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Old Fredonia Cemetery

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McKean Township
Licking Co.

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These tombstone transcriptions & photos have been generously donated by Robert Sizelove, Sr. on 17 Aug. 2003.
The most recent update to this page made on 13 Jan., 2012.

I would like to present the transcriptions of the old Fredonia Cemetery. This cemetery contains burials from about 1830's and have not determined if this cemetery was first affiliated with a church or family. The readings are at this point preliminary and only the first two rows have been placed in order. Hope to return later this summer to read completely. I did notice the cemetery is in rather poor condition, grass mowed recently but no trimming or attempt to make repairs to a small cemetery looking to be about ¾ to 1 acre lot with many stones broken and toppled. A large tree has fallen and damaged several stones in this cemetery. This tree has since been removed & the area cleaned up. There's a cast iron fenced area towards the back (family plot) with trees growing up around and destroying the stones contained within the fenced area, high weeds have overtaken most of this area, as it's not accessible to be mowed. This cemetery is located across the road from the McKean township building and garage on Sportsman Club Rd. about I block west of SR 661. Haven't researched this cemetery to determine if it is township owned, but believe it is under their care and control. The preliminary readings listed here are random. Will try to improve upon the readings by placing them by location, at a future date. As always, try very hard to read the memorials correctly, but due to the deteriorated condition of most stones, I cannot be 100% sure of all readings therein. I am responsible for all readings and accompanying photo documentation in this report. My first readings at this cemetery was conducted on 20 July, 2003. Update: On 9 Oct., 2010, I returned and cleared the brush, transcribed many, but not all of the fragment stones thrown into the wrought iron fenced area near the center of the cemetery. Originally, it probably contained six or eight stones for a family, but now contains somewhere near fifty different headstones or fragments of them. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. ©
Recent correspondence, Jan. 13, 2012, from Sherry Decelles, has provied additional information on the *Parker and Arnold ancestors buried at this cemetery. Thanks again Sherry, for your kindness in sharing research.
Please Note: Click on name to view tombstone image.
Row 1
i. Bach_ Elenor F., daughter of Leonard & __sa J. Bach__, died Aug. 20, 1844, aged 2mo 4days Surname not readable
ii. Stephens, Richard, died Feb. 6, 1846, aged 6yr 5m _d
iii. Abbott, Elizabeth died April 2 1847, aged 61years
iv. _else, Rhoda, wife of Nathan _elesy…[fragment]
v. Philips, Selah E., daughter of Denton & Lucinda Philips, died Oct. 13, 1852, aged 3years 1mo 2 days
vi. Anderson, Amelia, wife of Wm. Anderson, died Apr. 24, 1868
vii. Anderson, William, died Aug. 3, 1866, aged 67years -Our Father-
viii. Unknown burial [headstone missing] Sorry, no image
ix. Anderson, Josiah, died Apr. 21, 1860, aged 55ys _m 25d [stone toppled, too heavy to turn to check for other readings. Only three side visible.]
x. Anderson, Temperance, wife of Josiah Anderson, died Sept. 29, 1875, aged 75y 11m 29d [broken into two major fragments]
xi. Unknown burial [broken lower fragment & base]
xii.Channell, In memory of John, son of Joseph A. & Jane W. Channell, who died Sept. 18, 1840, aged 10 days
Row 2
i. Galer, In memory of Andrew, son of Jacob & Mary Galer, who died Feb. 2, 1837, aged 10mo
ii. S. G. [Probably a footstone for Sanford Galer]
iii. Galer, In memory of Sanford, son of Jacob & Mary Galer who died July 26 [?] 1837, aged 2y 7mo & _days [ Very worn and difficult to read]
iv. L.B.R. [misplaced footstone]
v. Scales, Sylvester R., died Dec. 10, 1845, aged 63yrs [small engraving at bottom] -S. Root, SC-
vi. Berry, Martin, died April 30th 1842, Ć, 22yr 1mo & 16d
vii. Unknown burial…5mo & 9d [four stone fragments w/base, most not readable]
viii. Scales, Anna Sophia, daught. of Wm & Susan Scales, died Jan. 11 1846, aged 8y 2m 9d
ix. Scales, Mary Alvira, daught. of Wm & Susan Scales, died Jan. 22, 1856, aged 2y 11m 7d
x. Cramer, Mary A., daughter of Thomas D. & Lydia B. Cramer, died Nov. 4, 1862, aged 19y 6m 23d
xi. Stevens, In memory of Catharine, wife of Alpha Stevens, died July 26, 1845, aged _ years 10mo & 10 days [age looks like 34 years, but can’t be sure]
Row 3
i. _ame_, __, son of _ & _, _ame_, died Jan. 17, 1857, aged 2y[Very worn stone, surname probably Framer]
ii. J.A. [footstone]
iii. Crone, Mary A., daut. of Adam & Naomi Crone, died Oct. 18, 1854, aged 22y
iv. Crone, Jacob W., son of Adam & Naomi Crone, died Mar. 10, 1855, aged 22y
v. Anderson, In memory of Elizabeth, wife of Robert Anderson, died Feb. 12, 1846, aged 79yrs 28ds
vi. Anderson, Robert, died Apr. 1, 18__, aged 68yrs 5mo 28days [very hard to read, not 100% sure of age lived]
vii. Anderson, _ald, dau. of _ & _ Anderson, died Apr. _, 18__, aged …
viii. Anderson, Sarah, wife of Joshua Anderson, died July 14, 1864, aged 61yrs 11mo & 21d
ix. Anderson, Joshua, died Feb. 19, 1870, aged 67y 3m 23d [small engr. Name at bottom: DeBov Bros, Granville, O.
x. S.R.S. [footstone]
xi. Anderson, Minerva V., dau. Of J. W. & S. A. Anderson, died Mar. 31, 1857, aged 5y’s 2m 7d
xii. Anderson, Sarah F., dau. Of J. W. & S. A. Anderson, died Mar. 21, 1857, aged 7y 10d
xiii. Unknown [base with lower headstone fragment]
xiv. Tilton, Richard L., son of Richard & _ Tilton, died Jan. 21, 1855, aged 1mo & 7ds
xv. Parker, __, son of _ & _ Parker, died Dec. 23, 1851, aged 17ds
xvi. Parker, wife of * Nathan Parker, died Nov. 26, 1859, aged 26yrs 3m & 26d
xvii. Parker, Perley, *[broken off fragment, surname and data missing] [Thanks to a recent update from Shelly Decelles, we now know this fragment is the missing top portion of the previous headstone]
xviii. Parker, Dea. John D., died Sept. 16, 1850, aged 72yrs & 5da
xix. _ramer, _, died June 11, 1854, aged 17y 3m & 22ds [Surname Framer, area where given name would be too worn to read]
xx. Ward, Mary, formerly wife of Robert Hamilton, died Dec. 14, 1850

Row 4
i. Unknown burial [stone broken, not readable]
ii. Chrysler, Susan, wife of Geo. Chrysler, died Mar. 1, 1885, aged 88y 1m 4d; George, died Mar. 30, 1877, aged 79y 9m 13d
iib. Chrysler, George, died Mar. 30, 1877, aged 79y 9m 13d [other side of Susan's memorial]
iii. Chrysler, William, son of George & Susan Chrysler, died Oct. 11, 1855, aged 33yrs 11m & 4d
iv. Unknown burial [small infant headstone, not readable. Sorry no image]
v. Chrysler, George, son of George & Susan Chrysler, died Oct. 28, 1879 [year hard to read]
vi. Jagger, Mary Allniry, wife of William H. Jagger, died Dec. 15, 1837, aged 17years & 6mo
vii. ...

Row 5
i. Barlow, Rev. Julius, died May 3, 1843, aged 75y 11days
ii. Branen, William, died Sept. 28, 1867, aged 31yrs
iii. Unknown, In memory of Esther, wife of Thomas _, died Feb. 9, 1835, aged _ years
iv. E.A. [footstone]
v. D_, Mary, wife of Th_ D_, died March 6, 18__, aged 66y 5m & 10d
vi. Brackett, Josiah, born Jan. 31, 1809, died May 5, 1881; Susan, born Dec. 9, 1809, died Jan. 7, 1898
vii. Brackett, Adelia, born Sep. 30, 1834, died June 16, 1860 [this inscribed on other side of previous stone]
viii. Brackett, Clara S., died Feb. 13, 1877, aged 26y 4m
ix. Brackett, Alonzo M., A member of 76th reg. OVI, died in hospital, on Black River Miss., Aug. 12, 1863, aged 25yrs [Civil War] [this on same stone with Clara s. Brackett]
x. Ingraham, Elizabeth, died May 9, 1862, aged 85y 1m 9d
xi.Unknown burial [missing headstone, no image]
xii. Ingraham, Job, died Dec. 11, 1852, aged 75y 5m 10d [stone matches Elizabeth's, probably member of same family]
xiii. Ingraham, Abraham J., son of A.T. & E. Ingraham, died Sept. 28, 1846, aged 1y 5ms 8ds ; Infant son of A.T. & M Ingraham, died May 9, 1852, aged 12 days
xiv. Ingraham, Eleanor H., died April 14, 1848, aged 33ys 13ds
xv. Ingraham, Abraham T., born July 28, 1811, died June 29, 1907, aged 95y 11m 1 d
xvi. Ingraham, Margaret, wife of A.T. Ingraham, died June 9, 1887, aged 60y 5m 13d
xvii. Ingraham, Infant son of Abraham T. & Margaret A. Ingraham, died May 9, 1852, aged 12days
xviii. Ingraham, Allen, born Aug. 2, 1837, died Aug. 10, 1904 [second ov] ingrahamallenb

Row 6
Harris, William L., son of Andrew J. & Mary A. Harris, died Aug. 18, 1851, aged 2y 1m 21d [last stone in this row]
[Overview of Fenced area & 2nd view]

The following were transcribed from inside fenced area:

Arnold, Oli_ _., daughter of _ & _ Arnold, died Sept. 22, 1862, aged _
Bellus, Leonard, died Nov. 19, 1845, aged 49ys
Bellus, Malissa, daughter of _ & _ Bellus, died Jan. 25, 1863, aged 2yrs 2m & 24d
Bellus, Warren, died Feb. 27, 1862, aged 54yrs 11mos
Bellus, Ma_ce, wife of _ Bellus, died _ 8, 185_, aged 40ys
Bishop, John, died June 10, 1863, aged 60y [or 1853, hard to read]
Chrysler, William, died_ [upper fragment only]
Duden, In memory of Achsah Ellen, daughter of J.S. & Catharine Duden, who died March 22, 1842,..
Duden, Marquis, son of J.S. & Catherine Duden, died Feb. 11, 1846, aged 1mo & 12ds
Duden, Margaret, wife of D. Duden, died Jan. 29, 1852, aged 78y; Daniel Duden, died Oct. 12, 1851, aged 86y
Edwards, Henry A., son of _ & _ Edwards, died Feb. 12, 18__, aged 2yrs 10m & _d
Escran__, Abraham L., son of Th__ham T. & Eleanor, Escran_ [broken upper fragment]
Frace, Johanna_ E., dau. of _ _ Frace, died June 19, 1819 [or 1849], aged 15ds
Framer, Hester _. Daughter of Samuel & _ Framer, died July 6, 1860, aged _y _m & 20days [very worn stone, difficult to be certain on date]
J.D. [footstone]
Larkin, Ann M.[*Margaret (Everhart) born 28 Feb., 1790, Middletown, Frederick Co., MD], wife of Rev. Thomas Larkin, died Nov. 6, 1870 [*Granville, Ohio] [*want to thank Candy for granting me permission to share her research concerning this individual.]
Rees, John H., son of _ & M_ Rees, died Dec. _ 18__ [very worn, difficult to read]
Spangler, Erected in memory of Eliza, Consort of John Spangler, Daughter of James & Nancy Dixon, who departed this life Jan. _, 1836, aged 27 years 10 months & 5 days
Stratton, In memory of an infant son of Ira & Grace Stratton, died July 14, 18_7, [looks like either a 2 or 3 in the year.
Stratten, Loyal, son of Ira & Grace Stratten _ [upper fragment]
Tipton, an infant of R.P. & M.E. Tipton, died_
Unknown, ...died Aug. 7, 1830, aged 55ys 3ms "Native of Co. Tyr_
Unknown, N_, _ of Lydia & _ hn, died Apr. _, _, in the _ year_ [very deteriorated]
Unknown, Me_ an infant _ _ D. & H. _, died [fragment]
Unknown, Little Henry, died Mar. 18, 1837, aged 8mo 12ds
Wyeth, Horatio H., son of Joseph B. & Charlotte M. Wyeth, died Oct. 15, 1849, aged 6wks 2d [verse at bottom]
Unknown, …Sep. 2, 18_5, aged 1yr 5mo & 18days, "suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven"
Unknown, in memory of Edwin H., son of _
This is the end of the tombstones I transcribed from within the wrought iron fenced area.

[The remaining readings are random, incomplete and not in ordered rows at this time.]
overview of cemetery 2nd overview of cemetery
Aram, John, son of Wm. & M.A. Aram, died Feb. 20, 1851
Bellus, A__, son of A. & R. Bellus, died Feb. 18, 1863, aged 2y
Brown, Mary, wife of Luke Brown, died Oct. 17, 1843 , aged 72ys _m 27ds
Brown, Luke, died Dec. 5, 1853, aged 87y 11mo 2ds
Bruce, To the memory of Amy, wife of Thomas Bruce, daughter of Henry & Rebecca Bryant, who died April_, 1846 in the 30 year of her age
Bryant, Lucinda, daughter of Henry & Rebecca Bryant, died July 17, 1838, aged 24 years & 4 months and can't be sure]
Bryant, John, son of Henry & Rebecca Bryant, who died Oct. 27, 1836, aged 14 years 2 mo & 6 days
Bryant, In memory of Linnory, daughter of Henry & Rebecca Bryant, who died Oct. 22, 1824, aged 7mo & 25days
Bryant, In memory of Charles, son of Henry & Rebecca Bryant, who died Sept. 19, 1830, aged 24 years, 10 mo & 28 days
Bryant, In memory of Henry, son of Henry & Rebecca Bryant, who died May 16 1832, aged 22 years 11 mo & 17 days
Carpenter, Mertie E., daughter of C.t. & _. T. Carpenter, died Nov. 4, 1870, aged 3m & 16d
Chrysler, John -To the memory of John Chrysler who lived a Christian and died Feb. 10, 1843; aged 21years 10 mos & 25 days
Duden, In memory of Anna Margaret, daughter of J.S. & Catharine Duden, died Dec. 25, 1837, aged 7years 2mo 9days
Duden, In memory of Amanda, daughter of Jacob & Catharine Duden, died July 22, 1835, aged 6mo 5days
Duden, In memory of Lucinda Jane, daughter of J. S. & Catharine Duden, died Feb. 2, 1837, aged 1mo 24days
Hand, John, Sr., died Dec. 27, 1843, aged 71ys 6m 10days
Harper, Amelia S., wife of P.B. Harper, died July 27, 1841, aged 25 years
Harper, In memory of Lydia, wife of Thomas Harper who died April 19, 1839, aged 67 years
Heidler, Alice D., dau. of _.S. & S. Heidler {or Reidler], died Mar. 23, 1862, aged 6yrs 6m & 24d
Horton, Owin, son of _ & _ Horton, died Mar. 26, 187_[ or 183_], aged 2 y 2m 26d
Horton, Obson B., son of O. & E. Horton, died Mar. 12, 1877 [or 1837], aged 7m
Horton (or Whorton), Martha Ellen, daughter of Paschal & Margaret (W)Horton, died Feb. 13, 1846, aged… close view[very difficult to read, not sure about much of the data]
Kent, In memory of Lydia Kent, wife of George Kent, who died Feb. 6, 1839, aged 34 years 10 mo & 19 ds close view
Morton, Elizabeth, _- _asson Morton, died June 15, 1840, aged 14yrs 6mo & 29days [another stone, difficult to read , not certain of last name]
Nash, Vinson S., died Nov. 20, 1835, aged 48years 2mo & 10days
Nash, Jacob B., son of Vinson S. & Perthenia Nash, died May 21, 1830, aged 12 years 5mo. & 25 days
Nash, __in, son of ___n & Parthenia ___h, died Aug. _, 1838, aged 16 years 7mo & 27days [very heavily damaged, but closely matches previous stone]
Normans, In memory of Ann, wife of Ezekiel Normans?, who died April 6, …[stone partially buried, difficult to read, need to recheck this one]
Park, In memory of an infant son of Wm. & Elizabeth Park, died April 14, 1844, age 4d
Park, in memory of an infant daugh. of Wm. & Elizabeth Park, died Dec. 12, 1844; in memory of an infant daugh of Wm. & Elizabeth park, died Dec. 12, 1844 [Twins?]
Park, In memory of an infant son of Wm. & Elizabeth Park, who died June 11, 1839
Stratton, Diana, dau. of I & _ Stratton, died Feb. 23, 1837, aged 12 y's 11m & 16d
Stratton, Giles, son of Ira & Grace Stratton, died April 24, 1843, aged 4 years & 9 days
Stratton, Infant son of Ira & Grace Stratton, died July 14, 18__[need to recheck readings]
Stratton, Elizabeth, wife of James H. (or R.) Stratton, died Sept. 11, 1847, aged 41 yrs?, 6mos & 10 d's {need to recheck this stone for accuracy}
Stratton, Grace Farmer, wife of Ira Stratton, born Sept. 3, 1816, died Aug. 5, 1903
Tipton, Hannah Ann, daughter of Robert & Mary E. Tipton, died Feb. 22, 1846, aged 5 mon & _days
Tipton, Martha L., daughter of R.P. & Mary E. Tipton, died Sept. 23, 1850, aged 7y 3m 3d
Ar___ld, In memory of Capt. Spencer * Arnold, who died July 28, 18__, aged __Years 11mo & 17days[Thanks for the kindness of Sherry Decelles, for her update, * see note above]
Wheeler, In memory of Eliza__h, wife of Nath__ Wheeler who died March 12, 1835, aged 31 years 1mo & 7 days [Given names probably Elizabeth & Nathan, damaged stone, parts of inscription missing]
Wheeler, In memory of Benjamin Franklin Wheeler, who departed this life Jan. 5, at 1 o'clock and 20 min., P.M., A.D., 1841; aged 35years, 10 mos & 21ds over view
Willard, in memory of Mr. Silas A., son of Capt. Silas & Mrs. Rebecca Willard, who died Dec. 14th 1844, aged 20 7years 11mos & 14 days
Wilson, Anjalina, wife of S. S. Wilson, died Oct. 29, 1852, aged 33yrs 8ms, 4 ds
Last Row
i. Rodeback, Harriet, wife of J. Rodeback, died Nov. 15, 1853, aged 21y 5m 9d
ii.Rodeback, Elnoria B., daughter of J. & H. Rodeback, died Dec. 7, 1852, aged 11mo & 24ds
iii. Tipton, Harriet A., daughter of R.P. & M. E. Tipton, died Feb. 25, 1857, aged 9yrs 6mo 17da
iv. Tipton, George F., son of R. & Electa Tipton, died Mar. 20, 1855, aged 2y 10m 13d
v. Tipton, Martha L., daughter of R.P. & Mary E. Tipton, died Sept. 13, 1850, aged 7yrs 3m
vi. Tipton, Hannah Ann, daughter of Robert & Mary E. Tipton, died Feb. 22, 1846,a ged 5mon, & 10ds
vii. Spellman, William T., died Dec. 26, 1847, aged 29y 8mo 11ds
viii. Abbott, Patty, wife of Benj. Abbott, died Dec. 25, 1853, aged 63y 8m 20d [difficult to read years lived]
ix. Watson, Arozina G., daut. of Benj. & Patty Abbott, died Nov. 19, 1848, aged 30y
x. Abbott, Ellen, wife of Al... Abbott, died Nov. 6, 1855, aged 26y 11m 18ds
xi. Horton, Thomas, Sr., 1795 - 1885; Mary Carter, 1795 - 1963
xii.Unknown, small stone fragment

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