Cornell, born June 29, 1867, died June 10, 1889 iia. Cornell, Edwin R., died Jan. 29, 1901, aged 79y 6m
iib. Cornell, Sarah A., wife of E.R. Cornell, died Aug. 10, 1884, aged 53y 1mo 3d
iii. Cornell, Bettie M., dau. of E.R. & S. A. Cornell, died Nov. 1, 1873, aged 17y 11m 23d iv. Ber_y_ [stone too worn to read]
v. Mossman, Elizabeth, daughter of _G. & C._ Mossman, died Dec. [5 or 15], 1854, aged 18y 9m & 12d [very difficult stone to read]
vi. Wells, Osmond, born in Glastenbury, Conn., June 2, 1794, died June 6, 1858, aged 64years 5m 4d's [very worn]
vii. Wilkin, John, son of David & Anna Wilkin, died Apr. 16, 1856, aged 20 years 7mo 23d
top piece & lower piece viii. Sarah Trout Drake, Feb 27, 1840 - Mar. 9, 1918
ix. unknown burial [headstone not engraved]

Row 11.
i. Little Roe [located in Cornell lot, surname not inscribed]
ii. Cornell, Archibald, died Aug. 27, 1856, aged 53y [or 63y]10m 23d
iiia. Cornell, Sarah, wife of Archibald Cornell, died Aug. 2, 1849, aged 50y 5m & 26days
iiib. Cornell, Leander, son of A. & S. Cornell, died Jan. 1823, aged 7d's
iv. Cornell, Willimina, dau. of Archibald & Sarah Cornell, died Oct. 15, 1869, ag'd 31y 1m 23d
v. Wood, Helen M., born Apr. 18, 1825, died September 12, 1906
vi. Hisey, Maryann, died may 27, 1845, aged 83y 3m & 21d's
viia. Hisey, Jonathan, Sept. 20, 1833 - June 20, 1900
viib. Hisey, Celia (Cornell), his wife, Aug. 23, 1830 - May 23, 1875
viic. Hisey, Rebecca (Alpach) his 2nd wife, Jan. 25, 1840 - May 13, 1923
viiia. Bodkin, Ami, 1840 - 1907
viiib. Bodkin, Alice, 1847 - 19__
ixa. Boyd, John G., 1817 - 1893
ixb. Boyd, Jemima J., his wife [John G. Boyd's], 1820 - 1900
x. Boyd, Ira, June 30, 1857 - Oct. 24, 1905
The following two transcriptions are extracted from compilations mentioned read before 1912. The earlier readings are by an individual unknown to me. I'm including them with this report simply so that these ancestral loved ones burial location not be lost, even though they're memorials for some reason are now either deteriated or missing.
[* Thomas Thompson, d. Sept. 8, 1849, ae. 55y 7m 4d ]
[* Joshiah Eastman, died in 1868, ae. 90y 2d ]
This concluds my readings of Connell Cemetery.

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