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Marple Cemetery

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(near) Chatham & St. Louisville
Newton Twp.
Licking Co.

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., 6 Sept., 2003
This cemetery is located about a mile north of Chatham on Preston Rd. (TR75) and a mile west of St. Louisville.
Most recent update, 04 Apr., 2010.

Honored to present my readings of Marple Cemetery. This cemetery is located in a beautiful hillside setting situated adjacent to Preston Rd. (TR75) and located about a mile north of Chatham and a mile west of St. Louisville. Very close to the northern township line with bordering Washington Twp. Found the cemetery nicely mowed, trimmed, looks to be about an acre in size with majority of the existing memorials located towards the upper north eastern half of the cemetery. It's fenced on sides and back, front open to but elevated above the road. There is no sign at this cemetery, but it's named on county map. It contains many older memorials of sandstone that have not faired well with weatherization, as many inscriptions have flaked off and are no longer readable, while many retain only partial inscriptions of readable quality. Some stones are broken & toppled, but first observations are that most damaged stones are due to soil shifts, resulting from sunken graves rather than to vandalization. This looks to be an extremely old cemetery with readable burial dates inscribed as early as 1810 or earlier. Do not know at this time if it's a township owned cemetery, best guess would be that it is. The readings begin at the front, nearest the road and facing the cemetery from the road, and at the most northern corner, read from left to right (north to south) and front to back (west to east). As Always, have made every effort to transcribe each stone carefully but due to the age and weatherization, make no warranty to be one hundred percent accurate. If anyone has provable information improving upon the accuracy of this report, please contact by email or letter and will revise this information and mention your name as source of any revisions. The following readings are not compilations, but rather actual transcription, interpretations & photo documentation I made on this date. Readings within brackets [ ], will be my personal observations, speculation or knowledge not read from stone. Recent information given to me by the kindness of Dixie Peoples, 2nd great grand daughter of Mary G. (Marple) McDaniel will be noted by symbol [*].
For those that are perhaps seeing my transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to seperate surname from given name, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the (.) period. When you see the symbol( _ ) underscore, I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes I find raised letters such as cin surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them in similar fashion. Sometimes engravers will use the term Æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the work "aged". Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., 5 September, 2003 ©, most recent revisions/additions made 04 Apr., 2010.

Please Note: Click on name to view tombstone image.
Row 1.
Weaver, George, Oct. 18, 1812 - Sept. 19, 1897; Ruth, Aug. 25, 1819 - Sept. 30, 1895
ii.Weaver, Mary M., dau. of G. & R. Weaver, died Feb. 8, 1881, aged 35y 1m 23d

iii. Weaver, John E., son of George & Ruth Weaver, died Aug. 18, 1872, aged 22y 3m 3d

iv. Jagger, Stephen, died Aug. 5, 1863, aged 64ys
v. Jagger, Lincoln, son of D. & E. Jagger, died Oct. 1, 1865, age 2y 2m & 7d

Row 2.
i. Preston, Jacob, died May 10, 1866, aged 52y 2m 1d
[*son of Nathan & Mary (Belt) Preston, Row 10, v, vi]
ii. Preston, Martha J., dau. of Jacob & Elizabeth Preston, born June 30, 1841, died Apr. 15, 1874, aged 32y 9m 15d
iii. Preston, Dorsey B., son of N. & J. Preston, died Aug. 10, 1877, aged 27years
iva. Preston, Emeline P., dau. of N. & J. Preston died Apr. 27, 1864, aged 25yrs 8mo & 17 d's [sorry no image]
ivb. Preston, Nathan J. P., son of N. & J. Preston, a member of Co. C, 76th Regt. OVI, died at Marietta, Ga., July 12, 1864, aged 19yrs & 13d's
va. Preston, Josephine, died Apr. 3, 1892, aged 80y 8m 2d
[*wife of Nathan Preston, Row 2, vc]
vb. Our Father & Mother
vc. Preston, Nathan, died July 11, 1880, aged 68y 1m 4d
[*son of Nathan & Mary (Belt) Preston, Row 10, v,vi]
vi. Preston, Anna M., wife of J. Eshelman, died Dec. 26, 1861, ag'd 26y 7m 12d
[*daughter of Nathan & Josephine Preston, Row 2, va,vc]
vii. Eshelman, Margaret, wife of David Eshelman, died …
[broken fragment too heavy to lift off of lower section which probably contains additional data] [*daughter of Nathan & Josephine Preston, Row 2, va,vc]
viii. Dunn, James W., 1832 - 1919, Co. A, 78th OVI; Mary, his wife, 1830 - 1879
ix. Shaefer, Nicholas, died Jan. 1, 1865, aged 84y
xa. McClain, C. W., born July 28, 1815, died July 10, 1892
xb. McClain, Prudence, wife of C.W. McClain, died July 27, 1890, aged 79y
xc. McClain, Elizabeth, born Oct. 11, 1857?, died Dec. 117, 186_?
[very worn inscription]
xd. McClain, William, born Oct. 14, 1841, died July 26, 1862
xi. Harris, Elizabeth, died April 10, 1864 in her 66 year
xii. McClane, Christena, grand dau. of B.C. & C. McClane, died June 11, 1862, aged 18y 5m 13d
xiii. McClane, Christena, wife of C. McClane
[only broken upper portion remains]
xiv. Unknown
[lower broken fragment with no inscription]

Row 3.
i. Wilson, Arvesta M., daughter of G. & M. Wilson, died Sep. 24, 1853, aged 3yrs.
ii. Marple, [* Tamer], dau. of D. & M. Marple, died May 9, 1828
[* born and died May 9, 1828][given name difficult to read]
iii. Marple, [*David Fuller], son of David & Margaret Marple, died Nov. 22, 1851m aged 17y 9m 11d
[top portion of this memorial, containing the given name is broken off][* He was named for Mary G. Marple (McDaniel) husband, David Fuller McDaniel.]
iva. Marple, David, died Oct. 20, 1857, aged 71yrs 4ms & 14ds
ivb. Marple, Margaret, wife of David Marple, died Nov. 24, 1862, aged 73y 2m 22d
[*maiden name Armstrong, wife of David McDaniel]
va. Marple, Harriet B., born Feb. 14, 1824, died Nov. 14, 1886
[*daughter of David & Margaret (Armstrong) Marple]
vb. McDaniel, Mary G., born Apr. 20, 1820, died Sep. 22, 1887
[*daughter of David & Margaret Marple, wife of David McDaniel]
via. Preston, Julia Ann, died Aug. 8, 1888, aged 63y 2m 10d
vib. Preston, Angie, died mar. 16, 1882, aged 32y 4m
[toppled stone, could be additional inscriptions on bottom but too heavy to turn]
vii. Snare, Eliza, born Oct. 18, 1810, died May 2, 1891
viiia. Marple, Benjamin, died Jan. 12, 1888, aged 73y 1m 22d -Father-
[*son of David & Margaret (Armstrong) Marple]
viiib. Marple, Matilda, wife of Benjamin Marple, died May 19, 1879, aged 63y 1m
[*maiden name Leaman]
viiic. Marple, Isaac, Hannah, Hattie, children of B. & M. Marple
[this side of parents stone echoes names of children on next three small stones]
ix. Marple, Isaac, son of B, & M. Marple, died June 14, 1848, aged 1 day
x. Marple, Harriet, daughter of Benjamin & M. Marple, died Feb. 5, 1861, aged 2ys 5ms 5ds
xi. Marple, Hannah, daughter of Benjamin & M. Marple, died June 4, 1851, aged 5 mos & 2ds
xii. Jordan, William, 1815 - 1864; Naomi, 1821 - 1904
xiii. aged , 49y & 16d
[lower fragment of unknown individual]
xiv. Jordan, Cornelius Orum, son of Wm. & N. Jordan, died Oct. 10, 1862, aged 16y & 26d
[very worn, difficult to read given name]
xv. Wagner, _da_, son of J. & T. Wagner, died Nov. 3, 1862, aged 2y 3m & 2d
xvi. Covey, Elizabeth, wife of Francis G. Covey, died Nov. 9, 1863, ag'd 72y
xviia. Price, Joshua, killed in battle at __gloids Mountain, May 9, 1864, aged 46years
xviia. Price, Jonathan, died Sept. 19, 1864, ag'd 43 years

Row 4.
i. __, Angeline, …
[very old sandstone memorial, appears to echo data inscribed for Angeline Hand, on next memorial]
iia. Hand, John, died May 4, 1857, aged 43y
[*1st husband of Magdalene Marple, Row 4, iid]
iib. Hand, Thomas, son of J. & M. Hand, died Feb. 3, 1845, aged 9y 18d
iic. Hand, Angeline M., daughter of J. & M. hand, died Sep. 23, 1838
[ first stone in this row may be an older, original stone for this individual]
iid. Price, Magdalene H., former wife of John Hand, born July 7, 1816, died May 6, 1899
[*daughter of David & Margaret (Armstrong)Marple, 2nd husband, John Price is buried at Wilson Cemetery at (Route 657) & (SR13)]
iie. Beeny, Milla M., wife of L. Beeny, died Oct. 26, 1877, aged 23y? 5m 9d
[year of death very hard to read][*daughter of John & Magdalene (Marple) Hand, Row 3, iia, iid]
iii. D. M.,
[footstone for David Marple, row 3]
iv. M
v. Crandall?, A_r_d_, departed this life April 24, 1840, aged 2 years & 2 mo.
via. Smoots, Phillip, born June 29, 1790, died June 20, 1852
vib. Smoots, Elizabeth, born Nov. 10, 1791, died Aug. 7, 1879
[*daughter of John & Elizabeth (Wilkin) Haas, Row 5, vii, wife of Phillip Smoot]
vii. Preston, Annie O., daug. Of (S.B. & B. G. ?) Preston, died April 29, 1863, aged 2y 5m 23d
viii. Preston, Margia E., dau. of S.B. & F.J. ? Preston, died Feb. 8, 1860, aged 3yr
ix. Goff, Abner, son of James & Delah_ Preston, who died Apr. 11, __, aged _y 6mo 11day -Depart my friends, dry up your tears I still...When Christ appears.
x. Goff, Martha E., daut. Of James & ……1846, aged 2ys 7mo
xi. Belt, Catharine, wife of Joshua Belt, died May 6, 1819, aged 27yrs & 20 ds
xii. S.L.H.
[footstone for Simon L. Haas]
xiii. Haas, Simon L., 1847 - 1913; Laura C., 1847 - 1935
[*son of John & Mary Ann (Boyd) Haas, Row 5, xia, xib]
xiv. Cargay, Jacob W., son of James & Catharine Cargay, died Nov. 21, 1857, aged 3y 9m 21d
xv. Long, In memory of Thomas Long, who died Jan. 31, 1843, aged 100.4 years
Not sure how the ".4" would be expressed. May mean 4 months beyond his birthday, but not sure]
xvi. Philips, Jane, daughter of Howel & Elizabeth Philips, died Au. 27, 1835, Æ __y 7m 7d

Row 5.
i. Hand
[footstone for row 4]
ii. Goff, Benson, died March 27, 1834, aged 17months
iii. Goff, Hannah, died June 3, 1838, aged 39y 6ms 25days
iva. Haas, Hannah, died Mar. 7, 1889, aged 76y 7m 29d
[*wife of Simon Haas, daughter of David & Margaret (Armstrong) Marple]
ivb. Haas, Simon, died June 15, 1874 aged 63y 9m 6d
[*son of John & Elizabeth (Wilkin) Haas]
v. Haas, Elizabeth, daughter of Simon & Hannah Haas, died Jan. _, __34, aged _ years
[stone very difficult to read]
[not readable]
vii. Haas, In memory of John, who died Sept. 21, 1827, in the 71st year of his age. -Beneath this stone lies precious dust. To those that loved him well. With time his soul has gone to rest. And doth with angels dwell.- H.W. Bragg

viii. Helphrey, In memory of Rebecca, wife of George Helphrey, who died March 18, 1829, in the 27th year of her age

ix. Haas, Catharine, died Feb. 9, 1813, aged 57 y's 5m 21d

x. Haas, Mary, wife of William Haas, died Feb. 19, 1843, aged 41yrs 6m's 19d's

xia. Haas, John, died May 3, 1871, aged 87y & 2m

xib. Haas, Mary Ann, wife of John Haas, died Dec. 29, 1848, aged 41y 5m 12d
[*maiden name Boyd, wife of John Haas, Rwo 5xia] Close view
xii. Helprey, In memory of an Infant son of George & Elizabeth Helprey, who died Dec. 26, 1830 close view of verse -Mourn not because my feble breath was stopt soon as given, There's nothing …b le in death To those that go to Heaven-

xiii. Prindel, Hellen M., dau. of E.E.B. & S.A. Prindel, died June 20, 1835, AE 2years & 1 month

Row 6.
i. Hughes Family, Melissa E., 1833 - 1900; Edwin A.; Laura A.; William D.; Rosella E.

ii. Abbot, William, son of William & Hanna Abbot, died Feb. 13, 1837, aged 17 months

iii. Abbot, William departed this life Feb. 28, 1838, aged 32 years

Row 7.
ia. Atherton, Clarence, son of J.C. & M. A. Atherton, died Apr. 20, 1888, aged 6m 2d

ib. Atherton, Viola E., dau. of J.C. & M.A. Atherton, died Jan. 13, 1900, aged 5y 9m 22d

ii. Atherton, Rev. Joseph B., died Oct. 18, 1877, aged 70y 5m & 6d

iii. Abbot, Samuel, died Nov.27, 1850, aged 70 years

iv. Abbot, Elijah, died Aug. 17, 1836 aged 53years 2mo and 12 days

v.Abbot, Judey Ann, wife of E. Abbott, died Dec. 12, 1854, aged 73years 4mo 11d
[days lived hard to read]
vi. Harris, Bengaman F., son of Stephen & Margaret Harris, died July 8, AD 1842, aged 3 weaks 4d.
[note spelling varr.]
vii. Harris, In memory of William A., son of Stephen & ….ret Harris, died _8_1, _3 yr, _mo

viii. Harris, Jesse, died Jan. AD 1812, in the 31 year of his age
[engraved by] J.L. Moore
ix. Harris, In the memory of Margaret, wife of Jesse Harris who died May 1, 1835, aged 80 years

x. Harris, In the memory of Jesse, who died May 30, 1825, aged 76 years

xi. Harris, Amos, died AD 1813, in the 33 year of his age
[engraved by] J.L. Moore
xii. Harris, George W., son of W. & N.
[backward N.] Harris, died Nov. 16, 1830, ag 2ys 4mos 16ds
[base stone, missing headstone]
xiv. R__d, In memory of Jane, wife of Nelson R__d, died Nov. 17, ___4, ag__ears
[stone in bad condition, surname appears to be short, probably 4 letters long]
xv. Clemens, Hannah, wife of James Clemens, died Feb. 17, 1846, aged 68y

xvi. Sanford, Car__, dau. of G.W. & __Sanford, died Nov. 28, 185_, aged 4mo 8ds

xvii. Fry, Lydia, wife of David G. Fry, died Jan. 1, 1810, aged 84y's 11mo's & 1d
[this appears to be the oldest memorial found thus far]

Row 8.
[cluster of buried memorial fragments]
ii. Belt, Wm. Albert, son of Wm. & Ann Belt, died Oct. 30, 1850, aged 3yrs 6mo & 1day

[base stone, headstone fragment]
[base stone, headstone fragment]
v. Belt, Washington, son of Dorsey & M. Belt, died Mar. 28, 1848, aged 23yrs & 15d
[very difficult fragment to read]
vi. Belt, Asa, son of Dorsey & Margaret Belt, died June 6, 1843, Æ 21 yrs

vii. Belt, Joshua, son of Dorsey & Margaret, died May 28, 1845, Æ 25y 8m 29d

viii. Belt, Margaret, dau. of W. & _A, Belt, died Feb. 21, 1851, ag'd 6m 6d

ix. Belt, Adah A., dau. of W & J.A. Belt, died Mar. 19, 1852, ag'd 11 d

x. Eshlaman, Lovina, daughter of David & Margaret Eshlaman, died March 20, 1848

xi. Eshlaman, Susan, daughter of David & Margaret Eshlaman, died May 26, 1847, aged 3mo & 9days

xii. Eshlaman, Lovina, daughter of David & Margaret Eshlaman, died March 20, 1848
[echoes information on smaller stone (row 8, x)]
xiii. Eshlaman, Susan, daughter of David & Margaret Eshlaman, died May 26, 1847, aged 3mo & 9days
[echoes information on smaller stone row 8 xi]
xiv. Eshlaman, Margaret, dau. of Eshlaman, died March 15, 1840, aged _mos

xv. Eshlaman, Jacob, son of D. & M. Eshlaman, died Sept. 7, 1838, aged 7mo's 12d's

xvi. Wagoner, John P., died 31 July, 1854, aged 67 yrs 3mo & 29d

xvii. Wagner, James, died May 11, 1846, aged 30 ys 4mo & 12d -My loving friends O do not weep, Nor shed one tear for me, God call'd me thus in death to sleep, That I might Jesus see- view of lower section

xviii. Jordan, Elizabeth Ann, dau. of Wm & N. Jordan, died Oct. 7, 1862, aged _y _m 1 d

xix. _ aged 30 years…The gras…
[Given name looks like Margaret, but can't be sure. Very deteriorated stone, not readable(image pending)]
xx. _ , son of _ & _ Wagner, died Aug. 22, 1828, aged 1 year 11m & 11d
[probably son of James Wagner]_ Happy infant early blest, Rest in peaceful slumber…Early rescued from the cares which increase in the years-
xxi. Chilcote, Infant of David E. & S.A. Chilcote, died Oct. 10, 1851

xxii.Chilcote, Infant of David E. & S. A. Chilcote, died Mar. 4, 1859

xxiii. Robinson, Sarah, wife of Bentley Robinson, died Apr. 30, 1850, aged 30 ys 7mo 3ds -Blest are those who die in the Lord-

xxiv. Chilcoat, Susannah, of Mila…Chilcoat, died July 7, 18__
[very deteriorated stone]
xxv. Chilcote, Micajah, died Jan. 9, 1851, aged 76, _m 2 ds

xxvi. Chilcote, Infant Son of E. & S.A. Chilcote, died Nov. 9, 1860

xxvii. Wertz, Samuel, died Sept. 22, 1848, aged 56years
[inscription below this unreadable]
xxviii. MAL
xxix. Chilcote, Emaline, dau. of __ died Jan. 8, 1849, aged 2yrs & 8mo

Row 9.
i. Edwards, Nathaniel F., son of J. & E. Edwards. Died Feb. 4, 1856, aged 13yrs 6m_

ii. Edwards, Evoline T., dau of J. & E. Edwards, died Feb. 4, 1856, aged 8yrs 4m & 20ds

iii. Edwards, Sarah G., daug of J. & E. Edwards, died Jan. 23, 1856, aged 6yr 1m 9d's

iv. Edwards, Margaret S., daut of J. & E. Edwards, died Nov. 6, 1855, aged 9y 9m 12d

v. Hanawalt, George W., son of John & Charlotte Hanawalt, died Dec. 11, 1850, aged 2ys 8ms

vi. Hanawalt, Sharlotte M., dau. of John & Sharlotte Hanawalt, died Feb. 20, 1855
[or 1853] aged 3mo & 15d's
vii. Woods, In memory of George, died Sept. 7, 1824, aged 55 years 4mo

viii. Woods, In memory of Susannah, wife of Geor Woods, who died March 15, 1842m ag 68y 2mo's & 4d's

ix. Clark, Elizabeth, wife of William Clark, died May 8, 1845, aged 25y's 8 ms & 1d

x. Pence, Wm., died Oct. 21, 1854, aged 24yrs 6mo

xi. Africa, Sarah, wife of Edward Africa, died Mar. 19, 1852, aged 21yrs 29d

xii. __, Martha, wife of David __, died __, aged 20y

xiii. __ daughter of David & Martha __, __
[these last two stones very hard to read]
xiv. Armstrong, Joseph, died Oct. 25 1856, aged 77yrs & 1mo

xv. Armstrong, Clifford, son of Joseph & Elsey Armstrong, died Aug. 4, 1828, aged 5y 15d

xvi. ____rong, In memory of John H., ___rong, who died June 7, 1834, aged 37years _ m 11 days
[surname looks like it might be Armstrong, but can't be 100% sure] [Recent research shared with me on 4 Apr., 2010, by the kindness of Barbara Rasmussen, confirms this burial to be that of John H. Armstrong, brother of Joseph Armstrong]
xvii. Robinson, Lonta, consort of John Robinson, who died Nov. 5, 1852, aged 27yrs 2months

xviii. Robinson, George, son of John & Lonta Robinson, died may 30, 1853, aged 2years

xix ___28 years __[stone about completely deteriorated]

xx. D__, Lovina, wife of Samuel M. D_____ , who died Aug. __ 18__, aged 22y & 5mo

xxi. In memory of Mary E. , daughter of Wm & Sophia McClain, died Nov. 15, 1856, aged 5 years, 7mo & 11 d's

xxii. McClane, In memory of Sarah Jane, daug. of B.C. and C. McClane, who died Aug. 27, 1836 , aged 3 or 5 yrs, 2mo and 19days -Sleep on sweet babe and take your rest, For such the saviour blest-

xxiii. Long, Benjamin, died March 7, 1836, aged 70 years

xxiv. Mcaninch, Lydia, daughter of John & Eliza Mcaninch died Nov. 1, 1846

xxv. Infant son of John & Eliza Mcaninch, died Nov. 10, 1846, aged 2d's

Row 10.
iab. Haas, Ruhamah E., wife of A.W. Haas, died July 22, 1974, aged 43y 11m & 24d; Willie Haas, died Dec. 8, 1858, aged 1m 12d
[*maiden name Sells]
ic. Haas, Absolom W., died Sep. 9 AD, 1887, aged 81y 9m 18d
[*son of John & Elizabeth (Wilkin) Haas]
id. Haas, Eleanor, died Feb. 20, 1875, aged 83y 18d

ie. Haas, Father & Mother
memorial overview
ii. Hanawalt, John C., son of J. & C. Hanawalt, died Oct. 1
[or 4], 1856, aged 17yrs 5mo 12ds
iii. Fry, In memory of Rev. Abraham , doner of this burying ground, died Jan, 25, 1826, aged 49years 6mo & 24 days
closer view
iv. Morford, Emma J., daut. of J. & H. Morford, died Jan. 4, 1855, aged 1yr 4mo

v. Preston, Mary, wife of Nathan Preston, died March 23, 1857, aged 75yrs 3mos & 25ds
{*maiden name Belt]
vi. Preston, Nathan, died July 12, 1846, aged 67 yrs 7mo & 27ds
[*brother of Samuel Preston, Row 11, xi] [engraved by]J.C. Little, Newark, O.
vii. Preston, Alletha M., daug. of Jacob & Elizabeth
(*Sophia Harding) Preston, died Nov. 23, 1849, aged 1yr & 8ds [*granddaughter of Nathan & Mary (Belt) Preston, Row 10.]
viii. Wagner, John C., son of J. & M. Wagner, died April 21, 1850, aged 1 year & 27d

ix. Wagner, Clara Anna, dau. of J. K. & Mary Wagner, died Sep. 5, 1859, aged 5yr & 3ms

x. Waggoner, __,son of __Waggoner, died May 15, 1848, aged 3ys 6m & 27ds

xi. Moore, In memory of James Wesley, son of John & Maria Moore who died Oct. 3, 1840, age 2y 5m 26d

xii. Weaver,, Michael, died Jan. 5, 1855, aged 64 [or 69] years
[This stone leaning against Mary's memorial.]
xiii. Weaver, Mary, died May 14, 1831 in the 98th year of her age

xiv. Weaver, Mary, wife of Michael Weaver, died Dec. 2, 1838 in the 50 yr of her age

xv. Weaver, Reuben, son of Michael & Mary Weaver, died March 21, 1842 aged 21years 3mo 21ds

xvi Weaver, Filinder, daut. Of Geo. & Ruth Weaver, died Nov. 19, 1853, aged 13 mo & 22 ds

xvii. Weaver, Isaac, son of M. & S. Weaver, died Jan. 10, 1855, aged 4yrs 6mo 6ds

Row 11.
ia. Haas, Sarah, wife of J. R. Haas, born Nov. 18, 1859, died Oct. 22, 1896

ib. Haas, children of J.R. & S. Haas, Frances Mable, born Oct. 21, 1893, died Mar. 30, 1894; Carrie Belle, born Mar. 9, 1883, died May 27, 1897

ii. Preston, Infant son of S. R. & _ Preston, born Dec. 15, 1859-

iii. Boyd, William W., son of B. & E. Boyd, died Feb. 25, 1850, aged 19y 2m 22d
[date very difficult to read, stone broken through the date]
iv. Harris, Christena, wife of Amos Harris & dau. of B. & E. Boyd, died July 13, 1859, aged 27y 1m & 17d

v. Boyd, Elizabeth, wife of Benj. Boyd, died Apr. 8, 1875, aged 66y 9m 24d

[stone has toppled from base and too heavy to turn, suspect Benjamin's data in on bottom side of this memorial]
vi. Boyd, In memory of John who die_, …,_0, 1827, in the…
[very deteriorated stone]
vii. Alander, Elizabeth, wife of David Alander, died May 3, 1872, aged 70 years & 16 d

viii. Alender, David died Aug. 2 1856, aged 57years

ix. Alander, John B., son of David & Elizabeth Alander, died Oct. 18, 1853, aged 28yrs 7mo 18ds

x. Alander, Eli, son of David & Elizabeth Alander, died Feb. 8, 1845, aged 9yeas 4mo 27ds -Belive my friends dry up your tears, I must lie here till Christ appears-

xi. Preston, Saml., Feb. 1783 - __
[most of this stone has flaked off no longer readable][*brother of Nathan Preston]
xii. Preston, Silas, son of Samuel & Rachel
(*Frost) Preston, died May the 4th Æ 1834, aged 16 years 11 months & 4 days -How short thy race…has run. Cut down…earn, The course…beun. Now pl…- [inscription hard to read][*
xiii. Preston, Jonathan C., son of William & Josephine Preston, died May 18, 1836, aged 8ms & 26ds

xiv. Preston, Daniel M., son of Bernard & Eliza Preston, died April 17, 1838, aged 11 months

xv. Preston, In memory of Emily Louise, daughter of Joshua & Mary A. Preston, died Sept. 7, 1842, aged 1year 7mo & 6d

xvi. Preston, James C., son of Bernard & Eliza Preston, died June 7, 1836, aged 4years 1mo & 7d

xvii. Wagner, Philur_a, daug. of J.K. & Mary Wagner, died June 4, 1843

xviii. Unknown burial
[only fragment remaining]
xix. Steman, Abram, born Nov. 5, 1811, died July 16, 1886

xx. Long, Sarah E., wife of Joseph P. Long, born Sept. 17, 1846, died Jan. 27, 1888

xxi. unknown burial
[base with headstone missing]
xxii. Leaman, Mary, died Apr. 8, 1865, aged 76y 7m 23d

Row 12.

i. Abbot, Zachariah, son of Reuben & Elizabeth Abott, died Sept 12, 1837, aged 20 months

ii. Abott, In memory of George J., son of Reuben & Elizabeth Abott, died Sept. 12, 1837, aged 10 ms 6days

iii. Abbot, In memory of James, son of Reuben & Leah Abbot who died Sep 2, 1839, 2y 10m & 14 days

iv. Abott, Leah, wife of Reuben Abott, died Oct. 9th 1844, aged…

v. Abbott, Elizabeth, dau. of Reuben & Leah Abbott, died Sept. 25, 1850, aged 12 years 9hrs

vi. Infant daughter of N. N. & _. _si__os__, died Apr. 17, 1860
[this fragment has missing pieces, probably not at original location. Surname no readable]
vii. Abott, Catharine, wife of James Abott, died Jan. 19, 1853, aged 68years

viii. Abbott, James, died Feb. 27, 1855, ag.. _yrs., 10m.
[Not 100% sure of day of month, very bad condition very difficult to read]
ix. __, Sa___h, dau ___nd,
[inscription at bottom still clear] -When the archangels Trump will blow, And souls to bodies join, millions wish their lives below had been as short as mine-
x. unknown burial
[stone not readable]
xi. Coulter, Sarah, wife of James Coulter, died March 11, 1839, aged 61 yrs 11mo & 22d

xii. Coulter, James, died Sept. 29, 1872, aged 76yrs 9mo & 19ds

Row 13.
i. Koontz, Eliza A., daut of John & Susannah Koontz, died Dec. 22, 1861, aged 19yrs 3mo

ii. Koontz, Susanna, died Nov. 18, 1885, aged 80 y 8m 14d

iii. Unknown burial
[base with headstone missing]
iv. Unknown burial
[lower head stone fragment, no inscription]
v. __ton, 8th, __aged 1year 2mo & 11 da

vi. Stream, Mary M., wife of Michael Stream, died Feb. 16, 1856, aged 83 y 6m 7d

vii. Stream, Jonathan H., son of Elias & Mary Ann Stream, died March _, 1845, aged _y 7m 2days

viii. Stream, Sarah, daughter of Elias & Mary Ann Stream, died Feb. 2, 1845, aged 9yrs & 3 mo

ix. unknown burial
[base with head stone missing]
xa. Marple, Eliza, died Apr. 28, 1905, aged 88y 3m 14d
[*maiden name Stream, wife of John Marple, Row 13, xb]
xb. Marple, John, died July 18, 1887, aged 76ys 1d
[this large 4 piece stone toppled ][*son of David & Margaret (Armstrong) Marple, Row 3, iva, ivb]
xc. Marple
view of toppled memorial

Row 14.
i. Coffman, Deaver T., son of D. & E. Coffman, A soldier of the 113th Regt. OVI, died at Camp Franklin, Tenn., Mar. 2, 1863, ag'd 17yrs 9m & 21 days

ii. Koontz, Ida Elon, died Feb. 10, 1862, aged 2m 4d

iii. Hummell, Thomas, born Jan. 9, 1790, died Jun. 24, 1842, aged 52yr 7m 15ds

iv. Hummell, Andrew J., son of Thomas & Catharine Hummell, died Sept. 14, 1851, aged 47 yrs 7mo 29ds

v. Wagner, Infant daughter of J. & M. Wagner, died June 4, 1843

vi. Unknown burial
[stone fragment not readable]
vii. Sanford, Infant Dau. of Augustine & Lydia Sanford, died Apr. 3, 1838

viii. Sanford, Lydia, wife of A.M. Sanford, died 18_2
[stone very weathered condition]
ix. Sanford, Augustine M., died May 19, 1871 In his 74 yr

[cap stone, from Marple memorial in row 13]
Row 15.

i. Haas, Martha, died Dec. 21, 1912, aged 71y 9m 21d
[this may be the last burial in this cemetery]
ii. Haas, J.W., died Sep 12, 1899, aged 70y 3m 24d

iii. Haas, J.F., 1878 - 1900

ivab. Baker, Emily A., daughter of _ C. & Mary Baker, died Aug. 4, 1852, aged 5m 10d ;
Reasoner, Stephen R., son of Stephen & Mary J. Reasoner, died Aug. 4, 1852, aged 11mo & 27d

v. Tighenor, Harriet, daughter of Jonathan & Sally Tighenor, died July 21, 1845, aged 21ds
This surname could be Tichenor
vi. Unknown burial
[base with head stone missing]
vii. Unknown burial
[headstone too damaged to read]
viii. Marple, Lydia, dau. of _ Marple, died Apr. 8, 1834, aged 2ds

ixa. Wilson, Sarah J., died Sept. 11, 1843, aged 3mos -Sister-

ixbc. Wilson, Charles, died July 11, 1843, aged 32years -Father-; Mary, died Sept. 19, 1874, aged 67yrs -Mother-

x. Thompson, Isaac, died Feb. 17, 1835, aged 69 years 17 days

xa. Closer view

Row 16.
i. Rankin, Mary, wife of Isaac Rankin, died Jan. 3, 1872, aged 54y & 10m

ii. Rankin, Joseph, son of Isaac & Mary Rankins, died Nov. 4, 1869, aged 17y & 10d

View of cemetery
from lower back corner looking toward higher elevation
View of cemetery
from upper back corner looking towards road
This concludes all the memorials at Marple Cemetery. Completed this day, 19 Oct., 2003

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